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03-27-2008, 06:16 PM
I was hired by my neighbours to look after their home and their son while they were away on their second honeymoon. It was fantastic, I was 17 and had access to their beautiful house, complete with sun deck and pool, and knew it wouldn't take much effort from a babysitting perspective, as their somewhat pampered son was 14 and couldn't take that much watching over.

I turned up just before they left, my bikini already on under my skirt and vest top, anticipating chilling out by their pool sinking a few nice drinks in the sunshine. They shook my hands - I vaguely knew them from around the lane, so it was all very simple.

After the parents had left, Joe came down the stairs - this was the boy I was supposed to be looking after. He didn't look like a boy at all, at 14 he was already tall and had filled out a lot. Rather than be pissed off by the way he was blatantly scanning his eyes over my body I was actually, despite myself, a bit turned on. I resolved to make a man out of him this summer, I mean, I didn't neccessarily want to fuck him but the idea of teasing someone that young and horny and knowing I would be his first fantasy woman got me really wet.

"Hey, Joe. I just want you to know that while your parents are away this should be a bit of a holiday for us too - I mean, I can't let you get away with anything because your mom would kill me, but we can have a good time. I'm not going to stop you enjoying yourself."' I purred.

"OK, cool, I was worried they'd get some old woman in to keep an eye on me" he grunted in typical teenage fashion.

"So, why don't we go out to the pool?"' I suggested, already letting my little denim skirt slip off my hips and peeling off my vest top, so I was just there in my white bikini. Joe's eyes were all over my tanned skin, and without speaking he walked out to the sun deck.

"You're blonde. You'll burn. You need some sunscreen."' He said.

"'OK"' I replied, "but you'll need to do my back for me - I'm not THAT flexible" I rolled onto my front on the sun lounger, and he began to rub the sun lotion into my back. His hands felt a little shaky, so I thought I'd tease him further.

"You know Joe, I spent some time in Europe, and over there the girls sunbathe with their tops off altogether. Are you mature enough to be OK with me just taking this top off so I can get a nice even tan?"

"OK!" he said, almost dropping the lotion. I rolled over, and peeled the string bikini top off of my large breasts. My left nipple is pierced, with little pink stones at either side. He looked at them, transfixed.

"Joe, would you mind rubbing some lotion into my front now? It would really hurt if I burnt here. Of course, I could do it myself, but I like the way your hands feel on me."

He didn't need asking twice. He filled his hands with the oily lotion and massaged my breasts. I couldn't help the odd moan escaping, because it felt so good - not just having my breasts touched this way, all slippery and in the bare sunlight, but because of the effect it was clearly having on him.

"Wow, you have a nice touch!" I groaned, wiggling my hips as he stroked my hard nipples. I looked down and saw his swimming trunks tented by his huge erection. "Let me put some lotion on you though, I can't let you burn, I'm here to look after you after all!"

He lead back without hesitation on his own lounger, and I pulled his trunks down. I smoothed lotion all over his chest, then, with my hands all greasy, I began to stroke and tease his cock. Within seconds he came, shooting his cum all over my bare chest. It was all that I could have expected from someone so inexperienced, but I was so worked up I wanted much more.

"Ooh, I need to clean up" I said. "but I want you hard again straight away, because I want you to fuck me". I said it i a totally matter of fact way, and the look on his face said that it wouldn't take long to achieve what I'd asked for.

I dived into the pool, washing his cum off of my boobs. While I was underwater I pulled off my bikini bottoms, so it would look as though they came off by accident - a cute touch, I thought. I climbed out, water dripping off of my tan body and from my long blonde hair, completely naked with my perfectly waxed cunt.

"Is this enough to get you hard again?" I asked, standing before him, water sliding off me. He didn't need to answer, he had his dick in his hand and it was harder than before, even.

"I'm not going to stroke you or suck you, I just want you in me." I told him.

"In the pool." He muttered. I climbed down into the shallow part, where my thighs were only just met by the water. I gripped the handles of the steps out and tossed my wet hair back behing me as I looked back at Joe wading through the pool to grab my hips from behind.

"Fuck me." I demanded.

He grabbed and stroked my ass while he found the opening and inserted his rock hard dick. I could hear him moaning as he slid in for the first time. I'd had sex before, but never with anyone who was doing it for the first time and wanted it this badly. It made me so excited, I couldn't help reaching down and rubbing my clit hard as he drove in to me. The water was lapping around my thighs and the sun was hot on my skin as this young boy I was charged with looking after fucked me in his dad's swimming pool. He pumped with enthusiasm and his lack of experience in a way turned me on, as much as his unbridled groaning and pounding. I knew he wouldn;t last long so I rubbed my clit vigorously while enjoying his penetration, and with little effort I was shuddering and shaking in orgasm as he came for the second time, deep inside me.

"Wow...." I murmered as I began to regain a grip on normality. "I think we're going to have a good couple of weeks!"...

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Great Story!
Thank you for sharing with us!

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Very good indeed


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Thanks guys! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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thats the 1st story i have read of that kind and i loved it!

good job

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Great story. I know I never had a babysitter like that.

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very good

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Great story
Wish I was 14 again.

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Very enjoyable. I look forward to more!

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i want a babysitter now.

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here here

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nice! me too...

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i want one 2

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I think I need a babysitter :)

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lucky boy

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I sure hope there is a second chapter to this stioy. It has a lot of possibilities. ma0715

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not a bad way to lose your virginity

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Loved it, please write some more :)

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nice story please continue

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very nice story... is it gonna be continued?

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nice story, i had the hots for the babysitter when i was 13-14, but i never got that lucky

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well that story did the job for me, it was good

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I never did have a babysitter. thinking back know i would have really loved to had one like her!

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very good story

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very nice

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Wow, good story, wishing i was 14 again

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great cant wait 4 more

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nice little babysitter...wish I had had one of those when I was younger...thanks for the story...it was great!

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Very good story please continue

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Wow nice story:sconf::sconf:

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i want a babysitter now.

me to hhahaha

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loved it, cheers

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Very nice ;)
well done on getting what you want when you wanted :P

Ugly Boy
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haha...i lost it to a babysitter too! but this story is hotter!

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Great story.. Hope theres more to come!
I'm so jeaous of him though.

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you built the story up pretty well, but you still need mroe details on the sex part. Dialouge and so on

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Very good story indeed.

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every guy wishes he would have had a sitter like that. great story!

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Ah, well done on a timeless fantasy... great job.

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great story

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good story

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get better every time i read it

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timeless is right!

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Dammm that was hot

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If you will be my babysitter, then I'll change my mind about being to old for a babysitter. Nice story.

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Excellent Story!!!!!

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Fun story.

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Good Story. What happens on day 2?

Green Fairy
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Yeah good story but any continuation?

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great story. now part 2 would be great

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Very good story. I wish I had a babysitter like that.

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nice story, bring on the babysitters,

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I am ready for more parts to this story. It is great

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Nice seductive tale, well told. Congrats

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Great sexy story Starr. Makes me wish I had a babysitter other than my grandma when I was young :angel:


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Encore Encore, They have to have more encounters!! I loved it.

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You little temptress!! What a delicious start to their time alone.

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Wow! Great story, i wish i had a babysitter like that when i was younger!

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Hot story! Nice to have a babysitter like that :)

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good story, but it started sort of quick for my liking. no real teasing, character development, stuff like that.

07-08-2011, 06:12 PM
quita a nice ahort story. a little too fast paced, anyway

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lucky kid

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Great story, though a little on the short side. Please continue writing.

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btw your spelling and grammar are better than most peoples. :D

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