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"5:00am" The alarm goes off next to my bed. "

"Why the hell am I getting up this early?" I think to myself knowing the reason was because family vacation started today! Everyone was going! My mom, Dad, Sister and I.
I wonder down the hall towards the bathroom, "MORNING BRO!!!!" My sister yells as she passes me in the hall. "A little perky aren't we?" I ask with a laugh, "I ask that you shut up sir!" she replys as we hug. We always joke around with eachother since we were very little, we are very close.

I come out of the bathroom to hear, "KIDS COME ON OR WE ARE GOING TO HAVE A LATE START!" the person yelling was my dad. "COMING!" Katie (my sister) and I yell at the same time relpying to dad, "let's go Jake!" Katie says as I follow her downstairs.

Now Katie was 17 just a year younger than me, she had an amazing body for her age with a nice upper body too if you know what I mean. She was skinny but very fit. She has blonde hair.

I am 18 as you can tell by saying she is a year younger and 17, I play sports such as baseball and basketball and am very fit as well.

We get into the back seat of the van and dad starts it up. Now our family wasn't like a normal everyday family, we are very close... Very, Very close. Katie sets her arm on my leg and starts rubbing her hand over my jeans zipper, she looks over and smiles as I start getting a hard on.

"You kids ready to go?" Mom asks as she looks back watching my sister doing this, "Yeah mom!" we both say, the car starts moving as dad drives. Katie keeps rubbing around my zipper, she stops and starts playing with her iPod as I do the same.

So let me fill you in on the trip plans, we are driving from Bar Harbor, Maine to Disneyland with a few stops inbetween. Dad didn't have work a while because he built up travel time, plus Katie and I didn't really mind missing school so we didn't really have a set time to get anywhere or back to Maine.

Katie leans on my arm and starts to unzip my jeans, which I didn't mind because I had a hard on that was about to rip them anyways. She takes my cock in her hand and slowly rubs it up and down. She then bends over and takes the tip of it into her mouth, mom turns around to see us.

Mom then starts to unzip dad's pants while he is driving, she then bends over and starts to suck him just like Katie is sucking me. I reach my arm around Katie and slide my hand down the back of her skirt, she starts to really take my cock in her mouth deep.

After me and dad both blow a load on their faces, we go back to just driving down the road. "Anyone for the rest area??" Dad asks as we pass the sign for one coming up. "Yes please!" Mom says as well as Kaite, dad pulls into the parking lot and finds a spot. Now dad and I don't have any chance in the car to do anything together so when we got out, we start to make out againest the side of the van while mom and Katie do the same on the other side.

We finish and start heading inside, it was a very fast stop. We head back out to the van and mom offers Katie the front seat, so they switch seats after making out again before getting in the van. Dad pulls out of the parking lot, I lean over and pull out one of mom's breasts and start to suck on her nipple. Katie starts to give dad a handjob while he drives and massaging her left breast.

A couple hours pass and now mom is naked on the back seat next to me and Katie is toppless in the front, I bend down and start to lick around mom's pussy while Katie is sucking dad's cock. "We are almost there" Dad says as we pass the "Welcome to Boston" sign, we keep fucking until we get to the hotel parking lot. Without getting dressed mom jumps out the van, Katie gets out toppless as well. Katie stops mom at the side and gets down to start eatting her out while me and dad unload the back of the van.

Mom and Dad head into the hotel first, dad is fingering mom on the way. Katie and I follow while I also finger Katie, They go into the hotel room but me and Katie can't wait that long. So we start making out againest the wall in the hall. She drops down and starts sucking me hard, when a room door a couple down from us opens.
Find out what happens next in Part 2 of "Our Family Trip Around The Country.


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