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The mere anticipation of writing this, my first story on this site, has made my cock swell and my nipples hard, making my whole body tingle with sexual energy. I wrote it based around a chat with my extremely hot cyberfriend, K, to whom it is dedicated. Hopefully, you won't think it is completely horrible, and hopefully, I haven't unintentionally used anyone elses words or ideas as my own. Any criticism, constructive or not (“YOU SUCK!”) would be welcome.

The Picnic

Saturday morning, Doug rolled over in bed and found his girlfriend, Angela, naked and warm under the covers facing away from him. He slid his hand under the sheets and pulled her closer, spooning against her petite naked frame. His hard cock touched the back of her thighs and settled between her ass cheeks. He kissed the back of her neck as he cupped one of her perky tits, finally getting her to stir.

Angela turned her head, kissed him back, and whispered, "Good morning, lover."

"Good morning, yourself. It's going to be beautiful today. Let's drive out to the forest and have a picnic."

"A picnic..." Angela repeated, "what an idea. I can pack some things..."

Doug whispered back, "Don't worry, Ang. I've got everything planned out. Just get yourself dressed...but not TOO dressed if you know what I mean."

Angela giggled and reached between her legs and squeezed Doug's balls. "Yes, I know what you mean, you horny fuck." She got up and raised her arms high over her head, stretching her 5'3", 110 pound frame to 5'5" as she stood on her toes.

Doug smiled to himself as he got out of bed and pulled on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt.

Angela walked over to her closet and picked out a colorful flowered bikini top and a pair of tight nylon shorts. She got dressed and checked herself out in the mirror. "That ought to keep his attention," she thought to herself. She completed the outfit with a pair of white tennis shoes and a yellow button down shirt that she tied under her breasts, framing her bikini top and showing off her firm tanned belly under the knot.

Doug had finished packing a picnic basket and cooler into the trunk of his SL500, the limited space shared by the convertible top. He smiled as he saw Angela's choice of attire. "Fuck the picnic," he laughed, "Let's just stay here."

She flipped him off and climbed into the passenger seat, already warmed by the sun. She had packed a bag of picnic essentials, sunglasses, a hat, sandals, sunscreen, and her current paperback and threw it behind her seat. "Come on Doug," she laughed, "Get in the fucking car, asshole."

Doug closed the trunk and got into the driver's seat, closed the garage, and started the car. "I know just the perfect place. Where tourists won't be gawking at your tits or staring as you suck me off."

"You are fucking insatiable," Angela sighed as she elbowed his arm. "Let's get going, shall we?"

They drove for the next 45 minutes, getting deeper into the forest, finally turning off onto a dirt road off the two lane park road. Brush on either side forming a green canopy over the dirt track.

"Do you really know where you're going, Doug?" Angela asked as the road got a little bumpier.

"Absolutely. There's a clearing up ahead. No one else is ever going to find this spot."

"How did YOU find it?" she asked accusingly.

"My pal Terry told me about it. He said it was the PERFECT place to bring a chick to get laid in the fresh air. It's worked every time for me..." Doug looked over and protected his ribs from the onslaught of elbow that he knew was coming.

Both of them were laughing as Doug stopped the car at the edge of a meadow that looked like a painting. "It is the perfect place for a little fresh air fuck," Angela gasped as she took in the setting. Doug laughed. "Told you so," he said as he pulled the picnic basket out of the trunk.

Doug laid out a traditional red and white checked picnic blanket and spread it out on the perfect spot 100’ away from the car. He pulled a bottle of champagne out of the cooler and some cheese, fruit, and bread from the basket.

Angela watched, not quite believing that Doug had found religion and was finally doing something romantic. She found herself wondering if he was finally going to ask her to marry him. A tingle started to grow between her legs as he waved her over to the blanket.

After some champagne and food, the tingle in Angela’s pussy began to grow as the sun shone down warm onto her now bare shoulders. Doug looked at her and without speaking, put his lips against hers, slid his tongue into her waiting mouth, and lowered her to the blanket. He slipped the fingers of his right hand under the cup of her bikini top and began to play with her now hard nipple. As they made out some more, his hand slipped down her hot belly and slid into the elastic top of her shorts. He pushed them down, letting the sun shine onto her shaved mound, and started to finger her already wet pussy.

As Doug’s cock grew harder in his shorts, they heard the sound of a car coming down the road. Not a good one either. The engine was sputtering and the suspension squeaking as it moved down the dirt lane. A beat-up, piece of shit sedan pulled up a 100’ behind Doug’s Mercedes. Angela could make out 4 or 5 heads in the car.

“What the fuck is this?” Doug asked himself out loud.

“They’re staring at us, Doug,” Angela whispered, “I’m scared.”

“Don’t be. They’re probably just a stupid redneck family that wanted to fly kites in the meadow. They’re probably wondering why we’re staring at them.”

The car started to move forward again. “See?” Doug said, “They are going to find some other place to fuck around in.” The car moved forward slowly and Doug told Angela that they had enough room to drive around his car.

As they watched the car move slowly closer, Angela could tell that the heads in the back seats weren’t children. She grabbed her shirt, pulled it back on, and sat behind Doug. Finally, the car looked like it was going to just keep going, when Doug and Angela heard a metal scraping sound from Doug’s car, and the piece of shit sedan stopped.

“OH FUCK! What did that asshole just do?” Doug grumbled as he got to his feet, “Just wait here for a minute. I’m going to talk to the son of a bitch.” She sat with her arms wrapped around her knees as she watched him walk over to the car.

As Doug got closer, Angela saw the Chevy’s doors open, and five men got out. Three of them were black, including someone big enough to be a pro football player. The other two were white. She heard Doug start to say something and then saw one of the white men pull a baseball bat out from around his back and hit Doug on the back of the head. She didn’t hear the bat crack his skull, but Angela saw Doug’s body go instantly limp and collapse to the ground.

Angela was paralyzed by shock. She was frozen in place, as disbelief and denial overwhelmed her rational thoughts. She stared as one of the black men pulled a handgun from out of the waistband of his pants, pointed it at Doug’s body on the ground, and fired three shots into Doug from three feet away.

Adrenaline finally coursed through Angela’s body, and she screamed, “NOOOO!!! DOUG!!!” The men looked up and saw Angela’s small body start to rise, ready to run. Barefooted, she started to run away from the murderers. She heard the group yelling, “Go! Go! Go!” behind her and then footsteps getting closer. She turned her head to look and screamed when she say a black man only 15 feet behind her. As she looked at him, she tripped and tumbled into a heap.

She shook her head to clear her senses and felt a large, strong hand grab her arm and pull her to her feet, now bloody, bruised and dirty. The man pulled her back to the blanket as she fought, but he didn’t even seem to notice her hitting him. “Let me go! HELP! HELP!” Angela screamed as he dragged her back to the blanket. The other men stood there watching her; desire obvious on each of their faces.

The big man took a step forward and hit knuckles with the thin black man who caught her. “Nice, Leon,” the big man chuckled as he grabbed Angela’s face and squeezed her cheeks. “Shut the fuck up, bitch,” he threatened, “or I’m gonna shut you up. Understand?”

Angela trembled and panted in fear, unable to move or utter a sound. Tears flowed from her eyes as she looked at him. “You are one fine piece of ass, bitch,” the big man said. He turned to the others and simply announced, “I’m going to fuck her first.”

Angela started to shake her head side-to-side, trying to deny what was about to happen to her. The big man grabbed the opening of her shirt and pulled his hands apart, sending buttons flying. He then grabbed her bikini top between her breasts and ripped it off in one motion, leaving red marks from the straps biting into her before they failed. “Look at this shit! Nice fucking titties. Let’s see the ho’s cunt.” His large hands grabbed both sides of her white shorts and pulled them down as others yanked the remains of her shirt off of her shoulders. “Woo! Bitch is shaved bald!”

The big man pulled his shirt off over his head revealing his heavily muscled torso. “Hold the bitch,” he said in a low voice, “Get her on her knees.” Two hands grabbed her arms and pulled her onto her knees, as the big man kicked off his shoes, loosened his belt, and pulled down his pants and underwear around his tree trunk-like legs. His cock was huge, 9” long and over 2” wide…and it wasn’t completely hard.

He slapped her across the face and moved his face an inch from hers. “Listen bitch, you are going to suck my cock. If I feel ANYTHING I don’t like, I’m going to break your fucking neck. Understand?” Angela couldn’t respond. The white man with the bat had taken her purse from the car and dumped its contents onto the blanket and was busy rooting through her stuff. “Hey Jaz!” he said to the big man, “Let’s break their fucking necks too!” He held up pictures of her two younger sisters. “She’s got their addresses in here too,” holding up her address book.

The thought of these fuckers touching her sisters brought Angela back. She knew she was fucked, but she was determined to do whatever they wanted to protect her family. She looked up at Jaz, then reached out for his cock, and started to lick along his length. “I think she understands!” he said as they rest of them laughed with him. His cock grew harder and fatter as she slid her tongue along his length.

She reached down between his legs and grabbed his balls, pulling on his sack as she opened her mouth and slid Jaz’s monster cockhead between her lips. Spit dripped from the corners of her mouth as she sucked as much of the cock as she could. Jaz reached down and squeezed one of Angela’s tits as she sucked. “Mmm…that’s fine, cunt. Now let me taste your pussy.”

He kneeled down onto the blanket and lowered his face to her crotch. He parted Angela’s labia with his hands and lapped his tongue from her asshole to her clit. She shuddered as she felt his hot, thick tongue push deep into her unwilling pussy. His tongue seemed as long as his cock. He fucked her with it, then stuck it deep inside of her, curling it upward and touching her deep inside. She involuntarily got wetter, and he tasted her juices on his fat tongue.

Finally, he pulled out, changed positions, and pushed his massive cockhead between her labia. He thrust forward using his heavily muscled ass and jammed his full length into her. She screamed in pain as his cockhead slammed against and then stretched her cervix. He pulled back and then started to fuck her unmercifully. He grabbed her legs and pulled them onto his shoulders, his balls slapping against her ass in this position as he fucked her deeper than Doug ever could.

After 15 minutes of brutal fucking, Jaz pushed his cock into her again on her hands and knees. He finally started to moan as he used his hips to grind his cock deep inside of Angela. Her eyes were closed as she could feel his cockhead moving inside. With a final, violent thrust that pushed her forward onto her face, she released a guttural sound as Jaz pumped massive amounts of his cum into her cunt.

Jaz stood and Angela rolled onto her side to lessen the pain, bruised inside by his cockhead. Cum flowed out of her slit as she moved. “OK boys,” Jaz announced, “She’s all yours.”

The other four men fucked each of her holes for the next 3 hours. At various times, Angela had cocks in her mouth, ass, and cunt pumping her at once. Her face and tits were covered with a thick layer of cum from the men spewing their jizz onto her.

Finally, the brutal episode drew to a close and the men collected their clothes. Angela closed her eyes, fully expecting to meet the same fate as Doug. They couldn’t let her live. She’d seen their faces, knew their names, and had seen them beat and kill Doug. She had been used beyond belief and was now ready to die.

She opened a cum crusted eye when their footsteps and voices moved further away. They were laughing and carrying on, when she heard something that paralyzed her temporarily again, Doug’s voice talking to the men. She turned her head though every muscle in her small body screamed in pain and saw Doug counting off bills to the big man, Jaz. Paying him.

She watched as he waved to them as they backed up, scraping his car again. As they drove back down the dirt road, he turned and walked back to her. She saw the video camera in his hand and a smile on his face. He wrapped her in the blanket and carried her gently to the car whispering into her ear, “Angela…I’m going to make you a star.”

Angela’s mind collapsed into itself as Doug drove them back to their home, thinking about which website to post clips to first.

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Thanks for the addition

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Very well-written, completely believable, and intense! The 'murder' and rape scenes are disturbing and certainly give no hint as to the surprise ending which is definitely unexpected. Too bad about the Mercedes, however!

03-19-2009, 05:14 AM
Many thanks for the comments, OhioCurious! I just realized I should have split it up into 2 parts to get closer to my 50 post minimum. (Just kidding, mods...LOL!).

This isn't my cup of tea in particular, but the friend I wrote it for just loves it.

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haha the ending was funny imo

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Well composed and well written ... I did not see that ending cumming... this is another good start for a series of forced sex stories between Doug and Angela...

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great story I wish too write story like that

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I'm not sure how I missed this one, and I certainly was not expecting that little twist to the ending.

A very well written and intense story.

Thanks for taking the time to write and share this with us.

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Thank you, April!

I get the most wonderful feeling knowing you've read one of my stories...and then I realize you read EVERYONE'S stories. I like this one because it was my first story post here. Hmm...I realize that I've been slack. I need to finish up a couple of stories that I've been working on.

I still think you're wonderful, April. Even if I have to share you with all of the other authors!

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well crafted! Had us till the end. Good job.

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great story! the ending caught me by surprise also! well done and i hope you make a series! got to get the kid sisters involved!!!

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Sorry, great story, but knew Doug wasn't dead. Never expected the twist with the money and website though. THAT was brilliant. Great writing.

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great story, liked the ending

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thanks good job

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Good Story, loved the twist in the ending! Well done.

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I like stories like this you really had me wacking I would like one where the man gets forced also

07-07-2011, 07:22 PM
I like stories like this you really had me wacking I would like one where the man gets forced also

You know, I think I'd like a story where the man gets forced as well. I'd better get to work. I just need to think of a good ending...or a very bad one.

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Intense story with a twist at the end thanks!

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Great story, enjoyead reading.

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Oh-HO!!! Twist ending!! AWESOME!!


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I do like a happy ending...so to speak. Glad you liked it, Khaos!

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very nice twist at the end good story thanks for the post

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not too bad, but could of used more sex scenes

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It's true, kingwolf...you can never have too many sex scenes!

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your story kinda reminded me of this one on this other site i read stories at


check it out, not as rough as yours, but definitely a good read, has many chapters.

but yea write more mate =D