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03-02-2011, 10:10 AM
Here's a 4th Illustrated story with pics. Hope you all like this one too :) This is a daddy/daughter storyline.

I am unsure who the girl is. She's a porn model of some kind, appeared in a few things of which I have found 2 videos of her - this being 1 of them I used for the story.

I've completely fell for her :heartbeat: She is so damn sexy and innocent looking with such an incredible body. This appearance the pics are from she is so innocent and sweet to watch, with a gorgeous smile to her face that just melts the heart. I don't know anyone who won't find her so cute to look at that you fall for her.

If anyone knows who she is (ie. real name or other model names used in the adult video world) please let me know. She has gone by the name Lauren/Crystal in 2 videos I have found of her only.

Anyway, enough with my fantasies over with lol Heres the story, the text/storyline is written by me as fantasy using the pics to help. Story below in text, but better read as usual with the pics as visualization ;)

Oh, hello daddy. I didnít hear you come in. Iím sorry Iím in your bedroom daddy. I was looking for a dress mommy borrowed of mine. What? You think I look really pretty today daddy? Thank you daddy. Your making me blush a little. Yes, I do think of you a lot daddy. I know itís wrong daddy, but I do love you daddy....

Oh daddy, you want me to bend over for you? Yes daddy. Iíll do that. Oh daddy, you like rubbing your little girlís pussy donít you daddy. Mmm, Iím getting very wet down there for you daddy. Yes daddy, my ass is very tight. Do you like feeling my ass daddy? Do you like touching me down there daddy? Mmm....

What daddy? You want me to take off my shorts for you? Okay daddy, Iíll do that for you. You really want to see me in my underwear donít you daddy? Iíve seen the way you look at me when I walk around in my little outfits. I do it coz I know you like looking at me daddy. Okay, here goes, I hope you like my panties daddy.....

Here they are daddy. Do you like them daddy? All yellow with little lovehearts on, just for you daddy. Oh daddy, I like the way you touch me down there. Mmmm, it feels so nice. Touch my pussy daddy, can you feel all warm and wet my little panties are getting just for you daddy. Mmmm, rub my pussy daddy, mmmm, yes...

Oh daddy, your taking off your trousers. Oooh, whatís that bulge in your underwear daddy? Are you aroused looking at my tight young body daddy? Does your little girl turn you on dressed in just my little panties and top. Can I touch it daddy? Oh, itís growing bigger daddy. Itís very hard in there. I like touching you down there.

I like rubbing you there daddy. What? You want me to take my top off. You want to see my little titties daddy? Okay. You like to see your little girlís titties donít you daddy. They are only small so I hope you like them daddy. I like to play with them sometimes myself. Okay, here we go daddy. Here are my little titties...

Do you like my little titties daddy? They are all natural just like mommyís. Mine are smaller though. Do you want to touch my titties daddy? Go on. Mmm, that feels so good daddy. Iíve wanted you to touch my titties daddy for a long time now. Your hands are so good, you like pulling my hard nipples donít you daddy. All hard for you.

Do you like my body daddy? All young, teen and firm for you to touch it with your hands. My skin is so soft and smooth, just the way you like it daddy. Oh daddy, my panties are getting a little wet for you. Do you see the way they are riding up the slit of my wet pussy daddy. I hope itís okay that Iím getting wet for you?

Aww daddy, your making me blush a little. You like my young teenage face daddy. I love smiling for you daddy. Yes daddy, Iím your little princess daddy. Iíd do anything to please you daddy, I like making you happy. I like being naked with you daddy, you make me feel so special. Mmm, your bulge is growing bigger daddy?

You want to me put it in my mouth daddy? I donít know if should? Is it okay to do that daddy? It is, ok. I trust you daddy. Iíve wanted to put it in my mouth for a while daddy, but I was too scared to ask. Mmm, it looks so big, I donít know if it will fit in my mouth. Let me try... MMmm, your cock is so big daddy, take them off.

Oh daddy, your cock is so big and hard. Itís very thick daddy. I donít know if I can fit it all inside my little teen mouth daddy. You want me to try anyway daddy? Can I stroke it daddy. Oh wow daddy, itís soft to touch but is very hard inside. It feels good in my hand daddy, Iíve never touched a real cock before daddy, I like it.

Okay daddy, here goes. I hope I do this right. Iíve never put a cock in my mouth before daddy. Mmmm, it tastes really nice daddy. Your cock is very tasty to suck on. Do you like me sucking on your cock daddy. I love sucking your cock, my young teen lips locked around that big hard firm thick cock of yours daddy. Mmm.....

Mmm daddy. Your cock feels so good in my young teen mouth. Do you like the way I suck cock? Am I doing it right daddy? Mmm, I can feel your cock pulsating inside my mouth daddy, are you going to cum for me daddy. I donít want you to cum for me just yet daddy. I want to do more daddy. Please daddy, can we? Mmm, it tastes nice.

Do you like me holding your cock daddy. What if I lick your cock at the same time I stroke it for you daddy? Iíd lick your cock for you anytime you wanted me to daddy. It tastes so yummy inside of me. Your cock is really big and hard, I love cock daddy. I love your cock especially daddy. Itís my big daddyís cock...

Iíve taken my little yellow panties off for you daddy. Do you like my little pussy daddy? I shaved it for this moment. I wanted it to be special daddy. Do you like looking at my little young teenage pussy daddy? Itís waiting, just for you daddy. Will you fuck me daddy? Please fuck me daddy, I want your cock in me.

Oooh daddy, your cock is so nice against my wet pussy daddy. Do you like rubbing your cock against my tight teenage pussy daddy? Does it make your cock all hard and thick? Mmm, that feels good daddy. Slide it inside my pussy, please daddy. Fuck me, fuck your little girl daddy, I want you to FUCK ME DADDY.....

Huh... Oh yes daddy. Fuck me daddy. Mmm, I like the way your hand squeezes my little young titties daddy. Do you like my small titties daddy. I love making my nipples all hard for you to play with. Oh fuck daddy, your cock is so big inside of me. HUH.... daddy donít stop fucking me daddy. I love the way you fuck me....

Thatís it daddy, slide your big hard thick cock in and out of my wet young teenage pussy. Oh daddy itís so tight inside my pussy, your cock is forcing itís way inside of my tight pussy daddy, itís making me get all wet and feel all warm inside of my body. Oh daddy, fuck me daddy. Oh yes.. HUH... OH DADDY. FUCK YOUR LITTLE GIRL....

Oh fuck yes daddy. Fuck your little young teenage daughter daddy. FUCK ME DADDY. HARDER. HUH. YES... Donít stop daddy, I love the way your cock pounds deep up inside my tight young teen pussy daddy. Your little girl is growing up daddy, your making me a woman daddy. Fuck me daddy. FUCK ME DEEP AND HARD INSIDE MY PUSSY!

Yes daddy. Thatís it, slide that big thick hard cock deep inside my pussy daddy. Oh fuck yes. It makes me so wet inside as you fuck me with that big hard cock of yours daddy. I want to make you cum for me daddy. I want to make you so happy to fuck your little teenage daughter. Fuck my tight pussy daddy, force it deep inside....

Oh yes daddy. Fuck my pussy daddy. Mmmm, stick your thumb in my mouth daddy. Imagine itís me sucking on your cock daddy as your pound my tight teenage pussy. Oh fuck yes daddy, Iím so wet inside, your cock is so deep inside of my tight pussy. Mmmm, let me suck you more daddy, let me taste your cock in my mouth, I suck good.

HUH.. YES DADDY. CAN YOU FEEL IT DADDY. Do you see how wet my pussy is from you fucking my tight hole so deep. Oh yes, itís dripping out of my cunt daddy. Fuck me, I want you to make me cum daddy. Make my pussy all wet for your cock to fuck me deeper daddy. What? You want me to turn over? You want me doggie?

Oh fuck daddy. Slide your big thick cock deep inside my pussy from behind daddy. HUH.. OH FUCK DADDY. THAT FEELS SO GOOD INSIDE OF ME. Fuck me doggie daddy. Pound that cock deep in my wet cunt daddy. Ram it in hard and deep up inside of me. FUCK ME DADDY. FUCK MY TIGHT PUSSY DADDY.. HARDER.. FUCK ME HARDER DADDY!

Oh yes daddy. Iím bending over more so you can ram that big thick hard cock deeper inside of my tight young teenage pussy daddy. It feels so wet and good in there doesnít it daddy. You like fucking your little girlís pussy donít you daddy, you like to fuck your little princess from behind doggie style donít you?

Oh daddy, see what you have done to your little teenage daughterís pussy daddy? Itís all wet, and my hole is bigger now. Your cock made my pussy all bigger for you to fuck me more with. Mmm, do you like the sweet smell of my pussy daddy? I love the feeling of your cock inside of my pussy daddy. Fuck me some more daddy....

Can I fuck you reverse cowgirl style daddy? Please daddy, let me bounce up and down on your big hard thick cock daddy. Oh yes, I love the way it slides in and out of my young teenage pussy daddy. You fuck your little daughter so well. I bet mommy loves you fucking her too doesnít she. Mmmm, do you like it?

Mmm daddy, my pussy is getting filled so good. Do you like looking at my pussy from behind daddy? Do your like my sweet little ass daddy? Itís all yours whenever you want it daddy. Your little daughterís pussy is yours to fuck at all times. I like fucking your cock daddy, it makes me feel so nice and warm inside of me... Mmm...

Wow, your cock is still so hard daddy. Do you want me to help you daddy? Do you want me to make you cum daddy? I want to make you cum inside of my wet tight young teenage pussy daddy. Will you do that for me daddy? Will you come inside of my pussy daddy. Please.... Let me climb on top daddy, I wanna ride your cock.

Mmm, I love riding your cock daddy. I love the way it slides up and down inside my tight young pussy daddy. Oh yes.... Fuck my pussy daddy. I want to make you cum daddy. I want to feel you cum inside of me daddy. Let me suck on your thumb daddy, MMmm, Iíd love it to be your cock more daddy, sucking and fucking you...Mmmm.

Oh yes daddy, squeeze my small titties daddy. I love you playing with them daddy. Do you like touching your young teenage daughter daddy? Oh it feels so good to have your big hand sliding all over my naked young flesh daddy. Oh daddy, Iím bouncing up and down on your big hard cock daddy, itís pounding deep inside...

Fuck me missionary daddy. Thatís it, I want to look at you daddy when you cum inside of me. Will you cum for me daddy? Will you fuck me and cum inside of my tigher wet young pussy daddy? Please.... Oh fuck me daddy. Pound your big thick cock deep up inside of my tight hole daddy. Oh yes. HUH. Harder daddy.. harder...

Look at me daddy, do you like looking at your little daughterís young innocent face as you fuck her with your big hard thick cock daddy? Oh daddy, your so good to me. I love bouncing around on your bed as your cock pounds my tight young hole daddy. FUCK ME DADDY.. OH YES. I CAN FEEL IT BUILDING DADDY.. IíM CLOSE....

Fuck daddy. I can feel my body getting warmer. Iím so close daddy, I can feel it. My pussy is dripping of my pussy juices daddy. I want you to fuck me harder daddy. FUCK ME DADDY. HARDER. OH FUCK YES... Pound it in deeper daddy, fill my pussy daddy, fill my pussy with all your creamy cum daddy.. OH FUCK YES.. HERE I CUM...

FUCK DADDY.. IíM CUMMING OH SHIT.. DADDY... MY PUSSY IS DRIPPING OUT. Your cum is everywhere daddy, itís all over cock and in my pussy daddy. Oh yes.... It feels so warm and stick inside now. Your cum is so warm inside of me. Mmmm, I feel so filled up daddy.... Your still cumming daddy arenít you? I can feel it...

Oh daddy, you filled up your little girlís pussy to the top, itís dripping out of my pussy daddy. I had better go and take a shower daddy and get all your wet tasty cum out of my pussy. Mmm, I really loved out time together daddy, letís hope we can do it again, maybe next time Iíll let you fuck your little girl in the ass, would you like that?

Oh whatís that daddy? Oh mommyís home. Iíd better hurry and go before she catches me in here with you daddy. Thank you for fucking me daddy, I really want you to fuck me again soon. Shhh, donít worry, I wonít tell mommy I let you fuck me. Itís our little secret. Bye daddy, Iíll always be your little princess!

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mm wish that when i have a daughter shes like that

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Gorgeous girl. She really looks like an amateur, which is even hotter. Thanks for another outstanding post.

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