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The Movie Guy's Sex Stories
Volume 3 - Harry Potter - Ginny's Burrow

"Oh, come on, Harry!" Ginny pled, patting the mattress next to her.
"Mum and Dad are too busy yelling at the twins... they'll never know
you're here!"

Harry had to smile at that remark, because this was the first time
all summer that trouble had appeared and he wasn't responsible. "It's
really Ron's fault..." he joked sarcastically. "Even I know better than
to take something from Fred and George."

"Right!" Ginny replied with a giggle, absentmindedly giving her
shoulder-length locks a finger twirl. "So why don't you stay here for
the night? Ron's probably going to have to stay outside, with the
dungbomb smell and all. The sheets are plenty comfy, if that's what
you're worried about, and I don't mind at..."

"But..." Harry sputtered. "You're a girl! I can't sleep with you. I
mean, what if Mr and Mrs Weasley come in and see..."

"They won't!" the pint-sized redhead finished, pressing her finger
over his lips. "No one ever bothers me after dinner, that's why I can't
wait to go to Hogwarts in September and finally make some friends. So
long as you stay on your side of the bed and don't hog the covers, this
is the only way you'll be able to get any rest tonight."

Without responding, Harry meekly stood there, looking back and
forth between Ginny and the bed. After winning his freedom from the
Dursley's only yesterday, he wasn't about to spend his first night with
a new family on the couch or floor when he had a chance to enjoy a real
bed, with pillow and everything.

"Well, then!" Ginny finished cheerfully, content that his silence
had concluded any further discussion. With a bright smile, she turned
around, rummaging through the adjacent bureau for her night-clothes,
while Harry slithered over to the far end of the room, plopping down on
a frilly chest laced with pink trim and feeling quite coerced.

He had just began to untie his woefully secondhand muggle sneakers
when the most extraordinary thing suddenly occurred. Looking back up,
he saw Ginny had pulled off her worn tee shirt, exposing her totally
bare back to him. Not understanding what was going on at first, he
audaciously watched at the little girl shimmied out of her pants as
well, remaining clad in only a small pair of pink undies that clung
seductively to her behind.

At last catching up that she was really undressing, Harry was
helpless to but watch as the cottony material slid down the youngest
Weasley's legs, granting him an unrestricted view of her bare butt. She
continued searching for something to wear, as if consciously deciding
to stand there naked for as long as possible. It was only when she
turned around pull on a white tee, unashamedly displaying her
eleven-year-old hairless folds that her transfixed onlooker finally
turned away.

"She knows I'm right here..." he thought wildly, wondering if Ginny
minded him looking, or even noticed. "Maybe Ron wasn't kidding around
when he said she had a crush on me..."

But he still knew that youthful affection was a totally different
matter than casually stripping down in front of someone. Harry was so
busy dealing with the jumble in his head, he had only managed to get
one shoe halfway off before the juvenile female began walking back over
to him, clad only in the long shirt, which didn't even reach her knees.
She began gingerly brushing her hair, shooting a disapproving look at
his lack of progress.

"If you're done peeking, maybe you can finish and come to bed!" she
said in a huff, her lips tightening imperceptibly afterwards in what
appeared to be a slight smirk. "And no muggle clothes allowed, thank
you. I see my brothers in their drawers all the time, so this'll be no
different." Harry returned the grin, a tad embarrassed at his own
behavior. Still, the fact that she wasn't angry greatly soothed his
conscience. It all seemed so innocent now, and surely nothing wrong
could come of merely falling unconscious next to such a shy girl..

Still, he was acutely aware that anyone finding the two adolescents
asleep together, one wearing boxer shorts and the other nothing at all
below the waist, would certainly raise questions. The soft allure of
Ginny's bed, however, a thousand times more comfortable and soothing
than his own, quickly numbed any thoughts in his head. Only barely
aware of his partner's tossing to find the spot, he fell asleep almost
immediately, surprised at how the day's events had suddenly caught up
to him.


The first thing Harry realized upon stirring was that his penis was
pressed firmly against the mattress, straining for more room. With calm
horror, he realized that he haven't given a second thought to his usual
morning predicament before jumping into bed with the convincing

But a quick turn to the window showed that it was still dark
outside, and questions began creeping into the young Potter's mind.
"What could've waken me up..." he wondered, reaching over to grab his
glasses from the table on his side of the bunk. It was only when his
head left the pillow that he picked up the faint sound of moaning from
behind him.

After placing his spectacles on his face, Harry rolled over,
knowing it had to be Ginny. By the scant glow of the night-light, he
could make out her scrunched face, contorting with some sort of
overpowering emotion.

"Are you okay?" he asked feebly, reasoning she was in the midst of
a bad dream. The back of his mind, however, hinted that this was a much
greater matter than a simple bad dream.

"Mmmm..." Ginny said pensively, slowly opening her eyes. "Sorry I
woke you up, Harry..." she was panting now, speaking in a more
considerate voice than he'd ever heard. "It's just that I can never get
to sleep anymore without... relaxing a little. Not since I started
growing up, anyway."

As if cued by her words, the apprentice wizard looked down, trying
to focus on the swirling mass under the dark covers. By the movement of
her hands, and knowing what he did about her current apparel, there was
only one thing the limber girl could be doing down there.

"My God, Ginny!" Harry cried out, a little louder than he ought to.

"Shhh..." his pint-sized bedmate whispered, continuing her pelvic
gyrations. "They'll hear you!"

"Are you...?" he asked, trailing off at the mere thought of what
she was brazenly doing in front of him.

"Getting off?" the young redhead replied, clearly displaying a look
of pure naughtiness. She let out an more audible grunt as he watched,
thrilled that her most secretive of routines was being observed

Harry watched for a few more seconds, now knowing that she had been
hitting on him all along. Ginny simply continued enjoying herself, only
speaking up when she felt her plan beginning to unravel because that
silly boy couldn't take the most blatant of hints.

"Do you wanna help?" she asked coyly, pausing for only a moment
while she fixed something between her thin legs. Bringing her hands to
his, she pressed something wet into his fingers, beaming as her preteen
juices leaked all over the both of them.

"It was Percy's old one..." Ginny said softly, helping him make out
by touch that it was a magic wand. "If he'd known what I was going to
use it for, I probably never would have gotten it." Even with this
loin-stirring revelation however, Harry remained inert, absently
rubbing the lubricated staff with his soaked digits.

Sensing a need to step up her efforts, Ginny decided to go for
broke. Both hands covered in girl-cream, she placed them on his cheeks,
puckering his mouth to meet hers in a seductive dance. She had never
kissed a boy full on the lips before, but found the instinct came
naturally. Before long, she was breathless, pulling away with a face as
red as her own crimson mane.

"Please, Harry..." she begged with more desire than she thought
possible. "I fell in love with you ever since I saw you, and now I want
to let you do something wonderful with me..."

"Oh, Ginny..." he finally responded, breaking out of the stupor.
His year at Hogwarts had been just as difficult on the libido. While
his tiny mate was dealing with a broken heart after seeing the boy of
her dreams leave after only meeting him, Harry had the unfortunate
dilemma of a hundred pretty girls to look at every day, all of whom
seemed to be sexually repressed.

Even Hermione, who Harry had thought would offer to buck hips as a
reward for being friends, hadn't even said the word "sex" once in
conversation, becoming haughty whenever Ron attempted to pry into how
she "took care of the stress" at school. It had never occurred to
Potter that the Weasley boy's little sister, who had been so obviously
enamored by him on the platform last fall, would be willing to offer
what all the females at Hogwarts had not.

"I wouldn't ask for anything else in the world..." he finished
gallantly, all pretenses of his former restraint now gone. "You're more
attractive than all the sweets in Hogsmeade."

Ginny's grin seemed to grow too wide for her angelic face as she
happily brought his arms down to her crotch. In the dark, Harry
couldn't see a hint of the twin lips he would soon be getting most
intimate with, but the agile youngster obviously knew the way already.

She let out a slight hissing noise as the smooth wooden phallus
once again penetrated her unused nether cavity. Going slowly, the elder
mage slowly fed the stick into her tight channel, eyes as wide as
saucers as he watched Ginny's face screw into a determined grimace in
an effort to ease the wand inside her body.

"Oooh... it's so much better with you here..." she panted, feeling
the tip come to rest as deep as she cared to let it. Taking her slimy
fingers off the shaft, she looked deep into Harry's eyes, letting him
know this was definitely what she wanted. Her lover quickly obliged,
withdrawing the rod from her hairless cunny before stabbing back
inwards, with all the delicate care he could afford.

Ginny absolutely loved what he was doing. Freed from any exertion
on her part, she simply lay on her side, reveling in the sparks of
happiness rippling through her tiny body. Occasionally, she would lift
up her shirt, massaging the nondescript bumps that only entrenched the
fact that she was participating in an act rarely bestowed to one so

Elbows bent at her sides, the perspiring female was rapidly
approaching a splendid climax, having already simmered so much by her
own hand. Her hands were flailing weekly in between the two of them,
toes clenching wildly at the knowledge of what's to come.

"Yes, Harry, that's it!" she wheezed triumphantly, detecting the
revealing fluid pour out of her immature pussy. Her delightful grunts
reached an endearing crescendo, drawing out into an erotic plateau as
each throb of her wet gash sent the rest of her small frame into spasms
of delight.

"Oh... my goodness..." she finally murmured, pulling the springy
pole from her sensitive tunnel. "I think I might have to report you to
the Ministry for practicing magic outside of school!" She sighed
complacently in the afterglow of her orgasm, not even minding the
growing dampness under the covers.

By now, her tight slit had produced enough come to drench both of
their arms up to the wrist. Harry noticed the sheets and comforter were
both moist now, and could only imagine the gleaming rivulets cascading
down her bare legs. The small pocket between them was humid enough to
send his cock into an even greater state of arousal, the stiff mass
finally poking through the hole in his shorts before he had a chance to
stop it.

Attempting to cuddle up with her partner, Ginny suddenly felt a
fleshy protrusion prodding her leg. Being a head shorter than Harry,
she narrowly missed getting speared in the vagina by his eager tool,
but not by much. His erect shaft was throbbing warmly on her thigh,
pointing straight towards the one thing it sought.

"Oh, you don't need to ask, Harry..." she said demurely. "It
wouldn't be proper if I didn't give you something in return."

"Ginny... I don't think we can..." he started to respond, the old
misgivings surfacing now that his lust-filled haze had passed. Being
seduced into fingering the youngest Weasley was a far cry from getting
caught fucking her brains out.

"Harry..." Ginny answered calmly. "You don't think I'd get this far
and not go all the way, do you?" And before he could object, her face
tightened in surprise as she pushed her waist forward, impaling herself
on his very grateful rod.

He tried to pull her away, reaching around for her behind. But as
soon as his hands closed around her baby-soft flesh, he could deny his
feelings no longer. Faster than even Ginny realized, she was soon
completely crammed with his the cylinder, her bald labia spread
obscenely to allow it inside her womanhood.

"It didn't hurt?" Harry inquired, wondering why she hadn't yelped
or at least groaned at the loss of her chastity. Unless, of course, she

"No, silly!" Ginny puffed, inundated with feelings of satiety. "I'm
still a... virgin, you know. But the wand took care *that* long ago. You
are my first." An expression of pure felicity washed over her face, and
she buried her head in his chest, tensing her vaginal walls to spur him
on. "Now fuck me, Harry Potter." she commanded, wholly transformed by
the experience.

Happy to oblige, the fledgling wizard began pumping into his petite
mate with rhapsodic strokes. Even after just flushing herself with the
greatest of carnal joys, Ginny was squealing with rapture as her
scarlet clitty was stimulated. Feeling his hands wander up her front to
pay homage to the buds of her otherwise flat chest, she hurriedly
pulled the sweaty garment over her head, allowing him to view as well
as feel her breasts.

Nipples hardening under his welcome arousal, Harry wrapped his arms
around Ginny, bringing the tempered points to his own torso, marveling
at the slick sheen that now coated both their bodies.

Having built up so much heat from making love under the covers, the
pair slid together easily. Although focused primarily on merging their
genitals, the two young mages found their thighs and bellies rubbing
against each other as a result of the frantic intercourse, only adding
to the pleasure.

Such a pure, willing union could not last forever, however,
especially since each of them were experiencing their first outlet for
sexual gratification. Without way to control himself, Harry let loose
in Ginny's warm pussy, the potential effects of this consummation a far
off concern.

When the fire in her crotch suddenly increased twofold, the preteen
redhead realized what was happening, and cooed softly at the thought of
what was going on in her womb. She didn't have as magical an explosion
as when the wand was inside her slit, but it was still the most
satisfying time of her life.

Harry pulled out reluctantly when he was finished, shivering at how
her unripe sphincter squeezed his tender organ until the very last
second. Under the blanket, he could only imagine how Ginny's spoiled
cunny looked, leaking thick gobs of cream from deep inside her uterus.
Deciding instead to preserve their heavenly union without childish
examination of her anatomy, he simply pulled his love closer,
whispering lightly in her ear the dream she'd had since the year

"Ginny Weasley, will you be my girlfriend?" he asked politely,
ignoring the fact that she was supposed to already be so before having
sex with him.

"Only if it means we get to do this anytime..." she responded
wearily, snuggling closer until they were both fast asleep.


Now that their relationship was cemented by the penultimate act,
the duo had no scruples about letting their affection for each other
blossom with physical contact. That very night, Harry came to in the
early dawn with an even greater desire to bed his maroon-haired vixen.
Not disposed to wake her just so he could get his jollies, he instead
slipped it to Ginny's semiconscious form gently, so as not to disturb
her slumber. After cumming inside her inviting burrow once again, he
was rewarded with a gracious smile before she turned over, nuzzling her
butt into his crotch so they could spoon together through the dawn.

It was Ginny who greeted the day first, now well anticipating
another climax to shatter any peaks her own mere fingers had ever
attained. She was not even close to being disappointed, heaving great
breaths as Harry rolled her on top of him, directing her private parts
to skillfully meet his own. In no time at all, they were both groaning
in the first of many mutual orgasms, the forbidden scent hanging in the
air as a tell-tale reminder of what had transpired.

Once she shooed him away to clean up her bed, (the old-fashioned
way, so as not to attract attention to her late sexual activity) Harry
was only able to enjoy her body on select occasions, because of the
varied comings and goings of the Weasley family. He stayed in Ron's
room for the most part, never mentioning a word about how what was
going on between him and Ginny when her elder brother wasn't around.

Not that it would have stopped him, but he didn't want it to seem
as if the great Harry Potter had only been hanging around such a poor
family because he had the hots for their only girl. A direct result of
spending so much time alone with Ginny, though, was that Ron and
Hermione eventually discovered the feelings they'd long suppressed for
each other.

In the end, everything worked out just fine. Although Harry still
had many tribulations to face before becoming a full-fledged sorcerer,
his love life would never be a concern again. The unstable trio, now a
healthy foursome, had no reason to fight evermore.



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