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06-23-2006, 04:49 PM
Looking back on this crazy experience, I wonder what in the world possessed us to do it, as fun as it was. At the time my sister Kristen and I were 19 (her) and 18 (me). It was 14 years ago in the summer of '89 when we ended up at Kristen's boyfriend's house on a rainy Friday night as I remember. Me, my girlfriend Sharon, and Kristen and Tom. The girls were both very good looking with great bodies and we hung out often and partied. For some reason or other Tom's parents were away so we loaded up the fridge with beer and bought a bottle of good old Jack Daniels. Well to get right to the point we all started feeling good and Tom brought out the shot glasses and we did a couple of shots right away. We got into a deep conversation as always, and Sharon suggested we play some games. We played a boring board game and after the game was over Sharon suggested we play truth or dare. We started up and actually were having a real good time. As we continued drinking and playing the truth questions were becoming very sexual, thanks to Sharon. Then she came up with a crazy suggestion that the game would be a lot more fun if we played naked. Well when you bring that up to 3 other horny teenagers what do you think will happen? Naturally we thought it was great. Me and Tom just got out of our clothes as fast as we could and the girls had be different and take their sweet time torturing us. I noticed Tom had a nice size cock even though it wasn't hard. No wonder my sister liked him. Well we managed to get through 5 turns until Sharon (of course) got my sister Kristen on a dare. What did she dare? She dared Kristen to put Tom's cock in her mouth in front of us. Tom stood up and Kristen put his cock in her mouth for a couple of seconds. Well that just opened the floodgates and each question or dare after that had to do with sex or touching and licking. They'd watch me and Sharon kiss and lick parts of each others' bodies and we'd do the same to them. Watching my sister like that was exciting and me and Tom's cocks were both hard. Mine was quite bigger than his though. The next time Sharon got a dare on Kristen she dared her to suck Tom's cock until Kristen told her to stop. Well Kristen pushed Tom down on the floor and spread his legs open, and on her knees bent over and started sucking. Wow, this was so hot, I started to play with Sharon as we watched my sister go down on Tom's cock. Sharon was having none of them stopping and besides, the way my sister was going at it, I don't think she wanted to stop. Shortly Tom announced he was going to cum and for Kristen to stop. Kristen ignored him and we watched as her hand slid up and down Tom's cock and drank down his cum. It was the hottest thing I'd ever seen at the time. Before the night was through Tom and Kristen watched me and Sharon fuck, and we watched Tom fuck Kristen from behind until he burst another load in her pussy. Later as the night ended Kristen wanted to catch a ride home with me. We dropped Sharon off first and went home and talked about what a wild time we had.
A few nights later long after our parents went to bed, I asked Kristen if she wanted to go in the basement and party. That's where my room was and I had it all fixed up really cool with dark lights and a couch and bed. It was a huge huge room and usually where we ended up with all our friends to hang out. We drank 2 bottles of some cheap wine and were pretty gone from it. We talked about the night of games and Kristen surprised me when she told me that I had a nice cock. I returned the compliment and told her she gave Tom a very hot blowjob and how I wished that Sharon sucked my cock like that. I told her that Sharon never swallows, as wild as she is and Kristen told me she loved to swallow. We talked about sex and my cock was so hard now. I told Kristen we'd better stop talking and pointed to my shorts which had a quite large bulge in them. She laughed and told me she was getting all horny too. Then she left the couch and came over to the bed and asked if she could see my cock again. The wine in me said sure, so I unzipped my shorts and pulled them off along with my underwear. I laid down on the bed and my cock pointed straight up in the air. Kristen kneeled on the floor between my legs and stared at my cock. She kept saying she loved how smooth my cock was and asked if she could touch it. Again the wine said sure, ha ha. She felt it first with her fingers and then wrapped a fist around it and stroked me. Wow it felt good I remember and I closed my eyes and just enjoyed. Now my problem, being 18 was always I'd cum pretty quick the first time, but then I could always manage to go two more times after. Sadly not the case these days,lol. Anyway, Kristen kept pulling my cock more towards her as she stroked and I could feel her heavy breathing on my cock. Ahhhh then I felt lips and a tongue on my cock. Now my cock wasn't huge but quite big. By big I mean I was between 7 1/2 and 8 inches and Kristen soon was pressing her lips against my balls, every inch in her mouth. She must have had a lot of practice, and in 2 minutes I warned her about the flood. She just did like she did with Tom and gulped down the whole load. She squeezed a few more drops out and sucked me really slow and tight. She was playing with my balls and still sucking my shrinking cock. Finally she got up. said that was awesome and pulled her bottoms off and jumped in bed. Before I knew what happened her pussy was over my face and her mouth back working my cock. Before she had a little strip above her pussy, but now it was shaved clean and I eagerly lapped it up. In minutes she had my cock hard again and her pussy was wet as hell. She crawled up a few feet and on her hands and knees started rubbing her dripping pussy all over my cock. It soon found her hole and popped in. Kristen was on her hands and knees thrusting down on my cock with my only view of her back and ass cheeks moving. I played with her ass and rubbed my fingers over it just putting the tip of my index finger in her butt a little. She had a big climax all over my cock and caught a couple of breaths and quickly got down and shoved my cock in her mouth again. She sucked her pussy cream from my cock and deep throated me like a damn porno star. No one had ever gave me a bj like that. I warned her once more, and this one felt like tornado coming. I tensed up and it felt like all my nerves were leaving my body. As I recall, I think I counted 6 bursts of cum shooting in her mouth and she didn't even wince as she swallowed it all. She gathered her clothing and blew me a goodnight kiss. We had a few more occasions like that during the next year. Ahhhhh, all part of growing up I say. It makes up for my dull sex life now.

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Thanks Jack....Nice addition

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You really tell a wonderful story. The truth is I have had the same thoughts about my sister.

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Nicely Done!!!!

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Wow!!! Really Great, Keep Writing Please!!

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Thanks for sharing Jack. Found a good one there.

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That's a good'un. Keep it up.

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good story my sister,i mean my wife loves these.lol

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I wish I had a sister like yours.:clap

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Great story Jack, thanks!

Jim Moore
07-11-2006, 10:25 AM
Nice story reminds me of the good times I had with my sister.

07-13-2006, 09:40 AM
Nice story reminds me of the good times I had with my sister.
Why dont you tell us here?

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pretty nice story

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Good story, too bad he couldn't have finished inside her though.

Jim Moore
10-24-2006, 01:10 PM
I had an experience something like that but we didn't stop at oral. :o)

11-16-2006, 09:42 AM
I had an experience something like that but we didn't stop at oral. :o)

I like brother/ sister stories. I also think Jim Moore should tell us about what he DID with his sister instead of teasing us.
I'd also like to read a brother/ sister story, told by and from the sisters' perspective.

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thanks for sharing!!!

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That was a wicked little tale, no doubt.

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yes i agree very hot

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nice and more

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very cool story thanks for posting

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How this come true.

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good story, nothing like my experience with my sister,, tried to tune her for some fun and got told to fuck off in no uncertain terms lmao

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good seory, if jim moore has a story about his sister he should share it with us, and i don,t think he is my brother,

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very hott

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all i got was a make out session with a cuzin was great but still regret to this day not taking it further
good story brought back memories

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great story,had similar experiences with my sis & cuz

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Needs reformatting with proper paragraph breaks.

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Awesome tale friend, thanks for sharing

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brilliant story thanks

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great work

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Great story