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  1. (wolf2002) Eddy's Mom
  2. (ZOOL) Harry Potter And The Missing Chapter From The Book 2
  3. (Rory V) Four, Five and Six
  4. (Kristen Kathleen Becker) MIR - A Trip to Heaven and Back
  5. (Meredith Jaussaud) A Tale Of Forbidden Love (FFM, inc, rom, 1st, preg)
  6. (Casandra MX) All American Boy (FFdom/M, bd)
  7. (Michael) The Paper Girl
  8. (nudemac) My Son is a Nudist
  9. (Mark Aster) My Friends the Allens -- At the Pool
  10. (Dulcinea) Memories of Summer
  11. (Stephen) My Stepsister Was A She-male
  12. (Mr Jones) Black Man's Cum Dump
  13. (rdragon) Out Of Gas
  14. (Gungadick) Clean This! (MF, rom, asian, 1st, college)
  15. (David Lavenham) The Bestiality Club - Best MF FF Group Preg Incest Lac Exhib
  16. (tilisuffocate) Jenny's Jugs
  17. (Otto Erotic) Fragile Employment
  18. (Mr Silk) When God Closes a Door, He Opens a Gloryhole
  19. (Tinman) Young School Girl
  20. (Luke Ozvik) Teri Hatcher's Jett (fiction, Female/Animal sex)
  21. (Serene Cherry) Drowning In Lust
  22. (Dingo Jay) Rosa's Lover
  23. (Drey) Taken by surprise
  24. (VGSS) Harry Potter - Ginny's Burrow
  25. (BlueM) My Sister-in-Law Mary (couples, wife-swapping)
  26. (nitinisnice) Awesome Mom
  27. (Day Dreamer) SPELUNKERS----A Story of Incestous Sex
  28. (SummerDaze69) Dad's Visit
  29. (LadyLosna) Daddy Watches
  30. (BigTimmy) Basement Gym Fuck
  31. (ThomX) Ebony Incest
  32. (BamaMan) Budding Woman
  33. (Mr Anything Goes) Our Beautiful, Dirty Night
  34. (picoso) Babe
  35. (Mesmer Eyezed) Concert Ticket For Sale
  36. (Sweetlori) Captured by the Light
  37. (L I C) “The Bimbo’s Guide to Thongs and Rollercoasters”
  38. (S.S.G.) A Close Bond
  39. (JDecker) The Gentlest Mother
  40. (Alice994) The Wedding Dress
  41. (Dawn1958) Dani Loses The Game
  42. (ZippyWonderchimp) Alyssa Milano's First Time
  43. (David Ingram) Hot Bed Family
  44. (Lantana) "Breakfast"
  45. (SBeagle) amyie's crush
  46. (Crave) Science Class Results
  47. (Vagina Tech) "Sandra's Dilemma"
  48. (Martin) "Sexy Sister, Horny Brother"
  49. (NR) "Sister's Payback"
  50. (Babygirl) "She Fucks Him"
  51. (Loker5) "Surrounded"
  52. (Heatheranne) Harry Comes to America
  53. (James Wellington) Excerpt From "Uncle Teaches His Niece" Part 1
  54. (Lily of VA) Sweet Sunday
  55. (Ms Honey Pot) Mr. Wonderful Visits...It's a Good Thing
  56. (Puzzled Husband) Caribbean Island Holiday
  57. (Luigi) Teen Brainwashed
  58. (Jenny) Pool Tease
  59. (Lily of VA) Broad Street
  60. (Martin) My Mom's Best Friend
  61. Stolen Innocence....Part 1-7
  62. (Sextrucker) Twins.....
  63. (tj3131) Christmas Present for Daddy....
  64. (LadyDanali) A little BBW action...Aarons Aunt Sue
  65. (Dragontatto) A little something for Valentines...
  66. (Michael K Smith) A Lovely Girl
  67. (Michael K) Beach Boy
  68. (Michael K Smith) Charly the Yard Guy
  69. (Michael K Smith) Coping (Incest)
  70. (starlifter99) My Cousins Milk
  71. (Michael K Smith) Dancing in the Dark-A Romance Story
  72. (Michael K Smith) Dating Ritual
  73. (Tork Armada) Amusement Park Hysteria-Ticking Torture BDSM
  74. (Belgarion10) What happened on holiday
  75. (Susan2002) My Dear Brother submitted by Impluse
  76. (SamSlam) Twins
  77. (HoltonCowboy) Pictures of Daughter (Incest: F/D)
  78. (Yasashii_Kaze) Workin for the Boss
  79. (pwapp) No pretender (group sex)
  80. (Frogpulse) Baby Sis...(Incest)
  81. (KMB2476) Dominant Females (Celebrity)
  82. (MikeyBear) My Vacation (incest)
  83. (wet_amber) Charmed Zoo (FanFic, Incest, Beast)
  84. (Black Dragon) The woman who rode the Hrulgin
  85. (Eros) A Family Pact
  86. (Nevermore) alien experience
  87. (Rich Humus) Cum queen
  88. (SRS BZNS) dog story ( beast)
  89. (Rich Humus) Cum drinkers
  90. (Redrosesx) Easter Weekend...Romance Story
  91. (SizeX) Young Aussie Siblings
  92. (styxx) Male/female/dog
  93. (R Woody) Becoming a Woman
  94. (CR4UBI) Bi-Lovin
  95. (FanFiction) My dog training days
  96. (bumluvr) Sleepy Mother In Law
  97. (Oldbeatnik) teenage cockhound
  98. (Bram Speer) Lady Goldie
  99. (RedHairedandFriendly) My Sexy MILF
  100. (Brabus) The Suiteness Of Maddie
  101. (Jessica) Suck Princess
  102. (Jessica) Suck Princess 2
  103. (Jessica) Suck Princess 3
  104. (Jessica) Suck Princess 4
  105. (Jessica) Suck Princess 5
  106. (Jessica) Suck Princess 6
  107. (Jessica) Suck Princess 7
  108. (Jessica) Suck Pig
  109. (Harmony) At home with melody 4
  110. (Bram Speer) Perverted Priest
  111. (Rachel Davies) Laine After School
  112. (Uosdwis R. Dewoh) A Father's Nightmare
  113. (Sultanpeppa) Mile High
  114. (SultanPeppa) Didn't know she liked it
  115. (Aussie_Teacher) Camping Trip with Dad
  116. (John Lewis) Hot Young Thing
  117. ( Dr. G. Spot) Gardening Lessons
  118. (klrxo) How Mom Made Him State Champion
  119. (samslam) My Virgin Sister
  120. (Samantha K) My favourite Beasty story
  121. (Bram Speer) Bisexual Orgy
  122. (Pudmeister) Kathy And Her Daddy
  123. (Demetrius) Incestuous Behavior
  124. (Claire) Working Mother
  125. (Omar Victorine/Eros) Sweet Violet
  126. (binfulady) The Promise - beastality
  127. You Must Read This Before Posting Stories
  128. (Elegant Death) A Walk In The Park (Scat)
  129. (Bram Speer) Fertility Clinic
  130. (R.T. Masters) Wife Forced To Spread Chapter 1
  131. (R.T. Masters) The wife forced to spreed Chapter 2
  132. (Bram Steer) Porn Daughter
  133. (Eva Gale) The Seduction of Gabriel Stewart
  134. (Rambler) The Feeding
  135. (Johnny Anonymous) Johnny Ch 1-3 (inc,m/s)
  136. (Brodosis) Carla's Got A New Boyfriend (inc bro/sis)
  137. (Reeb) Workout with My Mother (inc, mom/son)
  138. (Baron Darkside) Awaiting Trial In The Dungeon (mom-son,bond)
  139. (Baron Darkside) A VISITOR IN THE NIGHT (inc,mom/son)
  140. (Baron Darkside) A REVISIT BY THE VISITOR (inc,mom/son)
  141. (Bram Speer) Librarian Loves Rape
  142. (nazgohar) Morning Surprise
  143. (Caesar) He Is Not The Son That Left
  144. (orchidspray) Snowstorm...
  145. (D-man) An incestual Slumber
  146. (Mr Double) An anatomy lesson
  147. (Woffen) My Little Mom (incest,mom&son)
  148. (KayeRoiben) Waiter Stuffed Whore
  149. (Tuomas) Waking in the Rain
  150. (Nikita_writer) Walking on the Wild Side
  151. (John's Pet Julie) Julie Becomes John's Pet
  152. (1MICKEY) Sister in law gets it
  153. (greg) My cousin's mom !
  154. (BarondeSade) The Mounting (inc,mom-son)
  155. (Claire) Claire's Weekend
  156. (Claire) Claire Goes Home
  157. (Claire) Claire's Back Home
  158. (Claire) Claire Overseas
  159. (Claire) Claire-Back in the USA
  160. (black saphire) A Needful Mother
  161. (jt123) A Perfect Gift
  162. (Gravalman) Shopping trip gone wrong
  163. (14bees) You're The Seventh Caller
  164. (Lord John Thomas) Zoo Work-Experience
  165. (Kathy Andrews) camping with mom
  166. (fbailey) The Sexy Basketball Girl
  167. (Ann Douglas) Mother and Son - 2 Chapters
  168. (waldo pepper) Melanie's Friendly Dog
  169. (F S Yressu) The good neighbour - a tale of lust and blackmail - Part I
  170. (Bram Speer) Young Pretty Boy Ready To Suck
  171. (PrevertedMe) Victoria's Beast
  172. (iLUVmoms) Whore Mommy Gets Blackmailed
  173. (Jessy19) Abandoned
  174. (The Doberman) Bo Derek Discovers the Beast (beast)
  175. (Gail/David Crane) My Loving Wife (beast)
  176. (straytramp) Cassie's Chaos (beast)
  177. (wnt2fkrtnow) The Preacher's Daughter (beast)
  178. (Stroker Ace) Ashley's Prom
  179. (Chubby Hubby) my wife ( beast)
  180. (Hal) "Watching The Dog" (beast)
  181. (Hal Jordan) "Wife's Best Friend" (beast)
  182. (Skylara) Kari (beast)
  183. (David Oberman) Jillian Barberie - Adopt-A-Fucking-Pet
  184. (mandawg) SHARON'S FIRST EXPERIENCE (beast)
  185. (JR) Slavegirl of Tamaran, The Sequel (Superwomen beast)
  186. (JR) Wonder Woman: The Beastmistress
  187. (KingsK9Owners) King and Bosco Play
  188. (Rose Eastmann) Dee's Story (beast)
  189. (Trish Dog Lover) Diana Meets Ben on a Sunday Afternoon
  190. (Trish Dog Lover) Diana Introduces Ben to Yolande
  191. (gshumour) What Happened When My Wife Sue Performed In Front Of The Camera (beast)
  192. (Amber) Mother and Daughters Doggie Adventure
  193. (zzTurk) Tiger Wood (beast)
  194. (KOLA) Kirsten & Tiffany (beast)
  195. (Big Dog) Taking My Girlfriend's Virginity (beast)
  196. (Slick Willy) Ball'n With Judy Jetson
  197. (Penn Genova) Secret's Last Call (beast)
  198. (Gaston Birch) Picnic (beast)
  199. (Frank Jackson) Night Nurse Makes Her Rounds (F/dog)
  200. (Hella R) Wife, bestiality
  201. (David Oberman) Britney Spears - House and Dogs For Sale (beast)
  202. (haljor10) Surprise (beast)
  203. (rdragon) Cherine ( beast)
  204. (waggleduff) "MahaRoyona, creatures of the night"
  205. (BUBBA THERRIEN) She did it Again (beast)
  206. (Hapless Husband) Abbey through the window
  207. (Julian Crane) The Tale of the Two Mothers - Chapter 1
  208. (Julian Crane) The Tale of the Two Mothers - Chapter 2
  209. (Bram Speer) He Sucked His Uncle
  210. (Julian Crane) The tale of the Two mothers - Chapter 3
  211. (Julian Crane) The Tale of the Two Mothers - Chapter 4
  212. (Julian Crane) The tale of the Two Mothers - Chapter 5
  213. (Julian Crane) The tale of the Two Mothers - Chapter 6
  214. (Julian Crane) The tale of the Two Mothers - Chapter 7
  215. (Julian Crane) The tale of the Two Mothers - Chapter 8
  216. (Julian Crane) The tale of the Two Mothers - Chapter 9
  217. (Julian Crane) The Tale of the Two Mothers - Final Chapter!
  218. (MyWife78) Secret Wife
  219. (Roderigo) Night with mom
  220. (R.T. Masters) Wife Forced to Spread Chap. 3
  221. (R.T. Masters) Wife Forced to Spread Chap. 4
  222. (45colt) My cousin Stacy comes to visit me.
  223. (45colt) Stacy Shares her sister with me
  224. (fetishdoll) The Youth Group Party
  225. (starbelliedboy) A Very Messy Birthday Present
  226. (JAX) Incestuous Strip Poker
  227. (Buffalo77) Strip Poker
  228. (jsrod95) My Step Sister and Her Friends
  229. (The Duke) My younger sister Kristy and I have always been very close.
  230. (mintabal3239) A Sister's Love (part 1)
  231. (mintabal3239) A Sister's Love (part 2)
  232. (mintabal3239) A Sister's Love (part 3)
  233. (lostangelkira) A "Quiet" Night In
  234. (Jarred) A Dog's Tale
  235. (gshumour) It Started As A Game Of Spin The Bottle
  236. (frenchtoastman) A Daughter's Seduction (M/D)
  237. (Marcel Proust) Daddy's Little Darling
  238. (VampLover69) Gabriella's Daddy
  239. (Alps Aris Sarsis) Passion... Loving Dawn till Dusk (Furry)
  240. (Alps Aris Sarsis) Dessert Dessert, part 1 (Furry) >:^_^:<
  241. (YIUIOHO) Turned on Mom. (Incest)
  242. (classyslut) Innocent wife at the beach
  243. (Public Enemy) A Cheerleader's Cherry
  244. (RedHairedandFriendly) Slippery Susie - My MILF
  245. (slyc_willie) cousin Lacey
  246. (Chodan Acharya) My Student’s Hot Mother
  247. (trojan 10) The P.E. Teacher
  248. (Elliot) School detention
  249. (Sexy Cat) My Chemistry Teacher Teaches Me Something
  250. (Kevin Phillips) Mrs. Horny's Private Tuition