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Please read pt.1 located here in order to catch up with what is going on, trust me, if you read this one without first reading Part 1, than you are going to miss out on everything!
Part 1 => Stepmother, Stepsister and me (Stepbrother/stepson) The “Love In the Family” Series (http://www.sexstoriespost.com/forums/showthread.php?t=24558)

After the first sexual encounter with my stepsister, we became closer than ever before.
Knowing these little secrets about each other and knowing that we really enjoyed each other's company, made our time together that more special.

We started playing these little games at night time when we were together. Knowing that her mother
would be walking into the room each night at about the same time, we would get ourselves into these
Catch-me-if-you-can situations, of which she never did.

During one of our nights together, I was going down on her while she was lying on her side facing the wall & me. When her mother walked into the room and my stepsister closed her legs over my head to keep me in the position that I was in, as the sheer presents of her mother being in the room made it more exciting and more intense.
I continued to enjoy the sweet taste of my stepsister's moist flower, and I continued inserting my tongue inside her through-out the time that her mother was in the room (As with my head in the position that it was in, made it hard to move my head anywhere, as most women have some strong thighs).

I started noticing how much wetter her pussy would get when her mother would come into the room so I tried something one night, just to see what would happen?

I got my stepsister extremely hot and wet a few minutes before her mother entered into the room. This time there would be something a little different for her mother to look at besides just watching her daughter sleep with silent orgasms. I got my stepsister to put her finger inside of her hot, wet pussy with the covers pulled off from 1 leg and the leg under the cover would be bent at the knee.
I got underneath the bed like I use to do, and when her mother came into the room and kneeled down beside the bed, my stepsister moved to the side exposing her hand over her pussy with a finger inside of herself. My stepmother just looked in awe at her daughter, she could not believe what she was seeing, and she never thought that her daughter did such things, but she does, and she does it very well.

My stepmother could not help but look on at her daughter, especially when she would hear these little moans that she was doing (Like she was having a dream of making love). My stepmother put her hand on her leg and to my surprise, she moved her hand to her inner-thigh and brought her night-top up and her thighs apart to expose her pussy which was so hot and wet at this point that she could hardly control herself.

My stepmother then moved her hand over her pussy and spread her lips open to a beautiful hot pink inner labia that drove me out of my mind. She then pushed her finger between her lips and inserted it into her wet pussy and started fingering herself. After a few moments I could hear both my stepsister and my stepmother with these low key moans that made me want to eat both of their beautiful pussies.

My stepmother hit her climax soon thereafter, as her legs closed shut quickly with her hand still between her thighs, and her finger still inserted inside of her. She then relaxed and removed her finger and owe man that was a beautiful site, as the light glistened off her finger where her female cum was at, so beautiful it was, and then she moved her hand up and I heard as her finger came out of her mouth, the little smack noise that it makes, so I knew right then that my stepmother enjoyed drinking the juices from her own beautiful pussy. She then got herself up and leaned over and kissed her daughter on the cheek like she does every night, and then walked out of the room.

My stepsister called my name, and I brought myself back up to the bed, she looked over at me and said:
SS: Did you see what my mom was doing?
Me: Yes I did, and what a site it was.
SS: Did you see her doing it? What did she do? Tell me, oh god tell me please! I am so hot put your finger in me, make me cum and tell me what you saw my mother doing?
Me: Your mother brought her legs apart and inserted her finger into her hot, wet pussy and fingered herself to an orgasm, and then she stuck her finger into her mouth and sucked the juices from her finger off.
SS: Oh my god, my mother made herself cum looking at her daughter masturbating! I love it! I love my mom more now, knowing that she did that while watching me, oh god eat me make me cum in your mouth, then kiss me and make me drink my cum from your mouth!

I did exactly as she wanted me to, and then the night was over like all nights, we had to sleep, but in separate rooms unfortunately.

The next day there was a difference in the house which was kind-of cool, considering that I watched my stepmother finger herself while she watched my stepsister (her own daughter) fingering her pussy in a supposed dream? This was going to be an interesting time from here on out.

When we sat down at the table for breakfast my stepmother asked us both if we slept well, and we both answered that we slept good, and then my stepsister stated:
SS: I had this wild dream last night though.
SM: Oh yea? What was it about?
SS: Well, it is kind-of embarrassing to say with him in her (referring to me).
Me: OK, OK, I get it, I am finished anyway, I am going over to my friends house, will be back later on this afternoon.
SM: OK, drive safely!
SS: Yes, and do not be back to late, remember, you promised that you would take me somewhere tonight.
Me: OK, see you both later on.

When I left the house, my stepmother and stepsister went outside and sat on the patio and then my stepmother asked her daughter about her dream.
SM: Now, tell me about this dream that you had last night.
SS: Well, I had a dream that I was making love to some man, but I could not see his face, I just know that he felt good against me.
SM: yes, I love dreams like that. Go on!
SS: Well, about half way through the dream I felt like someone in the dream was watching us, but I could not see anyone, like maybe they were hiding?
SM: Oh? Did it feel like a good or bad presence was watching you?
SS: It felt like a very loving presence, like I knew the person, but yet, they were hiding.
SM: Well, at least it was a loving presence instead of a bad feeling.
SS: Yes, and it made me feel better in my dream, and it made me want to please the person I was with more, and in my dream, he asked me to masturbate, you know, finger myself for him.
SM: Yes sweetie, I know what masturbate means. (Smiling)
SS: Well, I wanted to please the man I was with in my dream, so I did, but when I started doing it to myself, I noticed that the presence that was watching me earlier, was also doing it to their own self as well.
SM: Really? How could you tell that the presence was doing the same thing?
SS: Well, that is the strange part really, I could hear them lightly moaning and I could also smell the person as well, which made me feel really at ease and made me even hotter in my dream, as I could tell that it was a female that was watching me and doing the same thing as I was.
SM: Really? You could hear them? (You could tell in her voice that she was nervous, thinking that she had been caught, but played along, in hopes that she was not caught)
SS: Yes, It sounded so beautiful, now I know how a man feels when he makes love to a woman and hears her little gentle moans, as I heard this woman's and it made me feel so good inside.
SM: That is a very interesting dream and very intense as well.
SS: Yes it was.
SM: Well, we have that over with, now let's run over to town.

Later on that afternoon I returned from my friends' house and my stepsister was getting ready to go over to her friend's house with me. I jumped in the shower and she came into the bathroom and told me about the dream that she told her mother.
SS: I think that she got off on it?
Me: Really huh? That is so cool don't you think?
SS: Yes it is, it makes me feel different about my own mother, but in a good way.

We left and went over to her friend's house, were we stayed until around 8:30pm then went back home.
We went to bed around 10:00pm and around 10:30pm like the previous nights; I headed into my stepsister's bedroom for our nightly love affair (so to speak).
I went down on my stepsister once I arrived in the room, as she was rubbing her delicate little pink flower as I entered the room.
SS: You know, I have been wondering if my mother would be good at going down on me like you are.
Me: Really? You have been thinking about that?
SS: Yes, is that bad? Please do not think badly of me!
Me: Oh honey, do not worry; it is only natural for you to have these feelings knowing that your mother has played with herself while watching you do the same thing.
SS: Thank you, I love you so much, if it was up to me, I would rather be with you then any other guy, as you know me, you know what I like and what I enjoy.
Me: Yep, your mother. (Giggling)
SS: Smart ass!
Me: Yes mam, but you love this smart ass don't you?
SS: Yes I do!
Me: What do you want to do tonight when she comes in?
SS: Well, I was thinking about something, and I do not really know how to go about it.
Me: Tell me what it is, and I will help you out on it.
SS: Well, since mom enjoyed watching me last night, I was thinking that I would do something else when she comes in her tonight, like when she kneels down beside the bed, I want her to be able to see my naked body, all of me.
Me: So, you want to take off your clothes, OK, let's undress that beautiful body of yours.

We undressed her, and afterwards I placed the covers over her, as it will help to keep in her nervousness and will make her body explode that much more when her mother comes in, if she is still covered in front of me.

Me: OK, when you mother comes in and kneels down beside the bed, what you want to do is simple really. Just lie there for about a minute, and I will reach up and touch your face, and when I do that, you need to roll over on your back and stretch out, except when you stretch out, you need to take your hand and pull your sheet of from your body, this way it will look more natural and not setup.
SS: OK, I am ready, Mom should be coming in here any moment now, so, get under the bed.
Me: Yes my sweet beautiful nervous flower (smiling).

About 4 minutes went by, and my stepsister was about to lose her nerve when all of a sudden we heard her mother walking into the hallway. She entered into the room and did her same old thing as always.
She kneeled down on the floor beside the bed and laid her head on the bed this time, normally she just sat there with her hands under her chin, but this time was different, she placed her head on the bed and stared at her daughter.
Both of us set in waiting, wondering what her mother must be thinking at this moment. There was no movement with her legs, she never touched herself, and it looked as if she was going to get up so I reached up and touched my stepsister's face and when I did, it was like a bomb went off inside her, her whole body felt like it was going to explode when she turned over onto her back and stretched.

Her mother had stood up at this point and was fixing to leave the room when she saw her daughter turn onto her back and the covers got removed from her body as she stretched out. She just stood there and stared at her, as when she rolled over, she moved herself way over nearing the other side of the bed, the side that he mother was on. And then all of a sudden, her mother kneeled back down onto the floor.
She stayed there looking at her daughter's soft, pink naked form, lying there so peaceful looking and so inviting.
SM: (thinking to herself) my daughter looks so beautiful lying there, so beautiful. Am I a bad mother looking at my daughter like this? Am I a bad mother for the thoughts that I am having about my little girl? I know that she is 16; I know that she is growing up, but her story, I think that she somehow knew that it was me that was pleasing myself while she was doing the same last night. Just a small tender touch is all that I want to do, nothing more, just a small touch.

As my stepsister laid there on the bed motionless, my stepmother reached her arm up and over to her daughter's stomach. When she placed her hand on her daughter, her stomach quivered a little from the sudden touch. Her mother then slowly, it seemed that it took hours, but she slowly moved her hand down to her daughter's strawberry blond mound between her thighs. She gently rubbed and her finger barely went between her lips and touched her clitoris, which caused her daughter to do a small moan.
Her mother then ran her finger down and slowly inserted her finger into her daughter's vagina, which made her daughter's hips rise to meet her mother's loving tender touching finger.

Her mother made finger love to her daughter for a few minutes before removing her finger and bringing her finger to her mouth and then inserting her finger into her mouth, to taste her daughter's love juices.
This drove her mother's hormones into complete overdrive and made her taste buds and her body starts begging for more. Then to her daughter's complete surprise, she stood up and walked to the end of the bed, and slowly climbed up onto the bed between her daughter's legs.
(During this time, I leaned up in the corner where it was the darkest so that I could not be seen, and I watched as my stepmother started going down on her own sleeping beauty of a daughter.)

She then moved her mouth down to meet the finally shaved part of her daughter's lovely flower and her tongue came from her mouth and licked between her daughter's lips. This sent tingles all through her daughter's body, as her mother continued to indulge herself with her daughter's hot, wet pinkish pussy. She could not stop herself, she never had done this to another woman before, and she sees that she loves it, or maybe it is just the fact that she is doing this to her sleeping daughter that makes it better than anything else that she could possibly imagine.

My stepmother started getting hornier as time passed, and then she pulled up her nightshirt to expose her pussy as well as her breast and her nice firm mature ass. She then started to finger herself while licking her daughter's sweet pussy, and the more I watched the more I wanted to lick her pussy for her, but I did not want to mess up the love that I was seeing between mother and daughter at this very moment.

Ecstasy can take its toll on a woman when she hits her climaxing point, and my stepsister was nearing this point, and her mother was getting ready to have a rude awakening, if her daughter reaches down and pushes her face harder into her vagina.

Another minute or so went by when all of a sudden my stepsister started to orgasm and she bent her head back and arched her back and pushed her pussy into her mother's wet waiting mouth and then her body went limp. And you could hear my stepmother start to moan as she started to become orgasmic as well. Then she became silent and lay on her daughter's pelvic area for a good minute before removing herself slowly and gently from her daughter's hot wet pussy.
Once she stood up and walked around the bed, she grabbed the covers and pulled them over her naked daughter's exhausted body and leaned down, and this time she kissed her daughter's lips instead of her cheek as she has done since her little girl was a little girl. Then she walked out of the room.

My stepsister looked up and saw my shadow and reached out for me and pulled me to the bed, and I crawled under her covers and held my quivering stepsister as she told me how her mother made her feel.

The next day was even more interesting than the day before, as this time, my stepmother knows what her daughter taste like and her daughter knows that her mother enjoys tasting her. And this family is getting ready to change forever in the eyes of a: Mother, Daughter and Stepson/Stepbrother.

To be continued…

Stay tuned for more of the series of: “Love in the Family”

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