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(Amber) Mother and Daughters Doggie Adventure


Mother and Daughters Doggie Adventure.

(Incest mother-daughter / Zoo sex woman-dog and girl-dog)

Janine Quillan’s husband had been called away urgently on business, which was
why she found herself in the car facing a drive half way across the state.
He had promised faithfully to deliver some important legal documents to a
friend, and now that he was in an aeroplane above the Pacific Ocean,
Janine would have to deliver the papers for him.

She was 35 years old and because the schools were on holiday, her 15-year-old
daughter had reluctantly agreed to join her.

Rachel had a heavy mane of dark, almost black hair, but shot through with
reddish highlights that glinted copper and bronze. Her eyes were a rich
mahogany brown with full dark eyebrows and her cheekbones were high with
a speckling of freckles just a shade darker than her suntanned skin. Her
mouth was wide, full and sensual and at 5 foot 7 inches tall, she was
already an inch taller than her mother. She was dressed in a white blouse,
denim camouflage trousers and a blue denim jacket. She had a pair of untied
sneakers on her feet and a very bored expression on her face as her mother
drove in silence. With a tight and athletic figure of 32B-22-32, she had
no need of a bra and hardly ever wore the garment.

Janine was 5 foot 6 inches tall and of slender build with long and shapely legs
and a slender waist. The slimness of her torso emphasized the size of her 36C
tits and the rounded sweep of her firm butt cheeks that wriggled seductively
as she walked. She was wearing a short skirt that showed a lot of creamy
thigh and a tight-fitting blouse that seemed to be molded to the contours
of her heavy tits.

They were about two hours into the drive that her husband had said was
around 6 hours round trip maximum, but she reckoned that a more realistic
figure was 8-9 hours. They were driving on a main road, through a densely
forested area and making good time when Janine’s bladder started to
bother her. She had meant to visit the toilet before leaving home but
had forgotten. She mentioned to Rachel that she had to go and to look
out for a public restroom but her daughter was too busy listening to her
personal CD player to pay much attention.

By the time they had travelled another 30 miles, Janine’s need was becoming
desperate and she was seriously considering pulling over and going behind
the trees. Her knees were moving from side to side as she drove in an
attempt to lessen the pressure in her bladder and if her daughter hadn’t
been in the car, she would have pressed her hand into her crotch. She was
just about to take her foot off the gas and press the brake when she
passed a sign for a picnic area 2 miles further on. She knew that the
picnic areas had public toilets, and she sighed in relief and watched
for the turn.

The car park in the picnic area was deserted but, as Janine pulled to a
stop and pulled on the parking brake, she was delighted to see the brick
building with the word Toilet written on it.

Rachel took off her earphones as the car stopped and Janine said, “I’ll
only be a couple of minutes baby.”

She got out of the car and walked around to the other side of the building, but
her happiness was short lived. The doors for both the male and female toilets
were locked shut with large brass padlocks.

“Shit,” she said in exasperation as she rattled the door in the forlorn hope
of one of them opening.

She thought about going back to the car but another sharp twinge from her
bladder told her that if she didn’t pee soon, she was going to make a real mess
of her underwear.

She looked about to make sure that no one was around and pulled her panties
down to her knees and squatted down with her back to the door. Her mouth
opened in pure pleasure as she was finally able to relax the muscles
controlling her bladder and her piss raced down her urethra and splattered
down onto the concrete between her feet. As she sighed happily, she was
startled at a voice that said, “God, that’s nice baby. Fucking nice.”

Janine almost cried out in shock as she looked up at the hobo who was standing
in front of her staring at the stream of piss pouring out of her cunt. She had
no idea where he’d come from and although her first instinct was to close her
legs, she was in mid flow and she couldn’t do anything. She watched in alarm
as the smelly man pulled out his hard cock and started jerking off and she
pushed down harder to expel her urine with more force and finish quicker.
She didn’t want to cry out because the last thing she wanted was for the
vagrant to know that Rachel as in the unlocked car, but she was terrified
that he was going to try and rape her.

His hand flew up and down his hard prick and his eyes were glued to the sight
of her pissing cunt. Thin trickles of her piss detached themselves from the
main pool and ran down the slight slope towards the groaning man, and, as the
last few spurts dropped out of her cunt, the man cried out and strands of his
thick spunk splattered onto the ground and into Janine’s yellow waste. Her
eyes were huge as she watched his balls empty themselves on the ground in
front of her and she breathed a sigh of relief as he tucked his still
oozing shaft back inside his trousers and said, “Thanks baby. I needed
that. It's been a while!”

As he shambled away, Janine remained absolutely motionless until he rounded
the corner of the building and she jumped to her feet and pulled her panties
up. As she did so, she couldn't help staring at the long strings of spunk on
the ground and she shivered as she smoothed down her skirt and walked quickly
back to the car.

Rachel was sitting with her eyes closed and her mouth moving silently to the
words of the song that was playing through her headphones. She looked at her
mother as she got into the car and before she even started the engine, she
pressed the button on the console to electronically lock all the
doors. Breathing slightly easier, she looked around as she started the
engine and moved the gearshift to drive.

Rachel could see from the tense expression on her mothers face that
something was wrong and she asked what it was.

“Nothing,” Janine snapped her reply as she pulled out onto the main road
and accelerated.

Janine’s heart was hammering in her chest as she replayed the scene in her
mind, and every time she did so, she realised that it could have been much
worse. She could have been raped or killed and she shuddered to even think about
what could have happened to her daughter.

With all these terrible thoughts running through her mind, she was shocked
to find that she was becoming horny. The danger element of the situation
receded in her thoughts and the image that stayed with her was the sight
of the man’s piss hole opening up a fraction of a second before he sprayed
his cum into the air. She squirmed in her seat as the crotch of her panties
became moist, and as she played the image over and over again, the moistness
changed to wetness.

Rachel was aware that something was going on with her mother. She was
squirming about in her seat, her face was flushed and the thin material of
her blouse did little to hide the face that her nipples were erect.

“Fuck,” the girl thought. “Mom’s horny.”

She took off her earphones and switched off her CD player and placed it
on the back seat. She stared at her mother for a few moments until Janine
became aware of the stare and then became uncomfortable with it.

Janine turned to glance at her daughter and asked, “What?”

“I’m still waiting for you to tell me what happened at the picnic
area,” Rachel replied.

“Nothing happened,” her mothered said defensively. “I’ve already told
you that,”

“Yea,” Rachel said, nodding her agreement. “But I don't believe you.”

“Rachel,” she began in expression, but was interrupted by her daughter
who calmly said, “You're horny!”

“RACHEL!” Janine said in a shocked voice. She had never heard her daughter
talk this way to her before, but the teenager interrupted her again.

“Mom,” she began, “Your nipples are nearly ripping the material of your
blouse and your wriggling about in the seat like a girl who’s desperate
to get laid.” She could also have mentioned the smell of her mother’s
cunt that was beginning to fill up the car but she decided she'd said

Janine opened her mouth to reply but closed it again when she found that
there was nothing she could say to contradict her daughter. She was glad
that Rachel hadn't said anything about the aroused cunt smell that was
already rising up to Janine’s nose and she sighed loudly as Rachel
persisted, “So, what happened back there?”

She could tell that her daughter wasn't going to let this one go so she
took a deep breath and told her the full story. When she had finished
speaking, Rachel said, “Wow,” and then lapsed into silence.

Janine was just hoping that the discussion was ended when Rachel turned to
her and asked quietly, “What was his cock like? Was it big?”

“Jesus, Rachel!” Janine exclaimed. “What a thing to ask. I don't think your
father would be happy to hear you talk like that.”

It was a stupid think to say, and Janine realised it as soon as she closed
her mouth. She could almost hear the reply being formed in her daughter’s
mind and it came as no surprise at all when the teenager said, “Well he
would certainly be more unhappy if he knew that another man’s cock had
made you so horny.”

Janine couldn't argue with that statement and she kept quiet until Rachel
asked again, “So, what was cock like?”

“Smelly,” she replied hoping it would shut her daughter up.

“You smelt it?!” Rachel cried.

“No, of course not,” Janine said. “It’s just that he was a hobo and
everything about him smelled.”

“Oh,” Rachel said as she accepted what her mother had said, and she
then pressed again, “You still haven’t told me what it was like.”

“Okay, Okay,” her mother said, admitting defeat. “It was a good size,
probably around 8 inches long but not very thick. Satisfied now?”

Rachel’s mind flashed images of an erect prick that had her cunt juicing
up nicely as she turned back towards her mother and asked, “Did he shoot
lots of cum?”

Janine had known for the past few months that her daughter was becoming
increasingly sexually active from the stains inside the panties that
were thrown into the laundry basket, but she was still very surprised
that the teenager would ask such explicit questions.

She had to divert some of her attention to negotiating a slow corner
in the road, and she muttered, “Yea, he shot a good load.”

When she had straightened up and was accelerating again, she added
wickedly, “There was a puddle of my piss on the ground and he spurted
his load right into the middle of it.”

“God,” Rachel said quietly as she too began squirming in her
seat. “Now you’ve got me horny too.”

They drove in silence for the next few miles, each deep in thought. The
image of the man was flowing continually through Janine’s mind and Rachel
was also trying to picture the scene but her mind was more focused on what
her mother’s cunt looked like.

As they rounded a bend in the road, they came across a sea of red tail
lights and Janine muttered a curse as she pulled to a stop. They sat
for about the next 15 minutes without moving and by that time, a
considerable queue had also formed behind them. A few guys in some
of the cars in front had got out and were trying to find out what
was going on, but it was another half an hour before the highway
patrol car came into view travelling slowly in the opposite direction.
The window was down and the officer was continually explaining that
there was a road traffic accident about three miles ahead. They were
waiting on a helicopter to take the seriously injured to hospital and
the road would be closed for another few hours.
Janine’s heart sank as she heard the announcement and she flagged
down the patrol car and asked if there was a detour.

“Sorry,” the officer replied, “But any detour you took would take
you longer that sitting in the queue for however long it takes to clear
the road.”

Janine did some quick mental arithmetic and realised that they would
never make it to the delivery address in time to get back home in the
evening. Not wanting to drive all through the night, she said, “Is there
anywhere local that we could spend the night?”

“There’s a Motel about 10 miles back,” the officer replied. “It’s not
very plush but it is clean.”

When Janine nodded her head, he continued, “If you’re planning to go back
there lady, I’d do it quickly. There’s shortly going to be a lot of
people with the same idea.”

Janine thanked the officer and, as the patrol carried on its way, she U-turned
the car and made her way back to the Motel.

Rachel sighed in frustration and said, “You know that we don't have any
overnight bags with us, don't you?”

“Yea,” her mother replied, “I know.”

When they got to the Motel, they found that it consisted of a reception
building and a number of log cabins scattered throughout the grounds. The
place was filling up rapidly with stranded travellers and Janine handed
over her credit card for one of the few cabins that was still available.
When they opened the door, they found that their accommodation consisted
of a double bed, a dresser against the wall, one chair, a TV set on a
wall bracket and a bathroom.

“Home, sweet home,” Rachel said sarcastically as she entered the cabin.

“Well, it's better than sleeping in the car,” her mother replied.

Rachel eyed the double bed that she would have to share with her mother. She
wasn't so sure that she wouldn't have preferred sleeping in the car but
wisely kept her mouth shut.

The sun was starting to go down when Janine left the cabin to go to
reception. When she came back, she said, “There’s a McDonalds about
half a mile away or the nearest town with a restaurant is about 15
miles back the way we came.”

Rachel didn't want to mention that going back to the town would have
taken them almost to the picnic area and she shrugged her shoulders
and replied, “McDonalds will do for me.”

They walked to the fast food outlet and got a couple of Big Macs and
Janine went into the convenience store attached and bought a bottle of
vodka and a couple of bottles of Pepsi before they made their way
back to the cabin.

As they walked, Janine was glad of the fresh air that blew gently up
her skirt and was removing the smell from her panties. She was still
feeling aroused and would have brought herself off in the cabin if
her daughter hadn't been with her. She was also sure, that if her
daughter had been alone, she too would have used her fingers for some

When they got back to the cabin, Janine ate about half of her burger
meal and tossed the rest in the trash can. It wasn’t what she wanted
and she unscrewed the top from the vodka bottle and half filled a
glass. Opening the Pepsi, she splashed in enough to colour her drink
and walked back towards the bed. She had only taken a few steps before
Rachel said, “I hope you’re planning to share that vodka.”

“No, I’m not,” her mother snapped. “You’re only 15 years old.”

“So what,” Rachel replied. “Who’s going to know?”

Janine looked at her daughter in silence for a few seconds and then
turned back to the dresser and poured a second drink. As she handed it
to her daughter, Rachel took a long mouthful and swallowed it down.
In less than five minutes, both glasses were empty, and Janine poured
another round. As Rachel took her first swallow, she looked at her mother
and asked, “Is drinking vodka meant to make us feel less horny?”

“I don't think it's going to work for you,” Janine replied. “I can smell
your hot little cunt from here!”

“MOTHER!” Rachel said in a shocked voice. She had never heard her mother
speak like this before and Janine shrugged her shoulders and continued in
a softer voice, “Listen baby. If the reason you’re keeping your trousers
on is so I don't smell your sex, then it isn’t working. You’ve been wearing
them all day and the crotch is stinking.”

She didn’t tell the girl that she actually liked the smell and she waited
for her daughter's reply.

She didn’t have to wait long, and as her daughter blushed bright red, she
said, “What about you? You’ve been wearing that skirt in the car all
day. You’re horny, and were in a car, with all the windows closed and the
heater on. I’ve been smelling your horny hole all day.”

As Janine considered her daughter's statement, the whole situation suddenly
seemed ludicrous and they both began laughing. Within seconds, the tears were
running down their cheeks and the tension in the room was gone.
When the laughter died away, Rachel drained her glass and got up from the
bed. “I guess I can take these off then and be comfortable.”

She unfastened the waistband of her denims, pulled down the zip and wriggled
out of them. They were so tight she had to shed them like a snake shedding
its skin and she peeled them down to her ankles and kicked them off. Beneath
them, she was wearing a less than clean pair of panties, that consisted of a
thin strap around her waist and a small vee of material that covered her
sex slit and disappeared under her crotch where it turned into a thong and
vanished into the crack of her ass. Rachel’s butt was beautiful, round, firm
and tight and Janine stared at the flawless skin and was shocked to realise
that her daughter’s body was turning her on. The vodka was meant to help
her forget about the fire between her legs but right now Rachel was inflaming
her even further.

Rachel threw her denims onto the chair and poured another drink for them
both. As she poured in the Pepsi, she dropped the top from the bottle on
the floor and muttered, “Shit.”

Setting the bottle down on the dresser, Rachel bent down to retrieve the
bottle top, and her mother called on every atom of self control she
possessed not to groan out loud. The back of the girl’s thong was just a
thin string, and when she bent down, Janine could see her daughter’s pink
little asshole and her cunt juiced up instantly at the erotic sight.
Rachel had no idea of the effect she was having on her mother as she stood
up to screw the top back on the Pepsi bottle and picked up the two drinks.
As she turned around and crossed back to the bed, Janine saw the stain in
the front of her daughter’s panties and she could clearly smell the wet
cunt beneath the material as she took her drink from Rachel’s hand.
She sipped her drink as her daughter put her glass onto the bedside table
and said, “I gotta go pee.”

Rachel didn’t close the bathroom door completely and from where Janine lay
on the bed, she could see her daughter in the large mirror that was on the
bathroom wall. Rachel sat down on the toilet and the triangle of material
that covered her cunt was so small that she simply pulled it to the side
and released the contents of her bladder. Janine couldn’t see Rachel pee,
but she could hear the urine splash into the water and she shivered and
couldn’t help but rub her fingers over the wet spot in the front of her

When Rachel returned, she got onto the bed beside her mother and sipped her
drink. The television was almost unwatchable because of bad reception and
she idly opened the drawer of the bedside table, hoping that some previous
visitor had left something to read.

She pulled a bible out of the drawer that had been left by the Gideons but
it wasn't exactly what she had in mind and she tossed it back and closed
the drawer.

As she bent over the edge of the bed to open the small cupboard below the
drawer, she gave her mother another glimpse of her perfect ass and Janine
came very close to reaching out and fondling the flawless skin.
The way she was laying opened up her ass crack and Janine was able to
see the tight little string that was the only covering over her asshole.
She would have loved to pull it out of the way but she clenched her hands
into fists and remained still. She had always loved the sight of Rachel’s
cunt and asshole when she was a baby and had even licked the girl's slit
once, although the teenager had been much too young to remember. Janine
remembered it vividly and she wondered how her daughter would taste now.

Rachel remained in the position of lying half over the bed as she
said, “It was definitely a guy who had this cabin before us.”

“How do you know?” her mother asked curiously.

When Rachel rolled herself back onto her back, she was holding an advertising
brochure for hardcore DVD’s.

“He left his wanking material,” she said with a giggle, placing the catalogue
on the bed between herself and her mother.

Janine smiled uncertainly as she took Rachel’s empty glass from her hand and
went to the dresser to fill them up. When she returned to the bed, her
daughter had opened the catalogue to the first page and was looking at
the image of the front cover of a DVD.

“I swear to you Rachel,” her mother said, “If any of those pages are stuck
together, the whole thing is going into the trash.”

Her daughter giggled and as Janine settled down on the bed, she couldn’t
help but look at the page and her head was nearly touching Rachel’s as
they looked at the hardcore images.

The first cover showed a black girl in her mid-twenties with a dildo up her
ass sucking some guy's massive prick. Rachel waited for what she thought
was enough time for her mother to mentally absorb the image and turned
the page. The next cover was of a white girl with a cock up her cunt
and another up her ass. She was smiling to the camera and looked as it
she was rally enjoying herself. So much so in fact that Janine said
quietly, “She looks happy.”

Rachel had never expected her mother to comment but she nodded her head in
agreement and replied, “I guess you’d look happy if you were being filled
up like she is.”

The teenager turned over the page to see a young black girl taking a facial
from two white cocks that were still dripping cum. When Janine didn't make
any comment on the picture, Rachel turned it over.

The next image was completely unexpected and Rachel gasped at the sight.
A white girl who didn't look any older than her daughter was on her hands
and knees on the floor. She was being penetrated from behind by a large
black Labrador and the camera was so close that they could see the slime
running out of her cunt.

Janine had always been curious about bestiality, especially with dogs,
and she surprised her daughter by whispering, “Fuck, that's hot.”
Rachel looked up from the image and into her mother’s face. Her cheeks
were flushed and her chest was rising and falling rapidly and Rachel watched
as her mother reached out to turn the page. If she was hoping for more
dog sex, she wasn't disappointed. The next cover was for a film titled
Dog Orgy. The cover was a mass of different pictures showing girls and
dogs in every conceivable position and Janine had to lick her lips to
moisten them and to swallow hard because her throat had suddenly become
very dry.

As she looked back down, Rachel said quietly, “God, some of those dogs
are really hung.”

“Yea,” her mother readily agreed. “And they sure know what to do with it.”

Janine wasn't aware that she had started to rub her cunt beneath her
soaking panties, but Rachel’s eyes watched her intently as she groaned
and said, “God, I wish your father was here.”

“Or a dog?” Rachel suggested helpfully.

As if suddenly aware of the conversation, Janine gave herself a mental
shake and reluctantly moved her fingers away from her sex as she looked
into her daughter’s face. She knew that she should do something to break
the sexual tension in the room but all she could do was to nod her head
gently and reply, “Yea, or a dog.”

Rachel dropped her eyes back down to the photograph and said, “Those girl’s
are really into it.”

“Look at this one, “she continued, pointing with her finger, “She’s sucking
the dog off. And this one here is taking it up the ass.”

Janine hadn't been so aroused for years, and her daughter’s dirty talk was
making her worse. Much worse.
Her fingers were back between her legs as Rachel handed the magazine to her
and got up from the bed to pour out some more drinks. The bottle of vodka was
nearly empty and she decided to just fill up the glasses and forget about the
Pepsi. As she was about to pick up the glasses and take them across to the
bed, she heard a noise outside and looked out of the window. It was pitch
black and only after her eyes had adjusted to the darkness, did she see what
was making the noise.

She smiled wickedly as she waved her mother over to the window and she waited
until Janine was able to focus on the large stray dog that was rooting around
the trash cans looking for something to eat.
Neither of them said anything but they turned to look into each others face.
Rachel’s pulse was racing and the smell of aroused cunt was in her nose. She
didn't know if she was smelling her mother's sex or her own and she didn't
really care as she waited for Janine to speak.

When the silence dragged on, Rachel looked back out of the window and
said, “He’s a big one, isn’t he?”

The animal looked to be a cross between a Pointer and a Doberman with
probably another few breeds in the mix. His coat was black and tan and
he was unaware of the effect he was having on Janine and Rachel as
he sniffed around.

“Should I bring him in?” Rachel asked quietly, but her mother remained
silent and refused to answer. She just kept staring at the dog as
the teenager took the discarded food out of the trash and opened the door.

The dog’s head snapped up at the sound and he watched the girl warily as she
approached. His tail wagged but he was obviously scared and she said
softly, “It's okay boy. I'm not going to hurt you.”

He cocked his head as he listened to her and then his nose twitched as the
smell of the half eaten burger in her hand. She squatted down, totally
unconcerned that she was dressed only in a blouse and a pair of thong
panties as she held out her hand. The dog came towards her slowly and was
eventually close enough for her to break of a large piece of meat and offer
it to him. As he chewed, she scratched him behind the ear and spoke
soothingly as she continued to feed him.

The animal was now starting to loose interest in the food because another
smell that was very similar to a bitch in heat was being pulled into his
sensitive nose. His long snout dropped to push between Rachel’s legs and
she opened her knees as she turned her head to look at the window, knowing
that her mother was watching. She shivered as the dog’s tongue swiped over
the small triangle of cloth that covered her cunt and then stood up
carefully and walked slowly back to the cabin. The dog pushed his cold
nose between the cheeks of her butt, making her squeal and he remained in
that position as he trotted happily behind her.

She closed the door of the cabin to find her mother sitting on the edge of
the bed staring at the dog and Janine refused to look up at her daughter as
the teenager led the animal over and pushed its nose between her mother’s legs.
Janine’s eyes closed as she felt her animal’s hot breath on her sex mound
and she held her own breath as she let him sniff. Satisfied that he had found
another bitch, the dog pulled his tongue over the soaking material causing
Janine to gasp loudly.

The aroused woman’s mind was in turmoil. She was very broadminded and the
thought of fucking with a dog excited her more than disgusted her but
doing it in front of her daughter was another matter. She desperately
wanted to stop before she went any further, but her cunt needed cock and
quickly overruled her brain.

She let her body flop back onto the bed and opened her legs to the animal.
As Rachel came to stand at the edge of the bed, Janine closed her eyes to
avoid looking at her but didn't resist when she pushed the dog away with
her knee and gripped the waistband of her mother’s panties. Still keeping
her eyes closed, Janine let her daughter skim her panties off and she
could feel Rachel’s eyes studying her slit. As soon as Rachel pulled her
mother’s legs open again, the dog bounced back between her legs and began
licking her again.

Her juices trickled out of her cunt making him lick even faster and then
push his tongue up her fuck tube.

Rachel’s eyes were shining with lust as she knelt down at the side of the
slobbering animal and reached between its legs. The dog's cock had started
to drop and about two inches of pink shaft poked out of its sheath. As the
young girl jacked the shaft, it thickened in her hand and continued to grow.
Janine was moaning and writhing about on the bed as the animal’s tongue
pushed deeper and deeper into her hole. The tingling between her legs was
becoming almost unbearable and she desperately needed to cum.

Any doubts she had had about doing this with her daughter had vanished as her
sexual craving took complete control of her body. She would have done
anything now to climax and she raised her hips and thrust her cunt into
the dog’s face.

“Eat me you bastard,” she cried loudly. “Suck my fucking cunt.”

Rachel had brought the dog to full hardness and she looked up at her mother
as the woman mouthed the obscenities.

“Suck my hole, you big fucker,” Janine hissed with her back arched high off
the bed. “Suck my fucking cunt and make me cum.”

As the animal started humping Rachel’s fist, his tongue thrashed about
inside Janine’s hole and she suddenly cried out as a massive orgasm erupted
between her legs. She groaned loudly as her body shuddered and convulsed
and then her back crashed down onto the bed. The dog’s tongue lapped quicker
and quicker as her thick cunt cream sprayed out of her hole and the animal
tried to capture it all in his mouth.

Her body was still thrashing about on the bed in response to the stimulation
of the animal's tongue but Rachel could see that her mother’s climax was
beginning to recede and she pulled the dog's face away. She lifted his front
paws onto the bed, on either side of her mothers sweating body and when
Janine opened her eyes, she was staring straight up into the animal’s face.
His cock was thrusting in the air and Rachel hissed, “Lift up your ass bitch.”

Arching her back off the bed, Janine obediently threw her hips into the air
and she let her daughter push two pillows under her butt. Satisfied with the position,
Rachel then snarled, "Take his cock bitch. Take his hard cock and slide it up
your hot cunt.”

As if hypnotised, Janine reached down beneath the dog’s thrusting hips and
took hold of his burning shaft. She guided it to the entrance of her soaking
slit and slid the tip into her hole. The effect on the animal was instant.
As soon as he felt her hot flesh surround his prick, the dog gave a massive lunge
and drove his entire length up Janine's fuck hole. She cried out as she was
penetrated but the animal paid no attention and began thrusting in and out of her cunt
like a piston.

Rachel had never been so horny in her young life. She tore off her blouse
and her thong panties. The material had become completely saturated and her
cunt juices were running down the inside of her legs because her panties
couldn't hold anymore.

As she climbed onto the bed, her mother was moaning and bucking her hips
upward to match the dog’s thrusts. Her head thrashed around on the bed and
her face was covered with the sheen of sweat.

She felt the springs in the bed move as her daughter crawled over to her
side and Janine opened her eyes and looked into the young girl’s face.
They locked eyes without speaking and Rachel reached out with trembling
fingers and unbuttoned her mothers blouse. As she did so, Janine’s eyes
followed her every movement and she moaned when Rachel pulled the garment
open and ran her fingers gently over her lace trimmed bra, feeling the soft
flesh beneath and the hard protruding nipples that were straining the

The dog’s prick was flashing in and out of Janine’s hot cunt and the drool
dripped out of the animal’s mouth onto her now bare stomach as she arched
her back from the bed. Her daughter's hand pushed underneath her back and
with a deft flick of her fingers, Rachel unclipped the bra fastening and
she pushed the now loose garment up to her mother’s chin. For the first
time in many years, Rachel was able to study her mother’s tits and she
cupped one gently in her hand as her face moved closed to suck the nipple
of the other tit into her hot mouth.

Janine couldn't help herself, and she cried out as her daughter sucked on
her nipple and scraped the sensitive flesh with her teeth. The dog was
really pounding her cunt and the combination of having her fuck hole and
tit stimulated together was too much and she managed to take a few gasping
breaths before she climaxed again.

The dog’s prick was pounding in and out of Janine’s cunt at an astonishing rate,
giving her one orgasm after another until finally the dog was ready to cum. He
rammed the full length of his cock up her cunt and remained still, letting his
knot swell. At first, Janine felt the knot as just a pleasant pressure against
her cunt walls, but as it swelled further, she moaned loudly as her hole began
to stretch to accommodate it.

The dog raised its head towards the roof and howled as the first strong spurts
of hot spunk lanced into her tube. Janine cried out from the sensation of being
stretched so much and from the boiling hot cum that was rapidly filing her up
and making her stomach bulge out.

Rachel pulled her face away from her mother’s tit and she masturbated furiously
as she watched Janine orgasm. When the dog started to shoot its load, Rachel
climaxed with him and she collapsed back onto the bed and thrashed around as
her body shuddered uncontrollably.

The spurting dog cock was keeping Janine in climax and her eyes were tightly
closed and her mouth hung open as the animal continued pumping his slime into
her. It was all too much for the woman and Janine gave a soft sigh as her brain
closed off the pleasure from her over stimulated cunt and led her drift into

Rachel came to her senses a few moments before her mother did. She sat up
on the bed to find the dog lying on the floor, with one back leg lifted in the
air as he licked his cock clean. The teenager then looked between her mother’s
legs and watched another trickle of dog cum rum out of her open cunt. The
bedcovers were already soaked and Rachel got up from the bed and knelt on
the floor between Janine’s legs. She breathed in the intoxicating odour of
her mothers aroused cunt together with dog spunk, and, as Janine’s eyes
fluttered open, her daughter bent her head forward and swiped her tongue over
her mother's slit.

Janine groaned and Rachel licked harder at the slime that oozed out of her
cunt. As she licked, Janine pulled her fuck hole wide open with her fingers and
Rachel pushed her tongue inside her mother's fuck hole as high as she could

The dog lay quietly on the floor watching the two women and he sniffed the
air at another cunt smell. His shaft began to harden again and he got to his
feet and followed the aroma of Rachel’s steaming hole all the way to the
source. The girl jumped at the first touch of his cold nose and then his fat
red tongue lolled out and slobbered hungrily over her slit.

Thrusting his muzzle out, the big dog sniffed at Rachel's wriggling asshole
and his tongue slurped up from her cunt to push into her ass crack and dip into
her tangy shit hole.

"Oh!" she exclaimed, in surprise, her big eyes opening wide as she pulled
her mouth off her mother's cunt and turned to look over her shoulder. “Oh
God yea, lick my asshole.”

Janine groaned, finding her fuck hole neglected and she opened her eyes
and looked down her body. She was amazed that the dog had recovered so
quickly and she scrambled to her feet and knelt down to watch the animal
probe her daughter's little brown hole. She pulled the cheeks of her
daughter’s ass open and held them like that as Rachel squirmed back against
the animal's snout as his tongue speared her back hole and slithered deep
into her shit hole. As the dog slobbered into her tiny brown hole, her
mother dropped one hand and rubbed her palm over Rachel’s soaking sex. The
juices were dripping out of the aroused teenager and she gasped as Janine’s
fingers found her clit. The animal’s tongue was thrashing about inside her
shit tube, producing the most delicious feelings as Janine began slapping
her daughter's slit. The woman’s fingers were perfectly positioned to stimulate
the girls throbbing clit and her palm made a loud, wet sucking noise as it
slapped against her soaking hole.

“Oh fuck,” the teenager moaned softly as the intensity of the tingling in her
sex increased rapidly. Her eyes closed and her breath came in short gasps as
her mother slapped her cunt faster and faster, Suddenly, she shuddered
violently and gasped, “Fuck I'm going to cum,” before her body became rigid
and a long moan escaped her lips.

It seemed to her that her body locked in that position for hours as the most
intense feelings of ecstasy coursed through her.

Seeing that her daughter was deep in climax, Janine removed her hand and
sat back on her heels. Her hand was sticky with Rachel’s juices and she
spread the slime over her own cunt before pushing two fingers up her fuck

When Rachel found she could move again, she took a great gulp of air into
her lungs before dropping her face to let her forehead rest on the edge of
the bed. She moaned as the last spasms receded from her cunt and the dog
pulled its tongue out of her asshole and dropped it lower to slap at her
swollen cunt. The animal was whipping his hot tongue into her slit
enthusiastically and she cried, “Yea boy, lick my cunt. Push that hot
tongue right up my fuck hole.”

The dog whimpered, burrowing in as if he wanted to bury his muzzle up her
cunt. His tongue slurped at her swollen cunt lips and washed her burning
clit with his drool. Her cunt pulled on his tongue just as if it were a
mouth, dragging him deeper inside her body as she humped her butt backwards
to encourage the animal further. Cunt sauce poured out of her hole and
dripped onto the floor despite the best efforts of the dog to pull it
into his mouth.

Rachel reached down between her legs and spread her cunt lips open wider
so that the dog could get his tongue deeper into her fuck tube and lap at
her cervix. Pearly ribbons of dog drool mixed together with her own cum
and dripped in gooey strings from his mouth.

She was rapidly working towards another orgasm and she lifted her head
and looked at her mother who was still crouched at her side. Janine’s
eyes were glazed and Rachel looked down at the three fingers that were
flashing in and out of her mother's cunt. She was obviously very close to
a cum, but before Rachel could open her mouth to speak, her cum exploded
inside her. She had just started to cry out, when Janine screamed her
own climax and both females shuddered and convulsed as they orgasmed.
The cabin was now stinking of cunt and the animal’s fat tongue splashed
into Rachel’s saturated slit and licked furiously as the flow from her
cunt got hotter and creamier. Rachel jerked back against the dog's snout,
as her cunt started to gush and she moaned loudly as she squirmed her
tight little ass into the dog’s face.

The animal’s thrusting tongue held the young girl in climax and she
moaned continually at the waves of ecstasy that were radiating out
from her sex. As she surrendered totally to her lust, her mother had
begun to recover and when her eyes fluttered open, she watched the
animal eat Rachel’s fuck hole better than any human could hope to do.
She also studied the thick red shaft that was hanging down between the
dog's legs and she shivered as she imagined it pounding in and out of her
daughter's cunt. She had absolutely no doubt that the teenager would let
the dog fuck her. She was so consumed with lust that the teenager would
have taken any cock she could find up her cunt.

Climbing slowly to her feet, Janine licked her fingers clean before
getting onto the bed and squirming down, with her legs open, until her
saturated sex was only inches away from her daughters face. As Rachel’s
cum started to lessen, her nostrils were filed with the powerful smell
of a cunt in heat and she opened her eyes and feasted them on her
mother’s lewd display. Janine had the fingers of both hands hooked
around her cunt lips and had pulled them wide apart. Rachel could look
straight up her mother's pink fuck tube and she could see the juices
bubble inside. With her eyes gleaming, the teenager griped Janine’s
hips and pulled her gaping sex into her mouth.

The dog slapped his tongue into her cunt one last time before he
pulled back with a whine. Before Rachel could think about looking
around to find out why the animal had stopped, he hunkered down and
sprang up onto the girl’s back. His forelegs wrapped tightly around her
hips and he clung to her and panted over her back letting his hot drool
run out of his mouth onto her bare skin. Rachel grunted as the weight
of the dog crashed onto her body and she took a couple of deep breaths
before bending her face forward again to slurp at Janine’s cunt.

Her mother watched the dog mount her daughter and she gasped, “He’s
going to do it baby. He’s going to push that lovely cock up your
tight little cunt.”

Clinging tightly to Rachel's slim waist, he humped frantically as he
attempted to sink his cock into her fuck hole. His angry red cock head
bumped against the backs of her thighs and then slid across her tingling
clit before finding the mark. Rachel moaned and jerked as she felt the
hot cock push at the entrance to her cunt. She was so wet that the animal’s
prick slid into her tube easily and the dog then drove forward and she
cried out as her tight fuck hole was filled with the thick shaft.
His hairy belly rubbed over her butt and back, caressing her skin gently
as the animal humped again until his swollen balls were jammed against
her slit.

Her head snapped up and she locked eyes with her mother as she said in a
soft voice, “He’s in me.”

Janine leaned to the side so she could see the dog fucking her daughter
and she gripped Rachel by the hair on the back of her head and pulled
her face hard into her cunt.

“Eat me you little bitch. Eat me and make me cream.”

The teenager’s mouth was open and her stiff tongue probed inside her
Mother’s hole as Janine ground her soaking slit over the teenagers face.
Rachel’s nose rubbed over Janine’s rock hard clit as she used the girl’s
face as a fuck toy. She was so close and so horny that she pulled her
daughter’s face harder and harder into her slit and the young girl
could only keep her mouth open and her tongue out to try and give
Janine some extra pleasure. Cunt juice covered Rachel’s face as
Janine masturbated herself and she gasped, “Bring me off you little
fucker. Make your horny mother cream herself while you get dog fucked.”

A river of pre cum flowed out of the dogs parted piss hole and into
Rachel's already soaking cunt. Strands of thick and gooey slime oozed
out of her hole and spiralled down to the floor as she was pounded. As
she raised her butt further in the air and lowered her hips slightly, she
screamed into Janine’s cunt as an extra few millimetres of dog cock
penetrated her and caused the tip to batter against her cervix. Whether
it was her scream, or whether her mother's clit was reaching the limit of its
stimulation, she would never know, but Janine suddenly cried out loudly
and shuddered as her climax erupted inside her. She slowed down her
thrusts enough for her daughter to get a grip on her clit with her teeth
and the first convulsions were still radiating through her body when
Rachel bit down hard. Her mother screamed loudly and her back arched
high off the bed as the young girl kept up the pressure. Only her
shoulders and her heels were left on the bed as her head thrashed
from side to side and she trembled and spasmed as Rachel ground
her teeth together and trapped her mother's engorged clit between them.

The teenager eventually released the woman and Janine collapsed
onto her back on the bed, twitching and shaking as her daughter
turned her attention to her own cunt.

"Shove it up my fuck hole, boy," she gasped. "Feed that big cock into
my cunt.”

She could feel his hot drool as it fell onto her back and ran down her
sides to drip onto the floor.

“Come on you bastard,” she urged. “Fill me up with your lovely cum.”

The dog's cock was buried to the hilt inside her hole and Rachel’s cunt
lips were stretched tightly around the solid shaft as it flashed in and
out of her body at an astonishing rate.

Her eyelashes fluttered up and down as the dog’s massive prick filled her
dripping hole completely and brought her closer and closer to her release.
His cock felt red hot in her stomach and his rock hard prick pounded like a
crowbar in her cunt. The animal was whimpering and clinging tightly to her
hips as he pounded in and out of her cunt and his dangling balls swung
upwards with every thrust and slapped against her clit.

She wriggled her ass and hips, grinding her fuck-hole around on his prick
while still making sure that his full length was inside her at the end of
every thrust. Her cunt rippled and spasmed, and her inner muscles pulsed
as they opened and closed around his red, slimy shaft to milk the spunk
out of his balls.

Janine had recovered from her climax but she was completely wasted. She
crawled up the bed to watch the animal’s cock slide in and out of her
teenage daughter’s cunt and wait for her to be filled with the gooey

The dog was yelping deliriously and his style of fucking changed. He
still held his prick buried up her cunt, but the long strokes had become
short jabs and Rachel started to hump under him, pulling her fuck tube
up and down his stiff dog cock.

Her slit was overflowing, spilling out foaming juice onto the animal's
cock and soaking the soft hair around his balls. She knew that the dog
was close to cuming, but she was even closer.

"Oh! Unghhh! Ahhhhh!" she grunted, as the cock seemed to swell inside
her cunt and the familiar rush between her legs became almost unbearable.
Her butt pushed backwards another few times before she gasped, “God,
I'm there. I'm going to cum!”

Waves of exquisite ecstasy coursed through her sex and shot down her
thighs. The hot flush then passed through her tight butt cheeks making
them tingle as her legs started shaking. The horny teenager was creaming
and creaming again, her cunt and clit exploding, peaking, ebbing, then
peaking at another crest. She wailed and cried loudly as her orgasm
carried her whirling mind on a wave of bliss and her eyes closed in
complete surrender.

The dog was yelping and from the way his cock was bucking in her cunt,
Rachel was dimly aware that the animal was about ready to flood her cunt
with spunk.

Janine was aware of it too and she got down from the bed and knelt at the
side of Rachel’s butt. The teenager was so consumed with her climax that
she never felt her mother move but she did feel the dog begin to cum. The
first spurt of spunk was like white hot flame inside her hole and she
screamed as more scalding hot dog cum splattered against her cervix.

Her head collapsed onto the edge of the bed and she shuddered as she
took the dog’s load. Spurt after spurt of dog spunk lanced into her
fuck tube until it was so full that the watery slime began to ooze
out around the shaft buried up her hole and drip onto the floor. Janine’s
fingers scooped some of the slime from her daughter’s sex lips and popped
it into her mouth as she waited for the feast. She could see the dog’s
balls contract like a powerful pump as they pushed more cum into the
moaning teenager and it took another couple of minutes before he was

The dog slumped down over Rachel’s back with his long tongue lolling out
the side of his mouth. He was panting after his exertions and remained
still until he recovered. Shortly afterward, he gave a half bark, half
yelp as he stirred and began to draw his prick out of her soaking slit.
His cock came out inch by inch and Janine lay on her back and squirmed
her head between her daughter's legs. She stared straight up at Rachel’s
cunt with her mouth wide open as the dog slowly pulled his cock free.
As the shaft came free with a loud plop, a torrent of dog spunk was
released and it splattered down onto Janine’s face. She swallowed as
fast as she could and, when the initial rush had ended, she raised
her head and carefully cleaned Rachel’s cunt with her tongue.

Later on that night, the dog started scraping at the door and the women
reluctantly let it go and they spent the next hour exploring every inch
of each others bodies with their fingers and tongues. When they were
exhausted, the fell into a deep sleep and the next morning they awoke
still in each other’s arms.

“Hi,” Rachel said shyly to her mother as she wondered what kind of atmosphere
there would be between them.

She needn’t have worried because Janine smiled at her and gently pulled their
mouths together. They spent the next 10 minutes exploring each other’s mouths
with their tongues and they were both breathing heavily when they eventually
drew apart.

“Are you okay?” Janine asked gently. “That dog really pounded you last

“God, I can take a pounding like that any time,” the teenager replied with a
smile. Her face then grew serious and she asked tentatively, “So, are you
okay with what happened. I mean, I promise I won’t tell anyone.”

“I know honey,” Janine replied. “And yea, I'm okay. In fact I loved it.”

They both giggled as they threw back the bedcovers and got to their feet. Both
of them wrinkled their noses as they picked up their panties and Janine
said, “I don't think I’ll bother.”

She threw her soiled underwear into the trashcan and Rachel threw hers in
as well.

They had just finished dressing when there was a knock on the cabin door. They
shot each other a questioning look as Janine walked over to open the door. It
was the man who had been on duty at the reception desk the previous night
and Janine looked at him and said, “Yes? Can I help you?”

“Oh, I'm sure you can,” the man replied as he side stepped her and came
into the cabin.

“What the hell,” Janine exclaimed. “You can't come in here. Get out.”

“Oh now, that's not very friendly,” the man said as he ran his eyes up and
down Rachel’s body. “Especially as I have a present for you.”

Before Janine could reply, he reached into the inside pocket of his jacket
and handed her some paper.

Janine’s heart sank as she looked through the photographs. They had
obviously been taken through the window and, as Rachel came to stand beside
her mother, they looked at the clear images of the mongrel dog fucking
their brains out.

Janine swallowed hard before she raised her eyes and looked at the

“What do you want?” she demanded as she ripped up the
photographs and tossed them into the trash on top of their soiled

“You know those were copies, right?” he asked.

When she didn't answer, he continued, “Well, I’ve got another two sets. I
plan to keep one just for my own enjoyment and I thought I’d send the other
copy to your husband. I can get your address from your credit card of course.”

Janine and Rachel looked at each other and the man waited for a few seconds
and said, “Of course, maybe your husband knows that his wife and daughter
fuck dogs, and you therefore don't have a problem. On the other
hand ........”

He deliberately left the sentence unfinished and Janine repeated her last
question, “What do you want?”

“I want a blow job baby,” the man replied as he pulled down the front
of his shorts and let his cock spring free. Rock hard and around 8 inches
long, he jacked it slowly as he looked at the two of them.

“So I suck you off and you keep the photographs to yourself. Is that
the deal?” Janine asked.

She couldn’t see that she had many options and if she had to give him
some head to keep him quiet, then she would.

She was shocked when he shook his head and replied, “I want a blow job
from your dog fucking daughter.”

“No way,” Janine spat quickly. “You’re not going anywhere my daughter.”

“Okay,” the man replied pleasantly as he turned to leave the cabin. “It’s
your call.”

“Mom!” Rachel said. “You can't let him send those pictures to Dad. I’ll
suck him off.”

“No Rachel,” her mother said. “Its not worth it.”

“Yes Mom,” Rachel said quietly. “It is!”

The man had stopped with his hand on the door and he turned as the
teenager walked towards him. He had tucked his prick back into his
pants and he smiled as Rachel dropped to her knees and pulled his
waistband down to his ankles.

Janine watched as her daughter bent forward and started licking his cock
and balls. He gently took hold of the back of her head and slowly closed
his eyes as her tongue swirled around his piss hole.
The man groaned loudly and opened his eyes again to look at Janine.

“Fuck, she sure knows how to give head,” he said with a smile. “Did you
teach her or is she just a natural cocksucker?”

Janine didn't reply as she stood quite still and watched her daughter in

Her tongue slurped along one side of his cock and then the other, covering
the shaft with her throat slime before she opened her mouth and sucked him

“Fuck, that's good,” he gasped as her velvet like throat closed around his
prick and she bobbed her head up and down.

Every time she went forward, she took a little more of his cock into her
throat until her nose was mashed against his pubic bone. She could feel him
shudder as she moved her throat faster and she knew that he was close.

As Janine watched closely, the man suddenly groaned and hissed, “Fuck. Here
it comes bitch.”

After a few seconds, a white froth started coming out of Rachel’s mouth but
she kept bobbing her head at the same rate to milk the spunk out of him.
He was groaning continually as more and more of his cum frothed out of her
mouth, and started to drip big, bubbly, white streamers. The thick cum
dropped in long strands that almost reached to the floor before he couldn't
stand the stimulation any longer. He pulled his prick out of her throat
with a sigh and staggered backwards.

He was completely drained and Janine snatched up their meagre possessions
and took her daughter's arm as they went out of the cabin and ran to the car.
She exited the parking area with a screech of tyres and looked over at her
daughter who was wiping her slimy chin with the back of her hand.

“Someday,” her mother said slowly, “You’re going to have to tell me where
you learned to give head like that.”

“Maybe, someday I will,” her daughter replied coyly.

They both laughed and continued laughing as the relief of being away
from the cabin and the man set in.

As Rachel wiped the tears away from her face she said, “Well, you must
have liked what I did because you’re horny again.”

“How do you know I'm horny?” Janine asked.

Instead of answering, Rachel sniffed the air and then explained, “When
you don't wear panties beneath your skirt, its not difficult to tell
if someone’s horny.”

Her mother laughed again and shook her head.

They drove in silence for a while and Janine said, “I figure we should
get this stuff delivered and be back home for between 3 or 4 this

“Good,” Rachel replied. “I really need to hit the shower.”

“No you don't baby,” her mother said with a smile. “I like the
way you smell just now.”

Rachel giggled and Janine replied, “Besides, I thought we might do
some shopping before we got home.”

“Why?” Rachel asked. “What are you looking for?”

“I thought we might buy a dog,” her mother replied, keeping her eyes on the
road. “A big fucking dog!”

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