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02-26-2011, 06:35 AM

Here's another attempt at a little illustrated picture story telling. Comments always welcome, hope you all like. The story works best as you look at the pics with the writing on it to help ;)

Story of a step-daddy and his young daughter who teases him by showing her naked body to help him jerk off as he watches her play with herself for him.

Text on pics as follows:

Oh hello daddy. What are you doing in my little bedroom? Are you watching me daddy? I know your not my real daddy, your my step-daddy but that’s alright. Do you like looking at your daughter’s body daddy? Does this teenage flesh turn you on daddy? Mmmm, it makes me feel all warm inside knowing me sitting here in my bra and panties turns you on.

What daddy? You like my body? Of course you do daddy. I’ve seen the way you stare at me when mommy isn’t around. Can I tell you a secret daddy? I kind of like you staring at me. I like walking around in my bra and panties when mommy isn’t around. Do you like me like this daddy? Mmm, you can stay if you want to daddy. I don’t mind, I like you here...

Mmm, daddy. My pussy is all tingling under my panties. I’m getting very wet. Knowing your watching me turns me on daddy. Mmm, do you like it when I rub my pussy daddy. Does it make you feel all nice and warm inside as you watch me touch myself. Mmm, I like rubbing my pussy daddy. My panties are getting a little wet patch on them....

Ohhh daddy. Are you getting turned on watchin me. Your cock is moving in your trousers. It looks so big and hard down there. I can’t take my eyes off it. Mmm, my pussy is getting all nice and warm, I bet you wish you could put your cock in my pussy don’t you daddy. Mmm, I’d love for you to fuck me daddy. I know mommy doesn’t let you fuck her much...

Daddy will you take your cock out for me. Oh daddy it’s so big. Can I touch it daddy, will you let your little teenage daughter touch your cock daddy. Oh it’s so soft and firm. Do you like me touching your cock daddy? Do you like your daughter jerking your cock daddy? Mmm, I’d love to suck on your cock daddy. What? You like to see my boobs daddy?

Okay, here they are daddy. Do you like your little girls boobs? So big and all natural. My nipples are getting so hard. Mmm, I love rubbing my boobs daddy. I love playing with them for you. That’s it daddy, stroke your cock for me daddy. Your pre-cum is cumming out of your cock, it looks so tasty. I bet you want to suck on my boobs don’t you daddy?

I can lick my own boobs daddy. See how good I am for you daddy. My boobs are so big and firm. I bet you’d like to slide your big hard cock between my boob’s, wouldn’t you daddy. I’d lick the tip of your cock as it slid through the top. Mmm, I love licking my own boobs. Squeezing them for your daddy, all soft in your hands daddy....

Oh daddy, do you like my ass? It’s so soft and needs a good spanking daddy. I’ve been a naughty girl daddy. I’ve been thinking of daddy in a bad way when I touch myself. Will you spank my ass daddy. That’s it, slap your hand over my ass. Oh daddy, I’m so naughty, you need to spank me harder daddy. Please daddy, spank
me harder, slap my ass daddy.

Oh daddy, do you like my sweet pussy daddy? Do you like it all soft and wet for you to take it. I know you want to stick your cock in my pussy daddy. I can’t wait for you to do that. I know you love teenage pussy daddy. I’m all tight inside, you’ll have to push real hard to get deep inside my pussy daddy. Oh daddy, I want a cock in my pussy so much.

Oh daddy, I bet you want to fuck your little teenage daughter don’t you daddy. I bet you wish you could climb on me and pound your big hard cock deep inside this tight young pussy daddy. Mmm, my boobs are all soft and want to be licked. My panties are getting all wet watching you as you jerk your cock in front of me daddy. I love watching you jerk off.

I’ll take my panties off for you daddy. Here they go. Do you like looking at how tight my pussy is daddy. It’s so soft and so wet inside my pussy. I know you’d love to pound my pussy and ass like this wouldn’t you daddy? Putting my legs up in the air and you sticking your big hard cock in my pussy and slam it deep up
inside as far as it will go....

Mmm, my panties are all wet. I love licking my own panties daddy. I love the taste of how my pussy is when I get wet thinking of you daddy. Mmm, my panties smell so nice of my sweet aroma of my young tight pussy. I bet you want to lick my panties don’t you daddy? I know you’ve taken some of my panties before and sniffed them, do you like that daddy?

Oh daddy. Your little teenage daughter is rubbing her tight young pussy daddy. Do you like watching me rub my pussy. Oh yes, daddy it’s so warm and wet inside. That’s it daddy, jerk your cock for your little girl daddy. Mmm, I love watching you jerk off as I rub my pussy daddy. I want you to watch me rub my pussy for you, you can watch me anytime daddy...

Mmm, daddy. I’m getting so close. My tight teen pussy is ready to explode for you daddy. Are you getting close daddy. Stroke it faster for your little girl daddy. Jerk that cock daddy. Jerk it harder for your little girl daddy. Oh daddy, I’m so wet for you. My pussy want’s you daddy. My pussy wants your cock inside of it
daddy. I want you to cum for me..

Oh daddy, I want you to cum for me daddy. Cum for your little girl daddy. Shoot that cum all over your little girl’s face daddy. Oh yes... keep cumming daddy. Cum everywhere over me. Oh your cum is all nice and warm, it’s so sticky as it slides all over my face, over my eyes and my nose, all down to my lips. I love tasting your cum daddy....

Oh daddy, you cum is all over me. I’m so sticky now daddy. Look at your little girl. I’m not so innocent anymore am I daddy. Do you like cumming over me daddy? Do you like shooting your big white cum all over your tight young teenage daughter daddy. It makes me feel so nice to help you daddy. I love helping you cum. Your cock is so big and hard daddy

Wow daddy. You really like to cum over your little girl don’t you daddy? Mmm, your cum tastes so nice and sweet. I want to taste more of your cum daddy. I bet mommy doesn’t let you cum over her like I do daddy? Mmm, do you want to do this again soon daddy? I do, I want us both to watch each other jerking off and touching each other next time daddy...

Shh daddy. This has to be a secret daddy. We can’t tell mommy or she won’t understand. Do you promise to keep it a secret daddy. I will if you will. Mmmm, you had better go daddy before mommy gets home and catches us like this. I want to stay here and lick up all the sticky cum you have left me behind. Mmm, tastes so sweet. Okay daddy, remember, shhh.....

02-26-2011, 01:13 PM
Good addition

I think folks will like it

02-26-2011, 03:44 PM
Made-Up, Real, Fantacy - who cares!!!! Hope it was real but have doubts. Loved it / fucking delicious!!

02-26-2011, 04:23 PM
Kind of fantasy really but like you say, who cares as long as people enjoy it, that's all that matters. :) Thanks for comments, really appreciate the feedback.

I Just basically take some caps from a video, and then use pics I think suitable, and write scenes/story parts that you could imagine what she's saying in the picture you see, so the story/writing is all from me making it up to add to the pics.

I've got more I'm working on so hopefully have a few more soon along same lines, pics with a bit of a story (mostly are teasing/jerkoff encouragement). So far 2 types of this format I've posted in here and seems to be reasonably liked by people.

1) Got an older woman (woman only in pics) talking dirty to her son on the phone while masturbating on the bed in a role play story.

2) A gorgeous young girl who is so damn sweet looking and innocent type from her face (well I think she is anyway) in a POV type role (possible daddy/daughter role play) - teasing, sucking cock and being fucked. She is just adorable, still writing that one up. Think I'm in love with this cutie though :heartbeat: And don't think I'll be the only one.

3) Just made some caps for a 3rd idea also (sucking cock, tittyfucking, fucked in different positions and cumshot) of this hot girl with large tits in another POV type role play I'm imagining as a brother/sister type storyboard I'm gonna try and write up and make sometime.

So stay tuned if you like this type of thing, as should have more soon :)

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Another good addition and more to come, thanks.

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I wish the thumbnails would open up to see them properly, but still all good, thanks.

02-27-2011, 04:40 PM
Right click on the images and select "Open in New Tab" and you will get a full size image.

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Nice addition. Thanks for posting.

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What a great story with nice pics aswell keep them coming.

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Pretty hot story with some awfully hot pics! Thanks! Can't wait to see some more.

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That was pretty hot, thanks. Can't wait to see your next ones

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Story of the week!!! Congrats!

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Amazing model.

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another goody

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The story is hot, and I really wanna know who the girl is...

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Great story thanks.

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Another great one

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Great post!

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thanks liked this story and pics

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Very nice

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such a nice daughter

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Very hot story with very hot pics. Thanks.

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nice :)

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Damn wish my daughter will grow up to be like u

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Unfortunately all photos from sometime a few months back or earlier have been lost due to someone hacking the site.

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Being a step dad my self! Very exciting story!