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09-18-2008, 11:27 AM
I was lying on the couch with my girlfriend Evelyn, I was flat against the bottom pillows of the couch and she was partly on top of me, wedged between the backrest of the couch and me.
We had been making out for quite a while and we were so deep into what we were doing that we didn’t hear her newly turned 16 year old sister walk into the house with her “wet behind the ears” 18 year old boyfriend.

“Damn, you guys beat us to it!” he said as they walked in.
“What? Oh, yeah I guess.” I replied as I looked up at them.

Jackie raised an eyebrow and gave me a little smirk of a smile as she watched her sister’s hand trace the lengths of my cock inside my unbuttoned pants.

“Hey Andrew” she said, moving her eyes back to her sister’s very busy hand, admiring the size of my cock.

“Hey Jackie” I said, watching her boyfriend pull her by the hand to her room.

I couldn’t help staring at her as she walked away. She was very beautiful. She was thin, about 5”3, maybe 105 pounds. Straight black hair that went down to the middle of her back, just like her sister, perky little tits, small waist and a nice tight little ass that stuck out begging to be fucked. I didn’t realize that the whole time I was staring at Jackie I had pushed my hand down her sister’s tight jeans and started to slide my fingers between her big, round ass cheeks, teasing her tight little asshole as I brushed my finger over it and tried to push it in.

“Oh, baby” she said, as she started to kiss my neck. She squeezed my balls nice and hard, making me snap out of my trans. She grabbed my cock at the base and started to squeeze it nice and hard, pinching her nails into it.

She had moved further up the couch so she could suck and bite on my ear lobe as I played with her ass and fantasized about her younger sister. Then she lifted herself up off of me a bit. Her gorgeous double D tits pushed up against each other inside her little tank top. I took my free hand and pulled down at her top, making her giant tits pop out and land on my face…

She then let go of my cock and sat right on top of me, planting both of her hands on my chest, using her arms to push her tits out at me, rubbing them all over my face as she kept grinding her ass down against my cock, teasing me…

“Mmm, fuck that feels good Evelyn.” I said to her as I took her by the waist and pulled her down against me, making her grind down on me harder…

“Mmm, yeah baby, it feels so good” she said as she leaned down to rub her tits all over my face while I kissed them and sucked on her nipples.

She took her tits in her hands and started to rub them right in front of me, pinching her hard nipples as I watched. She then leaned down and pushed them up against my face before she leaned to the side again to suck on my earlobe, whispering;

“Do you want to fuck me in the ass baby?” She asked. I smiled and slide my other hand inside her jeans, moving them down her ass cheeks to cup them and give them a good squeeze.

“Fuck yeah.” I replied.

She jumped off of me and headed to her bed room while I stayed behind a few steps so I could watch her big ass bounce as she walked. Evelyn was about the same height as her sister except she was on the chubby side. But the way she was proportioned made her one of the hottest cock tease girls around. She was maybe an inch taller than her sister but a lot thicker, she weighed about 155-160. She had a pretty round face, thick full lips, massive double D tits, a small waist, wide hips and a really big round ass.

I walked into the room and pulled her against me and started kissing her as I moved my hands down her back and cupper her ass once more, pinching and squeezing her cheeks nice and hard.

She pulled my pants down completely and kneeled right in front of me. She stuck her ass out, letting her thong show as she arched her back, forcing her jeans to pull down a little as they stretched around her ass cheeks…I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head in, guiding my cock into her mouth, feeling her warm lips wrap around the head then slide down the length of my cock as I started to fuck her mouth.

She pulled back a little and started to stroke my cock, spitting on it as she stroked it with both hands to coat it in her spit.

“Yeah baby, I want your entire cock in my ass, every inch of it.”

She took my cock back in her mouth immediately and started to rub her tongue all over it, pulling it out only to spit all over it then place it back in her mouth while I leaned down to play with her ass…

“You wanna get fucked real good today, huh?” I said as I pushed her on her back on the bed with her still kneeling on the floor. I grabbed her by the neck, forcing my cock out of her mouth and kept her in place, crouching down a little right in front of her as I placed my cock between her big, whore sized tits.

“Mmm, you want to fuck my tits baby?” she said as she watched me spit in between them….

“Mmm, fuck me baby” she begged as she wrapped her tits around my cock and I laid its length between them and started to fuck her chest.
I took her by the hair and pulled her head in, she opened her mouth wide and sucked on the head of my cock as it thrust back and forth harder and faster every time between her tits…

I took her tits in my hands and pulled them apart, letting them fall freely then slapped them upward, taking them in my hands again and pressing them tightly around my cock, fucking them till I started to smear precum all over her chin and chest…

“Turn around then bitch and give me that ass.” I ordered.

“Mmm, yeah baby, fuck my tight little asshole.” She begged as she unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down over her ass cheeks to her knees. She turned around and bent over on the mattress, her knees together on the carpet floor and her tits and face flat on the mattress.

I loved to fuck her this way because she would always try to crawl away or have me stop once I started ramming the entire length of my cock inside here tight little asshole. So to remedy that I always fucked her in the ass with her pinned between me and her bed.

I leaned down and licked the mount of her ass cheeks, tracing my teeth against them as I tried to bite down on them, watching them open out to the side as she got ready for my cock by sticking her ass out for me.

I crouched down behind her and leaned in to lick her pussy lips, pulling her thong to the side. The bitch was so wet from anticipation. Her as looked so good that I just had to spread them out wide and bury my face between them.

“Ooh fuck, yeah baby. Please fuck my tight little asshole baby” she begged.

I rubbed her big ass cheeks against my face then stood up right behind her. I spread them open and spat right on her ass hole.

“Mmm, yeah, come on baby, fuck my tight ass”

I curled her top from the back and gripped my hand around it, like you would a set of horse rains.

“Oh yeah baby, put that big cock inside me” she begged. She reached back around her to spread her ass cheeks wide open for me…

I took my cock by the shaft, about 3 inches bellow the head and started to push it into her tight, wet little asshole…she let go of her ass cheeks and grabbed on to the sheets…As I pushed the head in I felt her tight little asshole tighten up around it, throbbing hard around the head of my cock, squeezing it hard trying to stop me from going deeper…

“Oh fuck, shit your cock is too thick…” she cried out.

“Shut up you fat ass bitch, I bet your sister wouldn’t whine about it.” I replied as I started to shove the length of it into her tightening little ass hole…

She bit down on her lip and buried her head into a pillow, reaching back right after to spread her ass cheeks open for me again as I pumped her asshole deeper and faster now.

I continued to stretch her ass hole, sliding my cock in and out nice and slow at first. Her ass was so warm and tight, it felt so good around my cock. I could feel it throbbing around the length of my cock as I pushed it in deeper and deeper, listening to hear moan and whine like a bitch as I fucked her tight little ass…

As I started to fuck Evelyn harder, I could hear her sister in the next room moaning, asking her boyfriend to fuck her harder in between her moans…which turned me on even more. I took Evelyn’s arms and folded them across her back as I started to put my weight into every thrust, forcing her to take my cock deeper into her ass with every thrust.

“Oh shit, oh fuck, do you like my tight little ass hole baby? Do you like fucking me in the ass? “She kept asking as I made her take another inch of my cock in her ass while I tried to listen to her little sister get fucked.

“Yeah baby, you know I love your big fat ass.” I replied as I kept her arms pinned down with one arm and grabbed her by the back of the hair with the other, shoving her face down on the pillow, trying to keep her quiet.

I closed my eyes and tried to imagine Jackie getting fucked in the ass by me as I pumped my cock into Evelyn. I could hear the sound of her boyfriend slamming into her while he fucked her. She kept asking him to fuck her deeper and harder, begging him to make her take every inch of his cock…”Come on, don’t you like this bald pussy?” she asked, “Fuck my little pink pussy, come on make me take that dick of yours” she egged him on…

I was so turned on I didn’t realize I was making her sister cry. My cock was so far up her little asshole I had made her cum all over my balls, I could feel them bouncing off of her throbbing hot pussy. I pulled her head back; she started moaning and groaning hard as I kept ramming her harder and faster every time.

“Fuck, you little bitch. Mmm your fucking ass is so tight. Do you like having my long fat cock in your ass, bitch?” I asked as I let go of her arms and hair, letting her catch herself and hold herself up by the palms of her hands as she breathed out hard in a moan “ YES, FUCK, SHIT, ITS SO FUCKING BIG” she moaned out as I pulled her down on me, making her meet my thrusts, making her take my cock, making her slam against the bed as I fucked her like a cheap whore…

I spanked her ass hard, again and again then pulled her head back by the hair, “What’s too big bitch? Say it; say it loud you filthy little whore, I want Jackie to hear you.”

“OH FUCK, YOUR COCK, ITS TOO FUCKING HUGE YOU’RE TEARING ME APART” she yelled out, right before I threw her back down on her face against the pillow and held her down.

She gripped the blankets again and pulled on them, so hard it seemed she would tear them apart…

“Yeah bitch, isn’t that what you wanted? Did you want your ass hole fucked you filthy slut?” I asked, slapping her ass cheeks as I pounding the entire length of my cock into her throbbing, hot little asshole.

“Oh god, yes! Fuck, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum baby, ooh fuck!” she moaned into the pillow, trying to reach back for me, finally getting a hold of me by the waist, pulling me in against her.

“Oh yes, ooh I’m cumming baby” she moaned out. Her asshole tightened so hard around my cock and throbbed so fast, it felt like she was trying to milk the cum out of my cock…

“Ooh Fuck, yes, yes ooh shit yeah” she kept moaning out as she stiffened up and got ready to cum. I pumped every inch of my cock into her ass and waited for her to cum. She moaned out loud and exploded, her cum gushed out of her pussy, drenching my balls as they laid flat against her pussy. Her tight little asshole was stretched out to its limits, throbbing and squeezing around my cock as she took her fucking…

I pulled out of her slowly and stood up, she pulled herself off the floor and jumped on her bed, complimenting me on the fucking I had just given her as she dried her tears from her eyes and started to fall asleep from exhaustion.

I could still hear Jackie in the other room getting fucked, being pounded on her bed, begging and asking to be fucked deeper and harder and faster. Obviously her boyfriend wasn’t cutting it.

I stepped out and got in the shower, unsatisfied, with a massive hard on and a pair of balls full of cum.

Maybe Jackie could finish what her sister started...

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Thanks for the new addition

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Good story. Hope to see him giving Jackie what she needs soon!


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I took my cock by the shaft, about 3 inches bellow the head and started to push it into her tight, wet little asshole…she let go of her ass cheeks and grabbed on to the sheets…As I pushed the head in I felt her tight little asshole tighten up around it, throbbing hard around the head of my cock, squeezing it hard trying to stop me from going deeper…

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