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Melissa, Missy to her friends awoke in a dark cabin with no windows. She struggled to sit up but realized her arms and legs were tied to the four bedposts. Furthermore she felt the course fabric of the mattress on her bare back and ass and realized that she was naked. Not normally a girl to show much emotion, she betrayed herself and screamed herself hoarse.

“Pretty girl,” a voice said.

“I bet she’s a fucking whore!” another voice said, this one sounded deeper than the first.

“Nah, she’s a good girl,” a third voice said. “I’ve watched her for weeks now. She never dresses like a slut or anything.”
“Then we’ll have to turn her into a slut,” the deep voice said.

Missy squirmed as she heard them talk but stopped when she heard footsteps. Someone was standing over her now. She felt a strong hand fondling her small breasts and pinching her nipples.

“I just got to have me a suck,” the deep voice said.

Missy felt a mouth clamp onto her breast and begin sucking. She felt a tongue flick her nipple. She had no courage to even say stop. Instead she began sobbing. Tears ran down her pretty face as this man played with her breasts.

“The whore’s crying!” the deep voice said. He moved up to her face and flicked on a flashlight to see the look of terror on her sweet face. Tears streamed down her cheeks and the man licked them off. He then placed his mouth on hers and forced his tongue into her mouth.

“I was planning on fucking you to death girl,” the deep voice said after the forced make out. “Maybe I’ll keep you as my own personal toy.”

“Hey man,” a different voice said from the shadows. “We need to get this bitch’s MILF mommy.”

“That’s right,” the deep voice said. “Even though Missy’s a hot little number I bet her mom is a better fuck.”

“Then let’s go get her mommy,” the voice said. “Let’s go get Sharon.”

When they were gone Missy tried to remember how she had gotten here.

Missy pulled her car up to the gas station and got out to pump. It was night and the station was poorly lit but her low fuel light had come on so she just tried to get through it and move on as fast as she could. She had an unnerving feeling that something was wrong. She brushed her blonde hair out of her eyes and slid her debit card. She noticed another car pull into the station behind hers. For a brief second she thought of how that car was behind her and wondered if the driver had followed her. She went back to watching the monitor as a large black man emerged from the other car.

“Hey baby,” he said to her looking her up and down. She was a small and petite girl. At 22 years of age her breasts were still small but that fit with her body. Missy looked at the man and then quickly turned away. The black man laughed. “You dress all modest don’t you?” he said. “But I bet your hot in the sack.” Missy ignored him. “I’m talking to you cunt!” he yelled.
Missy turned to face the man but then felt arms wrap around her waist from behind. She was tackled to the ground. The next thing she remembered was waking naked in a dark room.

“Now they’re going after my mom,” She thought.

There was the sound of a clap and the light clicked on. When Missy’s eyes adjusted she realized that she was in a cabin. At the far end stood an elderly man who looked at least sixty.

“Please let me go,” she said.

“I think not my little toy,” was his reply. “You see I fund this operation. Me and my friends find women and girls to rape over and over deep in the woods until we’re sick of them. This is my cabin. You are my new toy.”

“No,” Missy sobbed.

“Yes,” the man said. “I’m getting to old to catch you cunts on my own so I have my younger friends do that for me. Since this is my cabin I get first crack at you. The boys’ will get your mom when we bring her.”

Missy couldn’t resign herself to her fate. It was too horrible. All the same she started crying again. The old man walked over to her.

“You are lovely,” he said. “I’ll tell you what. I was going to fuck you hard while those guys were gone but I think I’ll let you off easy.” The man took off his shirt and then his shoes. He then stripped down to only his socks. “I’ll rape your mouth. It’s so pretty.”

“No please,” Missy said.

“Either mouth or pussy,” the old man said. “I took a Viagra and I’m horny as hell.” He was standing near her now and began rubbing his erection on her pretty face. “Open your mouth.”

Missy reluctantly agreed. She grimaced as the old cock slid onto her tongue. The old man didn’t hold back. He knelt so he had easy access and raped her mouth with such force it caused her to gag. The tears that ran down her face were mixed with the spit she was forced to gag up.

“Yes baby!” he said.

After a while of face fucking his pretty victim the old man pulled his cock from her mouth. Pointing it directly at her sweet face he grinned evilly and began jacking furiously. His cum shot from his cock and splattered her face. The next got in her blonde hair. With the remaining shots he tried to paint her face completely. He almost succeeded.

Missy’s tears now streamed down with the cum. She had never felt so disgusted. It only got worse as the old man got off of her and retrieved a box that was under the bed. He opened the box and revealed a digital camera. He took various pictures of her in her degraded form.

“Nice additions to my collection,” he said. “You have a great mouth girl. I bet the rest of you is just as hot.”

Just then the other men returned with a big sack. They opened it up and revealed a naked woman who looked like an older version of Missy.

“She put up a fight,” the black man said. “I can’t wait to punish this bitch.”

“Wait until I’ve had my fun with her before you torture her,” the old man said. “She has things to do with Missy, things our clients want to see before we can really do the fun stuff.”

Sharon was bound to the bed next to Missy’s. She was unconscious but Missy wasn’t. She saw her mom fall to the same fate as she.

To Be Continued…

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There was a knock on the door and Sharon walked across her living room to answer it. She was still an attractive woman at 46 years of age. Her breasts were not large but they fit with her petite body. Her blonde hair was hanging to her shoulders that day. The tight blue tank top she was wearing didn’t do much to conceal her figure. Neither did her jeans which hugged her legs and hips. She shuffled her bare feet across the carpet and approached the door. She didn’t even pull back the curtain to see who it was.

“Can I help you?” she asked the three men standing on her doorstep. There was a big black man, a small nerdy looking guy with a receding hairline, and an overweight middle-aged man who smelled of alcohol.

“I think so Sharon. May we come inside?” asked the nerdy guy.

“How do you know my name?” she asked. “I don’t know you.”

“We know your daughter,” the nerdy guy replied.

“We know her really well,” the black man chimed in. The three men laughed.

“What are you talking about?” Sharon asked.

The nerdy guy pulled a plastic bag from his pocket and passed it to Sharon. “See for yourself,” he said.

Sharon opened the bag and inside were Polaroid pictures… of her daughter. Missy was unconscious in all of them and the pictures told a story. It started with her simply asleep. The next showed her without a shirt. The next without pants. The next without a bra and the next without panties. The final picture was of her daughter strapped to a bed in a cabin.

“You bastards!” she spat. “What did you do to her?” She was not normally confrontational but this had awoken an anger in her. It was an anger these men were eager to put out.

Before she knew it they had pushed into the door and had tackled her to the floor. She managed to scratch the nerdy guy and punch the black guy. It was the fat man who knocked her out. As soon as she was unconscious the nerdy guy pulled out his Polaroid camera and took a picture of her. Then they ripped off her tank top. Another picture was snapped. They undid her white bra. Then there was a picture of a topless Sharon. Her jeans were pulled off leaving her in her cotton panties. Another picture snapped. Then the panties were removed revealing a hairless pussy. The last picture was taken.

“Should we fuck this bitch now or after she wakes up?” the fat man asked.

“I want her awake when I fuck her,” the black man said. “I want to hear her scream.”

They brought a bag in from their car and stuffed Sharon inside it. Then they carried her to the car, popped the trunk and threw her in.

Sharon awoke naked in a cabin, strapped to a bed. She jerked her head from left to right and then to her left she saw Missy her daughter was also strapped to a bed. The memories of her attack came flooding back to her. Missy was asleep. Sharon watched her breathe with a sigh of relief. At least she was alive. She then noticed a dry white residue on Missy’s face. Realization hit her. She felt absolute terror.

“Good you’re awake,” an old man said. He was near the cabin door. “We have been waiting for this.”

“What do you want?” Sharon asked though she knew the answer.

“Well your body of course,” the old man smiled. “I’ve already sampled your beautiful daughter. You can see the mess I left. As a reward for my boys catching you both they get first crack at you.”

“Please no,” Sharon said. “I don’t want to be raped.”

“Then I suggest you concede to have sex with these three guys. It’s only rape if you don’t concede. Either way, you’re being fucked and soon.”

The old man opened the door and yelled for the three men to come and bring the camera. “Your new toy is awake,” he said.

“Brought your camera boss,” the fat man said. He gave the old man a video camera.

“Look Sharon,” the old man said. “You’re about to become a porn star.”

The other two men entered the cabin and the three wasted no time stripping their clothes off. The first to approach the bed was the black man. He rubbed his big cock all over Sharon’s breasts. The fat man rubbed his on her face while the nerdy guy rubbed his on her pussy.

“Let’s get this going,” the old man said.

The black guy lay on top of Sharon and came face to face with her. He then sat up and penetrated her pussy.

“Oh yeah,” he said. “Nice tight MILF pussy.” He began thrusting back and forth.

The fat man held his cock to her mouth. “Open it you whore.” He said.

She shook her head.

“Open it or when we finish we will leave you and your daughter here to rot. No one will find you out here.”

She shook her head at first but then the black man pounded harder and for the first time she screamed. The fat man used the opportunity to force his cock inside her mouth. He clutched a handful of her hair and forced her head back and forth on his cock moaning in pleasure as he did so.

The nerdy guy jerked off in the corner as he watched Sharon’s degradation. The old man was liking what he saw too.

“Can’t wait to get both cunts together,” the nerdy guy said.

“I’m looking forward to what we get to do after we’ve appeased our clients,” the old man replied.

“You really want to do that to these two?” the nerdy guy said.

“It’s my favorite part,” the old man said. “It’s why I do this.”

Sharon began screaming regularly though it was muffled by the cock in her throat. The fat man suddenly stopped moving Sharon’s head and held it with his cock buried in her throat. He let loose a large blast of cum straight down her throat. Soon after that, the black man shot his cum deep into Sharon’s pussy.

“I’d kiss you baby,” the black man said. “But you just had fatso’s cock in your mouth.”

The two men unstrapped Sharon and turned her on her stomach and strapped her to the bed once again. This time her ass was in the air.

“That’s my cue,” the nerdy guy said. He climbed on the bed and rubbed some lubricant on her MILF ass. He then shoved his cock into her. He fucked her like that for a few minutes while she screamed in pain. It was beyond screaming. She was howling like an animal. He then shot cum deep into her ass.

The guys unstrapped her and turned her over again. She tried to curl into a fetal position but they forced her arms and legs apart and had her strapped in once again. The old man passed off the camera to the black man and walked over to her and removed his cock from his pants. He had been rubbing it while he watched so he was close to cumming. In fact the fat man and the black man both were ready to cum again. The old man jack his cock and let loose a huge glob of cum painting her face. The black man passed the camera to the nerdy man. Then the black man and the fat man jacked off over Sharon’s face and shot their cum all over her tits, face and hair.

The camera was switched off after a few minutes of Sharon crying and trying to spit out the cum that had leaked into her mouth. Though the camera was off, there was still one more thing yet to happen. The nerdy guy was still horny and walked up to Sharon. He stroked his cock like the other guys did and shot his load where the other guys had. Before he did, she managed to open her eye and stare out at him from underneath the cum. His cum made her close it again.

“We’ll leave these two cunts like this for now,” the old man said. “Tomorrow we’ll clean them and feed them. Then we shoot more movies.”

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Missy and Sharon were released from the bed only to be handcuffed, blindfolded, and taken out of the cabin. They were led to a shower building that was not far away. This was another of the old man’s tools for the Rape Cabin. He’d had this put in as well because he wanted his victims clean when he fucked them.

Mother and daughter were pushed into the center of the small building which was nothing more than a huge shower. They were both naked except for the blindfolds. The four men stripped to join their victims in the shower.

“You boys can have Missy,” the old man said.

“Yes!” the black man said. He slapped Missy’s bare ass making her yelp just a bit.

The water was turned on. Their were two showerheads so each of the women got one. The black man and the fat man claimed Missy and took her blindfold off.

“Gotta see them pretty blue eyes when I fuck your face,” the black man said. The black man and the fat man then began to squirt body wash onto her body and shampoo into her hair.

While they were bathing Missy, the old man and the nerdy man did the same to Sharon. She was soaped up and scrubbed down. The nerdy man looked over at Missy longingly.

“I wanted her,” the nerdy man said. “I already fucked this bitch.”

“You’ll fuck the girl soon enough,” the old man said waving a hand. “For now be happy with some MILF pussy.”

The nerdy man nodded and then went around to Sharon’s backside and kicked her legs out from under her making her fall to the cement floor.

“Careful,” the old man said. “We can’t hurt them too badly yet.”

“Yeah right,” the nerdy man said. Then he spread Sharon’s legs and shoved his hard cock into her cunt. The old man grabbed Sharon’s handcuffed arms while the nerdy man forced her legs up to her head. Then the old man caught on with the handcuffed arms. Sharon screamed as a muscle was pulled. Her wet body was violated beneath the nerdy man. He laughed in her face as she shook her head and begged him to stop. He reached up and grabbed her chin to make her stop shaking her head and then spat in her eye. The old man laughed.

“Yeah!” the black man said. “Fuck that whore.”

The nerdy man looked over and saw that the fat man had Missy on her hands and knees and was pounding her doggy style. The black man slapped her face with his big cock. Her eyes were tightly closed as her pussy was fucked.

“What did I tell you about wanting to see your eyes?” the black man asked. “Do I have to cut them out to make sure I can see them?”

Missy looked up at him. If she was crying the shower water was washing away the tears. The black man grabbed a handful of her soaked blonde hair and yanked hard. She opened her mouth to cry in pain but the black cock cut off the sound.

Meanwhile the nerdy man had cum inside Sharon. The old man was about to release her leg when he got an idea.

“Bring the young cunt over here!” he ordered.

The fat man and black man groaned as they had been enjoying themselves but they obeyed.

“Push her face into her mom’s pussy,” the old man said.

The did as directed. Missy’s face was pressed into Sharon’s pussy. The old man told her she had better start eating the cum that was leaking out. Missy reluctantly obeyed.

“You two whores have to get ready for the big movie shoot,” he said.

The fat man wanted gratification so he forced Sharon’s mouth open and raped her head while Missy ate her out. The black man fucked Missy’s cunt hard while she was forced to eat the cum from her mother’s pussy. He suddenly grabbed hold of her hair again and pulled her head back as he unleashed shot after shot of cum into her pussy.

The old man let go of Sharon’s leg and forced Missy onto her stomach with his foot. He grinned evilly and crouched down. He ran a finger along her bare back. He imagined it striped with whiplashes.

“Get her on her knees,” he told the men.

Two brought her to her knees and the old man forced his cock into her ass. He fucked her like that for a while. All the while Missy was screaming louder than she had yet. The fat man still hadn’t cum so he forced his cock into Missy’s and forced her head to move back and forth on it. He finally shot his load down her throat. When he pulled his cock out of her mouth she spat what cum remained onto the floor. The fat man just laughed.

“It’s an acquired taste,” he said.

The old man pulled out of her ass suddenly and pointed his cock at her bare back. He shot cum along her back and into her hair.

He pointed at Sharon and two men forced her to her knees and made her crawl to her daughter.

“Clean her off,” the old man said.

Sharon stuck out her tongue and ran it along her daughter’s back licking up the cum that the shower water hadn’t yet rinsed off. It was a hot sight.

“Clean these cheap sluts up again,” the old man said. “And don’t hurt them too badly. Not yet.”

The old man left the shower, put on a robe and grabbed his clothes. He had no need to supervise the three men he left with the women. They knew better than to leave marks on the cunts before the movie was shot. Even when he heard Sharon scream as he walked away he knew that she would still be in perfect condition for the forced incest movie he was preparing to shoot later that day

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After finally being cleaned, mother and daughter were cuffed together and marched in the direction of the cabin completely naked.

“Yeah Sharon,” the black man said. “You ready to eat your daughter’s pretty pussy?”

Sharon did not respond. The black man touched her body and cupped her breasts while the fat man did the same to Missy. He did more actually. He kept kissing her exposed skin and licking her face.

“She taste good?” the black man asked laughing.

“Yeah,” said the fat man. “She tastes better than her mommy. The dogs should have fun with her.”

Dogs, Missy thought. What were they planning with dogs?

Mother and daughter were forced into the cabin and led to a bed. The old man and the nerdy man were each holding video cameras. They zoomed in to their victims sad faces and then down to their pussies and tits.

“Get the guns,” the old man said. The fat man left the cabin and returned minutes later with two shotguns.

“Listen up whores,” the old man said. “Let me explain some things. I am a man who loves to rape women and girls. I’ve fucked countless over the years. I own this place. Many of my victims have laid on that same bed. We sometimes have clients that will pay money to see certain videos. We have fulfilled one of those already. We will film the other two today and then we will be finished with you. The first of these today will be a mother and daughter incest movie. The handcuffs will be taken off and you both will have sex right now. If you refuse we will kill you both and find another mother and daughter. Begin when the cuffs are off.”

The black man took the cuffs off of them and Missy stared into her mother’s eyes.

“Kiss her Missy,” the old man said.

Missy obeyed. She brought her lips to Sharon’s and held them there. The old man ordered them to use tongue then zoomed in as they made out. They were told to cup each other’s tits and feel each other’s bodies.

“Fuck that’s hot!” the fat man said.

“Lay back!” the old man ordered.

They listened to all the instructions of the old man. Sharon laid Missy down and straddled her. They continued making out.

“Suck your daughter’s tits,” the old man said.

Sharon obeyed and sucked on her pretty daughter’s tits. Missy let out a moan and that excited the men. At the old man’s demand Sharon moved down to her daughter’s bald pussy. She ate out Missy for a while before being told to get into a 69.

“Bet your husband has dreamed of this for years,” the old man said.

There was fear in the women but they did their best to obey. Eventually they did climax. Sharon climbed off of her daughter and fell to the floor in shame.

“Bravo ladies,” the old man said. He pulled out a cell phone and sent a text message. He grinned evilly. “That’s two movies down. Only one more to shoot and you are both done.”

In ten minutes the cabin doors flew open and a group of people walked in. They were old and young, white and black, male and female.

“Camera’s are ready,” the old man said. “They are all yours my friends.”

Sharon was pulled off the floor and thrown onto the bed. The group that picked her up stripped naked and took turns with her mouth and pussy. A tall muscular man with an ugly face claimed Missy first. He crawled on top of her completely naked and forced her legs apart. He shoved his big hard cock in her pussy and began thrusting it in and out. Missy screamed as loud as she had during her first rape wanting the agony of humiliation to be over. She screamed again and her rapist screamed back in her face. He suddenly forcefully clutched her petite body and unloaded his cum into her unprotected cunt.

Sharon’s face was plastered with cum. More was leaking out of her pussy. An ugly woman began eating the cum out of her pussy while Sharon’s mouth was fucked yet again. Missy was pulled into a ring of guys who forced her to pleasure them with her hands and mouth. Cum was fired onto her face and tits. A fat woman tackled Missy and licked some of the cum on her face and tits. She then forced Missy to eat her pussy.

When the other women had had their fun Missy and Sharon were laid in the middle of the floor. All the men, including the four kidnappers painted their bodies with their cum.

“That’s it!” the old man said. “The last movie has been filmed.”

The group left. Some stopped to talk to the old man before they left and they each turned to give the mother and daughter one last glance. Evil was in their eyes.

“Bring some whips when you come back!” the old man said. “And some rope. I have an idea for their big finale.”

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