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08-23-2009, 08:47 AM
Way back, when my wife was still my girlfriend she worked in a strip club as a waitress for a couple of months. She didn't strip herself, she was just the girl who took the orders and brought the drinks, but the tips was much more than at a regular place. She did however gave one performance, and it is about that one that I want to tell you about.

My wife has shoulder length, dirty blond hair, slim build with a hourglass figure, great legs and some smallish but nicely formed breasts.

During Saturday afternoons the club was a bit quiet, the shows only start at 6pm. My wife worked that particular Saturday because we had plans to go out later that evening. The place was almost empty, it was just herself, the manager (who also acted as the barman for the afternoon), two of the “massage” ladies from the massage parlor next door, three gentlemen from the American embassy and myself. I was sitting in the corner, watching some television and nursing a drink. The gentlemen was having a good time, buying rounds for everyone, myself included even though I was sitting in the corner, and tipping generously. They had the normal comments about my wife, half-heated requests that she should strip and so on, but generally they behaved. My wife flirted a bit with them, but everyone could see it was just fun and games, so no problems.
After a while they called the manager over and quietly talked to him, then they called my wife over. They were explaining something to her, she looked up to where I was sitting and smiled, then continued to listen. When they were done she came over to where I was sitting. It turned out the gentlemen had a proposition, they wanted her to preform a strip show for them and in return they will reward her handsomely. The money was more than what she would be able to make in two weeks time. The manager assured her that he will lock the doors and the show will only be for the gentlemen, him and myself. They also told her that it was her choice, if she didn't want to do it, they will leave it at that. I asked her how she feels about it and she explained that it is a lot of money and will be something daring and naughty. I could see she already made up her mind about doing it, so I told her that its her show. She returned to the men and told them she will do it, but the show will end immediately if they touch her, also that it will only be a strip show, nothing else. They agreed to this and she went to select some music for the show. I was invited to join the men and we went to sit around the ramp where the show was to be performed.

The lights dimmed, the first song started and my wife came through the curtain on the stage. She was dressed in her blue jeans and a white t-shirt, but she had removed her socks and shoes. Her hair, which was previously in a ponytail was now loose and she had put on some more make up. She used to dance when she was in school, so she manage to dance nicely on the stage, she was smiling at us and looked as if she enjoyed it. She would turn around, shake her body and every now and then stuck a sexy pose, squatting in front of us with her legs open and a hand that rubbed down there, rubbing her breasts or pointing her ass in our direction.

With the second song she knelt in front of us and allowed one of the guys to undo the top button on her jeans and pull down the zip. A white triangle of her panties appeared. The jeans was quite tight and she was able to do some dance moves without it slipping down, teasing us with that that triangle. Near the end of the song she asked the other two gentlemen to take her t-shirt by the sides and lift it over her head. They complied and revealed her white bra.

At the start of the third song she turned her back to us and pulled the jeans over her ass, revealing the white seat of her panties, then she turned back and went to sit in front of us, asking the manager and me to remove her jeans by pulling on the legs. We quickly helped her out of her jeans, leaving her to sit in front of us wearing only a white bra and panties. She opened her legs, allowing us to see her milky smooth thighs and the white panties covering her. She continued to dance, rubbing herself, squatting in font of us and bending over showing her ass. The panties was like like a second skin around her, and it looked stunning seeing her twirl in only the bra and panties. Near the end of the song she invited one of the guys to unhook her bra, he eagerly helped her. She was still holding the cups of the bra to her breasts, preventing it from slipping off and continued to dance, making the straps fly around. As the song ended she turned her back to us again and dropped the bra.

When the forth song started she turned around, covering her nipples with her fingers and walked to the edge of the stage. She asked the other two gentlemen to each hook a finger in the side of her panties and give it a little pull. The did so and exposed her hip bones. She turned around again and pulled the panties down. She was now totally naked, even more than the normal strippers since they usually keep stockings or their high heels on. With her back to us she swayed her hips and moved to the music, then turned around but covered herself with on arm across her breasts and a hand covering her crotch. She turned like this a couple of times, each time thats she faced us she would cover up and when she was turned away from us she would drop her hands. Then finally she turned around again, this time with her hands by her sides, allowing us to see her erect nipples and shaved pubic mound. She continued to dance as before, only she was doing it nude. The guys were cheering and whistling and enjoying the show.

When the fifth song started she sat down on the floor right in front of us, spread her legs and started to explore herself with her fingers. She asked one of the gents to suck her finger and she used that finger to finger herself. She looked real turned on about it, I was quite surprised at this side of her. I didn't even think she would be able to strip in front of strangers, let alone masturbate. It really turned me on, I was hard as a rock. She started to rub herself, faster and faster and moaned a bit. The song stopped but she continued, I could see she really was getting herself off. Finally she came, with a long moan and her whole body contracting. She dropped her legs and just remained motionless for a bit, before she sat up and asked us if we enjoyed the show. We all ensured her that we did and gave her a hand of applause. She gathered her clothes and disappeared backstage.

We had another round of drinks and everyone told me how lucky I am to have such a sexy girlfriend. She joined us a bit later on, clothed but still flustered. She accepted the praise from the guys and had one drink before we left.

I didn't quite know how to discuss it with her, so I waited for her to say something, but she didn't talk about it. Back home, we were scarcely in the door when she grabbed me and demand my cock in her immediately. Our plans for the rest of the evening was put on hold while we fucked numerous times. I was so turned on by her performance earlier that I could stay hard for hours, doing to her what the other guys wished they could have done. It seems she was turned on as well, we spent the rest of the night in bed.

I am still getting turned on by the memory, my wife, naked on the floor masturbating in front of strangers. She really is a naughty wife.

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Very well done! Great build-up, I like how you take your time with the details. You captured not just the act itself, but the raw emotion that goes with it. I will certainly keep an eye out for more of your posts...

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Very nice story

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gud story..

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that was a very hot story, thanks

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I really enjoyed this story. It built nicely and was just the right length. Keep up the good work.

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another good one :)

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hot story