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Having received some very positive feedback (always very welcome) over the last two posts I have been encouraged to post another true story of my wifes slutty escapades.....read on and enjoy

If you've been following Lynn's sexual escapades, you will know that she is 45 years of age and loves to fuck. We have been married for just over 25 years and in that time I have encouraged Lynn to take many men, some as long term lovers, others as one night stands. Lynn absolutely loves the feel of a cock in her juicy pussy and a man between her spread open thighs.

Her latest encounter began a couple of days ago. Lynn has been at home following a major operation, and therefore she's been taking it easy for a couple of weeks. However, when I got in last night, she was positively glowing and she was wearing a short skirt and see through blouse, brown stockings and high heeled shoes, has I walked in the house she greeted me at the door and gave me a deep erotic kiss, I could taste another mans cum on her breath, so I reached down and ran my hand over her cunt which was red hot and very moist, her fanny lips were very slack and juicy. Lynn broke off the kiss and said do you love me, how could I say no! Lynn then led me by the hand to the sitting room sat me down, took out my hardening prick and told me her news.

Lynn said that she met old George a couple of days ago as she was getting out of her car, she told me she was dressed in her knee length skirt which was unbuttoned up to her thighs as usual, a semi see through blouse and tan coloured stockings, she said she could see George, who is in his late seventies, eyeing up her bare thighs and decided not to cover up and spoil his view. Whilst they were talking George asked Lynn why she wasn't at work and Lynn told him about her hospital visit. George said that if she got bored, she was more than welcome to come to his house, which was only 3 houses away and share a coffee, Lynn said that sounded nice and would put her shopping away and come and join him. Lynn said old George was like a spring chicken as he strutted down the street.

Having put the shopping away, Lynn took her bra and panties off, she doesn't like wearing them any way, but before shopping she'd visited the doctor's so wore them for that reason. She then checked her hair was okay and walked to Georges house. Lynn said that has she reached his front door, which was open, George shouted for her to come in, which she did. George said he was in the kitchen, so Lynn walked through to join him. George apologised for the slight mess in the house, saying that his cleaner was on holiday and he wasn't much good at this sort of thing. Lynn told him it was ok and said do you want me to tidy up for you, it won't take long, George said that would be nice and that he was just going to take Scott his grandson a coffee out to the garden where he was pruning the roses, Lynn watched out of the
Kitchen window has George approached a young man, who Lynn said that later George had said he was 19 years of age.

They went and sat in the front room, George in his favourite chair, Lynn on the settee, as she sat down her skirt fell open and George had another good view of her bare thighs as she sat sipping her coffee. Lynn said George had a twinkle in his eyes as he told her what a good looking woman she was and what wonderful thighs she had, Lynn smiled at George and told him he was a naughty boy, George said he hadn't been naughty for over 20 years, since his wife died, Lynn just smiled at him. They drank their coffee and Lynn went to make another pot, having made the coffee she took a cup through to George and said she was just going to take a cup of coffee to Scott in the garden and would be back shortly. She took Scott his coffee and said he couldn't keep his eyes off her tits, which were just visible through her blouse. Lynn began chatting to Scott about the garden, she was aware that he was starting to get a bulge in the front of his jeans and Lynn felt flattered that a 19 year old should find her sexually attractive.

Scott knelt down and said to Lynn what do you think of these roses, they are new and doing very well. Lynn sat down on her haunches to view the roses and was aware that her skirt had fallen open so that her bare thighs and stocking tops were openly on display to this young man, she said they were very lovely, Scott put his hand on Lynn's knee and said, thereís lots in the garden thatís better. Lynn smiled at him and stood up, she said she was going to drink her coffee with George in the house, Scott said, he would join them. When they entered the house Lynn sat back down on the settee and Scott sat next to George on the floor with his back to the unlit fire, again, Lynn's skirt fell open and both men could see her thighs and stocking tops. They chatted until Lynn said that she must get home and prepare tea, for me.

The next day she visited George his Grandson wasn't there, Lynn wore a shorter skirt and a see through blouse with tan stockings, she said George spent sometime looking at her thighs and she delighted him by opening her legs so that he could see her pussy hair. When she next went to make coffee, George followed her and whilst she was washing the cups, he put his arm around her waist and slowly moved it up to her tits, he mauled her right breast telling her how wonderful it was to feel a real womanís tits, Lynn just turned to him and gave him a peck on the cheek and carried on washing the cups. George then began to grind his semi hard cock into Lynnís arse, saying he hadn't felt this naughty with a lovely lady for ages. Lynn told George to behave and not get carried away. George said that she had been flashing her juicy pussy at him, how was he supposed to respond when a lovely woman gave him the cum-on.

Lynn turned to George who pressed his cock into her pussy mound she then said, just cosí I don't like wearing panties and bra's doesn't mean you can take liberties with my body. Has she spoke George ran his right hand up her stocking clad legs to her thighs and on to her pussy. George said she was dying for a good slow satisfying fuck and he really wanted to feel Lynn's mouth wrapped around his cock, why else was she in his house dressed like a whore waiting for a tom to come along. George then placed his mouth over Lynn's and began to force his tongue into her mouth. Lynn parted her mouth and their tongues met at the same time George slipped 2 fingers up Lynn's waiting cunt.

Lynn said she just couldn't stop moaning with the pleasure Georgeís fingers were giving her pussy. She reached down and began to rub his cock, which she said was only about 7 or 8 inches long but very, very fat. Lynn then fumbled to undo Georgeís zip and finally reached inside his trousers and took a hold of his cock, which she said was surprisingly hard for someone his age. Lynn eased George's cock from
his trousers and clasped her hand around it, she said she could feel
it pulse as she slowly worked her hand along it's length. George then
placed his hands on Lynn's shoulders and slowly pushed her to her knees
and said go on suck my cock, I want to feel you run your tongue along
the whole length. Lynn said she took his cock between her lips but
said she struggled with it's size, so she licked the full length with
her tongue from George's balls to the purple head of his cock.

George held her head and called her a dirty slut and then told her to
undo her blouse and take it off so he could see her tits and big
nipples. Lynn said she just reached down and undid her blouse and took
it off for him to see her tits. George called her a slut and said, I
can see why you get lots of men friends coming to call, do they all
fuck you like this. Lynn looked up at George and said, yes of course
they do I love taking a hard prick, I am a slut, but a lovely slut, my
husband loves to see me taking a hard cock and I love to feel one in my
pussy, do you want to fuck me George. George reached down and began
squeezing Lynn's tits, she thought she heard a movement behind her but
could not see because George was still holding her head against his
hard shaft. George then told Lynn to undo her miniskirt and take it
off so he could see her big white arse and thighs framed in her
stockings and suspender belt.

Lynn undid the buttons and pulled her skirt from around her waist and
tossed it to one side, she looked at George and said is that better.
George said that now she looked like a whore and that from now on
whenever she came to visit, she had to remove her blouse and skirt and
walk around in just her stockings and suspender belt for him. Lynn
said what about Scott, surely not whilst he was there. as she spoke she
felt a hard prick nudge her pussy lips, she tried to turn her head but
George held it tight, she looked up at him and has she did so, she
heard Scott say, you want me to loosen the sluts cunt for you Grandad.
George said, go on son, give the lady a good fucking so that she can
take mine when you've got it all nice and juicy for me. Lynn moaned
has Scott eased his big cock head into her pussy, he then rammed the
whole length into her making her cry out in pleasure. Lynn said it
felt just as big as Georges hard prick as it invaded her pussy, she
said she could feel it nudge against the entrance to her womb has Scott
began to force his cock in and out of her cunt.

Scott built up a steady rhythm as he forced his cock in and out of her
cunt. Scott said she was a real lady slut and couldn't wait to fire
his cum up inside her belly. All the time Lynn was moaning in sheer
pleasure and running her tongue up and down the length of Georges
prick. Lynn said that Scott seemed to take ages pounding her pussy,
she had cum at least 3 times before he started to speed up and finally
collapsed over her arse having shot his cum deep into her, she said she
could feel his cock spurt 3 or 4 times splashing his cum all inside
her juicy cunt. George then told Lynn to turn around and suck Scott's
cock, has she did so, George felt her pussy from behind and then guided
his cock head between her cunt lips, she said it felt so big and hard
has he forced his cock inch by inch up her pussy canal, eventually
stopping when all 8 inches were embedded in her cunt.

George began to ease his shaft in and out of her pussy, Lynn said she
just had 1 massive orgasm which just kept coming and coming as George
forced his cock in and out. Lynn said she moaned in sheer pleasure
has she sucked on Scott's throbbing rod whilst his Grandad fucked her
pussy. Scott grabbed Lynn's head and held her still has he shot a load
more cum into her mouth, Lynn swallowed it all but only just he came
so much spunk. George just kept pounding away at her cunt, Lynn said
she thought she would pass out at the number of orgasms she had, but
it felt so good taking his cock. Lynn said eventually after about 20
30 minutes of thrusting his cock into her Lynn said George gripped her
hips and lunged his cock into her and shot 4 loads of spunk deep into
her waiting pussy. Has George shot his cum into her she said he called
her a big titted white arsed slut and that she was going to take alot
more of his cock in the future.

George slipped his cock from Lynn's cunt and has he did so, Lynn
slumped forward and laid face down on the floor. Her legs were wide
open and George said he could see their spunk oozing out of her lips.
Scott moved around to where his Grandad was stood and said she looked
like a real whore, he knelt between Lynn's thighs and pulled her arse
cheeks apart as he did so he pushed his cock head against her ring
and tried to force it into Lynn's arse. Lynn wriggled and moaned, she
has taken a cock up her arse before, but not one as big as Scott's
prick. Lynn tried to stop him but Scott just forced his cock into
her arse and once it was in began to fuck her hard. Lynn continued
to moan in pleasure as Scott said he was going to cum up her arse,
Lynn just moaned as yet another orgasm hit her, finally Scott grunted
and held still forcing his whole prick deep into her as he shot his
cum inside her.

George picked up Lynn's miniskirt and blouse and told her to make some
drinks and bring them into the sitting room. Lynn eventually managed
to stand and made the drinks and took them to George and Scott, she
asked if she could have her skirt and blouse to put back on but George
said no and that from now on when ever she visited, she would have to
take all her clothes off and just walk around in her stockings and
shoes. George told her to come and stand by his chair, Lynn picked up
her drink and stood where George was pointing. Has she stood there,
George kept feeling her thighs, tits and pussy, forcing his fingers
deep into her. For the next hour, Lynn catered for their every whim
whilst dressed only in her stockings and suspenders, which she said
was very erotic especially has both of them kept feeling her tits and
cunt whilst she moved about. After she had tidied up the kitchen, she
dressed and came home.

Today when she went to visit old George, he reminded her of the fact
that she had to undress and stay in just her stockings and suspenders.
Lynn took off her blouse and skirt and stood there whilst George had a
good look, she asked where Scott was and George said he would be along
in a couple of hours, in the meantime, she could take his cock out and
suck him until he was hard enough to fuck her, Lynn knelt down between
his legs and took his cock out and began running her tongue up and down
his cock shaft. George told Lynn to finger her pussy so that it was
nice and moist, Lynn pushed 1 then 2 fingers into her pussy and whilst
sucking George's prick, reamed her own pussy, making her moan with

George told her to suck the end of his cock, and that he wanted to
shoot his cum into her mouth, Lynn slipped his cock head into her mouth
and started sucking his prick, George reached over and began pinching
Lynn's nipples, which really gets her wet. George then grabbed Lynn's
head and forced more of his cock into her mouth has he shot his cum
down her throat, Lynn said it made her gag, almost choking her there
was so much spunk coming from his prick. George let go of Lynn's head
and told her to bend over the table so he could fuck her cunt from
behind. Lynn stood up and straightened her stockings has she walked to
the table, she then bent over the table and turned to George and told
him to fuck her good and hard, and that she wanted to feel his spunk
spurt into her cunt. Old George moved up behind her and dropped his
trousers, Lynn then said she felt George part her arse cheeks and then
felt the tip of his cock nudge against her cunt lips, George gave a
push and Lynn said she felt his large fat cock slip deep into her pussy.

George began pumping his prick in and out of Lynn's twat, Lynn was
moaning and telling George it felt really good to feel his fat cock
inside her pussy. Lynn said she'd gone through 3 huge orgasms and
still George hadn't shot his cum into her, he just kept fucking her
cunt in a steady rhythm after about 10 minutes of George pounding his
hard cock into Lynn's pussy, the door bell sounded and Lynn sighed as
George pulled his cock from her cunt, he told Lynn to go to the door
and see who it was, Lynn said it was probably Scott, but George said
don't be a silly girl, he had is own key. Lynn said she couldn't
possibly go to the door naked and with her thighs all covered in her
own pussy juice, George just told her to be a good girl and do as she
was told.

Lynn said she walked slowly to the door, not sure what to do or say,
so she stood behind the door when she opened it and stood their was
a parcel delivery driver who announced he had a parcel for George.
George told Lynn to accept the parcel and sign the form, but Lynn
told him she couldn't, so George told the driver to come through
to the kitchen so he could sign, Lynn just said GEORGE, no, but
George insisted, so the guy stepped in and seeing Lynn naked said
nice tits love and walked through to the kitchen. George signed for
the parcel and said she's a lovely cock hungry slut who comes round
each day for a long fuck session, feel her pussy it's soaking, Lynn
said no George, but George told her to be quiet and let the guy feel
her cunt. Lynn sighed and moved over to George, who grabbed her tits
and said open your legs so he can feel your cunt, Lynn shuffled her
legs apart and the driver placed his hand between her thighs and felt
her pussy, Lynn said the driver said to George, you lucky sod, what I
wouldn't give to fuck that pussy, George said no problem then told Lynn
to bend over the table and spread her legs so the driver could fuck

Lynn said she felt like a real nasty slut has she bent forward over
the table, she said she felt the driver touch her arse cheeks then she
felt the head of a cock nudge her pussy lips and slide deep into her
cunt. Lynn said the drivers cock wasn't as big has Georges prick, but
it felt real horny bent over a table letting a complete stranger
poke his cock in and out of her fuck tube. George encouraged the guy
to really fuck her pussy and to shoot his cum deep into her belly.
Lynn was moaning as the guy started to speed up his strokes in to her.
Lynn then said she told him to go on shoot your cum up my slut cunt,
fuck me, make me cum, she then said the driver slammed into her and
shot his load of spunk deep inside her. The driver then withdrew his
prick from her pussy and pushing it back in his trousers, left the

Lynn stood up and said to George, that she felt real horny, she then
kissed him whilst he reached under her and slid 3 fingers up her cunt.
George told her that she was a randy little whore who loved to feel
a hard prick between her thighs, Lynn just moaned and said she did.
George told her to sit on the table and open her legs, so he could
finish fucking her. Lynn sat on the edge of the table and spread her
legs so that George could move closer and get his cock into her fanny.
Lynn said she lent back on her elbows has she felt Georges prick slide
back into her well fucked cunt. George took a hold of Lynnís nipples
and began squeezing them which made Lynn moan louder as George pounded
her pussy with his fat cock. Lynn said she told him to shoot his spunk
into her cunt and George said he intended to. Lynn said she wanted to
feel his spunk spurt deep into her, George said that could be arranged
as he slammed his meat into her. Lynn then said George started to
speed up his strokes and again after 25 minutes or so, he slammed his
cock into her pussy and stopped has his cock fired his spunk deep into
her womb. Lynn said that at that point she'd had at least 5 more
orgasms so far that day and was loving it.

George slipped his cock from her and playfully slapped her big white
arse as he calls it and told her to go make some tea. Lynn said as
she walked around, she could feel the mixed spunk of George and the
driver trickle out of her cunt and run down her thighs. George came
up behind her and slipped his fingers up her cunt from behind, Lynn
said it made her shudder as he fingered her pussy and clit, bringing
her to another orgasm. George playfully slapped her arse again and
said hurry up with the drinks slut. Lynn carried the drinks through
to the sitting room and George told her to stand by his chair so he
could feel her pussy and tits, Lynn said she just stood there whilst
George fondled and probed her very private areas as she drank her
drink. For the next 30 or 40 minutes, George had Lynn pose for her
and kneel between his legs and suck his cock until he came in her
eager mouth.

Lynn said it was whilst she was kneeling on the floor so that George
could finger her cunt from behind that they heard Scott enter the
garden, George told Lynn to go in the back garden and meet Scott so
that she could take Scott to the Garden shed and fuck him. Lynn
walked out into the back garden in just her stockings and shoes and
greeted Scott with an erotic kiss. Scott rubbed his hands over Lynn's
pussy mound and said that it felt like her cunt had already had some
cock inside. Lynn said that she had, 2 in fact, Scott called her a
fuck slut and grabbing her hand, led her to the potting shed. Once
inside, he told Lynn to bend over the bench and walked up behind her
and rubbed his cock head up and down her slit teasing her before
shoving his prick deep into her cunt and fucking her until he shot his
load deep into her.

Lynn said that Scott fucked her again up her arse shooting his cum in
her before letting her return to the house so that George could fuck
her whilst she sucked Scottís cock until he came in her mouth. Lynn
said that she had been at Georges house a good 4 hours and had enjoyed
the attention her pussy had received and now she wanted me to sample
her sloppy wet well fucked cunt. How can a husband refuse such a
request. Bye the way, she's going to George's house tomorrow!!!

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