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“Where’s your whore wife?” he said, as he walked in heading towards the bed room, looking back at him with a smirk on his face as he unbuttoned his pants and pulled down his zipper “ She’s in the bed room, straight a head and to the right” he replied…” I’ve never seen him” he said, as he closed the door…He sighed, “She’s already in there with two other ones, god damn it, all this shit is my fault.” He walked to the bed room, as soon as he made the right turn at the hall he could hear her screaming in pleasure. She was loud, but what woman wouldn’t be? She was being fucked by black men twice his size, their cocks were three times the size of his…

He stood by the door watching, embarrassed, ashamed; he didn’t feel much like a man. His gorgeous 5” 5’ petite wife was being gang fucked 2 black men, a third one undressing next to her, slapping his cock on the side of her beautiful face, her mouth is full, she’s got another mans cock in it…He watches her from the door frame, trying not to be noticed as he reaches between his legs and strokes his small penis through his pants as the third man fucks her deep in her ass, making her choke on the others cock as she deep throats it with every thrust, gagging on it as she breaths in…

He walks into the bed room, staring at the floor as he makes his way into the bathroom closing the door behind him. They don’t pay attention to him, no one stops or turns to look at him, they just continue fucking his wife, humiliating her and degrading her as they do it…”Are you a black cock slave bitch?” asks the man fucking her ass hole as he eases his cock into it and makes her take its full length. “God yes, yes, I’m a black cock slave” she cries out, holding herself up by one elbow as they fuck her doggie style. Her other hand is holding another man by the waist, his cock pressed up against her for head, his balls are right on her lips, muffling her words…He smacks her ass, pulls his entire cock out them rams it back in deep into her ass hole, she screams again…”I didn’t hear you bitch, are you a black cock slave? Tell me you love black cock you white blue eyed bitch!” He demanded, holding his thick throbbing meat deep inside her as he waits for her answer. She screams into the other mans balls, whose cockhead is smearing pre cum all over her cheek. “YES, yes, I love your black cock, I’m a black cock slave!” she moves her head lower, sucks his cock head into his mouth and begins to suck him off hard, deeper and deeper every time as she tries to prove herself...”Haha, that’s right bitch.” says the man that arrived last as he waits his turn to use the whore’s mouth.

He listens quietly as they fuck her, stroking his cock freely, he loves to hear her moan and do everything they ask of her, it excites him, it makes him cum harder than any time he’s been the one fucking her…

You see, months ago he had taken her out dancing. She looked very pretty. She wore a short black dress, it was tight at her chest, showed off her D cup breasts very nicely, it hugged her hips and it hiked up at the back a little, her ass was big and firm, so the dress dropped nicely….They had been dancing for a while so they sat down, he was tired, she was not, she had a lot of energy left in her…they were approached by a black man, he was tall, dressed nicely, like a business man, he wore a suit, it fit him well…” I’ve been watching and I noticed that you look tired, mind if I take her out for a dance?” he asked. “No, that’s fine” he replied…
She smiled, looked at him from the bottom up very discretely, she liked what she saw, she took his hand and stood up, kissed him on the cheek and said “I’ll be right back honey” he smiled and ordered a drink as he rested his feet.

They had been dancing for a while now, smiling at each other, he leaned in, pulling her close, “You dance very well” he said, “You too” she replied with a smile as she turned and pressed her ass against him, grabbing him by the side as she slowly lowered herself to her knees, pressing her ass against his crotch on the way down “Ooh wow! You’ve got some moves I see”
He grabbed her ass cheek, cupping it with his big muscular hands as she pressed herself against him, he gasped then smiled at him…he moved his hand down her ass and pulled her leg between his legs and started to grind his crotch against her, he felt his giant cock immediately, he winked at her and smiled once more…

She was impressed, she wasn’t dancing anymore, she was now grinding her pussy down on his leg, she grabbed his arm and slid it up her thigh, under her dress, to her ass. She kept it there as she rubbed her pussy all over his leg…she rested her head against his chest and gripped him firmly with the other hand as she gave herself an orgasm…”Oh my god, its so fucking big” she moaned out quietly, enough so he could hear.. She let go of his arm and reached for it, squeezed it, traced its length through his pants, the knob that you’d call a cockhead on him filled her hand, she opened her mouth and gasped” Fuck, how big is your cock?” she asked…”I don’t know, why don’t you find out?” He suggested, as he massaged her firm ass cheeks. “Oh god I’d love to but my husband probably wouldn’t let me” she said disappointedly as she rubbed his massive cock and squeezed it, thinking of how it would feel if he’d fuck her with it...”Let me ask him” She said, excitedly..

“Honey” she said as she sat down next to him, closing in to whisper in his ear what she was about to say” Baby, I want you to watch me suck John’s cock…”Who? What” he replied” John, the black man we just met, we’ve talked about this so many times, baby and I really want to do it. I want you to watch me, just as you’ve said before”, “Ok, have you told him? I mean does he know about this?” he asked” Yes, I told him I’d ask if it was ok with you, baby I felt his cock as we danced and I really want to have you watch me suck on it…” she said to him…”Ok then, I guess” he said, she leaned in and kissed him, “Mmm thank you baby, I’ll go ask him to meet us in the back of the parking lot.”

He stood up. He was excited and nervous at the same time, they had talked about it before- having him watch her suck on a black mans cock…They always rented porn videos where some cute little white girl got man handled by a black man, or a group of black men. She would ask him if he wanted to watch her get fucked by another black man while she sucked on his cock, he always said yes….

They met around back, he was already there waiting. He saw them walk towards him; she had a big smile on her face. She waved hello as they approached, he smiled at them and put his hand out for John to shake…”What the hell was that” he thought to himself, “I just shook the hand of a man who’s going to fuck my wife’s face as though its some kind of a business transaction, he’s going to think I whore her out. Fucking stupid” he thought to himself…

“Hey man, I’m John, feel better now that you’ve had a little break? I kept your wife busy in the mean time.” He said as he smiled…”Yeah, thanks” he said, “Arrogant fuck” he thought to himself…

His wife wasted no time, she moved towards a dark corner, taking John by the hand as he followed. She put a piece of cardboard down on the concrete floor and kneeled in front of John, she licked her lips and smiled. He looked around to see if anyone was coming or watching, but they were safely hidden by the darkness and the wall that made up the back of the club.

“Mmm, show me that big cock” she begged, looking up at john as she bit at his balls through his pants…He reached down and started to unzip his pants, reached in and grabbed his meat…”What’s the deal man, do you start this wife of yours?” he asked as he pulled it out. He watched it spring out from inside his pants and smack his wife across the face…”Oh yes, give me that huge cock” she begged as she kissed and sucked on the head, struggling to fit it in her mouth…

He stood there quietly, pretending he didn’t hear his question….What was he going to say to it? That all he had to give her when fully erect was at the most 6 and a half inches? Yeah right…

He kept quiet and watched his wife work on his cock. She had her hands planted on his legs, just above his knee’s, he was very tall…Her mouth was open wide, running down the side of John’s cock all the way to the base then back up, where she would turn her head and start bobbing it up and down, taking the head into her mouth first then slowly forcing it in deeper and deeper….She was loving every inch of it, her mouth was disgustingly wet, saliva was dripping down her chin onto her tits, she was choking herself on it, trying to gang on it. Forcing it down until it reached the back of her though, then she’d spit it out from a gang reflex…She’d choke for a bit, then gasp for air and go right back at it…

“Don’t you know how to suck cock you dumb little bitch?” Said John…pulling her head down by the hair and pressing his balls all over her face…”They need to be sucked to baby. I want them really wet” He commanded…”Yes, I’m so sorry” She said, immediately taking one into her mouth, sucking on it hard, grinding he face into his balls as though she was trying to force his entire sack into her mouth, she was pulling him in towards her...”This is when you’ve got to teach these dumb bitches how to suck your shit man, when they’re down there and doing it.” He said to him as he stroked his cock over her face…

He could believe she was letting him talk to her like that. He couldn’t believe HE was letting him talk to her like that….but he couldn’t say anything, he liked it. He just nodded his head in agreement and continued to watch. His cock was so hard, he wanted to jerk off, but he was embarrassed to let him see it. He felt like a little kid in front of him…John’s cock was at least 13 inches long, his cock was as thick as his fist and his sack hung really low with 2 golf sized testicles in it, which his wife was at this very moment sucking in and out of her mouth…

“Open your mouth bitch” ordered John, pulling her face mouth from under his cock, holding her in place as he aimed his giant cockhead into her mouth and pushed it in, deep and hard with one swift thrust…She gag on it for a moment, coughed into it but would not let it out of his mouth…”Yeah baby, just like that, I’m going to make areal cunt out of you” he said as he pumped he mouth full, again and again….

“Oh John, please, make me your cunt, I want your cock more than anything” She begged, her husband standing but 2 feet from her as she begged for that…He felt like a bitch, saying nothing…he had a stupid grin on his face like he had no idea what to do. His wife was being face fucked right in front of him by a man that was ridiculing him with his indirect comments as he pumped his cock into his wife’s mouth…

“Pull your tits out bitch” he mandated, pulling his cock out of her mouth as he watched her do as she was told…She quickly pulled down the straps that were around her shoulders, keeping her dress in place and displayed her tits to him. They were firm size D breasts. They had large pink areolas surrounding a perfectly erect pink nipple. She took them in her hands and squeezed them together for him…He grabbed her by the back of her head, shoved his cock into her mouth to make it nice and wet, pulled it out and pressed the head against her stomach, in a stabbing motion…She moaned, she imagined it deep in her cunt as he slid it up her stomach, pressing the head firmly against her till it had wedged in between her breasts. She held them together tightly as he fucked them.

“Yeah baby, you like how that big fat cock feels? Open your mouth and lick my cockhead bitch, keep it nice and wet so it slides in and out nice and smooth” he commanded her. “Yes baby” she said, opening her mouth wide as she watched him thrust forward and felt his massive prick come out from between her breasts and go deep into her mouth…

“I’m going to fuck your wife now “, John told her husband. “So why don’t you just keep an eye out for me ok buddy?” He said as he pulled her up from one arm and turned her around, bending her over on a pile of boxes and trash bags…He watched her spread her legs for his black cock; she pulled her dress over her back, exposing her ass to him. She leaned down on both elbows as he stood behind her, spitting on his hand before he proceeded to rub it all over her already drenched cunt, she closed her eyes and tilted her head back as she felt his huge band cover her cunt as he smeared his spit all over it….”Yes, baby, fuck me. Use me like a cheap whore” She begged…John’s massive figure was now over her body, he was still in his suit, the only part of him that was exposed was his giant cock and his balls that hanged down a good 5 inches from his cock.

“Do you want my black dick bitch?” he asked, as he rubbed the head between her pussy lips, spreading them wide then letting the length of his cock rub against her clit as he thrust forward slowly, teasing her, making her want it, degrading her, humiliating her…”Answer me you little white whore, do you want this nigger dick in your tight little snatch? Answer me you filthy little cunt”
“God yes, I want it. I want your nigger dick in my pink tight pussy, I want you to stretch it out for me and fill it with your black seed” she moaned out to him….
“Mmm, that’s a good little bitch” said John, as he bent at the knees, stuck his ass out and thrust forward, forcing his cock into her cunt…”OH FUCK, YES, OH MY GOD, OH GOD, JOHN…”she screamed…”Shut up you stupid white bitch” he ordered, smacking her in the back of the head as he pumped his cock in and out of her. She moaned and breathed hard, taking her fucking like a good bitch as this black man rammed 13 inches of cock into her cunt…she wanted to scream down but she wanted to be a good little bitch so she just put her head down and bit down on her arm, screaming into it as he fucked her like a dog, completely mounted over her…

“Mmm, fuck yeah you little bitch, you’re so fucking tight” he said. His balls were now bouncing off of her as he pounded his cock into her cunt. He was an arrogant bastard, he was holding her with one arm by her shoulder and with the other he was playing with her tits, he was practically sitting on her using her like a fuck toy. He was so much bigger than her, you could barely see her under him, if not for the screams and moans, and the sound of his balls slapping against her as he rammed her with his donkey sized cock you wouldn’t know she was down there…

Her husband watched, he had one hand inside his pocket; he was jacking off to it. He could hear everything as he watched this giant black figure practically rape his wife from a far…

“You’ve never had a real man fuck you, have you bitch?” he asked as he pulled her head back by the hair and smacked her face...”No, no I haven’t” she moaned out...”Oh fuck, yes, yes” she moaned as she stuck her ass out for him” Fuck me, John, please don’t stop!” she begged as he pumped into her…he wrapped one arm around her neck and cupped a tit with the other, he leaned on her, letting her feel his full weight and size, making sure she felt his cockhead slide in deep inside her, pushing her down even more on top of those boxes as he said “Beg me, say “Fuck this filthy white whore with your big black cock John” again and again”…she didn’t hesitate, she looked at her husband with her mouth wide open as she gasped for air and said the words as John fucked her cunt from behind. “Fuck me John; fuck this filthy white whore with your big black cock.” John fucked her deeper and harder now, playing with her tits as he did, holding her head up, making sure John could see her face as she begged for his cock” “Fuck this filthy white whore with your big black cock John” she said again, staring at her husband as she did. Her legs open wide, her ass up in the air…

John grabbed her by the hair, held her head down and came deep inside her. He pushed into her hard, till his entire cock had penetrated her, his balls were pressed firmly against her as he pumped her full of his black seed. She moaned as he felt him shoot his load deep inside her. Her throbbing pussy was wrapped around his cock tightly, his cum was oozing out and down her inner thighs, drenching his balls as he continued to ram himself into her, milking his cock against her throbbing pussy….

“There you go bitch” he said as he dismounted her. She dropped to her knees, breathing hard, panting… He walked up to her and pulled his cock out, he stroked it hard as he aimed for her tits. He watched as John pulled her head towards him and instructed her to clean his cock with her mouth, which she did…sucking and licking at his balls, stroking his cock at the base then up to the tip to help what cum was left inside the shaft ooze out for her to lick off of his helmet, then sucked at his cockhead hard to force whatever was left in there into her mouth for her to swallow.

He exploded all over her tits…She didn’t pay attention, she was too busy rubbing his cock all over her face, worshiping his meat…

Since then John visits often. He fucks his wife on a regular basis. And as of a few weeks now, other black men fuck her on a regular basis as well….

I guess in a way he’s a slave to black cock as well. He loves watching his cock hungry white blue eyed bitch service them.

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