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Meeting Amanda For The First Time Part One

Tommy just moved to North Carolina to start his new job. He‘d just moved into an apartment that a woman in a gas station, had told him was available. It was just the amount of room he wanted. What he liked most about the apartment complex was that it had a swimming pool also. That was something he was most pleased about.

Tommy is 20 yrs old, 135 lbs, 5' 11", brown hair, blue eyes and kinda between slender and muscular. He has been working out some for about two months and was hoping to have the body that would make the female coworkers want to talk about. The one thing he was hoping for was that it would give him more confidence around the girls at work. That was the one thing he was never comfortable with. In high school, Tommy only went out with about three girls. Which, when figured up, was one girl a year. It never failed. Always after one date, they never would go out with him again because he was so awkward around them.

The next day, after getting everything setup in his place, he decided to go for a walk around the apartments to check everything out. Tommy had just made a full circle around the apartment complex and decided to finally go and checkout the pool area. As he came up the walkway towards the pool he could hear some kids playing just up ahead. When he peaked around the corner his eyes were drawn to one girl particularly.

Amanda had just turned 16 that day and was having an outside party with her friends and her mom. They were out there running around and laughing and having the time of their lives. She was little for her age. Amanda looked like she only weighed about 90 lbs. She was approximately 4' 10" with strawberry blonde hair down to her ass and the cutest breasts that Tommy had ever seen. They couldn’t have been much more than a B cup from what he guessed.

Amanda and her friends were just starting to have a water balloon fight when Tommy started walking some more. She seemed to be pretty quick at dodging everyone’s throws so someone decided to get her wet a different way. Before Amanda could try to run two of her friends grabbed her and threw her in the pool. When she climbed out of the water her shirt was completely stuck to her body, revealing every detail.

Tommy immediately realized that she wasn’t wearing a bra and her beautiful breasts could be viewed without having to imagine what they might look like.

Amanda had large nipples for a girl of her age. The water wasn’t cold at all but once out of the pool and the nice spring breeze hit her chest her nipples stuck out about an inch. Tommy had to almost slap himself to stop staring at her. He was hoping her mom didn’t see him looking before he turned away.

Knowing that the other boys could see her breasts perfectly didn’t bother Amanda one bit. She figured that she could give them a little show just to tease them. She could see it was working because all four boys, that were there, decided to sit-down instead of stand up. Amanda knew right there that their little peckers where sticking straight out after seeing her like that. She also noticed Tommy trying not to look her direction and knew she was probably affecting him also.

Amanda's mom finally told her to go inside and change and quit teasing her friends. Her mom, Sarah, had the strawberry blonde hair just like her daughter and was about 3" taller than her daughter. You could also see that if Amanda takes after her mom she is going to have a great set of DD tits on her.

Sarah saw Tommy and walked over to introduce herself. She could tell that he was very nervous when he noticed that she was heading over to him.

Tommy thought that he was going to get the crap slapped out of him. He was sure that she had noticed him staring at Amanda. Tommy was starting to shake. He was sure that he was in a lot of trouble, with her mom; because he was sure that he’d been caught staring at Amanda’s tits through her shirt. He was hoping that Amanda’s mom had noticed the he had turned and looked away, maybe not right away, but he did look away.

"Hi! I'm Sarah. You’re the one that just moved in yesterday over in the other building."

"Yes I did. Hi, I’m Tommy. I just moved here from out of state."

"Well I hope you like it here. It’s a pretty quiet area around here. Well except for today."

"Looks like they where having a lot of fun Sarah."

"Yeah it’s my daughters’ birthday. She just turned 16 today. She wanted to have some of her friends over for it. I can’t really complain though. All of them have been pretty good. But I think when the boys finally go home they will probably be spending some quality time in the bathroom or their bedroom. If you know what I mean.”

"Sorry about staring at your daughter after she got out of the pool. I really didn’t mean to do that. I was kinda caught off guard by her shirt being so see-through. I did turn away though but maybe not soon enough.

Sarah gave a little laugh. "Oh that’s ok Tommy. I think it’s bothered her friends more than anyone else. Look at those poor boys over there. Sooner or later they will get up from the steps." Sarah felt sorry for them but couldn’t help laughing about it a little bit.

“You said she just turned 16 today?”

“That’s correct. I know she doesn’t look 16, does she. I have had people think that she is 14 or even 13. It’s probably because she acts like she is younger than she really is and plus with her size I guess it’s easy for people to think that.”

About that time Amanda ran back outside. This time she was wearing a solid white bikini. Tommy's jaw just about hit the floor, when Amanda turned around to show her mom how the new thong bikini fit her, which her mom bought her for her birthday.

"Well mom what do you think? Does it fit ok? How do I look?"

"I’m still not sure about you wearing a thong bikini at 16. That really makes me nervous. Tommy what do you think?" Sarah turned to look at Tommy, who was standing there with his mouth dropped open.

"Well I think he likes it mom." Amanda looked at Tommy and gave him a wink and another show of her bare ass.

That wink brought Tommy back to this world from the one he was in. He couldn’t believe that he was looking at this beautiful 16 yr old girl and was actually starting to get a hard on. “There is no way this girl is 16.” Tommy thought to himself.

"Well sweetie I think your right. You have definitely got Tommy's attention. Looks like you got the other boys attention also."

"Well Tommy what do you think of my swimsuit?" Amanda spun around really fast to show it off some more. She tried for another revolution and lost her balance and fell towards Tommy. Tommy tried to catch her and stumbled onto the ground with Amanda landing on top of him.

Tommy could feel her breast against his arm and his cock was starting to react to them. To make it worse she sat up with her little butt on his semi erect cock. This was not what he needed to have happen. He was doing everything that he could to stop it from reaching its full 6" length with Amanda sitting on him.

Amanda sat there on top of Tommy and could feel the semi bulge in his pants and wiggled her butt around a little which almost turned bad for Tommy. "Well, what do you think about my swimsuit? I’m not getting up till you tell me."

Sarah looked at Tommy flat on the ground with her daughter sitting on him and said. "You better say something because she won’t get off of you till you do."

At this point Tommy didn’t want her to get off of him but he knew this was bad. It was very bad. It would be Bubba up Tommy's ass in a jail cell bad. But the feeling of her little ass on his cock was exciting.

"You look really beautiful in it Amanda." Tommy finally said.

"Yippy! I look beautiful. Tommy said so." Amanda started bouncing up and down on him now. Sarah could see the look on Tommy's face. She could see he was enjoying it but was trying very hard not too.

"Sweetie, why don’t you go inside and pick something out for dinner after the boys go home."

"Ok mom." Amanda started to get up off of Tommy and then stopped, leaned over him and kissed him on the cheek. After she ran for the house, Sarah could see the bulge in his pants and a small wet spot from the pre-cum.

Tommy noticed Sarah standing there staring at his crotch and started apologizing again to Sarah. "I am so sorry." Tommy stood up and covered himself with his hands.

"Don’t worry about it. I could see you were trying very hard to keep it under control the best you could."

"I really am sorry though." His cock was starting to go down some and he was glad about that. "Well I guess I'm going to head back to my apartment and get something to eat also. It was nice meeting you Sarah."

"It was nice meeting you also Tommy. Maybe we can get together and have dinner sometime. It’ll be fun."

Tommy smiled at her. "I like that idea. Maybe we can do it this weekend."

"That’ll work." Sarah said and smiled back.

Tommy watched as Sarah went into her apartment and closed the door. He started heading back to his place trying very hard to not think about how Amanda's ass looked and felt on his cock. Even though his pants were on he was sure his cock was trying to work its way in the crack of her ass. The thought of that was driving him nuts to the point that he had to go and strip out of his clothes and jack off to the vivid images that were imprinted in his mind. When he finally came it was like he couldn’t stop. Usually it was 2 or 3 good shots. Not this time though. Tommy shot six good shots of cum out of his cock. The last one was so strong that he was dizzy.

"What the hell am I doing?!" He thought to himself. "Damn she is only 16. You’re not a perv and you certainly weren’t raised to be one."

At that moment the doorbell rang.

To be continued.....

This is my first story and plan to add more to it. Sorry that there isn’t any sex in this part.

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Meeting Amanda for the first time Part 2

Tommy had just finished shooting the load of his 20 yr life, when he heard the doorbell ring. Quickly he pulled on some shorts and a shirt and went downstairs to answer the door. When he opened the door he found Sarah standing there out of breath.

"I am sorry for bothering you but I just got a call from work. I have to leave out on a plane in about 2 hrs for California. I know we don’t know each other very well but I was wondering, and hoping, that you would be able to let Amanda stay over here till I get back. I will have to be gone a couple days and can come get her as soon as I return."

Tommy was kinda surprised to be asked to watch a 16 yr old girl that he didn’t even really know. But the thought of maybe getting a chance to see that beautiful ass of hers was just to temping to turn down. "Yeah it’s no problem. Just bring her over when ever you’re ready."

Sarah started to breathe a little easier now. "Oh thank you so much. I didn’t know what I was going to do. I tried to get a hold of everyone else that she usually stays with but I can’t get a hold of anyone. You are a lifesaver Tommy. If you’re wondering why I would want someone to watch her with her being 16, it’s because I just don’t trust some of the boys around here. They are only after one thing." Sarah went and gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

Tommy started blushing from that. He also loved the feeling of those awesome DD breast’s pressed against his chest. One thing he also noticed was that she wasn’t wearing a bra also and he could feel her nipples pressed against him. He wasn’t sure how he hadn’t noticed them sticking through her shirt. He didn’t want to let go but he didn’t want to come across as a freak or anything.

Sarah pulled away from Tommy a little and stood there looking at him. "Amanda is right. You are cute." Sarah turned and started running back to her apartment and Tommy loved the view of her ass as she was running. He was pretty sure it was as hot as Amanda's.

About 30 minutes later Sarah and Amanda where standing in his apartment with a small bag of some of her clothes and her game system. Sarah looked at Amanda. "Now you make sure you behave yourself over here and don’t cause Tommy any problems. He is being really kind in letting you stay here on such short notice. Especially with Tommy not really knowing us."

"Mom I know. I will be good for Tommy. Quit worrying." Amanda said while smiling at her mom.

"She’ll be just fine. Hope she don’t mind sleeping on the couch since I only have one bed. It’s fairly new so it should be somewhat comfortable." Tommy asked Sarah.

"I won’t mind. It’ll be fun." Amanda gave Tommy a really big smile.

Amanda looked at her mom real quick. "Mom, have you told him yet?"

"Oh know. I almost forgot."

Tommy was starting to wonder what she was talking about and was starting to worry. "Is there a problem Sarah?" Tommy asked.

"Well I don’t know. Well, Amanda gets scared sometimes when there’s a thunderstorm, so she crawls in bed with me. So with a storm coming in tonight she might try and crawl in bed with you. I hope that’s ok? If you’re wondering why she’s scared of storms it’s because her father was killed by a lightning strike when she was 12. So even to this day she still doesn’t handle thunderstorms very good."

Tommy wasn't sure what to say. He stood there thinking for a moment. "Well it’s ok with me as long as you don’t have a problem with it." Tommy could see a little grin start on Amanda's face.

"No, it’s ok. I just wasn't sure how you would feel about that."

"No problem. I have a queen size bed so there is a lot of room."

"Again, thank you Tommy. I'll owe you one." Tommy liked the thought of that. "Well, I have got to get going if I am going to catch that plane."

Amanda went and gave her mom a hug and said she will see her when she gets back.

After Sarah had left Tommy asked Amanda what she would like to do. He was sure he would be able to handle having her in his place a couple days. Figured how hard can this be.

"I am kinda hungry. We didn’t really get to make anything to eat earlier with my mom getting that call and having to take time to find some place for me to stay."

Amanda was wearing a pink tank top and shorts. She was still not wearing a bra either. Tommy guessed they didn’t believe in them or something. She had already taken her shoes off and put them by the door. She had the cutest feet Tommy had ever seen.

"Well there are a couple pizzas’ in the freezer. Which do you like, pepperoni or sausage?”

"Both." Amanda enthusiastically replied.

"Well then both it is. They should be ready in about 20 minutes."

After about an hour after they ate and watched some TV, Tommy asked if she wanted to go swimming.

"Yeah, sure that’ll be fun. But it’s going to get dark soon and I’ve never swam after dark."

"It’s ok. It’s fun swimming after dark. The only difference is that you just can’t make a lot of noise after a certain time." Tommy told her. "So are you for swimming or not?"

Amanda jumped up from the couch. "Let me go change and I will be ready in a minute."

"Well I need to go change also. You can use the bathroom and I will go change in my bedroom."

Tommy headed into his bedroom to change into his swimming trunks. He just got his clothes off and was standing there naked when he heard Amanda's voice behind him. She was standing there wanting to know if he could help her but her voice trailed off as Amanda noticed his cock hanging there. This was the first adult cock she had ever seen.

Tommy grabbed his swimming trucks and pulled them on quick. Tommy wasn’t sure how her mom would feel about her seeing him naked. Tommy then realized that she was holding her top in her hands. He could already feel his cock start to stiffen up some.

"Um um." Tommy was having trouble talking with the sight of her little breasts just 8 ft away. "Yeah I can help. Turn around so I can tie it. Do you always just walk in on people when they are changing?" Tommy asked while staring at her ass after she had turned around. Damn she was wearing the thong bikini.

"My mom says we shouldn’t be ashamed of our bodies and that there is nothing wrong with seeing someone naked."

"But what would your mom say if she knew you had seen me nude just now? I don’t want to get her mad at me or anything."

"She wouldn't be mad Tommy. Remember I am the one that walked in on you. It wasn’t you walking in on me. Besides, I know she wouldn’t say anything. I had already asked her about that. She just hoped it didn’t bother you too much."

That right there just made his cock rise a little more after hearing that.
"Well now that we are ready, let’s go swimming. What do you think?"

"Yippy!" Amanda squealed and started heading down the stairs and out the door with her towel.

Tommy just loved the view but had to make sure not to be looking incase someone was watching.

As Tommy entered the pool he saw her ass go under the water. There wasn’t anyone out there which Tommy thought was strange. He figured there would be a lot or people swimming but there wasn’t. Tommy didn’t mind though. He preferred it like this instead because it was quiet and relaxing. Tommy jumped in the water which was nice and warm. It felt great.

As Tommy started to stand up where he could finally reach the bottom, Amanda swam over to him and monkey climbed up the front of him and put her arms around his neck and her legs around his waste. She leaned in and kissed him on the cheek and told him thank you again for letting her stay with him. Tommy could feel his cock starting to grow with her crotch rubbing against it. His cock twitched and Amanda got a really serious look on her face.

"Oh shit. Now I’m in trouble." Tommy thought. Then Amanda smiled and squeezed him real tight and gave him another kiss. Then she was gone under the water. Tommy couldn’t take it anymore. He just had to have some relief. Tommy swam over to one of the corners in the deep end and loosened his trucks. He had been slowly stroking himself for a couple minutes when Amanda came up behind him. He felt her touch his skin and that was all it took. He started shooting loads of cum into the pool. Six big loads just like earlier.

Amanda had climbed up on his back with her feet around his front. Her feet kept brushing against his hard cock. Tommy wasn't sure if she knew it or not. It took a little work to get her off of his back but once he turned around towards her he slipped and went under. He kicked to get back to the surface and during that time he lost his trucks in the water.

He started looking around for them when Amanda held them up. "Are you looking for these?" She said with a sly little grin on her face. "Well if you’re going skinny dipping so am I."

Before Tommy could say anything, Amanda had her bikini off and swam back over to him before he could stop her. Her naked body was pressed as close as it could be against him. He could feel her nipples against his chest and her bare cunt against his cock which had slipped between her legs. Amanda felt his cock start growing again. Feeling it rubbing between her legs was starting to make her little pussy tingle.

Tommy knew this wasn’t right. But he didn’t want it to stop also. He could feel her breathing start to pick up a little and he knew she could feel him rubbing against her. Tommy tried to push her away but that wasn’t a good idea. As their bodies started to come back together he could feel the head of his cock find her slit and go in about an inch.

Amanda's eyes went wide when she felt this.

Tommy said. "We need to stop this Amanda. It’s not right."

"I like how it feels though." Amanda said.

"So do I but we can't. We shouldn't. I could get in a lot of trouble if anyone knew."

Tommy felt her push her hips forward onto his cock. The way she tried to muffle a cry and seeing the tear going down her cheek, he knew that he had just broke her hymen. He held her close and worked his way to the shallow end of the pool where it was darker.

"Are you Ok?" He asked Amanda.

"Yes it just hurts a little." A couple tears were going down her face.

Tommy leaned in and licked her tears away from her cheek. They tasted salty. "It’ll quit hurting in a little bit." Tommy told her, then kissed her lightly on the lips.

Amanda started smiling at him. "So this is what its like to have a penis inside me. My friends have tried to tell me what it was like but it doesn't feel like they said. They said it would feel real good. Like it did before it went in."

"Do you want it to feel even better than that?" Tommy asked

"Yes I do. Make me feel better than earlier."

With that Tommy started pushing into her pussy. Damn she was tight. He wasn’t sure how long he would last inside of her but he was going to make sure that they both enjoyed every bit of it.

He finally got all 6 inches inside her. He was surprised to be able too because of how small she was. He looked at Amanda' face and could see her eyes where rolled halfway back in there sockets. She was totally enjoying this. He knew he only had a couple of minutes before he was going to blow another load. But this time it was going in her pussy.

All of a sudden Amanda's eyes went wide saying. "I feel like I need to pee."

Tommy smiled. "That’s not what you’re getting ready to do sweetie. You’re getting ready to cum. You’re going to have your very first orgasm sweetie. Just let it go. You’ll love how it feels." When Tommy said that, Amanda’s whole body tightened up and squeezed her arms and legs even tighter around him. Tommy couldn't take it anymore. He released several loads inside her pussy. He was just hoping that she wouldn’t get pregnant. That was something neither one of them needed.

When they both started to come back down, Tommy had to hold onto Amanda so she wouldn’t go under the water because her legs where so weak. He sat her on the side of the pool and went to look for their swim suits. When he found them he helped her put hers on and pulled his trunks on. Amanda still couldn't stand up by herself.

Tommy wrapped a towel around her and carried her back to his apartment. In just the short time it took to walk there, Amanda had fallen asleep with a very content smile on her face.

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Meeting Amanda For The First Time Part 3

Tommy couldn’t stop looking at Amanda as he carried her back to his apartment. She looked so beautiful and content in his arms. Amanda didn’t even feel like she was even in his arms she felt so light.

Tommy was glad that he didn’t lock the door when they went to the pool because he would have had a hell of a time trying to unlock the door with Amanda in his arms. Once he got inside he carried her to his bedroom. and laid her on his bed. Her swim suit was still wet so he decided to change her into something dry.

He went to the bathroom where she had left her bag with her clothes and found her panties, and a t-shirt to put on her. When he returned to his bedroom he gently started to take her swim suit off of her. He sat her up on the bed and untied the strings to her top and then her bikini bottoms. Once he had removed both pieces he stood there looking at her lying there naked and took in every inch of her. This was the first he had seen her completely without clothing and couldn’t stop looking at her. Right there, she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

“Wait. What am I thinking? Amanda isn’t even an adult. She is just 16 yrs old so how can I be looking at her as a woman. Actually she is almost a woman. But damn she looks like she is younger.” Tommy thought to himself.

Tommy shook those thoughts away and proceeded to put her panties and t-shirt on her and then gently slid her under the blankets. Tommy stood there a little longer and just watched her sleep.

He was starting to hate himself for what had happened at the pool. “How could I let something like that happen? What the hell was I thinking?” Tommy was starting to get scared at what might happen when she wakes up. Will she hate him? Will she be scared of him?

“Great now I have really screwed up my life.” Tommy thought. “If she tells her mom then what will happen? Prison is not somewhere that I want to be.” Tommy had heard some of the stories of what happened to people that went to prison for molesting or raping kids. They where treated worse than someone that had beat a woman.

“Come on Tommy. Get that crap out of your head. Don’t think of crap like that. It’s not going to make things any easier worrying about it.” Tommy finally went and got him some clothes to change into. He was just going to change right there in his bedroom but then changed his mind. For some strange reason he felt somewhat uncomfortable doing that with her in the room even though she was sleeping.

Tommy picked up the clothes and her swim suit and went into the bathroom where he laid her bikini over the side of the tub so it could dry. Once he had changed his clothes he went down stairs to the kitchen and poured himself a glass of juice to drink. Tommy lay down on the couch to watch some TV. Before Tommy realized it, he was asleep.

Tommy was awakened by the low rumble of thunder from outside and a slight flash of lightning through the curtains over the windows. Tommy loved to watch and listen to thunder storms. He has always been able to sleep better during big storms and by the way it was looking outside it was going to be a good one. Tommy could already hear the wind start to pick up and the sound of rain starting to lightly hit the windows. The thunder was starting to get a little louder and he was starting to wonder how bad it was going to get tonight so he turned to of the local news channel to find out.

“Wow! This looks like its going to be a great storm.” Tommy said to himself. He decided to go and get the flashlights and some candles out incase the lights did go out. He carried them into the living room and laid them on the coffee table along with a lighter for the candles.

Suddenly there was a loud crack and flash of thunder and lightning from outside and the rain started to pour. Small pellets of hail started to hit the windows.

Tommy then heard Amanda running from his bedroom, straight down the stairs and then directly into his arms. Amanda was shaking like she was freezing but Tommy knew why. She was scared to death of the storm outside.

“It’s ok Amanda. We are perfectly safe in here.” Amanda looked up at him with those beautiful eyes of hers. Right away Tommy was starting to get lost in them.

“Are you sure? That wind sounds like its getting ready to blow this place down like it’s made out of paper.” Amanda still had her arms tightly wrapped around Tommy’s waist.

“Yes it’s safe. Look, I have even brought the flash lights and some candles in here just in case the power does goes out.” That seemed to calm Amanda down.

“So are you hungry Amanda?” Tommy figured she probably was after what had happened at the pool. He definitely knew he was hungry. What kind of bothered him was that he knew he was also hungry for more of Amanda. He just couldn’t keep what happened earlier, at the pool, out of his thoughts.

Amanda looked up at him. “Yes. Actually I am hungry. I didn’t think I would be but I guess with us having sex makes you want to eat.”

“Damn.” Tommy thought to himself. “I was hoping that maybe she wouldn’t remember. But how could she not remember. She has to be really sore after having me inside her young pussy.”

“Well what would you like to eat? It is midnight and there isn’t anyplace open that we can order something and have it delivered. How about we make some popcorn and get something to drink and then we can see if there is anything on TV to watch. How does that sound?”

“That sounds like a good idea Tommy. I like popcorn. My mom usually has to make two bags because I usually eat most one bag by myself.” Amanda said to Tommy while smiling up at him and staring into his eyes.

Just looking into her eyes and feeling her against him like this was starting to make his dick hard again. To try and put a stop to that happening, well at least for right now, he headed for the kitchen to start getting things ready.

“Can I make the popcorn Tommy?”

“Sure. Go ahead. Just to be safe why don’t you go and make two bag’s since you said your mom usually has too.”

“I can do that.” Amanda told Tommy.

“Damn she is so beautiful.” Tommy started thinking to himself. He was actually catching himself looking at her ass. “Damn I want to feel that ass again.”

“What was that Tommy?” Amanda asked.

“Shit she heard me.” Tommy didn’t realize that he had kind of said it in somewhat a whisper but apparently loud enough for Amanda to here it.

“Oh, it was nothing Amanda. I was just talking to myself.” Tommy hoped that she believed him but was pretty sure that she heard him clearly and was just trying to get him to say it again, just louder this time.

Amanda didn’t believe him. She heard what he said very clearly and yes, she did want him touching her ass again. She loved how his hands felt on her naked butt and she could hardly wait for his hands to be on her again. That was going to be a little later tonight. Amanda started smiling.

“What are you smiling about over there?” Tommy could see that evil little grin on her face and he automatically knew she was scheming at something.

“Oh it’s nothing really.” Amanda still had that evil grin on her face.

Both of them walked back into the living room and sat down on the couch. Tommy looked over at Amanda. “Amanda I am very sorry about what happened at the pool. I truly am. What happened out there should never have happened and if you hate me for it then I will understand.”

“Tommy, it wasn’t just you. It was me also. You can’t just blame yourself for what we did. I will admit that I was scared, but part of me wanted to see what it was like. It did hurt more than I let on but after a few minutes it felt really good. I just wish I wasn’t so sore down there right now.”

Amanda reached down and spread her legs and pulled her panties to the side where Tommy could see how red her little pussy was. Tommy immediately started to get a hard on.

“So I take it your not mad at me for what happened then? I was almost certain that you might be.”

“How could I be mad? You made me a woman Tommy. I love you for that. Now I know that with the first time over, the next time won’t hurt like it did and I will be able to enjoy it even more.”

Tommy was surprised by what he was hearing. “Damn was this girl thinking about letting me fuck her again?” All kinds of things started to go through his mind at that moment.

“Amanda, I was just wondering. Have you started to have your period yet? I am just worried that you might get pregnant and neither one of us need that.” Tommy knew that there were rare occasions when a girl didn’t get her period till she was 15 or 16. That was the way it was with his sister.

“Yes I have started my period. About 6 months ago I had my first one. Now about me maybe getting pregnant you don’t have to worry. My mom put me on birth control about a week later on my doctors’ recommendation. So there, no babies for me, just yet.”

Tommy breathed a sigh of relief at hearing that.

After they watched some TV for about an hour Tommy decided that it was best that they both went to bed. “I’ll go and get you some blankets and pillows for you. Don’t want you to get cold in here.”

“Do you think that storm is going to start up again?” Amanda knew exactly what she was doing. She wasn’t thinking about the storm. The only thing on her mind was Tommy.

“I don’t think so. Why?”

“Well I was just thinking that maybe it would be better if I just came in there with you for the rest of the night. Like you told my mom you do have a very big bed.”

Right then they heard thunder start to rumble off in the distance.

“Ok, I guess it wouldn’t be a bad idea.”

Tommy carried the bowls and cups into the kitchen and placed them into the sink. When he went back into the living room, Amanda was standing there waiting on him. When he walked over to her she climbed up on the couch and jumped into his arms.

“What are you doing?” Tommy asked her.

“Well I don’t remember you carrying me back here and I just want you to do it again. This time you can carry me while I’m awake.”

Tommy couldn’t say no to her. He loved feeling her in his arms with her head laid upon his chest. Tommy turned off everything in the living room and then started heading for the bedroom. It was kind of a challenge carrying Amanda up the stairs without loosing his balance. When he walked in the bedroom he took her over to the bed and sat her down upon it.

Amanda kind of winced when her thighs rubbed against each other and Tommy noticed.

“Are you ok?” Tommy asked.

“I’m just sore down there that’s all. I just wish there was a way to make it feel better.”

Tommy knew of a way to make it feel better and he wanted to make her feel better. A lot better.

“I can make it feel better Amanda.”

“How can you do that?” Amanda knew exactly what he was talking about. She remembered her mom saying that to one of her old boyfriends. After he was done licking her pussy all over inside and out, that it felt a lot better and wasn’t’ so sore. Amanda really wanted to feel Tommy’s tongue on her pussy.

Tommy walked over to Amanda on the bed. “Slide up the bed a little.”

Tommy climbed up on the bed with her. Both of them sat there staring at each other. Tommy leaned over toward Amanda and lightly starting to kiss her lips. He slowly pushed his tongue against her lips and felt her start to open her mouth and insert her tongue into his. He loved the way it felt and tasted to him.

Amanda leaned back and said. “Make me feel good Tommy. I know you know how.”

With that Tommy laid her back on the bed and started kissing down her body. He wasn’t sure of when her shirt came off but that didn’t matter at that point. He slowly took one of her nipples into his mouth and started to suck and nibble on it. Amanda let out a soft moan from between her lips. He could feel her fingers going through his hair and holding him over her breast. She was completely enjoying this.

To be continued….

I know. There wasn’t any major sex. I liked what I had already put down and couldn’t find much that I wanted to change. I will try and get the next part done soon.

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04-19-2009, 10:04 PM
wow, hot story so far..can't wait for the next part

04-20-2009, 05:58 PM
love the stuff. Read part 5 already when is 6 out??

04-20-2009, 10:51 PM
Meeting Amanda for the first time Part 4

“Mmmmmm” That was all Amanda could say at that point.

Tommy was totally enjoying sucking on her sweet little breasts. Every time he would lightly bite down on her nipple she would tighten her grip on his hair. He could feel her heart beating so hard that he thought it would jump out of her chest.

Since Amanda hadn’t had a shower since they went swimming Tommy could taste the chlorine on her skin. At that point and time that was one of the best tastes that Tommy had ever had in his mouth. But he knew that something better was just a little farther down. So he started heading that way.

Tommy lightly kissed her belly and ran his fingers down her side’s which made her squeal and squirm under him. He wasn’t sure who was enjoying this more. All he knew was that he wanted Amanda to feel like she has never felt before and right now that was his main goal. He was going to make sure that she remembered this night more for the pleasure than the pain.

As Tommy approached his goal he slipped his fingers under the waist band of her panties and slowly started to pull them down. As he was pulling them down Amanda lifted her hips a little to help her panties come loose from under her. After he took her panties off, Tommy stood at the end of the bed and gazed at Amanda’s beautiful body lying there.

“Is there something wrong Tommy?” Amanda asked.

“No sweetie, there isn’t anything wrong. I was just admiring you lying there.” His cock was starting to grow again.

“I can tell someone down there certainly likes what they see.” Giving Tommy a sly grin but at the same time looking at his increasing bulge in his shorts. “If I am going to be naked so are you.” Amanda slid down to the end of the bed and pulled his shorts down and letting them fall to the floor around his feet where Tommy kicked them to the side so they where out of the way.

Amanda couldn’t take her eyes off of his cock. It was at its full length already and just bobbing right in front of her face. She could already see a drop of pre-cum start running out off the tip. Slowly she reached up and wrapped her fingers around it. Right then that tingle she was feeling in her pussy increased. She could actually feel Tommy’s cock throbbing in her hands and realized she liked holding it. She remembered her friends saying something about licking the pre-cum off of their boyfriends dick so she thought that she would give it a try. Amanda leaned forward and ran her tongue across the end of Tommy’s cock taking all of the pre-cum. She sat there a minute tasting it in her mouth and decided that she liked it and wanted more.

Tommy almost couldn’t believe what was happening. When Amanda’s tongue ran across the end of his cock it sent a jolt of electricity through him like he had never felt before. He almost blew his load right there but he fought the urge because he wanted this to last.

“I take it you like the taste of pre-cum.”

“Yes I do and I want more.” Without any warning Amanda took over half of Tommy’s cock into her mouth.

Her friends had shown her how to suck a cock by using her mom’s dildo so she was sure that she was doing this right.

Tommy let out a long moan that sounded like it came from somewhere deep inside him. He was lost to anything else that might be happening at that time. With the way she was sucking his cock he decided that he would let her have complete control. He could already tell she wanted to take all of him into her mouth by the way she was starting to gag.

“Just take what you can into your mouth Amanda. You don’t have to take it all in.”

With hearing that she went back to her original depth and continued enjoying the sounds coming from Tommy. She could feel his hips push forward every time he moaned. She knew that he must be getting close and she was right.

“Amanda you going to make me cum baby. Oh yessss! Damn I’m going to cum!” With that said he thrust his hips forward and let out very loud and long grunt.

Amanda did her best to swallow every drop of his cum. She had noticed that with Tommy’s last thrust had shoved all of his cock into her mouth and partway into her throat. She could feel every shot shoot down to her stomach. She didn’t want to stop. She loved sucking cock and wanted to keep him in her mouth forever.

Tommy had to finally pry her off of his cock. “Wow you must really like sucking cock.”

I’ve never done that before and it was wonderful the way you felt in my mouth and the feeling of you cumming down my throat. I want more.”

“Well that will have to wait till later. Now it’s my turn to please you. Now crawl back up on the bed and lay back and enjoy.”

Tommy crawled back up to her and kissed her mouth and enjoying the taste of her tongue even with it still having the taste of his cum in it. He started working his way back down slowly kissing her body along the way. When he got close to her pussy Amanda spread her legs to give him all the access that he wanted. Tommy could already see the wet spot on the bed. Tommy leaned down and breathed in the aroma of her sweet pussy and licked some of her juices from the side of her leg. “Mmmmm.” He knew that that was just a sample and right in front of him was the full meal. He dove straight into it.

The sudden touch of Tommy’s tongue against her clit made her jump. It startled her and also sent a blast of electricity through her body. She could feel his tongue working its way into her pussy. Then there was that feeling again like at the pool. Amanda didn’t hold back. She let her orgasm take over and blasted Tommy in the face.

Tommy jerked his head back about a foot but was still blasted in the face by her cum. He shoved his mouth over her pussy to try and drink it all but there was just no way. He couldn’t believe how much she could cum. This was unbelievable. This time when he tried to pull away there was no chance of that happening. Amanda had a hold of his hair and had her legs wrapped around his head so he couldn’t get away.

Tommy thought that he was going to suffocate from the way she had a hold of him. But he didn’t care. “Hell what man wouldn’t want to die with his face full of a young girl’s pussy.” He thought to himself.

Tommy finally realized that her grip had loosened up and she wasn’t thrashing around like she was. He pushed her legs open and looked up to find out that she had passed out from Tommy eating her pussy. Tommy was proud of himself for being able to accomplish that.

Tommy got up and looked at the bed. It was soaked. He had a lot of her juices running down all over him. He had to figure out how to change the bed with Amanda laying on it right now. He walked out to the linen closet to get some clean sheets for the bed. When he walked back into the bedroom Amanda was laying there looking at him and smiling.

“Are you ok?’ He asked her.

“Yes. That was wonderful. Can we do it again?” Her eyes lit up when she asked that.

“Whoa. Slow down there you horny little girl. The first thing we need to do is get this bed changed and for both of us to get cleaned up. I didn’t know you could cum like that. That was amazing.”

Amanda looked at the bed. “Did that all come from me?”

“Yes it did. For a second I thought I was going to drown. If it wasn’t for you passing out I probably would have.

“I’m sorry I made such a big mess. I didn’t know I could do that”

“It’s ok Amanda. I think you surprised both of us. Come on. Let’s get this changed so we can get cleaned up and get some sleep.”

They finished changing the sheets and then they both climbed into the shower at the same time. It was everything Tommy could do to not take her right there but he knew that they both needed to get some sleep. Damn she looked so hot with the water running over her body.

After they finished their shower they both climbed into bed. Amanda snuggled up against Tommy with one arm across his chest. She wasn’t sure how long this would last so she was going to enjoy every minute she could with him. They both fell asleep right away while holding each other.

When Tommy woke up the next morning he thought he was imagining things, but then, he realized he wasn’t. He looked down and there was Amanda, with his cock in her mouth again. This time, she was taking all of it, straight down to his balls.

Amanda noticed him move a little and looked over at him and said. “Good morning Tommy.”

“I know what you’re doing, but, what are you doing?”

“I’m having my breakfast. That’s what I am doing. Would you like to have yours now or later?”

Tommy grinned. “I will have my breakfast now please.” With that said he pulled her pussy up over his mouth and went to lapping the juices that were seeping out. He could never get tired of this.

Amanda could feel Tommy’s balls start to tighten up and knew that he was about ready to cum. But she wasn’t going to let that happen just yet. She pulled his cock out of her mouth and left him lick her pussy a little longer. Right when she was about to cum she climbed off of his face.

Tommy looked at her with a kind of disappointed look but then realized what she had in mind for him.

Amanda turned around and started to straddle him. She reached down under her and slowly lowed herself down onto his cock. It felt wonderful inside her. Slowly she started to ride him like she was riding a horse. She wasn’t sure how long she would last but she was going to try and wait till when he was ready to cum. She figured he wasn’t too far away so she was sure she could hold out.

Tommy was in ecstasy. He has never felt like this with anyone else and he didn’t want it to stop. But there was nothing he could do about that. Once her mom came back she would be going back over there and then who knew when they would be alone like this again.

“Tommy I can’t wait any longer. I’m going to cum. Cum with me Tommy! Cum with me! I want to feel you cum inside me!”

Taking that as a command he released every drop of cum he had at that time. He reached up and grabbed Amanda by the hips and held her in place.

Amanda felt that first shot of cum go inside of her and she just let go. Her whole body shook and convulsed on top of him. With every spasm of her pussy she would feel Tommy shoot another shot of cum inside of her.

When their orgasms finally subsided Amanda laid on Tommy’s chest holding him. After last night and this morning she knew she had to find a way for them to be together without Tommy getting in trouble.

To be continued….

Give me some ideas as to what would be a good way to solve their little dilemma.

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04-21-2009, 12:47 AM
Meeting Amanda for the first time Part 5

Tommy and Amanda laid in bed for almost half an hour before they decided to get up. Tommy couldn’t believe how he was starting to feel about this girl, who was pretty much a woman now. He kept telling himself he needs to end this, but the thought of not being able to be with her scared him. He couldn’t believe he was thinking like this.

“What the hell am I doing? I think I’ve totally lost my mind worrying about something like that. Hell this never should have happened in the first place.” He thought to himself.

But just then Amanda looked him in the eyes and gave him such a deep and loving kiss that he totally forgot about everything that was going through his mind. He held her close, totally loving the feeling of her skin against his. He has never felt like this about any other girl before.

“Shit, I think I’m falling in love with her?” Tommy wondered to himself.

“So Tommy, what are we going to do today?” Amanda gave him one of those looks that would just melt your heart.

“Well, we should get cleaned up, again, and then go and actually have a real breakfast.” Tommy suggested.

Amanda kind of blushed at knowing what Tommy was talking about. She just couldn’t help herself this morning. When she woke up the only thing that was on her mind was to taste of his sweet cock, and she wasn’t going to wait till he woke up. She was going to wake him in a way that she was sure every man in the world wanted to be woke up, and that was what she did.

“The one thing I need to do is get something to protect this bed if you’re going to keep soaking it the way you do.”

“I’m sorry Tommy. I really didn’t know I could do that.” Amanda was afraid Tommy was upset about it but then she saw the grin on his face and knew he was only joking around.

“Sweetie there is nothing to be sorry about. You wouldn’t believe how many girls can’t cum like that. Don’t worry about it. We can go to the store and get some mattress covers to protect it. But first, we better pull the sheets off, again, and open the windows so a breeze will blow through and that should be enough to dry it out pretty good.”

Amanda went and gave Tommy another kiss, then slid down, and gave him one very long and hard suck on his soft cock, that by the time she went from the base to the tip of his cock, it was fully erect when it popped out of her mouth. Tommy thought he was going to blow another load right there.

Amanda jumped up from the bed and ran for the bathroom. She had just got the water for the shower going and then leaned back out and looked at Tommy who was still in awe to that one long single suck she had just gave him.

“Yes beautiful. Is there something you need?” Tommy asked

“No. I’ve just realized something.”

“And what would that be?”

“I have realized that I am falling in love with you. I love you Tommy.”

Tommy almost thought he was hearing things just now. “Did she just say she loved me? No way. I have to be hearing things.”

“Did I just hear you correctly Amanda?” Tommy asked.

Amanda was starting to get scared. She was starting to worry that she had just made a mistake by saying that. She almost started to cry.

Tommy got out of bed and walked over to her and lifted her chin up so he could look at her eye to eye.

“Amanda. I love you too sweetie.” Tommy leaned down and kissed the tears away that were starting to run down her cheeks. “Don’t cry Amanda. I don’t want to be without you.”

Amanda started crying harder now. But this time she wasn’t scared. She was happy. Those were the words that she wanted to hear. She held onto Tommy for several more minutes before letting go so she could go and get her shower while Tommy went and pulled the sheets off the bed and opened the windows. After that Tommy joined her in the shower.

Tommy and Amanda finished there shower without crawling all over each other. That was a miracle all in itself. Tommy was the first one dressed and went into the kitchen to make them some eggs, bacon and some toast. He about dropped the plates of food, that he was carrying to the table, when Amanda walked around the corner from the stairs.

Her beautiful strawberry blonde hair was pulled back in a pony tale which made her look a little younger. But that’s not why Tommy about dropped the plates. She was wearing a light pink spaghetti strap top that looked like it was a size to small. Tommy noticed that it showed perfectly the shape of her breasts, plus, showed just how hard her nipple were getting since she didn’t like to wear a bra. Amanda was also wearing white shorts that came only about an inch below her ass cheeks. He was certain that if she bent over she would probably give an elderly man a heart attack.

“So Tommy, how do I look?” Amanda turned around so he could get an all around view.

“You are hot, beautiful, and sexy and you are going to make every guy take a long hard look.”

“Cool. But I bet I could make them about fall over drooling with there tongue’s dragging the ground.” Right then Amanda turned around and bent over.

Tommy’s dick went completely hard. He was glad that the shorts he was wearing weren’t tight. That would have hurt. He stood there staring at that beautiful ass that had so smoothly slid out the bottom of her shorts. Then Tommy noticed something. You could completely see her completely shaved pussy lips sticking out.

“Your not wearing any panties you bad girl.”

Amanda looked back at him from between her legs. The top of her head was completely touching the floor. “I was hoping you would notice. But actually I am wearing some. There’s just not a lot to them. Amanda stood back up and pulled down her shorts revealing a thin string of material that ran down the crack of her ass and around her waist to a piece of material that had to be no more than inch and a half wide straight down. It was almost totally see through, to the point that she might as well of not worn any at all. Tommy’s jaw hit the floor.

“Now that’s the look I wanted to see from you. You’re a naughty boy aren’t you?” Amanda seductively said to Tommy.

Amanda had pulled her shorts back up and walked over to Tommy who was still awe struck by what she had just done.

Tommy started to wonder. “What other surprises did she have for him?” He couldn’t wait to find out. The one thing he did know was that he was going to have to control himself out in public around her. Damn she looked hot.

They finally sat down and ate the breakfast that Tommy had made for them. Once they were done they went to one of the stores a few blocks away. First place Tommy headed was for something to protect the mattress.

When they reached the isle that the mattress protectors were on Tommy started to feel kind of weird about buying one of these. He looked over at Amanda who had that evil grin again. “She is up to something. I know she is.” Tommy thought to himself.

Amanda took it out of Tommy’s hands then stood there looking at it for a second. She started shaking her head and through it in the cart.

Tommy noticed that look was gone. Then he heard her say something that was completely unexpected.

“Don’t look at me. It’s not my fault you pee the bed.” Amanda stated to Tommy with a totally straight face. That got looks from several customers that were standing near by.

Tommy’s eyes went wide when she said that. Tommy wanted to comeback with a smartass remark, but right then he couldn’t because Amanda turned around away from him, and bent straight over. Right then a man of about 50 walked around the corner behind Tommy and ran straight into one of the displays causing several boxes to fall. Tommy grabbed her hand and headed off that isle as quick as possible while trying to push the cart.

Amanda started giggling. She knew what caused that man to forget to watch were he was going because she was watching him the whole time from between her legs.

While there they picked up some more food, because Tommy was sure they where going to need it, he also grabbed up some juice and popcorn.

By the time they were about ready to leave Amanda spotted the swim suit section and drug Tommy over to it. Amanda walked around all of the racks checking out every single one of the bikini’s that where there. Finally she found one. It was solid white but with a lot less material to it.

Tommy saw the one she was looking at and knew she was going to want him to buy it for her. He also had the feeling her mom was going to kill him for getting it. Not because he bought it but because of the style. The top was mostly string except for two pieces of material that were barely 3” around. The bottom looked more like the panties that she was wearing. Tommy started to get an immediate erection at the thought her wearing this.

Amanda gave Tommy that evil grin. “I’m going to try it on and see how it fits.”

“Why not wait till we get home then you can try it on.”

“Don’t you know a girl never waits till she gets home to try on a swim suit?” Right then she took off towards the dressing room where she disappeared into one the changing area.

Tommy stood outside there and waited for her to come back out. When she did he thought his cock was going to go between the bars on the shopping cart. She looked sexier than she did in her other bikini.

She stood there and asked Tommy. “Well how does it look?” Amanda turned around just like she did that first day she met Tommy so he would get a complete view of her.

The woman behind the counter that took care of the dressing rooms had a look of shock on her face. “There is no way I would ever let my daughter wear something like that. Not over my dead body.” The woman stated both at Tommy and at Amanda.

“I agree with you.” Tommy said to the woman. “But see this isn’t my daughter. I’m just watching her till her mom gets back from a work trip. I really don’t want my head bashed in by your mom Amanda so there is no way I am getting that for you.” Tommy gave her a wink that only Amanda could see.

Amanda played along. I was only joking about getting it. It was just fun to see the look on everyone’s face when I walked out. I’ll go back and change then we can get out of here.

Right then the poor guy from earlier walked around the corner again and ran straight into the counter the woman worked behind.

Amanda noticed he was there and then turned away from him, then, just like last time, bent straight over and put her head on the floor. She was staring straight at the poor guy who had an even better view then before. This time when she bent over while wearing this bikini, the string went completely between her pussy lips.

The poor guy was completely glued. He already had a hand rubbing his growing cock through his pants. The site of this beautiful girl exposing herself to him was more excitement in one day then he has had in the last year.

The employee behind the counter noticed what he was doing and started shouting at him. “You old pervert! What the hell are you looking at?! Do you always go around staring at young girls in bikinis?!”

Startled back to reality the man realized he was rubbing himself and stopped. Then he saw the woman staring at him. The poor guy couldn’t get away from there quick enough. He must have run into several displays and other customers who were trying to get out of his way.

Amanda stood back up, smiled, then went back and changed into her other clothes. When she came back out, she handed the swim suit to the woman. “Sorry if I upset you.” Amanda told her.

“It’s ok. Maybe when you are older you can wear that. That just isn’t something a 14 yr old should be wearing. Well, especially with dirty old men like that around.” The woman started glaring in the direction the man had run off in.

Amanda started to laugh. “I’m 16. My birthday was yesterday.”

The woman looked at Tommy with a surprised look.

“It’s true. She is 16.”

“I’m sorry sweetie. But even 16 is still too young.”

“Well let’s get out of here. We still have one more thing to pick up.”

After walking away from the dressing rooms they headed straight for the swim suits again. Amanda went and picked up the same style and color. The only difference was that it was a size smaller.

They checked out and started heading back to the apartments. They were barely into the street when Amanda leaned over and gave Tommy a kiss on the cheek and said thank you.

“Thank you for what?”

“The swim suit you silly man you.”

“I just hope your mom doesn’t kill me.”

“Just tell her I begged and you gave in.”

“That poor man is going to probably go home and fuck his wife like he hasn’t done since their honeymoon. I’m surprised you didn’t give the poor man a heart attack.”

“He was happy in more ways than one. I just hope his erection goes down before he goes up front the check out.”

“You are such a naughty girl.” Tommy said to Amanda.

“Yes I am and you know you like me like this.”

Amanda then leaned her down in the seat and proceeded to untie Tommy’s shorts. “I have to thank you really good before we get to your apartment.” Amanda didn’t have to fight to get to his cock since it was already hard and was almost standing past the waste band.

Tommy couldn’t believe she was getting ready to suck his cock in the car while driving down the street. Damn she was full of surprises. Tommy probably would have stopped her but he knew nobody could see what was happening since the windows were tinted really dark. It was all he could do to keep his mind on the road. Tommy knew that she had never sucked a cock till last night, but the way she was going at it you would have thought this was the 1,000th cock she had sucked. He knew he wasn’t going to last very long at this rate. Right then Tommy thought he would go through the roof. The last time when she slid back up to the head she scraped her teeth along the full length and sucked as hard as she could when she reached the top. The whole time she swirled her tongue around the tip making sure to lick up every bit of pre-cum that dribbled out.

That was all Tommy could stand. He immediately exploded into her mouth and down her throat. Like the title of a song buy the group “Loverboy” Tommy was “Loving Every Minute Of It.”

Amanda didn’t loose a drop of his cum. She was going to make sure about that. There was just a little that she made sure stayed in her mouth. When she sat back up Tommy was having trouble keeping control of the car and had to pull over before he wrecked. He was surprised that he hadn’t wrecked already. Once the car was stopped he looked over at Amanda who was now facing him with her legs spread wide giving him a view of her pussy since she had taken off her shorts. Tommy wasn’t sure when she had done that. Amanda opened her mouth and spit Tommy’s cum into her hand and proceeded to spread it all over her pussy and then started to shove her fingers inside. Tommy was immediately hard again.

“It’s a shame I have never fingered myself before. I really like this. But not as much as when your cock is in me.”

Tommy through the car in gear and was back at the apartment in record time. Amanda had barely walked inside and closed the door when Tommy dropped everything he was carrying and grabbed Amanda and proceeded to almost rip her clothes off of her. The same time he was undressing her, Amanda was doing everything to get Tommy’s clothes off of him. Neither one of them knew who wanted the other more.

Once all there clothes were off Tommy picked her up and wrapped her legs around him. He had his tongue so far in her mouth he thought that she was going to choke on it. Both of them were already sweating like crazy so, to help him keep a good hold onto Amanda, Tommy put her back against the wall. He slid her down a little and when he knew she was at the right height, since she was almost a foot shorter than he was, then, he thrust his hips upward, shoving his cock all the way up inside her.

Amanda’s eyes flew open at the sensation of the sudden penetration of Tommy’s cock. She was surprised that Tommy was this hard right after the blow job she gave him in the car and the load he shot into her belly. She could feel the head slamming against her cervix. Amanda wanted him to cum inside her so bad that she was squeezing her pussy as tight as she could around his cock. She loved how she could feel his cock pulse with every shot of cum and she wanted it more than anything.

Tommy could feel his cock hitting her cervix but he didn’t want to take a chance of hurting her. He loved her and hurting her was the one thing that he never wants to do. He knew he wasn’t going to last much longer. With every thrust into her pussy he could feel the pressure starting to build. He was just trying to hold out so she would cum with him. Tommy loved it when they both would cum at the same time.

Right then Amanda dragged her nails down his back and bit down on one of his nipples.

Tommy exploded deep inside her, that he thought she lifted up a few inches. Shot after shuddering shot of cum went into her. On the third shot of cum Amanda’s body started to tremble like never before. She started thrashing and screaming in his arms, which had Tommy thinking that he had hurt her, and that she was trying to get away. Then the flood gates opened.

Amanda started to cum, and cum she did. It splashed off of Tommy and onto the wall and down onto the carpet. Tommy didn’t care though. He was lost in his own orgasm, plus he was totally enjoying this look of total ecstasy that was on Amanda’s face. Just when he thought she was done she shuddered a little and started having another orgasm. That right there caused Tommy to cum again. Before it was over Amanda had cum 3 times in a little over a minute.

They slid down the wall and onto the floor where they just laid there in each others arms. Nothing in the world, at that moment, mattered to Tommy. He was holding the girl he loved and was to the point of not caring what people thought about them being together.

When they finally had the strength to sit up, both of them looked over at the wall and carpet which was soaked so bad that the puddle on the floor was almost three feet wide and you could see Tommy’s cum mixed with it.

“I love you Tommy.” Amanda said while leaning against Tommy’s chest.

“I love you too Amanda.” Tommy leaned down and kissed the top of her head. He could still smell the coconut shampoo that she had used.

At that moment Tommy’s cell phone started to ring. Tommy answered it.

To be continued…

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04-21-2009, 06:47 PM
thanks for the new addition

04-22-2009, 12:59 AM
Meeting Amanda For The First Time Part 6

When Tommy picked up the phone, he wasn’t sure who it could be, because he didn’t recognize the number. Most of the time if it was a number he didn’t know, he wouldn’t even bother to answer it. But this time, he had a feeling that he needed to.

“Hello.” Tommy said after he pushed the answer button on his cell.

“Hi Tommy it’s me, Sarah, Amanda’s mom. I forgot to give you my number before I left and I didn’t have yours, so I called the apartment manager. I told him that Amanda was staying with you while I’m out of town and that we hadn’t exchanged numbers before I left. He didn’t seem to mind giving me yours so we could be in contact. I hope you don’t mind that I did that.”

“Oh no, that’s ok Sarah. You were in a hurry the other day and I guess it just didn’t cross my mind.”

“I hope Amanda hasn’t been any trouble for you.”

“No, she has been perfect the whole time. We just got back from doing a little shopping. She kinda talked me into buying her a swim suit. If you don’t like it you can take it back. There’s a lot less to this one than the one she was wearing the other day. I hope you don’t mind that I did that.”

“No I don’t mind. I can imagine which one it is though. She was after a white one the other day that, well, there was so little to it that she might as well have not worn it at all. Is the top just a couple of pieces of material that just barely cover her nipples?”

“Yes that would be the one.”

“That’s what I figured. Well at least now I don’t have to take her up there to get it. Just let me know how much I owe you when I get back so I can give you the money for it.”

Tommy was able to breathe a sigh of relief after hearing that.

“You don’t have to do that Sarah. I’m happy to be able to do that for her and for you. Plus I feel a lot better knowing that the one she picked out is ok with you.”

“Well I don’t exactly agree with it but I know that if I didn’t get it for her she would find some way to get it. Actually it looks like she did find a way.” Sarah kind of laughed over the phone.

Amanda heard what her mom said and grinned at Tommy while trying to give him an innocent look. She knew though that her mom was exaggerating a bit on it but it didn’t bother her. There was no way anything was going to bother her. Not while she was lying there in Tommy’s arms.

Tommy looked down at Amanda and gave her a kiss, hoping that her mom didn’t hear it. Then, he saw that look. The look Amanda would get when something popped into her head. What Tommy didn’t know was that Amanda was planning on having something pop into her mouth while he was on the phone with her mom.

Amanda slowly climbed on top of Tommy and started kissing his chest ever so lightly. She knew that she was sending chills along his body just by doing that. It was also very apparent that he knew what she was up to because when she looked up at him he was shaking his head and mouthing the words, don’t you dare, but, at the same time, had a slight grin on his face. She ran her finger nails down his side when she reached his stomach. She could hear him sucking air through his teeth.

Poor Tommy was trying very hard to not make any kind of noise while talking to Sarah, but Amanda wasn’t making it easy. That wasn’t the only thing getting hard. Every time he tried to get her to stop, at least till he was off the phone, she would use her nails again. This time he wasn’t very quiet.

“Are you ok Tommy?” Sarah asked.

“Yes, I am. Your daughter is here trying to tickle me while I am talking to you.”

“If she doesn’t behave tell her you have my permission to bust her butt.”

Amanda heard that and turned around and wiggled her butt at Tommy who immediately gave her a quick swat on one cheek. It was harder than he intended. Tommy could already see a light outline, of a hand print, where he swatted her.

Amanda gave a kind of squeak when Tommy did that. It kind of surprised her that he had gone ahead and swatted her butt. But she kind of liked it also. That surprised her even more. Right then she leaned down and sucked Tommy’s cock into her mouth. She knew she caught him off guard with that move because he let out a moan and tried to cover it up by coughing.

“Is she still trying to tickle you Tommy? If she is starting to be a pest and is beginning to get on your nerves, just let me know and I will have a talk with her when I get back.” Sarah told Tommy.

“No, she isn’t being a pest. She’s a really sweat girl.”

“Yes she is. If she isn’t busy could I talk to her for a minute before I get off of here?”

“Well right now she kind of has her mouth full right now.” It was everything Tommy could do to keep control while she had his cock in her mouth. That was a feeling he could never get tired of.

“Well that is just like her. Some days I just never know what she’s going to have shoved in her mouth. Tell her not to eat too much or she’ll make herself sick.”

“I will. Do you know about when you’ll be back?” Tommy was hoping that it wouldn’t be till later tomorrow night.

“I was supposed to come back in the morning but I couldn’t catch a flight till almost midnight tomorrow night. I hope that’s ok? I really don’t want to be of any inconvenience to you. If you want I can come right over and get her as soon as I get there so you can have your place back to yourself.”

“Don’t worry about it. You will probably be tired when you get back so why don’t you just go to your apartment and get some sleep. Amanda will be fine here.”

“Are you sure? It won’t be a problem for me to come get her in the morning.”

“Get some sleep. We’ll see you later in the next day.”

“Well if you insist. Ok. Well I had better get going. I’m already running later like usual. Please give her a hug for me and tell her that I love her.”

“Amanda, your mom said she loves you and she said to give you a hug.” Tommy sat up and wrapped his free arm around her waist and pulled her back up to him giving her a hug. He could here the pop from his cock coming out of her mouth.

Amanda leaned back and hollered into the phone. “I love you mom. See you when you get back. You don’t have to worry about a thing. Tommy is taking really good care of me.” She tried to go straight back to his cock but he kept a good hold on her.

“Well see you in a couple days Tommy and thank you again. I will have to think of a way to pay you for watching her.”

“It was my pleasure. It’s been a lot of fun having her here. See you when you get back. Bye.”

“Bye Tommy.”

Tommy hung up the phone and then put it back on the table. “Now little girl. What did you think you where doing while I was talking to your mom? You are so bad.”

“But you know you were enjoying it the whole time. You know you can’t deny it, can you.” Amanda was staring him straight in his eyes.

They both leaned toward each other desperately wanting each others mouth. They kissed for several minutes and then got up off the floor.

“Tommy I think we had better put the groceries away before some of it goes bad.”

Tommy had completely forgotten about the groceries. He went over and picked up several of the bags, while Amanda grabbed the rest and carried them into the kitchen. He was putting a box of noodles into one of the cabinets, when he turned around and right there, in front of him, stood Amanda. She was completely bent over putting some vegetables away in one of the drawers in the refrigerator and still totally naked. He was totally enjoying the sight of her beautiful ass and the sight of her pussy lips showing from behind. He wanted her right there but it took every once of strength he still had, which wasn’t much, and went back to putting things away.

When they where done, they went upstairs and put the mattress protector on the bed and then the clean set of sheets from the drier. Tommy could still smell that wonderful scent of her pussy juice on both of them and suggested another shower.

“Why don’t we just go jump into the pool, then maybe later we might take that shower. I really want to wear my new swim suit and I know you want to see me in it again.”

Tommy already knew how she looked in it. That was one image that was permanently imprinted in his mind. There was no way he was going to forget something like that.

“Ok. Let’s get ready.” Tommy quickly reached out and slapped her ass, this time on the other cheek. He loved how it jiggled when he did that. He was going to have to remember that later on.

Tommy made Amanda go to the pool with a towel wrapped around her. He knew if he didn’t, he was going to have a hard-on before they ever got out the door.

When they arrived at the pool Tommy put the extra towels on a couple of chairs and then jumped into the pool. He came up, from under the water, and turned back toward where Amanda was standing. He wanted to see the reaction of everyone one out there when she took that towel off.

There were 2 men and 3 boys out there. He figured the men to be about 35 to 40 and the boys ranged from 10 to 13. Tommy guessed the kids must have belonged to the two guys. Apparently their wives must have been at work or something.

Amanda dropped the towel and everyone out there took a double take at Amanda.

Immediately you could see both men start to get aroused at the beautiful site before them. One of the men didn’t realize he was rubbing his cock through his swim trunks until he noticed that Tommy was watching him. The man looked down and quickly pulled his hand away. His face turned beet red at the realization of what he was doing. He told the other guy that he had to go and the other man agreed that he had to do the same thing. They both grabbed there stuff and told their boys that it was time to go.

“But daddy, we just got out here.”

“There is, um, something, that um….don‘t ask questions. It’s just time to go.” Both men were practically dragging their kid’s home.

Tommy started to laugh. He noticed that the oldest of the boys was trying very hard to look at Amanda’s bare ass. The boy was totally enjoying the site before him.

Amanda was totally enjoying the attention that she was getting. But, what really mattered, was that she always had Tommy’s attention and that was something Amanda wasn’t worried about loosing.

Amanda finally jumped in and swam up to Tommy. She headed straight for his crotch but was stopped by Tommy’s hands. When she finally surfaced she had a look of disappointment on her face. Her lower lip pushed out.

“What’s wrong Tommy? Can’t I tease you a little bit while we are out here? I know you want me to suck you off again. I can see it in your eyes.”

Tommy knew she was right, but there was no way he was going to let her do something like that out here while it was still broad daylight. That was just too big of a risk that he wasn’t even going to take a chance with.”

“You know I love it when you do that but we can’t. At least not right now. It’s just too dangerous. There’s no way of knowing if someone is going to come out there. How about later if we aren’t too tired?”

Amanda started to smile and agreed. “I guess your right Tommy. I should have been thinking. I am sure I can wait till later.” With that said she looked around real quick and then gave him a quick kiss on the cheek, just in case someone might walk in and notice, and then swam off to the other end of the pool.

Amanda and Tommy stayed out there for about an hour and then headed back to the apartment to take a shower. Tommy loved watching her undress and then being able to run his eyes over every curve of her body. He traced the outline, of every inch of her, from head to toe and back again. He also noticed she was getting a really nice tan everywhere that her swim suit didn’t cover, and that wasn’t much.

They both climbed into the shower and took turns washing each other. Amanda washed Tommy first. She used the body wash that he had bought today while they were out shopping. She loved the aroma of it and couldn’t wait to smell it all over Tommy’s body. Slowly she scrubbed his back and chest working her way down to his waist. She made sure to wash his cock and balls really good, and then started washing his ass. Amanda loved the way his ass felt in her hands and she would give both cheeks a good squeeze while at the same time digging her nails into his skin. She noticed that when she did that he would thrust his hips forward and that his cock was getting hard also. That gave her an idea. She went ahead and did it again but this time when he thrust forward she made sure his cock went straight into her mouth.

“Mmmmmmmmm! Ohhhhhhhh!” That was the most Tommy could say at that moment. He knew they should be getting cleaned up but he just couldn’t take her favorite play toy away from her. He had already stopped her once earlier at the pool, but he wasn’t going to stop her now. He was totally enjoying this. Slowly he reached down and placed his hands on the back of her head and gently started thrusting his cock into her mouth.

Amanda was doing everything she could think of to please her man. She reached up with one hand and started stroking his cock while she was sucking on it and she was gently caressed his balls with her other hand. She loved the feeling of his cock in her mouth and wished she could keep it there forever. She was able to feel every vein and ridge up and down his shaft and would run her tongue over the tip of it every time she would taste his pre-cum. That right there was a taste that she wished you could by in a bottle. But Amanda was sure that getting it straight from the tap was always the best.

Tommy started thrusting a little faster and started moaning a little louder. He knew he was close and that it was pretty much guaranteed that she would swallow every drop of it. He could feel her start to move her head back and forth faster. Tommy almost collapsed when the orgasm hit him. Three good shots went straight down her throat and she was still trying to milk more out of him.

Amanda kept his cock in her mouth till it went soft and then let it flop out. She looked up at Tommy licking her lips and then opened her mouth up wide as to show Tommy that she had swallowed every drop of it. She knew she didn’t have to do that, but for some reason it made her feel a little bit more like a nasty little girl.

“Now it’s my turn. Stand up and I’ll wash you now.”

Amanda slowly stood up, but made sure that she was completely against him, so that her breast would run up across his cock and the upper half of his body. Her nipple’s where so sensitive right then that she let out a soft moan.

When Amanda was completely standing, Tommy started to wash her hair with the coconut shampoo, and then the conditioner that was there, making sure too not miss any of it since Amanda had a lot of hair. When he was finished with her hair he grabbed the bottle of body wash and squirted it directly onto her boobs. He turned her around and pulled her back against him. Tommy reached around and had one boob in each hand and slowly started rubbing both of them clean. Every third or fourth pass over her nipples he would lightly pinch them causing her to gasp. After that he sat down and started to wash her ass. Tommy had her ass soaped up really good. He kept running his fingers down her crack and across her tight little butthole. He felt Amanda squirm a little every time he did that. The one time he thought that she had pushed back against his finger. That was the one place his cock hadn’t explored, yet.

Tommy turned her around and found that beautiful pussy directly in front of him. He reached up and started washing it with his bare hand. Every time he would hit her clit she would shiver as if a cold breeze had blown across her. Slowly she started to spread her legs which gave Tommy an even better view and easier access. That was it. He had to have his tongue in there.

Tommy laid down in the tub and motioned Amanda up to him. “Bring that pussy down here so I can eat it.” Tommy was running his tongue across his lips in anticipation of her sweet pussy.

Slowly Amanda squatted down over Tommy’s mouth anticipating the touch of his tongue against her clit.

Tommy quickly shoved his tongue into her pussy and started lapping every inch of her vaginal walls. Her pussy was so wet that he was almost certain that she came from the sensation of his tongue inside her.

Amanda thought she was going to pass out. She leaned forward and placed the top of her head against the wall to help with her balance. Feeling Tommy’s tongue inside her pussy was driving her crazy. She finally lost control when he started to rub his nose back and fourth across her clit really fast. All she could hope was that she didn’t drown her lover. Amanda couldn’t hold herself up anymore and just sat her pussy straight down with all of her weight, which caused his tongue to go in even farther. That was the last thing she remembered before she passed out.

To be continued….

For anyone that is wondering about her mom. She will be home soon. I’m still working that one out.

Please leave comments and maybe rate my story. You can also e-mail me at: dirtymind_88@yahoo.com

04-22-2009, 02:50 AM
Hey there dirtymind, I have just caught up with your story and it is certainly a well written, sexy and well worth the read.

Looking forward to hearing about what Amanda's mother has to say about her daughter's new boyfriend.

04-22-2009, 10:35 PM
Great storyline, I can't wait to see if you're going to bring Sarah into the mix

04-23-2009, 06:51 AM
Hot series. Can't wait to read more.

04-23-2009, 03:12 PM
I see there's more to this tale to read and enjoy and I plan to do
just that.

Very nicely written, smooth flow to the storyline and hella hot.

That's a fine mix that makes a tale worth going back to and
this does just that.

Well done!

04-26-2009, 04:06 AM
Meeting Amanda For the First Time Part 7

“Mmmmmm! Mmmmmm! Mmmmmm!” That was all Tommy could get out. Both, his mouth and nose were totally covered making it impossible for him to breathe. He knew Amanda had passed out again just by the amount of weight that was pressing down on his face. He knew she didn’t weigh much, but with his face covered like it was he knew he would suffocate if he didn’t move her soon.

He was finally able to move her down, off of his mouth, and onto his chest. It was a lot easier to breathe like this even though she was now sitting right on top of his lungs. Tommy just laid there and sucked in as much air as he could.

“Damn. I know I said: What man wouldn’t want to die with his face full of a young girl’s pussy. But that’s not what I meant.” Tommy was still trying to catch his breathe.

After a little more work he slid her down to where her breasts were laying on his face. He was totally enjoying them lying there, but he knew that right now wasn’t the time, especially with the water, from the shower, starting to get cold. Tommy was starting to shiver, but he also noticed that the cold water was starting to bring Amanda back to consciousness. Tommy was happy about that.

Amanda was shivering, but she wasn’t sure why. Finally she remembered where she was and what she had been doing. That brought a smile to her face.

“I see your back with me.” Tommy said.

Amanda sat up and looked at him lying in the bottom of the tub. “I passed out again. Didn’t I?” Amanda asked Tommy.

“Yeah, you passed out again. But that’s a good thing the way I see it.

“It’s a good thing? How do you figure that to be a good thing?” Amanda asked Tommy, with a puzzled look on her face.

“It just shows that I’m doing something right. The only difference this time is that besides trying to drown me with that sweet squirting pussy of yours, you were also starting to suffocate me when you passed out and sat on my face with your complete weight. I’m glad you don’t weigh a lot.”

“I’m glad too. I don’t think I could find anybody else as great as you. You are the only one that I ever want to be with. The only thing that I’m worried about is my mom.”

“Well, that’s something we’ll have to deal with when the time is right. I’m just not sure when that’ll be. Right now we should be thinking about getting out of this shower and drying off. I’m freezing. I can’t see passed you but I’m sure that my dick and balls have started to shrivel up from all of this cold water. They probably look like they belong to a ten year old boy.”

After Amanda stood up she looked down at Tommy’s dick and had to agree with him. Hell if it would have shrunk any smaller he might as well of not had anything down there. Amanda wasn’t worried though. She new that after Tommy warmed up some, her all day sucker would be back to normal. She reached out and cupped Tommy’s dick and balls in one hand. Her hand was completely covering them. She started to give a little laugh and then said to Tommy. “You are probably feeling like a perv because of what we have done the last couple of days. Well now I know how you feel.” She gave his cock and balls a little squeeze. “I feel like I’m holding a little boy dick and balls in my hand. Look it’s so small that I don’t even have to use two hands, only one.”

“Oh you think you’re funny huh. Well I know just how to teach a bad girl who likes to make jokes about shriveled up dicks.”

After Tommy had shut off the water and climbed out of the tub, he reached out and grabbed her hand and pulled her to the bedroom where he sat down on the edge of the bed.

“So you think you’re funny?” Tommy asked with a serious look on his face. He wasn’t’ mad though. Tommy was just having a little fun with her.

“Yes I do. So, what are you going to do, punish me?” Amanda replied with her arms crossed over her breasts and a look on her face that pretty much said she was daring Tommy to do something.

Without any warning Tommy pulled her to him and bent her over his legs. Tommy knew he surprised her by the startled look on her face when he reached out and grabbed her by the wrist. He could also tell that he had also scared her because she pretty much froze when he laid her across his legs.

“Now young lady, if you remember correctly, your mom gave me permission to bust your butt if I needed to. So do you still think that it was funny to make fun of my cold, shriveled up dick that is now under your belly?” Tommy was totally enjoying himself at that moment.

Amanda was actually getting a little scared. With the way Tommy was acting she was certain that he was really upset with her. Right then she tried to push her self up hoping he wasn’t serious about busting her ass. She didn’t get very far.

“Oh no you don’t little girl. You’re not getting away that easily. Tommy pushed her back down across his legs. This time he could feel her breasts against his legs. He could tell her nipples were getting hard and he liked that a lot.

“Tommy I was just joking. You know that, don’t you? I’m sorry if I made you upset.” She was really taking him serious now. Amanda was about ready to cry. What was really strange is that she was starting to get exited over what was happening. That really confused her.


“Ouch! Damn Tommy that hurt.” Amanda could feel the sting from that swat. The two swats he gave her earlier weren’t as hard as that one was. They were just play swats. Her ass cheek was really starting to sting.


“Tommy, take it easy. Damn you’re going to bruise me if you keep that up.”

Amanda noticed that with that swat Tommy didn’t pull his hand away from her ass, but instead gave it a squeeze and gently rubbed his hand across both cheeks. This was starting to get her wet. Amanda never thought she would get off from someone spanking her ass but this was starting to work. If Tommy kept that up she was going to be dripping onto the floor.

Tommy was starting to get hard. Spanking Amanda’s ass was really starting to excite him.


This one was a little lower so that when he made contact and then went to squeeze her ass, his fingers would brush against her pussy. Tommy was surprised to find out that her pussy was wet. He was certain that it wasn’t the water from the shower because this was really slippery on his fingers. He lifted his fingers to his nose to smell them. That made his cock completely hard and had it rubbing against her stomach.

“Damn she is turned on by this.” Tommy thought to himself.

After smelling her scent on his fingers, he then lightly sucked her juices off of them. To Tommy there was nothing better in the world then her sweet juices from her pussy.

Tommy wasn’t done yet. “So do you still think that it was funny? Oh look at that. You’re such a naughty girl. You’re pussy is getting wet from these spankings. You’re not supposed to like them. Oh no. This is supposed to be teaching you a lesson. Now stand up.”

Amanda stood up and wasn’t sure what to expect next. She knew he liked this as much as she was and she wasn’t ready for it to stop.

“Now you bad little girl, I can see you need to be punished some more for enjoying this. Climb up here on the bed. Get up there now!” Tommy growled at her. “No, get on your hands and knees. Now it’s time to spank that pussy. Naughty girls need to have their pussy’s spanked when it gets wet from having their ass spanked.”

Amanda did as she was told. She was pretty sure that he was getting ready to either eat her pussy again or shove his dick in it. Instead she got exactly what Tommy said he was going to do. He spanked her bare pussy. Amanda let out a squeal.

Tommy made sure to not hit her pussy as hard as he did her ass. It was just hard enough to actually startle her when he did it. He smiled when he heard the squeal escape from her lips. He could see that she was enjoying this even more. With that he gave her pussy two more swats. When the last one made contact Tommy heard Amanda let out a soft moan. That was it. Tommy couldn’t take any more.

Tommy positioned his self behind Amanda. His cock was at full attention and wanting its prize that was directly in front of it. Tommy stroked his cock several times making sure to rub all the pre-cum, which was coming out the tip, all over the full length.
Amanda knew he was behind her but wasn’t sure what Tommy was up to. What she did know was that she wanted his cock inside her but she didn’t dare move and didn’t even try to look behind her to see what he was doing back there.

“So little girl, have you learned your lesson?”

“Yes Tommy I have. I’m sorry.” Amanda was grinning the whole time she said that. This was a game she discovered that she liked.

“Well then. I would say its time to make you feel better.” With that, Tommy walked up to her and placed his hands on her hips. He gently pulled her back a little to the edge on the bed. He was hoping that he wouldn’t explode as soon as he touched his cock against her pussy. This was going to be a new experience for her.

Amanda felt his hands on her hips and was anticipating what was getting ready to happen. Her friends had told her how much they liked to be fucked from behind. Most of them said it was their favorite position to be in having sex. Then, she received what she had been waiting for.

Amanda let out a loud moan and tilted her face to the ceiling. With one quick thrust she felt Tommy bury his cock to his balls inside her. She knew Tommy was concentrating very hard to not cum right then. She didn’t want him to cum yet either. After about what seemed like forever, she felt Tommy start to pull back out some and then push all the way back into her. Amanda then dropped down completely onto her arms. She wasn’t sure if she wanted this any other way ever again. It was like his cock was reaching areas that it hadn’t reach before. With every thrust into her she would push back against him.

Tommy was totally in another world at that point and time. He looked down to a sight, which to him was the most beautiful thing in the world. The view of his cock sliding into Amanda was breath taking. He started to notice that she was pushing back against him. Perfectly in time with his every thrust.

Both of them had increased the speed of their thrusts which increased the volume of the moans and grunts coming from both of their mouths. The only other noise that both of them noticed, was the sound of Tommy’s hips slapping against her ass cheeks.

Tommy leaned over Amanda’s back, never slowing his thrusts, and pulled her up to him. He had one of her breasts in one of his hands and was very lightly pinching and twisting her nipple and then gently squeezes her breast. With his other hand he reached down to his other goal. Slowly he started playing with her clit. Every time he would make a complete circle around it, Amanda would shake all over. Tommy started to feel Amanda falling forward, out of his arms.

Amanda fell face down onto the bed and dug her fingers into the sheets. She was trying so hard to not cum but with Tommy’s cock in her pussy and with him reaching around her and playing with her clit it was more than she could stand.

“Ooohhhhhhhh shit Tommy you’re going to make me cum.” Her whole body started to shake so uncontrollably that her legs slid straight out from under her. What she didn’t expect was that Tommy never became separated from her.

Tommy landed on top of Amanda and just kept thrusting into her. He was just about ready to cum but was trying, with all his might, to hold back till Amanda was ready.

“Oh yes Tommy. Right there, keep pushing your hard cock into me like that. Oh shit that feels so damned good. Oooohhhhhhhhh! Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh! Ooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! Yes Tommy Yes! Oh shit Tommy don’t stop! Oh yes fuck me Tommy! Fuck my pussy! Fuck meeeeeee!!!!!! AAAAUUUUGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!”

Amanda exploded all over the place. All her other orgasms didn’t even compare to this one. With every thrust into her pussy, she would squirt again. It was like it wouldn’t stop and she didn’t want it to. Amanda started to almost scream when she felt another orgasm start. Her fingers were dug into the sheets so far that she wondered if there would be holes in them where her nails dug in. Right then, Tommy pushed straight into her cervix.

Tommy wasn’t going to last much longer. He knew she would have several orgasms before it was done, so he kept fighting the urge to let it all flow from him. Finally he stopped holding back and gave one massive push into her. He felt his cock hit her cervix and stop for a split second, before pushing through and releasing his seed into her womb. Tommy reached under her, pulling her tight against him, the whole time keeping his cock buried deep inside her. He felt every spasm of her pussy on his cock. It was like it was trying to keep him in there and never let him leave. Finally he stopped cumming and just laid there on top of her, feeling every little spasm of her body when he would make his cock twitch inside her.

After several minutes he rolled off of Amanda and onto the bed. He was still breathing hard and didn’t want to even try to move. Tommy looked over at Amanda, who had already turned towards him, and just laid there watching her trying to catch her breath.

Every time Amanda tried to move towards Tommy, her whole body would start to shake and make her feel like she was going to pass out. She was starting to think the shuddering was never going to stop. When it finally did she slid over to Tommy and kissed him long and deep. She didn’t know of any way that she could ever repay him for the way he made her feel all the time. Not just when they made love, but just being around each other. Amanda finally broke the kiss and looked at Tommy.

Tommy could see she wanted to say something. “What’s going through that head of yours? I can see you want to say something.”

“I do, but I just can’t put it into words how you make me feel. I don’t think I have ever been this happy, ever. You know how they say that there is someone out there for everyone? Well, I think that we are meant to be together. I really do. I want to always be with you Tommy, always.”

Tommy believed every word that she said. He also agreed with everything she had said. He didn’t want to be with any other woman. The other day he wondered what Sarah looked like without anything on, but now, that didn’t matter. Tommy had his woman right there in his arms and he wasn’t going to let anything separate them.

“Amanda, when your mom gets back, you, or we, need to sit down with her and talk about this. There is no way we can keep this a secret from her. She will figure it out sooner or later and I really don’t want to be sneaking around behind her back. That wouldn’t be very fair to her.”

Amanda laid there thinking about what Tommy had just said and she completely agreed with him. She loved her mom very much and didn’t want to hurt her in any way. So, in a couple days they were going to have to talk to Sarah about everything that has happened while she was gone.

Neither one of them had even realized that it was already a little after 5:30 pm so both of them got dressed and went down stairs to start making dinner. It seemed like every time they had sex they felt like they were starving when they were finished.

“So what are we going to have for dinner?” Amanda asked Tommy while holding him around the waist.

“I’m not really sure. How about we make some chicken, mashed potatoes and what ever else you want.”

“That sounds good. Do you need any help?”

“I’ve got it covered. You can go in the living room and watch TV or something. Let me take care of everything. Now scoot.” Tommy lightly swatted her butt. He didn’t want to swat it too hard especially since she was only wearing some extremely skimpy panties, and one of his button-up shirts. He could still see the hand prints from earlier on each ass cheek. Damn she looked so damned sexy dressed like that. Tommy just stood there smiling while watching her walk back into the other room.

When everything was finished he brought the plates of food and two cups of juice into the living room. He figured that they could just sit in there and eat.

Amanda saw Tommy come walking into the living room carrying the plates of food and the drinks. She couldn’t believe that he was waiting on her like this. It kind of surprised her.

“Thank you Tommy. I could have come in there to get it.”

“I know. But I didn’t see any reason for you to have to get up. Actually I thought you might have fallen asleep in here.”

“Actually I did take a short nap and now I feel like I could go at it some more.” Actually she didn’t feel that way but the look on Tommy’s face was worth saying that. Amanda actually felt exhausted, even after her nap.

Tommy’s had a look of shock and surprise by what Amanda just said. He didn’t see how she could be fully charged already. If she was, then he was going to have to disappoint her because there was no way he was going to be up to it. Right now the only thing that was on his mind was eating dinner and getting some sleep. He was completely exhausted.

After they ate dinner and cleaned everything up, Tommy went back into the living room to watch a little TV. Tommy looked at the clock and saw that it was almost 9:00 pm. He figured he would stay up about another half an hour before going to bed.

“Tommy, I’m going up stairs for a minute. I’ll be back down.”

“Ok. Well I won’t be down here much longer. I’m like really tired. So I won’t be too far behind you.” Tommy watched Amanda head upstairs, admiring her until she was complete out of site. He sat there for a few more minutes and decided to just go to bed. After shutting everything off and making sure the doors were locked, he went up stairs.

When Tommy walked into the bedroom he found Amanda already in bed under the covers. Apparently she came up here to change the sheets because there was a different set on the bed. She looked so beautiful lying there sleeping. This was the first time that Tommy was able to get a good look at her while she was sleeping. She looked like an angel laying there. Tommy turned out the light in the hall and then went and climbed into bed. He tried to get into bed as quietly as possible so he wouldn’t disturb her. Slowly he worked his way over to her, put his arm over her and then leaned down and kissed her cheek.

“I love you Amanda.” Tommy whispered to her.

“I love you too Tommy.” She wasn’t even awake.

Tommy smiled and leaned over and kissed her again. He could see a smile on her face. Once he was lying down behind her he felt her push herself back towards him, till her back was completely against him.

Tommy’s cock was up against her ass but it never responded to it. He guessed his cock was exhausted also. Once he was lying still Tommy fell instantly asleep. That night was the most content and restful sleep Tommy has ever had.

The next morning neither one of them woke up till almost 9:00 am. When Tommy woke up he felt completely rested. He couldn’t believe that they had slept almost 12 hours. He had never slept that long in his life. He looked over at Amanda, who was still sleeping, and slowly crawled out of bed. Tommy had just made it to the bottom of the stairs when he heard a knock on the door.

“Damn, who could that be?” Tommy thought to himself, and then headed for the door. He wasn’t prepared for who was on the other side when the door swung open.

“Sarah, what are you doing here?” Tommy could feel the blood drain out of his face.

“Well hello and good morning to you also.” Sarah replied.

“I’m sorry. Hi, Sarah, I just wasn’t expecting you back till tonight. I guess you kind of surprised me.” Tommy’s heart was starting to beat faster in his chest and he was sure that she noticed. He was getting really nervous.

“Are you ok Tommy? You seem to be really nervous for some reason.” Sarah looked over at the couch and didn’t see Amanda laying there.

Suddenly Sarah heard Amanda up stairs calling for Tommy.

“Tommy, come back to bed a little longer. We don’t need to get out of bed just yet.”

“So, what have you and Amanda been up too while I was gone?” She was starting to glare at him really hard plus she noticed Tommy starting to sweat.

To be continued…

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04-26-2009, 07:52 PM
Well it looks like the cat is out of the bag now… can’t wait to see how they try to explain the situation to Sarah and what her reaction is going to be.

Thanks for a great next instalment.

04-28-2009, 02:52 AM
That will be one bitch to explain..
Can't wait.

04-30-2009, 11:31 PM
Meeting Amanda For The First Time: Sarah’s Unexpected Arrival Part 8

It was bad enough that Sarah was standing directly in front of Tommy, but now she was asking what he’s been up to with her daughter. This is not how he wanted Sarah to find out about them. This was definitely going to make this harder to explain to her than he thought it would be. The situation would have been a lot easier right now, if there had been a big storm last night, but there wasn’t one. Plus, with Amanda upstairs calling him back to bed didn’t make it any better.

“So Tommy, are you going to explain what’s been going on between you and my daughter? Don’t you dare tell me nothing is going on. I’m not that stupid. Shit I walk in the door and she isn’t sleeping on the couch and don’t tell me the storm bothered her. That storm was the night I left. Then I hear her calling you from upstairs, wanting you to come back to bed!”

“Sarah I, we, we can explain.” Poor Tommy was starting to stutter. The best he could remember, he has never been so scared in his life.

“Tommy, are you coming back up? Who’s at the door?” Amanda asked.

“Amanda you might want to come down here.” Tommy yelled up to her.

Both Tommy and Sarah could here Amanda get out of bed and head for the stairs. She pretty much hopped all the way down the stairs until she got to the bottom landing. Then she froze in her tracks.

“Mom, what are you doing here? You’re not supposed to be here till tonight.” Amanda’s legs about buckled under her at noticing her mom standing in the living room with Tommy.

“Alright then, I’ll explain why I’m already here. I gave the airline my number and asked them to contact me if a seat on an earlier flight became available. Lucky for me one did. I was going to call and let you know but I thought I would surprise you.” Sarah said to them.

Neither Tommy nor Amanda moved from where they were standing. Both of them wanted to say something but couldn’t get the words to come out. They could see that Sarah had pretty much figured out what has been happening while she was gone.

Amanda turned and started to head back up stairs to go and put some shorts on but didn’t even make it half way when her mom said. “If you’re going up stairs to put some more clothes on don’t even bother. I’m already certain that Tommy has seen it all. So just get down here so all of us can talk.”

Amanda came back down the stairs and went over to the couch and sat down. She was feeling very uncomfortable wearing just the little bit of clothing she had on in front of Tommy and her mom. She didn’t understand why because she has wore less clothes in front of her mom, and well, all of you know how much she has or hasn’t worn in front of Tommy. She figured it was because they were all in the same room together. She tried to relax but it wasn’t easy.

Tommy went and sat on the other end of the couch but Sarah chased him over next to Amanda. All of them sat there for what seemed like hours until Amanda started talking.

“Mom I’m sorry if I’ve hurt and disappointed you. I would never do anything intentionally to hurt you. You know that.” Amanda was almost crying.

Sarah looked at Tommy. She could see he was scared and was probably hoping it was all a dream and that he would wake up soon. But that wasn’t going to happen.

“So Tommy, what do you have to say for your self? I bet you’re just thrilled to have been able to get a 16 yr old in bed. You probably think your Mr. Hot Shit for doing that don’t you.”

“No Sarah I don’t think that. I would never think anything like that. Your daughter has to be one of the most loving and caring women I have ever met. I never intended for this to happen. I’m sure you think I’m some kind of perv but I’m not. Please believe me.”

“Mom he’s telling the truth. If I wouldn’t have done what I did none of this probably would ever have happened. If your thinking that he took advantage of me, well he didn’t.” Amanda was pretty much pleading with her mom to believe her.

“So what you’re saying is that this is your fault.”

“Yes Mom it’s my fault.”

Amanda sat there and told her mom about everything that had happened out at the pool that first night in complete detail. She was surprised that her mom wanted to know about everything that they have done in the last several days. Amanda was shocked when her mom wanted complete details from both of them. What Amanda didn’t know was that her mom was starting to get very wet from hearing all the explicit details of everything Tommy and Amanda had been doing.

All of a sudden Sarah started to laugh which had Tommy and Amanda wondering what she was laughing about.

“Mom what’s so funny? Why are you laughing?” This was worrying Amanda. She didn’t see any reason for her mom to be laughing. This was supposed to be a very serious conversation.

“I need to apologize to the both of you. First, if you’re wondering if I’m going to call the cops and have you thrown in jail, well you’re wrong. That’s not going to happen. I’m not mad at either of you. Actually this is kind of what I was hoping would happen.”

Amanda was sitting there with her mouth open. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Why would her mom want this to happen? Nothing right now made any sense to Amanda except for her love for Tommy. Then she asked her mom. “What do you mean you were hoping that this would happen?”

Tommy was also confused about what he had just heard. I really didn’t make any sense to him either. He was starting to think Sarah might be a little nuts or something.

“Mom, what are you talking about? I’m like really confused right now.”

Sarah smiled at her daughter and said. “Amanda, you know how I get those feelings about people and you know that I’m hardly ever wrong about these things.”

“Yes mom, I know. Wait. So what you’re saying is that you had one of those feeling that Tommy and I were going to sleep together. Is that what you’re saying?”

“No, what I’m saying is that I knew he was the one for you. I kind of had a feeling that you two would sleep together but I wasn’t sure. I’m not saying that I wanted the both of you to sleep together. Actually I was hoping that you wouldn’t but it did happen so there is nothing that can be done about that. I’m just glad you’re on birth control. I really don’t want to be a grandma just yet even though it would be cool.”

Amanda and Tommy sat there and looked at each other and then at Sarah. This was nothing they would have ever expected to hear.

“So, from what the both of you have told me, I would say that the sex between the both of you is good.”

“Oh no mom it’s great.” Amanda said more enthusiastically than she intended to. She started to blush a very deep red.

“Don’t be embarrassed baby. I’m happy for you that the sex between the both of you is great. That’s the way it should be.”

Tommy looked at Sarah and wasn’t sure of what to say. He was trying to soak everything in that she had already told them, but for some reason he had this feeling that there was more to all of this than she was letting onto. To Tommy, it almost sounded like she was relieved that everything was turning out the way she felt it would.

“Sarah, is there something wrong?” Tommy asked her.

“Why are you asking me that? Do you think something is wrong?”

Amanda started to notice it also. Something just wasn’t right.

“What are you not telling us mom. You’re hiding something.”

Sarah couldn’t stop looking from Tommy to Amanda without grinning.

“Alright I’ll tell you. The main reason that I’m not mad at you for sleeping with my daughter is well I haven’t been a good girl either.”

“Spit it out mom. What did you do?”

“Well I’ve been seeing someone without you knowing it. I’m surprised you haven’t figured it out by now. Amanda, you know him.”

Amanda sat there thinking about who it could be. “Is it Johnny next door?”

“Nope, it’s not him.”


“Nope, not him either.”

“Don’t tell me it’s that guy that has boobs and wears women’s clothes.”

“Hell no, yuck, you must have lost your mind little girl to think that.” You could almost see Sarah’s skin crawl at the thought of that.

Tommy looked at both of them with a look of bewilderment.

“You don’t want to know Tommy.” Amanda told him.

“Well I know it’s not me.” Tommy said.

“Come on mom. Tell me. I don’t know who it could be.” Amanda was starting to get aggravated.

“Ok. Who’s been coming around the apartment a lot for the last several months?” She asked Amanda.

All of a sudden Amanda’s eyes went wide and her mouth dropped open. This was one person that Amanda never would have thought it would be.

“Are you saying it’s Eric? You’ve got to be joking mom. You’re seeing my friend Eric. Holy shit mom!”

Sarah sat there and shook her head yes, that that was the one she’s been seeing. She wasn’t sure if Amanda was mad or just totally surprised.

“Ok. I’m feeling a little left out. Who is she talking about?” Tommy asked Amanda.

“Eric is a friend of mine. He lives in one of the other buildings down from us. You would have seen him at my birthday party but he was out of town with his family.”

Amanda finally remembered something. She turned and looked at her mom. She was having trouble grasping the fact that her mom has been seeing her friend who is actually younger than her.

“Mom you do realize how old he is. Don’t you?”

“Yes I do. Amanda this wasn’t anything that I planned. It’s not something that I wanted to happen.”

“How did this start mom.” Amanda asked with a somewhat caring tone to her voice.

“Well, remember the day some of your friends came over and we had that cook out on the back porch.”

“Yeah I remember that. What about it?”

“Well not you or any of your friends realized he wasn’t out there anymore. You thought he went home. Well actually, he didn’t. He was inside with me. I had to go to the bathroom and when I walked in there Eric was standing there stroking himself and calling out my name at the same time. He about fell over when he realized I was standing in there with him. He never heard me open or even close the door so I pretty much startled him. When he turned around, I got a good look at his cock, I started to get excited.”

“Mom, how can you get excited about something like that? He can’t be very big. Probably four inches I bet.” Amanda was holding her hand up with her thumb and pointer finger spread about four inches apart.

“If you saw what I saw Amanda you would have felt the same way I did. It wasn’t four inches; it was a little over eight inches long and about two inches thick. When I saw his cock I knew I just had to have it even if it meant that I had to rape him.”

Tommy was starting to wonder if he should leave and let them finish this conversation. But before he could even move Amanda grabbed his hand. It was like she knew what he was getting ready to do and had no intention of letting him do it.

“So your telling me mom that Eric has an eight inch dick.”

“Yes sweetie.” Sarah closed her eye and leaned her head back like she was reliving that day in her mind.

Right then Amanda knew right away what her mom was thinking about.

“Well when he stopped stroking his cock and started to pull his shorts up I stopped him. I wasn’t letting that cock get away without me getting a taste of it. I leaned him against the wall and swallow all eight inches. All the way down to his balls. Mmmmmm. It tasted so good.”

The whole time Sarah was telling this she was sitting against the back of the couch with her eyes closed. She didn’t realize she was also pinching one of her nipples through the tank top she was wearing. She went right back to telling how it all happened without ever lowering her hand.

“I could tell that this was the first time he had ever had his cock sucked. I knew right away he wasn’t going to last very long but it was easy to see, and hear, that he was totally enjoying having his cock in my mouth. He just leaned against the wall and enjoyed this new sensation that he was feeling. I started to here his moaning get a little louder.”

Amanda couldn’t believe what was happening. She was starting to get wet from listening to her mom talk about what she did to Eric. She looked over at Tommy and noticed that it was also affecting him also. You could already see a slight bulge in his shorts.

“When I realized that he was getting ready to cum I took off my bikini top. I wanted his cum on my tits and also in my mouth. Eric never noticed what I had done until I took his cock out of my mouth. That was when he looked down and noticed my bare breasts in front of him. Just the sight of them made him loose all control.”

Amanda noticed her mom unbutton her shorts and then slid her hand inside them. “Wow my mom is touching her pussy right in front of me. I don’t even think she realizes that she is even touching herself.” Amanda thought to herself. She continued to listen as her mom continued with her story.

“Eric started stroking his cock again. This time it was a lot faster. He was ready to cum, and cum he did. He shot several large loads on my tits and then I shoved him back into my mouth. I wanted what ever was left. I could feel his whole body start to tremble as I sucked the last of his cum out of his cock. Damn it tasted so good. Mmmmm.”

Sarah didn’t realize anything that she was doing. By this time she had completely stripped and was sucking on one of her nipples and had two fingers shoved in her pussy. She was starting to moan louder.

Tommy and Amanda couldn’t believe this. Amanda was shocked by the way her mom was acting right now but she was so turned on by it also that she had the crotch of her panties pulled to the side and was rubbing her clit like there was no tomorrow. She wasn’t sure if it was from her moms’ story or from watching her mom pleasure herself right in front of her.

Amanda looked over at Tommy who was rubbing his cock through his shorts. She figured that if her mom is going to be naked then they should also. Amanda stood up and proceeded to slowly unbutton the shirt that she was wearing. That immediately caught Tommy’s attention. But it didn’t catch it completely.

She could see that Tommy wasn’t sure of which way to look. Amanda could see that he was enjoying watching her mom but at the same time he desperately wanted to watch her undress also. It didn’t bother her that he also wanted to watch her mom. It kind of excited her.

Once her shirt was off and she was standing there in just her panties she turned around away from Tommy, and proceeded to slowly wiggle out of them. The farther down they went, the more she bent over. She took a quick look at Tommy and noticed that he had his cock out of his shorts. It was already at full attention and he was slowly stroking it. Now his attention was more towards her than to her mom. She could here her mom moaning even more now.

Amanda bent back up and proceeded to get Tommy’s shorts off of him. She didn’t even have them completely off of him before his cock was in her mouth. She could here Tommy moan while she slowly sucked the head of his cock and ran her tongue in complete circles around it. She figured that he was just too damned turned on from watching her mom fingering herself in front of them and also from Amanda sucking his cock in front of her mom.

Tommy couldn’t believe anything that was happening. In his mind he kept saying to himself that there was no way this was happening. It had to be impossible.

Sarah didn’t even notice anything that Tommy and Amanda were doing. She was in her own little world at the point. She continued her story while still fingering her pussy.

“When Eric was done cumming on my tits, and I had sucked all of his cum I could out of his cock, I sat up on the counter and spread my legs, giving Eric a perfect view of my completely shaved pussy. He stood there staring at it with his mouth open. I watched as he licked his lips. I wanted that tongue on, and in my pussy. I called for him to come to me. Slowly Eric walked over to me. Never once, did he take his eyes off of my pussy. When he was directly in front of me I pulled him down till he was eye level with my crotch. Gently I pulled his mouth towards it. I could hear him breathe in my womanly scent and then let out a moan when he exhales. When his breathe hit my clit, it sent a shiver through my whole body.”

Tommy wanted to try that with Amanda so he pulled her off of his cock and sat her up on the couch with her legs spread wide. He leaned down and lightly blew on her pussy and clit. He knew she was extremely wet and that it would make it feel even colder. He breathed in that wonderful scent and then very slowly blew onto her clit. He felt her whole body shake when he did that.

Amanda wasn’t prepared for that. The feeling of Tommy blowing on her clit sent a shiver up her spine. She made a little noise that was kind of like a gurgling squeak. She opened her eyes and noticed that her mom was watching them and for some strange reason it didn’t bother Amanda. It actually excited her more.

Amanda reached up and squeezed one of her nipples between her thumb and finger. Her nipples appeared to be harder than they usually were. She could feel Tommy start to lick, her pussy so she just closed her eyes and leaned her head back. She wasn’t aware of anything or anyone else. The only sensation for her was Tommy’s tongue on her pussy.

She reached down and held Tommy by the hair. She knew he wasn’t going to go anywhere but she enjoyed having a hold of his hair. Plus with Amanda having a good hold of his hair she knew that his tongue didn’t have a chance to leave her clit till she had cum.
Tommy knew right then Amanda wasn’t going to let his tongue leave her pussy. She had her fingers so tangled up in his hair that he half expected to have to cut it to get loose. Every time he would run his tongue over her clit she would pull his head down and thrust her hips up at the same time. On the next thrust of her hips, Tommy shoved his tongue inside her as deep as he could get it. That right there caused Amanda to squeeze her thighs together around Tommy’s head.

Amanda was so close to her orgasm that she was having trouble keeping herself under control. With every thrust of Tommy’s tongue into her and the sight of watching her mom on the other end of the couch was just too much for her. She could hear her mom start moaning louder. Amanda looked down at her moms hands. They were moving really fast over her clit that she was sure she was going to give herself friction burn. Then her mom started almost screaming.

“Oh shit. Oh yes. Damn I’m getting ready to cum. Oh yes watch your dirty mom cum in front of you. I want both of you to watch me cum. Let him up so he can watch you dirty mom cum. Oh yes Amanda I know your close. Please cum with me. I want to see the ecstasy on your face from Tommy eating that beautiful pussy.”

Amanda’s mom was right about her daughter. She was close. She hated to do it but she released her hold on Tommy and let him come back up to sit on the couch between Sarah and Amanda. She had noticed that when he went and sat down that he was stroking his hard cock.

Amanda continued to play with her pussy while she continued to watch her mom. She noticed that her mom was doing the same thing. Both of them looked like they were in a race to see who would cum first.

Tommy was enjoying the site that was on either side of him so much that he was close to cumming also. The more he heard the girls moan the closer he was to cumming. Tommy watched as both mother and daughter pleasured there selves in complete synchronicity. Both girls were so in tune with each other that you would have thought that you were looking at a mirrored image of each other.

Tommy started to feel his balls tighten up. He was doing everything he could to hold back, but the sight of these two beautiful women getting their selves off, with just there hands, was more than he could take. With a long grunt he started shoot into the air. He didn’t pay any attention to were it went. He wasn’t expecting what happened next.

Both girls lost complete control when Tommy started to cum. Within just a few seconds after Tommy shot the first steam of cum into the air, both girls let loose.

Amanda and Sarah started screaming and shaking all over. They both had their heads tipped back as far as they could go, with only the whites of their eyes showing. Their heads jerked back down and their eyes went back to normal because the next thing they knew, both girls were getting hit all over their bodies by the other ones cum.

Tommy just sat there amazed at what was happening. There he was, sitting in the middle of his couch, with a beautiful girl on either side of him and their pussy’s shooting cum across him and splashing on each other. That right there made him cum again. This was one of the best sites Tommy had ever seen. This was something he wanted to be a part of. Being a one man audience just wasn’t cutting it. Tommy leaned forward right in front of both streams to the point of having the line of fire blocked enough that the girls were no longer soaking each other.

Both girls finally came down from their erotic high and just laid there on the couch trying to catch there breathe. They felt exhausted but somehow also refreshed. They could see all of there cum dripping off of Tommy, from his head to his waist.

Amanda leaned up and pulled Tommy down to kiss him. She could taste her cum and her moms also, all over Tommy’s mouth. She loved how the mixture of cum from her mom and herself tasted. She started licking it off of Tommy’s body. Then Amanda stopped kissing him and looked around Tommy towards her mom and said.

“Hey mom, you should come up here and see how we taste together. It’s just wonderful.”

Sarah got an evil smile on her face but then asked Amanda. “Are you sure that’s ok with Tommy? Both of you have already said that you don’t want to be with anyone else and I don’t want to ruin that between you too.”

“Well Tommy, what do you think? Is that ok with you?”

Tommy wasn’t sure what to say. With everything that had already happened this morning he was really curious as to what might happen next. When he looked at Amanda he could see this look on her face that said she really wanted this to happen. He thought about it for a bit then asked Amanda how she felt about it.

“The way I see it Tommy, this isn’t like we are having sex with someone we don’t know. This is my mom so I figure we could include her sometimes in our little play sessions. So if it doesn’t bother you, then I say lets have some fun. I know you thought about fucking my mom when you first met her. I watched you while you were checking out her ass when she was running back to the apartment.”

“You were watching out the upstairs window. Weren’t you?” Tommy asked.

“Yes Tommy I was watching. I wanted to see what your reaction was going to be when she asked if I could stay over here. So, have you decided? It looks like my mom is getting a little anxious on the other end of the couch.”

Tommy looked over at Sarah. She was wiggling all over the place and was already rubbing her pussy again. The whole time her eyes were directed at his cock.

“Well since its ok with Amanda then its ok with me. But if all three of us are going to have some fun together then maybe we should just go upstairs where we can be more comfortable.”

If Tommy only knew what Sarah was planning.

To be continued….

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05-01-2009, 12:17 AM
And here I was thinking mum was going to be pissed…

Another hot and sexy instalment.

05-02-2009, 01:02 AM
So... I guess mum is ok with them being together. Not what I expected, but it's fun reading nonetheless.

05-03-2009, 11:35 PM
Meeting Amanda: Sarah’s Little Surprise Part 9

Tommy got up off the couch and reached out to both women to help them up. Sarah started up the stairs first, with Amanda right behind her. Tommy wasn’t too far behind. He was completely enjoying the sight of the two beautiful asses that were right in front of him. He felt like he was one of the luckiest men alive to have such a hot 16 yr old girl friend and now to be able to involve her hot mom also. This was too good to be true.

When they walked into the bedroom Sarah crawled up on the bed first. The first thing she noticed was the mattress protector that was on there. After seeing how her daughter could cum she understood why he had one.

Tommy watched Sarah as she slowly worked her way onto the bed. The view of her ass seductively moving around in front of him was starting to make his cock hard. This was going to be very interesting, having two women at the same time. The one thing he kept wondering about was if Sarah would surprise him in ways that Amanda had done.

Amanda walked over to the side of the bed and climbed up on it next to her mom. Both girls kept looking at Tommy, licking their lips the whole time. They knew what they wanted from him, and it was sticking straight out in front of him, from between his legs.

“So Tommy, what are you waiting for? Climb up here with us.” Amanda said and then started sucking on one of her fingers.

“Yeah Tommy come on. Don’t be shy. From the way you two have been going at it you’re not shy at all. Do you need some encouragement? Both of us will gladly help encourage you up here.” Sarah said to Tommy while giving him a look that would make any man want her.

Sarah looked over at Amanda and motioned her to follow. Both girls headed to the foot of the bed and started running their hands all over each others bodies. Sarah couldn’t believe she was doing this with her daughter. To Sarah, this had to be one of the most erotic things she had ever done with anybody. Every time she would feel Amanda run her fingers over her nipple, her legs would feel like they were going to collapse out from under her. Without thinking about it she leaned forward and started kissing Amanda. They were both in a wild tongue wrestling match with their tongues poking and gliding and slithering inside each others mouth. Sarah could feel her daughter’s hand probing around at her pussy. She knew what she was after and granted her access by spreading her legs wide. Right away she could feel Amanda shove two fingers inside her pussy.

Tommy was so entranced by what he was seeing right now that it didn’t even cross his mind to join them. It surprised him when Sarah started kissing Amanda like they were complete lovers. This was exciting him even more. He could see that when Amanda put her fingers in Sarah’s pussy that her mom was starting to get lost in the moment. He saw Amanda motion for him to climb up on the bed behind her mom. Tommy did as he was told.

Once Tommy was up there he reached around Sarah’s waist and slid his hand, across her stomach, sending shivers through her body. His other hand went straight for one of her DD breasts. Tommy put his body against hers. His hard cock pressed against her ass. Very lightly he started kissing her along her neck.

Sarah didn’t realize Tommy was on the bed with them until there was another set of hands on her body. At first she thought she was imagining things and then she felt Tommy’s cock against her ass. She pushed her hips back against it. Every time she would do that she could feel him grind his hips forward, pressing against her a little harder every time. She totally loved everything that was happening to her.

Amanda was listening to her moms breathing and her heartbeat. She could hear little moans coming from her mom and that made her want to do even more. She got Tommy to help her lay Sarah down on the bed. Once they had her laid out Amanda started sucking on one of Sarah’s nipples. She could feel her mom’s fingers going through her hair so she could try and keep Amanda’s mouth where it was at.

Amanda looked over at Tommy, never removing her mom’s nipple from her mouth, and rolled her eyes down towards her mom’s pussy. She watched as Tommy licked his lips at the thought of licking that sweet pussy that Amanda had come out of when she was born. She knew he wouldn’t turn that down. She watched as Tommy lifted her mom’s legs up over his shoulders and proceeded down towards that glistening goal ahead of him.

When Tommy got close enough to Sarah’s pussy he blew on her clit. He wasn’t prepared for her to jerk her whole body off the bed from him doing that. Her whole pussy came straight up into his face, causing her body to jerk again. Tommy finally grabbed a hold of her around both thighs and held tight. Keeping his tongue buried in her pussy the whole time.

“Oh shit!” Sarah screamed. She wasn’t expecting Tommy to blow on her clit. She knew Amanda must have told him about how that affected her. She was certain that Tommy was trying to lick her cervix by the way he kept trying to shove his tongue into her even farther than it already was. She knew the only way he was getting that deep with his tongue was that he would have to shove his head up in there. It was one thing having a baby come out of there but she certainly didn’t want someone trying to go back in there with there head. Hell no.

“Amanda you told him, didn’t you?” She asked her daughter, who looked at her mom with a grin on her face.

Amanda finally pulled her moms nipple out of her mouth and replied. “Did you think I could keep that a secret from Tommy? I didn’t tell him because I thought this would happen between all three of us. None of this ever crossed my mind. I told him because I was hoping he would try it on me. Having my clit blown on affects me the same way it affects you, and I love it when he does that.”

Amanda started working her way down to Tommy’s cock. She wanted it back in her mouth because she never finished what she had started down stairs. She wanted his cum in her mouth really bad and she was going to get it.

Sarah saw where her daughter was heading and wished that she was the one going to suck that beautiful cock. But she wasn’t going to complain though. Tommy was Amanda’s boyfriend, not hers. So she just laid back and enjoyed the tongue lashing Tommy was giving her pussy. To Sarah her pussy felt like a canvas and Tommy’s tongue was the paint brush. He was making sure every brush stroke was perfect and in the right place. Not too soft and never too hard. It was always just right.

Tommy felt his cock going in Amanda’s mouth and down her throat. He could feel her flex her throat muscles around the head of his cock. He slowly felt her start to pull his cock out of her mouth some, dragging her teeth along the whole length, till she reached the tip and then buried it completely back to his balls. This was driving him crazy. If she kept that up for too long he was definitely going to cum. Tommy let out a moan onto Sarah’s clit causing her to moan also.

Sarah looked down at Tommy as he pleasured her and at her daughter pleasuring Tommy. “My baby girl is being left out.” She thought to herself. Amanda was in the perfect position for Sarah, who turned herself onto her side and started to spread her daughters’ legs. Sarah could see her daughter’s juices all over her thighs and the bed. Sarah’s mouth started to water. With her daughter’s leg’s spread nice and wide, she slipped two fingers inside Amanda’s pussy. She was amazed at how wet Amanda was. With every thrust of her fingers she felt Amanda’s pussy contract around her fingers. It made her wish that she had a dick so she could fuck Amanda’s tight hole and know the pleasure Tommy feels every time he fucks Amanda. When she pulled her fingers out, she placed them in her mouth, and sucked off all of Amanda’s juices, making sure to not miss a single drop.

Amanda gave a pitiful moan from her mom taking her fingers out of her pussy. She wanted them back in there.

“Awe is my daughter not happy that I pulled my fingers out of you? Well here sweetie. Let me make it better.”

Sarah leaned towards her daughter’s pussy and started licking all around her outer lips. Never once did she touch Amanda’s clit. She knew she was teasing her daughter, but in the end, she knew Amanda would enjoy this even more. While she was doing that she started to finger fuck her daughter again. This time she used three fingers. She heard Amanda let out a long moan when she inserted her fingers into her pussy, which caused Tommy to moan on Sarah’s pussy. That right there sent Sarah over the edge. Quickly she placed her mouth over Amanda’s clit and started sucking on it. She kept moaning the whole time. She never thought it would cause a chain reaction from all three of them.

Sarah started cumming all over Tommy’s face. He was doing everything he could to drink it all down. This in turn caused Tommy to start cumming in Amanda’s mouth, who in turn started cumming all over Sarah.

All three of them were in the throws of a three way orgasm that seemed to not want to quit. Sarah finally had to push Tommy away from her pussy. She couldn’t take it any more. The electrical shocks that were running from her clit and up threw her body were driving her crazy. She looked at Amanda, who still had Tommy’s cock in her mouth. She wished she could get a taste.

“Hey baby girl. Can I get a little taste also? Or is it all for you.” She watched as Amanda pulled Tommy’s cock out of her mouth and then smiled at her mom.

Amanda never said a thing. She wasn’t able too because her mouth was full of Tommy’s cum. Amanda started crawling over to her mom. When Amanda got about a foot from Sarah, she opened her mouth, showing Sarah the gift of Tommy's cum, that she hadn't swallowed, to her mom. She watched as her mom smiled and proceeded to lean down to her daughter to except the gift that Amanda had for her.

Tommy watched them exchange his cum from one mouth to the other. He watched as they both swirled it around in each others mouth, thoroughly enjoying their little treat.

After the girls were done with their snack, they crawled up to lay on the bed, with Tommy in between them. Tommy could see that both women were falling asleep so he pulled the covers up over the girls and himself. Both girls moved up against him, with an arm around each of them, and fell into a content sleep. Both girls had smile on their face when Tommy finally closed his eyes. This was something Tommy could get used to but he didn’t want to do anything that would upset Amanda. But then again, she did say that all three of them could have fun together since Sarah was her mom and she didn’t have a problem with it. Tommy drifted off to sleep, still holding both women in his arms.

When he woke up six hours later, he was laying in bed alone. He was wondering where they could be. He thought that they had gone down stairs but then he heard laughter from the bathroom. They were starting to take a shower.

Tommy slid out of bed and headed to the bathroom. They didn’t close the door completely so he just pushed it open and gazed at two of the hottest bodies he had ever seen. He stood there watching the water run down every curve of them.

“I see you two are awake.”

“Well hey there sleepy head. Why don’t you come in and join us. We haven’t been in here very long. We can make sure that you’re nice and clean.”

“I bet you can.” With that said Tommy headed for the shower and climbed in with them. He noticed that they were going to make sure that he was in the middle and that there wasn’t going to be any arguments about it.

Once he was in there both girls started to lather up his whole body. He was totally enjoying the attention he was getting from both girls. While there hands were washing him Tommy had squirted some body wash on Sarah and Amanda. He made sure that each of his hands was going over the exact same area, on each girl. When he had his hand on Amanda’s breast, he also had his other hand on Sarah’s breast. He could feel them start doing the same thing to him also.

Before Tommy knew it both girls were washing his cock. He could feel a hand run along each side of his cock and down to his balls, where each girl would take half of his nut sack and gently clean it. Tommy let out a moan that he was sure the neighbor must have heard. Then he heard Sarah and Amanda.

“Well mom I think it’s clean.”

“Are you sure? We might have missed a spot. You wouldn’t want him to walk around with a dirty cock would you?”

“Oh no mom, I wouldn’t want that. Well it is at its full length now so there’s only one way to check. Go ahead mom; see if it’s clean enough.” Amanda said to Sarah.

“Are you sure sweetie? You should be the one to see how clean it is.”

“I can have it whenever I want it. Isn’t that right Tommy?”

Tommy was standing there looking down at the both of them kneeling in front of him. His cock was only a foot from them and started to twitch with anticipation for what was to come.

“You know it baby.” Tommy said to Amanda.

Sarah’s mouth was starting to water at the thought of finally getting to have that cock in her mouth. She reached up and took his cock into her hand and started stroking it slowly. She made sure she felt every inch of it from top to bottom. As soon as she saw some pre-cum come out the tip she slipped it into her mouth. His cock tasted so sweet to her. Sarah noticed that with every thrust of Tommy’s cock inside her mouth, she could feel herself getting wetter and wetter. She started to reach down to play with her pussy, but instead, grabbed Amanda’s hand and placed it between her legs.

Amanda was happy to oblige her mom’s needs. She knew how her pussy felt when she was sucking on Tommy’s cock and how bad she needed someone to take care of her pussy at the same time.

Amanda started rubbing her mom’s clit in real fast circles and lightly biting one of mom’s nipples. She pushed her fingers in as deep as they would go. Thrusting them up into he mom’s soaking wet pussy. This was making her mom moan and squeal while Tommy’s cock was still in her mouth. This was making Tommy moan even more.

She noticed that Tommy already had his hands on the back of Sarah’s head and was starting to thrust his hips back and forth. Amanda pulled her fingers out of her mom’s pussy and proceeded to spread Sarah’s legs out till they were against the insides of the tub. Once she had her positioned the way she wanted her, Amanda lay down in the tub, and slid up between her mom’s legs till her mouth was directly under her moms’ pussy. Once in position Amanda gently pulled on her moms hips so she would lower herself down to her daughters waiting mouth.

Sarah knew what to do when she felt Amanda start to pull her down by her hips. She immediately lowered herself onto her daughters’ mouth, which Amanda immediately started lapping up every inch of her moms’ cunt. She could feel Amanda attacking her pussy with such intensity that she reached over and put her hand on the side of the tub, to help from loosing her balance from the tremors that were already starting to run through her body. She started to suck Tommy’s cock even harder now.

Tommy looked down and saw Amanda crawling between her mom’s legs. He watched as Sarah lowered herself onto of her daughter’s mouth and heard Sarah begin moaning almost immediately. Tommy noticed that with Sarah lowering herself down like she did, that it made it hard for her to suck on his cock so Tommy bent his knees a little to try to make it a little easier for her. He felt her start to pick up speed and knew right away that it wouldn’t be long before she would start to cum all over her daughter. Tommy leaned back against the wall for support. It wasn’t going to be long before he started shooting his load into her mouth.

Sarah pulled her hand from the side of the tub and grabbed a hold of Tommy’s ball’s and started to gently squeeze them in her hand. She noticed that they were starting to tighten up, preparing to coat the back of her throat with that wonderful sticky cream of his. She could hardly wait for his first shot of cum. All of a sudden she felt Tommy start to thrust into her mouth harder than he was already doing and began telling her to suck harder. Sarah did as she was commanded.

Amanda could here Tommy. She knew it wasn’t going to be long before he would cum in her mom’s mouth. She had shared his cum with her mom earlier but it’s just not the same as getting it straight from the source. Amanda wished it was going into her mouth but she figured she could let her mom have this load all for herself. She heard Tommy start saying something again.

“MMMM!! OOooooooooo!!!! That’s it Sarah. You’ve got me so close. I can see it in your eyes that you want this load don’t you. Where do you want me to shoot this load? Come on baby; tell me where you want it.”

Sarah pulled his cock out of her mouth and looked him in the eye’s. She knew where she wanted it and she knew why she wanted it there. She had this part planned out. She wanted that cock in her pussy, shooting his cum all over her insides.

Sarah lifted up off of Amanda’s mouth and turned around with her ass facing Tommy. She looked over her shoulder at Tommy.

“Stick that cock in my pussy Tommy. I want that load in me. I want you to fuck my pussy with that hard cock and fill it with your cum.”

Sarah turned back around and went straight to eating her daughter’s pussy. Giving her the tongue fucking she deserves.

Tommy wasn’t going to deny Sarah what she wanted, but before he did he looked down at Sarah, whose eyes were starting to roll back in her head from her mom fucking her pussy with her tongue. It was like she knew he was looking at her when he heard her say. “Go ahead Tommy, give her what she wants. Shoot that sweet cum in her.”

With hearing that from Amanda, Tommy placed the head of his cock at the opening of Sarah’s extremely wet pussy. He knew that some of the wetness was from Amanda’s tongue and that right there was kind of a turn-on for him. He felt Sarah’s body jump when his cock touched the opening to her pussy. Slowly he pushed forward till just the head of his cock was inside. He grabbed Sarah by the hips, then, without any warning, shoved all of it in her. Tommy watched as her head shot straight up from Amanda’s pussy and let out moan that just about made him cum. Slowly, Sarah went back to eating her daughters’ juicy hole. When Tommy saw that she was fully back to giving oral pleasures to her daughter, he started to pull his cock out till just the head was in. Then, he thrust it back in with the same speed as the first time. Tommy kept this same pattern up for about a minute then he started to pick up speed. He started thrusting faster and harder and was almost certain that he would make her fall forward and hit her head against the back of the tub. He hoped that wouldn’t happen.

Tommy could hear Amanda start moaning. He knew she wasn’t far from exploding all over her mom’s face and mouth. Then, Tommy felt something entering Sarah’s pussy along with his dick. When he looked down, Amanda had slipped two fingers inside her mom’s pussy and had them kinda spread like a “V”, one finger on each side of his cock. This just made it feel even tighter to Tommy. He looked at Amanda and saw she had that evil grim on her face. Tommy couldn’t take it any more.

“Damn I’m going to cum Sarah. Oh yes I’m going to cum. I’m going to fill that pussy of yours just like you want. Give it all to you.”

“Yes Tommy fills my pussy. Shoot all of it in me. Don’t let a drop get away. Oh yes Tommy yes. DAMN YOUR COCK FEELS SO FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!”

Sarah started to explode all over Tommy’s cock and down onto Amanda’s face and into her mouth. She immediately shoved three fingers inside Amanda’s pussy and started finger fucking her ferociously. That put her daughter over the edge. Sarah quickly put her mouth over her daughters love hole and started lapping up everything she could.

Tommy totally lost all control. Hearing both girls having orgasms was more than he could take. Tommy gave three hard thrusts into Sarah’s pussy, erupting deep inside her. He could feel her inner walls milking his cock for everything it had.

After five good shots of cum and several minutes of just laying in the tub with Sarah and Amanda, they finally climbed out. All three of them were extremely weak from the fucking they just did and plus because none of them had even eaten today.

Once they were all dried off Tommy went down stairs to the kitchen. He knew they needed to eat something but he really didn’t feel like making anything. He started to call up to Amanda and Sarah to see if they just wanted to order out, when he saw them come walking down the stairs. They called him into the living room.

Once in there they all sat down on the floor since the couch was still wet from earlier. Tommy looked at Amanda, who was sitting there looking really upset and worried. This made Tommy curious as to what was going on.

“So girls, what up?” Tommy asked. “What’s with that face Amanda? You look like something bad has happened.”

“Something bad might have happened. It’s all going to depend on how you take it. I’m not going to tell you though. My mom will.” Amanda looked over at her mom with an angry stare.

“What is she talking about Sarah? Why is it going to depend on how I take it?”

Sarah took a deep breathe and started talking. “Tommy, one of the things I’ve wanted was another child. I wish I would have had one several years ago so Amanda could have had a brother or sister around while she grew up. But unfortunately I didn’t.”

“Well it’s still not too late for you to have another child Sarah. You just need to find someone willing to be the father. That shouldn’t be too hard. You are a very sexy woman. Any man would be stupid to turn you down.”

Sarah felt flattered at hearing Tommy say that. “Actually I have found someone Tommy. It’s you.”

“What did you just say?” Tommy was dumbstruck by what he was just told.

“It’s you Tommy.” Sarah repeated. “I knew I wanted to have your baby when I first met you. Then after hearing about you and Amanda and how wonderful you have treated her, then I was 100% certain. I didn’t want anyone else to be my babies’ father.”

Tommy wasn’t sure of what to say and he definitely wasn’t prepared to hear something like this. He was completely caught off guard.

“I’m sorry Tommy. I didn’t know till just a little bit ago. I’ve never known that she wanted another child. That was news to me especially when she told me she wanted to have your baby.” Amanda looked like she was getting ready to cry.

Tommy pulled her over to him and held her in his arms. He was afraid that with her mom coming forward with this information that maybe Amanda thought he didn’t want to be with her anymore and would instead want to be with Sarah.

Sarah felt really bad about telling them about that, but it was too late now. She just wondered how they were going to take the rest of the news.

“I hate to say this but there is still more I have to tell you.”

Tommy and Amanda looked over at Sarah. Both of them had a look of concern on their faces.

“Well before I say anything else I just want to tell you Amanda that I am not trying to take him from you. I would never do something like that to you.” She noticed Amanda relax a little and wipe the tears from her eyes.

“Wait a minute before you start saying anything else Sarah. Your saying you want to have a baby, right?”


“You also said that you want me to help you have a baby.”

“Yes Tommy I did.”

I’m just wondering something. Do I get any kind of say in any of this?”

“Well you can but remember I had more to tell the both of you.”

“Ok. So what’s the rest of it?” Tommy didn’t no if he should be mad or flattered about all of this.

“Ok here’s the rest. It might be too late for you to get a say in it.” Sarah just sat there, looking from Tommy to Amanda.

“What do you mean it might be too late?” That was when it hit him. He remembered that she wanted him to cum in her pussy. “Are you saying that you’re not on any birth control?”

“Mom what have you done? Why would you do something like this? I thought I was being nice and letting you find out for yourself just how good he is. This was not something that I expected.” Amanda was really upset about all of this. Then, all of a sudden she started smiling and then looked at her mom and told her. “But then again, I will get a little brother or sister out of this.” She kind of liked how this was turning out.

Tommy couldn’t believe what he was hearing from Amanda. He started to think that they had set this entire thing up, but then he wiped that thought out of his mind.

“So you’re not mad at me for what I pulled on him?” Sarah asked Amanda.

“I’m kinda mad at you but I do like the thought of having a little brother or sister running around. Plus I do like the thought of Tommy being the father. I already know how kind and gentle he is and now you know also. The only thing that kind of bothers me is that you will be having his baby before I do.”

Both of them saw the look of Sarah’s face. It was the same look that Amanda would get on her face when she had done something or was planning something.

“Mom what did you do? I see that look.”

“Well I did have something to tell you also. Remember the birth control pills I’ve been handing you for the last several months?”

“Yes what about the pills? Are you saying that I’m not on the pill either?”

Sarah shook her head yes. “If you think about it, the ones you were taking were little white round pills. But for the last two months you’ve been taking little round blue ones. What you’ve been taking is actually headache medicine. Not birth control. So you just might have his baby before I do.”

Tommy wasn’t handling any of this very well. He got up and went out the back door to get some fresh air. This was more than he ever bargained for when he got involved with Amanda. He noticed that neither one of the girls had followed him outside. He guessed that they were just trying to give him some room to breathe and that was what he needed right now.

“Hell. What’s the chances that both of them will get pregnant?” He asked himself. “That’s a long shot. Shoot I don’t even know if I’m shooting live ammo or duds. Damn I hope there live. What the hell am I saying?” Tommy stood there and took a couple deep breathes and started to relax. He really needed to think about this.

Amanda and Sarah watched as Tommy got up and headed out onto the back porch. He didn’t say a word when he left the room.

“Amanda I am so sorry if I have ruined things for you.”

“It’s ok. The one I think we need to worry about is Tommy. You have dropped a major bomb on him, well, and me also. I’m not going to let it bother me though. If I’m pregnant then I will just have to work things out myself.”

“No sweetie. We’ll work them out together. One way or another everything is going to work out for the best. I love you Amanda.”

“I love you too mom.” Amanda leaned over and kissed her mom on the cheek and gave her a hug. She heard the back door open.

Tommy walked back into the room and just stood there staring at both of them.

“Are you ok Tommy?” Amanda asked.

“Yeah I’m ok. I’m just wondering if the both of you are going to handle what my decision is.

To be continued….

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05-07-2009, 09:12 PM
great story

05-11-2009, 12:42 AM
Meeting Amanda: Part 10

Amanda was scared. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to hear what Tommy’s decision was going to be. She knew that she told her mom that she wouldn’t let it bother her if she was pregnant, but the truth of it was, it would bother her to raise the baby without Tommy there. She didn’t want the baby to grow up without his or her father around. Even though she lost her father when she was 12, she knew what it was like to grow up without him around.

Sarah sat there, not sure if she should say something, or just wait till Tommy was finished with everything he had to say. She was feeling really horrible for trying to get pregnant intentionally by Tommy and for making Amanda think that she was still taking birth control pills. If Tommy left it was going to be all her fault. This was something she didn’t want to have to live with. She didn’t want to hurt her daughter.

Tommy stood there, watching both girls sitting there on the couch. He could see just how uncomfortable they were right then, mainly because they didn’t know what he was about to tell them and they weren’t sure of what to expect. He was actually having fun letting them sit there and wonder what he was about to say, but also a part of him was feeling awful for doing this to them. Tommy felt though, that this was fair for what Sarah had pulled on him and Amanda. He wished that Amanda didn’t have to sit through all of this, but he figured that maybe he could make it up to her later on.

Tommy finally started to talk. “Well, I have come to a decision about all of this. The first thing I want to get out of the way is what you pulled on me Sarah. That wasn’t fair to me. I don’t see why you felt that you couldn’t just come to me and talk about you wanting to have my baby. What if I don’t want kids? Did you ever think of that? Apparently not, but maybe I'm wrong about that. But I guess you’re happy that you might be pregnant. If you are, then I guess congratulations.”

The whole time Tommy was talking to Sarah he never once raised his voice. Yelling wasn’t going to change anything that has already happened. All it would probably do is make things worse than they already were. He didn’t want that.

Sarah kept looking around the room. She really wished that there was a hole somewhere that she could just crawl into and never come out. She knew that with pulling what she did on Tommy, that she had just set one of the worst examples ever for Amanda. Sarah started to cry.

“Now for what you did to Amanda. Why would you want her to think that she was still on the pill when she wasn’t? I can hardly believe you did something like that. With as much sex as Amanda and I have had over the last several days there is a very good chance that she is pregnant. So now you might be pregnant and Amanda might be pregnant. This is something that Amanda doesn’t need right now. Actually I don’t think any of us need this right now.”

Tommy was starting to sweat from all the pacing back and forth across the living room while talking to both of them. Well actually just to Sarah.

“Amanda. There is nothing I can be mad at you about. It’s not your fault that you were taking headache medicine instead of birth control. Its not your fault that your mom wasn’t on any either or that she was trying to get pregnant on purpose. There is nothing that I can gripe, bitch or complain about because none of this is your fault.”

Tommy could see that Amanda had tears in her eyes. If there was one thing he hated to see it was Amanda crying. Seeing this was breaking his heart. Tommy walked over to Amanda, knelt down in front of her, and took her hands in his.

“Amanda, you know I love you. I feel that I love you more than I ever thought possible. Now with a chance that you might be pregnant I need to figure some things out. When I moved here, getting someone pregnant was not part of the plan. Right now I’m actually scared.”

Amanda could tell that he was scared. She could feel him shaking while he was holding her hands. This was breaking her heart having to sit there and see him go through this.

“Tommy I know you love me. I can see it in your eyes. I believe you, with all my heart, when you said that getting someone pregnant wasn’t part of your plan when you moved here. You can’t blame yourself. You’ve done nothing wrong. I know you’re upset and scared right now but we don’t even know if my mom or I are even pregnant. There is a good chance that neither one of us are.”

Amanda looked over at her mom and said. “Mom, tell Tommy there is a good chance that neither of us are pregnant.” Please mom, tell him.” Amanda was pretty much pleading with Sarah.

“Sweetie I wish I could but then I would be lying to both of you. I’ve already lied to you once and I don’t want to do it again. You see Amanda; all the women in our family have always been able to get pregnant very easy. It’s almost like a family curse. Hell, some of them have even joked around saying that all they would have to do is walk by a man and get pregnant. The one thing that is worse than that is that twins, and very rarely, triplets, run in our family. Think about it. Look at a lot of your cousins.”

Amanda sat there and thought about what her mom had said. There are several sets of twins in their family line. Plus a few sets of triplets. Amanda’s could feel the blood drain out of her face. She looked at Tommy with tears starting to run down her cheeks.

Tommy stood up and walked away from them a little ways. When he finally turned back around to face them, he had a completely serious look on his face.

“Well like you said Amanda, there is a good chance that neither one of you is pregnant. We will just have to wait till both of you are tested to find out. Until then it will give me some time to think. So for the time being we just need to not think about any of this, if at all possible, and try to quit worrying. Worrying about this isn’t going to make it any better.”

Sarah and Amanda knew that Tommy was right. Sarah reached over to her daughter and pulled her close to her. Both girls started crying.

“Amanda I am so sorry for what I have done.”

“Mom, stop crying, it’s ok. Well just have to check in a week or so and see if were pregnant or not. Everything is going to be ok.”

Sarah couldn’t understand how her daughter couldn’t be mad at her. She knew Tommy was really upset with her but for some reason her daughter wasn’t.

“Well mom there is one thing I’m certain about and that is that I wouldn’t trade the last several days that I’ve shared with Tommy for anything in the world.”

When Amanda said that, she was looking at Tommy the whole time. She got up off the couch and walked over to Tommy and put her arms around him. For a few seconds she thought he wasn’t going to do the same thing and then she felt his arms wrap around her with such tenderness that it convinced her even more that he was the one she would spend the rest of her life with.

Sarah finally got up and walked over to Tommy and Amanda. She could see the love that they shared just by watching them hold each other. She remembered when it was like that with her late husband Jack. That kind of love Sarah really missed.

Tommy opened his eyes and noticed Sarah standing next to them. She was smiling at Tommy. She stood there for several more seconds before she started to talk.

“Well Tommy, I hope that what I’ve done hasn’t changed anything between you and my daughter. I can see how much the both of you care about each other and that is something that I don’t want to tear apart.”

“It’s alright Sarah. There is just one thing that I want to say to you.”

Sarah wasn’t even going to try and stop him from saying anything else. She knew he had every right to be mad at her and she wasn’t going to stop him. What she heard Tommy say next totally caught her off guard.

“If you are pregnant and Sarah is pregnant I’m moving somewhere else.”

Amanda’s pulled away from Tommy and looked at him in total shock. “Please no. Please don’t let it be that he is going to move away because of this.” Amanda thought to herself. She was starting to panic.

“Amanda, let me finish before you start to freak out.” Tommy said to her to try and calm her down a little bit.

“When I said that I would be moving somewhere else I didn’t mean that it was to get away from you. It was so we could have a bigger place to raise our babies. Plus when I say we, I meant all three of us.”

Sarah and Amanda looked at each other in total surprise. They were having trouble believing what they had just heard.

“Tommy, did we just hear you correctly? Did you just say all three of us?” Sarah asked him.

“Yes all three of us. The way I see it is that if both of you are pregnant then all the babies should have their father around. No child should have to grow up without their father.”

“Tommy, what if mom isn’t pregnant? Then what?”

“Well if she isn’t pregnant, then I am sure she would just love to be there to help raise her grand children. I’m sure she would enjoy doing that.”

“Tommy you don’t need to do that. After what I have done you shouldn’t worry about me.”

“If you’re having my kid, or kids as it may be, then I want all of us to be together. That goes for even if your not. It doesn’t matter. Beside, we seem to really enjoy each other if you know what I mean. Amanda did say that only I could have fun with the both of you.”

“Tommy your serious about this, aren’t you?” Both girls asked at the same time.

“Yes I am.”

Tommy and Amanda pulled Sarah over to them, were they gave each other a deep and loving kiss that took there breathe away from each of them.

Amanda looked up at Tommy. “Hey I thought you were going to need some time to think about all of this. You certainly didn’t take very long, did you?”

“I have been thinking about it this whole time. The only thing that made sense to me was for all of us to be together. So that is my decision.”

“Ok girls. Now that we have that part of this settled I say we get some food. What would the two of you like to eat? I will say right now that I don’t feel like making anything so you need to think of something that we can order and have delivered.”

Both Sarah and Amanda stood there thinking about what they should get. Neither one of them could decide. Getting something to eat just wasn’t one of the things that were on their mind for that last 30 minutes. Sarah had an idea.

“How about we go out to eat? We do have some really good restaurants around here.”

“Yeah Tommy, could we? It would be the first time all three of us went out and did something together. I really think it would be a lot of fun.”

Tommy stood there and thought about it for a moment. He really didn’t want to go anywhere, but he did like the thought of all of them going out for dinner.

“Ok let’s do it. Is there any certain place you would like to go?” Tommy asked them.

“Well there is one place but it’s not cheap. I don’t know how much you want to spend so to help out I will pay half the bill.” Sarah said to Tommy.

“You don’t have to worry about helping out with the bill Sarah. I’m sure I can handle it. So what is this place that you want to go to? You know I am new here. I really don’t think you want me getting lost and not finding my way back.” Tommy said with a little smile on his face.

Amanda looked up at Tommy and gave him a huge smile and told him. “You don’t have to worry about that. We’re not going to let that happen. Not to our man.”

Sarah was surprised by Amanda saying that Tommy was there man. She wasn’t even thinking of Tommy as being her man. Too Sarah he was Amanda’s. She figured that she was only allowed to share him every once in awhile. She started laughing.

“What’s so funny mom?” Amanda asked with a curious look on her face.

“It’s nothing sweetie, nothing at all. I just thought of something and I couldn’t help but laugh.”

“So since this place isn’t cheap, then I say we get a little dressed up for it. It doesn’t have to be anything really fancy, just nice.” Tommy suggested to Amanda and her mom.

“We’ll have to run home to get changed. How does an hour sound?”

Tommy said. “That works for me.”

“Come on Amanda lets hurry. We don’t want to keep him waiting. Let’s see if we can make his jaw drop when we get back over here.”

“I know exactly what I’m going to wear.” Amanda already had that evil grin on her face.

“Oh no, there’s that grin of yours.” Tommy knew she was up to something. Then he noticed that Sarah had the same look. “Oh no, not you too Sarah”

Sarah didn’t say a thing. She gave him a quick kiss and started heading for the door. After she opened it she turned back toward Tommy to find him and Amanda in a long deep kiss. She ran back to them and pried Amanda away from him and pretty much dragged her to the door.

“Come on Amanda. The two of you can do that later.”

“I love you.” Tommy said.

Sarah and Amanda said in unison. “I love you too.” They both stopped and looked at each other. They smiled at each other and started laughing. Both of them started running towards there apartment.

Tommy watched from the door as Sarah and Amanda ran across the complex towards there apartment, so they could get ready for there night out.

Once they were out of sight Tommy finally closed the door and headed up stairs to get ready. Once he was in his room he started to go through the nicer clothes that he had. It wasn’t very often that he dressed up but tonight was somewhat special in a way. He finally decided on medium grey slacks, a light grey button up long sleeve shirt, which could have passed as being made out of silk by the way it looked, and a black pair of dress loafers.

Before he even started to get dressed, he went in and took a quick shower. Even though he was just in there a little while ago, he figured that it really didn’t count. The one other thing that he wanted to do is shave the little bit of stubble that was starting to appear. He wanted to look his best for his women.

Once he was finished with his shower and shave, he dried off and proceeded to get dressed. When he was done he put on some Stetson cologne. It was pretty much his favorite cologne to wear. Tommy stood there looking at his self in the mirror. “Damn I look good.” He said out loud to himself. “Maybe I should do this more often.

Tommy finally headed downstairs to wait for Sarah and Amanda to come back over. He already knew they wouldn’t be real quick about it. He remembered what it was like growing up with his sister. She was always the last one ready to go anywhere.

Once Sarah and her daughter were back at there apartment, they headed straight up to their own rooms to get ready. It was like they were both going out with someone for the first time ever.

Amanda went through her closet, tossing clothes in all directions, trying to find that one certain dress. She finally found it. She pulled it out and gave it a good look over to make sure that there wasn’t any kind of pulls or smears of anything on the material. She laid it on the bed. She was pretty sure that her mom was looking for a dress that was almost the same style as hers except for the color.

Once she had everything laid out she ran into the bathroom to take a quick shower. Apparently her mom had the same idea. She was already in there. Amanda figured it didn’t matter so she just jumped in there with her mom which kinda startled Sarah.

“Damn Amanda you just about made me jump out of the shower. I wasn’t expecting you to come in here.”

“Well I figure it would be quicker if we just took one at the same time. The sooner we are done, then the sooner we get back over to Tommy’s apartment and head for the restaurant.”

Sarah couldn’t argue with that. It actually made a lot of sense.

“Well let’s hurry. Tommy is probably already finished and waiting for us.”

They helped wash each other to try and speed things up a little. Once they were finished they both grabbed a towel to dry off with and ran straight for there own rooms. After another half an hour both girls emerged from there bedrooms and just stared at each other and smiled.

Amanda was wearing a solid white, spaghetti strap, low cut dress that came down to four inches above her knees. She was actually wearing a bra, which made her breast look bigger than they really were, a lacy white thong that her mom had bought her from Victoria Secrets and a pair of white four inch high heeled shoes. The dress clung to her body to the point of being able to see every curve you could imagine. She also sprayed on some Vanilla Fields body spray. Damn she felt totally hot.

Sarah was wearing an even lower cut peach colored dress that hooked together behind her neck and was the same length as her daughters dress. There was no back to it so she wasn’t wearing a bra. She did have on a thong that was exactly like Amanda’s but they were pink. She was also wearing the same style of shoes as Amanda except hers were the same color as her dress and tied a little ways up her ankle.

“Mom, Tommy won’t know what to say when he gets a look at us.”

“Well that’s what we were going for wasn’t it? You know you look great when a man can’t speak a single word. I can already guarantee that we are going to make a lot of heads turn when we get there.”

“I hope so. With any luck we just might get to see a few have to make a run for the bathroom.” Amanda said with a little laugh.

“Well, my dear daughter lets go surprise Tommy.”

They headed down stairs and out the door, straight to Tommy’s apartment. Amanda noticed that the two guys that were out at the pool were outside at that moment with there mouths just hanging open. She nudged her mom and pointed them out. That just made them want to wiggle their asses even more.

Tommy heard the doorbell ring and opened the door. He wasn’t even prepared for what he saw. Tommy just stood there with his mouth wide open. Every time he tried to close it, as if he wanted to say something, it would just fall back open again. After seeing the way they were dressed he kinda felt a little under dressed. He finally forced himself some words out of his mouth.

“Damn! The both of you look so beautiful. Wow!”

“Looks like we did what we set out to do mom. He had to really fight to say that little bit.”

“I noticed. He might want to try and keep his mouth closed or something just might fly in there.”

Tommy jerked his mouth shut and started to turn a little pink in his face.

“Wow I think he’s blushing. I like that.” Both girls were happy with the results.

“Damn he looks good dressed up like that. Almost makes me want to rip those clothes off of him.”

Tommy started to regain his composure and asked them. “I take it that the both of you are ready to leave?”

“Yes we’re ready to leave.” Amanda said while checking him out from head to toe. Even just seeing him dressed like this was starting to make her pussy wet.

The three of them climbed into Tommy’s car and left for the restaurant. Sarah gave Tommy directions on how to get there. After a fifteen minute drive they arrived at and Italian restaurant. When they were finally parked they got out of the car and started to head for the entrance to go inside.

Tommy walked with Amanda on one side and Sarah on the other. The three of them walked arm in arm. They noticed several people stop and stare while they walked across the parking lot.

Amanda just couldn’t help herself. She stopped walking and let go of Tommy’s arm, and then started looking around on the ground as if she had just dropped something. She knew she hadn’t drop anything, but the chance to give some the people that couldn’t just keep on going, without staring at them, a shot of something they were not expecting.

“What’s wrong Amanda?” Sarah asked.

“Oh there’s nothing wrong. I already know what she is getting ready to do.” Tommy said to Sarah. The whole time he was watching Amanda. Then he asked Sarah. “Do you see the three men and two women over there?”

“Yeah I see them. You are talking about the ones over there that look like they are probably in there late 50’s or early 60’s? What are they doing?”

“Nothing yet but they will in a few seconds.”

Then with out warning Amanda bent straight over with her legs spread and pretended to be picking something up off the ground. When she did that her skirt road up about 8 inches, just enough to show a little bit of her ass. Amanda was caught off guard when the wind picked up just a little bit and lifted her skirt up onto her back. She felt it come all the way up but pretended to not even notice it had happened. She wiggled her ass a little and then slowly started to stand back up.

Sarah stopped herself from laughing at the five people that were watching Amanda. The two women looked like they were in shock and the three men were standing there with big grins on their faces. Sarah could already see the outline of their cocks in their pants.

Tommy reached behind Amanda and pushed her skirt back down off of her back. When his hand went across her ass he gave it a light squeeze. He could see that grin on her face.

“Well how did I do? I’m pretty sure their wives are really upset about the view that I just gave their husbands.”

“Well I would say they aren’t very happy about what you just did. Their husbands are though. Makes me wonder when the last time was that there cocks ever got hard. This is probably a bad thing to say but I am actually proud of you Amanda.” Sarah said and then gave her daughter a kiss on the cheek.

“Ok girls. If the show is over can we go inside?” Tommy held an arm out to Sarah and Amanda. They gladly took a hold of them.

Once they were seated, a waiter, that couldn’t have been older than 19, brought them some menu’s. While they were starting to look through the menu they noticed that the waiter kept looking at Sarah’s breasts. With the dress she was wearing, there really wasn’t a lot of material to cover much up. A little more than half of each breast was exposed.

Tommy noticed he was staring and was also starting to get a very rigid erection. It didn’t bother Tommy that the waiter was staring because he didn’t blame the poor boy at all.

All of them decided on what they were going to order. Sarah asked Tommy if he had changed his mind about her helping with the bill.

“You don’t worry about it. It won’t be a problem. Trust me. I figure this wont cost anymore than $100 to $150 total.” Tommy explained to her.

“I wish I could say that.” Sarah said. This is one of those places that we eat at once a year and that is only when I get my tax return back.”

“Well I guess your going to get to eat here even more now.” Tommy said while looking at her and Amanda.

Once the food arrived and they ate Amanda looked around the room. She noticed that there were about 10 to 15 others in there with them. She looked at Tommy and asked if what was being brought out to another table might taste good. Once his head was turned Amanda ducked under the table.

When Tommy turned back around he noticed Amanda was gone. He looked over at Sarah to ask her where she went but all he got was that evil grin. Tommy started to feel a hand on his crotch which made him about jump out of his chair. He now realized where Amanda was at.

Amanda couldn’t believe that she was getting ready to suck his cock from under the table while they were in this restaurant. It was one thing to be able to show your ass when wearing a thong but to do something like this was way more than she had ever thought she would do in public. She really surprised herself by being this bold.

“Well I kind of feel left out. That’s ok though. There really isn’t a lot of room under there for the both of us.” Sarah said to Tommy.

Tommy was looking around the room to see if anyone was watching. It seemed like nobody noticed Amanda crawl under there. He couldn’t believe how bold she was being while they were sitting in the restaurant. Tommy was starting to have trouble keeping his eyes from rolling back in his head. He was totally enjoying this but also hoped that nobody noticed. Before he realized what he had done, he started moaning. That right there got several people to look his direction.

Sarah sat there watching Tommy. She could see her daughter was doing an excellent job down there and that at the sound of it, she figured Tommy wasn’t going to last much longer. She even noticed some of the other customers look over at Tommy when he moaned. Sarah spotted a couple of them pointing under the table they were sitting at. They couldn’t see Amanda completely but just with her being that close to Tommy’s crotch and the way her body was moving, they knew right away what was going on under there.

Amanda was getting so turned on from sucking Tommy’s cock in public that she had to reach down and rub her pussy. She never realized that this could be such a turn-on for her. “This is something I think I could get used too.” She thought to herself while taking one of Tommy’s balls into her mouth and sucking on it.

Sarah looked around the room again and noticed that there was more action going on then anyone thought. Three tables had one person missing from each of them. When Sarah took a closer look under each of table, she could see the feet of the wives and girlfriends sticking out from under the table cloth.

“Damn Amanda, I think you’ve started something. Three other couples are doing the exact same thing your doing. I bet they’ve never had this kind of excitement happen in this place.”

“OHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” One of the older men said aloud.

Sarah looked around and saw a man, probably in his 60’s, sitting in one of the corner tables with his mouth and eyes wide open and a very big smile on his face. She noticed something lying on the table where his wife had been sitting. It was her false teeth. She could see the old woman going to town on her husband. Sarah had to stifle her laugh.

The old man noticed Sarah looking his way and gave her the thumbs up sign.

Tommy blurted out. “Oh shit!” Tommy was close, very close. He knew if he was to cum in here everyone would know what was going on.

Suddenly, Sarah jumped up and started giving Tommy a long, deep and passionate kiss. She could here all the slurping sounds Amanda was making down there and knew she was starting to really go at it. Right then Sarah knew Tommy exploded in Amanda’s mouth. She was able to keep most of the sounds Tommy was making from getting any louder by keeping her mouth over his.

Tommy felt like he was going to knock over the table from that orgasm. Even after he was done cumming, Amanda just kept on sucking like it was the very last time she would ever get to do that.

All of a sudden Tommy heard moaning coming from other tables. He looked around the room and noticed what was going on. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

Amanda finally crawled out from under the table. She was still licking her lips and wiping her mouth. “Well I’ve had my desert.” She said with a big smile on her face.

Tommy looked at her. “You are bad. You are so bad.” He was still trying to fasten his pants back together.

“Well Amanda, you should be proud of yourself. Look what you have caused in here.” Sarah said to Amanda while pointing around the room to several of the other tables.

“I wonder if this could be considered a health violation.” Tommy asked.

“I don’t know but I think that maybe we should leave before someone notices.”

“Yeah mom, I think your right. But I did enjoy that a lot and I know you did also. Didn’t you Tommy?” Tommy didn’t say a word.

Tommy called the waiter over, who had been apparently watching from the corner by the size of his erection, so Tommy could pay the bill and they could get out of there.

When the waiter came back with his change Tommy just told him to keep it.

The waiter stood there with eyes as wide as ping pong balls. He asked Tommy. Sir, are you sure? This is almost $50 in change!”

“Yeah you deserve it.” Tommy told him.
“Wow, thank you sir.” The poor guy couldn’t put the money in his pocket fast enough.

When they started to walk past the waiter, Sarah walked up to him and grabbed his cock through his pants. The poor guy was already so excited that he came just from her grabbing his cock.

“Oh what a waste that was. I bet it would have tasted so good.” Sarah kissed him on the lips a placed one of his hands on her breast. She let out a soft moan.

Tommy grabbed her hand and started pulling her towards the door. “Come on Sarah. It’s time for us to go.”

Sarah stuck out her bottom lip like she was pouting. “But what do I get to play with?”

“You can play with me mom. Let’s have some fun.”

“Mmmmm. I like that Idea.”

Tommy could see right away this was going to be a very interesting ride home.

To be continued…

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05-12-2009, 07:22 AM
A really well written story that's kinda rare. All to often in other posts there is no story to the sex. Keep up the good work

05-12-2009, 09:14 AM
A really well written story that's kinda rare. All to often in other posts there is no story to the sex. Keep up the good work

Thank you Meradan. I wasn't sure how well this part was going to go over with everyone because of the lack of sex through a large part of it. I almost didn't post it and came very close to rewriting just about all of it. But from what you wrote and from the e-mails I've been getting I was smart for not changing it.

Thanks again.

05-13-2009, 10:08 PM
I would just like to thanks everyone that has read, commented and e-mailed me about this series. Nice to see there is more positive than negative comments. Thank you.

05-13-2009, 10:10 PM
I would just like to thanks everyone that has read, commented and e-mailed me about this series. Nice to see there is more positive than negative comments. Thank you.

I hope to have parts 11 and 12 finished and posted soon.

05-13-2009, 10:11 PM
I would just like to thanks everyone that has read, commented and e-mailed me about this series. Nice to see there is more positive than negative comments. Thank you.

05-14-2009, 07:23 PM
It looks like the making of a very happy family… every time I read a new instalment to this story I find a different twist.

Another well-written addition, that leaves me wondering just what direction it is going to take next, but by the looks of things Tommy could be well on the way to having his own football team soon – depending if they end up with multiples ;)

Thanks for the new instalment, and I will make sure I keep my eye out for the next one.

05-15-2009, 10:08 PM
thanks for sharing that

05-19-2009, 04:19 AM
great story , thank you

05-20-2009, 04:18 AM
one of the best ive read on here... cant wait for more

05-20-2009, 09:17 PM
This is by far my favorite series here, keep up the good work mate and look forward to reading your next installments!

05-21-2009, 01:53 AM
Excellent story please continue

05-21-2009, 02:17 AM
Meeting Amanda: Sarah And Amanda’s Close Call Part 11

When Tommy, Amanda and Sarah left the restaurant, all they were in a really good mood. Tommy was especially, after getting that unexpected blowjob from Amanda while still sitting at the table. The one thing that really surprised him was seeing all the other couples doing the exact same thing. This was a night Tommy was never going to forget.

He could already see that Amanda and Sarah were ready to get in the car and he knew why. Both girls were completely horny and were in need of being satisfied.

Once they got to the car Sarah and Amanda climbed in the back seat together. They had barely closed the door when Tommy noticed that Sarah had unhooked her dress from around her neck letting her breasts free.

Within a second of doing that Amanda had her mom’s nipple in her mouth. She instantly heard her mom start to softly moan from the contact of Amanda’s tongue running over her sensitive nipple. She could feel her mom grab a hand full of her hair so she would keep her mouth on her Sarah’s breast.

“That’s it my beautiful daughter. Suck on your mothers’ breast like you did when you were a baby. Mmmmmm. That feels so good. Oh my baby girl. I love having your mouth on my breasts. It’s just too bad Tommy has to drive. I do have another one that isn’t getting any attention right now.”

Tommy looked in the rear view mirror. He could see Amanda latched on to her moms nipple and he could also see Sarah squeezing, rubbing, pinching and even sucking and licking the other breast that she pretty much said was available for him. He could already feel his cock start to get hard in his pants. He really wanted to be back there with them but he figured he would let them have some fun with each other for now.

Amanda could feel her moms hand pull her skirt up and start to squeeze one of her ass cheeks. Amanda sat up and proceeded to pull her dress completely off. She watched as her mom started to do the same. She started to unclasp her bra but her mom stopped her.

“Here sweetie, let me do that.” Sarah reached up, between Amanda’s breasts to the clasps. She was happy that there were only 2 clasps holding it together in front. This just meant she would get that thing off of Amanda so she would have quicker access to those lovely mounds that have been restrained for the last several hours. Once the bra was off of Amanda her mom sat there and admired how her daughters’ breasts looked.

She told Amanda. “You know Amanda; my breasts were about the same size yours are right now when I got pregnant with you. After you were born, well, what you see right now are the results.” Sarah grabbed her breasts and squeezed them together and started bouncing them in her hands.

Hearing that fact right there kind of amazed Amanda. “Mom, you’re joking. Are you saying that if I am pregnant that my boobs could end up looking like yours? Now I hope I am pregnant.” Amanda sat there holding her boobs in her hands trying to imagine them being the same size as her moms.

Sarah reached over and grabbed Amanda’s thong and started to remove it. Then she proceeded to grab Amanda by the ankles and started pulling her butt out from under her. “Alright Amanda, that’s enough talking for now. I still want my desert that I haven’t had yet.” Sarah was running her tongue across her lips, not once did her eyes look away from Amanda’s shaved pussy. She could see how wet it was when ever a street light would shine on her for a second or so.

Amanda wanted to have her moms’ mouth and tongue all over her pussy. She started to help her mom by sliding her ass across the backseat of Tommy’s car, so her mom could get to what she wanted most at that minute. Her pussy was so wet that it was running down along her ass and onto the seat. This was helping her slide her ass across the seat easier since the seat was made of soft vinyl instead of cloth.

Tommy already knew he was going to have trouble driving back to the apartment with both girls going at it in the back seat. He could hear Amanda start moaning.

“Oh yes mom, lick my juices off of me. Clean your naughty daughter up with that hot tongue of yours. Yes right there. Oh don’t stop mom that feels so damned good. That’s it mom, eat my sweet.”

Amanda felt two of her moms fingers go into her pussy as far as they would go. She could feel her mom pull them out, up to the first knuckle, and then pushed them back in all the way.

“Mmmmm. Do you like that baby girl? Mommy likes to make you feel good. Your pussy feels so good wrapped around my fingers. I think you need more of them inside that sweet love hole of yours.”

Sarah started to pull the two fingers out that she was fucking her daughters pussy with, and then added two more, and slid them right back in there. This time it was a little harder to slide her fingers back in there since she was using four fingers instead of just two. She felt Amanda tighten her pussy. It was like she was trying to keep a tight hold on her fingers so they would never leave. She started to wonder if she might be able to fit her whole fist in there.

Nobody noticed that the back windows had been rolled down by accident. While Tommy was stopped at a stop light an SUV pulled up next to them. He noticed that the driver was staring towards his car with a big grin on his face. When Tommy turned around to look behind him he noticed that both back windows were rolled down. Tommy could see that the driver was trying to stretch his neck even more just so he could get a better look at the girls in back.

Tommy noticed that the light turned green and started to go again. He could see that the guy in the SUV was doing everything he could to be able to stay next to the window so he could continue watching. Tommy started hearing the man yelling out the window.

“Damn, I would love to taste that pussy also sweetie. Why don’t ya come over here and let me take care of the both of ya. I can show ya what its like to be with a real man. Come on sweet thing, there’s enough of me for the both of ya.”

Sarah heard what he said and sat up in the seat, and looked straight at the guy. “Sorry but the only one that gets to have me and my daughter is the man driving this car. He’s the only one that can handle the both of us. Besides, he’s my daughters’ boyfriend and I really don’t think he would want to share with you. I’m the only one that gets to share my daughter with him.” She could see the man’s eyes go wide at the realization of what Sarah had just said.

The poor guy thought this was his lucky night. The only thing that would make tonight even better would be if he could get to fuck both girls.

“Come on mom. Why don’t you let me have a try at that? If you want something to run that tongue of yours allover, well I’ve got that for ya right here. If you do a good enough job, you will get a special surprise all over your face and tits.”

Tommy was really getting tired of this guy. At first it was kind of funny but now all this guy was doing was pissing him off. At the next stop light Tommy rolled down the front passenger window and told the guy. “Hey man, she has already said no so just back off. Like you were already told, there all mine and I won’t share them with you.”

“Mister you need to just keep your mouth shut. As you can see, I’m talking to the ladies in you’re back seat, not you. Now you need to just pull over so they can get in here with me.”

Amanda finally sat up in the seat and looked out the window at the guy that was annoying them. Both Amanda and her mom kept looking from Tommy to the man in the other vehicle and back to Tommy. They were starting to worry about what this jerk wanted to do to them.

Amanda yelled out the window at the man. “Hey! If you want to pick up a couple whores then you need to go somewhere else. We aren’t a couple of whores if that’s what you’re thinking. So just fuck off and leave us the hell alone.” She realized that was a mistake.

“Oh you little bitch. I’m gonna have to teach you a lesson. You do not talk to me like that you stupid bitch. Apparently your momma never taught you how to respect someone that is older than you.”

The man got out of his SUV and started heading for the back door of Tommy’s car. He pulled on the handle, flinging open the door. Once it was open he started to climb inside the back seat so he could teach Amanda a lesson. He was only two feet inside the car when he froze in his tracks. He noticed the barrel of a 357 pointing straight at his temple.

When Tommy saw the man get out and start heading for the rear door of his car he reached straight under his seat for the gun he kept there. It only took him just a few seconds to get it pulled out and pointed at the man.

“Now if you would like to explain what you are doing in the back seat of my car, or do I have to shoot you and then let you tell me while you bleed to death.”

“Whoa mister, I was only playing around. I didn’t mean anything by it. Honest I didn’t. I’ll go and get back in my vehicle and go the hell home. Please mister just let me leave.”

“Go to hell asshole.” Amanda yelled at him and then kicked him straight in the balls. She was sitting there waiting for the whole scrunched up face and grabbing of his balls after she did that. All she got was a look that said “you’re going to die you stupid bitch.” She didn’t realize that the man didn’t have anything to kick.

Amanda was pushed up against the other side of the car next to her mom. They were sitting there holding each other in fear of what this guy might try to do.

The man never tried to grab Amanda. He knew Tommy had that gun pointed at him and he wasn’t going to do something stupid. He heard the hammer on the gun get pulled back, just waiting for the trigger to get pulled. He was starting to sweat and was almost certain that he pissed his pants right then and there..

Tommy knew that what Amanda did wasn’t a very smart move. But there was no way in hell he was going to let this asshole hurt Amanda or Sarah.

“Mister this is what you’re going to do. You are going to back out of my car and stand up straight. Then you are going to proceed to strip out of your clothes. Don’t even think about running. I’ll be aiming straight for that thing you call a dick. So unless you want to become a woman I suggest that you do as you’re told.”

The man couldn’t believe what Tommy wanted him to do. He looked Tommy straight in the eyes and said. “Hell I’m not gonna do that. I’m standing out here in the street. Do you think I’m stupid?”

“No, I know you’re stupid. You’re the one who climbed into the back seat of my car. I know I never said you could and I know they don’t want you back there either. So see, you are stupid. Now if you don’t get out of those clothes you’re going to be dead and stupid. Now hurry the hell up.”

“Alright just hold on.” The man climbed back out of the car and proceeded to take his shirt and pants off.

“Now throw them on the floor board in back.”

The man did what he was told.

“Now, take the underwear off also.” Tommy said while keeping a completely straight face.

“You have to be kidding. You can’t be serious.”

“Do it now!” Tommy pointed the gun, back at the guys’ crotch again.

The man wasn’t going to take anymore chances so he started taking off his underwear. Once they were off he threw them in the floorboard with the rest of his clothes.

“Now you need to get back in that piece of shit you drive and sit there. But I will help you out a little first.” Tommy asked Sarah to get the guys wallet out of his pants and to just throw it to him.

“Why the hell would you want to do that? This guys a total dick.”

“I know he is. But I won’t take his money. If you’re thinking that I’m going to keep his clothes, well I’m not going to do that either. I’ll throw them out somewhere down the road and he can come get them in about five minutes.” Tommy winked at Sarah.

Sarah and Amanda noticed the wink and went right along with Tommy. Sarah pulled the wallet out and through it out the door at the man. Then she told him. “Now you heard what he said. We will throw you’re clothes out somewhere down the road but you have to wait here in you’re SUV for five minutes. Then you can come find them. Do you understand?”

“Yes. I understand.”

Tommy told the man. “Now you need to apologize to them for the way you acted.”

“I’m sorry girls. I shouldn’t have acted like I did towards the both of you.”

“Ok. Now go and sit in you’re truck for five minutes and then come and get you’re clothes. They will be in a parking lot five blocks from here on the right. I wouldn’t waste anytime coming to get them. You never know when someone might come along and pick them up.”

With that said Tommy put the car in drive and pulled away from the light. He was glad that it wasn’t a really busy street at this time of the night so there weren’t that many people waiting behind him while he dealt with that guy.

“Are you guys ok back there?” Tommy asked Sarah and Amanda.

“I am but Amanda is pretty shook up by all of that. Are we really going to throw his clothes out so he can have them back?”

“Hell no, we are not going to do that.” Amanda said with a slight tremble in her voice.

Tommy reached over the seat behind him for Amanda’s hand. He could feel her shaking all the way up to her finger tips. She seemed to calm down a little just from Tommy’s touch.

“Just wait till you see where he will have to get out so he can grab his clothes. I think you will like what I have planned for him.”

They drove down the five blocks to the parking lot and stopped near one of the light poles in it. Tommy got out with the guys clothes and tied them to the poll. After that he drove to the very far side of the lot and parked his car so they could watch when the jerk pulled in.

“Why did you tie his clothes to the poll like that?”

“Well we don’t want him to leave too quickly do we?” Tommy said with an evil grin that could have matched one of Amanda’s.

Tommy got out of the car, then he told the girls to wait where they were and that he would be back in a minute.

They watched Tommy run over to a pay phone and make a call to someone. When he was done he ran back to the car laughing.

“What’s so funny? What did you just do?” Amanda asked with a curious look on her face.

Tommy had a big grin on his face. “Oh nothing much, just wait a few minutes and you’ll see.”

All three of them sat there waiting to find out what was going to happen. The next thing they saw was the guy pulling into the parking lot. They could see he was looking for his clothes by the way he was looking all over the place. They sat there and watched as he finally spotted them and drove over to the poll where he proceeded to get out of the truck and started to try and untie them from the poll.

“So Tommy, what are we waiting for? What’s going to happen that you want to sit here and watch him try to untie his clothes?” Sarah asked with a slight curious tone to her voice.

About that time Amanda spotted a cop car pull into the parking lot. They watched as the car pulled up behind the SUV and then both cops got out of the car and started heading towards the naked man next to the poll. They could hear one of the cops start to laugh a little while he was asking the man what he was doing.

Amanda and Sarah sat there with their mouths open. Finally they looked over at Tommy, who was sitting there with a big evil grin on his face.

“You called the cops? Damn I didn’t expect that to happen.” Sarah said excitedly.

“Well I wasn’t going to let him hurt either one of you and we couldn’t exactly go to the cops and file a complaint either. What do you think would have happened when we explained that all of this started because he saw you eating your daughters’ pussy in my back seat? Make that your 16 yr old daughter. That wouldn’t have gone over very well. So I thought this would work even better. I bet he’ll think twice and maybe even a third time, before he tries to pull a stupid stunt like he did back at that stop light.”

Amanda was sitting there smiling at Tommy. She knew, without a doubt in her mind, that Tommy was going to take care of her and try his best to make sure nothing bad ever happens to her or her mom.

They sat there and finished watching the cops try and get the man into the back of the cop car. He still didn’t have his clothes back. They kind of felt sorry for the guy but he shouldn’t have pulled that crap on them like he did. Hopefully he will learn a very hard lesson from all of this.

“Well girls, should we finally head home?” Tommy asked.

“Yeah, let’s get out of here Tommy.” Amanda said to Tommy while reaching over the back of the seat to hug him.

“Well mom I guess it’s my turn to have some desert. Wouldn’t you say?”

“I really didn’t think you would want to continue after everything that just happened. I expected you to just want to go home instead.”

“I’m better now, especially after I watched that dumb-ass being hauled away by the cops.”

Tommy couldn’t believe they were getting ready to start going at it again after everything that just happened. “Hey before you two start again, roll the window up. I really don’t want to have to deal with another asshole.”

Sarah and Amanda gave a little laugh. “Ok Tommy. We didn’t mean for that to happen earlier. I guess we were having too much fun to notice that the window was down.” Sarah told Tommy.

“Yeah we really are sorry. We can make it up to you when we get home.” Amanda said with a sly little smile on her face.

“Sorry girls, but I really think I need to do some recuperating first. Haven’t you realized how many times we’ve been having sex over the last several days? Well me and Amanda mostly. Hell, it’s close to a dozen times almost. The both of you go ahead and have fun.”

“Ok Tommy. If you insist, but you’re going to miss out of all the fun.” Amanda was holding her breasts up to where Tommy could see them in the mirror.

When Tommy looked in the mirror he could see Amanda licking one of her nipples. He finally had to turn the mirror just so he could concentrate on driving instead of watching Amanda and her mom.

“Well baby girl, slide yourself this way.” Sarah moved towards Amanda where she slid her left leg over Amanda’s right and rapped it behind her daughters’ ass and slid her right leg under Amanda’s left leg. Once they were in this position they could feel their pussy’s rubbing against each other and also feel the hardness of each others nipples. They could already feel how wet their pussy’s were getting especially when they felt their clits rub against each other.

Tommy could hear both of them moaning back there. He could tell that they already had their tongues tied together by how muffled the moans sounded. He wanted so badly to angle the mirror to a position that would make viewing them possible. Just knowing what was going on back there was making his cock grow to the point that he finally undid his pants, freeing his cock from its confinement.

Amanda was totally enjoying this. While she was lip locked with Sarah, Amanda reached down between them with her left hand and slid her fingers around between their pussies, trying to get as much as she could on two of her fingers. When she pulled them back out from between them she broke the kiss with her mom and held her fingers up in front of Sarah’s face. She held them in the shape of a ‘v’ so each of them could suck the juices off of a separate finger.

“Here mom why don’t we see how we taste like this. I think it’ll be an excellent mixture of the both of us.”

“Don’t you think you should let Tommy try it first? I’m sure he might want a sample.” Sarah then watched as Amanda reached down with her right hand and got some more of the juices from them and then reached over the front seat and placed her hand in front of Tommy’s mouth.

“Here you go Tommy. Now each of us can get a sample.”

Tommy could already hear them sucking their juices off of Amanda’s fingers and there was no way he was going to let that sweet nectar, that was just a few inches from his mouth, go to waste. He immediately sucked Amanda’s fingers into his mouth making sure to not miss a single drop. He was enjoying that delicious flavor so much that he almost forgot to pay attention to the road.

Amanda finally pulled her fingers out of his mouth and asked him if he liked how they tasted together like this.

“Sucking the juices off of your fingers is like sucking on a delicious piece of fruit. I could enjoy that all day.” Tommy replied.

Once they got to the apartment, Tommy went up and opened the door. He felt completely exhausted. He was just about ran over by Amanda and Sarah because they came running up the front steps and straight inside. Tommy couldn’t help but notice that they didn’t even bother to put their clothes on before they got out of the car. Tommy looked back out the door to see if anyone had been watching when they came streaking through his front door. He really doubted it because of how late it was.

When Tommy finally came inside and locked the door, he stood there staring at Amanda and her mom. Over the last day or so he has noticed that Amanda was getting a little braver out in public. He started wondering if this is how Sarah was at that age. For some reason he didn’t think so.

He knew that he was really tired and needed to get some sleep. When he mentioned to the girls that he was going upstairs because he was tired and needed to get some sleep, both girls started pouting.

“The both of you can stand there and pout all you want. Tonight I am going to get some sleep. I know that neither one of you want to hear that but I really need to sleep. You’re wearing me out. Just let me get a full nights sleep tonight and then we can see how tomorrow goes. Ok?”

Amanda and Sarah completely understood that Tommy was right. He really did need to get some sleep. Actually all of them could use a full night’s sleep.

“It’s ok Tommy. We understand.” Sarah said to Tommy. “I think all three of us need a full nights sleep. It certainly wouldn’t hurt any of us.”

“Thank you for understanding. Well I’m heading up stairs. I don’t know what the two of you have planned but if you want to you can stay here. There really isn’t any need for you to try and head back to your place.”

Sarah really wasn’t expecting to hear that. She walked over to Tommy. “Are you sure? We can go home. It’s not like we don’t have a place to go to. At least if we go back to our apartment you will definitely be able to sleep tonight without either one of us bothering you.”

“Well you’re already here so you might as well stay. Besides, you’re already dressed for bed. I already know that once I lay down I will probably fall straight to sleep. I feel like I’m completely wasted. Come on my lovely ladies. Let’s go to bed.”

Amanda walked over to Tommy and put her arms around him. “I guess I need to stop jumping you every chance I get.” She started to laugh.

“Well, maybe just a little bit. But not a whole lot though.” Tommy leaned down and kissed Amanda softly on the lips.

“So does that go for me also?” Sarah asked Tommy while making a pouty face at him.

Amanda stopped kissing Tommy and turned towards her mom. “Yes mom that goes for you also. Now come on and help me get our tired man up to bed. We need to get him charged back up so we can wear him down again.”

“Mmmmm. Sounds like fun.” Sarah replied.

They helped Tommy upstairs to the bed. Once they were in the bedroom Tommy started to undress his self but the girls stopped him.

“You just stand there and we’ll get you out of your clothes and put you to bed.”

Tommy wasn’t going to argue with them. If they would have gone back to their apartment he probably would have slept in his clothes instead of undressing. He could tell that it wasn’t going to be much longer before he was completely sound asleep.

“Wow. It’s been along time since someone undressed me and put me to bed. Does this mean I can call you mommy?” Tommy let out a little chuckle at that thought.

Sarah and Amanda smiled at each other at the thought of Tommy calling one or both of them mommy. Sarah looked at Tommy. “Well you can as long as it’s our next play session between the three of us.”

They were finally able to get Tommy stripped down to his underwear and then Amanda went and pulled the sheets down so they could get Tommy in bed.

Sarah went and turned out the light and climbed into the bed next to Tommy. She could already hear his deep breathing as he drifted off to sleep. She lifted his arm out of the way and slid her naked body up against his. Once she was completely laying down she put her hand on his chest where she found Amanda’s hand in the same spot she placed hers.

“This has been a crazy day, hasn’t it mom.”

“Yeah it has. We just need to be a little more careful so we don’t get Tommy in any trouble. We were very lucky Tommy had that gun in his car.”

“I didn’t even know he had it mom. That’s the first I’ve ever seen it. But yeah you’re right. It really was a good thing he had it. I was actually starting to get scared until Tommy pulled the gun out from under the seat.”

“Well I would say that we are both in very good hands with Tommy. He truly loves you.”

“I know mom and I feel the same about him.”

“If you ever want me to back out of the picture, just let me know, and I will leave him completely to you.”

“I don’t see that happening mom. I think he is falling in love with you also. I think that goes for you also, am I right?”

“Yes baby girl. You’re right. I didn’t mean for it to happen. It just did.”

“It’s ok mom. I will gladly share him with you.”

“Well sweetie. Everything is okay now. Let’s get some sleep. The both of us can really use it. Good night baby girl. I love you.”

“Good night mom. I love you too.”

Amanda and Sarah finally started to fall asleep, but that was after they were holding Tommy’s semi hard cock in there hands.

To be continued…

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05-21-2009, 03:18 AM
another great installment, bravo good sir, I just absolutely love the chemistry between the three of them! :clap

05-24-2009, 04:42 AM
part 11 was excellent cant wait to read the rest

05-25-2009, 09:17 PM
It's a good thing that Tommy was there to protect Amanda and Sarah, I'm thinking he is going to have to keep an eye on those two - otherwise they could get themselves in a lot of trouble...

Another great installment, looking forward to chapter 12 ;)

05-25-2009, 11:32 PM
Great series, I've really enjoyed all the installments so far. Glad to see that creep get his comeuppance - good thing Tommy had that gun handy or things could have gotten ugly. Can't wait to see more...

05-29-2009, 02:05 AM
Meeting Amanda: The Assault On Sarah Part 12

When Tommy awoke the next morning, he felt like a new man. The last several days had completely drained him and to finally get a full night sleep is exactly what he needed. This morning when he woke up he didn’t feel drained and sluggish, but instead he felt like he could run a 10 mile marathon. Tommy was ready to begin this new day.

Tommy notice that Sarah and Amanda were not in bed with him. What he did notice was the dry crusty spot of cum on the inside of his underwear. “Those two just can’t leave it alone.” Tommy said to himself with a smile on his face. He finally crawled out of bed and went down stairs to see if that was where they were at. They weren’t there. He figured they probably went back over to their apartment so he went back upstairs to take a long hot shower.

Once Tommy was finished with his shower, he walked out of the bathroom and noticed he could smell the scent of bacon coming up the stairs. At first he thought that it was coming from another apartment until he heard laughter from his kitchen. It was Sarah and Amanda. Apparently they must have went to the store and picked up a few things, then came back and started cooking breakfast. He headed down stairs and went straight into the kitchen.

When he walked in there both girls had their backs towards him. He just stood there watching them joke around with each other while cooking breakfast. Then he noticed that they were also talking about him and what it was going to be like having his baby or babies, which ever it may turn out to be. He listened to them discussing that if one or both of them are pregnant, what names they would pick. Tommy finally let them know that he was standing there by making a low whistling noise. He started to laugh when both girls screamed when they heard him.

“Damn Tommy. Are you trying to give us a heart attack?” Amanda said while heading towards him with her arms held out wide. When she wrapped her arms around him she reached up and pulled his head down to her so she could kiss him.

When Tommy stopped kissing Amanda he looked over at Sarah, who was still standing over by the stove, watching her daughter and Tommy. “So are you going to just stand there or do I get a kiss from you also?”

“Yeah mom, you better get over here and kiss him. If you don’t then I guess I get to have all of them for myself.” Amanda said with a smirk on her face. Then she leaned up and started kissing Tommy again.

“Alright young lady, you better save some of him for me.” Sarah headed over to Tommy. Once she was there she told Amanda to go watch the food on the stove so it wouldn’t burn. “Now young man, where’s my kiss, or did she take all of them for herself?”

“You don’t have to worry about that Sarah. I have a never ending supply of kisses for the both of you.” Then, Tommy started kissing Sarah with the same passion that he kissed Amanda with. He knew that Amanda was his girl but he wanted to treat them both equally.

When the three of them had finished breakfast Sarah and Amanda told Tommy that they needed to go back over to their apartment to get something and that they would be right back. He walked them to the door and kissed each of them before they left. Once he closed the door he started to head back into the kitchen to clean everything up from breakfast. He figured it was the least he could do since the girls had cooked breakfast for him.

Just as he was about to turn the water on, Amanda came running back into Tommy's apartment crying and calling for Tommy.

“What’s wrong?” Tommy asked Amanda.

Amanda was pulling him towards the door. “It’s my friend Eric. He attacked mom and slammed her against the side of the apartment.”

That was all Tommy had to hear. He immediately ran past Amanda, down his front steps and across the parking lot towards Sarah’s apartment. He could hear Eric screaming at her and also hear Sarah crying and pleading with Eric.

“You bitch, I thought you loved me and then I see you kissing that new guy. You’re just a fucking whore. That’s all you are, a fucking whore. I really believed you loved me but now I see that I was a fool.”

Sarah had her hands out in front of her and kept backing away from Eric. She saw the pipe in his hands and she was certain that he intended to use it. “Eric please, what we had really wasn’t love. I’m sorry if I made you think that it was. I truly am sorry. What we were doing can get me in a lot of trouble and I really don’t need that. I didn’t think about the consequences of my actions.”

“Bullshit!” Eric yelled at her. “You are so full of shit that I’m surprised that when you sucked my dick, that I didn’t see shit on the end of it when you took it out of your mouth.” Eric could see that she was getting ready to say something else and he wasn’t going to listen to anything else she had to say. He grabbed the pipe with both hands like he was holding a baseball bat, and swung, catching her across her stomach. The whole time he was smiling and laughing at her. He watched as she grabbed at her stomach, wrapping her arms around her midsection. He started laughing even harder as she collapsed onto the ground. She never saw the next blow coming.

When Tommy reached the side of the apartment he could see Eric standing over Sarah laughing at her. Tommy could see the pipe Eric was holding. When Tommy looked at Sarah lying on the ground he could see that Eric had hit her with the pipe across her stomach. Right then he thought to himself. “If she is pregnant that hit might have….Tommy couldn’t finish that thought. He didn’t want to finish that thought. The next thing Tommy saw was Eric raise the pipe over his head. He knew Eric was getting ready to hit her again.

Tommy ran, from around the corner of the building, towards Eric. He really thought he was going to get to Eric before he could swing the pipe again. He was wrong. He was only about fifteen feet from Eric when he saw Eric look out the corner of his eye at Tommy and smile. Tommy watched as Eric swung the pipe down, catching Sarah on the side of the head. It was a sound that Tommy never wanted to hear ever again. “NOOOOO!” Tommy yelled at Eric.

Tommy hit Eric at a full run, knocking the air out of Eric’s lungs from the impact. When they landed Tommy was on top of Eric holding him down. When he finally realized that Eric wasn’t getting up right away since he was still trying to catch his breath, Tommy ran over to Sarah to check on her.

When Tommy knelt down next Sarah, he could see she was completely unconscious with blood running down the side of her head. He checked to see if there was still a pulse and was relieved that there was one. He was worried though because the pipe had made contact about an inch above her left temple. He was starting to pull his cell phone out to call 911 when he heard a noise behind him. When he turned to see what the noise was he saw Eric heading straight for him with the pipe raised over his head. He could see a look of complete hate in his eyes. Eric was only about six feet from him and Tommy was prepared to do what ever it took to protect Sarah. He started to lunge for Eric, in hopes of knocking him off his feet without getting hit by the pipe. Tommy was just starting to move when he heard a loud bang from behind him. When he looked at Eric again he saw that he was lying on the ground with a hole in his chest. He wasn’t moving. When Tommy turned around he saw Amanda standing there with his gun in her trembling hands.

Amanda’s whole body trembled at the thought of what she had just done. She could feel the gun start to slowly slip out of her fingers towards the ground. Finally she collapsed to her knees and started crying hysterically.

Tommy quickly ran over to her and picked the gun up and moved it to the side away from her. The whole time he was talking to the 911 operator.

It didn’t take long for the cops and the ambulance to get there. They gave their statements to the police about everything that happened. They were surprised to find out that a couple other people also saw everything and gave pretty much the same statements that Tommy and Amanda gave. After the cops were done with them they headed straight to the hospital to check on Sarah. When they got there they were informed that her mom was taken up for surgery to relieve some pressure from around her brain.

Several hours passed when finally the surgeon came out to them in the waiting room. Right away they could see that it wasn’t good.

“Are you Sarah’s daughter?” The surgeon asked Amanda.

“Yes. How’s my mom doing?” Tears were already running down the side of her face. She could see what his answer was just by the look on his face.

“Well you know that we took her up to relieve the pressure from around her brain. What we didn’t expect to have happen was the bleeding that started in her abdomen. Everything that we saw on the x-rays and ultrasound looked good when it was done in ER. Somehow we missed something. We did everything that was possible. I am so sorry for you loss.

Tommy sat there in shock. There was no way that this was happening. This had to be a really shitty joke that the doctor was trying to pull.

“Your joking doc, this is just some horrible joke you’re trying to pull.”

“You must be Tommy, Sarah’s boyfriend.” The doctor asked.

Tommy was surprised to hear that. He asked the doctor. “How did you know that?”

“I wish it was a joke. This is the one part of my job that I hate the most. I prefer to give the family members good news, not bad news. Sarah regained consciousness for about 10 minutes after she arrived in ER. She said that her daughter would be arriving with you.”

“She wanted me to tell the both of you and Amanda, that she loved the both of you very much and that she wanted Amanda to stay with you if anything happened.”

Tommy hardly heard a word that the doctor was saying. The only thing that still registered in his mind was that the doctor told them that they did everything that was possible and that he was sorry for their loss. Right then Tommy started to loose control but he quickly regained his composure with Amanda there. He felt the pain of loosing a friend and lover and didn’t want to accept what he was being told, but knew that this was a lot harder on Amanda because she had lost her dad several years ago and now her mom. He needed to keep control of himself for her sake.

Amanda didn’t cry or say anything. She was starting to close herself off to everyone and the only thing she wanted to do at that point was die so she could be with her mom and dad. She watched as the doctor stood up and walked away.

Quickly she stood up and called after him while running up behind him. She watched as he turned around to look at her. She could see he was expecting to be yelled at and told that he didn’t try hard enough and then probably slapped across his face.

He was completely surprised instead by Amanda coming up and hugging him and telling him thank you for trying to save her mom. He then watched as she walked back to Tommy who wrapped her in his arms. He could easily see that the hug they shared wasn’t the hug of a friend and young teenager but the hug of two people that completely loved each other. He finally turned back around and walked away.

Tommy and Amanda walked out of the hospital with their arms around each other and drove back to the apartment. They both held each other that night and cried their selves to sleep.

It’s been a little over 8 months since Sarah passed away. They found out 2 months ago that Eric was sentenced to 20 yrs for the murder of Amanda’s mom with a chance of parole in 12 yrs. The prosecuting attorney was pushing hard for the death penalty but it ended up being denied. By the time it went to court, Eric was almost 17 and ended up being charged as an adult. Two weeks after he went to prison they were informed that he had been raped and killed in his cell by two other prisoners but surprisingly nobody knew who the two prisoners were. Everyone, even the guards, all of a sudden had a bad case of amnesia.

Two months after Sarah died they went and got married. Shortly after that they went and bought a house on 10 acres of land. Tommy paid it off completely when they signed the final papers. Tommy actually having money was a secret that he wasn’t going to be able to keep hidden from Amanda. When he told her that they didn’t have to worry about money because he was left a very large inheritance, she collapsed onto the couch.

Today they had just come back from the doctor’s office to see how the babies were doing. From everything the doctor told them, it appeared that all three of them were doing fine and were developing like they should. Tommy was happy to hear that. The doctor also informed them that they should back off from having sex so much between now and when the babies are born.

When they got back to their house Amanda went into the bathroom to take a shower. She was only in there for about five minutes when Tommy climbed in behind her. She felt his arms wrap around her to place his hands on her swollen belly.

Tommy loved to feel her belly with the babies in there. It had to be one of the most wonderful things in the world to him because he knew that right there, under his hands, were three little lives that he helped create. The one thing that surprised him was that he found it to be a complete turn on for the both of them. Since Amanda has been pregnant she has been hornier than she was before.

“I see you couldn’t stay away could you?” Amanda said while putting her hands over Tommy’s.

“You know I can’t. I find you so totally sexy being pregnant and yes I know, you don’t see yourself that way. Well to me you are and right now I want to have some fun.”

“Well let’s get out of here and into bed and we can have all the fun you want.”

They climbed out of the shower and dried each other off a little and then Amanda led Tommy to the bed. Once there she pushed him onto the bed where she started to slide her way up his body to lay one of her nipples in his mouth.

Tommy enjoyed Amanda’s breast even more now that she was pregnant. In the last several months her breasts went from a 36B cup to a 42D cup from what Amanda had told him. Tommy didn’t have any complaints about that.

When Amanda’s nipple touched his lips he immediately sucked it into his mouth and started to flick his tongue eagerly against it and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her down to him. He could hear her sucking in air and moaning when ever he flicked his tongue across her nipple. That right there made him suck on them even more.

Amanda was enjoying the attention that her breasts were getting. Since she has been pregnant her nipples have gotten even more sensitive that all Tommy has to do is barely brush against them and they are sticking straight out and her pussy starts getting wet. She started to slide down his body just a little and felt his hard cock brush against her pussy. When she slid down the length of it she would start to head back up, making sure she got it nice and wet from her pussy. Just doing this was almost making her cum right then. She could feel Tommy make his cock jump up to try and make it hit its mark but she wasn’t going to let that happen yet.

Tommy’s cock was so hard that it was starting to hurt. He wanted to feel it slide into her wet pussy and a couple times it almost went in, but Amanda would lift her ass up a little so it would slip right back out.

Amanda could see that if she kept this up he would cum before he ever got inside her. She was having a lot of fun teasing him like this and wanted to see how much he could handle before he finally decided to have his way with her. Amanda finally decided that she should stop teasing the poor man like that and started working her way down his body even more.

She loved the feeling of Tommy’s cock sliding under her swollen belly and already she could feel the trail of pre cum that was being left behind. When his cock started to slide between her breasts she stopped and looked at the head sticking out from between her boobs. Amanda couldn’t help herself. She quickly took the head of his cock into her mouth and began one continuous 45 second suck job. She hoped that when she finally stopped sucking that she didn’t suck the skin off the head of his cock. She could feel Tommy’s whole body tighten up from the sensation that she was causing to shoot through his body. She enjoyed the loud pop she would hear when she pulled his cock out of her mouth.

Amanda looked up towards Tommy’s face to watch as he started to relax and try and catch his breath. She enjoyed watching his chest raise and lower every time he would breathe. Amanda slid her hand up over his stomach and onto his chest she could feel his heart beating like it was trying to find a way out.

When Tommy was finally able to catch his breath he looked down at Amanda. He watched as she ran her tongue across her lips and then very quickly flick it across the head of his cock. He could see that look in her eyes that even up to this day, still made him worry sometimes about what was going through that mind of hers.

“What are you thinking about doing little girl? I see that look on your face and usually when you get that look I never know what to expect.”

“Oh you’ll find out in a minute. But you’re going to have to close your eyes until I tell you to open them. I’ve got a surprise for you. I will tell you that it’s something we have never tried and for some reason I want to give it a try right now. Now my bad boy, close those eyes so I can give you something new.”

Tommy wasn’t sure if he should take a chance like this but he figured it couldn’t hurt. As long as she wasn’t getting ready to try some freaky bondage stuff on him he would be happy. Tommy laid his head back and closed his eyes in anticipation of what Amanda had planned for him.

Amanda wasn’t sure about this. This right here was going to be the first time Tommy had ever had his cock in her ass. She wasn’t sure if she would like it so for the last week or so she has been shoving a vibrator in there to see if it was something she wanted to try with Tommy. The first time she pushed the vibrator into her ass if felt really uncomfortable in there but she also remembered how her friends told her that it felt weird at first but after a few minutes it felt great. She found out they were right.

Amanda stood up and got a bottle of lube that she had bought with the vibrator, out of a drawer next to the bed. The whole time she kept an eye on Tommy to make sure he wasn’t peaking. She squirted some on her hand a started rubbing it all over Tommy’s cock. And then used her finger to make sure her asshole was nice and slick. Next she took the vibrator out and placed it on the bed next to Tommy’s left knee. When she was ready she climbed up on the bed and started to lower her ass towards Tommy’s cock. She reached down and lifted his cock up till it was lined up with her ass, then lowered herself down onto it till she could feel his cock against her hole. She discovered that this wasn’t anything easy to do while she was carrying three babies.

Slowly she started to push her asshole against his cock head. She tried several times to get the head in but for some reason she wasn’t having any success. When she was about to give up she felt the head of his cock slide in her ass. She heard Tommy let out a low moan. She was glad that it wasn’t hurting any so she started to push down some more to try and get more of him inside her. Every time after she would push down about an inch she would lift back up off of Tommy’s cock. After about another dozen try’s she finally had all of him in her ass to the point that she was completely sitting on Tommy.

Finally she told Tommy. “Ok Tommy, open your eyes and look.”

When Tommy opened his eyes and looked down towards her he watched as she leaned back, showing Tommy her empty pussy. This right here surprised Tommy because he has always thought this was something that Amanda wouldn’t want to try so he has never asked if she would even want to attempt it. He laid there and watched as she lifted her ass up and then drop it back down onto his cock.

Her ass was so tight that Tommy wasn’t sure how much longer he could hold back from shooting his load inside her ass. He could feel her tighten her ass when she lifted up and then completely relax it when she dropped back down. Tommy listened to Amanda’s moaning and noticed that she had picked up the pace. She was getting ready to cum and he was going to make sure he came exactly when she did.

Amanda was close to cumming. Very close. It wasn’t going to take much longer before she soaked Tommy’s belly with her sweet juices, but she wasn’t ready for that to happen just yet. She started slowing down and then completely stopped moving on Tommy’s cock. She wanted to try one more thing. She reached over next to her, by Tommy’s knee, and picked up the vibrator.

Tommy’s eyes went wide when he saw her pick up the vibrator. He laid there looking from the vibrator to Amanda, wondering what the hell she was planning on doing with it. It wasn’t long before he found out.

Tommy watched as she turned it to a low setting, leaned backwards onto his legs, and slowly started to slide it into her pussy. He could feel it vibrating through the walls of her pussy straight to his cock. He watched as she tried to look at him but her eyes kept rolling back in her head to the point that all he saw was the white part of her eyes.

Amanda slid the vibrator in as far as she could then she leaned back up so she was sitting on Tommy again. She started lifting and dropping her ass on his cock like she was doing before but now she was impaling herself on a vibrator also. The feeling of having her pussy and ass filled at the same time was driving her insane. This was something she wished she had tried along time ago. She felt Tommy’s hands sliding over her legs up to her hips. When he started to pull his hands back down he ran his finger nails down the outer part of her thighs. She didn’t think anything about it when she felt Tommy’s fingers around her pussy until she felt the speed of the vibrator pick up. She looked down at Tommy, completely wide eyed, at the realization that he had turned the speed up on it.

That was all either one of them could take and Tommy and Amanda started cumming exactly at the same time. Tommy didn’t expect it to have that kind of a result that quickly. He grabbed Amanda by her hips, holding her in place on his cock and the vibrator. With every shot into her ass he would thrust up into her. He felt her hands clamp down around his wrists and at first he thought she was trying to pull his hands loose but then realized that she was actually trying to keep her balance so she wouldn’t fall over off of him.

Once they started come down from their orgasms Amanda slid off of Tommy and laid down next to him. She reached down and started to pull the vibrator out when her hand got completely soaked. She looked over at Tommy who was also looking at her.

“You didn’t have another orgasm did you?” Tommy asked with a concerned tone to his voice.

Amanda shook her head and said. “No I didn’t. I think my water just broke. Maybe this is why he wanted us to lay off from having sex till they were born.”

Tommy jumped up and started to get dressed. He couldn’t understand why he couldn’t get his pants to zip up right until he realized that he put them on inside out. He had been telling himself that he would never be one of those expecting fathers that freaked out when it came time to go to the hospital. He wasn’t doing a very good job.

Amanda slowly crawled out of bed and went into the bathroom and started the shower. There was no way she was going to the hospital without cleaning herself up.

Once she was ready Tommy got her loaded into the car and started heading for the hospital. Several times Amanda had to tell him to slow down so he didn’t cause an accident or end up in one himself.

When they finally reached the hospital Tommy got out and helped Amanda inside so she could get checked in. It didn’t take long for Tommy to run back out to the car and find a place to park it and then run back inside to her.

Amanda was almost certain that he was probably setting some new speed records for nervous fathers. She sat there looking at him smiling. She couldn’t believe everything that has happened to her in less than a year. If someone would have told her a year ago that she was going to meet the guy she would marry, loose her virginity to him in the pool, have a threesome with Tommy and her mom, loose her mom and get married and have triplets in the first year she would have told them that they had lost their damned mind.

After everything was filled out an orderly took her up to a private room for the delivery. She wasn’t in there twenty minutes when she saw a doctor walk in. It was the same one that tried to save her moms life. He walked over to her and gave her a hug and shook Tommy’s hand.

“I see we get to meet on better circumstances this time.” The doctor said with a smile.

“Yeah, a lot better circumstances.” Amanda said.

“Well I just thought I would come in and say hi before I left. When I come in tomorrow I’ll stop in and check on you and the babies. Have you decided on any names yet? We have but we still don’t know what sex the’re going to be. We wanted that part to be a surprise.”

“Well when I stop by tomorrow you can introduce me to them.” He gave her another hug and said bye to the both of them.

Within the next hour Amanda gave birth to not 3, but 4 babies. When they discovered that there was a fourth one even the doctor was surprised. He delivered 3 girls and 1 boy. All of which were born completely healthy and well developed.

Tommy couldn’t have been anymore happier than he was that day. The only way this day could have been any better was if Sarah could have been there to see her grandchildren.

The next day the doctor came back just like he said he would. “I hear you guys had a bonus in the bunch.”

Tommy started to laugh and said. “Yeah the best they can figure is that the reason they didn’t see the fourth heartbeat was because it was lined up directly behind on of the other hearts.”

“So what names did you give them?” The doctor asked.

“Well I’ll give you the names in the order they were born. The first one we named after my mom, Sarah Lynn Ryals. The second one is named after Tommy’s mom, Jennifer Lynn Ryals. The third one is Allison Lynn Ryals and the last one is Tommy Alan Ryals II. Yes we know. The girls have the same middle name. We both thought that it was a wild coincidence when we found out that his mom and my mom had the same middle name.”

Well what about Allison? She has the same middle name as Sarah and Jennifer.” The doctor asked them with a puzzled expression on his face.

Tommy answered this one. “We figured that since Sarah and Jennifer had the same middle name we decided to just use it for Allison also. Now would you like to know how little Tommy got his name?”

“Well I figured that it’s your name, especially with the II at the end.”

“Well it is but it’s not my middle name that we are using. It’s your first name. Yes my middle name is Alan but so is your first name.” Tommy told the doctor with a smile on his face. He could see it took the doc several seconds to register what Tommy had just told him.

Once it finally registered in his head, the doctor got this huge grin on his face. He asked them. “Are you serious? Did you really mean what you just told me?”

Both Amanda and Tommy shook their heads yes. “We meant every word of it. They said in unison.

“You tried so hard to save my mom when she was brought in here that day almost 9 months ago.” We know you did everything that you could to help her but I guess it just wasn’t meant to be. This is kind of a way for us to say thank you. I know some people wouldn’t agree with this decision but oh well. They will get over it.”

“Wow. Nobody has ever done anything like this before. Thank you. I feel very honored. Well I better get out there and start my rounds. But before I do that I’m stopping by the nursery to get a look at all four of them. Congratulations to the both of you.”

Later the next day Tommy, Amanda and their four little bundles left the hospital. Tommy had used the previous day to go out and purchase everything that they were going to need for the fourth baby. He was glad that he went out several months ago and bought an SUV because there was no way they could have gotten four car seats into his old car.

“Well Tommy, it looks like we are going to have fun trying to find time for us to be alone now.” Amanda said while rubbing her hand on his crotch. She could already feel his cock starting to get hard.

“Well we have six weeks to figure that out because you remember what the doctor said. No sex for six weeks.”

“Yes I know. But it doesn’t mean I can’t pay attention to you though.” She squeezed his cock through his pants.

“I guess I will have to make it up to you later on with all the attention that I will be getting. Come on, lets get them home and in there cribs.”

Neither one of them could think of a way that would make this day any better.

If enough people want this to continue then I will add more to it. I will leave that up to the readers. Thanks again to everyone that encouraged me to continue adding more to this story.

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