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Abbreviations for this story, which works with Part 2 as well
SS = Stepsister
SM= Stepmother
Flower = Vagina
ME & SB: myself of course.

I strongly suggest that you read Part 1 (http://www.sexstoriespost.com/forums/showthread.php?t=24558) and Part 2 (http://www.sexstoriespost.com/forums/showthread.php?t=24632) before reading this one.

Stepmother, Stepsister and me (Stepbrother/stepson) The “Love in the Family” Series Part 3.
This is the Final Story in this Series.
Thank you for the kind words and comments; it makes me want to continue this great work.

When my SS woke the next morning her mother was getting ready for their beach trip, and I was getting ready to take off for the weekend with some friends. I gave my SS a last minute kiss and she told me to kiss her Flower real quick before her mother came back inside, so I leaned down and moved her shorts over to the side and her pretty little fluffy panties and I put my tongue inside her already wet flower.
I placed her panties and shorts as they were and then kissed her real quick and then left just as her mother walked into the side-door.

SM: Are you ready to get?
SS: Sure.

They headed out the door and down the road to their weekend trip to the beach like they have been doing for the last 15yrs at this time.
One the road my SS could not help but think to herself about her mother and what she did to here, so she decided to try a few things during their trip, as she knew that they would be going out on the beach within the next couple of hours.

Once they arrived to the beach house and unpacked the car and settled into their home away from home, my SS and SM went into their rooms and got dressed into their 2 piece bikini's and grab their beach bags and out to the fun in the sun they went.
They got down to the beach and too their surprise there was absolutely no one down there, which was strange as this part of the beach is always packed with the kids of the summer, but not today.

SS: Well, at least we are not going to be bothered by anyone like last summer.
SM: That is good, I could go for some peace and quiet in the sun without all the noise, I think that this is going to be OK.
SS: You know Mom; I think it is going to be great!

They laid down on their lounge chairs and for about an hour they talked about life and what is going on with each other, and then there was a long silence between them, and it is during this time that my SS decided to start putting together her little "Let's see what Mom will do? Plan"
She peaked over at her mom and saw that her eyes were opened under her sunglasses, so she grabbed the suntan lotion and started to rub it on her feet and then moved up to her calves and then her thighs and then she laid back down and reach down to rub some around her panty line and tummy, and she peaked over at her mother and she was watching her, so my SS took her left hand (SM was on her right) and rubbed some lotion on the top inner part of her thigh and then she took her finger and rubbed it across her panties and then she acted as if she did not know that her mother was awake, and she took her hand and rubbed herself one really good time and her find pressed between her lips and then she brought her hand up to her tummy and smiled, and wondered what he mother must be thinking.

(What my SM was thinking?)
My SM was watching her the entire time, even when my SS did not think that she was watching her. When she saw her rub her panties, she wanted to reach over and do it for her, but did not dare do it, the only thing that she could think of was that she would hope that she would sleep early this evening and that she would taste her daughter again while she was sleeping.

A few hours went by and they both packed it in and headed back up to the beach house, as it was starting to get a little late and they wanted to go take showers and go out to eat tonight.
They both went in and showered and both of them shaved as well, legs, underarms and bikini area, My SS shaved hers clean, and my SM shaved her near about clean but left just a little up-top.
My SS wore her little sundress and my SM wore her shorts and top, and they headed out to their favorite restaurant.

At the restaurant they ordered and at and were sitting their talking, and my SS moved to face her mother and when she did, the bottom of her dress got caught and pulled up her dress exposing her little pretty panties to her mother, and she looked down and said: Opps, sorry about that. Her mother just smiled and they went back to talking and she caught her mother several times looking down, through she had pulled her dress bottom back over her panties, it was the soft lightly tanned things that was turning her mother on now, she just loved the way her daughter looked in her own skin and with little things own, like the sundress and her little bikini.

They headed back to the house and both got themselves ready for bed and came back into the living room and started watching this movie that was on TV, and my SS laid down on the couch placing her head on her mother's lap and laying on her side. After a little while of laying there she moved her body to lie on her back and when she did, it exposed her panties to her mother, and my SS moved her hands down and pulled up on her top and started to gently rub her own tummy, knowing that her mother would be watching her.
After a little while the move went off and my SM used to remote control to cut off the TV and they stayed on the couch talking, and after a few minutes my SS turned herself to face her mother which also meant that she would be facing her mother's crouch area as well.

One thing about my SM is that at nighttime since she was a teenager, she would never wear panties to bed, she liked being without them at nighttime, and she was without them now. So when my SS turned to face her mother, her sleep-shirt was pulled up just a little, but enough to where the only thing my SS had to do was look down and straight ahead and she would see her mother's beautifully shaved flower.

She looked up at her mother while they talked, and during this time her mother was thinking about her daughter in a moving intimate way and it was making her wet, and well, my SS started to smell her mother's love juices and it was started to get her wet and horny as well. She took her eyes off her mother's face and she looked down and when she did, she saw her mother's flower right there in front of her face, and what a beautiful site it was. She could not help but smile and her mother looked down at her and though to herself. (Oh no, I forgot that I am not wearing no panties, and she can see me, what if she can smell me too) And this was making her hotter thinking about her daughter looking at her nakedness, and knowing that she as well could smell herself, and this was starting to feed to fire that was starting to erupt between her burning thighs.

She reached down and put her hand on her daughters head and starting to rub her hair, with soft loving strokes in a way of which she had never done before. And her daughter looked up at her and she told her mother.

SS: Mother?
SM: Yes sweetheart?
SS: I have really enjoyed myself with you today and this evening.
SM: Thank you, I have enjoyed myself a lot with you as well my beautiful daughter.
SS: Mother?
SM: Yes?
SS: I love the way you smell, what are you wearing?
SM: I am not wearing anything, when I got out of the shower earlier; I never put on any perfume or nothing.
SS: Well mother, you smell wonderful, it must be your body that smells so good.
SM: It must be dear.

They got up and started towards their rooms. My SS went into her room and got herself into bed and cut off the overhead light, but let the table light on. Her mother walked into the room a few minutes later so say goodnight to her daughter.

SM: I thought I would come in her before I went to bed to say goodnight and to tell you that I love you.
SS: I love you to momma.
SS: Momma did you ever find out what that wonderful smell was?
SM: Not sure, why?
SS: I could smell that smell forever, it smelled so good, and it makes me wonder what it would…
SM: What it would… What?
SS: Well, it smells so good; I was just thinking that if it smells so good, that it has to taste really good too.
SM: Really! Thank you for saying that about me, I am flattered.
SS: You are welcome, and if you find out what it is that smells so good on your body, please let me taste it!
SM: OK, I will
SS: You promise?
SM: Yes my deal, I will, for now, it is time for you to sleep.
SS: OK, I love you momma, goodnight.
SM: night my dear.

My SS laid there in her bed thinking of her mother and wondering if her mother was thinking about here as well. Her mother was in her room and just cut off the lights and was looking at the clock.

SM: I wonder how long it will take my daughter to fall asleep tonight.
I really, really want to go in there and take her in my arms.
I cannot stand this, I need to hold her.

My SM got up out of bed and walked into the hallway, her heart was beating rapidly as thoughts started shooting thru her mind as to what her daughter would think about her going into her room and holding her. She stopped at the bedroom door and paused.

SM: What are you doing? (She spoke to herself).

At that time my SS got up from bed and walked to the door to her surprise, she came face to face with her mother, and they both looked into each other's eyes and without thought or thinking my SM leaned forward and kissed her daughter on the lips, and it was at this moment that my SM knew that her daughter had the same feelings as she had, and so her daughter kissed her back.
Mother and daughter stood in the hallway in a close loving embrace, holding each other tightly my soft and gentle as only women can do, their soft fabric clothing rubbing against each other and the taste of their mouths to one another brought both mother and daughter to wetness between their thighs like they had never felt before.

My SM took her daughter by her hand and led her to her room, and she sat on the edge of her bed and her daughter lowered herself before her own mother to between her legs, and she looked forward and notices that beautiful site once again, her mother's non-panty wearing self was glistening so beautifully that she could not help but to lean forward and so gently kiss her mother's wet lips between her thighs.

My SM had her daughter's tongue slowly penetrating the inner most part of her soul, the love that she had shared with her daughter from birth to now had just become more special and precious than ever before, and this feeling they both loved more than anything else in the world.

She grabbed her mother's thighs and pulled them together against her head as her tongue was tasting every delicious part of her mother's delicate sweetness, how wet she was, taking her finger and slowly gliding it into the inner part of her mother's flower.

SM: How does it feel my angel?
SS: You feel wonderful mother!
SM: I meant, how does it feel to be back inside of your mother again?
SS: I love it mother, I love you, and I love all of this.

At that time, her daughter pushed her soft skinned face tight against her mother's pelvic area, which made her mother lay back with joy, not only for the feeling of her daughter's tongue and fingers inside her, but the softness of her face against the delicate tender flesh that most men tend to hurt with their stubble mustaches and beards, this was a new very inviting experience that both mother and daughter were loving very much.

My SM brought herself up and reached down to her daughter and brought her face up to hers and kissed her pink beautiful lips, then she pulled her own shirt off to show her daughter her body, and then she helped remove her daughters shirt and panties.
They both looked absolutely lovely with their whitish pink skin, so soft and pure, shaved and smooth all over, nothing in the world can beat the beauty of a woman in the nude.

They both joined together in my SM's bed, and kissing and holding, touching and loving each other throughout the evening. Both women pleasured each other to higher feelings of pleasure than other of the 2 women had ever felt before, a feeling that only a woman can give another woman.

The next day was completely different in every possible way, now with mother and daughter being lovers (or) girlfriends so to speak, they were really living it up. It was like the whole world did not exist, they only concentrated on each other, as they browsed the local beach front stores, they would give each other these subtle little in-u-window hints of love making later on.

After spending a day at the stores and a few hours on the beach, then went back to the condo where they decided to spend the evening in, instead of going out, and they did this very well.
Candle light dinner, a warm bath in the over-sized garden tube and a romantic moment in front of the fireplace, within nothing more than a blanket and their bodies rubbing together.

The next day was their return trip back home. When they walked thru the door I greeted them both and helped bring in their baggage, and my SS looked over at me and smiled and said.

SS: It was beautiful, I loved it.
ME: So yaw did it?
SS: Yes, the other night, and oh my goodness, it was wonderful.

A little while later I walked by my SM and smiled and asked her how her week went at the beach.

SM: It was good, we really enjoyed ourselves, and it just did last as long as we would have hoped.
ME: I could imagine I am glad you both enjoyed each others' company.
SM: (puzzled as to why I said what I did) what do you mean?
ME: (Smiling) I left the room.

My SM went into her room and got her things ready to be washed and my SS brought her things down as well. They met at the laundry room with smiles as my SS handed her panties to her mother and asked.

SS: do you want the ones I have on too mother?
SM: Yes I do.
SS: Removed her panties and handed them to her mother.
SM: Put something on before your SB comes back down and sees your beautiful body.
SS: It is OK mother.
SM: Hold it, what do you mean it is OK?
SM: He said something to me earlier about he was glad that we enjoyed ourselves.
SS: (Smiling) he knows mother.
SM: What do you mean he knows?
SS: He is the one that helped me to be with you.
SM: You're kidding; your SB helped you to be with me?
SS: Yes, are you mad?
SM: If you are ok with it, then I am as well.
SS: So, you will not mind if I date my SB secretly like I am dating you secretly?
SM: I guess not.
SS: Hum…
SM: What do you mean by: Hum…?
SS: Just thinking, my SB is about as good as you are, you know, at doing what you did too me.
Maybe he can do it to you to one night.
SM: I do not know about that dear, but you and he can enjoy each other and I will not complain, just as long as I get to enjoy you as well.
SS: You got it, thank you mother!

My SS ran up stairs and told me the good news and we fell into each other's arms and I then noticed that she was not wearing any panties and I could not resist myself.
I dropped to my knees and started eating my SS's beautiful wet pink flower when about that time my SM came up stairs and looked into the room and saw me, my SS looked at her which made her even wetter then she already was. (I did not know that she was standing at the door)
My SM just stood there and watched her daughter being pleasured by her SB and this was starting to turn her on as well especially when I brought her daughter to orgasm in front of her.

That evening we all had our baths and my SS and SM was sitting on the couch together when I walked downstairs. My SS invited me to set with them but between them. So I did without hesitation.
I could not help but look at my SM's legs; they were very smooth and pretty. My SS leaned over and whispered in my ear, but my SM could hear her.

SS: (Whispering) momma is not wearing any panties.
SM: (Oh my god, I cannot believe she just told him that)
ME: (Whispered back) really, I bet she is just as pretty as you are.
SM: (Smiling that was sweet)
ME: (Whispering) I dare you to go down on your mother right now.
SM: (NO! (She said to herself))

My SS Looking over at her mother she stands up and lowered herself down to her knees in front of her mother. She looked up at her mother and rubbed her legs and thighs and then she started kissing her thighs and she pulled her mother's legs apart without any resistance at all from her, and she pulled up her mother shirt to expose her nicely shaved flower to both her and I, with my SM hiding her face in embarrassment, knowing that I could see her as well as her daughter.
My SS leaned into her mother and started kissing and licking her and I got down on the floor and scutted myself underneath my SS and started pleasuring her as well.
My SM looked up and did not see me and felt a little more at ease, and then she saw the lower part of my body and knew that I was doing the same thing to her daughter as she was doing to her.
She then stopped and called me up to her, and so I stopped un-willingly to answer to her calling.
Once I brought myself up she looked up at her mother and she put her hand on the back of my head and pushed me down between her mother thighs.
When I gently kissed her flower her eyes got big and she gave her daughter a very stern and mean look until I inserted my tongue into her and started to pleasure her just like her daughter had done.
My SS told me to keep it up until she told me to stop, and so I did, her mother had never had anyone do this too her longer than maybe 10 minutes, but her daughter had me pleasure her for almost an hour until her whole body started to shake after the multiple orgasm's that she had, had.

We continued this through-out the evening until we all wore tired and went to bed.
The next day my SS had went over to town with her friends and would not be back in for several hours.
I walked downstairs and into the kitchen to fix some lunch and my SM came in and sat down and told me that my SS was gone until this evening.
After I got finished eating, I could not stop looking at my SM, it was driving me crazy.
When she got up and walked passed me to the hallway, I got up and went in behind her.
I reached out and took her by the arm and she stopped, I walked up to her and wrapped my arms around her and kissed her on her neck. I was pressing my crouch onto her ass as I was holding her and she could feel that I was extremely hard under my shorts. I started walking which made her walk as well, and we went into her bedroom, I dropped down to my knees and pulled her shorts and panties off and started kissing her naked butt and then I pushed her gently down to the bed which pushed her butt out really good, and I spread her butt cheeks apart and start to lick her butt-hole, and this is something that she never had done and it drove her wild, she loved it, it made her hotter and hornier than she had ever been (Besides being with her daughter for the first time). After pleasuring her beautiful anus, I crawled into bed with her and removed her shirt and my shorts. I gently kissed her lips for the first time and held her firm against my body, the heat from the 2 of us brought on a slight sweet sweat that made us even that much more in the mood for the moment.
I got her in my favorite position and looked into her eyes as I slowly thrusted my penis into her waiting flower, and she was by far the tightest I had ever been with.
we did not have sex that day, we made love, and she could tell the difference, as with my father and her daughter's father they both would just get on and get off, but not me, I stayed inside her for almost an hour and made sure that she was completely satisfied in every possible way that I could make her.
She cum for the first time in her life, as she thought that she had peed, as the liquid flowed from her body to the bed, and I went down on her and licked up as much as I could from her flower and thighs and what flowed between her butt cheeks.
I then came back up and went back inside her flower once again. She had another orgasm before her body started to shake and she become extremely sensitive to the touch around her flower and inside, which made her muscles start to contract while I was still inside of her, and still without an orgasm myself, I was not wanting to come out, I wanted to stay inside of her and she wanted me to fill her with my semen, as she wanted to satisfy me as I was doing to her.
I would start to move and she would stop me as she was way too sensitive for it, which was making me harder and harder, to the point that I had never been this hard, and she noticed as well that I was harder than a normal penis should be, and each time that he would move it would cause her muscles to contract even more so, and then without warning her muscles contracted around my penis so hard that he made me start the process of Cumming and I could not stop myself, as my hips started to thrust against her and she just held on to me as that was all she could do to keep herself from jumping off from me as this was making her more sensitive than she had ever been, then it happened, I started to cum, and the thrust from my penis into her was slightly violent as it was hurting me to cum, it felt like I had not cum in years and it was all stored up and then it happened.
I shot off inside of my SM, and when I did I slammed against the back of her and she felt every inch of me go inside of her and she felt her spurt that came from my loins inside of her flower.
Then our bodies relaxed and after all that, he stayed hard, and we just both lay their silently and then she pushed him out of her and all the juices came with it.
I got up from the bed and went into the bathroom and cleaned myself up, and then I washed out the washcloth and went into the bedroom and cleaned my SM up as well.

SM: You are the first man to make me feel like I feel right now.
ME: Thank you sweetie, I enjoyed it more than you can possibly imagine.
SM: Oh, I can probably imagine it. (Smiling)
SM: Why are you cleaning me up for?
ME: Because, I feel that since I am the one that got you like this, that it is only my responsibility to make sure that you are clean as well as satisfied.
SM: Oh my goodness, are you trying to make me and my daughter both fall in love with you? As I have never had no man treat me any other way besides someone that they have sex with, but you, you are different, you did not just have sex with me, sex does not last as long as we were together today, you made love to me didn't you?
ME: Yes mam, that is the only way that I do it, having sex is boring and as you said, does not last long, making love is special and takes time, and you always make sure that your partner is completely satisfied as well as yourself.
SM: You are right about that sweetie.

Our lives were different from then on out that is for sure.
The love making that happened between us 3 would continue when my dad was gone from the house on his business trips. And the way that I treated my SM and SS could not be duplicated by any other guys, so it came to pass that we would spend our lives together, and eventually my SM and Dad divorced over issues unrelated to us, and we all moved to another state and it was there that my use to be SS and I were married and my use to be SM moved in with us and it was nothing less than a beautiful romantic loving relationship between us 3 that lasted forever, and continues still till this day.

I will leave it in your own mind as to the truth of this story.
Some parts are made up but about ¾ of the story is real, and happened and continues to happen today.

Can you tell me what is real and what is make-believe?

That my dear friend's @Sex Stories Post is the end of this series.

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By: dreaminstories

12-16-2009, 06:57 AM
How is everyone doing this week before christmas?
Well, Here is my early Christmas to all of you here at Sex Stories Post.
The final part to the story. Part 3, I hope that you will all enjoy it as much as I did writting it, especially the last 4 pages of it this morning.

I did not have a chance to proof read it, so if you find any words that SHOULD not belong, please send me a private message and let me know.

You all rock and i wish you all a Merry Christmas!


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this was a great story, i was just hoping that when the daughter went down on here mother in front of her SB, theat he would get behind his SS and have intercourse with her for the first time.

12-17-2009, 12:13 AM
Wow...nice story

12-17-2009, 07:02 AM
this was a great story, i was just hoping that when the daughter went down on here mother in front of her SB, theat he would get behind his SS and have intercourse with her for the first time.

There was a few things that I left out, and really did not think about until later on.
So, this is not the conclusion to this series.
I will be re-writing this part of it.

But, with the having intercourse with the SS for the firstime while she was going down on her mother will not be in it, but I do have something else planned that I am pretty sure everyone will really enjoy and love.

Take care and happy holidays... (or) Merry Christmas.


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good story, thanks

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Thank you so much for a great story! Very hot! The mother/daughter element is very stimulating!

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Totally enjoyed the story. Thanks

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Great little tale. I hope you are all still enjoying each others company.

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I love the story!

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that was hot

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wow great story parts 1-3

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Wow that was one hot story. Loved all 3 parts. Well done :D

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