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04-22-2010, 11:47 AM
Thursday night I was in a small California town. It was my last day in the town and I was going to be heading back to the base the next day, so I went out to “the” bar in town. I was my typical horny self and I didn’t care if I wound up in bed with a guy or a girl (gee isn’t that unusual.)

So I was scoping out the bar, while standing off toward a corner. I spotte a good looking tall, cowboy type guy was standing at the other end of the bar. I had been watching him for a little bit when a woman came up to and said “he’s cute huh?” I looked at her and she was pretty cute too. I responded “yea he is?”

She then says “well, he is going to leave here with someone, always does, every Thursday, he’s from out of town.” Now it didn’t take a genius to figure out that this girl had been one of those Thursday night girls, at least once, if not more.

I just smiled at her and then we started talking. I liked her, but the guy really had me going, and she could see I kept looking at him. “OK” she began “something for you to know about him, he has a huge and I mean a huge cock.” She got my attention and I looked at her and she could probably see the smile on my face getting wider. She said; “that might excite you, but you need to know something else, he is really into anal, I mean obsessed with it, so unless you can take something huge up there, you shouldn’t go home with him.”

OK I thought to myself at that point. I love big cocks (who doesn’t) and I am into anal sex as much as the next girl. I took some big black cocks up my ass when I was in my teens, and I had taken some pretty big rubber dicks up there in the last few years, so I figure I could handle what she was telling me. So as you probably guessed by now—I went back to my hotel with him.

The hotel was within walking distance from the bar. On the way we stopped a couple of times to make out, and I could feel him growing as he leaned into me. I was actually trying to remember the last time I had a guy with a “huge cock” and then started thinking that “huge” was pretty relative. Maybe the other girl hadn’ t seen some of the cocks I had the pleasure of sucking and fucking.

As we got to my room we really started to make out, outside the door in the hall. I am into public sex so it was fun as he was already feeling me up in the hall (a continuation from the elevator.) I figured two could play this game and I reached down and started to rub his cock. It was big, I couldn’t tell how long, but it was thick. I heard the elevator bell ring on his floor and a couple of men talking as they exited the lift. Neither one of us stopped, but I could tell he was smiling as was I and I almost started to laugh. I think Mike could tell, so he pinched my nipple, hard, and the smile left my face.

We finally entered my room and as I headed in toward the bed, he put his arms around me from the back and started to feel me up again and kissing my neck. I turned my head and we did one of those awkward kisses off to the side of your mouth. I tried to turn back into him, but he broke the kiss and went back to my neck.

It didn’t take long for Mike to unbutton my blouse and remove my bra, from the back. It was pretty fun actually and I was living out a little of a fantasy of being taken from behind. He started to milk my boobs and then started to squeeze my nipples. I moaned and pushed my butt back to rub his cock with my ass. I could feel his cock heading more in a sideways direction, and soon felt Mike reach his hand down between us and straighten himself. Now I was having fun moving my ass hard against him and feeling his bulge in my ass crack.

“Oh, someone likes feeling something hard in their ass, huh?” he said near my ear.

“mmmmm” I started “and someone seems to be pretty hard thinking about that fact too I can feel.”

We both laughed a little and then Mike reached around me and undid my jeans. He broke contact with me and then I felt him pulling my jeans down and off. I was standing there in just my thong and he was probably getting a nice view of my naked back, just broken with the powder blue spaghetti strap around my waist and running down my crack. I heard him moan in desire.

He stood up, put his hands on my hips and push me toward the bed. When I got a couple of feet from it, he stopped me and then moved a hand to my neck and pushed. I got the message and leaned forward and put my hands on the bed, giving him more access to my ass- exactly what he was looking for, I was sure.

He turned my head for another tongue kiss to the side and then started working his way down my back with his lips and tongue. His fingers were playing with my nipples, but as he dropped to his knees he let them go.

Mike then started kissing my butt cheeks and licking long licks from the bottom to the top of each cheek and then along the strap of my thong. I couldn’t help but moan at that move. He used his tongue and moved the strap over and started to work my hole with the tip of his tongue. I was boiling by this point and like a said earlier I have this fantasy of a stranger walking up behind me and bending me over and fucking me and then leaving before I ever knew who he was. This was a little different, but I didn’t even know Mike’s last name, so this was close---

The woman from the bar was right, it was like Mike didn’t know I had a pussy. Neither his tongue or even a finger got near it to this point. I kept waiting, but when I felt his tongue leave my butthole, just to be replaced by a finger, I figured I better take care of my pussy, myself.

I figured it was time to get my thong off so I let Mike know that and stepped out of it. As I did I moved closer to the bed and this time I leaned forward onto one of my arms lying on the bed. This bent me forward even more, and freed up an arm. Mike started eating my ass again and I moved my hand under me and started to rub my clit and lips. I heard a click of something and as Mike removed his tongue I feel something cold run down my butt crack. I smiled that he was thoughtful enough not to just use spit, as he obviously wasn’t going to use my girl goo.

He stopped the lube running down my crack, with a finger and guided the lube into my hole, by pushing his wet, lubed finger inside me. This felt really nice and I moaned to let him know. I again thought of the girl at the bar, when she said he was into anal, I was thinking the typical- at some point I will be up on my knees with him fucking me and then he would “accidentally” pull back too far and when putting it back in “find” the wrong hole (yep guys we know the drill.)

This guy was going to start with my ass and my guess at this point, that he would want to end there too.

He drove his finger as deep inside me as he could and started moving his finger in a circle. “Nice ass babe” he said and continued “I have a feeling this isn’t the first finger in here this week” he then put another one in and said “or the second.”

The lube must have been one of those new heat producing ones, as my already hot insides were getting warmer. I was totally turned on inside and Mike must have felt it. He instructed me to “Get up on the bed and keep your feet over the edge. “ I did as he asked and he never took his fingers out of me. I did look back and saw his belt buckle open and his pants undone. I could see his red briefs and the outline of part of his cock head before I settled in on the edge of the bed.

The way he kept shifting, it was like he didn’t want me to get a good look at his cock, so I came right out and asked “So would you like me suck that big cock before you fuck my ass- or at least let me feel you in my pussy?”

As I was talking I heard the click open of the lube bottle. This time I didn’t feel anything, so I had to guess he had taken his cock out and was getting ready. He did all this one handed as his fingers never left my hole.

I then felt a new stream of lube down my crack and into my hole via his two darting fingers. He responded “You know, I think your ass is just so ready for me, it would be a shame to wait any longer, and I am hard enough not to need your sucking.”

He must have yanked down his pants as I was getting settled as I felt a bare hip up against one of my ass cheeks. He removed his fingers and I felt something new at my hole that pushed in quickly and small, and then felt wider-- “It my thumb, just wanted to play with your mind a little as you haven’t seen my cock yet.” He said.

I responded with “very funny, I have a feeling from seeing your bulge and rubbing up against you, that you have something big between your legs.”

He shifted away from the side of my butt and pulled his thumb slowly out, and the moment it was out I felt pressure on my hole. He pushed and was not getting in. He pushed harder and I felt like my bones or something was blocking the big head from entering. I had this feeling before, like with a butt plug that has three increasingly thicker portions, like I really can’t fit the last one.

He said “relax baby.” I said back to him “I don’t think I could get anymore relaxed or wanting that thing inside me, I just think you are too.. holy shit pull back pull back.” He had rammed the head of his cock inside me and I almost felt like he ripped the hole to do so. I was in total pain.

“Relax, the head is in, your body will accept it in a minute or two… stopping pushing me out.” I was trying to force him out with my ass muscles and my hand, which he took my the wrist and moved it off his belly. I had reached over my back and was trying to push him. My heels were locked over the edge of the bed, so I couldn’t move forward.

“Pull the fuck out of me!” I yelled and with he rammed forward again. I could actually feel the cock head still up against the sides of my ass and my sphincter was now tight on his shaft, which was thicker than any cock head I remember. I was in total fuckin pain and my mind drifted quickly to black men I took in the back of van when I was in my teens and then the dildos on fucking machines I had I taken in my ass. I always seemed to be able to relax my muscles for big things back there. I was so trying to relax.

I felt that relaxing feeling you always get in your ass, which usually meant it is was “fuck away” time. But even though they had relaxed I still felt like I could feel every inch of him, and I don’t think he was in too far.

“There you go, I knew you would relax.” I heard him say and then he pushed a few more inches inside me. He must have had 8 really thick inches inside, and again my muscles didn’t want to accept the overload. They tightened again, but at this point Mike didn’t give a fuck about my verbal pleas or my internal muscles.

He plowed in more and more—I felt like he was into my stomach, the pain was so great that I didn’t know if I was going to pass out or through-up.

I finally felt him us against my cheeks and I knew he was in all the way. He stopped for a moment and said “see I knew you could take me?” Tears were covering my face and I took a few deep breaths before speaking.

“You are tearing me up.” I said “You proved your point, I can fit you, can you pull out now?” I was trying to control my voice but I knew I sounded like I was begging.

He laughed “Pull out now-- why the fuck would you want me to do that, now it starts to feel good.” And with that he started the typical fucking motion, except he took his cock almost all the way out and then pushed it all the way in.” My screams were subsiding and so was the pain. I wish I could tell you that I started to feel great, but it was just too fucking big.

After a few minutes of my insides getting bang around I made my plea. “Mike, can you please fuck my pussy, I really want you inside there, and not in my ass.”

Mike replied “I really prefer anal sex?”

I tried this “But I really want you to make me cum, and ..well.. at the moment I feel like I am being raped and I would prefer to remember this evening as a great time in bed, not an awful one.”

Mike stopped his pumping motion. He was all the way inside of me and leaned over to talk to me. I thought if I tried hard enough I could feel his cock in my throat, from the inside the way he was pressing into me. He asked “Are you serious? I really like anal, but I don’t want you to feel I am raping you?”

“Please pull out Mike?” I begged. And he did.

I felt his long cock slowly pull out as if he wanted to feel my tight sphincter caress every inch of him one last time. I finally felt his thick cock head pull my hole to the tearing point again and then he was free. I slowly rolled over and as I saw Mike was cleaning his cock off with the bed sheet, I still couldn’t see the damn thing.

“Thank you” I said. I looked at this face and he looked a little hurt. “I really want you back inside me- but the other hole” and I smiled.

He was done cleaning, but still kept himself covered. “I will fuck your pussy, but I want to do it from the back.” I leaned forward and grabbed his cock, with the sheet still on it—“I want to see it.” I begged.

He obviously didn’t want me to see it. He finally said “look, I have seen a lot of porn and lot of pictures of hung guys , and mine just isn’t as perfect as theirs and I guess I am just embarrassed, I am also not circumcised and I know that a lot of girls don’t like that, so please just let me fuck you from behind.

I sat up and was playing with his chest and nipples as I talked to him, I really wanted to feel that huge cock inside me and was almost at the point that I didn’t care if I saw it. I truly wanted to feel better (physically and mentally) about this encounter.

“Look Mike” I began “You were just looking at my butt hole, my fucking butt hole. I am sure when you pulled out you could see half way to my stomach. I doubt your cock could be any weirder than that picture. But I didn’t cover my hole with my hand, I let you look. I have also seen horses and dogs cocks, and they aren’t the most normal shapes either. So (and I started to pull the sheet off his cock) let me see this huge cock of yours.”

I don’t know if it was my tone of voice, the fact that I just confided in him that I was into beasty or the fact that he hadn’t gotten off yet and was still horny, but he let me remove the sheet and he didn’t cover it with his hand. He was right, it wasn’t your perfect looking or shaped cock. It was really thick, and bent to one side, and his foreskin went up half way covering his cock head, but you could see the other half. No, I have to admit, it wasn’t a good looking cock and I really wouldn’t have wanted it in my mouth for more that the fact that is was so thick.

I looked at him and smiled- “Mike, you are making more of an issue than you need to. Don’t you know us girls will put just about anything up our pussies?” I reached forward and started to stroke it. I then leaned back onto the bed with my feet still on the edge of the bed, but my knees up and open. I was pulling his toward me and I could sense him relax- Well except for the rock hard cock anyway.

As I knew he was self-conscience of his cock I tried to not look at it. My eyes were glancing around the bed, when I saw the bottle of lubricant. I grabbed it with my free hand, smiled and said “you know it is even thick for my pussy, hope you don’t mind. I started to open it and he said “here let me.” Gee, I thought, he really doesn’t want me to look at that huge thing sticking out of him.

He lubed it up and then, without my hand needing to pull him toward me he got closer and I was actually getting wet all by myself just waiting. Instead of entering me he decided to get on the bed and shifted my knees to be facing him, and then lined up the head with my pussy. I asked him to go slow, and he did. I couldn’t help but watch now. The cock head met my labia and they did their best to open and spread to the thick male pole that was moving past them.

Every pussy muscle I had was fighting the intrusion of the really thick cock. But between my own pussy juice and the lube, he was able to enter me. Again I was in pain, but I knew this would be short lived. Again I asked him to go slow. When he was in about 4 or 5 inches it started to feel good and my muscles relaxed. I took my hand off his belly that was trying to control the speed of entry, and I think he took that as the green light.

He pushed the other 5 or 6 inches inside me and I realized that I already had my feet up in the air to let him all the way in. He then started fucking me. In the matter of 5 minutes or so I had gone from hating this guy and screaming in pain, to begging him to fuck me.

He started pumping me hard and I was climaxing and didn’t come down from the pounding my full cunt was getting. I think every inch of my insides could feel the huge intruder into their space. He kept pounding and I kept cumming.

A few minutes later he asked that real romantic question “can I shoot inside you?” I try to not have guys cum inside me, you just never know, so I responded “I want to see you cum, please let me see you cum all over me.”

A minute later he was still pumping hard and then pulled out. I reached down and took the huge thing in my hand. I couldn’t close my hand around him, so I put it mostly around the bottom part and let him keep pumping into the cradle I was making with my hand. He seemed to forget about his shyness about his cock and hand fucked me till I heard this deep guttural moan then he started to shoot out of the big hole in his cock head.

I have learned that cock size has nothing to do with the amount a guy cums, but in this case his size and the amount were in relationship. I was being covered with his cum. The first few strands actually flew into my hair and down my face, the next few I actually opened my mouth and got some on my lips. He just didn’t stop and was moaning with each shot. Because the hole he was cumming from was almost at my boobs, they were getting covered with his cum.
He finally stopped and I couldn’t help it, I started to laugh. He looked at me in a little bit of disbelief. I just said “holy shit what a load.” He realized I was laughing at the amount not his cock and he relaxed. He got up from the bed and heading into the bathroom. I heard him running water and then heard him pee, it sounded like a fucking race horse and again I started to laugh.

I was waiting for him to come back with a towel for me, but the next thing I heard was him saying “hey thanks that was fun.” The door to the room opened and he was gone. I got pissed again and he went back to being an asshole in my book.

I was still covered in his cum, so I went to get out of bed and wound up on my ass on the floor. My legs did not want to work, so I tried again much slower. I finally made it to the bathroom and ran the tub. I wiped off some of the cum and then got into the tub, my ass, pussy and even my lower belly all hurt like hell.

I was in the hot water and laughed as saw white globs of cum floating around. I cleaned out my pussy and butt, and they hurt like hell, though I do have to admit that my finger went into my ass way too easy. I then felt what appeared to be a cut and realized that he had actually split my butthole to get in, I was pissed.

I got back to my bed and slept well. Friday morning came and thank god I was driving home and not working, I have never been so sore from sex in my life and the cut really hurt--- so the bottom line, was what the title of this adventure was, his fucking cock was too big.

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