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My brother came into my bedroom one night when there were only the two of us home. He only had his boxers on and it was obvious that he had a hard on – and a wet patch on his pants. He was obviously highly aroused and I said what up – apart from what’s between your legs.

He said Sis I want to fuck you _ I am so randy I cant help myself, I have masturbated twice since I came home from school and I cant satisfy my desire. Will you let me just this once.
I said NO, I wont do it with you.

Go on he said you do it with Jake (my bf)

But he is different – he is my boyfriend not my brother.

Go on – it wont hurt you to let ME do it with you – I really need it. Just this once.

No – I have to draw the line there – to fuck you would be incest and IF I got pregnant the baby may be deformed. Further more you wont be happy with one and because I gave in once you will want me to give in to you time and time again – I wont do it. If you want me to I will masturbate you but fuck me NO.

I will pull out before I cum then. But you are on the pill it cant happen.


Well will you suck me off


Please suck me off – I will never ask you again.

No – it’s a hand job or nothing.

OK I will settle for that.

He dropped his boxers and slipped his feet out of them and sat on the edge of my bed. His cock was as hard as a rock. I have a tube of Ky for my long sessions with Jake so I squeezed abit on the top of his cock and slid my hand down and covered his cock and my hand with the KY.

Oh god he said that feels amazing.

Slowly I began to stroke his cock and unlike Jake he really got himself worked up and was moaning and saying oh jesus sis that feels fantastic, No wonder Jake likes you.

I said your are funny – Jake just sits or lies there and lets me do it and never says a word.

I sat there pumping his cock watching his face as he was obviously enjoying my hand stroking his cock which actually felt good – he is a bit bigger than Jake.

I said has anybody ever done it for you before –

He said once or twice – but I was about 13 Jimmy and I did it to each other a few times but we couldn’t cum then and had dry orgasms.

I said when did you actually start wanking .

When I was younger– I used to get hard a lot and play with my cock. One day I went around the rocks at the beach and took my swimmers off and played with it when I saw another guy doing it to him self. I did what he was doing – I was fascinated with the feeling and while I watched him he came and spurted cum. I was absolutely fascinated and really pulled my self off hard until I came. I never spurted though – I had my first orgasm though and didn’t know what it was. I didn’t spurt till I was almost 13. I pulled myself off almost every day after that just to enjoy the feeling.

He was watching me and telling me how nice I looked nude and how beautiful my tits were. He was fascinated with the way my tits were moving as I wanked him. He said I really like the look of them – can I feel one. Yours are really growing nicely – I have been watching you for months. Do you let Jake play with them.

I said he sucks them occasionally – but you can forget that – I am not going that far with you.

I let him hold one for a minute and I actually liked the sensation – he was very gentle and squeezed them softly and used his finger to rub around my nipples – it made me really wet.

I sleep naked and we have always been used to seeing each other naked as we all get about nude in the house, my mother and other brother are no different. We know what we all look like naked as my mother is naked around the house like us.

We don’t have a father.

I continued to stroke his cock for him and I must admit I began to actually enjoy the feeling of his cock in my hand and he was obviously enjoying what I was doing to him.
Somehow I knew I would regret it but I masturbated him for about 7 or 8 minutes before it became obvious he was almost cumming so I really worked on him. When he came he shot his cum everywhere and a lot got on me.
I said shit now you have it all over me – I will have to wash it off, and he followed me to the bathroom and we washed it off ourselves – he had shot cum everywhere and no shortage of it either.

Now give me some peace and go to your bedroom – I wont be changing my mind the answer is still no.

Later that evening I heard voices down stairs and it was my mother and brother. I took no notice and went to sleep.

The next morning my mom said I heard about last night – Tony shouldn’t have asked you to do that with him. I have told him you are off limits – if he wants sex to find another girl to do it with – and be careful, I don’t want any little bastards running around my feet.

She then went on to ask me about Jake and I and where and when we had been making love lately. She didn’t like me doing it with him in his car – your bedroom is always available she said.

I said I am a bit reluctant to do it on my bed Tony hangs around sniffing the air when we do – I have no doubt he has managed to watch us a few times and wanks off while he does.

I will talk to him – if he does. Don’t worry just be happy – and safe.

That afternoon I came home early.

I went to the bathroom and when I passd my mothers bedroom I heard the bed squeaking and voices in her room. It sounded like my brothers voice. I looked in and to my horror saw them both naked and him on top of her having sex with her.

I was shocked - Shit I said – how long has this been going on.

My mother was a bit shaken by the fact she had been caught by me with Tony having sex with her.

It’s the first time, she said – I had a long talk with him this afternoon- he came home from school early to masturbate and I caught him and we talked about his attempt to have sex with you. He is in a bad way and cant concentrate on anything but masturbating and having sex with a girl. I don’t want him upsetting the parents of girls who MIGHT do it with him so I offered to let him do it with me. I knew it was wrong but I havnt had a man for a year or more since your father left and I just thought it wouldn’t hurt him or me and he would leave you alone. They way he was talking I thought he may try and rape you – he is in a bad state believe me.

Even though I was there and was watching them both - our mother engaged in sex with her own son - my brother –it was still incest - and he was saying nothing and continued to fuck her as if I wasn’t there and there was no tomorrow. It was as if he was in a trance, his head was rolling around and he was covered in sweat and pumping his cock into her as hard and as fast into her and her whole body was shaking with each thrust and whilst she doesn’t have big tit they were bouncing about like rubber balls. I wouldn’t have been surprised if the bed collapsed under them with the noises it was making. Then she said he had taken a Viagra and was almost pulling his cock off when I came home so I just took pity on him. He has been fucking me non stop for half an hour now and he came twice and just kept going – I have never experienced any like it before he is amazing. I was actually enjoying it for a while and I hope he gets it over with soon, I am beginning to get sore from all the shagging. I have cum 3 times already I am beginning to wonder if it might have been better for you to fuck him. I cant believe Tony can do what your dad could never do – make me cum twice.

I said no way – even though I enjoy being fucked by Jake I don’t think I could bear to have him on top of me like that – he seems to be in a trance.

Then he said I am in no trance I just want to enjoy this – I don’t see mom as my mom – she is just another woman who I have to fuck – I had to fuck somebody – I was going crazy. I don’t see her as my mother she is just a woman I am fucking.

OK I said - just hurry up and cum – she is getting tired and no doubt sore from the way you are fucking her – please just finish it as fast as you can.

Sis I could fuck you after this.

I said no way – you have done enough damage – just cum and be quick.

I said I cant believe this - My mother is fucking her 17yo son and I am pleading with him to hurry up and cum and finish it.

Then she said Oh hell I am cumming again and her body shook with the spasms of her body’s climax and moaned as she had another orgasm.

Two or three times she moaned and shook her head and almost cried. The she said oh for Christs sake finish it – I cant take much more – I just had a multiple orgasm – there cant be any skin left on my clitoris.

Then he said oh sweet jesus I am cumming – I’m cumming - I’m cumming – he really pushed hard on her - Oh sweet jesus this is amazing I have never had an orgasm like it Oh fuck this is amazing I am still cumming. I think I came twice – I spurted twice four or five times each time, I couldn’t stop. My balls are aching and my cock is so tender, its almost hurting to move it. Then he just collapsed on top of mom and rolled off her. I could see the veins in his neck pulsating like mad. He was completely out of breath and he was gasping for air. It was like he had a fit when he came.

Mom lay there and said thank god that is over – I have never seen anybody behave like that – it was as if he was possessed – he acted like a mad man – it was quite frightening.. then she grabbed her vagina and ran to the bathroom, and sat on the toilet and she peed for a good two or three minutes, she was bent over with her head almost on her knees and she was weeping silently.

I had followed her into the bathroom and I consoled her as best I could and after a few minutes of sobbing she held me and said thank god it was not you – he would have killed you – it was as if he were an animal. I never want an experience like that again.
I said there will never be another time like that again. If he becomes that violent again – and he was violent in an emotional way but not actually physical and drove his body into her hard but he fucked my mother in a selfish and extremely physical way, without any consideration or compassion.

I helped her back to my bedroom I didn’t want him near her again. I went to her bedroom and he was completely unconscious or in a deep sleep. He was exhausted.– I began to think he must have taken something other than Viagra. I had never heard of anybody behaving like that after taking anything I knew of. I could see his heart still racing but he had regained his breath and was sleeping. The room smelled heavily of sex and sweat. I shut the door and let him sleep it off.

I went to his room to see if there was a hint of what drove him to behave like that. There was the Viagra pack with two pills missing and another substance that I could not identify. It was not hash or cocaine or Ecstasy it was another substance I had never seen.

I went back to mom she was in the kitchen drinking a cup of tes. She was recovering but her vagina was very sore and possibly badly bruised as he had been very physical in the time I was there and he had been fucking her for over 40 minutes non stop.

Mom slept in my bed that night and I used the spare room and I let my brother sleep his excess off. He hardly moved for hours – he was exhausted.

The next morning he was up and had showered and was behaving quite normally. He and I were both naked when he appeared. When I spoke to him he said he was sorry and that it would never happen again. He seemed to have a bit of a hangover. I said what happened to you yesterday you nearly killed mom fucking her like that.

I said what happened was not caused by Viagra – what was that substance in your room – it was nothing I had seen before.

He said I am terribly sorry, really sorry I took that. I only took half a pill like I was told.

I asked what was it.

He said it was called Spanish fly – its an aphrodisiac they give to stallions to mount mares when they want him to service a number of horses. I got it off a guy at school whose father breeds horses. He said it made you so sex mad and you could go for hours. That’s why I took the Viagra to keep me hard because it lasts for an hour I believe – I had only taken one of them before and I kept my hard on for an hour and masturbated three times non stop. I didn’t go soft when I came so I thought I would use it when I fucked mom, so she would be happy and I didn’t cum too quick for her. I wanted her to enjoy me fucking her. I had no idea that stuff sent you crazy. I am so so sorry – I don’t know how I can apologise enough to her.

My mum had been outside and heard us talking - She had been listening and neither of us was aware of it.

She came in and said – don’t blame yourself – I should never have agreed to have sex with you but you were in such a state I thought you might rape Julie or go and do it to somebody else. I didn’t want that happening.

The three of us cuddled together and he and mom cried a little. Their tears ran down their cheeks and onto my breast, I could feel it run down and drip off my nipples.

We remained like that for about 4 or 5 minutes and said nothing, we all realised what had happened was wrong and out of control.

I broke the embrace and said I have to get ready for school, and we all sort of came to our senses and went about our business to get ready for the day ahead.

I said to him – if you ever do that again I will kill you. He said I will kill myself first. Then I said next time you want to have sex with me you can have it but never subject mom to that again.

He said – don’t worry sis I wont be asking you or any other girl for a long time after that. Bye the way that stuff was flushed down the toilet but I kept the Viagra for you and Tony, he might want to give it a try – it works brilliantly.

He gave it to me later. – I just might let Jake try it on me – he usually cums well before I am ready so this might do the trick. But no Spanish fly. I could not handle what happened to mom.

Mom recovered in a day and now we talk about it as if it were one huge joke. It wasn’t and I never want to experience a sight like that or what she endured ever.

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Great story Megan...kind of a shame you closed the door on a part two...even if you don't write it I always like to leave people feeling like more is going on behind the scenes... Kisses

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excellent story

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Thanks for your submission.

I found it to be a little too easy of a transittion of going from
simple brother/sister to convincing her to give him a hand job
by simply showing up with a boner one night.

As to the elements of an erotic tale, well yeah, they're all there
so that's a selling point on it's own that helps keep it afloat.

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Another great tale from you megan but just a small thing in making it easier to read - I kept getting lost as to who was saying what which you dont want when your turned on !

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