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  1. How bout them Saints!
  2. How 'bout them Colts--and Saints
  3. NFL OT Change...what you think?
  4. All time Favorite.
  5. Any racing fans here?
  6. World Cup?
  7. Strawberries and cream
  8. Any MMA fans?
  9. Little balls!!!!!!!!
  10. Pga
  11. Go Vols!
  12. Go big red!!!!
  13. Lions Got Screwed
  14. Roll Tide
  15. AFL Grand final
  16. In your opinion, who are numbers 1 and 2 in college football.
  17. Sick of Bret Favre
  18. Any Pro wrestling fans?
  19. Lingerie Football
  20. Auburn and Oregon. What do you think?
  21. Da Bears
  22. I hate the Packers
  23. What is it about stock car racing?
  24. How are your brackets doing?
  25. Winners and Losers of the NFL Draft
  26. Gold for Finland in 2011 IIHF World Championship!
  27. Nhra
  28. I find baseball boring
  29. Rugby?
  30. Explain Cricket to Me
  31. Cam Newton
  32. Your favorite team player sport and why
  33. How about a rematch of LSU and Bama
  34. Porn star wants her own soccer club!
  35. Cardinals World Series Win!!!
  36. My Super Bowl prediction
  37. Sick of basketball
  38. Non sports fans.
  39. Lost interest in college football
  40. Andy Finally Cracked It Doubled! Olympic Gold Medal and American Grand Slam!
  41. UFC Fans?
  42. Who Do You Like in the Super Bowl?
  43. The Game You Love And The Game You Hate
  44. Paintball!
  45. Roll Tide
  46. My College Football Championship Prediction