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01-25-2009, 11:55 AM
by Aussie_Teacher

I grew up much like any other normal young girl; I loved to play with my dolls and wear pretty new party dresses, the same as any other young girl, but in my senior year at school, things changed for the worse and my whole life turned around. I had been walking home from school one afternoon, and as I passed the local park, a guy had grabbed me and tried to force me into the bushes; where he then tried, but luckily failed, to rape me. When I arrived home and burst through the door, I nearly knocked my father over, as he was about to walk out of the house.

This all happened when I was 18 years old, and after my father saw the state I was in; my blouse was torn open and my hair was all messed up, as well as all the tears running down my face; he made a point saying he would meet me at the school gate every afternoon. After calling the police, and making sure I was fine, and unharmed, he sat me down and made arrangements for me to begin Martial Arts training, so that I could defend myself better.

My name is Vicky, I am tall for a woman; I stand around 5'10", I have shoulder length blonde hair, and I have a well-formed body, slender hips, and a size 34C chest.

As my father worked from home, he could work whatever hours he liked, and as he had already been attending training sessions for himself, he suggested I join him each afternoon after school. He would meet me at school, and from there it was only a 10-minute walk to the "Dojo" where we would practice. After finishing we would either jog home together, or sometimes we would take a slower walk home, stopping for a coffee or even a milkshake.

All through my growing up until 'that day in the park', I had never been really close to my father. Don't get me wrong, I loved my father, and he loved me, but I was always more 'girlie' and he was the more masculine type who would have preferred a son, rather than a daughter. I had always seemed to be closer to my mother way back then, but since I had begun Martial Arts training, the relationship seemed to have changed. Nothing drastic, it was just that my father and I seemed to spend more time together, and soon I saw him in a different light.

By the time I had achieved my first few 'Dan's', I was getting more confidence, and I trained even harder, trying to get to that elusive 'Black' belt like my father had achieved a few years earlier. Even at home I would push him into more training with me so that I could learn even more.

Every year during the summer months, my father and one of his buddies would go fishing and hunting out west; it was his idea of a great and relaxing holiday, and as it was usually just the two of them, and they were both fit and healthy guys, they never seemed to take much supplies with them; preferring to fend for themselves and live off the land for a month.

The next summer my father was busy planning for his yearly trip, and he was all excited, whereas I was getting depressed, as I would have no one to train with and push me for that month. The night before they were to leave, my father had his trailer ready and hitched to his car and he was mentally picturing the good times he would be having very soon. The phone rang, and after he came back from answering the call, he was looking very low and lost.

"Shit! That is all I need!" he declared as he entered the room.

Wondering what was wrong, but knowing that even those words had been hard for him to speak, as he normally never showed his emotions, I ran to his side and asked if he wanted to talk about what was bothering him. After shrugging his head a few times, he finally gave up and began to tell me his problem.

"That call earlier, it was from my friend. The trip is off as he was just in a car accident. He is OK, but his leg is busted, so looks like I miss my trip this year. I was so looking forward to getting out to the bush and running wild once more," he explained.

"Sorry dad, I know how much you look forward to your time away," I said as I gave him a kiss on the cheek and hugged him around the neck. "But there is always next year!" I added.

"True," he answered. "But it seems like such a let-down now. If it had of been last week or even a few days ago, it would have been different, but I have everything ready, and mentally I was already out there running around naked, and being 'at one' with nature," he added.

"Excuse me!" I exclaimed. "Naked? Did I hear you correctly?" I stuttered in shock.

My father turned very red and lowered his face. He had not meant to say naked, but in his depressed state he had forgotten what he was doing and blurted it out in front of me. I sat stunned as slowly he realized what he had revealed, so he decided to explain it fully to me.

"It's OK baby, your mother knows what we get up too. As a matter of fact, years ago when you were little, and my friends' wife was still with him, the four of us used to go together, but your mum stopped once she was the only female. It is not what you were maybe thinking! Geoff and I are both straight and we never do THOSE sort of things, but we both like the freedom to run naked and wild in the bush and not have to do things like wash clothes etc." he explained to me.

He continued to explain to me how they would build a camp site somewhere near a water hole, but they only ever used their tents if there was rain, otherwise they just lay out their sleeping bags near the fire and slept. During the days they would go fishing in the morning for their breakfast, then after doing some training together, they would go hunting to see if they could get a wild pig or even a kangaroo, so they had plenty of meat to eat. In the afternoons they would go running for a few miles and then finish the day with a relaxing swim in the river. It sounded so wonderful and free to me; all except the part of running around naked.

"Dad, if you are really keen to still go, why don't you just go alone?" I asked him.

"Well, yes I guess I could go alone, but you realize that is not a wise thing to do in the outback. What if something happened while I was away? No one would know where I was, or even if I was lying under a tree dying from snakebite! Always safer to have another person with you, and any way, I may like to be back with nature, but I still like to have someone to talk with, you know! I'm not totally anti-social and a barbarian," he laughed.

I thought maybe he had come out of his sadness, but soon he seemed to revert even further then before. After thinking for a few minutes about how I could make him feel better, I soon realized that the answer was a simple one.

"Why don't I go with you?" I asked eagerly. "Ah, I mean, as long as you keep your shorts on! I can't see why I can't be good company for you as well as a training partner for the month. And this way I wont miss a month of training with you, right?" I added as I looked into his eyes with such a pleading, 'hurt daughter look', that I was sure he would melt.

After much thinking, he called my mother in and asked her what she thought of my idea. They sat and talked about the pros and cons of having me go with him, and it seemed mum was keener on the idea than Dad was. She explained to him that he should still go, but as he had never really spent much time with me until I started training, it would be a good way for 'father and daughter' to get to know each other better.

They talked for some time before Dad finally gave in and agreed that he still did want to go, and he knew I would be safe under his watchful eyes, instead of being left at home all summer where anyone could cause me troubles. I ran over to him and gave him a big kiss and cuddle and thanked him for agreeing.

"But just remember Dad," I started. "I am your daughter, not mum, so keep your shorts on please! I don't think I really need to see my own father running around naked for a month," I added laughingly.

"Yes, OK! Minimum dress standards are set at shorts, and if I feel like being naked I will just do that when I go hunting for supplies," he joked back to me.

It was all set, so at 2 am the next day we were both in the car and on our way; it would take us around 8 hours to drive to his favorite spot, somewhere out past Roma, in SW Queensland. When we arrived I followed Dads instructions as to where to unload our things, and then we went about setting up our campsite. First we set up the tent a little away from where the fireplace had been prepared, and then we cleaned all the dry leaves and branches from around the area.

Next we set about making a storage area for our tinned supplies and the emergency water supplies he always took with him, and lastly he sat me down and explained some basic rules for me to understand and follow in case of an accident happening. He showed me where, and how to use the ERB, as well as the flares he had in the trunk. Once all was explained and he was happy that I understood his basic rules, we set up the camp table and chairs and prepared a small lunch that mum had packed for our first day.

After lunch he took out two fishing rods and asked if I wanted to go fishing with him at the river, just a 10-minute walk from where our camp was set up. I was eager to please my father and make sure that he did not have regrets for bringing me along, but at the same time I was worried, as I had never been fishing before, and was worried he would think badly of me.

I needn't have worried, for when we got to the river, Dad did not expect me to know it all, instead, he set the line with the tackle, baited the hook and even cast it out for me, before handing the rod over to me. After only a few moments of the line being in the water, there was a large 'jerk' at my line; a large yellow-belly had attached itself to my hook; I had beat my father to the first fish. He quickly helped me to land the fish, and then after gutting and cleaning it, he hung it on an over-hanging branch, then next thing I knew, he picked me up and threw me into the river.

"Next time young lady, you will let the old man catch the first fish, and you wont get thrown in!" he laughed at me as I got my composure back and was about to get back out of the water.

Just as I was about to get out he pushed me back in and said I may as well stay there as he was coming in for a swim as well. He took of his shoes and shirt, and then began to undo his zipper. I was shocked, as it appeared he was already forgetting that I were his daughter, and he was stripping and would soon be naked and in the water with me.

"DAD!" I yelled. What are you doing? I am your daughter remember," I said with a shocked tone.

"You are so beautiful girl, but oh so silly as well! I have my shorts on underneath my trousers," he laughed.

A moment later I saw his shorts appears as his trouser dropped. Feeling relieved, I then had to deal with the reality that I had not trusted my own father, and now I felt even more stupid for my actions and thoughts. Soon I had no time to feel sorry for myself, my father dived in and was next picking me up in his arms and then throwing me even further out into the river. From then on, for the next hour we both acted like two little kids.

Finally my father suggested we should get the fish and return to the camp and think about getting some lunch on the go. First he got out and began to gather his clothes up into his arms, and then he turned to face me and he held out his hand to make sure I did not slip in the wet mud on the riverbank.

"If you are going to go swimming in future, I think you should wear something a bit more appropriate," he laughed at me.

I looked down and it was only then that I realized I was still wearing my jeans and top, as well as my knickers and bra. In the hour since he had pushed me in, I had been having so much fun that I never gave it a thought. I made a mental note to make sure I had my bikini on, or at least a pair of shorts and the bikini top, the next time he suggested we go fishing.

When we returned to the camp, Dad suggested I get changed into something dry. He took his clothes and placed them in the car, and then he returned and started a fire so he could cook our lunch. After changing in the tent, I returned and then asked him why he had put his clothes back into the car.

"I told you silly, Geoff and I are always naked out here. From the time we hit this place the clothes are off, and they stay in the car for the rest of the time. They only come out on the last day when we are ready to leave," he explained to me.

I felt totally stupid, as I had brought at least 6 changes of clothing with me, as well as 2 swimsuits. I suddenly felt over-dressed, as though I was spoiling his usual holiday. I returned to the tent, I stripped off and put on my bikini and then a pair of shorts over the bottom half and a short singlet top over the top half. I picked up the rest of my clothes and took them back to the car, and I was determined not to even think of them being there until we were leaving.

After lunch Dad said he would have a rest for an hour or so, and then we would do some training. If I did not want to rest, then he suggested I not wander off on my own, as it could be dangerous until I knew my way around here a bit better. I agreed, and said I would just relax and read a book until he was awake and ready again.

When I tried to read I found it difficult, not because of the book, but because of the quietness! Yes, it was so quiet and peaceful that the lack of noise was almost deafening. I know that is strange, but I could not keep my mind on one thing as I was used to all the noises that go with city life. Here there was just silence and the occasional sound of a bird in the distance and the light rippling sounds from the nearby river.

An hour or so later Dad got up and began to make plans for our training. First we would do some limbering up exercises, and then it would be 30 minutes of practice, and then he suggested we go for a jog, or a run for another 30 minutes. This would then end back at the river where we could take a swim and get cleaned up before coming back and settling down to a light supper and an early nights sleep.

As we were about to complete the days training with a run and then a swim, Dad said I should remember to change into something for swimming, but I was already ahead of him; I dropped my shorts to reveal the bikini underneath, and soon we were on our way. He seemed to be setting an easy pace, and I presumed that it was to give me a chance to get used to my surroundings, as well as take in the sights along the way.

About 40-minutes later, and me being totally lost, we came around a clump of trees and I saw the river, and as I approached it, I saw our fishing rods where we had left them earlier in the day; up against the tree. First Dad dove in, and soon I followed, and we swam across the 10 to 15 meters to the other side. We stayed there and mucked around for 10 or so minutes before we went back to camp. We both rested and chatted for a time, before Dad took out some supplies and set about preparing a light supper for us both.

The summer was not too hot, and there were a gentle breeze blowing as we sat around and chatted some more when we finished our meal. The cleaning done, we played a few games of cards before Dad said he would retire to bed. I could not believe that he could sleep so early. I also wondered what I would do to kill time. Soon I understood; I was slowly dozing off into the most wonderful of sleeps I had ever had. I hadn't realized just how tiring a day in the bush could have been.

I had always been the sort of person who would stay in bed until the last moment, or later if allowed, but the next morning I was pleasantly surprised to be up and starting a fire to get the coffee going, and it was only 5am; and it felt great to be awake and alive. Soon after Dad woke and we enjoyed a coffee and a chat and we began to plan the day ahead. Neither of us felt like eating, so we did some more training, and Dad asked if I wanted to go fishing again. It sounded good to me, so we took off towards the river.

We fished for a time but never caught anything, so Dad said it was not a problem and that he was going in for a swim. As he dove in I dropped my short and then quickly took my singlet off that I had slept in, and jumped in as well. The water felt great as my body went in, not too cold, and certainly not hot. I surfaced a few feet from Dad and as I stood up, I pushed my head back and ran my hands through my hair to get it away from my eyes.

"Does the water feel good?" Dad asked with a smile. "I guess being out here makes you feel good?" he quickly asked.

"Mmmm, yes, the water is nice, and yes, I feel great being out here with nothing but the sounds of nature and no city noises," I replied before adding; "Why do you ask that?"

"Well, I just presumed you felt at ease as I never expected you to swim topless with me around!" he surprised me by commenting.

"Shit! I'm sorry Dad!" I screamed as I looked down and saw my bare breasts pointing at his face.

My mind had been more on the swim this morning then anything else. I had not even remembered that I took my bikini top off from under my singlet before I fell asleep. I did not know which way to turn, or what more I could say or do; I was too embarrassed to move, but also knew I had to get covered up quickly.

"It's OK sweetie, don't be embarrassed. It is very easy to feel so free out here away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Just stay there and I will get your top for you," he said, making me feel a little better.

Dad swam to the bank and got my top, then when he was close enough he threw it to me, and once it left his hands he turned his back so I could put it on and he would not see my naked breasts. I realized just then how much I loved and respected him; he was such a gentleman, as well as a devoted father who would never see any harm come to his daughter. I put my top on and called out and said thanks, and that he could turn around again.

We stayed in the water for another half-hour, before finally deciding to return to the camp. Dad, like he had the day before, got out first, then turned and offered his hand to help me out. As I took his hand and pulled myself out, his eyes dropped a fraction, and then quickly he turned his eyes to his left. I was wondering what was wrong, when suddenly he spoke.

"My sweet little darling, for a girl who was scared that I may slip up and have you see me naked, you sure have a funny way of hiding your prudish side!" he declared.

I could not understand what he was on about. OK, sure, I had slipped up earlier and forgot I had no bikini top under my top, but I had the bottom part on, as well as my white singlet top now, so what is the big deal, I wondered. Just then it hit me like a ton of bricks as to his meaning. Shit! My top is white; it is thin; it is wet; it is totally see-through right now! I was such an idiot, and to think that I had been so direct telling him to stay covered, and yet here I was, not once, but twice exposing my breasts to my father.

As I still had to make my way up the remainder of the bank, I tried to keep my hands over my breasts, but I stumbled. As I landed in the mud I let out a yelp and Dad soon turned to see what the matter was. He got behind me and helped me to my feet, but once standing I could see that I was covered in mud. I would have to get back in the water and clean myself once more.

After a few minutes back in the water, and all the mud was gone, I was about to get out again when I realized that I would still need Dad's help; and that meant he would need to look directly at me to be able to help, and then I would be exposing myself to him for the third time in a day. What was I to do to get around this problem, I wondered, as I stood in the water with my hands covering my breasts?

"Listen, I know you are embarrassed at having me see your breasts, but you seem to have only two choices; either stay there for the rest of your life, or else you trust me to not look, while I help you out; what's it to be?" he laughed, before continuing. "And apart from that, remember, I am your father, not some dirty depraved rapist. You are safe with me little one!"

Dad was right, I had no other choice, plus he was my father, and I knew I could trust him, no matter how many times he saw my breasts naked. I dropped one hand down, and pushed the other one out to meet his. He helped me out of the water, not once looking directly at my boobs, as far as I could tell. We walked back to the campsite and I had my arm around him all the way. I felt so happy and lucky to have a father like him.

Dad went to light the fire, so I grabbed my bikini top from next to my sleeping bag, as I needed to get out of the wet singlet, and I then walked towards the tent, so I could change. As I was almost at the entrance to the tent, I pulled my wet top off and walked in.

"If you are going to persist in showing me your breasts like this, why not just leave it off?" I heard my father say.

I could not believe what was happening. It appeared that when I went to get my top, my father had needed to get the coffee, so he walked into the tent before I got there, not knowing I was about to go there to change. Now for the fourth time in the day, I had exposed myself to my father, and this was just the second day of 28 that we were to be here. Dad apologized, as well as quickly turning his back to me. I quickly put my top on and left the tent.

The rest of the day was tense, not on my fathers' part, but more on mine. I could not believe what had transpired this day. As it got later, and we were sitting down to have supper, Dad turned to me and said something that shocked me.

"Darling, if this is getting too much for you, I will understand if you want to go home. I guess this was a bad idea from the start. I am used to getting around naked at times like this, and while the sight of a nice formed set of breasts are nice, it does not mean that I am a pervert or such, it is just natural. But I know this has been a hard thing for you to come to terms with today, so I guess it would be best if we left," he spoke.

"Dad, you're so sweet, I love you so much. I don't really want to go home, it is just that I can't believe how things have turned out today," I replied as lovingly as I could.

"Thanks for saying that, but you realize there are bound to be many more times things like this will happen out here? So far it has just been you making a few simple mistakes, and I have seen your breasts, but you know there are no showers or toilets here, and that we have to make do with the river and behind a bush or tree? What about when invariably you or I accidentally walk around a corner and the other is, ummmm, well, the other is using the bathroom? It does happen you know. I remember the last time your mother came along, Geoff not once, but three times went for a walk, only to return an hour or so later and inadvertently walk around the same bush your mother was squatting behind; and we had all been naked anyway. See what I mean?" he explained.

Dad went on to explain many more stories about past experiences that had happened, like Geoff stumbling across him and mum making love one day, to Dad only last year walking in on Geoff while he was masturbating. He told me how these were things that people did everyday of their lives, everyone knew they did it, but no one ever saw it, or at least not back in the cities where we have doors and locks. Here it was all different, that was why he liked it so much; it was as nature had intended us to be.

I took in all in as he told me, and then I sat back and thought for a long time before finally reaching behind my back and undoing the string to my bikini top. I lifted it off and threw it onto my sleeping bag. As I removed it Dad turned his head away quickly.

"Dad, you are my father and I love and trust you explicitly. You are right about what you said, these things will happen all the time, so I figure it will be better if I just take my top off now, and keep it off; that way, after the initial shock for me, and you too maybe, we can go on from there and it wont matter how often you see my boobs," I explained to him.

He did not turn back to look at me at first; instead he kept his head turned and spoke.

"Are you sure? I don't want you to do anything that will make you uncomfortable or embarrassed. I know if I were not your father, but a guy your age, or your boyfriend, then you would feel better, but I am your father, and that will make it hard on you," he uttered.

I could not help but laughed when I heard him say that. I explained to him that it was easier for me to go topless; who knows, maybe even nude in front of him, as I knew, loved and trusted him, but I would never do the same in front of any other guy unless I were married to him. I could not believe how much of a scared, but respecting father he was to me. I loved him more and more every second that I spent with him.

After asking once more if I were sure that it was OK, he finally turned around, but for the next 30-minutes he looked directly at his feet, not once raising his eyes to mine, or my boobs. I finally gave up. I stood up, walked across to where he was sitting, and then I reached down and placed my hands on each side of his face, and I forced him to look up; but instead of making him look at my face, I made him look directly at my boobs!

"Dad, the sooner you just look straight at them, the sooner I will feel less uncomfortable, and you and I can then continue to just be father and daughter again and enjoy this month together!" I declared.

He finally opened his eyes in agreeance; he looked at my boobs, and after a few moments he thanked me and said how it was now his turn to be the one who acted like a silly child. I bent down and gave him a small kiss on his cheek and told him how much I loved him, and then I returned to my seat. At first feeling a bit nervous at what I had done, I quickly changed my mood to one of feeling that I had broken through the father / daughter barriers, and now I was his friend and equal; it made me feel good.

After the first 10 or so minutes he seemed to settle into this new lifestyle, and we got involved with a very in-depth conversation about life in the bush compared with the city; what my plans were for the future, and then finally he worked up the courage and asked me about my personal life; things like "do you have a boyfriend", etc.

Having opened "a can of worms" by finally going topless in front of my father, but also enjoying being a friend now, as well as his daughter, I answered him honestly as though he were just a friend. I told him I didn't have a boyfriend, and then surprised myself by admitting that I was still a virgin, but had given two guys a blow-job, as well as letting them suck my tits and finger my pussy. His eyes bulged when I divulged this, but he also made me feel so good by telling me how nice he felt to be able to really get to know me at long last.

When I had finished answering all of his questions, I got the courage to ask him some personal questions as well. Guess for one thing it was curiosity about his past, but also I was wondering just how honest he would be to me. I started slow by asking him things about him and mum; how they met, and when did they start sex, etc., but soon I became bolder and asked him had he ever cheated on my mother.

"It depends on what you call cheating!" he answered. "If you mean have I ever had sex with another woman since I married your mum, then the answer is yes! But if you mean have I ever had sex with another woman and your mother did not know, or does not know about it, then the answer is no!" he added.

I sat there both bewildered and shocked. He admitted he had had sex with at least one other woman, but did he mean that mum knew, and approved of it?

"I don't understand what you mean Dad! Can you explain that for me, or am I being too personal?" I asked.

Apparently he had not meant to be so open with his words; it looked like he too was feeling that we were just two friends chatting, and not a father and daughter. A few minutes of him turning all shades of red, and he finally said that he might as well tell it all to me; as it would be wrong to leave me guessing and maybe forming the wrong ideas.

"Well darling, you must promise you will never ask or repeat this to your mother; at least not until I speak with her first and let her know I have told you all of this!" he spoke.

He had me worried; I was sure that he was now about to tell me about some illicit affairs he had had years ago, and that he now wanted time to clear the air with mum before I told her. But was I ever wrong.

"Many years ago, your mother and I went through a bad patch in our lives; money was short, problems were building and this all caused us both some problems in the bedroom. After many months of no sex, or else sex just for the sake of sex; and finally no sex, as we both were becoming a little bored. We decided we needed to talk about things and figure out where we were headed" he started to tell me.

"Well, to cut a long story short and not go into all the details, we finally decided we needed to 'spice-up' our sex lives, so we joined a nudist club. The only thing was, at the one we joined, it was more like a 'free-for-all-sex-romp' than a nudist club. After a few visits and both of us being groped and grabbed, as well as propositioned, we decided "why not give it a go" and the rest is history," my father explained to me.

I was stunned. My mother and father had both openly had sex with others many years ago, and they maybe still were as far as I knew. I asked and pushed him for more information, but it turned out that they only did it a few times, and then everything changed in their lives and they never did it again. He told me how when they joined the 'club' it was more about being nude in front of others, and not about the sex. That is why they started going bush together, and then invited Geoff and his ex-wife.

As I took all of this in I began to sense that I was getting wet between my legs. I was not sure why, but I guessed that even if it were my own mother and father I was hearing about, it was still a very hot and sexy story. I made sure that I stayed still while my father continued, but then I noticed something strange. My father had suddenly moved his feet, so when I lowered my eyes to see why, I saw it. He had an erection, and it was making one very big tent-pole effect in the front of his shorts, and it was then obvious that he did not have underwear on.

I must have been in a state of shock and looking for a bit too long, for soon my fathers eyes noticed that I was looking at his bulge; he quickly said he was tired and went and crawled into his sleeping bag. Soon after I decided to try and sleep as well. Did I say sleep? I did try, but the more I felt like I was drifting off, the more the image of my fathers bulge appeared in my mind. I could not believe that the image of my fathers erect penis was turning me on, bulging in his shorts!

When I awoke the next morning at around 4am, I had the most amazing feeling between my legs; I felt so warm and nice, but then I realized that my hand was in my swimsuit, and my finger was rubbing my pussy. I quickly pulled my hand out before my father stirred and discovered what I was doing. I got up and walked down to the river and jumped in to both cool off, as well as clean myself.

As I came around the clump of trees before the river, I heard a splashing noise coming from the water; I stopped in my tracks, and was very scared, thinking that someone else had decided to camp here, and now I would have to cover up again. I crept quietly to a point where I could see the river, and as I looked I caught sight of him.

I could not believe what I was looking at; there in front of my eyes, there he was, standing at the edge of the water naked, and it was only 4am in the morning! How dare this person invade our private place! How dare this person ruin my chance of spending some quality time with my father! I wanted to run up and push him back into the water and drown him, to make sure that my father and I could stay here alone and have a good time.

Trying to think of what to do, I could not help but look again; but this time I took in the shape of his arse; it was so damn nice looking! As I squatted there, behind my vantage point, looking at this cute naked arse, I noticed that he had one hand at his side, but the other was around at his front; not only was it at his front, but if I was not wrong, he was masturbating himself into the water! How gross! But also how erotic!

After being mesmerized for almost five minutes, he finished 'wanking' and he turned around towards me. My God! The sexy arse'd guy was my father! I was shocked, but at the same time I could not take my eyes off his still half-hard cock! It was gorgeous! As he came towards my direction, I quickly stood up and ran back to the campsite and got back into my sleeping bag.

I kept my eyes squinted as he came back; wanting for some reason to get another look at him; a closer look. I was so curious to see his cock again; I could not believe the sight of my fathers cock had aroused me; but then again, I had never seen a 'fully-grown' cock before, and certainly not my fathers!

A few minutes later I could hear my father snoring softly. He had gone back to sleep. Obviously I was a hindrance to him by being here; it meant he could not 'be himself' as I had demanded that he keep his shorts on, and then I took my top off. I guess even though he is my father, he is still a man; a man with natural thoughts and desires, and I guessed that the sight of me, his only daughter, walking around topless, was just too much for him. Still, he made me feel so much love knowing that he was not the sort of guy to do it in front of me, or try and take advantage of me.

I lay there for the next hour, not being able to sleep as I had this funny feeling growing deep down inside of me. I was only just aware of the fact that I was aroused by my father, but still, my hands began to move down towards my hot and waiting pussy, waiting for me to give it some relief. I slowly slipped my hand beneath my pants and edged my finger towards its target. Once having finished myself off, I lay back and dozed for a few moments. Then a strange thought occurred to me. I wanted to see my father get aroused again, and I wanted to see his cock!

Quietly, I got out of bed and snuck across to the car, and my other clothing. I rummaged around until I found what I had been looking for. I returned to my bed and slipped my shorts up over the bottom part of my swimsuit. I lit the fire and started the coffee going. A few minutes later I heard my father rustle.

"Good morning Dad, want a coffee?" I asked.

Before he could get up, I took his coffee over to him and sitting down, I handed him his coffee as I lay down beside him and gave him a tight cuddle around his neck.

"I love you so much Dad!" I whispered in his ear. "It is so damn great to at last be able to spend some quality time with you, and for us to get to know each other better." I added.

He turned towards me, kissed my forehead; all the time my naked breasts were pushing closer and closer into his chest, and he told me he was also glad that I had asked to come with him on this trip. I edged in closer to him and held him tighter. My breasts were pushing hard up into his side. He half turned towards me and seemed like he was about to kiss me on the lips; but at the last moment he looked down at my breasts, and then he turned his face slightly and gave me a big 'smooch' on my cheek.

"I love you too darling, and I am glad you and your mum talked me into this" he spoke softly to me.

I knew that he meant what he said, and I knew that he meant it in a paternal way. I somehow understood there and then that my feelings for my father had suddenly changed. He meant it in a fatherly way, but I had actually meant, "I love you" in a totally different way. I knew then and there that I really did LOVE him. I not only loved him, but at that very moment I would have happily loved him in the biblical sense as well.

Soon after, he got up, and the next few hours went as they had the previous two days; and how Dad had said they were to go; the only difference being that I was determined to stay topless for the rest of the vacation. Breakfast, training, a run, then we were to go fishing, and/or swimming. As we got back to the river after our run, we grabbed the fishing rods and began to fish. After catching one nice sized yellow-belly each, and then Dad cleaning and hanging them, it was time for us to have a swim and cool off, as well as get cleaned up and refreshed.

My father jumped in first, and once he had done so, I began to undo my shorts and get ready to join him; but this time he was in for a shock! Dad was about 5 meters out from the bank when he turned back to see if I had already jumped in. I had only got my shorts half way down my legs when he looked up. As I saw him look up at me, I pretended to stumble, and as I regained my balance, I turned half away from him. I finished taking my shorts off, then I casually walked back up to the tree we had hung the fish on, and I draped my shorts over the branch.

When I turned back around, I knew I had gotten his attention; his eyes were bulging; and I was sure that under the water, his cock was bulging in his shorts as well. That morning, after I had finished masturbating, I had gone back to the car and changed into the bottom half of my 'Thong Bikini'; my father was now getting a great view of my bare arse.

I turned back towards him and strolled to the riverbank. I made a point of diving in directly towards him. As I dove, I tried to judge the distance, so that I would surface very close to him; but I was wrong. Just as I thought I was almost near him, my head bumped right into his groin. I felt the impact, but at first thought I had hit a log or a rock. I raised my head from the water, and there was my father, with his hands still down below the water line, and his face twisted with a look of agony on it.

"Oh shit! I'm sorry Dad. I did not mean to do that to you! Please forgive me!" I Exclaimed hurriedly, but with all sincerity.

"It's not your fault sweetheart, accidents happen all the time, and you could not have seen me under the water as it is not very clear," he groaned back at me with a definite painful look on his face.

Instinctively, or maybe it was the 'maternal' part of me deep inside, I placed my hand under the water, to where I had just hit him, and began to 'rub it better'.

"I really am sorry Dad, it was an accident. I hope I did not hurt you!" I pleaded with him.

"Well if you don't take your hands away from where they are soon, then I don't think you will be hurting me, but I will be hurting you!" he laughed.

Right away I understood what he meant. I had not meant to be so brazen and put my hand on his cock, and I knew that I had instinctively just tried to 'soothe' his pain. I hurriedly pulled my hands away, apologizing once more, and with a very embarrassed look on my face; but the damaged had already been done. I had not only felt his erect cock; but I had absolutely enjoyed the feeling I got from touching it.

Soon after, we got out of the river and returned to the campsite. Things seemed tense, and neither of us seemed to talk much. Eventually I asked my father when we were to start training. He agreed that it would be best if we trained; and I think I understood his hidden meaning; he needed to get his mind, and his cock, off of what had just happened.

The training session started as normal, but soon, instead of just following his directions and accepting his advances and throws, I began to respond in a defensive manner, and as such, I was fighting back. The move would be one where he would grab me, then throw me over, but as he grabbed at me, I would counter; I moved slightly to his side; took a hold of his arm, and then I grabbed between his legs and threw him instead.

He soon understood that I wanted to take a more aggressive stance, so he pushed me harder. Instead of just having a 30-minute session, we were soon getting closer to an hour. The first few times I managed to catch him off guard and throw him, but soon his experience showed through and he was pre-empting my moves.

After almost 90 minutes of solid training and countless throws of me to the ground, he called it quits. I agreed with his decision, but as he stood to walk away, I grabbed him and threw him to the ground, but as I did I let his weight pull my body along with his body; he landed on the ground on his back, and I landed on top of his body; my face only inches from his. We stayed with out faces only inches apart, for what seemed like forever.

"You are getting to be quite a woman, girl!" my father said.

"You think so Dad? Well if I am, it is because of all your help, training and love!" I replied as I moved closer and gave him a small kiss on his lips.

My father quickly pushed me aside and said that it was time to eat, and that we should stop acting like little kids. As he got up I noticed that he was once again sprouting his 'tent-pole' in the front of his shorts. He quickly made excuses that 'nature was calling' and he disappeared into the bush. I was sure that he was lying, so I quietly followed in the direction that he had gone.

I was right in my suspicions! A few moments later I heard a 'grunting noise'. I quietly crept forward, and there he was; his shorts were around his ankles and his hand was savagely beating away at his rigid cock. I held my breath as I crouched and watched him masturbate; his cock was so beautiful that I could not take my eyes from it.

The difference this time, compared to when I saw him at the riverbank, was that this time, I could see his cock in all its glory. It was at least 7" long; it was thick, and his hand was going from the base to the tip, and he looked like he was about to pass out. I lowered my hand, and soon my fingers were delving in and out of my pussy as I watched my father 'beat his meat'.

Once his sperm began to erupt from his penis, I knew that soon he would return to the campsite. I quietly turned and sped back to my seat, the place that he would expect to find me sitting. As he entered our little area I noticed a few beads of sweat dripping from his brow.

"You must have really had a hard time coming back Dad, you are sweating," I laughed at him.

He quickly turned red as he looked down at his shorts; trying to make sure that he did not have any 'tell-tale' signs of what he had been doing. Again, for the remainder of the day, my father seemed to be a little tense, very rarely looking directly at my. That night as we sat around the fire, I could not help but direct my eyes to his groin; I had an unstoppable urge to see his manhood, and I could not help myself.

Every time he looked in my direction he caught me staring, and the more he caught me staring, the more the front of his shorts seemed to twitch and the tent pole seemed to grow. He would quickly turn his eyes away from me and he would also try to cover his 'very large' problem. I knew what I was doing to him was very mean, but I had an uncontrollable urge building deep within my loins, and I did not have the power to stop myself.

After trying to fall asleep for quite some time, but not being able to get the picture of his face and penis from my mind, I began to softly touch myself down below, knowing that I usually fall asleep quickly after I have masturbated myself to an orgasm. The night had been very warm so I was on the sleeping bag rather then in it. I looked across the to where my father was sleeping and saw that he certainly was asleep as he was snoring, so I did not have a problem. My fingers began to slide up and down, and then in and out of my moist pussy.

Every so often I would let out a low moan, and I would suddenly stop playing with myself. I would quickly check to make sure he was still asleep, and then I would continue to give myself pleasure. After another 10-minutes of working on my pussy, I could feel myself reaching my peak; my fingers pushed deeper inside, and my breathing became faster. My moans turned to groans and my soft groans became louder, but I could not stop now. I was at the point of no return when I heard a noise from my father; looking quickly across at him, I saw that he was awake, and he was masturbating himself as his eyes were riveted on my almost naked body.

The sight of him watching me had pushed me over the edge; I let out a loud moan as I orgasm'ed; and similarly, he also shot a large amount of his cream into the air and it landed back on his chest. He quickly tried to roll over and pretend to be still sleeping, but it was no use, we had both been caught out by the other.

"Sorry Dad, I did not mean to do that in front of you, and I did not mean to spy on you either!" I whimpered ashamedly to him.

He turned back towards me; his cock was still in his hand, and he laughed.

"Yeah, me too sweetie. I'm sorry also. I could not help it. You have such a beautiful body, and seeing you almost naked all day long has taken its toll on me. When I rolled over before and saw what you were doing I just could not help myself. I needed relief so badly; I just had to get off right away. I hope you don't think unkindly of me!" he shyly replied.

"I guess it is like you said Dad, out here we are bound to stumble across each other doing things that we would not see them doing back at home. I guess we just have to be more careful in future!" I laughed back at him, and then said goodnight, and I started to doze off to sleep.

Around 3 or 4 in the morning I needed to pee. I hopped up and as I walked around behind the bushes I almost knocked my father over as he stood holding his cock and he was also having a pee. After the initial shock we both received at what had just happened, we both burst out laughing. My father swore as he looked down and saw that when I had walked into him, he had jumped so much, that he had pee'ed down the front of his shorts. His cock was still out the top of his pants, and he seemed more worried about what he had done, then about exposing himself to me.

"My turn Dad!" I laughed. "If you are going to keep showing me that thing, then I guess it is only fair that I expose mine as well!" I added as I pulled down my pants, squatted and had a pee.

By the time I had finished Dad had already returned to his bed. As I was about to lie down again, but I stopped. I looked at him for a moment and then after thinking for a few moments more, I pulled down my pants, stepped out of them and threw them towards the table.

"You win Dad. Maybe it is better if we do this the way you always have done in the past. It is obvious that we are going to keep on bumping into each other a lot, so I guess the sooner I get used to seeing you naked, the sooner we can forget about it and just enjoy the rest of the holiday." I laughed at him as I lay back down.

He did not reply to me, but a few hours later when I woke again, I rolled over to see him preparing breakfast; and he was totally naked! He had obviously thought long and hard about my comments, and decided he may as well join me in being naked. I got up and walked the few short steps towards where he was, and trying not to look downwards, I put my arms around his neck and told him how much I loved him.

At first he tried to jump back from me, but I held his neck tightly, and after kissing his cheek, I told him not to be silly, just because we now had no clothing on, there was no need for us to change the way we felt towards each other. His face showed his bewilderment, as he tried to understand what I had meant.

"Dad, almost every morning for as long as I can remember, I have given you a kiss and a cuddle. Even here, and only wearing the tiniest of swimwear we have given each other a kiss, so why should we stop, just because we are naked?" I tried to impress on him.

He stood dazed for a moment more, before finally he laughed and told me I was right; that I seemed to be the one who were the older and wiser one, and he were the young, immature child. We both laughed at his comment, and then we fell back into each other's arms and he gently kissed my forehead, before he told me how lucky he was to have a daughter like me. Soon we parted and had breakfast, before planning the day ahead.

It was difficult at first to do things as usual. We both knew that there should be no difference, as everything we needed to do was still the same as before, but now both of us seemed to be aware of the other ones nakedness, and we were trying desperately not to notice. At times we would bump into each other in the water or even when just walking around doing normal things, but it seemed the more we tried not to have accidents, the more we did.

A few days later, we were fishing, and after we caught enough for our meal, I dived into the water for a swim, and Dad soon followed. I began to feel at ease, and was not even thinking about how we were naked. I splashed water in Dad's face, and soon if was a free-for-all with the splashing. I was winning the battle, so Dad decided to get even. He dove at me and when he reached me, he tried to pick me up like he had always done. He would grab one hand around the middle of my back, and his other would take a grip around the back of my knees. He would raise me and then propel me into the air, and then I would come splashing down.

He had done this to me thousands of times over the years, but that day it was different. For one I was much older, and bigger, and also I was naked. As he began to heave me upwards and I tried as usual to stop him, his grip slipped and he lost his hold of my leg. As my body slipped back down, his hand was trying to regain its grip; my pussy and his hand met. We both froze in that instance, and we looked at each other, neither of us speaking. Finally I laughed as I let out a large "Oops!" and we went back to our splashing game.

Over the course of the day, we did our training (but for that we decided to dress so we could get a hold for throws), ate lunch, went for a run, and then ended up back in the river for a bath before we would go back to the camp. When we went back to the river in the afternoon, I took a bottle of shampoo with me so I could wash my hair. After a week of hard exercise and training, my hair certainly needed to be cleaned fully. As I had it lathered up and was massaging my scalp, my father offered to help me.

He stood behind me in the water and began to replace my hands with his. The feeling of having someone else do this was really nice. I had never thought such a simple chore like washing your hair could have such an erotic effect on your body. The more he rubbed my hair, the more excited I felt. Soon my mind was on other things and as I felt myself getting closer to what felt like an impending orgasm, I moved my arse back into him, and his now fully erect cock!

"Mmmm, your arse feels so nice!" he moaned.

"And your cock feels so damn nice and hard also!" I replied, before we both suddenly pulled apart.

Apparently, just like myself, he had become aroused, and both of us had forgotten whom we were with. I finished shampooing my hair by myself, and then we decided to go back and get supper. As Dad was about to help me out of the river, I could not help but notice his erection. It looked so big and hard, and he did not seem to notice his condition.

"Well Dad, if I were not your daughter, I guess I would have to take care of that monster for you right now!" I laughed as I kept staring at his erect cock.

He jumped when he understood what I had meant, and in the process I fell backwards into the river.

"Shit! I'm sorry about that," he called.

"About what Dad? Letting go of me, or for being a normal guy and getting an erection?" I laughed back at him.

He joined in and also laughed, and soon he was helping me once more to get out of the river. We returned to our campsite, and once there, Dad told to me take a seat, as he needed to talk with me.

"Sweetheart, things are getting a little out of hand around here lately! We are going to have to try and watch what we are doing. Maybe it would be better if we started wearing clothes again as well!" he began to speak to me.

"I don't understand what you mean Dad! Yes, there have been times we have bumped into each other, as well as when I slipped and your hand grabbed my pussy, but that has happened many times over the years, just this time it was my naked pussy and not with clothes!" I replied to him.

"Yes, and that is the problem. You are my daughter and I love you, but even though you are my daughter, you are still a beautiful young lady, and I am getting aroused much more than I should. And I of all people should not be touching you in those places, nor should I be seeing you totally naked!" he continued.

"Daddy, you are such a darling, but you are so silly as well. It is because you are my father that I feel so comfortable being naked around you. I could never be like this in front of any other person." I replied to him, and then I added more. "You know, even the other night when we caught each playing with ourselves I felt like we had become closer, and that is something I have never felt with anyone before."

He thought this over for some time before finally saying he would try and continue the way we had, but I should try and be careful and not bump him too much, as well as not masturbating in front of him, if possible. I laughed at his last comment "if possible!".

"Sorry daddy, I will try not to play with myself when you are watching, but I can't promise not to play with myself at all!" I joked. "After all, I am young and I don't have a boyfriend, and I can't help feeling horny when I see your wonderfully big cock, when it is erect," I added.

We again both laughed, and I walked over to him and put my arms around his back and pulled myself in close to him and kissed him; telling him how great it was to have a father like him. At first he tried to pull away from the kiss, but after kissing his cheek, he returned with a kiss to my forehead. I felt so good being able to feel his strong body holding me in his arms. I wanted to keep that feeling always.

"Hey, watch it girl! You're getting me all hard again!" he joked as he tried to move away from me.

I had not fully been aware of his growing erection, so I had refused to loosen my grip on his body, and his warm and comfortable hold. Once he spoke I became aware of the growing problem he was faced with, but instead of being repulsed by it, it made me feel really great inside, so I hugged closer into him.

"Daddy, this will happen many times if we don't get used to it now, so I figure we may as well just ignore it, and in a few days time maybe my body being so close to yours wont have this effect on you so much. He laughed out aloud and again tried to pull himself away, but I would not let go of him. In his struggle to release my grip, his stumbled, and the end result was that he fell over, and I went with him; I landed on top of him; his erect cock poking hard into my stomach.

He let out a very loud groan as my weight forced his cock down. Instinctively I jumped back to make sure he was fine, and as he was now moaning in pain, I reached my hand towards his cock and began to run my hand over it; telling him I was sorry for hurting him in such a way; trying to soothe his pain. I never gave it a thought as to what my actions would mean or do; I was really concerned that I had hurt him, and I just wanted to make it all better like he used to rub my leg or arm if I hurt myself when I was younger.

It only took a few short moments for me to realize what I was doing, and as I was pulling my hand away from his rigid cock; it spewed its juice out over my hand; much of it landing on my legs. I did not know what to do at that moment. Should I run away, or should I cry, or maybe should I just try and ignore it and hope that he did not notice? I knew the last option was stupid, and running away would do no good, as I had nowhere to go.

"Umm, sorry Dad, I did not think. Can you please forgive me, please?" I begged him.

"So much for all of our good intentions! We agreed we should not masturbate in front of each other, so what do you do instead? You make me cum all over you!" he yelled at me.

I was petrified, and the tears began to flow from my eyes. I covered my face to hide, not even taking notice of all his cum over my hands. Dad then let out a laugh as he took my hands and pulled them from my face.

"Now look what you've done! You have my sperm all over you. If your mother, or anyone else walked in here right now they would be shocked!" he then laughed. "I'm sorry also for yelling at you just now. It was not your fault either. It seems we are destined to make fools of ourselves, and we will just have to try and get around this problem, the best way we can!" he finished.

We went back to the river and got cleaned up, before returning and getting a meal ready. After we had eaten, I asked him if we could talk some more, as I really wanted to ask him some questions. He looked at me rather funny at first, but then he told me to ask away. I started by asking simple questions about him and mum, and then I got braver and asked him if his cock had always been that big, and if his was considered small, average or large.

He was nervous at first with my line of questions, but slowly he relaxed and we had a great long talk about the 'birds and bees', life in general, as well as him opening up and telling me all about his sex life, since the days when he would just 'wank' himself. I finally felt that the barriers were fully down between us; no longer would I have to be scared of asking my father any question that I needed an answer for. After this day, there would never be a reason for him to be afraid of my questions.

As we talked some more, he then asked me about my sex life. I promised him that I really was a virgin; not because I did not have a boyfriend, but because I had never met a guy mature enough that I wanted to take me in such a way. I explained again how I had given a couple of blowjobs, as well as wanking a few guys, but never full sex. He surprised me next by asking if I had ever done things with another girl.

I was trying to figure out how to answer him, but I did not know if I should be truthful or not, and if I was, how much I should tell him. As my mind raced, trying to figure out the best way, he laughed and then spoke.

"Well, the look on your face, and the lack of words from your mouth, have just given me the answer!" he declared, with a big grin on his face. "Do you want to tell me all about it?" He chipped in.

I was caught! There was no use trying to deny it now, he could tell just by my actions, and at least by my lack of actions in this case. I bit my bottom lip, got my courage together, and then I explained to him about when I turned 18 and I stayed at a friends house after we had all been out together. How after both of us got drunk, we asked each other many personal questions such as how often we masturbated, and then we dared each other to 'do it' with the other.

"By the time I had finished telling him my sordid little secret, I lifted my eyes to look at him, but they stopped at his cock, which was erect again, and his hand was stroking it slowly, up and down as I had been speaking. I laughed and screamed at the same time, which stopped his hand in the middle of an upward stroke.

"Daddy, I thought you said we were not to do that to ourselves in front of each other again?" I grinned.

"Sorry Dear, I just got carried away by what you were telling me. That sounds like you had one hot birthday party, and I know of that friend of yours. I would love to do that to her pussy as well," he stated with a cheeky laugh.

"Oh, so you think she is so sexy, but not your own daughter?" I joked with him. "Would you like me to show you just how sexy I am? I can suck cock better then she can; just ask John from next door to us!" I blurted out, before I had time to think.

"Do you mean that you have sucked John off, and not only that, your girlfriend has as well?" he asked.

"Sorry, that sort of slipped out. Yes, I don't know how it happened, but we were all at a party and they dared the girls to take turns sucking a few guys off, just to see who was the best. I actually won!" I admitted.

"Damn, girl! I wish you weren't my daughter! I could do with a good blowjob right now! Your mother hates doing that for me!" he replied.

Without even stopping to think, I jumped up and went to him, I dropped to my knees and took his rigid member into my mouth until half of it was firmly lodged.

"What the FUC…?" He screamed as my mouth began to move up and down his shaft. "What are you doing?"

I stopped, as I was about to go down his shaft again. I lifted my mouth and looked him in the eyes.

"Sorry Daddy, I have been wanting to taste this since the 2nd day we got here and I saw you masturbating at the river!" I said.

"But we can't do this, I am your father!" he declared as he tried to push me away.

"I know Dad, but so much has happened between us already, and I have hurt you and aroused you so many times, it is only fair that I also give you the relief that you need so much!" I cried.

I took a chance; knowing I had crossed a very large bridge; I took his cock back into my mouth and began to slide it down towards my throat; he did not stop me this time. I slowly moved my mouth up and down, running my tongue along the thick vein under his shaft. I felt his hands rest on top of my head; he was letting me continue sucking his cock.

He only lasted a little over a minute before I felt his cock tighten in my mouth. I felt his balls, and they were pulling up into their sack; he was getting ready to shoot. I continued to suck harder and faster, as my other hand grabbed the base of his cock and started to also pump it up and down. BANG! The first shot went right down the back of my throat, then another and another.

As his spurts began to dwindle to a trickle, I swallowed what I still had in my mouth, before pulling my mouth back and making sure his entire shaft was clean. Once complete, I moved up onto his lap and kissed him.

"I love you so much Daddy, I hope you feel better now!" I cried into his face.

His face looked pale, as I could see that he did not have a clue on how to reply to me. I told him again that I truly loved him, and hoped that what had just transpired did not do anything to harm his feelings for me, as his daughter. I kissed him once more before saying I was feeling tired. With that said, I went to my sleeping bag and said I was going to get some sleep. I knew I had both shocked and embarrassed my father, so I thought it best to give him time alone to come to terms with what I had just done to him.

I lost track of time and did not remember what time I had laid down, but I knew it had been very early. The next morning when I woke I felt totally different, and at first I felt like a completely new person; one who was in control of their life. But then I rolled over and saw my father, and my mind raced as I thought back to the night before. Feeling a little apprehensive as to his thoughts, I slowly got up and moved across to the table and sat down.

"What's this? No kiss and cuddle for your father today?" he asked.

They were the only words I had needed. I ran to him and threw myself into his arms. As he took a hold of me, I placed my arms around his neck and planted my lips to his. As I did so, he lifted me up higher, so that our faces were aligned, and he kissed me back, very tenderly, but very deeply setting my heart on fire. We stayed locked together for a long time, my arms around his neck, and his arms around my lower back, as well as my legs being tightly clamped around his waist.

"I want to thank you so much for what you did for me last night sweetheart. I know it was wrong, but I think I understand your meanings and intentions. You are so mature for your age, but you realize that this must never get out?" he said.

"Yes, I understand Dad. What happens here is just between you and me, and no one else. For that matter, it will never happen again once we leave here, as that would spoil my memories of such a great time with you," I replied as I kissed him once more.

"What do you mean, 'once we leave here'?" he inquired. "Do you mean you intend doing that again before we go home?" he asked with a sly grin.

"You will just have to wait and see Daddy! You never know what might happen between us now and then, now you better let me down as I need to pee!" I said.

He kissed my brow ever so lightly and then he slowly released his grip on my waist. As I loosened my grip around him with my legs, I began to slide down an inch or two and then I had the biggest shock of my life. As I slipped down lower I felt his erect cock make contact with my moist, wet and wide-open pussy!

"Mmmmmm, that feels so nice Daddy!" I said as I brought my hand down and felt his cock at my pussy's entrance.

"NO!" he yelled, as he put me down on the ground. "We have gone way to far already. We can't, and I will not have sex with you! That is a definite no young lady! A little fooling around like last night is fine, but no further, OK?" he ordered.

I released my hold on his cock and let my head drop, as if in shame. I stood there for a few minutes until I knew that he would think he had chastised me too much. Just as I expected, he began to calm down, and as he began to tell me he was sorry for yelling at me, I dropped to my knees and took his cock into my mouth. I gave him a few quick, deep sucks, and then removed his cock and looked up into his staring eyes.

"Whatever you say Daddy, but if you get carried away, I will not tell you to stop!" I said to him as I smiled into his face.

I then quickly stood up, and as I turned to walk away and have a pee, I first grabbed his cock and looked directly at it and spoke.

"Don't worry, I'm sure this big guy will change your mind for you Dad!" I laughed as I let him go and I disappeared behind the bushes.

When I returned my father said he was going to go and try to shoot a pig or a 'roo, so that we had some fresh meat. Never having been hunting before, I asked if I could go with him. He was reluctant at first, but then he relented and said I could go with him. He got his rifle, and a water bottle, and we set off looking for our food.

After walking for some time, we came across a mob of 'roo's, but before he could get a line of sight on them, they sensed we were there and hopped away. We sat down under a tree and decided to wait until they, or other ones, returned. My father decided to lay back and have a rest for a time, and I was to gently wake him if/when I saw any return. After almost 30-minutes of nothing, I looked around and my father looked so peaceful, just lying there on his back, and gently snoring away. The sight of his cock took me; it was half erect, but it looked like it were getting bigger; I presumed that he was having a 'dirty dream'.

I leaned forward and took it in my hand, and slowly caressed it. Soon it was springing to full hardness. The more I touched, the harder it got. I could not help myself, as it felt so nice. I dropped my head down and took it into my mouth, slowly at first, and then a bit more and a bit more. Soon I had almost 3-quarters of it going in and out of my mouth, and all the time I could see my fathers face contort.

This had me sold on what he really thought, and wanted, but was too scared to even say openly, but in his dream I was sure that he was screwing me. The thought of him dreaming of screwing me, made me get hotter, and moister down below. I started to run my fingers down between my legs, and slowly I entered my pussy. It came alive really quickly, and soon I was feeling my juices rise, and knew I was about to orgasm. I knew then that I wanted my father to be the first one to enter my pussy.

Slowly, I rose up onto my knees and moved beside him. I straddled his groin, and carefully eased myself down until my pussy was directly over his rigid cock. I took hold of it once more and started to rub it at the entrance to my now wet pussy. As the head of it was getting wetter, from me and from his pre-cum, I edged down a little onto it. First just the head entered, but soon as I got used to the feeling it gave me, I took a little more of him inside of me until I felt it meet my hymen.

I lifted up until it was almost out of me, then I went back down until it met my little, thin barrier. I did this a few times until I was sure that I was ready to let it break through. When the time came, I lifted up again, and just as I was about to push down hard until and break through, his eyes opened and looked directly into mine.

"What are you doing?" he called.

Before he got the last syllable out, I pushed down onto his rigid cock, and I was no longer a virgin. By the time I felt the head of his stiff cock hit the back of my cervix it was too late for him. His cock straight away began to spurt deep into my womb. I knew then that in his dream he must have been about to cum when he felt me push down on him.

"Sorry Daddy! I could not help it. You are the one that I wanted to take me the first time. I know you wanted too, but you were too scared and 'normal' to ever agree, but now it is too late, you might as well let me finish now!" I cried.

He lay perfectly still for a few minutes; all the time trying to come to terms with what he had just done; not even understanding that he had done nothing, but it had been my doing. After much deliberation on his part, and my still being impaled on his member, and moving it up and down inside of my pussy, his cock decided for him. He soon was working with me; raising his arse to meet my downward thrusts.

Soon his mind had let go and his body took control. He rolled me over and he began to thrust into my wet pussy as though there were no tomorrow. As he thrust his once again rigid cock into me, I pulled his face to mine and pushed my tongue into his mouth. He responded by sucking my tongue back into his mouth and I orgasm'ed almost immediately. As he had already come a number of times over the last few days, his cock did not need to unload again in the short term. He moved and took me in so many positions over the next hour that I thought I would never want, or need, sex again in my life.

After he brought me to orgasm at least 6 times, he finally declared he was cumming, and as he grunted and groaned, he thrust his cock deep inside of me and there he stayed and I felt every burst of his seeds hit deep into my womb. He rolled off of me and collapsed beside me and almost right away he fell asleep.

I snuggled up beside him, and I too soon dozed off, contented and pleased to be alive, and in his arms like this. Almost two hours later I was awoken by a loud bang. As I sat upright I realized that it was my father, and that he had just fired his rifle. I was horrified, I thought the unimaginable; I thought he had felt remorse at what we had done; I knew he had just taken his own life!

Jumping up to my feet, I looked around to see where he was, but I could not see him. A moment later, as I was turning to look in all directions, I saw him running across the open grassland; he had shot a 'roo, and he was going to retrieve it! I was so relieved that he had not taken his own life. I ran to join him, and when I reached him I threw my arms around him and tears where streaming from my face.

"What's the matter sweetie? It's just a kangaroo! I told you we needed it so we could have food," he tried to calm me.

"I love you so fucking much Dad!" I declared.

He had no idea of what I meant, or why I was crying, but I was just so happy that he was still alive, and that it had just been the 'roo that was dead. He made sure it was in fact dead, and after bleeding and skinning it, he took the skin, as well as enough meat for us to eat well for a few days, and we began the walk back to the campsite.

That night, as we sat and ate our 'kill', he began to tell me once more about how wrong it was, and how we must never do it again. I moved closer to his side and kissed him, and then I took his cock in my hand and gave it a squeeze.

"Yes Daddy, I know it is wrong, and once we leave here, it will never happen again, I promise you!" I declared to him.

He thought this over for a few minutes, and then he turned back to me and admitted his deepest, and darkest of secrets.

"I have so much wanted to fuck you, from the time you were 18 and you started training with me, I have had so many wet dreams about you, but I knew it was wrong of me. If you are sure that it is not a problem with you, I will be more then happy to continue like this for the next two weeks until we leave. As long as we both promise that once we leave here, it will never happen again. A deal?" he divulged to me.

"It's a deal Daddy, we keep enjoying each other for the next two weeks, and once we leave here, we don't ever mention it again, and we don't ever, ever, ever, do it again!" I replied. "Until next year Daddy!" I added with a smile.

"Huh? What do you mean by 'until next year'?" he asked quizzically.

"You don't really want to spend a month running around naked in the bush with Geoff, do you? I intend to be here again next year with you. And no one else; just you and me. And that goes for the year after that, and on until one or both of us has died!" I promised him.

That night, and every night until we went home, we slept together; our two sleeping bags joined together, and we made wonderful love almost every night, at least once. During the daytime we were never far from each other's sides; cooking, fishing, swimming, and we even, on occasions, squatted respectively when nature had called.

The night before we were due to leave, we packed everything up, except the sleeping bags, with the intention of being able to spend the day fishing and swimming, and then hitting the road back home. Instead, we stayed in bed and never moved unless it was for a nature call. On that last day we made love at least 4 times, and that is not counting the two times the night before.

Once we were ready to go, we both got dressed, back into our 'city clothes', and we strapped ourselves into the car, and we were ready to go home. As my father started the car I reached across and turned the ignition off.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

I leant across and pulled him closer to me and gave him the longest and warmest of kisses I could manage.

"Dad, once we leave here it will all just be a memory, until next year. I just needed that to tide me over and to give me something else to remember! As I returned to my seated position, he started the car, and we departed. Once on the road, and as well when we were home, the subject was never mentioned again.

Not often, but once in a while, my mother would make a comment about the difference between the two of us since we had been away, but nothing was ever said about it. I went off to college at the end of summer and only saw my father again during family visits and during the long-weekends, when I would return home for a day or two.

I am now 28 years old, and this summer I will once again go 'camping' with my father. We have kept our little camping trips going; this will be my 11th trip away with my father, and even though I had many boyfriends, and now a loving husband, I still do not miss my month away with my Dad for anything in the world.

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