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PROMISE - by binfulady

We were at one of our favorite places to eat and I could see that Paul was still full of questions about what had happened the other night. “What made you do it” Paul asked. I slipped my wine before I answered. We talked back and forth about what had just happened the other night and he said that “he never dreamed he ever see the day I would ever suck the dog’s cock”. I said “I did surprise myself a little but that it had been on my mind for a couple of weeks”. Paul was very interested in what made me do what I did and what thoughts were going threw my mind. I told him “that even when I first started to jerk off the dog over those many months, it crossed my mind”. Paul added “that I know, how much you enjoy sucking cock”. It was true I do, I have loved sucking cock, since I was in my early teens. I also said that “when the dog came and it landed on my face and my lips well, it turned me on”. I also said “I tasted the dogs cum when you weren’t looking”. He smiled and reminded me again that “I saw you”. I told him about how dirty and cheap I felt after. He told me that he loved me all the more for doing it. He went on to explain how we both had seen each other with other people even with multiple partners while swinging and we were able to not only get pasted that, but to have fun and grow our own relationship doing it. He asked if my sucking on the dog’s cock was going to be added into our play with Blackie our dog and I smiled and said “maybe sometimes”. Paul said “promise” and I answered “I promise”.

We stopped at a club after dinner and ran into some friends. So I had a wild night of drinking and dancing before we headed home. I was feeling no pain as we pulled into the driveway and as soon, as we walked in the front door the dog was excited to see us. He danced on the hard wood floors as he stuck his nose up the back of short dress taking licks at my panty covered pussy and ass. I was feeling sexy so I didn’t really mind that the dog did that. Paul said he was “taking the dog, for a walk and for me, to go relax”. So I poured myself a nightcap and sat in the living room. I thought back to our conversation earlier tonight and I was feeling very sexy and loved. So I stood up and said “what the hell” to no one and grabbed my drink and headed downstairs to Blackie’s room. I put on some music and waited for them to return.

I took off my dress so I wouldn’t ruin in and hung it up. I was happy with the matching bra and panties I had on and even more pleased withhow hot the tiny thin garter I was wearing looked. It was new and Paul hadn’t seen it yet. I left the black stockings and heels on, I was use to tearing holes in my stockings and besides, Paul loved the way they looked and so did I.

I heard them returning from there walk upstairs and I quickly finished off the scotch I had poured myself earlier. I heard Paul call for me and I yelled “down here”. Blackie came bouncing into the room, happy to see me and I know, he knew that whenever I was in his room, it was “playtime”. He jumped up on the bed where I was sitting and kissed me on the face and then tried to get into my panties, just like a man. Paul walked into the room and stopped in the doorway and looked at how I was dressed and said “look at the hottie”. I love when he says that and even thou I have heard him say it a hundred times before, it still makes me wet, when he does.

I smiled back at him and got up and turned around, so he could fully check me out. He took me in his arms and hugged and kissed me as the dog licked my ass, trying to get at my pussy. As Paul was kissing me, he slipped his fingers into my pussy and I came hard on the spot. I had to hang on to him, as my climax washed over my body. I was moaning into his shoulder as he played with my pussy as I continued to cum. He let me calm down put kept his hand in my pussy. He kissed me as he pulled his hand out of my pussy and then held up his wet girl cum covered fingers, for me to lick clean. I did it as sexy as I could as I love the way I taste. Paul then rolled my panties down my long legs and said “you wouldn’t be needing these”.

I sat on the edge of the bed keeping one leg on the floor and the other bent at the knee on the bed. I wanted to touch my pussy but the dog got there before I could. He started to dig his tongue into my pussy and lick me. I leaned back and spread my legs wider to make it easier for the dog to lick me. I was moaning loudly as I felt the first orgasm swipe over my body. I cried out “oh god, oh god” as I came hard from the dogs tongue. I was so aroused. Paul said “get up on your knees, with that sweet ass in the air”. I asked him “if he was sure” and he said “trust me, just don’t wiggle that sweet ass to much or you’ll have both of us on you”. I laughed and did what he said.

So I got on my knees and spread my legs wide and the dog started to lick and nibble at my pussy right away. He started to take long swipes with his tongue from my pussy to my ass. It felt wonderful and I could feel a huge climax building up inside of me. Suddenly I exploded in a massive climax and I think I even passed out.

I was slowly becoming aware of my surroundings as I was recovering from the wonderful orgasm; the dog had just given me. It was time to return the favor. Petting the dog I told him he was “a good boy” and he wagged his tail and kissed me on my face. I touch his sheath and his cock extended further out. I started to rub his cock and lightly jerk his cock off. The dog froze where he was standing as I played with his cock. He has always loved me, playing with his cock. “Lay down for Mommy” I said and lightly pushed the dog on his side. He curled up his paws like a puppy as his huge doggie cock bounced and bobbed lewdly on his belly. His 8.5 inch cock and knot was fully extended from his sheath.

I looked down at the head of the dog’s cock which was only six inches from my mouth, and then up at Paul’s face and then back down to dogs cock, I slowly leaned forward and kissed the head of the dogs cock and left my lips on it, fighting the desire to open my mouth and take it in. Slowly I broke contact and looked up at Paul. “Suck the dog’s cock, you promised” Paul said. I leaned forwarded and kissed the tip of dog's cock as though to seal a bargain. The tip was wet with thin fluid and I licked it and marveled that it tasted sort of like a man’s pre-cum, placing my lips over the tip I lightly sucked and was rewarded with more pre-cum, from the dogs cock.

It shocked me and at first, I thought the dog was pissing in my mouth, there was so much of it. But I knew better and had seen him shooting out his pre-cum, whenever I had jerked him off. I licked the head of the dog’s cock and was slowly getting use to the feeling of a dog cock in my mouth. This was still very new to me. It felt very different from a man’s cock. I moved my lips over the tip of the dog’s cock and took it deeper into my mouth. I slid my lips down the shaft of the dog’s cock until only a couple of inches were showing of the dog’s 8.5 inch cock. I was holding his cock deep in my throat and I sucked just enough to provide pressure. Placing the palm of my hand under his knot I cradled it and massaged it slightly. The dog was gasping and panting and moved his hips forward in a fucking motion, so I took another inch into my mouth and I raised my chin to align the dogs cock with my throat opening. Slowly I began to allow more into my mouth and I was rubbing my tongue on the underside of his cock. Finally I had all of it in my mouth and throat and I began a swallowing motion, in my throat. “Holy shit” was the first words out of Paul’s mouth. “You don’t do things half way, do you” Paul said. I slowly pulled my head back until the dog’s huge long cock came out of my mouth. I smiled up at Paul and said “never half way and I did promise, after all”.
I was in a strange playful mood and I petted the dog and fondled his cock and said to him “I want you to cum so I can taste you and swallow your cum”. Paul had a surprised look on his face and said “what’s come over you”. I wasn’t sure myself, so I didn’t answer him at first. As I licked the dog’s cock I said “nothing”. Paul was smiling ear to ear and I felt so happy inside.

I slid my mouth back over the dog's cock running my tongue over the shaft as I pushed his cock into my throat and I began to swallow and suck on it. Pre-cum was running in my throat almost constantly, I backed away to get it in my mouth so I could taste it and I was thrilled at the taste and the warmth of the dogs cock in my mouth. I let some of the dog’s pre-cum run out of my mouth, so Paul could see what was happening. I sucked gently so as not to hurt the dog’s cock and was rewarded with a copious amount of pre-cum which I let flow across my tongue and into my throat trickling into my stomach. The dog stiffened and his cock seemed to swell in my mouth. I pulled his cock out of my mouth and was hit in the face with his spraying pre-cum. I opened my mouth to catch some as I knew it would turn Paul on, watching me do that.

I immediately surged forward and engulfed the head of the dog’s cock with my lips and licked the tip to get the drops of pre-cum from the source. I moaned again when my taste buds recognized the slightly sweet and tangy flavor and moved my mouth down until the tip of the dog’s cock touched the back of my throat. I didn’t gag and I was really into what I was doing.

I bobbed my head up and down on the dog’s cock and he started to move his hips, fucking my mouth as he did. He started to pant real hard and let out a couple of short bark’s. The dog was signaling he was fast approaching cumming, I moaned in anticipation of my mouth being filled with the dog’s sperm in front of Paul and the vibration in my mouth from my moaning sent the dog over the edge. I moved to the tip of the dog’s cock to the front of my mouth and clamped my lips firmly around the head placing my tongue on the underside of it and rubbing. The first spurt hit the roof of my mouth with force and cascaded into my throat followed immediately by the second blast of the dogs cum with almost the same force. I swallowed as fast as I could as the dog’s cum started to flood my mouth.

Again I moaned as I tried to hold the dogs cum in my mouth, small sounds escaped from my throat as I tried to swallow the huge volume of dog cum. By the fourth or fifth spurt of the dogs cum in my mouth I felt an increased in the volume of cum from his spurting cock as he continued to fill my mouth with his hot and pungent sperm. I felt the dogs cum leaking from the corner of my mouth and my eyes were wild as I struggled to swallow all his cum. I pulled the dogs cock out of my mouth only to get hit in the face with his shooting cum. Twice the dogs cum hit me in the face before I opened my mouth and aimed the dogs cock at my tongue, as I looked up at Paul and smiled the best I could. I knew this was turning Paul on. I felt the dogs cum land and roll off my tongue and land on my tits. I came to the realization that I had cum as I was wet between my legs. I was shaking from what had just happened. I didn’t even touch myself, I had cum from sucking the dog off, in front of Paul. I was so turned on.

The thin dog cum had fully coated the inside of my mouth and throat. I wanted to say something to Paul but couldn’t. So I flecked my tongue on the dogs cock and pumped his cock with my fist as his doggie cum, continued to fly out. I was in awl of the sheer volume of cum, my dog produced. I felt the intensity of his spurts begin to
diminish and finally almost stop with the dogs cock twitching
in my mouth. Blackie licked the side of my face as I lovingly sucked on his doggie cock. I let the dog cum slide slowly down my throat swallowing it in small amounts savoring the favor and the satisfaction
of having given Blackie his second blow job and possibly the best
oral sex he would ever get. I pulled the dogs cock out of my mouth and rested my face on his belly and the pool of cum that landed there. Blackie licked my face and his cum off my lips. I glanced at Paul who was sitting there watching us, with an open mouth.


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