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A full house

It all started on Thursday about 11.00 p.m when the taxi pulled up as Jackie and her husband was taking in Bed and Breakfast boards so to bring in a extra income as the house had five bedroom.
A new guest arrived; Jackie took one look at Fred (short for Fredrick) a 35 year old well developed and fit man from Spain on a quick visit to her city on business and would be only in the county for 4 days.

Jackie husband Graham helps with the suit case into the house and showed Fred to his gust room. Jackie being the good hostess strayed in the room to tell Fred all want he could expect while he was here while Graham when out side to do some work.
Jackie gave Fred the information and asked if there was any think he wanted and specially to do.
Fred said yes do you have ladies of the night around here. Why said Jackie
(Jackie thought I should have not said that) Fred said I would like to have a night out while I’m here.
Jackie looked him up and down and notices he had a good bulge down where thinks count.
Jackie took a step closer and said you do have to look far for a lady of the night. Fred replied why. With that Jackie told one step closer and gave Fred a kiss.
And with one hand stroking his face the other hand reaching down the feel the bulge.
The kisses got entrench and the lower hand started to rub. With this Jackie felt the bulge coming alive and surprised it was big.
Next minute Jackie felt her tits being played with Jackie felt contented. Stepping back and started undoing Fred belt and Fred was know feeling Jackie crouch but clothes where in the way.
But this Jackie had Fred belt undone and started to drop his pants to the floor.
“O shit” Jackie mind when into over drive it fuckin big cock she had ever felt.
Jackie could not contain her desires any longer, down come Fred undies, and what she gassed at was 9in of glory and a thick as a horse’s dick.
With on shove Jackie push Fred onto the bed and straight away when down on to his penis which was getting stiffer by the second.
Jackie only could suck the top and if she tried to deep throat she new that she would not be able to breath as Fred cock being so thick would get stuck in her throat.
Jackie found she self was ripping off her pants and then sitting on Fred as she was so wet in her cunt, for what she had found is and monster and this is what she had been look for a cock that would fit her large well used cunt.
Jackie started to ride Fred like it’s the last fuck she would every get. (1)
Groaning and moaning and the bed springs where singing Jackie forgot that the door was not closed.
Graham yelled out, are you all right dear?
Jackie came to a stop but Fred was just coming to the climax and as Fred blow Jackie yelled out “O love ever thing is taken care off.

All Jackie could only could sit there and enjoy her cunt full of juice.
Jackie slowly unmounted and said “I here to please” Fred replied you fuckin will do.

Jackie left Fred to make him self at home. Jackie looked at the clock and saying to her self “It only took me twenty minutes to be satisfy, I’m getting good”.
Fred called out to Jackie I’m going to have a nap as the time deference had hit him. Ha! Ha!
Jackie new he was fucked.
What about lunch replied Jackie? I’ll miss lunch came from the bedroom but wake me about three.

After lunch Jackie change to a rape round skit. She did not wear any underwear as they would get in the road.

Graham after lunch when to work as he started a six in the morning then come home at ten forty five and then when back at three and stayed till eight when he was home for the evening meal.

Five pass three Jackie went into wake up Fred which was still a sleep. As it was summer he had gone to sleep on top of the bed cloths still with out his trousers.
Jackie could not help her self but just curled up beside him.
Fred started to arouse Jackie turned her back to him put snuggle in on awaking Fred put his arms and her and with Jackie wriggling closer Fred was rising to bring that huge cock into play.
Jackie was getting horny she wanted it again Fred did not disappoint her giving her a old man root but this time Jackie just excepted her cunt been fuck again. (2)
This time the too just made plenty time to fill and please both requirements.
Jackie asked Fed are you married. Fred replied “O “yes but she does not want it as much as you.

Jackie asked after cleaning up after and very satisfied just being fucked again. What are you doing for the evening meal?
I don’t know yet. We normally do not have our Bed and Breakfast guest for any other meal than breakfast which is served in your room but I would like you, as you a different to dine with us. Other guest we do we change them.
Fred said Ok I’ll pay so the old man does not get suspicious.
Jackie thanked him.

After late drinks Graham went to bed as it was eleven and he had to get up early in the morning.
Jackie stayed up and talked to Fred.
Midnight came and Fred wanted to go to bed and Jackie said she will tune down the bed.
After cleaned his teeth Jackie was still in the bedroom bending over the bed like a dog. Fred could see Jackie was not wearing any pants so Fred had to start to finger her cunt and Jackie spread her legs apart a little more.
He started to use two fingers and then three Jackie was twisting for more so with four fingers and backward and forward motion Jackie was cumming.
Jackie reached down and garbs his wrist and with her help hands made him fist her in her cunt.
Fred cock was even bigger than he had ever had before. Her could not help him self pull his hand out of the most juiciest cunt he had ever seen as it was time to fuck the cunt off Jackie and she was ready. Fred pump her like it was a washing machine off balance, bump bump bump and Jackie was taking all with pleaser all over her body. (3)
Jackie received that much juice it seamed to fill a bucket.
Then after satisfaction Jackie retired to her matrimony bed.

Next morning Graham woke early and rolled over Jackie and wanted to fuck her ass. As Graham was only had 6 in Jackie was so hot from the last night ordeal she had for got for a second that the only ones that can use her ass is only special men not her husband.
Jackie. You know that off limits my love so Jackie spread her legs open and he got on top. Fuck me hurry up you will wake Fred: Jackie commented. Fuck Fred. --- ”Ok”.

Jackie waited till Graham left for work and just wearing a light night coat made Fred some fresh orange juice and took it in to his room.
Jackie could not help her self slipping into bed with him once again. Fred was ready to fill her cunt with this huge cock. (4)
Jackie started of with a 69 but as Fred was so large she had to jump on top again but this time let out all her feeling: yelling Fuck me Fuck Me “O” FUCK ME you basted. Nobody else was at home thank god. Jackie was screaming very loud for more.
Her body was rocking and demanding more and when he blew she demanded more but he was fuck out.
Jackie wanted more and if there was another males in the house she would have take on the lot she was getting hotter ever time Fred was around.

Fred had to leave for a business appointment so Jackie said he could use the large bathroom as no one else was here.
Fred came out and had breakfast with Jackie.
By this time it was eight o’clock as Fred went to clean up into the large bathroom. But Jackie had other idlers.

Jackie waited till she here the shower tune off then enter the bathroom.
Fred was surprise up not shocked.

Jackie walked up to him and started rubbing her hands all over his body and then ask Fred to stand with his back to the wall and look at the bath and the other wall.
With this she started to stroke his huge massive penis, kiss it and licking it making it come alive his 9in cock.

Jackie asked him to pull it off for her, as she gently lightly played with his balls. All the time tell him how beautiful and should be very proud of his fucking stick.
Fred started to please her and did what she wanted. By this time she was licking him body and sucking his nibble and asking him to pull it harder.
After a while she could see he was about to blow, with an instruction to see if he could hit the other wall, which was about 3 metre away.
Bull eye he let fly straight across to bathroom over the bath and hit the other wall with out deviation.
Your fuckin good, licking what she could form his penis then going over to the wall where his sperm had hit.
Leaning over the bath and using her finger scoping up the sperm and licking her finger and also thanking him for the juice.
You are the best thanks you. With that Jackie walks out of the bathroom and left Fred to him self.

Fred just be for you leave Jackie informed Fred we are having old friends come late this afternoon about 4 o’clock to stay and we all will be going out on Saturday to a Big Band dance night. If you like you can come but, as I’m going with my husband and the other’s as we are all going in one car. Would you like me to find one of my girl friend that will go with you. Ok said Fred.
Fred left to do want business he had to do so Jackie got on the telephone and start ring around.
The first person she rang was Bev asking if she could get away from her husband on Saturday night and escort a border she had.
Bev asked what the person is like. Jackie replied a male extra good looking from Spain and married. Ok!
I’ll tell my hubby that I’m have a night out with the girls Ok I’ll be in that.

About 4 o’clock Max and his wife arrived and told them to another bedroom as the major guest room taken and then will be on Saturday night all going out. Max OK

Fred got back at 5 o’clock and Jackie followed him straight into his guest bedroom and closed the door after Max notice her come out looking very satisfied about 30 minutes later. (5)
Jackie when into the kitchen to start the evening meal and Max ask can he help.
Max just took a look at Jackie and said you look like you just been fuck “O” No said Jackie how you dare suggest that.
Max replied you look contented and wearing that wraparound skirt the fuckin one you use when you get sexy, and you have juice over your face.
Jackie: “O” Shit, you are the first person to catch me, and with that Max moved closer and put his hand through the split in the wraparound skirt and went straight to her cunt that was dripping wet. Fingering the juice and bringing the drips up to sucking his fingers then when down again. Jackie was not stopping him but seem to be thankful he found out. When Max brought up another lot of juice put a second lot of juice into Jackie mouth she suck of his fingers as she like it, nearly sucked his finger off.
Max said you better clean up and change your skirt or I’ll fuck you to.

After the evening meal where Fred joined in, Jackie was very deceit with what she had to say as it was a full house.
We all went to our own room that night.

Next morning Max heard Graham get up to go to work and here Jackie go into Fred bedroom she was at it again getting fuck by her boarder (6)
Max thought if only her husband new her habits but Jackie was very good of double life.

Where Jackie came out Max and her was the only one having breakfast so Max asked her what was the oldies person she had fuck (you will notice they she does get fucked her she fuck’s them) Jackie replied he was about 65 in good shape and the youngest, her was 18 year old a student a virgin when her started boarded with us.
He was here for 9 month and when he left I had him going mad of it.

As Jackie is only 41 she started just after she got married as the money was short.
Max asked Jackie how long has Fred been here and what the score. She replied 6 so far and a jerked off and he can realy blow Jackie said with that certainty in her voice. He arrived on Thursday and leaving on Sunday about 11.15 am. Max replied you still have time for more “O” yes with Jackie bring her body to an upright position.

After breakfast Max went into have a shower, and yes, as he was coming out of the shower Jackie walked and going straight for Max penis.
Jackie asked Max to pull him self off and see if he can hit the wall on the other side of the bathroom.
Max was worried that his wife would come in when Jackie was there but Jackie just wanted Max to blow over the bath and hit the wall.
He pulled his cock off but Jackie and was disappointed Max only made it into the bath just a little on the wall. Jackie said I’ll have to one day made it blow right across.
Straight away Max new she was comparing him to Fred.
Max thought he was good as last time Jackie did not complain about when he was up her ass she loved it now she want me to blow harder. Shit this girl if hard to satisfy.

When Graham when to work that afternoon Jackie asked him to come home a early as he can as we were all going out that night

Max notice when Graham left for work that after Jackie went straight into Fred room and stayed for one hour. (7) Fuck for Jackie
Around seven Bev turned up and was very surprise how Fred looked
At 8.30 we all left to go out the Big Band dance and Bev took Fred in her car.
We all dance and changed partners and when it got to Max to dance with Bev. Max comment Bev you look hot to night and you are all over Fred.
Bev did not like this remark and left Max and when over to Jackie and had words, but the next thing she came back and said I did not know you are one of us.

Then Bev said I’m going to ride hell out of him to night. Wow what did Jackie say it really broke the ice, the only thing she could have said to Bev “Max is a special person”.

About 11.30 Bev and Fred left saying they are going for coffee. This was bull shit Bev was going for the lot poor Fred had no dear what was in for him.

The rest of us left at midnight and with a late supper at the house it was about 1.15 am before Bev and Fred arrived back.
We all went to our own room that night.

Next morning Jackie husband didn’t have to go to work but when for a walk to the shops for the paper.
Just on 9 o’clock Bev arrived to see if every think was Ok.
Max was surprised there was Bev wearing a wraprounds skits and a low cut top with Velcro down the front and looks like no underwear then Max turning around and look at Jackie was wearing the same out fit. Yes it was there shrew outfit that can be rip off quickly. Poor Fred he is going to have hell fuck out of him with these girls on the last day.
Max asked Bev, where’s your husband. He’s with the kids at the football.

Bev when straight into Fred room and Jackie was not happy missing out.

Bev came out about 30 minuets later like a school girl just being caned. Max meet her in the hall and called out to Jackie then guided Bev into the large bathroom.
Max waited out side till Jackie cam out “Watts wrong” he inquired. “She had her ass screw off and I need so pads and I’ll have to give her some undies too, this will teach her”.
After a short time Bev joined Jackie and Max out side and the subject came around to what has been done in the past.
Thank god Max’s wife was inside talking to Graham.

Jackie said remember the time we had a dare competition to see which one of them could walk through a showing centre with our cunt filled up.
O Yes said Bev that was You Wendy and me, that’s right.
Max ask who is Wendy, She the other in our group she hotter that us.
It all started with a dare said Jackie. Wendy stuck a bear can up self I stuck a soft drink can and for Bev had to go bigger by sticking a 1.5 L bottle big end up you self and tired it up with a spender belt in away to keep in all the way in, so the rest of us could but a nickers on to keep our in.
Off to the shopping centre, but Bev you had to lie down on the back seat because it was so big your bottle you had you could not sit down.
Waking around Wendy and I was waking like we had ballet posture with feet pointing out in a upright posture trying to hold the cans in but Bev with that like big bottle she was stupid over like a old women.
About ¾ around the shopping centre Wendy got so wet that her can of beer just feel on the ground and rolled along the floor.
When the three got back to the car Bev could not get in she tried and tried. Wendy come to her aid and with dignity had to undo the knotted suspender belt she had tied up. Bev never thinks for an escape plain.
The only one left in the dare was Jackie and the other two made her drive home.
By the time they got back Jackie was so cumming she was dripping wet but won the dare.
Shit you girls get up to funny business Max said.

Max asked how did you all met. Jackie replied: At the university we had found out how to get top marks. “Want” said Max. Well Jackie had a professor use her ass start of the section, middle break and after lecture of 5 day. Max asked: What happen? Well on the last episode he had me over his desk fucking my ass when the phone rang and I answer it as I was right near the phone.
It was his wife and I made a mistake by calling him by his first name and told her he was about come and could she ring back, she said I’ll hang on and when he finish ram my ass and blowing his goods right up me he answer the phone and she got suspicious and he subjected no to continue again. Thanks to my 5 day, I pass all subjects.

Max asked how you felt after that.
Jackie replied: You see on the pictures when a cowboy has been riding he horse all day and gets off and walks like a waddle, well I was like that my fuckin ass was sore but it was worth it I could feel it for weeks and that when I met Bev and Wendy they had ask what was wrong and I told them I’m just making sure I would pass my exam papers.
I told them how to approach a professor and Wendy perfected it to a find art.

Bev used another professor for 8 days and had to use all her talent fucking sucking and ass pumping till he agreed to give her good marks.
Wendy went one step further by using 3 professors for a full 3 semester tell she brought home top marks in her subject and also 9 month later took home baby professor, her husband thinks it his. She wanted some one to look after in her old age.

Graham calls out Jackie it time to check out.
Max: “What’s that” I have to check his room to see if he does not take any thing, replied Jackie looking at her watch as it was 10.45 am and the taxi is coming at 11.15.

When Jackie left Bev said to Max she gone it for number 8 fuck I bet.

Max and Bev keep talking about experiences they both had in the passed until they here Graham call out the Taxi is here.
Bev jumped up knock over the chair down the hall and Max not far behind.
Bev knocked on the closed bedroom door three times slowly then a dozen fast knock then enter by this time Graham was just entering the hall that had not seen the door closed.
Jackie was adjusting her self and Fred had got into the on-suit and Jackie said he just cleaning his teeth and looking at he time. ‘O’ Shit the taxi is 5 minuets early.

Luckily the big case was ready to go so Graham which had enter the guest bedroom to take the suit case out to the taxi.
Jackie said that it was close thank’s for the signal Bev and all when out to the taxi to say goodbye.

Graham call out: “Hope you like your stay we liked being your host and hope you got all you come for”. Fred replied “I did and more“

Returning to our talking places Bev asked will did you get what you wanted Jackie.
I had to work on it I got my 8th fuck in. Bev you had fucked him out.
When you knocked on the door I was trying to make him come alive again all the playing sucking pulling and licking on his dick it would not come alive it was deed. But the last time he could keep it up after I had ridden hell out of him but this time he was stuffed.

Jackie calls out to her husband; Graham how about going to get a couple of chickens across town for lunch and take Max’s wife with you. OK replied Graham.

Jackie was still hot and as Graham and Max’s wife walk out of the house Jackie came into the lounge dining room and started to grab Max penis and asked him to stand on the two chairs that had been put close together, and dropping his trousers and undies on the floor.
Jackie started sucking Max and Bev joined for awhile then Jackie got up on a single lounge chair and kneeled on the arms and said Max fuck my ass.
Max go down and as he was erected for a position to please her enter her juice cunt to get lubrications to enter her ass. Hurry fuck me I want you to fill my ass like you have done before.
With an exiting from Jackie big cunt it was good to ram it in her tight ass as she demanded.

Bev was not to be left out with one hand was gently rubbing, stroking and pulling balls of Max’s and then starting to fist Jackie with the other.

Jackie was going into a trance, raising her ass mooning, growing and demanding more. Max could feel Bev fisting in her cunt and made Max grow his cock to a size that only once before it got to 8 in and Jackie was taking it in all. Especially when he was blow his sperm right up her ass.

Bev was hot and got on to the two chairs where Max was before and started to play with her self and telling Max he had a play with her cunt, first three fingers then four fingers.

At this stage Bev started to squat to open her cunt to the maximum. It was not hard for Max to thrust is full hand in her cunt as you could tell Bev wanted it.
Bev was hands was holding Max’s head to steady her self and giving him the deep tongue kiss and lick his face like a cat. Bev was very hot.

Max closing his fist inside Bev he started to pump and then Jackie got behind Max and started to play with Bev nibble’s pulling and twisting which had studs in them.
Jackie was not gentle with Bev. Max thought that Bev tit would come away from her body but at the same time Bev was trying to deep throat tonguing Max of more pleaser.
Max could feel tears come from Bev but she did not want to stop getting fisted and her tits getting pulled hard. Bev love pain.

Next think a car door here close and Max did not have time to open his fist just pulled it straight out of Bev cunt with a suction of juice went every where was very loud.

Max grabbing his trousers and undies raced up the hall in to the bathroom with a dripping hand, thank god the door in the bathroom was open.
The girls straighten up as that nothing had been done or out of place.

After a clean up Max enter and notice the chairs had not been put back so he went and sat on one and turned the other around.
Bev left as she wanted to get home to get some lunch for her family and Max and his wife left after lunch to go home.

Jackie had her house back from a full house.

All name have been change but the story is true

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Whoa. I enjoyed the content of the story, but the improper English is very distracting. You have the makings for a nice story, but I suggest finding someone who could correct the most glaring errors, particularly with conjugating your verbs.

Keep it up, though! Like I said, you have potential there.

05-31-2009, 05:25 PM
Good Story... thanks