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07-10-2005, 09:28 AM
Daddy Watches

by LadyLosna

Kristy and I had always had a very close relationship. Her mother had died when she was very young, and we were all each other had. I dated but never anything serious, and I kept my sexual encounters hidden from my daughter. What happened that was something I had never imagined..

It was her birthday. I wanted to surprise her so I got off a couple of hours early from work and stopped by the flower shop to pick up a dozen pink roses, her favorite. When I pulled up in the driveway I noticed her best friend Kari was here, obviously since her car was parked on the road next to our house. This was no surprise to me since Kari was always at our house, and always going places with us. I walked into the house, setting down my briefcase but keeping the pink roses in hand. I called out to my daughter and her friend but heard no answer. So, I walked up the steps towards Kristy's bedroom, when I heard a soft noise, almost like a moan. I quietly walked up to her door and was astonished, and quite frankly turned on tremendously at what I saw. Kristy was laying on her bed naked and sweaty, with Kari the same but with her face buried between my daughters legs.

Not knowing what to do I stood there and watched intently. Kristy was close to orgasm and I heard her moaning repeatedly..louder and louder. Then she grabbed Kari's head and humped her face as she screamed in orgasm. Watching my daughters lustful act had me hard as all hell. I was confused, I knew it was wrong to sit here and watch, let alone be so turned on at what I was watching, but I just couldn't pull myself away.. Next thing I knew Kari was reaching into the drawer next to the bed and pulled out pink vibrator, Kristy's favorite color. Kari flayed on the bed and began to beg Kristy to use the vibrator on her wet pussy, in those words exactly. I though I would cum in my pants watching my sexy daughter take the vibrator out of her friends hands, and then sliding it slowly up and down her wet slit.

The look on Kari's face was pure ecstasy. Getting caught up in my own lustful abandon I dropped Kristy's pretty pink roses, which fell against the door, making it open slightly. Just enough to catch the attention of the girls, and make them look at the doorway, seeing me standing there, red with embarrassment. I didn't know what else to do, so I turned away and walked into my bedroom. I sat down on the far side of the bed, looking out the window, thinking about what I had just witnessed, trying to understand why I was so intrigued, so turned on. By my own daughter! Just as I was thinking about how wrong it was Kristy walked into the bedroom, I heard her approach and turned around. She was wearing her pink terry rode. With her roses in hand.

"Thank you for the roses Daddy, they are beautiful." she said almost as if what had just happened, didn't.

"Oh, your welcome sweetheart." I said, really not know what else to say.

"Daddy, I didn't want to tell you about Kari and I because I thought you would be disappointed in me. We have been doing this for a long time, ever since we have known each other in fact. I like boys too, but only Kari can touch me and make me feel good." saying as she sat down on the bed next to me.

I was dumbfounded. Not knowing what to say. To apologize for watching. Or to be mad at her for not telling me and thinking I would be upset. Before I could decide what to say she began to speak again..

"I saw the way you looked at us just then, don't feel bad for being turned on by seeing us like that. It is a normal reaction for any man." she was talking as if she could read my mind. I really shouldn't have been surprised since she always could..

"I shouldn't be turned on by seeing my daughter in a sexual manner, it just isn't right.." she put her finger up to my lip before I could finish speaking.

"Daddy.." she started, placing her hand on my thigh. "it isn't wrong. I have been attracted to you since I first had sexual feelings."

Before I knew it her hand was on my crotch, rubbing my cock through my crisp khakis. All I could do was moan and enjoy the sensation..losing all control I had, losing to my temptress of a daughter. Everything from their happened so quickly, yet so painfully slow. She slid off of the bed onto the floor, getting on her knees in front of me.. slowly unzipping my pants. When her lips touched the tip of my hard cock it was like fireworks exploding all over my body. The bed began moving but I realized it wasn't from.. I felt soft young hands on my chest, to my surprise Kari was behind me still naked, and had the look of lust in her eyes.

"Mr. Yates, I am very mad at you. I was so close to cumming until you dropped those flowers.." she giggled as she began kissing my neck..

I was so lost in this passion in which engulfed me.. I lifted my daughter up, laid her on the bed, and unfastened her rope. Once again drinking in the fullness of her beauty. Kari laid next to her, kissing my daughter, tweaking her nipples.. I stood up and quickly undressed myself as these two teenage beauties played with each other and watched as I revealed my mature yet handsome body to their young eyes. I climbed on the bed, between my daughter's legs. My tongue flickered up and down her wet slit, paying special attention to her clit..I couldn't wait any longer. I pulled myself up and put my cock again my daughters wet pussy lips...listening to her beg for me to shove my big cock into her. As I did she screamed as if she had never been fucked before. Then Kari straddled her face and began grinding her pussy against my daughters face, begging for the orgasm I had postponed..

I was in heaven, fucking my teenage daughter's beautiful hot pussy, while watching her best friend hump her face..When I heard.

"Oh Kristy, I love your tongue. Suck it Kristy, suck my clit.. Oh Mr. Yates, I am cumming...."

Kari's body convulsed on my daughters, and then she fell to the bed, next to Kristy. Kristy was losing herself to me, begging me to fuck her..

"Oh Daddy, your cock is so big. Fuck me, please fuck me Daddy, oh Daddy. I am cumming, fuck me.."

Kristy began to thrash on the bed, pulling me into her as much as she could as her pussy walls gripped my cock. This sent me over the edge, I grunted and came as hard as I had in years...

I heard Kristy whipering "I love you Daddy.." as I rolled off and laid to her side, the one that wasn't taken by Kari. As I did so Kari got between Kristy's legs and licked my cum out of her pussy.. my daughter came once more before we all laid there, spent. We fell asleep in my bed, just as we were.. naked, sweaty, and totally fulfilled.

That day changed my life, but definitely for the better..


ruamano 1331
11-02-2008, 03:21 PM
One can only hope that all fathers are as courteous as that lucky bastard of a father was, I mean, there is nothing like being a 'fucking' good host... is there?

11-04-2008, 09:43 PM
lovely little story about true feelings

11-12-2008, 07:31 AM
hot story, this is the dream of a lot of fathers

11-13-2008, 08:52 AM
Short and sweet and realistic, loved it.

11-13-2008, 10:57 AM
That was nice can I visit for a weekend ?

11-14-2008, 08:50 AM
your s very lucky man

11-28-2008, 01:00 PM
Good hot story

08-26-2009, 09:22 PM
that was a very good short story