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Yeah sorry BJ, my condolences man.
Take your time.

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great but long

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reading this story over on ssp storys, it is very good and i like the way it is written, thanks

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that was a great one b.j.

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It's going great. Keep up the good work

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is it just me or am i the only one wondering (hoping?) if steve will knock Lin up ;) :Knocked: :icon127::1luvu:

wouldn't it be hot reading about Lin and Steve spending more intimate time together and end u preggers? Seeing that Lin LOVES seeing her pussy ooze out man cream from her tight sexy pussy ;) steve should give her tight n horny asian pussy all as many loads as he can.. I'm sure Lin would love it.. what do you think ;) I wish i was steve in this story ;)

BJ Cortland
10-01-2009, 01:17 PM
I appreciate the input, Coolguy19, but there will be no knocking up in the story. Just not my thing. Anyway, here's a little more. Sorry for the delay, but life happens. Hope you enjoy.

Chapter 101

Michelle and Ashley got out of the car and they both paused, looking across the hood at one another in front of Ashley’s garage. A car drove past, breaking the spell, and Michelle noticed a set of stairs at the side of the garage leading to the small room above it. As their eyes met again, she could see the hesitant look on the cheerleader’s face and gave her a reassuring smile. “Ashley, we don’t have to do this if you don’t want to,” she told her, slowly moving around the front of the car toward her.

Ashley watched her silently until she was standing in front of her, her long hair spilling over her shoulders. She shook her head, swallowing hard. “N…no, I want to, but…”

Michelle smiled and reached out for her hand. “Kinda scary, huh?” Ashley nodded meekly. “I felt the same way the first time I was with a girl, too. Trust me, if this is something you feel strong enough about to come this far, you’re going to enjoy it.”

Ashley looked down for a moment, then gazed up at the window over the garage before looking back into Michelle’s eyes. She sighed and nodded. “You’re right. I’m sorry.” She gripped Michelle’s hand a little tighter. “I have to go tell my parents we’re going up there first.” They held one another’s eyes for a moment, then Ashley slowly released her hand and turned toward the door of the house. Michelle followed a few steps behind. Before they reached the door, the outside light flicked on and the door opened. A pretty blond woman who looked like an older version of Ashley poked her head through the open door.

“Oh Ashley, it is you.” She saw Michelle and smiled. “Oh, hello.” Michelle returned the greeting with a little smile.

“Mom, this is Michelle. She’s thinking about trying out for the squad and wants me to show her some of the routines. We’re going to use Dave’s room, ok?”

Her mother gave them both a quick look, then nodded. “All right, but try not to be too loud, ok?”

After promising to keep it down, she went back inside and Ashley led the way up the stairs. Michelle followed close behind, her stomach churning with anticipation and her adrenaline pumping at the thought of a new sexual experience. While her initial thought had been to seduce Ashley to keep her away from Angie, she was becoming more and more enamored with the sexy cheerleader and was really looking forward to fucking her brains out!

They stopped on the landing while Ashley unlocked the door. She pushed it open and a wave of heated air hit them, bringing with it the stale aroma of a room that had been closed up for some time. Ashley flicked on a light and they stepped inside. “Whew…hot up here,” Michelle commented.

“Yeah…I’ll turn on the A/C,” Ashley replied, moving across to the ancient window air conditioner in the only window. She turned it on and it roared to life, blowing her hair from her face. “No one comes up here much so we don’t leave it on.”

She turned back to Michelle, who’d closed the door and stood looking around the surprisingly spacious room. It contained a double bed and a chest of drawers on one side and an old, well used green couch along the other wall. Next to it sat a even more decrepit looking recliner, stuffing poking out through various holes in the threadbare fabric. The floor was wood, painted industrial gray with a green area rug covering most of it. An old boom box sat on the requisite milk crate and plywood table under the window with several Cds scattered next to it.

“Cool room,” Michelle said, returning her gaze back to Ashley, who gave her a nervous smile.

“I’ll put some music on,” she said, walking over to the stereo.

As she selected a Cd and put it in, Michelle wandered over to her and placed her hands on her shoulders as the music began to play. Ashley stiffened at first, then relaxed as Michelle began to rub her shoulders. She leaned in so her lips brushed her ear. “Relax…this is going to be fun,” she whispered, then kissed her ear softly, bringing a shudder from the pretty brunette. She let her hands move down her torso to the curve of her hips, pulling them together and grinding against her sexy ass.

Ashley sighed and tilted her head and Michelle began to kiss her neck, her hands moving around to her stomach, then up…until they rested just below her full tits. She could feel her breathing becoming halting and her chest heaving as she become more excited. The room was somewhat dark, with the air conditioner filling half of the only window and dusk settling in outside.

“The…the lights…” Ashley breathed. “We have to…leave them on…or Mom’ll get suspicious.” A low moan escaped her lips as Michelle’s hands moved up to her tits and her fingers brushed lightly over her erect nipples. Almost subconsciously, she rocked her hips in time to Michelle’s grinding, becoming more turned on with each passing second.

Michelle kissed back up to her ear, breathing on it as she replied. “I like the lights on, so I can see your face as we fuck!” She felt Ashley’s body twitch at her words and she let out a long breath. She smiled to herself. She was enjoying this seduction - initiating someone into the incredible world of lesbian sex she’d only recently discovered.

She moved her lips back down to Ashley’s neck, kissing and nibbling softly. Ashley sighed and moved her hands to where Michelle’s were still resting on her heaving breasts, then pressed on them until she felt her hard nipples pressing into her palms. “Oh, shit!” Ashley breathed, barely above a whisper.

Michelle smiled to herself and began to gently caress and squeeze her ripe mounds, bringing more urgent moans from the cheerleader’s full lips. After a few moments, she pulled back and turned Ashley to face her. Her eyes were hooded, still fearful, but now there was a strong element of lust in them as well. Michelle reached down and gripped the hem of her t-shirt in both hands and met her eyes for a brief second. Seeing only lustful desire in them, she lifted her t-shirt up, revealing a very sexy push-up bra. She tugged the shirt over her head and tossed it aside, her eyes dropping down to the sexy bra, then licked her lips and reached down to lift her own halter top off.

Unlike Ashley, she wore no bra under it and her firm tits bounced free as she pulled it over her head. She looked back to the bra-clad beauty, whose eyes were trained on her bare tits. Michelle cupped them and rubbed her fingers around her rock-hard nipples, studying her reaction. “Would you like to touch them?” she asked in a soft voice, taking a half step closer. Ashley looked up at her and after a second nodded. When she made no move to do so, Michelle smiled and reached out for her hand and placed it on her left breast, sighing happily as her warm hand made contact with the sensitive flesh. “Squeeze it, Ash…mmm, yes…like that…good…”

As Ashley began to knead the supple flesh, Michelle looked into her eyes, trying to read her thoughts. It was clear she was enjoying this, although she was still very nervous. It was time to make her more comfortable. She leaned in and kissed her fully on the lips, startling her and for a brief second she removed her hand from Michelle’s tit, but it was soon back and they kissed deeply, although briefly.

Michelle broke off the kiss before it got too hot and heavy, glancing toward the door. “We better lock the door,” she said, turning and walking over to it. She locked the deadbolt and turned around, looking back across the room to where Ashley stood in just her shorts and bra. She began to tug and pinch at her nipples, her eyes never leaving Ashley’s face. Then she unfastened her jeans and wriggled them down over her curved hips, bending over to pull them off. She straightened up and looked back over at Ashley, who hadn’t made a move. She smiled and began to walk back to her, wearing only her sexy black thong. When she stood in front of Ashley again, she looked her up and down and grinned, plucking at her bra strap. “I think you’re over-dressed,” she purred, letting her hand slide down over her bra-clad tits to her well toned stomach, then lower to the button of her shorts.

She began to unfasten her shorts and was lowering the zipper when Ashley placed her hands on hers, stopping her. “What if someone…”, she began.

Michelle knew exactly what she was thinking and shook her head. “No one will find out, Ashley. I won’t tell a soul and…” She waved a hand around the room. “…there’s nobody else here.” Ashley gave her a half-hearted smile and looked around the room. “Ashley, there’s nothing wrong with what we’re doing. Plenty of girls so it every day. Just try it, and if you find it’s not what you want, chalk it up as an experiment. No harm, no foul.” She placed two fingers under her chin and lifted her head. “Ok?”

Ashley’s eyes peered into hers and she could see the fear in them, but there was still a strong element of lust as well. It was time to turn up the heat before Ashley chickened out and the opportunity slipped away. She leaned in and kissed her again, thrusting her tongue into the cheerleader’s mouth as she pressed her almost naked body to hers. Ashley froze for only a second before returning the kiss, her hands going tentatively to Michelle’s shoulders, then around her neck. Michelle’s hands were on Ashley’s waist, holding their bodies tight together. She could feel her own pussy becoming damp and she was sure she could feel the heat from Ashley’s aroused pussy emanating through her shorts and panties.

The kiss became more passionate and Michelle could feel Ashley’s resolve weakening as she surrendered to her feminine wiles. Gradually, she brought her hands up to where her bra was fastened and very quickly had the clasp undone. She felt Ashley’s body tense slightly, then relax as she kissed her softly, then pulled back. Michelle watched as Ashley’s hands came up and pulled the cups of her bra from her tits, freeing them to settle high on her chest. She dropped the bra and ran a hand over her firm tits, looking up to see Michelle lick her lips and her eyes move lower to her tight shorts.

Ashley could read the desire in her eyes and felt her breath hitch at the thought of being completely naked up here with another girl. She wanted this, but something in her head was screaming for her to stop before it went too far. She was torn between her curiosity and desire and the fear of being caught and outed. But before she could over-think it, Michelle moved back in, kissing the firm flesh of her naked breasts until her warm, soft lips closed over her left nipple. As she began a long, slow suckle, Ashley felt her heated pussy seep a little more into her panties and she instinctively brought her hands to Michelle’s head, holding her in place as she sucked and teased her perky tits. The voice in her head was screaming at her that this was wrong, very wrong, but it felt so fucking good! A soft moan escaped her lips and she closed her eyes, loving the erotic and wonderful feelings Michelle was creating, so much better than any guys who’d done it. She wondered if a girl would be better at licking pussy, too, then thought that must be true. After all, who better than another girl would know what felt good?

As if Michelle were reading her thoughts, Ashley felt her hands move down to her shorts and very quickly had them unfastened and was pushing them over the curves of her hips. All the while, her mouth never released her nipples and the warm tingling sensations she was creating were migrating from her increasingly wet pussy to the furthest extremities of her fingers and toes. Michelle released her nipple and Ashley felt a pang of regret that this wonderfully erotic episode might be over. She opened her eyes and looked down to see Michelle kneeling down to work her tight shorts down and off. Ashley helped her remove them and gasped as Michelle leaned in and kissed her mons over her white cotton panties. She could feel the large wet spot over her lips and the heady scent of her arousal wafted up to her nostrils. She felt Michelle’s hands move to her hips and start pushing her panties down, and looked down to see her leaning in with her tongue pushing out from between her lips. She gasped as Michelle’s tongue touched the wet spot and glided along her swollen outer labia.

Michelle sensed her looking down and peered up at her, her eyes sparkling, and began to push her panties down. “You taste yummy,” she breathed, licking her lips, her eyes glued to Ashley’s as she worked her panties down her long, athletic cheerleader’s legs. “I want to eat you alive!”

Ashley could only watch as Michelle pushed her panties down her long, athletic legs. She could feel the cool air from the A/C blowing across her wet pussy, now fully exposed. At Michelle’s urging, she picked up her feet so she could remove her panties and stood completely naked before her kneeling seductress. Michelle let her hands glide along her hips and across the firm globe of her bare ass, squeezing it gently. Her eyes slowly moved over Ashley’s bare pussy and up to her firm stomach, then to her equally firm tits. She licked her lips as the strong scent of female arousal filled her senses and leaned in to kiss Ashley’s fully shaved mons.

Ashley moaned as she felt Michelle’s soft lips brush against her sensitive mound. Her hands went instinctively to her head and she subtly pushed her pelvis forward. Michelle seemed to get the hint and lowered her lips to her swollen and wet labia, kissing and licking her hungrily, savoring her sweet juices. Ashley moaned louder and parted her legs, pulling Michelle’s head closer to her. Michelle responded by gripping her ass and pushing her tongue between her swollen lips and into the warm, pink flesh inside.

A loud gasp escaped Ashley’s lips and she started to pull away, but Michelle held tight, thrusting her tongue as far into her dripping pussy as she could. Ashley hesitated only a brief second before relaxing again and allowing her new lover to lick and suck at her needy pussy like no boy ever had. Her tongue danced and touched on so many sensitive spots she felt like a thousand little electric jolts were being sent to her nervous system all at once. She’d had guys go down on her before, but never had they brought out such amazing sensations as Michelle was now doing. She began to move her hips in time with the cute brunette’s tongue action, her apprehensions long forgotten as she felt her orgasm building.

“M…Michelle…!” she panted, “Oh my god! That feels…” A low moan, “…that feels so good!” Michelle’s response was a murmur as her tongue swirled over Ashley’s aroused cunt, then up to her hard little clit poking out from under its protective hood. The cheerleader moaned even louder as she began to tease and suckle it, feeling her climax approaching even more rapidly. She felt the pressure building and her breathing began to come in short, rapid pants. She began to try to push Michelle’s face from between her legs, caught up between wanting her to continue and not wanting to lose control completely. But Michelle held tight, her tongue alternating between her clit and the sweet pink flesh. A moment later, Ashley’s body began to tremble and her muscles tensed, her moans becoming only a high-pitched squeak as her orgasm built toward its inevitable release. With a long groan, she ground down onto Michelle’s waiting mouth, her eyes clenched and head thrust back. The tendons in her neck strained and her face and upper chest flushed a crimson red, her body jerking as wave after wave of intense pleasure built one after another until she couldn’t take it any longer and cried out as she released a gusher into Michelle’s mouth.

Michelle could feel Ashley’s orgasm building and knew it was going to be a good one. She felt the muscles in her ass stiffen and could even feel her pussy clamping down as if trying to grip the cock that wasn’t there. When she felt the first spurt fill her mouth, accompanied by the cheerleader’s cries of pleasure, she hungrily gulped it down, her tongue probing deep as more of the sweet nectar flowed into her mouth. Ashley was definitely what she’d call a squirter and as she swallowed her juices, she wondered if this was something new or if she were able to do it before.

She continued to suck and lap at her spasming pussy until Ashley’s hands began to push her away. This time she relented, knowing that after an orgasm like that her own clit became sensitive almost to the point of pain. Licking her lips, she pulled away, looking down at the slick, swollen pussy before her eyes as she wiped a dribble from her chin and sucked it from her fingers. She looked up and saw Ashley slump as her orgasm eased. Standing up quickly, she grasped her in a full hug, keeping her knees from buckling.

“Ash? Are you ok?”

Ashley’s tongue flicked out over her dry lips, her eyes still closed. She nodded and looked at her with hooded eyes, her pupils dilated fully. “Y…yeah…I th…think so!” she gasped, giving her a weak smile.

Michelle helped her to the bed and they sat on the edge, Michelle holding her until she regained her strength. She grinned at the naked brunette. “So, how was it?”

Ashley caught a breath and looked over at her, then let out a short laugh. “Oh my god!” she finally gasped. “I’ve never felt anything like that in my life!”

Michelle gave her a wry grin. “So…it was good?”

Ashley was still trying to catch her breath, her eyes closed again and naked breasts heaving. Her mouth curved into a satisfied smile. “Yeah…good!”

Michelle hugged her and brushed the hair from her flushed face. “Do you think you could do it to me?” Ashley’s expression changed and she suddenly looked fearful again, her eyes darting downward. Michelle moved quickly, turning her face back to hers. “Hey…” she said softly, planting a soft kiss on her lips. “It’s ok if you aren’t ready. I was just asking.”

Michelle gave her a weak smile. “I…want to…” she said, her eyes moving down to Michelle’s tiny black thong. She could see the darker wet spot on the black fabric. “It’s just…this is all so new to me.” She lowered her head. “I’m sorry, but I don’t think I can…”

Michelle leaned in, hugging their naked skin together. “It’s ok, Ashley. We can work up to that.” She paused. “I mean, if you want to do this again, that is.”

Ashley hesitated for what felt like a long time and Michelle released her embrace, believing that girl-girl sex wasn’t something the beautiful cheerleader wanted to keep doing. But Ashley’s hand gripping her forearm stopped her. She looked over to see her staring back at her. “I…I do want to…do this again,” she said in a low voice. A slight smile formed on her lips and her hand lifted up to Michelle’s tit, but she paused with it in midair, not touching her.

Michelle took her hand in hers and pressed it to her chest and Ashley looked up into her eyes. “One step at a time, baby,” she replied with a warm smile. Ashley returned her smile, then began to squeeze and fondle her tit. Michelle moaned a little louder than necessary in order to encourage her and it seemed to have the desired effect. Her other hand moved to the other breast and her fingers began to tease at her rock hard nipples. “Mmm… Ashley… yes…” she purred, thrusting her chest out a little.

Ashley continued to caress Michelle’s tits but her eyes dropped down to her skimpy black thong with the dark stain on the crotch. She felt bad that Michelle had given her so much pleasure and that she was being squeamish about returning it. What was the big deal? She’d given plenty of blow jobs and sometimes even swallowed. Eating pussy had to be better than swallowing a load, didn’t it?

Screwing up her courage, she let one hand drop between Michelle’s breasts and down to her stomach. Michelle’s eyes were closed and she didn’t open them as Ashley began to explore further south. When she finally moved her probing fingers to the lacy fabric of her thong, Michelle parted her legs slightly and opened her eyes. Ashley was looking at her face as she did and Michelle smiled. “Change your mind?”

Ashley felt her face getting hot. “Well, I…I mean…”

She began to withdraw her hand from between Michelle’s thighs, but she quickly grasped her wrist, holding it in place. “You don’t have to lick me,” she whispered, holding Ashley’s eyes.

Ashley swallowed and nodded. Her fingers began to stroke at the soft fabric and Michelle released her wrist, leaning back on her arms and opening her legs wider. For a few moments, Ashley simply rubbed her lightly over the satiny thong, her eyes alternating between her face and the warm spot between her thighs. She wanted to make her feel as good as she’d made her feel, but couldn’t quite make herself go down. Still, touching her wasn’t so bad. Maybe if she just fingered her, she could get her off. That she felt she could probably do. “T…take off your panties?” she whispered timidly.

Michelle looked up at her and smiled, then raised herself up from the bed. “Why don’t you take them off for me?”

Ashley took a deep breath, then reached up and began to work the thin straps over Michelle’s sexy hips. She pulled it down until it finally slipped from her wet cunt, releasing more of the heady scent of sex into the already musky air. She noted that Michelle was also fully shaved as she slipped the tiny black thong down and off, tossing it to the floor. Michelle smiled up at her and opened her legs wide, her puffy lips parting to give her a peek at the wet pink flesh inside. In spite of her misgivings about going down on the hot brunette, her tongue flicked across her lips at the sight of Michelle offering herself to her. She looked back up into her eyes and could see the lust in them. Michelle reached out to her and she moved in, their lips meeting in a warm, tender kiss. She could taste the remnants of herself on Michelle’s lips as they kissed, realizing for the first time how different pussy tasted than semen. The kiss ended and they held one another’s eyes for what felt like a long time. Finally, Ashley bent down and kissed along her neck, then down to her full tits. Michelle lay back fully on the bed, sighing softly as Ashley began to suck and nibble on her hard nipples.

“Oh yes, baby…mmm…” she sighed. She felt Ashley’s hand touch her torso and tentatively move closer to her pussy, but didn’t make any effort to urge her lower. She needed to see just how far the sexy cheerleader would go on her own.

Ashley was enjoying sucking on Michelle’s nipples. She’d always been fascinated by her own breasts, loving the feel of the soft, sensitive flesh and found kissing and sucking on Michelle’s highly arousing. She placed a hand on her torso and slowly moved it down to where her pussy now lay fully exposed. When her fingertips touched the area around her erect clit, she felt her chest heave and heard a soft gasp escape her lips. Encouraged, she began to rub over it, smearing the sensitive little sex organ with the copious juices seeping from her pussy. Michelle’s sighs turned to moans and she began to move her hips, urging her to continue her fingering.

“Please…” Michelle pleaded in a whisper, “…please, baby…fuck me with your fingers!”
Ashley hesitated, then slowly slid her middle finger down between Michelle’s wet labia. Michelle gasped and pushed upward, forcing her finger into her hot pussy. She moaned as it slid in, wishing it was Artie’s nice, thick cock instead, but happy that Ashley was willing to try. “Yesss…” she breathed, her back arching as Ashley’s finger wriggled inside her dripping cunt. “Another!” She moaned again as she felt another finger join the first one and they began to twist and bend until she hit on her g-spot and Michelle cried out. From the way Ashley was expertly probing, it was obvious this wasn’t the first time her fingers were in a pussy. No doubt she was an accomplished masturbator! “Oh fuck, yes! Like that baby! Mmmm…”

Ashley began to work Michelle’s pussy the same way she fingered herself and was rewarded with her words of encouragement. As Michelle’s body rocked with her fingering, she returned to sucking on her tits, loving the way she was able to return the pleasure. She could feel Michelle’s warm, sticky juices coating her fingers and hoped she was doing a good job. She certainly acted like she was, but there was a nagging feeling in the back of her head that told her Michelle was over-emphasizing her pleasure to help her feel more comfortable. And while she appreciated it, she wanted to make her cum as hard as she had. She took a deep breath. What the fuck. How bad could it be?

Taking a nipple in a deep suck and releasing it with an audible pop, she kissed the soft globes of Michelle’s tits and looked down at where her fingers pumped in and out of her pussy. She pulled them out completely and brought the dripping digits up to her face. They were slick, literally coated with glistening wetness. She brought them to her nose and took a deep sniff, then tentatively touched her tongue to them. The taste was tangy, nothing like a guy. Actually, not bad at all.

“How do I taste, baby?”

She looked down to see Michelle smiling up at her and couldn’t help but grin. “Not bad,” she replied.

Michelle reached down and spread herself wide open. “Then why not try the real thing?”

Ashley looked down at her spread pussy, her fingers still poised over Michelle’s breasts. She felt a hand on her wrist and looked back in time to see Michelle take her wet fingers into her mouth, sucking on them slowly and using her tongue to fully clean all of the drippings from them. Her eyes were closed and as Ashley watched, her face took on a look that suggested she was tasting something akin to chocolate. This was obviously a ploy, for although the taste of Michelle’s pussy hadn’t been unpleasant, it wasn’t that good!

She looked back down to where Michelle’s long fingers were now rubbing her clit. Maybe she could do this after all. It was just getting past the idea of licking pussy…all in her head. Michelle wasn’t going to judge her, of course, and she was reasonably certain she wasn’t going to tell anyone about it. So why not?

She kissed down between Michelle’s breasts, then along her stomach until she was kissing her pubic mound. The scent of her sex was almost overpowering and she felt Michelle’s fingers move from her pussy up by her mouth. With only a short pause, she took them into her mouth, sucking the sweet juices from them as Michelle had done to hers. It wasn’t so bad, she thought as she cleaned them off, not bad at all. She could do this.

Pulling the fingers from her lips, she crawled off the bed and around between Michelle’s spread legs. Her feet were still on the floor and her pussy peered up at her from the edge of the bed, her swollen lips full and dripping with more of the sweet taste that was on her tongue now. She moved closer, her hands pushing her thighs even further apart. Michelle was propped up on her elbows watching her. It felt a little strange to be watched and she almost asked her not to, then realized it was turning her on. With a nervous smile, she moved closer and lowered her mouth between Michelle’s legs, inhaling her musky scent. She stuck out her tongue and licked along her labia, taking in a good amount of her freely flowing juices. Michelle moaned and pushed her pelvis against her mouth.

Ashley’s tongue licked along the length of her slit, then again and again. Michelle closed her eyes and lay back, loving the feel of the cheerleader’s soft tongue on her sensitive pussy.
After a few times, she felt Ashley probe a little deeper, sending shivers of pleasure through her. For her first time, this girl was doing all right! Her tongue moved up to her clit and she moaned as she began a slow teasing lick of the hard little nub. She was vaguely aware of some hip hop song blaring from the Cd player, but was too enthralled by Ashley’s tongue to care about what song it was.

Ashley seemed to lose her apprehension very quickly and before long, Michelle was gasping and writhing under her licking, feeling her climax approach rapidly. They were both so caught up in it that neither heard the door open until they heard a crash and looked to see Ashley’s mother standing there with her hand over her mouth and a tray of spilled soda lying at her feet.

Chapter 102


Somehow through the fog of sleep he heard someone calling his name and blinked his eyes open just as a loud knock brought him further awake. He looked over and saw his father leaning in his partially open bedroom door. “You awake, son?” He held up a cordless phone. “It’s for you.” He set it down on the dresser next to the door.

“Thanks, Dad,” Steve mumbled as he sat up and stretched, glancing at the clock. Nine-forty.

“Sorry to wake you on your day off, but it’s not wise to keep a girl waiting,” his father said with a wink and a nod toward the phone before leaving and closing the door.

Girl? The first thought that went through his head was Katie. Or was it Angie. Yes, Angie…she was his girlfriend, although it was becoming hard to keep that straight anymore. He shook his head to clear the cobwebs and walked over to the phone. “Hello?”

“Hey sleepyhead! Rise and shine!” Angie’s perky demeanor pierced his brain like a steel shaft.

“Hey Ang,” he replied with a yawn, “What’s up?”

She giggled and he heard a hand cover the mouthpiece for a second before she came back on. “Did we wear you out last night baby?”

He grinned and sat back down on the bed. “That was quite a night, Ang. How are you two making out?”

“All night long, lover,” came the reply, followed by a girlish giggle somewhere in the background. He pictured both of them naked in bed and felt his overworked cock respond at the image. “What are you doing today? Do you have to work?”

“No, day off.” He heard the sound of a hand covering the receiver again, then Angie came back on the line.

“Awesome, babe. We’d love to get together again and see just how much fun we can have. You up for it?”

He scratched his head. “Yeah, sure.” Then he paused and said, “Shit, I promised Jake we’d work on the cabin today.” He remembered the nudity rule. “If you and Lin showed up there, it might let the cat out of the bag.”

Angie’s excited tone dropped a bit. “Yeah, and with everyone around we wouldn’t be able to do anything anyway.” She sighed. “Ok, maybe later?” He agreed to a date sometime in the afternoon, all the while wondering if he’d get another call from Katie today. How much could one guy take? Angie said they may be able to go to her place after two when her parents were supposed to be going out. They said goodbye and he set the phone down and started toward the door. He hadn’t taken a full step when it rang again. He picked it up.


“Steve…hi.” It was Michelle, and her voice had none of the gleeful exuberance of Angie’s greeting.

“Hey, Michelle. What’s up?” When she didn’t say anything for a long second he asked, “Michelle? Are you ok?”

She let out a low sigh and said, “I need to talk to you, Steve. I think I really screwed things up bad.”

He gripped the phone tight. “What are you talking about?”

She sighed and it almost sounded like she was choking back a sob. “I really screwed up last night. Can we meet somewhere? I don’t want to talk about it over the phone.”

Her tone scared him. “Michelle, what…?” She cut him off.

“It’s about Ashley, Steve.” He froze. Ashley. Michelle had been with Ashley last night. At her place. Alone.

“Michelle…what did you do?” he asked, afraid he already knew the answer.

She sniffed back a tear. “Not on the phone, please? Meet me in the clearing in a half hour, ok? I’ll explain everything.”

He agreed and hung up the phone, thoughts racing through his head as he brushed his teeth and quickly dressed. From the way she was talking, it seemed like Michelle and Ashley had done something, but why was she so upset? He jumped on his bike and pedaled to the clearing. Perhaps she regretted doing it, but she seemed too upset for just that. Something else must have happened. He wondered if maybe Angie found out, but she seemed to be in a good mood and was busy with Lin. He rolled into the clearing a few minutes early to find no one there so he sat down on the log to wait, different scenarios going around in his head.

A few minutes later he heard the familiar sound of an approaching bicycle and looked up to see Michelle ride into the clearing. He started to give her a smile but the look on her face made him quickly drop it. She leaned her bike against a tree and came over to sit beside him without speaking. He could tell from her red eyes she’d been crying and wondered what could possibly be the cause. He opened his mouth to say something, but before he could, she turned to him.

“Ashley and I had sex last night,” she said without preamble.

He paused with his mouth open, then closed it and met her red-rimmed eyes. “I thought that might be what was bothering you,” he said, picking at a piece of bark.

She shot him a questioning look. “How would you know that?”

He sighed. “I drove by Ashley’s last night…with a friend…and saw you standing in her driveway.” He shrugged. “And when you called this morning, that was the only thing I could think of that would upset you.”

She nodded, looking down. “That’s not the bad part,” she said quietly, kicking at the dirt with the toe of her sneaker. He waited a moment for her to continue and after a few long seconds, she looked back up at him, a tear trickling down her cheek. “We…we got caught.”

He stared at her in disbelief, hearing her words but unable to grasp the impact of them. “You…what?” he stammered, feeling his heart rise into his throat.

Michelle looked down and wiped her tears. “Her mother came in and we didn’t hear her until…” She put her face in her hands and sobbed. “Oh Steve, what am I going to do?”
His own mind was racing, but he instinctively put an arm around her shoulder and hugged her. She buried her face against his chest and sobbed openly. “Now everyone will know,” she cried. “What am I going to do?”

Not knowing what else to do, he simply held her, trying to think. “Shhh…it’s ok, Michelle. Don’t cry. It can’t be that bad.”

She let out a heavy sob. “We weren’t just making out on the couch, Steve! We were both naked and she was licking my pussy!” She began to sob again and he held her closer, rocking gently.

They sat like that for a long moment until he spoke again. “Have you talked to Ashley today?”

She shook her head, then peered up at him. “Her mother just told her to go to her room and gave me a look that told me to get the hell out. So I did. I haven’t talked to her since.”

He nodded thoughtfully. “Listen, this might not be as bad as you think, honey. Ashley isn’t going to say anything because she doesn’t want anyone to know, right?” Michelle wiped her eyes with a tissue and nodded. “And her mother certainly isn’t going to spread around the news that she caught her daughter having sex with another girl.”

She shook her head, sniffing. “No, I guess not. But what if she tells my parents?”

He inhaled a deep breath. “She hasn’t yet. Maybe she won’t.”

Michelle gave a humorless laugh. “Or maybe Ashley just hasn’t told her who I am yet.”

Steve sighed. “Maybe. But if she does, what are your parents going to do? Just tell them you were curious.”

She shook her head. “Curious would be a kiss, Steve. We were having sex.”

He lifted her chin up to look into her eyes. “What are they going to do? Stop loving you?” He kissed her lightly. “They’re you parents, Michelle. They’ll accept you even if they think you’re gay.”

She nodded and dabbed at her eyes. “I know, but what if they start watching me closer? I mean, they still think I’m a virgin, for fuck’s sake!”

He smiled and wiped a stray tear from her cheek. “We’ll deal with that when the time comes. And it may not even come to that. Ashley’s mother may not say anything at all.”

She nodded and inhaled a long deep breath, then gave him a sad smile. “You’re right.” She leaned in and kissed him. “Thank you, Steve. I think I feel a little better.” She laid her head against his shoulder. “Did Angie’s friend make it in yesterday?”

He nodded. “Yeah. She’s nice. I think you’d like her.”

She gave another short laugh. “Nothing against Lin, but I don’t think I’m going to be adding any new partners for a while. I think I’ll just go home and wait for the boom to drop.” She stood up, taking his hands in hers. “Thanks again, Steve. I really appreciate you giving me a shoulder to cry on.” She nodded at his wet t-shirt with an apologetic smile. “Literally.”

He shrugged it off. “Don’t worry about it.” He stood up and kissed her again. “Let me know what happens, ok?”

She nodded and got on her bike. “Oh, and please don’t tell Angie about this. I hate to ask you to keep secrets from her, but she’d just be pissed at me for doing it after I told her not to. Just…tell her I’m not feeling well, ok?”

He nodded. “Not a problem. I won’t say a word.”

She gave him another wan smile, then rode off down the trail, leaving him alone. He sat back down on the log, wondering if this was the beginning of the end. He sat there for some time, thinking of what this might mean, then got up to go meet Jake and the others at the cabin.

Chapter 103

Jake held back the bushes so Kristi could walk through, then the both stepped into the clearing and walked toward the cabin. It was another warm morning, although the stifling heat of the summer was starting to abate somewhat. Both were naked, with the exception of footwear, with backpacks slung over one shoulder and Jake put an arm around her, letting his hand slide down to cup her heart-shaped ass. She giggled and pretended to pull away, but he held her tight.

“Stop that,” she said with a giggle as she squirmed playfully.

He laughed and reached for her tit with his other hand. “If you don’t want me to do it, stop dressing like a slut!” he laughed.

She squealed as he managed to grab her tit and pinch her nipple, trying to grab his hardening cock as he stumbled and landed on the soft grass with Kristi falling on top of him. She pretended to try to get up but he held her firmly and pulled her mouth to his, kissing her deeply and stilling her struggles. They lay there for several moments, kissing and letting their hands move over one another’s bare skin. Finally, Kristi broke off the kiss and rocked her hips against his growing erection. She grinned down at him.

“Now how are you going to get any work done in that condition?” she asked with a wink and a sly grin, nodding toward his mid-section. He shrugged, returning her grin, but said nothing. She kissed him again, then moved down, kissing his neck. She slid off him and kissed along his chest, then gave his cock a few loving strokes. “On your feet, then,” she said with mock sigh. “Let me see if I can fix this.”

With a huge grin, Jake scrambled to his feet and stood before her as she crawled over and began to pump his hard cock. She dropped her backpack and he followed suit as she moved closer and began to touch the tip of his cock with her tongue. He watched as she slowly pushed her lips over the red tip and began to suck, her tongue moving along the underside as she began a slow, rhythmic suck. She was getting much better at giving head and could now easily take most of him into her mouth. He lay a hand on her head and began to gently push her head forward. This was something they hadn’t talked about, but she seemed to like his pretending to make her suck him - or at lest she wasn’t asking him not to do it. It was a huge turn-on for him so as long as she let him do it, he was going to.

“Mmm…Kristi…yeah…” he murmured, watching as she took him deeper and deeper. She rolled her eyes upward to look at him, her lips forming an ‘O’ around his hard shaft. He could see his cock shining with her saliva as she pulled back, only to take it all in again. Her hand went to his balls and she played with them, lightly squeezing them. He moaned and closed his eyes. She was really turning him on and he knew this wasn’t going to take long. She must have sensed he was going to cum quickly, because she began to move faster, her mouth making wet, slurping sounds as she sucked hard and fast until he was practically fucking her face.

“Oh fuck!” he gasped as he felt his balls starting to tingle. She murmured approvingly and kept up her rapid pace. He felt his cum boiling fast. “Kristi….I’m gonna…” he moaned, but she didn’t ease up. He felt his cock swell in her mouth and the surge of cum along his shaft, exploding into her mouth as his body shuddered in orgasm. Kristi murmured again as his seed filled her mouth, but she swallowed it all, never easing up until she’d taken every drop and his knees began to shake. She pulled her mouth off and gave the sensitive head a quick kiss, then rolled her tongue around it like a lollipop, making him cry out and step back, pulling his deflating cock out of reach of her mouth.

She pouted up at him. “Hey! I wasn’t finished!”

He chuckled and shook his head, reaching down to help her to her feet. “Yes, you are,” he said, pulling her close and kissing her deeply. “You… are a very bad girl,” he said after they pulled apart.

She grinned and smacked her lips. “Uh-huh. And when are you going to show me how bad of a boy you are?” Her fingers slid down to her bare pussy, and he could see she was wet and ready.

He grinned and looked around, then reached out and grabbed her wrist. “Right fucking now!” he exclaimed. She squealed and laughed, then allowed him to lay her down on the grass, spreading her legs wide. He gave her a wink, then leaned down and suckled each breast for several minutes before moving down lower, kissing her soft skin and enjoying her reaction as he neared her aroused pussy. The closer he came to it, the more she twitched as his lips touched her. When he began to lick her labia, she reached down and spread herself open.

“Please…” she pleaded, exposing the sweet pink flesh of her waiting pussy. “Please, lick me until you can fuck me!”

He grinned wider and began to lick at her sweet pussy, causing her to arch her back off the grass. He began to establish a pattern of licking deep inside her, then licking and sucking on her clit for a while before going back in. She moaned happily, thoroughly enjoying herself. She was so caught up in what they were doing, the voice startled her.

“Well, hello. Mind if I join in?”

They both looked up to see Steve standing there, smiling down at them as he began to remove his shirt. Jake lifted his mouth from Kristi’s dripping snatch. “As long as it’s ok with her and you stay away from me, man, no problem.” He went back down, his tongue flicking over her sweet cunt as Steve finished undressing.

Kristi beckoned to him. “Come here, Steve.” She licked her lips as he knelt beside her, his cock already hard. She took it in her hand and he leaned over her head as she took him into her mouth, sucking hungrily on him as Jake continued to eat her pussy. He grimaced slightly as her mouth began to work on him, still a little raw from the night before. He moaned softly as her mouth engulfed his shaft, her murmurs sending vibrations all the way down to his balls.

She suddenly tensed and a low guttural moan escaped her lips, her mouth tightening on Steve’s hard shaft. She came long and luxuriously, the feel of a hard cock in her mouth as her pussy was eaten the final straw that pushed her over the edge. As the warm sensations eased, she popped Steve’s cock from her mouth and looked up at him, then down to Jake, who was still kneeling between her thighs.

“Somebody fuck me…now,” she said in a pleading voice. Her orgasm has been nice, but not entirely satisfying and she needed a hard cock between her legs right now. Jake got to his knees and tried to push his semi hard cock into her wet pussy, but he still wasn’t hard enough to do the trick. She tried to wriggle her hips to work him in, but he just wasn’t ready. “Steve…please,” she moaned, “I need to be fucked…now!”

Jake relinquished his position as Kristi got on all fours and indicated for him to lie down. He did and she began to stroke his turgid cock as Steve moved around behind her. She looked back over her shoulder and thrust her ass back at him. He guided the tip of his cock to her swollen labia and pushed it easily into her slick hole. With a low moan of satisfaction, Kristi lowered her head to Jake’s lap and began to lick and suckle his deflated cock as Steve began to move in and out of her hot cunt. Her body reacted almost immediately and she felt the start of another orgasm almost as soon as his cock filled her tight pussy.

She never would’ve dreamed that she’d ever be having sex with two guys at once, especially right out here in the open. But she was becoming so turned on she didn’t give damn who saw them. Jake’s cock was responding quickly to her oral stimulation and within minutes he was back to full strength. Her head bobbed up and down in rhythm to Steve’s increasingly harder thrusts and before long she felt her pussy tighten around his cock. She pulled her mouth from Jake’s cock and cried out as she climaxed, her body quivering and shaking as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her. Steve slowed his pounding until he was hardly moving, allowing her to come down from her orgasmic high.

“Oh…my…god…!” she gasped, moving her hips slowly and stimulating tiny twinges as Steve’s cock moved inside her. Slowly, she moved forward, allowing him to slip out. “I want to suck both of you,” she said, sitting back on her haunches and motioning for them to stand in front of her. Steve and Jake exchanged a look, but the thought of Kristi sucking them off overcame any homophobic feelings and they each took their place on either side of her. She started with Steve, taking him deep into her mouth and cleaning all of their combined juices from his shaft. She spent a few moments with him, then moved over to Jake, her hand still stroking Steve.

Jake watched her take him almost completely into her mouth, working him like a woman possessed. He’d never seen her give head so wantonly before and it was quickly bringing him back to the edge. But before he could quite get there, she switched back to Steve. This continued for several minutes…back and forth, until finally Steve knew he was about to blow.

“Fuck, Kristi…I’m gonna cum!” he gasped as she took him in and out. She murmured something and increased her speed, her hand pumping the base of his cock. He felt the cum rising quickly and with a low sigh, released a load down her throat. She swallowed it all, sucking until he finished, then looked up at him, smacking her lips.

“Mmm…thanks!” she said cheerily, then turned her attention to Jake. “Your turn, baby,” she said with a wink as she swallowed his cock. Steve moved away and sat down, watching as she began working hard on Jake. It didn’t take long. He was rocking gently with her until a look came over his face and he stopped moving, then let out a low groan. Kristi’s head jerked and then she resumed sucking, his hot cum running down her throat until he too was spent and pulled from her mouth. She wiped the corner of her mouth and grinned up at him, traces of his cum stringing between her teeth. “Wow, that was a good load!” she exclaimed.

He chuckled. “You really got me going,” he replied.

Kristi looked over at Steve, who was sitting a few yards away. “You like watching me do it to another guy at the same time?” she asked. Both guys looked at one another briefly, then Steve shrugged.

“I guess it was kinda hot,” he said.

Jake nodded. “Sure, I guess.”

She chuckled to herself. It was so funny how guys were so homophobic to even have a threesome with one girl, but expected girls to go down on one another without question. She lay down next to Jake and looked over at Steve. “Where’s Angie and Michelle? Are they coming?”

He shook his head. “Angie has a friend in town from Williamstown. I told her it might not be good to bring her here, considering our rule.” They all chuckled and nodded in agreement. “Michelle called and said she wasn’t feeling well, so she won’t be here either.”

“Bummer,” Jake said. “What about Artie?”

Steve shrugged. “Haven’t heard from him.”

Jake frowned. “Well, I guess it’s up to us then. We can get the walls insulated today and maybe get the stove in. That shouldn’t take too much effort.” Steve agreed and they began to discuss where to out the stovepipe, but all the while he was thinking of Michelle’s predicament and wondering if all this work was going to be for nothing. He certainly hoped not.

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Chapter 104

Katie sat at the table in the corner, watching the group of young women sitting at the table a few feet away. They appeared to be in their mid twenties and were all slim and attractive. They were dressed in casual slacks and blouses except for one who was wearing a knee length skirt, and looked like they were co-workers stopping for a few drinks after work. Probably from the call center a just down the street, she thought. The bar had a few other patrons dressed similarly; the usual after work crowd, she surmised. Contemporary rock music could be heard from unseen speakers, but was kept at a level that allowed for easy conversation at this time of day. She sipped at her wine and leaned back, knowing she was getting a few looks from several male patrons and she wondered who would be the first to come over and try to pick up the pretty girl sitting alone.

It wasn’t long before a relatively good looking guy wandered over with a beer in his hand and a confident smile. She pretended to ignore him until he was standing in front of her across the table, then looked up.

“Hi!” he said, his smile widening. “Are you waiting for someone or may I join you?”

She took another sip of wine. “I’m waiting for someone,” she said with an apologetic smile. Too bad, she thought to herself as she took in his ruggedly handsome face and seemingly well toned body.

His smile dimmed only slightly, then he nodded. “He’s a lucky guy,” he said before walking back over to join his friends.

She smiled to herself as she watched him walk away. Any other time she’d have accepted his company, but tonight she was on a mission. She looked at her watch. Carrie should be here any time now, and she was hoping to set up that threesome she’d promised Steve with the cute co-ed. Carrie had been in her senior class in high school and one night they’d made out a little after a few too many, so she knew she was at least curious about girls. She hadn’t seen her since last summer, but when she called to see if she wanted to get together and catch up, Carrie agreed enthusiastically. During their phone conversation, Katie managed to find out she wasn’t seeing anyone, so she had high hopes of convincing her to have a little fun with her and Steve.

She was just finishing her first glass of wine when she saw Carrie’s slim figure enter and wander over to the bar, turning several male heads as she did. She looked around and Katie lifted a hand. With a smile, Carrie hurried over, pulling her handbag from her shoulder as she neared.

“Katie! Hi! Wow, you look great!” the cute brunette exclaimed as Katie stood and they hugged.

“Hey Carrie! You too! It’s so nice to see you again!”

They sat down, ordered another round and began talking excitedly about the past year. Katie listened as Carrie told her all about her summer job at a law office, answering the phones and filing. She was very pretty, with shoulder length hair and long bangs that kept falling over one eye, giving her a very sexy appearance. She was dressed like Katie - jeans and a light blouse and her brown eyes sparkled with genuine joy at reuniting with her old friend.

They talked for some time, having a few more drinks as the after work crowd dwindled and the bar emptied out in the lull before the evening crowd arrived. Only half dozen people remained, not including the two girls. Before long, the talk turned to guys and after Katie teasingly pushed her to answer, Carrie admitted it had been a while since she’d been with anyone sexually.

“And what about you?” she asked, a twinkle in her warm eyes.

Katie grinned mischievously. “Oh, I’ve been keeping busy,” she replied with a wink.

Carrie giggled and reached out to take her hand. “Come on, tell me all about him!” she said, grinning. “Some California surfer, I bet…all blonde hair and muscles!”

Katie laughed and shook her head. “Well, maybe…” she said with a sly grin, then leaned in closer. “Do you remember that night after the party at the lake?”

Carrie’s face flushed and her grin faded somewhat. “Katie…we were both pretty drunk that night,” she said, nervously turning her glass of wine in small circles on the table. Her eyes dropped to the glass as if she were too embarrassed to even meet Katie’s.

Katie gave her hand a warm squeeze. “Maybe we were, but I know I liked it,” she said in a soft voice. “I was hoping maybe we could, you know, try it again?”

Carrie didn’t say anything, but Katie heard her breathing catch. She continued to push her half empty glass around the table for a moment and Katie began to wonder if maybe she’d pushed a little too hard when she finally spoke in a low whisper.

“You…you really liked it?” Her eyes lifted and made brief contact with Katie’s before she dropped them to the table again. She made no effort to move the hand Katie was holding.

A tentative smile formed on Katie’s lips. “Yeah, I did.” She paused, then asked, “Did you?”

Carrie sighed, still looking down. Finally, she nodded almost imperceptively. “Yeah, I…I guess I did.” Katie squeezed her hand again and she finally looked up. “But, we can’t…you know…I mean, I’m not…” She looked around to make sure no one was within earshot, then leaned in and whispered, “I’m not gay!”

Katie smiled and shook her head. “Neither am I, Carrie. But that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy being with another woman sometimes.”

Carrie’s eyes grew wide. “You mean, you’ve done it? With a girl?”

Katie grinned and shrugged, nodding. “Sure, well, only with one girl. But it was a lot of fun!”

Carrie began to ask her about it, and if she still liked boys, and Katie knew she had her. If she was curious enough to ask and not run away, she knew her chances of getting the cute little brunette into bed were improving. Whether or not she’d go for the threesome was another story, but one step at a time. Time was of the essence, though - she’d be returning to California in a few days.

She answered all Carrie’s questions as best she could, embellishing a bit here and there and when Carrie finally leaned back, she had a smile on her face.

“I still can’t believe you did that!” she said, shaking her head. “Do you still get together with her?”

Katie shook her head. “No, she transferred to another school back east. We still talk sometimes, though.”

Carrie nodded, looking around the bar as if just realizing the place was practically empty. Katie watched her friend closely, trying to read her expression. She was still here and apparently considering her offer. Finally, she couldn’t stand it any longer and leaned in as two guys split away from their group of friends and began to make their way over to their table.

“So, what do you say, Carrie? Wanna go out on a date with me?”

Carrie looked back at her but before she could answer the two guys arrived at their table.
“Hi!” one said. Both girls turned to them. The one who’d spoken was attractive, with sandy blond hair and light blue eyes. His friend stood a little behind him and had darker hair with an athletic build. “Mind if we join you ladies?”

Carrie looked over at Katie and winked. “Sorry, guys, we were just leaving,” she replied, standing up and shouldering her purse.

Katie grinned at Carrie, then got up as well, giving the two guys an apologetic smile. “We already have dates…sorry.” Leaving the two disappointed guys standing by their table, the two girls walked out arm in arm and disappeared into the night.

Chapter 105

Angie and Lin walked along the street, walking toward Michelle’s house. She’d called Michelle after dinner and her mother said she’d gone out to run an errand but should be back within the hour. Angie suspected that for some reason Michelle was avoiding meeting Lin and decided to go there and surprise her when she arrived home. She needed to figure out why Michelle was being so distant. Was she jealous of Lin? There was really no reason for her to be. After all, she knew she was more than welcome to join them. Looking over at her attractive friend in her tight cut-offs and halter top, Angie couldn’t imagine why Michelle wouldn’t want to hook up with her.

Lin noticed Angie’s lingering look and grinned. “What?”

“You look so sexy!” Angie replied with a wink and sly grin.

Lin laughed and gave her a playful shove. “Didn’t you get enough last night?”

Angie’s grin widened and she shook her head. “No way, baby. I’m just getting started!” Lin giggled and ran ahead to a bench at a bus stop, sitting down and looking back at Angie, who was dressed in a pair of khaki shorts and a tight pale green t-shirt. As Angie came over to where she sat, she looked up at her.

“So where does Michelle live again?”

Angie shielded her eyes against the sun and pointed to a white house with blue shutters just down the street. “Right there,” she said, taking a seat next to her friend. “I guess we might as well wait here for her.”

Lin sat there, her tiny feet just barely touching the ground as she perched on the bench. Her legs were slender and lightly tanned, and her tight shorts left very little to the imagination. Angie licked her lips at the memory of her head between her slender thighs and the taste of her sweet little pussy. She found herself becoming moist at just the thought of it. She was so engrossed in reliving their love-making that she didn’t realize Lin was speaking. She gave her an apologetic smile. “Sorry, Lin, I was daydreaming, I guess.”

Lin grinned and shook her head. “Yeah, and I think I know why!” she admonished, but parted her legs just a little. Angie giggled and made flicking motions with her tongue, causing Lin to laugh out loud. “You’re so bad!” They laughed for a moment, then Lin said, “I was asking what Michelle’s like. I mean, is she cool with you and me…doing stuff?”

Angie was wondering the same thing, but before she could reply, she caught sight of Michelle biking toward them. She noticed them sitting there and paused pedaling for a second, then turned toward where they sat. She rolled to a stop and smiled at the two girls.

“Hey Ang,” she said, her eyes taking in Lin’s petite figure.

“Hi, Michelle. This is Lin, my friend from Williamstown I was telling you about.”

Michelle’s eyes took in the tiny, dark-haired girl. Angie was right - she was definitely cute! “Hi! Nice to finally meet you, Lin.”

Lin stood and smiled widely. “It’s nice to meet you too, Michelle. Angie’s told me a lot about you.”

Michelle looked over at Angie, who shrugged, watching her two lovers. “Oh, has she?”

Angie leaned in and gave Michelle a quick hug. “Relax, baby…Lin’s cool with everything. I told her all about us and what we do.” Michelle felt her face getting warm and she could see Lin was also a little uncomfortable at Angie’s words.

“Oh, I see,” was all Michelle said.

“As a matter of fact,” Angie continued, seemingly oblivious to their discomfort, “Lin and I got together with Steve last night. We tried to call you but your mom said you were out somewhere.” She gave Lin a wink. “You really missed a great time!”

Michelle smiled awkwardly. “Sorry, I…had something I needed to do.”

She hoped Angie didn’t press the matter because she really didn’t want to lie to her, but at the same time she couldn’t tell her about her little tryst with Ashley. Her errand today had been to meet with the cheerleader to try to find out what her mother was going to do about catching them. Ashley assured her that while her mother had been shocked at first, she eventually calmed down and decided that as long as her daughter was happy, there was no need to make a big deal about it. Ashley was still in some trouble for having sex, but not because it was with another girl. And, much to her great relief, she wasn’t going to tell Michelle’s mother.

She managed a smile. “I wish I could’ve been there.” Before Angie could ask her why she wasn’t, she added, “So, what are you guys doing tonight?”

Angie grinned and looked over at Lin. “Well, we were hoping to hook up with you and maybe Steve too.” Lin gave her an embarrassed smile, her pretty face turning a shade of red.

Michelle met Angie’s beautiful blue eyes and knew there was no way she could resist anything she asked her to do. She smiled and looked over at Lin, who was in the midst of checking her out and looked away, embarrassed at being caught. Michelle reached out and touched her arm.

“I think I’d like that,” she said softly, giving Lin a warm smile that told her she didn’t mind her lustful look.

Lin returned her smile shyly and moved a little closer. “Me too,” she said, her dark eyes holding Michelle’s.

Angie grasped her hand, then Michelle’s and grinned. “Well, all right! Now we just need a place to go.”

“My place is out,” Michelle said. “Movie and hump night.” Lin gave her a puzzled look and her and Angie explained about her parents’ sex nights.

Lin grimaced. “Ewww! I don’t even like to think about mine doing it!” she exclaimed.

Michelle and Angie giggled and thought for a moment. Angie said, “My parents are going over to Steve’s place tonight. They’ll probably be late so we could go to my place.”

Lin spoke up. “What about Steve?”

Angie grinned. “Why Lin, you little slut! Do you want to fuck my boyfriend again?” Lin laughed and Angie winked at Michelle. “You should’ve seen her ride him yesterday…holy fuck!”

They all giggled and Angie said she’d give him a call when they got to her place. They began walking back to Angie’s, Michelle pushing her bike along side and all three chatting like old friends.

Chapter 106

After the threesome at the cabin, Steve and Jake managed to get the remaining insulation in place and assembled the stovepipe for the little woodstove Steve had salvaged from a customer at the hardware store who’d bought a newer model. When they had it all set up, Steve left them alone, saying he had some chores to do at home, but in truth couldn’t stop thinking about Angie and Lin and hoped to get together with them again.

About a half hour after he left, Artie arrived and told them he had a mattress back at Jake’s grandmother’s farm and needed help getting it to the cabin. They all walked out and about an hour later returned with it.

Artie and Jake struggled to get the large, queen sized mattress through the door of the cabin. It took some finesse and no small amount of cursing, but they managed to get it in and placed it on the large platform they’d constructed for a bed. It ran from wall to wall across one end of the cabin and there was still room for a twin sized mattress as well, making the bed large enough to accommodate all six of them.

Kristi stood watching and grinned as they finally stepped back to observe their handiwork. Because they’d had their hands full with the mattress, they hadn’t stopped to remove their clothes and it somehow felt odd to be dressed in the cabin. Up until now, they’d followed their rule almost religiously - well, as long as at least one of the girls was there anyway.

“There,” Jake said, looking over at Kristi with a coy grin. “Let’s get the sheets on and try it out!”

Kristi giggled and pulled out the set of sheets Artie’d brought from her backpack and began to spread them out on the mattress. She looked over at the two guys watching her. “Well, come on you two…either help make the bed or start getting naked!”

Jake shot Artie a look as she turned her back to tuck the sheet in and they both grinned and moved over behind her. Jake grabbed her arms and spun her around, a shocked look on her face that quickly became a sexy smile. “Hey, now…what are you two up to? Why aren’t you undressed?”

Artie moved closer while Jake studied her tight jeans and sexy cropped t-shirt. “We think you should get naked first,” he said, “and give us each a blow job. Then maybe, if you’re lucky, we’ll fuck you until you beg us to stop!”

Kristi’s eyes widened in mock shock. “You wouldn’t!” She looked over at Artie, a twinkle in her eyes as he moved closer, reaching out to fondle her tits over her top.

“Oh yes,” he said as she sighed at his touch, “We certainly would! And you’re gonna love it!”

Before she could say anything else, Jake grabbed her top and pulled it over her head. She let out a little gasp, feigning shock as her nipples hardened under the watchful stares of the two guys. They gently pushed her back onto the mattress and she fell back, her legs flying up. Artie grabbed her feet and held them as Jake moved in and unfastened her shorts. She let out a squeal and pretended to try to squirm away as Artie raised her feet higher, lifting her firm ass from the bed. Jake quickly pulled her shorts and panties down in one swift motion and Artie released her feet so he could remove them completely. She lay naked on the bed, then began to crawl back, a teasing grin on her face. Artie and Jake exchanged a look, then each of them grabbed a foot and dragged her back to the edge of the bed. She squealed excitedly and her eyes danced with sexual excitement at the thought of her second two-guy threesome of the day.

“Stay there, whore,” Jake admonished, pulling her to a sitting position on the edge of the bed. “You’re going to do what we say, starting with sucking our cocks!” His eyes twinkled as he unfastened his jeans and pulled out his already stiff shaft. Kristi looked at it, then up to his face. He stepped closer, pushing it toward her face. “I said suck me, slut.”

Kristi took his cock in her hand and looked up at Artie, who was watching them but made no move to pull his monster cock out, although its outline was clearly visible inside his shorts. “Don’t you want me to suck your cock too, Artie?” she asked, moving in to take Jake’s soft head between her pouty lips.

Artie licked his lips and glanced from Kristi up to Jake. “Go ahead, man. It’s cool,” Jake said, letting out a breath as Kristi’s mouth took him deeper. He was a little apprehensive about having his average-sized dick that close to Artie’s porn-star sized appendage, but the thought of having more sex with Kristi over-rode any feelings of inadequacy. Artie paused, himself a little wary of getting too close to Jake’s naked cock, then decided a blow-job was worth the risk and undid his shorts. He pulled his huge cock out and stepped up closer to Kristi.

She looked over at the thick meat and gave Jake a good hard suck, then reached over and began to stroke Artie’s thick shaft. She was loving the feel of Jake’s cock in her mouth, but one look at Artie’s and she couldn’t wait to stretch her mouth around his monster cock. A couple more bobs on Jake and she pulled away, opening her mouth wide to take in as much of Artie’s as she could.

He was so much wider than Jake that she gagged a little at first, but quickly adjusted and managed to get a few inches into her mouth. One hand stroked Artie while the other pumped Jake and once again she found herself immensely turned on at the thought of two hard cocks servicing her at the same time. She was even more excited at the thought of having Artie’s thick cock stretching her tight little pussy and fucking her until she couldn’t walk. She felt herself becoming so wet she could feel her juices running down her bare lips and leaking onto the clean sheet she’d just put on the bed.

She sucked Artie for a few minutes, then went back to Jake. As she’d done earlier, she alternated back and forth, but the longer she did it, the more aroused she became. Jake seemed to be more in control this time, having already cum twice before. But whenever she went back to Artie, he unleashed a lot of precum unto her mouth, which she swallowed down without a second thought. She hoped he could hold out long enough to give her at least a few minutes of his monster inside her cunt. Sensing it was now or never, she popped his thick rod from her cherry lips and looked up at him, her eyes almost pleading.

“Fuck me, Artie,” she said in a low voice, then turned to Jake. “…and please let me suck you until you cum in my mouth.”

Jake, while a little disappointed not to be offered her pussy, nodded. He’d already fucked her and it was only fair to give Artie a shot. Besides, she was getting better at giving head and the fact that she swallowed willingly was a huge turn-on for him.

Kristi stood and motioned for Jake to lay down on the bed. She leaned over him and he moved back until her head was even with his groin. She looked back at Artie and wiggled her ass invitingly. Holding his heavy cock in his hand, he stepped up and pressed the soft tip to her slick labia. As he began to rub it and work it between her swollen lips, Kristi moaned and leaned over, taking Jake’s hard cock in her hand and rubbing it against her cheek. The scent of his sex and the feel of Artie’s cock spreading her pussy open was almost enough to make her cum right then and there, and when the thick head finally slipped inside her, she gasped and arched her back.

“Oh fuck, yes!” she moaned in a hoarse, guttural tone, “Fuck me!”

Artie continued to push in further, moving slowly so as not to hurt her. Jake watched the look of intense pleasure on her face and while it was making him even hornier, she wasn’t giving him the attention he wanted. He reached up and placed a hand on the back of her head, pulling her down to his own needy cock.

“Suck my cock, whore!” he demanded.

Kristi, at first startled by his words and actions, managed to open her mouth as Artie stuffed her pussy with his massive tool. She wasn’t really able to give Jake a proper blow job with the huge distraction in her pussy, but she kept her mouth open and he took her head in both hands, fucking her face as Artie began to work into a rhythm in her over-stuffed pussy. The idea of being pretend-forced to suck a cock while being fucked by Artie’s monster was too much and before long, she felt her body tense and her pussy clench as she came hard, grunting around Jake’s cock, her eyes closed tightly until the waves of pleasure finally eased and she became aware that Artie was no longer moving. As her body slowly relaxed, he started to move again and from somewhere deep in her sex dazed mind she realized that her pussy had clamped down so tight on Artie that he’d been unable to move until her orgasm passed. She began to move with him as Jake continued to force her head up and down on his cock. She sensed him tensing up and prepared herself for another load even as she felt herself starting to build to another powerful climax.

“Oh yeah, babe…get ready!” Jake panted, moving her head faster. She could taste his precum now even stronger and it brought her own orgasm closer. She could feel Artie’s movements becoming less smooth and hear the occasional grunt from behind her, his hands holding onto her hips as he pushed in and out. Her pussy was stretched so wide it felt like she was always on the verge of orgasm, but the idea of him filling her with hot cum and Jake pouring his load down her throat was all it took and she let out a moan, loud even around Jake’s cock. She felt Artie push in and hold and a second later her pussy was flooded with his warm seed. The feeling was amazing and she pushed back, cumming again as he bathed her vagina with thick, hot cum until it seeped out and dripped to the floor.

Jake drove his cock deep into her mouth and groaned as he shot a smaller, but still formidable load into her mouth. She was so caught up in her own orgasm that she only managed to swallow some of it, the rest dribbling from her lips to run down his shaft to his balls and onto the sheet. He didn’t seem to care and arched his back, thrusting even further into her mouth until she started to gag.

They remained like that for what felt like an eternity, but was actually only a few seconds after their almost simultaneous orgasms. Finally, Jake’s hands slid from Kristi’s head and she pulled her mouth from his slowly shrinking cock, licking the semen from her lips. Artie slowly pulled out, releasing a flood of cum that seeped from her pussy and trickled down her inner thighs. She let out a long gasping breath as his thick cock slipped from her, then collapsed on top of Jake, her legs no longer able to support her. Jake wrapped his arms around her panting body and pulled her fully onto him until her head rested on his own heaving chest. Artie sat down on the bed, then flopped back beside them. They all lay in silence, the sounds of their heavy breathing filling the small cabin.

Chapter 107

Katie pulled her car onto the same back road she’d brought Steve to and cut the engine. She looked over at Carrie in the passenger seat, her face aglow in the light of the setting sun that came in through the windshield. After they’d left the bar, they laughed about the way they’d left the two guys watching as they walked out arm in arm and until Katie’d turned onto the little used road, the mood had been light and cheerful between the two friends. Carrie grew up in Mason and this wasn’t the first time she’d been brought here to this well-known makeout spot. It was, however, the first time she’d been here with another girl.

Her heart pounding, she looked out the window, squinting against the glare of the sun. “Wow, what a beautiful sunset,” she said in a voice so low it was barely above a whisper.

Katie glanced out the windshield for a moment, then turned her attention back to the cute brunette. “Yes, it’s very beautiful.”

Carrie could feel her eyes and swallowed. She couldn’t deny her attraction to Katie. She’d often thought about their drunken make-out session while masturbating and it never failed to push her over the edge. But now that she was here alone with her, with all the cards on the table, would she be able to follow through?

She forced herself to look over at her pretty friend and even managed a slight smile. Katie reached out and touched her hand, then took it in hers and brought it up to her lips. Carrie watched, scared but unable to stop herself from allowing her to kiss her hand tenderly. In truth, she really didn’t want to stop it. And when she felt Katie’s warm, soft lips touch the skin of her hand, she couldn’t believe how much it thrilled her. Goosebumps popped out on her arms and she felt her nipples stiffen at just this almost innocent gesture. Katie looked up at her and smiled, bringing a hand to Carrie’s cheek. Without even thinking, Carrie nuzzled her hand, closing her eyes as her friend caressed her cheek, then brushed her hair back over her ear. She opened her eyes and saw Katie leaning toward her over the console and couldn’t stop herself from moving to meet her.

Their eyes met and held, only inches apart. Carrie could feel her warm, sweet breath on her face, then the feel of her soft lips touching hers. The kiss was tender, lingering, and warm, but was nothing more than the meeting of their lips. They moved apart only a little and Katie smiled into her eyes. Carrie found herself returning her smile, then they were kissing again. This time, Katie’s hand moved around to the back of her neck, and Carrie felt her tongue probing at her lips. At first, she resisted the more passionate kiss, but soon relented, parting her lips so that Katie’s tongue could enter her mouth and move with hers. She felt herself melting into her, returning the kiss with equal passion. Before long, they were wrapped in one another’s arms, kissing hungrily as the windows began to steam up from the heat of their passion.

After a few minutes, they pulled apart, both needing a breather. Katie grinned at her and Carrie could feel her face heat, wishing it was dark so she could hide her excitement.

“Wow,” Katie breathed, “I don’t remember our last kiss being that hot!”

Carrie looked down and giggled. “We…we were pretty buzzed, remember?”

Katie nodded and took her hand, kissing is softly. “It’s even better when we aren’t so buzzed, don’t you think?”

Carrie thought about it. True, they’d both had a couple of drinks, but not like the last time. And Katie was right - it was better like this. She nodded. “Yeah…it…it is better.”

Katie, sensing her nervousness, leaned back in her seat but didn’t let go of her hand. “Did you want to go somewhere…more private?”

Carrie swallowed again, fully comprehending what her friend was suggesting. She took a deep breath. “I don’t know, Katie. I don’t know if I’m ready for that yet.“ She looked over at her. “Hell, I don’t even know if I’m ready for this!” she added, gesturing to indicate their passionate kiss.

Katie continued to look at her. She couldn’t let her back out now, not after coming this far. It was clear she wanted to explore this, but was too nervous. She decided to go for broke.

“I know this can be a little overwhelming, Carrie.” The brunette looked over at her. “What if…” She let the sentence hang for a few seconds, then shook her head. “…no, you probably wouldn’t want to do that.”

Carrie felt a sense of relief that was mixed with a feeling of regret. She was interested in pursuing this, if she could just get past her apprehension. Then Katie’s words grabbed her attention.

“Do what?”

Katie shook her head again. “No, it’s too much, honey. Forget it.” She reached down and started the car, turning the defroster up to clear the windows. Carrie took the bait.

“Tell me. How do you know it’s too much?” She grinned sheepishly. “After all, I just made out with you.”

Katie put on a look that hoped would convey hesitation, then relented. “Well, I have this friend in town…a guy. Well, more than a friend, really.”

Carrie nodded. “Someone you’re sleeping with.”

Katie grinned. “Well, we’ve been to bed a few times, but we’ve never really slept yet!” She giggled and Carrie joined in, easing the tension somewhat.

When the giggling stopped, Carrie looked over at her. “So, you have a boyfriend here in Mason?”

Katie nodded. “Sort of…nothing serious, of course. I’m going back to LA in a few days. But, what I was getting at is…” She looked up at her friend, letting out a sigh. Carrie squeezed her hand, urging her to continue. “Well, we were talking after the last time and well, the sex is incredible…he really knows how to treat a girl right, but…” Don’t pour it on too thick, now, she warned herself. Carrie was listening intently and she decided to play her ace. “…well, we were thinking how much hotter it would be if someone else joined us.” Pause. “Another girl.”

She stopped and watched Carrie’s face closely. At first it didn’t seem to register, then her eyes widened and she stared at Katie. “You want me to…? With you and a guy?! At the same time?!” She looked away, shaking her head slowly.

Katie took her hand. “Think about it, Carrie. Why is it so far-fetched? You’ve had sex with guys before and you like it, right?”

Carrie looked back at her. “Well, yeah, of course, but…”

Katie interrupted her. “Ok, and you’re curious about being with a girl. You liked kissing me, didn’t you?”

Carrie took a deep breath, seeing where this was going. “Katie, that’s completely different.”

“Why? What’s so crazy about it? Lots of people do it! Hell, I think it would be so hot to be fucked while another girl watches, then watch her get fucked.” She paused and when Carrie didn’t protest, sensed she was at least thinking about it. “I mean, this guy is cute, sexy, and has one of the nicest cocks I’ve ever had the pleasure of …well, being pleasured with!” She giggled, hoping to lighten the mood.

Carrie shook her head, but she wasn’t very convincing. Katie could sense her changing her thinking. “It sounds…I dunno, intriguing, but…”

“Doesn’t it?” Katie asked. “I’ve never done it before, but I think about it all the time. And this guy really wants to try it too.”

Carrie let out a low snort. “I just bet he does. Isn’t that every guy’s fantasy?”

Katie grinned. “Some girls too.” Carrie looked over at her and she thought she could see the trace of a smile on her face. “Look, he said he knew a girl who would do it with us, but when we started talking about it, the only person I could think of that I wanted was you.” She brought her hand to her lips again, watching her eyes.

“Really? Me?”

Katie nodded. “Of course. That kiss after the party wasn’t just a random thing, Carrie. I’d wanted to do that with you for a while and with the alcohol …” She shrugged. “… I guess it lowered my inhibitions.” She looked down. “I… I kinda have a crush on you. I have since our junior year.”

Carrie turned toward her, surprise evident in her pretty eyes. “You do? I never knew.”

Katie nodded, still looking down as if ashamed to admit it. “When I saw the chance to kiss you, I hoped maybe you felt the same way about me…but…”

Carrie leaned in, reaching up to touch Katie’s cheek. “Katie, I…I don’t know what to say. I mean, I had fun tonight, and maybe if I had some time to think about it…we might…I dunno…” Her voice trailed off as she pondered the weird turn her life was taking. “Would we have to do anything…with each other, I mean?” she asked after a moment. Katie looked up at her. “With your boyfriend, I mean. You said you want to…watch and…be watched, right? Would that be all?”

Katie nodded, a smile forming on her lips. “If that’s all you wanted to do, I guess I’d be happy with that.” She paused, then added, “Does that mean you’re interested?”

Carrie took in a deep breath and leaned back in her seat, staring out at the trees. For a moment, she didn’t speak and Katie didn’t interrupt her thoughts. Finally she looked back over at her. “And this guy is cute, right? Not some old guy?”

Katie grinned and nodded. “Yes, he’s definitely cute. And no, he’s not an old guy. Actually, he’s a little younger than us.”

Carrie’s eyebrows went up and she shot her friend a wary look. “Jailbait?”

Katie laughed. “Relax, he’s cool. Actually, you might even know him. Steve O’Connell.”

Carrie’s thought for a moment, then shook her head. “No, I don’t think so. How do you know him?”

“He was fucking my little sister,” Katie said with a grin.

“Kristi’s boyfriend? Are you kidding?”

Katie shrugged. “No, not really her boyfriend. I think they hooked up once or twice but she’s seeing some other guy now.”

Carrie shook her head. “Still, how old is Kristi? Seventeen?”

Katie ignored her comment. “Look, Steve’s a nice guy and a great lay. He gets me off more than once every time. Think about it… every time! Not only can he fuck, but he knows how to eat a mean pussy, too!” Carrie looked doubtful, but Katie could tell she was giving it some serious thought. “I tell you what…let me give him a call and see if he can meet us. Then if you decide it’s a no, just give me a signal and that’s it. But I gotta tell you, it would be so worth it, honey. I mean, what have you got to lose? How many times have you wasted your time fucking some guy who blows his load in ten seconds and passes out on top of you? Steve may be young, but he knows how to please a woman - trust me!”

Carrie considered that, and she had a point. But a threesome? Still, the idea of multiple orgasms was very tempting, not to mention the taboo aspect of the whole thing. She could probably count on one hand the number of times she’d cum even once while having sex, and never more than that! She looked over at her crazy friend. “All right, we can meet with him.” Katie grinned and clapped her hands. “But…no promises, ok? We’re just going to chat.”

Katie grinned and pulled out her cell phone, dialing Steve’s number. “You’re going to love him, babe. He’s going to fuck you silly!”

Chapter 108

Steve hung up the phone from talking with Angie, a grin spreading across face. Not only did Angie and Lin want to get together for a ‘date’, but Michelle was going to be there too! Her parents were coming over to visit with his parents so they’d have Angie’s place to themselves for most of the night. He knew that whenever the Delany’s and his parents got together on the weekends, it was always a late night. He was just about to go get in the shower when the phone rang. He picked it up after the first ring.



He recognized the voice immediately. “Katie, hi!” He listened for a moment as she explained about how she may have found a third person and could he come out and meet her. A little shocked, he quickly recovered. “Uh, sure! Where and when?” Another pause as he listened. “I can’t tonight, sorry. What about tomorrow?” He waited as Katie said something to the other girl, then she came back on the line.

“Carrie has to work until five. How about if we meet at the mall at say…five-thirty?”

Steve had to work too, but he got off at four. That would give him time to shower and make himself presentable. He agreed and after chatting for a few more minutes, they said goodbye and he went to take his shower. He was still amazed at the way this summer was turning out, and it was all because of Angie. If not for her opening the door to this wild sex-filled summer, he’d still be whacking off every night and dreaming of just getting to second base, let alone juggling orgies with several hot, sexy girls!

As he was getting dressed after his shower, he heard muffled voices from upstairs and knew the Delany’s had arrived. He finished up quickly and went upstairs, poking his head into the kitchen to let them know he was going out. To say it was a little awkward to see his girlfriend’s parents before going out to meet her for a foursome would be an understatement, but when he saw his mother hugging Angie’s father in a way that seemed a little more than just a friendly hug, he froze. His father and her mother were standing nearby making drinks and laughing, obviously not at all bothered by the intimate hug.

As they pulled apart, his mother noticed him and smiled. “Steve, hi!” Noticing he was wearing his jacket, she asked, “Are you going out?”

He nodded. “Uh, yeah. I’m meeting Angie and the guys. We’re just going to hang out for a bit.” Not a total lie, but what could he say? Besides, he was still a little stunned by the hug he’d just witnessed.

“Try not to keep her out too late, please,” Cathy said, peering over his mother’s shoulder.

He nodded and even managed to meet her eyes for a second. “I won’t,” he said. No one said anything for a few seconds, so he added, “See you later.” He turned and left, thankful to get away before they asked too many questions, although it seemed they were almost waiting for him to go.

He grabbed his bike and rode over to Angie’s house, the image of his mother and Mark’s tender hug still fresh in his mind. He shook it off, instead shifting to thoughts of Angie, Lin, and Michelle. He saw them all, naked and beautiful, advancing toward him with that look of desire in their eyes that made him start to get hard before he’d ridden half a block. Yes, it was going to be a good night!

He rolled into Angie’s driveway less than ten minutes later and saw Michelle’s bike leaning against the fence. He grinned to himself and propped his next to it, wondering if he’d find them already undressed and in bed together. He went over to the door and reached up to knock, but it swung open before he touched it. His mouth dropped open at the vision that greeted him through the open door.

Angie stood there, her freshly blow-dried hair falling like spun silk to her bare shoulders. She wasn’t naked, but wore a thin white, semi transparent covering that fell barely to her thighs. Under it, she had on a lacy white push up bra that made her already full breasts look even fuller and as his eyes moved down, he saw she was wearing a matching thong and thigh high white lace stockings. She had on a pair of high heels that made her legs appear even longer and sexier.

He took all this in in a matter of seconds and looked back up into her sparkling blue eyes. The smile on her face was asking wordlessly if he was pleased, while at the same time suggesting he was in for a very interesting evening.

“Hey, baby,” she said in sultry voice, shifting her pose so that the sheer covering fell open. “You like?”

He opened his mouth to answer, but nothing came out. Swallowing, he tried again. “Holy fuck!” he croaked, his eyes wide.

Angie giggled and stepped back, inviting him in. “I’ll take that as a yes,” she said with a wink. He stepped in, nodding dumbly. She was practically radiating sex and he felt his cock grow to full harness, straining at his jeans.

As she closed the door, he looked around, wondering where Lin and Michelle were. Angie led him down the steps to where her room was in the basement, and as if reading his mind she said, “Lin’s helping Michelle get ready.” She giggled, then added, “I hope they don’t start without us!”

Steve mumbled something and followed her sexy ass down the stairs, hoping he was ready for whatever they had in mind.

They arrived in the family room, but no one was there. The door to the guest room was closed and he thought he heard low voices coming from inside. Angie went over to the door and tapped on it lightly.

“Come on, you two…no fooling around. Steve’s here.”

The talking stopped and Angie stepped back as the door opened. Steve stood and watched as Lin stepped out, dressed in a tiny black thong and a sheer black top that fell just below her tits. It hid nothing and he could see how hard her nipples were and the look of sheer desire on her face was unmistakable.

He was still staring at her when movement caught his eye and he looked to see Michelle coming out next. She was also wearing lingerie, but hers was a sexy red camisole and matching red lace panties. They weren’t quite a thong, but were thin enough to show her bare skin everywhere except over her pussy, which he could see was swollen and puffy with arousal. The camisole barely covered her nipples and he could see the edges of her areolae peeking out from under it. Her bare midriff completed her sexy attire and as all three of them lined up before him, he tried to burn the image into his memory. This was something he wanted to remember forever!

Angie took in her sexy friends, then looked back at Steve as she slipped an arm around Lin’s waist. Following suit, Lin and Michelle held hands and leaned in close to one another. “So baby, what do you think? Are you ready for a wild night?” Angie asked, her hand moving down over Lin’s hip.

“Damn…” he murmured, his eyes moving from one to the other. He couldn’t decide which of them looked the hottest. In his opinion, they could have all been centerfolds! Angie, with her virginal white lingerie and long blonde hair, was every man’s wet dream. Lin, tiny and with her tanned exotic look, was just as sexy but in a way that suggested a darker, more bondage-based way. And Michelle looked like a model from a Victoria’s Secret catalogue, the girl next door gone bad with her long brown hair falling over her shoulders and teasing the tops of her breasts.

“I believe we’ve rendered him speechless,” Lin said with a smile.

The others giggled softly and Angie pulled her arm from Lin’s hips, moving toward him. She leaned up and gave him a long, lingering kiss, her breath sweet and her lips soft. He put an arm around her and let it glide along the silky fabric of her top along her back. She shivered at his touch and inhaled a long breath, then pulled her lips from his, her blue eyes meeting his with that mischievous glint he knew all too well. She licked her lips and ran her hands down his chest to the button of his jeans, her nimble fingers quickly getting his zipper down. He felt a sense of relief as some of the pressure was removed from his throbbing cock, then she dropped to her knees before him, working his jeans and shorts down.

He wanted to watch her pull him out and suck him, but Michelle was there before he had a chance to. She smiled at him and leaned in for a kiss, which he was happy to oblige. As her tongue probed into his mouth, he felt his cock being freed and Angie’s warm hand gripping it. Before the kiss ended, he felt her lips kissing his swollen tip and then he groaned into Michelle’s mouth as Angie’s warm mouth engulfed him.

Michelle broke off the kiss and looked down at Angie as she began to suck his cock lovingly, her head moving back and forth slowly, as if savoring the taste of him. Michelle kissed him again and reached down to pull his t-shirt up and over his head, tossing it to the floor. She kissed him again, then moved down and began to kiss his chest, her lips closing over his nipples and sucking.

He became aware of someone behind him and a pair of hands reached around and slid down to cup his balls. He could feel the heat of Lin’s body as she pressed against him, her hard nipples poking into his back. He realized that it was her bare skin pressing against his and that she must have removed the flimsy top she’d been wearing. As her hands gently squeezed and caressed his heavy balls, Michelle released his nipples and dropped down next to Angie.

He looked down at the two sexy girls kneeling before him as Angie took his cock from her mouth and turned to Michelle for a deep kiss, her hand still pumping his shaft. They kissed for a few seconds, then Michelle took his cock and looked up at him, giving him a brief smile, before kissing the tip, her upturned eyes watching his face. He watched her as her lips pushed over the soft skin of his glans, then took him deeper. He had to close his eyes, for the vision of her ruby lips on his cock combined with the feel of her tongue and her sultry look was enough to bring him dangerously close to blowing his load right then and there.

She sucked him for a few minutes until he felt Lin’s hands leave his balls, then her body moved away from his back. It was quickly replaced by another and he looked down to see Lin kneeling next to Michelle, who reluctantly slid her mouth from his cock and moved aside so she could have a taste. In the meantime, the body that was now pressed against his back was Angie’s, and he could feel the lacy fabric of her bra as she pressed her large tits against him, her hands moving up and down his chest and pinching his nipples playfully.

As Lin began to suck his cock, he felt lips brush his ear and Angie’s breath seemed to send a pleasurable shiver down his spine when she spoke. “It’s so fucking hot to watch another girl suck your big cock, baby.” She paused, her breath hot in his ear. “It almost makes me want to rub my pussy until I cum.” Again, he had to close his eyes and concentrate to keep from letting a torrent of hot cum loose in Lin’s hot little mouth. Angie spoke again. “But I want you to do that, lover. I want to feel your hard cock in my cunt, fucking me until I cum all over you!”

He groaned again and had to reach down and push Lin from his cock. She allowed him to, but looked up at him as she brushed her long hair from her face. “You can cum in my mouth…I won’t mind,” she told him, her dark eyes searching his.

Before he could reply, Angie moved around in front of him and reached a hand down to help Lin to her feet. “But we don’t want him cumming too fast, honey. After all, he has three girls to satisfy tonight.”

Michelle stood up with them. “That’s right. And we aren’t letting you go until you do!”

He watched as they embraced, Angie’s hands moving to Lin’s bare breasts and pinching her hard nipples. Michelle watched them, then began unbuttoning her camisole, releasing her tits from their restraint and tossing it to the floor. She brought her hands up to cup and fondle her tits, tugging on her rosy nipples as her eyes met Steve’s. The look he saw in them was unmistakable and without speaking she easily conveyed her thoughts to him. Fuck me. Now.

He tore his eyes from hers and watched as Angie and Lin began to kiss, turning and embracing tightly. He could hear the soft moans and smacking as the kiss turned more passionate. Lin reached behind her and undid her bra, but they were holding one another so close that it stayed in place.

A hand on his arm brought his attention back to Michelle. She slid her hands over her taught stomach and down under the waistband of her panties. He watched her face, her eyes closing as her fingers sought out and found her clit. He could see them working under the lacy fabric and she inhaled sharply, her legs instinctively parting as she began to tease and rub the little sex organ.

By this point, all Steve wanted was to sink his cock into a hot, wet pussy, and Michelle was the one who appeared ready for him. He reached out and placed his hands on her hips, slipping his fingers under the elastic waistband. He eyes opened and watched him as he worked them down, the full scent of her arousal wafting up to his nostrils. She lifted first one foot, then the other, allowing them to drop to the floor at her feet. She now stood completely naked before him, and he wanted her like he’d never wanted any other woman before.

He still had his jeans around his ankles, so she dropped down and helped him remove them. Angie and Lin noticed what was going on but were too lost in each other at the moment. They simply moved aside, Angie’s bra falling free as they did, and Lin moved her lips down to suckle her perfect tits. Angie placed a hand on her head, guiding her and watching as Michelle undressed Steve and stood up before him. With a glance to Angie, Steve turned Michelle around and moved her over to the couch, pushing her over until her hands rested on the back of it. He pushed her feet apart and slipped a hand between her thighs, moving it up one until it rubbed against her wet labia, bringing a soft moan from her and a gentle wriggle of her hips. She turned around and looked back at him with wild eyes.

“Fuck me please!” she pleaded, moving her feet a little further apart. “Oh god, I need you inside me now!”

At her pleading words, Angie and Lin broke off their kiss and turned to watch. Steve stepped up, his stiff shaft in his hand, and guided it between her legs to the puffy wetness of her lips. As he began to rub it along her slit, she moaned louder and worked her hips, trying to force him in. He did like teasing her, but he needed to fuck her as bad, or more, than she wanted him to. He quickly located her opening and pushed the tip in, her heat engulfing him and her low growl of pleasure easily heard by all. She pushed back, sinking him in further and he grabbed her hips, driving in until his pelvis met the smooth skin of her perfect ass. She whimpered happily and rolled her hips, obviously enjoying the feel of being filled by a hot, hard cock. He began to move, her pussy gripping him tight and an almost feral grunt coming from her lips with each thrust.

He turned to see Lin sitting next to them on the couch, her legs up in the air as Angie finished removing her thong and pushed her legs apart. She looked up at him and licked her lips, then pushed her long blonde hair back and leaned in between Lin’s thighs. The look on Lin’s face told him precisely the second Angie’s mouth made contact and she arched her back, her small hands gripping the cushions of the couch. Angie’s head moved and bobbed and he could hear the slurping sounds even over the wet squishing and slapping of he and Michelle’s fucking. He closed his eyes and forced himself to remain in control, but it was becoming harder and harder to do. Michelle’s pussy felt incredible and the sight of Angie going down on Lin was almost too much. Hell, most guys wouldn’t have been able to last this long in this situation. The only reason he could think that allowed him to do it was the number of times he’d been in similar situations, although this was definitely shaping up to be one of his more memorable experiences.

After a few minutes of this, he sensed Michelle getting close to orgasm, her vaginal walls contracting and squeezing his shaft. He tried to pick up the pace, his body hammering into her harder and faster. Her moans turned to wails and only the unbidden thought of Angie’s parents returning home early and hearing her stopped him from erupting before she came.

With a loud cry, her body stiffened and he felt her pussy clamp down on him, making it hard to move. She shuddered and shook, her head lifting up and dropping back down and her mouth open in a silent cry of ecstasy. He slowed until he was barely moving, allowing her to enjoy her orgasm. Her pussy compressed and released, as if milking his dick and he knew he wasn’t going to be able to stop himself this time.

As her orgasm passed, she relaxed somewhat and he began to move faster. She began to moan again, almost steadily, her voice rising and falling as he thrust in and pulled out. He could feel the tingle growing in his balls and looked over to where Angie and Lin were still going at it. Lin was watching him and she suddenly closed her eyes, her fingers entwined in Angie’s long hair. He moved faster, the sensations traveling along his swollen shaft and as Lin opened her mouth and cried out, he let loose a torrent of hot cum into Michelle’s waiting pussy. She cried out too, and he felt her clenching him as she came again, her cries mixing with Lin’s and his own low grunts of pleasure. It felt like he was shooting a gallon of cum and it seeped out, warming his balls before running down his and Michelle’s legs. He leaned over, bracing his arms on the back of the couch and leaning over until his chest almost touched Michelle’s sweat dampened back. He panted for breath, a feeling of euphoric satisfaction enveloping his body.

Gentle hands brought him back to reality and he looked up to see Angie’s smiling face next to his, her lips and chin still wet with Lin’s juices. “Wow, baby! That was so hot!” She leaned in and kissed him, the tangy taste of Lin’s pussy filling his mouth. Gently, she pushed him to a standing position, his still hard cock remaining in Michelle’s dripping pussy. Angie kissed him again, then grinned. “You two need to be cleaned up,” she said with a wink. “May I?”

Without waiting for him to answer, she dropped down and pushed them apart. Their mixed cum began to ooze from Michelle’s gaping opening and she quickly closed her lips around it, bringing a gasp from Michelle that turned into a low guttural moan as Angie sucked and licked the cum from her tender pussy. Finally, unable to withstand any more pleasure, she pulled away and slumped to the couch next to Lin.

“Pl…please…no more!” she gasped, her hand going to the tender flesh of her over-fucked pussy.

Angie licked her lips and grinned, then turned to Steve. His cock was still almost fully hard, shiny and slick with his and Michelle’s cum. Without a seconds’ hesitation, Angie moved in and took him deep into her mouth, sucking the juices from him and smacking her lips between breaths of air. Steve shuddered slightly at the feel of her mouth on his still sensitive head, but he wasn’t about to stop her. And with any luck, she could keep him hard so he could keep going. And she was the next pussy in his sights.

Michelle lay back and watched as Angie cleaned Steve’s cock. Her pussy was so tender it almost hurt to touch it, but she knew that would soon pass. A hand reached over and fell to her tit and she looked over at Lin, her face equally flushed and wearing the same satisfied smile she no doubt wore.

“Wow, that was some orgasm!” she exclaimed, her fingers rolling Michelle’s brown nipple. She nodded, smiling but still unable to form words. Lin’s smile widened and she turned her attention to Angie and Steve, although her fingers continued to play with Michelle’s breasts. “She is so fucking sexy!” she said, nodding to Angie, who was so engrossed in sucking Steve’s cock she didn’t seem to hear.

Michelle nodded, also turning to watch her friend. She finally managed to speak, more of a croak than anything. “Yeah, she sure is!”

Lin sat up and leaned over Michelle, their eyes meeting. “I hope I get the opportunity to taste that pussy before the night’s over.” She smiled and leaned in for a kiss, which Michelle happily accepted. Although thinner than Angie’s, her lips were soft and her kiss tender, and Michelle found herself enjoying it very much. Her arms went around the petite girl’s neck, pulling her in closer and kissing her back with unbridled passion, which was amazing considering how spent she felt. But at the same time, she felt her arousal returning and hoped her pussy would recover enough to allow Lin to follow through on her promise.

They broke off the kiss after a moment and Michelle smiled. “I’d like that. And maybe I could do you too.”

Lin grinned and nodded. “Oh fuck, yes!”

Their attention was shifted as Angie stood up and looked into Steve’s eyes. “I want you to fuck me now.” Steve nodded, grinning. Angie turned to the other girls. “Anyone want to lick me while he fucks me?”

Michelle and Lin exchanged a look but Lin was the one who spoke up, her question directed at the brunette. “Would you mind if I went first? You can have a turn too if you like.”

Michelle smiled and shook her head. “No, you go ahead. I need a minute to recover anyway.

Lin looked toward the bedrooms. “Why don’t we do this on a bed. Much more comfortable.” Everyone agreed and they all filed into Angie’s room where Lin lay back on the bed without hesitating and beckoned to Angie. “Come here, baby. Get that hot pussy up here in my face!”

With a chuckle, Angie climbed onto the bed and straddled Lin, moving up until her pussy hovered over her mouth. She turned to Steve, who moved up behind her, somehow finding a place for his own legs amid the tangle of female legs. He pushed Angie’s head down to fully expose the pink folds of her bare little pussy and started to place the tip of his cock at her opening when Lin leaned up and slipped it into her mouth, sucking on the head like a lollipop for a few seconds before relinquishing it. She peered up from between Angie’s spread legs.

“Feel free to do that every so often,” she said with a grin, then pulled Angie’s clit to her lips, licking it as Angie moaned her approval.

With a shake of his head and a slight grin, Steve pushed into the familiar folds of Angie’s hot pussy, feeling her tense in pleasure as he slowly filled her. He could feel Lin’s tongue moving around, probably getting his shaft as often as Angie’s clit. The sensation was amazing and as he began to fuck her, he wondered how to get Michelle in on this so it would be a true foursome. She moved up beside them, her fingers toying with her nipples and the flush of arousal still present on her face, breast, and pubic area. She was watching all of them and when her gaze went to Steve, their eyes met and he smiled, gesturing for her to come over. She moved over and he pulled her in for a kiss. She leaned over the bed to reach him, her lithe body barely tall enough.

“Come up here,” he said, breaking off the kiss.

Michelle climbed onto the bed, kneeling next to him and they resumed their kiss while he pumped in and out of Angie’s pussy. Without even thinking, Michelle’s hand went to Angie’s ass to brace herself against the rocking of the bed.

“Oh yes, spank me! Please!” Angie gasped.

Michelle and Steve broke off their kiss at her words and Steve nodded at her hand. “Go ahead, baby. You heard her!”

Michelle grinned and raised her hand, bringing it down on Angie’s bare ass with a slap.

“Harder!” Angie cried, “Spank me, dammit!”

With a look to Steve, Michelle shrugged and slapped her again, a little harder this time. Angie moaned but still asked for harder, so the next time, Michelle brought her hand down hard enough to sting it. Angie moaned and dropped her head as a red handprint appeared on one cheek.

“Oh, fuck, yes …more!”

Michelle again looked at Steve, who was trying to maintain a fast pace while watching Michelle spank her. He gave a nod and Michelle slapped her again, then moved to the other cheek. Angie moaned a little louder with each slap and before long, both cheeks were glowing red and her moans had turned to cries.

“Oh my fucking god!” she screamed, “I’m gonna cummm…”

The words were no sooner out of her mouth than her back arched and she groaned long and low, her head dropping as her orgasm built until it released and she began to jerk and thrash. Lin tried to hang on but found it impossible and simply tried to stay clear of her bucking hips. Steve drove all the way in and held there, not ready to cum yet so soon after his last time. Still, watching Angie’s orgasm did start the process and he knew he’d be ready soon. Maybe Lin’s pussy might get the next load, he thought.

Angie thrashed and moaned for several long moments before quieting down and dropping her head to the covers. Steve slowly withdrew from her tender snatch, bringing more gasps and shudders from her. When he was finally free, she rolled off of Lin and fell onto her back, her legs wide open to expose her red, swollen, freshly fucked cunt. She looked up and saw Michelle kneeling next to Steve and reached out to her.

“Hold me please, Michelle?”

Michelle leaned over and lay on her, Angie’s arms embracing her warmly. They kissed for a bit, not hot and heavy, but with a loving tenderness that spoke volumes about the depth of their feelings for one another.

Lin and Steve watched them settle in with one another, then she looked up at him, his hard, wet cock bobbing over her. With a smile, she spread her legs and reached down to tease her pussy. “My turn?” she asked coyly.

Steve returned her smile and crawled between her legs, his body practically covering her small one. They kissed as his cock pressed into her belly. She was so much shorter than him that if he was going to fuck her missionary style, they wouldn’t be able to kiss.

As if she came to that conclusion at the same time he did, she broke off the kiss and gently urged him up to his knees, then lifted her legs, placing one foot on each of his shoulders. Her delicate little pussy opened before him, her swollen lips puffy and pink. He looked up her small body before finally meeting her dark eyes, which sparkled with lust.

“Fuck me, Steve…fuck me now!” she said in a husky tone that made it clear she needed his cock inside her immediately. Wrapping his arms around her slender legs, he moved forward, pressing the tip of his cock to her lips, intending to rub and tease her a bit before he actually fucked her. It always seemed more satisfying when the girl practically begged him to do it.

But Lin was having none of it. Just as his cock touched her lips, she somehow pushed toward him and he slid almost effortlessly into her pussy. She was tight - very tight, but so wet and ready that he felt surprisingly little resistance. She moaned her approval and he felt her gripping him tightly, her internal muscles flexing all along his shaft. They began to move together, Lin almost taking full control as she thrust and ground her body against his. He watched her tits shake as they started fucking harder. Even though they were much smaller than Angie’s or Michelle’s, he found it incredibly erotic to watch them quiver with each successive thrust.

Before long she began to roll her head from side to side and moan louder. Steve could see her skin gleaming with perspiration and felt his own sweat stinging his eyes and running down his chest. He gripped her legs, lifting her small body from the bed and slammed her even harder, causing her to cry out in obvious pleasure. Her moans became wails, rising and falling as his cock pushed in and out of her tight hole. He soon felt his own orgasm building, his balls aching for release.

A hand touched his thigh and moved around to stroke his ass. He looked over to see Michelle standing beside him, her smiling eyes watching him as she caressed him, occasionally going down to watch Lin.

Angie had crawled up next to Lin and was pinching her nipples and leaning in to whisper and nibble on her ear. Lin’s eyes were closed and her chest was heaving. Steve could feel her pussy contracting harder on his cock and he knew she was about to cum. As her body began to jerk and tremble, he felt his balls contract and drove deep into her, squeezing his eyes closed and every muscle straining as he felt the cum surge from his balls and shoot into her steamy pussy. He vaguely felt her clamp down on him as his mind whirled in a sea of electrical charges and colored lights. When he finally finished cumming, his body went limp and he remained there on his knees, his cock still buried inside her dripping snatch.

Lin felt him release his load and came hard, her body tensing and a low guttural groan coming from behind her clenched teeth. Her orgasm had built long and by the time she felt Steve’s hot cum shooting into her, she was more than ready. She came hard, losing all sense of everything but her own electrifying orgasm. It seemed to go on for a long, long time and when it finally eased, she was completely spent and her entire body felt limp. She could feel their combined juices seeping from her pussy and tried to push against him to keep it in. She loved the feel of a man’s cum inside her, all warm and wet, and wanted to keep it there as long as possible.

Unfortunately, Steve slowly lost his hardness and he slipped from her. A stream of cum seeped from her tender pussy, dripping to the bed. As Steve moved away and sat down next to her, Michelle knelt at his feet and took his limp, wet cock in her hand, grinning up at him. He smiled back at her and watched as she bent over and took his cock completely into her mouth, sucking his and Lin’s cum from it.

“Oh fuck, Michelle,” he gasped, wondering if he had the ability to get it up again. But what the hell, it felt great in any case and he wasn’t about to stop her. He leaned back, supporting himself on his arms, watching as she fellated him.

Angie watched as Lin came, holding her and whispering into her ear until she finally opened her eyes and smiled at her pretty friend. Just then, Steve slipped out and she felt the sudden loss of him, frowning, but still very content. Angie noticed her frown and kissed her softly, then slid down, kissing her way lower until she was kneeling between her still open legs. She kissed her mons, then looked a question at her, licking her lips. Lin smiled sleepily and gave her a little nod. She was very sensitive, and extremely tender, but the idea of Angie licking Steve’s cum from her recently ravaged pussy was such a turn on she was willing to try.

Angie stuck her tongue out and licked along her taint, collecting a load of warm cum on her tongue. Lin gasped and her body jerked as Angie swallowed it, then leaned in again, this time targeting the steady seepage from her labia. As her tongue touched her tender lips, Lin jerked and forced Angie’s tongue deep inside. She cried out and twisted on the bed as Angie burrowed in, trying to capture as much cum as she could and hoping to get Lin off one more time. She swallowed more of the still warm cum, letting it sit on her tongue a moment before allowing it to slide down her throat. She liked the taste of semen, but when it was combined with the sweetness of pussy, she craved it like chocolate. She kept going back until she was sure she got it all, then began to lick and suck in hopes of giving her friend one more orgasm.

Lin was lost in the sensations of Angie’s warm tongue. Her pussy was tender, but Angie was gentle and stayed away from her ultra-sensitive clit. She wasn’t sure if she could cum again, but loved the way Angie licked her pussy and moaned in contentment. After Angie had cleaned her, she could tell she was trying to make her cum again, but she was completely spent and eventually reached down and pulled her up for a long, wet kiss.

“Thank you, baby, but I’m wiped out,” she whispered after they kissed.

Angie smiled and kissed her again. “Ok, baby.” She looked over to where Michelle was practically devouring Steve’s cock. Lin followed her look and couldn’t help but grin at the determined effort Michelle was making. She looked up to Steve’s face and while it was plain to see he was enjoying her attentions, when Michelle pulled off for a breather, she could see he was only half hard.

“I think we wore him out for tonight, Michelle,” Angie said with a grin and a nudge.

She looked down at his turgid cock in her hand, then up to Steve, who shrugged. “Well, I tried,” she said, and leaned down to kiss the tip.

Angie crawled into his lap and kissed him long and deep, then Michelle kissed him, and finally Lin. “You were wonderful, Steve,” Lin said with a smile. “I can’t believe you were able to do that to me after these two sexy bitches, but wow!”

Angie and Michelle were kissing and broke it off to giggle at Lin’s comment. “Isn’t he amazing?” Angie said, and Michelle nodded in agreement, both of them grinning widely as Steve’s face turned a shade of red.

“Well, thank you, ladies,” he declared, “But you’ve probably ruined me for at least a couple of days!” This brought on a round of ‘awww’s from all three and he added, “Ok, well at least until tomorrow, then.”

They all laughed and all four of them rolled into a tangle of naked limbs and bodies on the bed until Angie declared they’d better get dressed before her parents came home and caught them. Reluctantly, they all showered and dressed and after one last kiss goodnight to Lin and Angie, Steve and Michelle departed for home.

When they reached Michelle’s street, they stopped and kissed goodnight and Steve watched her gingerly ride off toward home, standing up to avoid placing her tender pussy on the skinny seat. As he started out toward his house, he thought about everything that was going on, both with the regular crowd and with Katie.

He sighed as he pulled into the driveway, past the Delaney’s minivan that was still there. Yes, Angie could be trying at times, but after a night like this, did he really want to risk what he had for a brief affair with the sexy co-ed? After being so sexually satisfied, the answer seemed easy enough, but he knew the next time he saw Katie, the little head would be doing the thinking. What the fuck, she was going back to California in a couple of days. Surely he could keep it together until then.


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Thank you all for the kind words. Actually Dan, I'd love to finish this story so I can concentrate on some others. I've tried to end it, but everyone always seems to want more. The way it's going, I'm going to be writing about them changing each other's diapers in the retirement home...lol. But hey, as long as there's interest I'll keep it going.

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Chapter 109

Karen grinned as the Delaney’s gave a cursory knock, then came in the back door, greeting the O’Connells with a cheery hello and a round of hugs by the ladies and warm handshakes from the two men. Alan slapped Mark on the back and passed him a drink, while eyeing Cathy with raised eyebrows.

“Wow, Cathy…you look incredible tonight!” he declared, his eyes taking in her sexy body in the short black dress she was wearing - the quintessential little black dress. “Is that a new dress?”

Cathy licked her lips and gave him a quick wink, flashing him some long, slender leg as she accepted a drink from Karen. “Yes it is. Do you like it?”

Both Alan and Karen gushed their approval while Cathy flushed and Mark grinned proudly. He knew his wife looked amazing tonight and after seeing her in the sexy new dress, he’d tried to have her agree to a quickie before they left the house. She’d kissed him warmly and when he pushed his hand up under the short, tight dress he discovered that she wore nothing under it. No sooner had he made this discovery than she’d pulled away, wagging a finger at him in a scolding manner.

“You just behave,” she’d admonished as she twisted to get away from him. “You’re gonna get all the pussy you can handle tonight so don’t be wasting any of that energy before we get started. You’re going to need to bring your A game, mister.”

He’d argued that if he could relieve some pressure before they got there he’d be able to control himself better, but she was having none of it. One thing about her husband - and Alan too, for that matter - was that premature ejaculation was a rare occurrence. Both men were able to exercise amazing control and not once in their years of swinging was either lady left unsatisfied. Reluctantly, he gave in and they made the short trip to the O’Connell’s, his mind working on exactly how fast he could get that sexy dress off of her once they arrived.

Alan took in Cathy’s sexy dress and then his eyes moved over to his own wife, who was by now giving Mark a warm hug. She also looked incredibly hot in her light cotton dress that fell to just above her knees and had a deep V neck that showed an almost obscene amount of cleavage. But since they weren’t going out and she’d soon be naked anyway, it made little difference how revealing her dress was. And like Cathy, he knew she was naked underneath.

A noise from the direction of the back door caught their attention and they turned to see Steve looking around the corner as he zipped up his jacket. He explained about his going out to meet Angie and their friends and while the Delany’s seemed content that he and Angie were going to be with others and thus reducing the chances for any sexual activities, Karen knew better. He promised not to be too late and they all knew that, like any teenager, he wasn’t going to be home before his midnight curfew. They knew they’d have several hours alone in the house.

After Steve left, Alan swallowed the remainder of his drink and looked at the two women. “Well, we better not waste what little time we have,” he said, looking at his watch. It was almost seven o’clock. “Time for you two to drop those dresses.”

Cathy and Karen exchanged a look and rolled their eyes. “Oh really,” Karen said, folding her arms across her chest and giving him a hard look, her eyes sparkling. “Maybe you two should go first for a change. It seems we’re always the first ones undressed and on our knees servicing you two.” She took Cathy’s hand. “I think maybe you should go down on us first this time. What do you say, Cath?”

As Alan and Mark exchanged a look, Cathy nodded, trying not to grin. “That sounds like a wonderful idea, Karen. Drop ’em, guys, and we’ll be waiting in the living room.” With that, her and Karen disappeared into the living room, whispering and giggling.

Alan sighed and Mark chuckled, then shrugged. “Well, what can we do?” He began to undress and Alan followed suit only a heartbeat behind him.

As they stripped off their shirts and boxers, Alan nodded toward the living room. “You want a go at Karen first?” Mark nodded, a little disappointed that his friend would have the first shot at his wife, but also excited about getting a taste of Karen’s sweet pussy. As hot as his wife was and no matter how much they were in love, different pussy was always a treat. And he knew exactly what Karen liked almost as much as he did his own wife‘s tastes.

Together, they walked into the living room and found the two women sitting on the couch, making out like a couple of teenagers. Neither had undressed, but their dresses had ridden up to reveal a hint of the bare skin under them. They broke off the kiss and turned to the two men, still locked in a warm embrace. Each of them took in the two naked men with their long, hard cocks poised and ready and grinned.

“Mmm…look at that,” Cathy said in a seductive voice, nudging her friend. “All hard and ready.”

Karen nodded, licking her lips. “Mmm, yeah. But I need my pussy licked first, baby.” She turned her attention to their husbands and parted her legs slightly. “Which of you wants a taste?”

Mark grinned and stepped forward, stopping before the hot brunette. She grinned and leaned back, opening her legs more, her dress dropping down to cover her already wet sex between them. Mark stepped forward, his hard cock in his hand, hoping she’d at least give him a quick suck before he went to work on her. She looked over at Cathy, who was watching Alan move over before her, also holding his considerable cock and pointing it at Cathy’s face. They two women exchanged a quick look, then leaned back, opening their legs and hiking up their dresses to reveal their ready and waiting pussies.

“Uh-uh, guys. As tempting as it is, we’re sticking to our guns,” Karen said, pointing down between her widely spread legs, one now draped over Cathy’s. “Get to work, boys. Don’t worry, do a good job and we’ll reward you very well!”

Almost at the same time, both men dropped down and lowered their heads between the invitingly open legs of the other’s wife. Karen and Cathy both let out a gasp of pleasure at almost the same time, then began to rock their hips as they turned and resumed kissing.

Alan pushed Cathy’s tight dress up until she was able to open her legs wide and leaned in, taking a deep whiff of her wet, bare pussy. Her lips were swollen and he could see a trickle of her juices running down them and across her taint. He leaned in and caught it on his tongue, then moved up across the sensitive area to her puffy lips, pushing the tip of his tongue in between them and relishing her immediate reaction to his experienced cunnilingus.

And he was just getting started. He knew Cathy’s clit was extremely sensitive and the more he teased her before attacking it, the harder she’d cum. His tongue rolled along her lips, parting them and pushing into the warm, pink flesh inside. Her juices were flowing and she was very wet, the tangy flavor of her filling his mouth. He pressed deeper, curling his tongue until it almost made contact with her clit, but not quite. He felt her tense in anticipation, but he stopped and went back to her opening, her juices flowing even more. His chin was wet with them and he dove in hungrily, his lips sucking at her inner and outer lips while his tongue probed and darted. She was moaning and twisting now and he grinned to himself. Almost time. Just a few more minutes and he was going to set her off. Then he was going to get that dress off and she was going to suck him long and deep until he unloaded into her mouth.

Cathy moaned, rocking her hips against Alan’s tongue. From all their years together, he knew her body almost as well as her husband did and she knew exactly what he was doing. It felt incredible, but at the same time frustrating. Her clit was throbbing and she tried to reach down and rub it but he grabbed her hand and wouldn’t let her. She knew that as soon as his tongue touched it, she’d explode in a crashing orgasm that would leave her weak and trembling. She tensed again as his tongue moved up until it almost touched her sensitive clit, triggering a small orgasm that leaked more wetness into his mouth. He lapped it up, then looked up at her, grinning.

“Mmm…very tasty,” he said, licking his lips.

She moaned softly as the orgasm rippled through her, then subsided. It felt nice, but she knew it was only a small tease compared to what he could do if he would just suck her clit!

“Oh fuck!” she gasped, “Please, Alan…my clit…please…”

He grinned and planted a soft kiss on her mons, causing her to shiver and moan. “You two decided to make us wait, so how do like it? Hmm?”

Before she could respond, he went back to her cunt, flattening his tongue over it and licking slowly from taint almost up to her throbbing and swollen clit. She groaned and twisted, trying to move so he licked her clit. But he was ready for that and pulled away, clucking his tongue.

“Uh-uh…behave now!” he scolded in a playful tone.

Cathy was almost to the point of pulling his head down and forcing him to lick her clit. “Oh fuck…please…I’ll do anything you ask…just please do it!” She rolled her hips upward. Alan merely grinned and went back to licking her dripping pussy.

Mark was giving Karen a similar teasing, although he knew she could cum almost as hard from just having a tongue swirling around in her pussy. Yes, her clit would send her over the edge faster, but she was also able to experience a very powerful orgasm from just some proper pussy licking. He could hear what Alan was doing to his wife and he grinned, chuckling to himself. He was making her pay for their teasing and he vowed to do the same to Karen.

Karen must have also realized what Alan and Cathy were doing because her hand fell to his head and she trust her hips upward, holding him in place. He stopped moving, his tongue resting on her lips. Frustrated, she began to rock against him and he pulled his tongue back into his mouth. She continued to move, rubbing herself against his lips and chin, but it soon became clear that this wasn’t going to do it for her.

“Please, Mark…” she moaned, “…please eat my pussy!”

He grinned and gave her a teasing lick, eliciting a shudder from her. He could hear similar pleas from his wife as Alan was making her pay for their earlier cockiness. He lifted his head and she released her grip on him to allow it.

“Only if you promise to suck my cock,” he started to say, then heard his wife promise Alan she would do whatever he asked her to. “And anything else I want,” he added hastily.

She paused as he dropped back down, his breath hot on her wet, sensitive lips. She waited expectantly and when he made no move after several long seconds, she gave in. “Yes, yes…anything! I’ll do anything you want! Just lick my pussy!”

With a grin, he dove back down and at first just resumed licking along her lips. She gasped and rocked her hips, pleading in low whispers to him. Finally, he pushed in deep and probed all around her slick vaginal cavity, causing her whispered pleas to become soft moans. He could hear her breathing become more rapid and knew that if he so much as touched her clit, she’d explode in a massive orgasm. He gave her another long, deep lick, then lifted his head, licking her juices from his lips.

She gasped at the feel of his tongue pushing deep inside her very needy pussy, then moaned at the loss when he pulled free. The suddenly his mouth was back, his tongue rolling upward over and in between her labia…up further until he paused at her clit. She groaned, twisting and pleading in soft gasping whispers. Finally, she felt his tongue move up and brush across the sensitive nub, circling it slowly before he closed his lips around it and sucked.

She felt a warm sensation flow outward from her groin, her pussy suddenly flooded with warm wetness. She cried out and arched her back, her hips lifting from the couch. Mark never relinquished his lip-lock on her throbbing clit and in a matter of seconds, her orgasm exploded, her body twisting uncontrollably in the throes of a toe-curling climax.

Mark felt her about to release and prepared himself to hold on. Sure enough, Karen was soon thrashing wildly and he felt her warm juices gushing from her pussy to coat his chin and neck. Releasing her clit, her moved down and began to lap up what he could, causing her to squeal in delight and moan loudly. It always amazed him how much Karen could cum, although she didn’t seem to be able to squirt. His wife, on the other hand, was able to shoot almost three feet during a particularly intense orgasm.

Karen moaned softly and sank back to the couch, her body occasionally twitching with aftershocks. Mark sat there between her still spread legs, softly kissing her thighs and caressing her legs as she came down from her climax.

Alan began to work Cathy at about the same time Mark attacked Karen’s clit. Starting with a light kiss to her mons, he moved down and planted another one directly on her clit. She cried out and her body jerked. He paused for a brief moment and just as she was about to plead with him to do it again, he flattened his tongue against it and began to move it around. Cathy moaned and immediately came hard, her hot cum shooting against his neck. He continued to tease and work her clit for a few more seconds, then moved down and closed his mouth around her lips, sucking her sweet nectar and swallowing it down. He loved the way she squirted when she came. Karen also loved it when Cathy came when she was going down on her and she’d often tried to explain how she did it, but Karen just couldn’t seem to do it.

When her orgasm ran its course and she pushed him away, he was drenched from the neck down across his thick chest. He lifted his head and looked up into her flushed face, then down her body to her widely splayed legs and puffy pink pussy. He rethought his desire for a blow job and stood up, reaching down and pulling the panting woman to her feet. She came up on wobbly legs and he spun her around, his fingers going to the zipper on the back of her sexy black dress. In a matter of seconds, he had it lowered and pushed the thin straps from her bare shoulders. She wriggled her hips slightly and the slinky dress crumpled at her feet, leaving her naked with her back to him.

She started to turn, but he stopped her and pressed up against her, his hard cock slipping between her legs. He leaned in and pushed her blonde hair from her left ear and pressed his lips up against it.

“You can suck my cock after I’ve fucked you for a while,” he whispered, loud enough for the others to hear.

Cathy felt a rush of excitement at his words and her anticipation grew as she felt his hands on her shoulders, pushing her down so she was bent over, her hands going out to grab the back of the couch. She felt his hands move down to her hips and hold them, then his hard cock slipping between her legs and rubbing along her sensitive lips and touching on her even more sensitive clit. She moaned, dropping her head between her outstretched arms, hardly able to contain herself. She needed a cock in her pussy - right now!

Alan rubbed the tip of his cock along her dripping pussy, relishing the feel of her wetness and soft lips. He could feel her becoming impatient, her hips moving as she tried to adjust herself so he was at her opening. He allowed her to do it and when he felt the tip of his cock starting to push into her heat, he gripped her hips even tighter and thrust in hard and fast, burying himself completely. She gasped and let out a little cry, but immediately began to move with him, rocking her body as he thrust in and out of her pussy, never easing up on his hard slams.

Mark saw Alan and his wife start to fuck next to them, but he still wanted a blow job. Like his wife, Karen was able to deep throat him and that was exactly what he wanted. He stood and put a hand on the back of her head, pulling her to his throbbing cock.

“Suck me,” he said, almost in a growl.

His commanding tone turning her on even more, Karen opened her mouth and began to suck and lick the head of his hard cock, tasting his precum and the musky taste of his cock. She felt him pulling her head closer and relaxed her throat, knowing what was coming. Slowly, he fed her more and more of his long cock until he felt it hit the back of her throat. Pausing to allow her to prepare, he waited until she initiated it, then pushed into her throat, the contracting muscles rippling over him and bringing a soft moan from deep in his throat. Karen continued to swallow his cock until her nose bumped against him, his scant pubic hair tickling her slightly.

Mark began to move slowly, allowing her to set the pace. There was nothing like a deep throat blow job, with her throat muscles almost milking his cock and her warm lips tight around the base of his shaft. She grunted and gagged a little and he slowly withdrew until she indicated she was ready for more. He pushed back in and she moaned around him, the vibrations increasing his pleasure. He wanted to fuck her, hard and fast, but he needed release and just the thought of dumping a huge load down her throat was enough to increase his arousal and bring him closer to the edge. He looked down at her and she looked back up at him, their eyes meeting as her mouth formed a wide ‘O’ around his shaft.

“Are you ready for some desert?” he asked, brushing her hair from her face.

She nodded slightly, grunting and affirmative and began to move back and forth, now easily taking his entire length in and out. Every once in a while she’d pause with him all the way in and swallow, her throat working along the length of him. Finally, he could take no more and thrust deep, groaning as he started to shoot straight down her throat. Karen swallowed it all then pulled off and finished him off by sucking on the tip, wanting to get a good taste of his seed instead of having it all go past her tongue and taste buds. She murmured softly and sucked the last few drops from him, then leaned back, licking her lips with a little smile.

He grinned down at her, watching as a tiny trickle of his cum leaked from the corner of her glistening lips. Her tongue darted out and she caught it, looking up at him with sparkling eyes and a wide grin. “Mmm…yummy!” she exclaimed, licking her lips.

Alan and Cathy were still going at it when he saw Karen pull her lips from Mark’s cock and smile up at him. Fuck, she was sexy when giving head! As a matter of fact…

He pulled his cock from Cathy’s pussy, bringing a whimper of disappointment from her. He turned aside and reached out to grab a handful of his wife’s hair. She started at first, then her eyes met his and she grinned when she saw his hard cock aimed at her, wet and glistening with Cathy’s pussy juices. Without hesitating, she leaned forward and took him into her mouth, sucking and slurping as she cleaned the sweet taste of her lover’s pussy from her husband’s hard cock.

Alan sighed, looking down at his wife as she sucked him. After a moment, he pulled out and went back to Cathy. She was still in the same position, but had turned her head to watch. Mark had sat down on the far side of Karen, his hands caressing and fondling her tits as she sucked Alan. When Alan pulled out, he turned Karen and kissed her deep and long, placing her hand on his semi-hard cock.

“Make me hard again so I can fuck you,” he whispered between kisses. Karen began to stroke him as they continued making out, then dropped to her knees and began to kiss and suck him once again.

Alan took Cathy’s hands and pulled her to a standing position. He turned her around, kissed her hard, then sat down on the couch, pulling her to his lap. She paused while he positioned his cock at her opening, then sank onto it with a satisfied moan. “Oh fuck…!” she breathed as she felt him fill her once again. She settled down on him, his full length deep inside her, then began to move - back and forth, then up and down - alternating every so often. It all felt so good and she was still so sensitive after he’d given her that incredible orgasm that the whole time he’d been fucking her she’d been experiencing smaller orgasms almost continuously. Still, she sensed she was building up to another powerful one and just the thought of his hot cum shooting into her tender pussy triggered yet another little one.

She placed her hands on his shoulders, driving down hard with each thrust. She felt his lips close around her nipple and his teeth bite down. With a little cry, she came again, this time a little stronger. She felt her pussy tighten around his cock and knew he could feel it too. She heard him moan softly around her breast, his breathing becoming more halting. She recognized the signs and increased her movements, leaning in to whisper into his ear.

“Yes, baby, cum for me! Let me feel your hot cum filling my pussy!”

Alan moaned louder and she felt his hands tighten on her waist, driving her body up and down on his throbbing cock. Her orgasm was building rapidly, knowing that Alan was about to cum too, and she knew that as soon as he did, she would join him.

“Oh, ffffuckkk…!” he groaned and thrust upward, holding her body tight to his. She felt the hot surge of his ejaculation and immediately came herself, her pussy clamping down tight around his spurting cock. They held one another tight, each lost in their own world of intense pleasure. After they’d both peaked, Cathy felt him twitch inside her and she let go again in a smaller, but still very pleasurable orgasm before finally collapsing against him, their labored breathing almost in sync.

Mark watched as his wife fucked his best friend next to him on the couch. Seeing her enjoying another man, combined with the incredible blow-job Karen was giving him, soon had his cock back to a state of full readiness.

“Turn around,” he said to Karen, lifting her head from his crotch, “and get on all fours so I can fuck you.”

Karen obediently spun around and assumed the position, her perfect ass pointing straight back at him with her puffy pink lips visible between her slender thighs. He eyed her tiny brown asshole and considered that, but he needed to have his cock in her now - no time for lube. Maybe later. He dropped to his knees and pushed his cock against her lips, then grabbed her hips and pushed in.

Karen moaned as he filled her wet pussy. Fuck it felt good to finally have a cock inside her! She rolled her hips, grinding against him. He began to move, slowly at first, then with more energy. He lifted a hand from her hip and brought it down on the smooth skin of her ass with an audible slapping sound.

She moaned. “Oh, yes, spank me! I’ve been sooo bad!” He did it again and she practically squealed in delight. “Oooo…baby, yes!”

Knowing she enjoyed a little rough play, he grabbed her hair with his other hand and pulled it, forcing her head up and her back to arch. She whimpered and gasped, “Yes!” and he began to fuck her even harder, continuing to pull her hair and occasionally landing a resounding smack on her reddening ass.

Karen was moaning in pleasure, feeling herself building up to a powerful orgasm. Mark’s cock was thick, stretching her wide, and the hair pulling and spanking were really fueling her desire. She heard Alan and Cathy both cry out at almost the same time and knew they’d just experienced simultaneous orgasms. She was going to cum very soon and wondered if Mark would be able to cum with her so soon after cumming earlier. She decided to try to help him.

“Oh fuck, yes! That feels so fucking good, baby!” she purred, driving back against him. “I want you to fuck me until you cum inside my wet cunt!” She knew dirty talk was a major turn-on for him, as it was for her as well, and the dirtier the better. “Oh yeah, I’m your fucking whore, baby. Your little cum catcher! Let me have it, baby…come on…cum for me!”

She felt him jerk and his movements became harder and faster. His hands went back to her hips, clutching her tight and slamming into forcefully.

“I want to cum all over that pretty face, whore!” he gasped, “and watch the other whore lick it off!”

Karen moaned, his words driving her closer. If she couldn’t have him cum inside her, that was the next best thing. And it would give her and Cath some time with each other while the men recovered.

“Yes, baby!” she grunted, “Your whore will do whatever you say!” Her words were cut short as she felt her orgasm rising and groaned as she came, his cock still hammering in and out of her clenching vagina. She climaxed long and hard, his movements prolonging her orgasm until he slowly withdrew and she sat up, turning to face him as he rose to his feet.

His hand pumped his hard cock, wet and sticky with her excretions, and he pointed the swollen red tip toward her face. Karen looked up at him, licking her lips in anticipation.
“Yes, baby…cum on my face…please…” she said in a pleading tone of voice. Her eyes dropped down to the tip of his cock, watching as his hand moved in almost a blur. He reached out and brought her closer, then closed his eyes and let out a low guttural groan. A spilt second later, Karen felt the first shot land across her cheek and automatically closed her eyes. She could feel several more gobs landing on her skin until Mark’s groans turned to sighs of satisfaction and his hand was removed from the back of her head.

She wiped her eyes to make sure none of his semen would sting them, then slowly opened them and looked up at him. He was grinning down at her and she could feel trickles of cum rolling down her face. She stuck out her tongue and caught a drop that was clinging to her upper lip, swallowing it as he watched.

He turned to his wife, who was lying on the couch watching them after her session with Alan. He beckoned to her and she obediently came over and knelt next to Karen. Without needing to be told, she knew what he wanted and she leaned in, taking Karen in her arms and kissing her tenderly. When they pulled apart, Cathy’s face was smeared with some of his cum and Karen leaned in to lick it from her cheek. When she was finished, Cathy began to lick the semen from her friend’s face, which took a little longer since she’d been given a full facial. Still, she made sure she got it all, then the two women kissed again, still on their knees on the floor. Their tits pressed together as they embraced and Karen’s hands began to move over Cathy’s soft skin, moving down her back to the curve of her hips. She’d watched her husband cum inside her and the idea of eating his fresh semen from her pussy was turning her on.

With a long, wet french kiss, she pulled away from Cathy’s sweet lips and smiled at her, then gently urged her to sit on the couch between the two men. She did so with a little smile and as she settled back and opened her legs, Karen could see the trickle of cum seeping from her still swollen lips. She licked her lips and moved between her legs, her tongue reaching out to catch the precious seed before it could leak onto the couch. Cathy moaned, jerking at her touch. She was still a little tender from being fucked so hard, but she loved the feel of a warm feminine tongue on her pussy and tried to control her jerking.

Karen’s tongue lapped up the familiar taste of her husband’s semen mixed with the tangy taste of Cathy’s pussy and went back for more. She wrapped her arms around Cathy’s thighs to keep her from moving too much and began to thoroughly lick every part of her tender pussy. She could feel her own juices flowing and running down her inner thighs as she made sure she licked up even drop of Alan’s cum and then continued to eat Cathy’s sweet pussy. She loved pussy about as much as cock and relished the opportunity to go down on a woman, especially Cathy.

As Karen began to eat Cathy’s pussy, Alan leaned in and took her nipple into his mouth, sucking and nibbling it like he knew she loved. Mark looked over at the look of pleasure on his wife’s face and decided to get into the game as well. He leaned down and captured her other nipple, sucking on the hard little nub as his hand squeezed her soft tit. Cathy moaned and her body twisted under the three separate stimulations she was experiencing. She wanted to tell them it felt wonderful; not to stop, but when she tried to speak only an unintelligible mumble came out. She could feel an orgasm building inside her, the warmth radiating from her center, and she knew this was going to be a good one. She hoped Karen was ready for a gusher!

Karen’s mouth closed around Cathy’s clit and she sucked it into her mouth, teasing it with the tip of her tongue. She felt Cathy twitch and looked up to see Mark and Alan each suckling a breast. She grinned to herself and brought a finger to Cathy’s lips, rubbing them softly before slipping it through her swollen labia and into the wet heat of her excited pussy. She had a tight grip on her legs, but the force of Cathy’s movement as her finger probed into her surprised her and she almost lost her lip-lock on her clit. Almost, but not quite. She inserted a second long finger, curling them both upward to reach her g-spot.

Cathy let out a strangled cry, louder and sharper than any of her moans. She began to shudder and twist and Karen could feel more of her juices flooding her mouth. She felt her pussy contract on her fingers and knew there was a very good chance Cathy was stimulated enough to squirt. She continued to suck at her clit and work her fingers until Cathy’s body stiffened and her ass rose off the couch. Karen pulled away just as Cathy let out a long wail and a stream of cum shot from her pussy, splashing across Karen’s chin and tits. It was warm and when she licked it from her chin she was rewarded with the musky sweet taste she knew so well.

Cathy twisted and groaned on the couch, still cumming hard. Both men were forced to stop sucking her tits from the sheer difficulty in trying to maintain their connection as Cathy twisted and shuddered in what appeared to be a series of overlapping orgasms. While her pussy was dripping and there was a large wet spot on the couch under her, she’d only squirted the once. Still, as she finally started to come down and sank back to the couch, panting and her face and body deeply flushed, it was obvious she’d experienced a very powerful orgasm and that she was done, probably for the night.

Karen crawled up and leaned over her. “Wow…are you ok, Cath?”

Swallowing hard, Cathy nodded, a dreamy smile spreading across her lips. “Y…yeah… Oh…my…god!” she gasped between breaths. Her eyes opened and she gave Karen a wide smile. “Damn, baby!” She suddenly seemed to realize the men were sitting there and turned to her husband, kissing him softly. “That was…amazing!” She gave Alan a brief, but tender kiss, then leaned back in Mark’s arms. “I think I’m gonna sleep good tonight!”

The others all chuckled and Karen crawled onto Alan’s lap. She felt his cock stir as her leg brushed against it and she gave him a surprised look.


He grinned and shrugged. “What can I say? You turn me on, baby!”

Karen laughed and reached down to stroke his turgid member. “You mean you like watching me and Cath making out after you fuck us silly.” She gave Cathy a knowing wink.

Cathy gave a sleepy smile at that and Alan chuckled. “Well, come on now…I’m only human!” He gave Mark a look. “Right?”

Mark grinned and nodded. “You said it.” He glanced down at his own still soft cock and at his exhausted wife resting in his arms. “But I think we’re both done for the night. You two go ahead though. We’ll just watch.”

Karen met her husband’s eyes, her own sparkling. “Think you can get me off one more time, lover?” By now she could feel his cock almost grown to full hardness again and knew the answer to her question. He could always get her off.

In answer, he lifted her up and placed her facing him, the tip of his cock sliding along her still wet labia. “Oh yeah…you know I can, baby!” he said, cupping her ass and lifting her up until he felt the tip of his cock slip into her. Slowly, he eased her down onto him, watching the look on her face as his cock filled her tight, wet pussy.

“Oh fuck…” she moaned, closing her eyes. He leaned back, pulling her with him, and began to rock her back and forth, stimulating her clit. She sighed and leaned her head against his shoulder, kissing his warm skin.

Alan thrust upward, his hands gripping Karen’s ass cheeks and pulling her down on him. She was making soft mewling noises and rocking with him, but allowing him to have total control. He brought one hand to the crack of her ass and down to where her tiny puckered back door was. He felt her moan louder and his finger lightly danced across her anus, then moved down to collect some of her juices before resuming rubbing it.

“Oh god, Alan…yes…please!” Karen gasped into his ear as his finger pushed against, then slipped into the tight, hot hole. She loved anal play and wondered if he had enough energy left to fuck her ass.

Mark and Cathy sat at the other end of the couch watching them with smiles on their faces. Even though they were both spent, they still enjoyed watching their friends having sex. When Cathy saw what Alan was doing with Karen’s ass, she gestured toward her purse lying next to the couch.

“There’s some KY in my purse,” she whispered to Mark. He’d also noticed what Alan was doing and knew how much Karen loved anal sex. Cathy did as well, but she wasn’t up for that tonight. He didn’t think he was either, for that matter. He reached down and found the tube of lube and stretched out his arm, tapping Alan’s shoulder with it.

Alan turned to him and saw what it was, nodding his thanks. He brought his other hand up. “Would you mind?”

Mark opened the tube and squirted a good amount into his palm and Alan pushed Karen upright with the other. “Stand up baby…I have a surprise for you!”

Karen had been enjoying the fuck and anal play and looked down at him, then noticed the tube of KY in Mark’s hand. She grinned and got to her feet. “Oh, yeah! Where do you want me?”

Alan chuckled and indicated for her to lean over the couch. While she bent over, he applied a good amount of the slippery gel to his cock, then put the remainder between Karen’s ass cheeks, pushing some into her tight ass. She let out a quiet gasp, wriggling her hips in anticipation. Alan moved up, placing the tip of his cock against her anus, and slowly pushed. Karen stiffened. It was always a little painful at first, but she knew pleasure would soon replace the pain once her body adjusted. Slowly, Alan fed his cock deeper into her bowels, pausing from time to time to allow her to get used to it. When he was finally all the way in, he could feel her squeezing him hard. She looked back at him and gave a little nod and he withdrew, then slowly pushed back in. Again, she stiffened but they kept doing this and after a few times he found he could move easier and she was pushing back harder as he went in. This told him she was ready for some hard ass-fucking and he held onto her hips, preparing to give her just what she wanted.

He withdrew and pushed back in faster, and without pausing did it again and again. Karen moved with him, moaning almost non-stop. He increased his speed and she matched his thrusts easily, her moans growing louder. She was so tight and her cries and moans were turning him on so much he knew he wasn’t going to last long. Karen was grunting after a few minutes, her movements causing her hair to fly around her head.

“Oh, shit!” she exclaimed through clenched teeth, looking back at him, “Fuck my ass! Fuck it hard!”

Alan adjusted his stance and began to move faster, slamming hard into her ass until their skin slapped hard together. He could feel the couch rocking and even moving back a little but he never slowed down. Karen was babbling and moaning, not making any sense and he could feel his cum starting to boil.

“Oh fuck!” he gasped, “I’m gonna cum baby!”

Karen barely heard him through the haze of the intense pleasure she was experiencing. Her fingers dropped down to her clit and she immediately felt the oncoming rush of orgasm. She began to wail and as she felt the hot cum warming her bowels, her orgasm overtook her senses and she was suddenly lost in a fog of colors and light. She could feel his hard cock stretching her anal cavity wide and it felt so damn good! Her body trembled and shook, her muscles straining for what felt like a very long time. Then he was leaning over her, his hot skin pressed against hers. She could feel his breath in her ear, hot and urgent. His cock was still in her ass but she could feel it beginning to soften and shrink. She could feel his cum seeping out and running down her leg and tried to clench to keep it inside her. But she was too worn out and simply had to let it leak out.

After a moment, Alan withdrew and went to the bathroom to clean up. Karen followed him and after a quick wash, they came back to their friends and flopped down on the couch. For a moment, no one spoke, their dopey grins saying everything. Finally, Cathy sat up and took Karen’s hand, kissing it softly.

“We should get dressed. This might be hard to explain…” She waved a hand to indicate their state of undress, “…if Steve happened to come home early.”

Karen chuckled, nodding. “Not likely to happen, but I guess you’re right.” She glanced up at the clock and was surprised to see it was almost ten. It felt like barely an hour had passed.

They collected up their clothes and dressed. The women sat on the couch chatting quietly while Alan and Mark went to get them all another drink. As they sipped their drinks and chatted, Karen thought about what Cathy had said about explaining this to Steve if he caught them. Something told her he wouldn’t be as shocked as she thought he would. But of course, she thought with a little smile, she wasn’t going to bring up that subject with Cathy and Mark. Not yet anyway.

Chapter 110

Steve awoke the next morning and stretched. He glanced over at his alarm clock and saw it was just after seven. He climbed out of bed and went into the bathroom, then came back and found his work clothes. As he dressed, his thoughts revisited the foursome of the night before. Remarkably, it was the vision of all three girls in that sexy lingerie that stood out most in his mind. He never realized how sexy that was, always believing there was nothing sexier than a naked woman. But that lingerie…wow! He couldn’t explain why, but somehow it was even hotter!

The phone distracted him from his thoughts, which was good because he noted he was beginning to get hard. He picked it up.


“Hey sexy.”

He grinned. “Hey, Ang.” They chatted for a few seconds and then her voice dropped to conspiratorial whisper.

“I know you have to leave for work, but I need to ask you something while Lin’s in the shower.”

“Uh, sure.” he wondered what all the secrecy was about.

“Look, I know we said no more in the group, but I want to take Lin to the cabin and introduce her to the others.” She paused and when Steve didn’t say anything she continued. “I mean, what’s the big deal? She doesn’t live here and she’s going home tomorrow. And after last night, well…I don’t think she has any problem with group sex. And besides…”

Steve interrupted her. “Ang, it’s ok. I agree. I mean, I know we said no more people, but Lin is a special case. And she’s been your friend a long time. I know you trust her to keep quiet and that’s good enough for me.”

He could almost feel her grin through the phone. “Really? Wow! That was easier than I thought!”

He chuckled. “Look, I have to go or I’ll be late for work. Run it by Michelle and if she says ok, then it’s fine with me.”

He could tell she was trying to keep quiet and smiled at her attempt at subterfuge. “I know Michelle will be cool with it! Thank you baby!” She made a kissing sound. “I love you! See you after work!”

He hung up the phone, chuckling and shaking his head. He’d actually had the same thought and was planning on bringing it up with Angie today. She’d simply beaten him to it. He was also having the same thoughts about Katie, but that would be…complicated, so he decided against it. Adjusting himself to hide his semi hard cock, he went upstairs to get a quick bite, then went off to work.

Chapter 111

Angie hung up the phone and lay back on her bed. She reached across to where Lin had been sleeping, the sheets still warm. She listened and still heard the shower so she picked up the phone and dialed Michelle. Her mother answered and a few minutes later Michelle’s sleepy voice came on the line.


“Good morning, sexy. I’m naked. Are you?”

Michelle hesitated for a moment until the voice registered, then giggled. “You slut!”

Angie laughed and rubbed her fingers over her naked tits, her nipples popping up. “Only for you, baby…and well, Steve, and Artie, and Jake, and…”

Michelle laughed. “Ok, so we’ve established you’re a slut. I guess I am too, then.” She giggled. “So what are you calling me so early for? It’s only…seven-thirty-five?”

Angie apologized for the early call. “But it’s important.” She told her about her and Steve’s conversation about Lin.

Michelle listened, then said, “You’ve known her a long time, right?”

“Since I was six.”

“And you trust her?”

“With my life, Michelle. We were like sisters back in Willamstown.”

Michelle was silent and Angie didn’t interrupt her thoughts. Finally, she spoke. “Well, I guess it’d be ok. She doesn’t live here, anyway.”

“No, but even if she did, I’d still want to include her.”

“Oh, I see.” Was that a hint of jealousy in her voice?

“So, want to meet and show her the cabin with me? Maybe we’ll all get lucky!”

Michelle managed a little laugh. “Sure, why not. But after last night I’m sure how lucky I want to get!”

Angie laughed and they agreed to meet around ten at the school and they hung up just as she heard the shower stop. She got up and stretched her lithe body, catching her image in the mirror. She did have a nice body, and although her hair had that just-got-out-of-bed look, she still thought she looked good. “I’d fuck me,” she said to herself with a grin.

Lin came in with a towel wrapped around her, another around her hair. When she saw Angie standing naked, she grinned and quickly dropped the towel from her body. Her skin shone with a freshly scrubbed glow and Angie’s eyes moved over her lustfully, stopping at her eyes. “I wish you could stay longer,” she said with a sad smile.

Lin came over and hugged her. “Me too. This has been an amazing weekend!”

Angie gave her a teasing grin. “It might get even better,” she said, pulling from her embrace. Lin gave her a curious look and Angie just laughed. “Hope you saved me some hot water!” she said before flinging open the door and running naked to the bathroom. Lin watched her close the bathroom door with a curious look, then pushed the bedroom door closed.

What could possibly be more exciting than last night? A full-on orgy? She chuckled, shaking her head. She still couldn’t believe she’d had sex with three other people. Not that she regretted doing it. Oh no, it was the most thrilling thing she’d ever done in her life. She was just surprised she’d had the nerve.

She did her hair and scant makeup while Angie showered, not bothering to put any clothes on. If Angie was going au natural, she would too! By the time she’d finished her hair and makeup, Angie returned wearing only a towel around her wet hair. She grinned when she saw Lin was still naked and went over to her.

“Hey, looking hot, babe!” Angie said, standing behind her as she sat at her makeup table.

She placed her hands on Lin’s shoulders and looked at their reflections in the mirror. They looked so different, Angie tall and blond while Lin was so petite, dark-haired, and exotic looking. But they were so much alike in every other way. She thought about how she’d told Michelle she was like a sister and realized how true that was. Although she probably wouldn’t be fucking her sister, she thought with a smile.

Lin was still wondering what Angie’d meant about things getting even better and when she couldn’t bear it any longer she looked up at her in the mirror. “So, what could possibly be better than what we did last night? Do you have another boyfriend you want me to fuck? Maybe him and Steve at the same time?” She giggled but when she saw the little smile on Angie’s face, she stopped. She knew her well enough to see she’d touched on something.

She turned around, her eyes moving up over Angie’s naked tits to her face. “Angie?”

Angie went over and sat down on the edge of the bed, toweling her hair dry. Lin stood and went over to her, sitting down beside her and giving her a hard look.

“Well, actually, yes.” Angie said, meeting her eyes. “But there isn’t one other boyfriend - there are two. Plus another girl. It’s kind of a little club we have.” Lin just looked at her. Angie smiled, took her hand, and began to explain her complicated relationships. Lin listened without interrupting, her mind trying to grasp what Angie was telling her. When she finally finished, Angie took a long breath. “Well, that’s about it. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner, but like I said, I promised not to.”

Lin thought for a moment, trying to put it all together in her head. “So, Michelle has a boyfriend…” She looked up at Angie questioningly.


“Artie,” Lin echoed. “And he’s also in this club, along with another couple?”

“Yes, Kristi and Jake.”

“And you guys all have sex together, all the time?”

Angie nodded. “Not always together. Sometimes it’s just two, sometimes more.”

Lin absorbed this. If Angie had told her this before their threesome and foursome, she’d have laughed. But something told her Angie was telling the truth. After all, what would be the point of telling her such a fantastic tale? Angie was speaking, bringing her back to the present.

“…and I thought you might like to meet them. Steve says the cabin is pretty much finished so you can help us christian it. That is, if you want to.”

Lin stared at her naked friend for a long moment, then a smile formed on her lips. “I wonder if my parents will let me move here?” Both girls began giggling, then embraced and kissed long and passionately for several moments before Angie pulled away.

“Am I to take that to mean you‘re up for it?” Lin nodded exuberantly, smiling widely. “Then I’ll call the others and see who else can be there.” Lin sat down and watched as she picked up the phone and began to dial. This was certainly going to be a visit she was never going to forget, and she hoped it was the first of many.

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Chapter 112

Michelle swung her bike into the school yard and pedaled toward the bleachers at the back. She was still a little tender from the night before, but not so sore that it was going to stop her from participating in the first group action inside the new cabin. She spotted Angie and Lin standing by the bleachers and they both turned to her as she slowed to a stop next to them.

“Good morning!” Angie said with a smile and a hug. Lin also greeted her with an only slightly awkward hug. Despite their wild evening, they still didn’t know one another that well, but that didn’t seem to be any sort of deterrent to hooking up again - for either of them.

“Is anyone else coming?” Michelle asked as she got off her bike and leaned it against the bleachers.

“Yeah, I called Jake and he said he had another mattress so he and Artie will meet us there…” She glanced at her watch. “…in about forty-five minutes. Did you talk to Kristi?””

Michelle nodded. “I called, but she was going out shopping with her sister and didn’t know what time they’d be back. She said she’ll come by after if it isn’t too late.”

“Aw, too bad,” Angie said, looking over at Lin, who was looking very cute in her tight jeans and tank top. “I was hoping you’d get to meet the whole gang.” Lin smiled coquettishly and Angie gestured in the general direction of the cabin. “Well, we might as well get going.”

She leaned down and picked up her mother’s bike - Lin was riding hers - and all three girls began pedaling toward the cabin. Michelle and Angie were talking and laughing, while Lin rode along quietly beside them, seemingly deep in thought. Last night had been fun, but two guys and three girls? Was she really ready for this?

They arrived at the trail about twenty minutes later and stashed their bikes out of sight. Angie and Michelle took off their backpacks and began to undress. Lin looked around, puzzled. “Is this it?”

Michelle and Angie looked up, then Angie put a hand over her mouth, giggling. “Oh shit, I forgot to tell you about our rule!”

Lin’s brow furrowed. “What rule?”

Michelle pulled her t-shirt off, her tits bouncing free in the warm sunshine. “We go naked as soon as we get in the woods,” she explained.

Angie nodded and unfastened her shorts. “Yeah, sorry Lin. It completely slipped my mind. You can keep your clothes on for now if you like.”

Lin watched her pull her shorts off as Michelle wriggled out of her jeans, then grinned. “No, I think it’s cool!” she replied, and pulled off her own top, her firm little tits bare under it. Angie and Michelle grinned back at her and soon all three were naked and starting off down the trail.


Jake and Artie walked along the trail from his grandmother’s farm, each carrying one end of the smaller twin mattress that would fit beside the bigger queen size one and complete the large bed from wall to wall at the cabin. Since there were no girls present at the moment, neither had stopped to undress. Both were excited and a little nervous about Angie’s friend joining in, and the talk centered mostly on what she might look like.

“Michelle said she’s really cute,” Artie was saying, “Short with long dark hair. I think she said she was Asian. She said she’s our age but looks younger.”

Jake looked thoughtful. “I hope that doesn’t mean she has small tits. I love big tits!”

They continued along, speculating on what Lin be like and how big her tits might be. They turned off the main trail and started down the smaller one that led to the cabin, bending the mattress around the trees on the twisting trail. As they got closer they could hear voices from up ahead - female voices - and Jake turned to look back over his shoulder.

“Sounds like they’re here!” he said, quickening his pace.

“Should we undress?” Artie asked, stumbling slightly over a root as he hurried to keep up.

“Naw, we’re almost there. We can do it then.”


Several minutes earlier, the three girls walked up to the cabin, talking excitedly and explaining to Lin how they’d managed to build it for practically nothing. Lin was pleasantly surprised, half expecting to see some ugly shack made from old rotten boards that barely looked safe enough to enter.

Instead, she found herself looking at a small, but neat and well built little cabin with a small curtained window and even a pale blue colored vinyl siding on two of the walls. She thought that it would’ve looked right at home in someone’s backyard as a garden shed. Michelle explained that Steve was slowly gathering up enough leftover and scrap pieces from work to complete the siding.

Angie opened the door and they stepped inside. As Lin dropped her backpack to the floor, she was once again impressed with how neat and clean the place was. The walls weren’t yet finished, but the insulation was covered with sheetrock and a small wood stove sat in one corner on a little brick hearth. The ceiling had yet to be completed and bare rafters spanned across the width of it. She turned and noticed about half of the one room cabin was made up of a bed that stretched from wall to wall. A large mattress covered most of it, leaving the width of a twin mattress to be filled. The bed was already made up neatly, and Michelle went over and sat on it, then lay back.

“Hey, this is comfy!” she exclaimed, lacing her fingers behind her head.

Angie winked at Lin. “Look at the slut. We just get here and she’s already naked in bed!”

Lin giggled and Michelle grinned, spreading her legs and rubbing her bare pussy. “Fucking right, girls! Come and get it!”

Just then they heard male voices outside and Angie rushed to the door, a concerned look on her face. She peered out, then laughed. “Hi guys! It’s about time you got here! Hey, why are you still dressed?”

Lin heard someone mumble something about there not being any girls and that they aren’t gay, then Angie said, “Well, there are girls here now, and we’re all naked, so get with the program, boys!”

Artie and Jake leaned the mattress against the outside wall. “Can’t we put this in place first?” Jake asked, nodding toward the mattress.

Angie shook her head and stood blocking the door, her feet apart and arms folded over her bare breasts. “Nope, you know the rules.”

As Jake and Artie grudgingly obeyed the naked blonde, Lin took a seat next to Michelle and listened nervously to the friendly banter as the boys undressed. While talking about doing this had seemed hot, and even after they’d all started biking out here she was still very enthusiastic about it. When they’d stripped down for the walk in, she was a little shocked but soon warmed up to the idea. After all, she’d had sex with them both the night before.

But now there were two guys she’d never met before getting undressed just outside and she was sitting her fully nude. Suddenly it dawned on her that this was about to happen and there was no going back, leaving her more than a little apprehensive. She felt a hand touch her back and turned to see Michelle sitting up and smiling reassuringly at her.

“It’ll be ok. If you want to just watch, that’s fine, Lin,” she said in a voice low enough that no one else could hear.

Lin returned her smile and shook her head. “I’m ok - just a little nervous, is all. I want to do this,” she whispered back.

Michelle nodded understandingly just as Angie stepped inside and Lin saw Jake’s bare butt backing in. He was holding one end of the mattress so she couldn’t get a real good look at his entire body, but she certainly liked what she saw so far! Angie came over and made sure the space for the other mattress was clear of any dirt or construction debris, winking at Lin as she caught her staring at him. She leaned down to whisper in her ear.

“That’s Jake.”

As they made their way in, Artie finally stepped inside and she was a little surprised at his appearance. While Jake had that handsome, athletic look and build, Artie was nothing like the kind of guy she’d imagined Michelle to go for. Not that he was ugly or anything, he was just…well, sort of geeky looking.

Then he and Jake pushed the mattress into place and her eyes went almost unbidden to the monster hanging between his legs. Her jaw dropped and while she knew she was staring, she couldn’t stop herself. She’d seen cocks like that in porn movies, but never in the flesh before! And especially on a guy she was expected to fuck!

Once again, she felt Michelle sit up behind her, her hands on her shoulders and her lips brushing against her ear. “Isn’t he something?” she whispered, an excited tone in her voice.

Lin felt herself nodding, but her eyes remained fixed on Artie’s huge cock as he and Jake adjusted the mattress into position. Finally, they got it in place and stood up, turning their attention to Lin and the others. Angie went over and sat next to her, placing an arm around her bare shoulders. “Jake, Artie, this is Lin, my best friend from Williamstown. Lin, this is Jake and Artie.”

Both guys mumbled nervous hellos, their hands instinctively dropping to cover their rapidly hardening cocks. Lin managed to pull her eyes from Artie’s massive member and was suddenly very aware of her own nudity. She clasped her hands in her lap and glanced over at Angie, who smiled back at her.

“Hey, come on now. No need to be nervous!” She looked up at the guys. “Isn’t she beautiful?”

Jake looked down at the petite, dark-haired Asian girl sitting beside Angie. She was definitely beautiful. Small tits, but damn - her looks and otherwise well proportioned little body more than made up for that! He managed a smile and nodded. “Yeah, very beautiful. Welcome, Lin.”

“Yeah, you look great,” Artie added with a nervous glance toward Michelle. Michelle smiled and moved up so that she was sitting on the other side of Lin, then leaned in and kissed her softly. Lin was surprised at her sudden kiss, but quickly recovered and kissed her back. Not to be outdone, as soon as they pulled apart, Angie turned Lin’s head to her and also kissed her, adding a little tongue action. They were soon wrapped in each other’s arms, kissing passionately as they sat on the edge of the bed.

Michelle watched the two girls kissing and when she saw Angie’s arms wrap around Lin’s neck, she looked up at the two guys. They were also both watching the hot kiss and Michelle noted their cocks were pretty much at full mast. She reached out and wrapped a hand around Artie’s shaft, pulling him to her. He looked at her and smiled, stepping over to her. Without saying a word, she leaned over and took the tip of his thick cock between her lips, her hand moving up and down his long shaft as her mouth engulfed him.

Artie groaned and looked down at his sexy, naked girlfriend happily giving him head while her two friends continued their makeout session beside her. God damn, life was good!

Jake watched as Michelle began to suck Artie, and began to feel a little left out. All inhibitions forgotten, he took his cock in his hand and moved slightly closer to Angie and her friend, a hopeful look in his eyes. Angie saw him coming and broke off the hot kiss, giggling to Lin as she motioned toward Michelle and Artie.

“I think Jake’s saying he needs a little attention too,” she said to Lin. Both girls looked up at Jake, who was grinning and still stroking his cock, looking from one to the other. Angie beckoned him over to her and replaced his hand with hers, pumping him slowly. Lin watched wordlessly as Angie bent over and kissed the head, her pink tongue lolling around the sensitive tip.

Jake sighed and watched her for a moment, then looked down at Lin, who was dividing her attention between the two blow jobs taking place on either side of her. He marveled at how small she was and couldn’t believe they were the same age. She looked about fourteen, especially with those tiny little tits! Well, ok, so they weren’t exactly tiny, but compared to Michelle, Angie, and Kristi they seemed that way.

He wondered if this group sex was all a new experience for her. She certainly seemed nervous, but that could just be because she didn’t know him or Artie. He hoped he’d get the chance to try that tight little pussy. He could see the little nub of her clit peeking out from just below her cleanly shaven mons so he knew she was definitely aroused.

Just thinking about slipping inside that tight little pussy as Angie expertly sucked his cock almost sent him over the edge and he had to quickly pull out to stop himself from filling her mouth with the first big load of the day. She looked up at him, licking her lips and grinning as her hand moved from his shaft to his balls.

“Mmm…a little turned on by all this eager pussy?” she asked, giving him a coy wink. He managed to give her quick smile. “You know you can cum in my mouth - I don’t mind,” she added. “Actually, I like it. I like it a lot!”

She began to stroke him again and saw his gaze shift over to Lin, who was watching Michelle trying to force more of Artie’s cock into her widely stretched mouth. Angie grinned. “Ohh, I get it!” she said with a wink. She nudged Lin, who turned back to them. “I think Jake wants you to take a turn, babe,” Angie said, pointing his cock toward the sexy brunette.

Lin looked up at Jake, who was grinning widely, then dropped her attention to his hard cock in Angie’s hand, the tip and half the shaft still glistening with the mixture of precum and saliva. She unconsciously licked her lips as Jake moved closer, but didn’t make a move herself. Angie kissed her cheek.

“Come on, honey. I know you like giving head,” Angie cooed, “And he tastes soo good!”

Jake spoke, deciding to see how far he could push the sexy brunette. “Just for a few minutes, then I want to fuck that hot little pussy of yours.” He stepped up until his cock bobbed just inches from her face. “Come on, baby…do it!”

His words seemed to encourage her and as if in a dream, Lin watched her hand go up and wrap around his hard cock. Then she felt her lips pressing against the silky smooth skin of his glans. His precum coated her lips and the musky taste of it seemed to bring her out of her shell somewhat. She parted her lips and let the tip slip into her mouth, the precum tasting even stronger now. She tightened her lips around him and took him in further, until she felt her gag reflex kick in. She began a rhythmic back and forth motion, keeping her lips tight around him and sucking. She felt him start to rock with her, his hips pushing forward as his cock filled her small mouth. Angie was right - she did love giving head!

She was really starting to get into it when suddenly, he withdrew. She looked up at him, wiping some drool from her lips. From his flushed face and almost pained expression she knew she’d almost made him cum in her mouth.

Angie leaned in and kissed her deeply for a long moment, then pulled away, grinning. “I love a nice load in my mouth too, babe, but he needs to fuck at least one of us first!”

Lin giggled and Michelle popped Artie’s big cock from her lips. Lin looked over and then up at him. She’d been sucking him the entire time her and Angie’d been going down on Jake and he still hadn’t blown his load. ‘Wow, a huge dick and control!’ she thought, wondering if there were any way in hell he might fit inside her own tiny pussy. She certainly planned to try!

Michelle winked at her as if reading her thoughts, then pushed back onto the bed, opening her legs wide. “My turn, Artie baby,” she said with a grin. Artie didn’t hesitate, but crawled between her legs and dove his face into her pussy, causing her to let out a sharp cry, then a long sigh mixed with a moan of pleasure.

Jake motioned to Angie. “Will Lin do that to you?” he asked.

Angie looked a question at Lin, who nodded with a coy little grin. “Sure, I’ll lick her pussy any time, Jake.”

Angie crawled up so she was lying next to Michelle and opened her legs. Lin moved between them, noting her pussy was already wet, her lips glistening with her juices. She could feel her own labia swelling and wet too, and wondered if Jake was planning on doing what she thought he was going to do. She sure hoped so! As she brought her mouth to Angie’s wet pussy, she made sure she was on her knees with her ass pointing up at Jake, her swollen pussy peeking out from between her thighs. She began to lick and suck at her friend’s twat, murmuring happily and wriggling her tiny little ass in slow circles.

Jake watched as Angie’s expression changed to one of lustful pleasure, her eyes closing as Lin went to work on her. He looked down at Lin’s small body between Angie’s legs, her cute little ass moving seductively back and forth. He felt his cock seem to grow a little harder and reached out to lay a hand on Lin’s delicate skin. As his hand caressed her ass cheek, she pushed back in a way that let him know she liked it and wanted more. He could see her puffy labia poking out from between her thighs and licked a finger, then lightly ran it over her swollen lips. He heard her let out a soft moan and her legs parted slightly, inviting him to continue. She was already very wet and he pushed one finger past her labia and inside her hot, moist pussy. Her head rose from between Angie’s thighs and her long hair slid from her back as she turned her head to look at him. She didn’t speak, but her eyes blazed as she licked her wet lips. He began to work his finger in and out and she let out a long gasp, rocking her tiny body in time.

“Oh, fuck yes,” she finally croaked, “Fuck mee …! Please…! I need your cock in me…now!”

Jake licked his own lips and, remembering how it had turned Michelle on, slapped her ass as he removed his finger from her pussy. Lin cried out but before she could say anything, Angie’s hand went to the top of her head and pulled her back down.

“Come on baby…eat me!” she panted.

Lin went back to licking Angie’s pussy, bringing contented moans from the sexy blonde. Jake looked down at Lin’s wet pussy lips between her slightly open thighs and moved closer, crawling onto the bed and situating his knees between Lin’s and Angie’s legs. This meant Lin’s thighs weren’t parted very much, which would make her already small little pussy even tighter.

He gripped her waist and placed the tip of his cock against her slippery lips. She moaned and moved against him. The heat from her excited sex made him even hornier and he needed to be inside that hot little cunt right now! He felt his head slip between her slick lips and holding her hips, pushed forward. He could feel the resistance as he kept pushing but he was persistent and eventually he felt the tip starting to push in. Lin rolled her hips to try to help and finally he felt the head push into the soft, warm, and very wet flesh of her tight vagina. She lifted her head again just long enough to cry out, “Oh, fuck yes!”, then went back to Angie’s pussy.

Jake, inspired by her words, held her waist and pushed in deeper. Her tiny little pussy gripped him so tight it was slow going, but he finally managed to get his entire length inside her.

“Oh my god, you are so tight!” he gasped as he started to move.

Angie opened her eyes and looked up at him, her tongue licking her lips. “Oh yeah, Jake…fuck her hard, baby! I love watching you do her!” She let out a little gasp, her body twisting. “Oh fuck, Lin, yes! Right there! Ohhh…!”

Jake watched as Angie’s body tensed and her face contorted in ecstasy as she came hard. Lin kept her face pressed into her spasming pussy until her orgasm passed and she pushed her head away, moving further up onto the bed. She collapsed onto a pillow, her fingers pressing against her tender pussy as she watched Jake adjust his position and start to really fuck her.

Lin felt Angie cum, her juices flooding her mouth. Jake’s cock was stretching her tight pussy at the same time, and between the two of them she was extremely turned on. Her body quivered and shook every time he pushed in, almost on the brink of cumming herself after only a few minutes. He was moving slowly and it felt so good, but from this position, he was missing her clit. She reached down and began to rub it, increasing her sensations tenfold.

“Oh yes…fuck me harder!” she cried, lost in the feelings.

Jake held her tighter and began to move faster, her tight cunt squeezing him like none before. He knew she would be tight, but this was almost to the point of being painful. Maybe if they changed positions. He withdrew his wet cock from her hot pussy and she looked over her shoulder at him.

“What’s wrong? Please don’t stop!” she pleaded.

“Let’s try a different position, baby,” he said. “Let me lie down and you fuck me for a while.”

Lin grinned and nodded, scrambling to one side so he could lay down. Angie moved too and Lin leaned down to kiss her while Jake got into position. Once he was ready, she broke off the kiss and moved down to give his hard cock a quick suck, tasting herself on him. He watched her take almost half of his shaft into her mouth, one hand holding back her silky hair so she could see.

With an audible ‘pop’ she released his cock and straddled him, throwing her long hair over her shoulder and rubbing her pussy along his shaft. She grinned down at him and held her hair back to lean down and kiss him.

“I’m going to fuck you soo hard!” she whispered into his ear, then sat up and poised her pussy over the tip of his cock. With her eyes on his, she began to slowly impale herself on him. Both of them moaned in pleasure as her tight pussy was painstakingly filled with his hard cock. When her labia pressed against the base of his cock, his scant pubic hair tickling her sensitive mons, she opened her eyes and smiled at him. She’d only just met him and she already had his cock buried inside her. She felt so naughty, like such a slut, but she loved it! Besides, she didn’t live here, who was gonna know? She rose up and began to make good on her promise to fuck him hard, biting her lip against the pleasure.


Michelle closed her eyes as Artie’s talented tongue moved in circles around her clit. He knew just what to do to get her off and she felt herself building up to a crashing climax. Beside her, she felt Angie twisting on the bed and recognized the signs of her imminent orgasm. Sure enough, a moment later she heard the familiar cries of Angie cumming and it brought her closer as well. Artie seemed to sense this and increased his licking. When he flattened his tongue against her clit and pushed two fingers into her pussy, she lost it. With a loud moan, she felt her orgasm explode, her body throbbing with the intense sensations of orgasmic bliss. After a few minutes, she lifted his face from her spasming slit and met his eyes.

“Fuck me,” she said in a level, even tone. No screaming or pleading, but it was very clear to Artie this was not a request. Not that he would’ve refused her anyway. He crawled up, kissing his way up her stomach and pausing long enough to give each nipple a good suck and a little nibble. Their lips met and Michelle wriggled until she felt the tip of his thick cock against her pussy. She wrapped her long legs around him and squeezed, urging him to put that monster into her. Taking the hint, he did just that, her pussy spreading wide to accept him. She grimaced, but was used to his size and after a moment she was able to take him in, grunting as he slowly filled her cunt with his thick meat.

When he was most of the way in, she felt a twinge of pain as he came up against her cervix and he stopped, sensing this was as far as he could go. He began to withdraw, then pushed back in. Michelle’s breath came in ragged gasps, her body slowly adjusting to the invader. She was soon moving with him, the pain of her stretching long gone and only pleasure remaining. She loved this part and the feel of his huge tool inside her. Yes, he took some work to get started, and there was always an element of pain, but it was soo worth it to get to this part!

They moved as one, their bodies pressed together as they began to fuck faster. Michelle continued to hold her legs around his and her arms around his neck, keeping his body tight to hers. This was also one of her favorite things - the feeling of togetherness and intimacy the missionary position allowed. She loved doggy style, cowgirl, and just about any other position, but this was by far the most intimate. She could feel him moving with her; almost feel their heartbeats as one; his hot breath in her ear; the feel of her breasts crushed against his chest. She felt her body start to heat, the tingle beginning in her groin and spreading outward. Her arms tightened around him and she kissed his cheek, then moved her lips to his ear.

“Don’t stop!” she whispered, “I’m going to cum soon!”

He lifted his head and met her eyes. “Me… too!” he gasped, his face flushed.

He leaned up and kissed his lips quickly. “Cum with me baby,” she said, holding his eyes, “I want to watch your eyes when I feel you explode inside me!”

Artie inhaled a long, ragged breath, her words only increasing his pleasure. Her pussy gripped his cock and he knew it was only a matter of seconds. “Oh god, Michelle…”

Sensing he was about to cum, she increased her own movements. Her clit rubbed against his shaft and she felt the first wave starting inside her. “Oh yes baby…!” she gasped, thrusting sharply upward pushing him in even deeper. She felt a sharp pain, then the most incredible rush of pleasure as she suddenly exploded in orgasm like never before. Her body seemed like it was on fire and every nerve was firing; every muscle tense as wave after wave crashed through her. She was vaguely aware of a hotness flooding her throbbing pussy and knew Artie had cum too. She held him tight, her body shuddering and shaking until her orgasms finally seemed to ease and she felt her body go limp under him.

She was still lying there trying to catch her breath when she sensed someone very close. She opened her eyes and saw Artie looking down at her, a concerned look on his face. “Are you all right? Did I hurt you?”

She gave him a puzzled look. “Hurt me? Of course not. Why would you ask that?”

“Michelle,” he indicated to where their bodies were joined. “I’m all the way in.” To prove his point, he moved his pelvis and for the first time she felt his pubic hair against her mons. She looked up at him, her eyes suddenly wide, and remembered the sharp pain as she came.

“Oh my god!” she exclaimed, wide eyed. She felt no pain now, but had he hurt her?

Suddenly Angie was there, her voice soothing. “Shh…it’s ok, baby. You’re fine. I’ve heard of this happening.” She brushed her hair from her eyes. “Did you feel some pain?” Michelle nodded, her eyes still fearful. “It’s ok, he just pushed into your cervix. You’ll be fine.”

Michelle looked up at her. “My…my cervix? Are you sure?”

Angie nodded. “I’ve read about it. Most guys can’t reach that far, but some do and from what I hear, it’s a very intense orgasm.” She grinned. “And from what I saw, that’s exactly what happened to you!”

Michelle thought for a moment and nodded. “Fuck, yeah.” She looked up at Artie and managed a smile. “That was the most amazing one ever, baby!”

He gave her a worried smile. “But are you sure you’re ok?”

She nodded. “I think so.”

“Ok, I’m going to pull out now.”

She could feel him inside her, a little softer but still quite hard. He began to pull back and she could feel something different - not really painful, just …different, for a moment, then it passed and he slowly pulled out of her pussy. A warm trickle of cum followed his withdrawal and she felt the usual sense of loss, but no pain. She smiled contentedly and lay back, then Artie lay down next to her and took her in his arms. She snuggled happily against him, enjoying the feel of his closeness.


Lin braced her hands on Jake’s chest and began to rock back and forth, her clit rubbing against his hard shaft and sending little shivers of pleasure throughout her body. She watched as he reached up and closed his hands over her tiny tits, her hard nipples pressing into his palms. She moaned and licked her lips as he began to twist and pull on her sensitive nipples. Even though her tits were small, her nipples were extremely sensitive and she loved having them played with.

She watched Angie sit up and come over to them, first leaning over to kiss Jake, then coming up to kiss her. The kiss was very hot and sent an almost electric current through her body as she bounced and rocked on Jake’s cock. Angie broke off the kiss and licked her lips, then bit seductively on her lower lip.

“Would you mind if I joined in?” she asked, her blue eyes almost begging.

Lin nodded, grinning. “What did you have in mind?” she gasped.

Angie grinned and straddled Jake’s chest, wrapping her arms around Lin and pressing her pussy to Jake’s face. She kissed Lin again and let out a gasp as Jake’s tongue tunneled into her still sensitive cunt and began to swirl around. She could feel her orgasm building already and from the look in Lin’s eyes, she was about ready to cum as well.

Jake was surprised when Angie climbed on and pushed her pussy to his mouth, but he grabbed her waist and pulled her down, then began to happily lick deep inside her. Lin was still fucking him too and he was having trouble keeping up his hip thrusts while still giving Angie attention she deserved. Lin seemed to be able to work him no matter what he did so he concentrated on Angie, the taste of her wet pussy flooding his mouth. As Lin moved up and down, he felt himself reaching the point of no return. He wanted to tell her in case she didn’t want him to cum in her pussy, but with Angie now grinding down on his mouth, that was impossible. He thrust upward twice and on the third time his balls contracted and he felt the hot rush as he came hard. As he pumped his load, he felt Lin’s already tight pussy contract even tighter, almost stopping the surge of his cum. He knew this meant she’d cum too and just as her contractions eased somewhat, he felt Angie’s pussy clench and his mouth was filled with her musky excretions as she came as well. He shuddered as an aftershock coursed through him, then moaned as he felt Lin’s pussy contract on his cock again, squeezing it tightly as if trying to milk more cum from him. She was having another orgasm?

Angie shuddered, then she lifted herself from his face, moving off to one side. Jake looked up to see Lin’s flushed face and body as she panted for breath, her tiny tits rising and falling and her hair falling across her face. Then Angie leaned down and kissed him.

“Thank you baby, that was wonderful!” She grinned. “Fuck you later!” Then she was gone.

Lin brushed her long hair from her face and smiled down at him. He returned her smile and reached up to her. She leaned down to kiss him and he felt a flood of cum ooze from her pussy as his slowly deflating cock shifted inside her. They kissed for several seconds, then Lin sat back up, a very satisfied look on her pretty face.

Then she looked over to where Michelle and Artie were. Jake turned his head and saw Angie leaning in close to Michelle, speaking in low, soothing tones. Artie was still between her legs and it appeared he was still inside her. Deep inside her, he noted. He couldn’t be certain, but he thought none of the girls was able to take all of Artie’s huge cock. Then he heard him ask if she was ok and that he was going to pull out. She didn’t seem to be in any pain and when she and Artie settled down together, everything seemed fine.

Lin slowly pulled off of him and Angie came back to kiss her again. They both looked down at him, exchanged a look with one another, then one crawled up on either side of him and rested their heads on his shoulders, each with one leg draped over him. He held each of them, enjoying the feel of their warm naked bodies next to his, and quickly dozed off into a very contented sleep.

Chapter 113

Kristi and Katie wandered through the mall for most of the morning, then had lunch at the food court. As they nibbled at their salads, they chatted about school and boys, and the purchases they’d made. Kristi liked her older sister, although they’d often fought while growing up like siblings will. Now Katie was cool and they didn’t fight anymore, but she was older and now pretty much lived in California and they really didn’t have much in common anymore. She’d enjoyed spending time with her while she was home, but the novelty of her being home was starting to wear off. Besides, she couldn’t stop thinking about what was taking place at the cabin right now and really wanted to be there. She was curious about Angie’s friend and wondered if Katie would mind if they went back home after they ate. Maybe she could still catch them.

As if reading her thoughts, Katie pushed the remains of her salad away and leaned back. “What do you say we call it a day, Squirt?” she said, using the childhood nickname that Kristi hated, but had learned to tolerate. “There are still some people I’d like to see before I go back home and I think we’ve been through every store here anyway.”

Kristi took one last bite of salad and nodded, wiping her mouth with a paper napkin. “Sure. Michelle wanted to do something this afternoon anyway.”

Katie nodded. “Cool.” She leaned in, resting her elbows on the table and teepeeing her fingers under her chin. “We had fun though, right? I think it was a good visit.”

Kristi smiled. “Yeah, I had fun. I wish you could stay longer.”

They gathered up their shopping bags and stood up. “Yeah, me too, Squirt. But I need to get back.” They wandered out and got into their car, and headed toward home, each one thinking very carnal thoughts and how to go about fulfilling their desires.

Katie dropped Kristi off in the driveway, saying she wanted to go meet a friend. With a wave and a short honk, she drove off, leaving Kristi standing in the driveway with her shopping bags. She went inside and dropped the bags in her room, then looked at her watch. Only twelve-thirty. They should still be at the cabin. She quickly stripped out of her clothes and pulled on a short denim skirt and white halter top, foregoing both panties and bra. Scribbling a note to her mother, she ran out and hopped on her bike, pedaling as fast as she could toward the cabin.

Fifteen minutes later, she rolled into the path and was relieved to see three bicycles hidden in the trees. She pushed hers in next to them and half ran down the path, only remembering that she was still wearing her clothes when she was halfway to the cabin. She pulled off her top as she walked, then unfastened her skirt and took it off. She’d forgotten to bring a backpack, so she clutched them in her hands for the remainder of the hike.

She arrived at the cabin and saw no signs of life. She strained her ears, but couldn’t hear any voices either. They had to be here - their bikes were back by the road. She walked up to the cabin door and opened it slowly, peering around the door to the bed. Then a wide smile spread across her face.

There on the bed lay Angie, Jake, Michelle, Artie, and a small pretty girl who must be Angie’s friend. All were naked and sleeping in one another’s arms on the big bed, which she noted now had two mattresses. It appeared they’d already had sex but they were sleeping, so hopefully there’d be another round. She stepped inside and pushed the door closed a little harder than necessary, hoping to wake them.

Sure enough, Angie’s head lifted and she looked sleepily in her direction, then a smile came to her lips. “Kristi!! You made it!” she said, pushing herself up to a sitting position and yawning. She looked at the others, who were starting to stir. “Wow, I guess we all passed out!” She giggled and beckoned Kristi over.

Kristi walked the few steps to the edge of the bed, looking down at the dozing naked forms on it. Angie reached out and shook the shoulder of the girl she didn’t know. “Lin! Wake up! We have company!” She did the same thing to Jake as Lin rubbed her eyes and yawned, stretching.

“Huh? Wha…? Company?” She looked up and saw Kristi about the time she realized where she was and that she was naked. Instinctively her hands went to her breasts, and then she seemed to realize Kristi was also naked and lowered them. As everyone else woke up and greeted Kristi, Angie stood up and hugged her.

“I’m glad you made it, hon,” she said, then turned to Lin. “Kristi, this is Lin, my friend from Williamstown. Lin, this is Kristi, Jake’s girlfriend.”

“Hi,” Kristi said, smiling nervously.

“Uh, hi,” Lin said, glancing toward Jake nervously. “You’re… Jake’s girlfriend?”

Kristi nodded and Angie gave Lin a curious look, then realized why she seemed uneasy and giggled. “Relax, Lin. Kristi doesn’t mind if you fucked her boyfriend! Right, Kristi?”

Kristi eyed Jake, who’s face flushed beet red, then shook her head, grinning. “Of course not. I just wish I could’ve been here too. It looks like you guys had fun!”

Angie grinned. “Well, we can always have more, right guys?”

Jake chuckled and looked down at his still soft cock, but he could feel it beginning to grow again. He looked up at Kristi and Angie. “Oh, hell yes!” Artie also gave an affirmative answer, and Lin shyly said she was up for it too.

Michelle rubbed her tender pussy, wincing. “I don’t know if I can take any more fucking,” she said with a wicked grin, “but I’ll do what I can!”

The others all chuckled and Kristi gave Artie a wink. “Sounds like she had a taste of that monster of yours.”

Now it was Artie’s turn to blush and the others all laughed. Lin looked over at him, her eyes dropping down to his slowly growing cock. “I’d like to give you a try, too,” she said quietly, averting her eyes.

Michelle giggled. “As long as you don’t plan on walking much afterward, go for it!”

Again, everyone laughed except Artie, who seemed to be embarrassed by all this attention. He smiled at Lin and nodded. “I’d love to,” he said softly, reaching out to take her hand. Lin smiled, both excited and scared at the thought of that big cock inside her. She wasn’t certain she could even fit his massive head in, but she had to try!

Angie clapped her hands once. “Well, all right then! Round two! Ding ding!”

Artie took Lin’s hand and pulled her to her feet. He leaned down to kiss her, but she was so short it was awkward for both of them, so he sat down on the bed, and she sat next to him. Michelle watched them kiss for a moment, then turned her attention to the others. Jake and Angie were making eyes at one another and it was clear she planned on fucking him, but she politely deferred to Kristi.

“He’s your guy, honey. Go ahead,” she said with a smile, nodding to Michelle with a wink. “I’ll go find myself a nice tittie to suck on for now, and maybe get my pussy eaten!” She leaned in and took Jake’s hand, pressing it between her legs. “But I’ll need that cock in my pussy before the afternoon is done, ok?” He glanced up at Kristi and nodded, blushing. Angie laughed and crawled over to Michelle, pinning her down with much giggling before their kiss silenced them.

Kristi looked down at Jake. He was sitting on the edge of the bed and his cock was now pretty much fully hard. She licked her lips, feeling her own arousal growing at the thought of the feel of him inside her. She stepped forward, intending to climb onto his lap and just fuck him, but he had other plans. He spread his legs and brought her between them, kissing her stomach and running his hands over her smooth buttocks. She loved the feel of his hands on her skin; the closeness of their naked bodies. But she was horny, dammit! This was no time for foreplay!

Just when she was about to attempt to straddle him once again, he moved lower, his tongue seeking out the moistness of her labia. She parted her legs a bit more and he slid a finger along her slit, pressing it between her outer, then her inner lips. She gasped as he burrowed into her hot and ready pussy, rocking her hips back and forth, trying to rub her clit on his hand.

But he had plans for her little pearl. With his other hand, he tugged back the little cover to reveal the tiny pink sex organ. His tongue darted out, tasting it briefly and bringing a shudder of pleasure from her. He did it again, and again, and finally pursed his lips around it and sucked gently, rolling his tongue over it at the same time. He added another finger and curled them both upward, searching for her g-spot. Her soft moans and shudders told him he was doing something right. And he truly loved making her cum. He never realized how much satisfaction he could get from bringing another person so much pleasure.

Not that he wasn’t enjoying himself, too. Eating pussy was turning into one of his favorite things to do with a girl and he liked doing it almost as much as he liked getting his dick sucked.

Kristi gripped his head, her hips grinding against his mouth as she felt her climax nearing. Jake’s tongue was teasing her clit and his fingers were massaging her pussy in just the right way and …a shudder spread through her body as she felt her juices starting to run. A warmth radiated from her center outward until her entire body was shivering. With a final groan, she came, pushing her vagina tight to his lips, her mouth open in a long, high pitched squeal. Jake kept licking and fingering her, prolonging her pleasure until she felt her knees weaken and slumped against him, her movements forcing him to pull back his head and withdraw his dripping fingers from her clenching pussy. He lay back onto the bed, pulling her with him.

They lay there together, Kristi’s still quivering body sprawled across his until she regained some composure and lifted her head to grin sleepily at him. “W …wow!” she gasped, “That was awesome!”

He grinned and licked her juices from his lips, then brought his still wet fingers up so she could see them. “I saved ya some,” he said with a wink.

Kristi looked at his fingers, still glistening with her juices, then grabbed his wrist and pushed them into her mouth, slowly sucking them clean with her lips and tongue. She met his eyes as she did this and felt his hard cock move against her leg. She smiled to herself, happy she was able to turn him on like this.

After a moment, she pulled his fingers from her mouth and licked her lips. “Mmm…not bad,” she said with a little wink and a mischievous grin. “But I bet you taste even better!”

She got up on her hands and knees and waited patiently while he scooted back on the bed so that his feet were no longer on the floor. He stretched out on his back and watched as she let her eyes roam over his naked body, pausing at the stiff flagpole at full mast. She wiggled her eyebrows suggestively and without a word, knelt down and kissed along his stomach, her fingers curling around the base of his cock and then moving down to tease his balls. He watched her with an amused smile, loving the way she seemed to get so much pleasure out of sucking his cock. It seemed like so long ago when he would have been happy just to get a kiss and maybe, if he was lucky, a brief feel of some tittie over her shirt. As she looked up at him, her open mouth poised over the tip of his cock, he remembered their first time together. It was hard to believe she was the same sexually naïve girl he’d taken to the creek that day.

Her mouth engulfed his cock, breaking into his reminiscences. She took nearly all of him into her hot little mouth and he couldn’t stop himself from moaning at the wonderful sensations. He reached down and pushed her hair from her face, watching as her red lips formed a perfect ‘O’ around his cock. She glanced up at him and winked, moving up and down as her tongue worked its magic on the inside. Damn, she was good at this! He watched her for a moment, then lay back and closed his eyes, just enjoying her amazing blow job.


Lin and Artie kissed for a few minutes but Lin couldn’t stop thinking about his huge cock. After a few minutes, she broke off the kiss and looked down at it. He was now at full hardness and she was once again astounded by his size. Tentatively, she reached out her small hand and touched it. Artie inhaled a breath and she looked up at him as if seeking permission. He smiled and she touched it again, this time running her delicate fingers along its length. It was so thick she wondered how much she’d be able to fit into her mouth, let alone her pussy. Artie’s hand moved up to her small breasts and he began to rub and tease her nipples as she became braver and began to stroke him slowly. She watched her hand moving up and down his long cock, amazed at the feel of it. Her fingertips could touch her thumb as she gripped it, but just barely. She imagined the feel of this monster stretching her and felt her pussy leak a little at just the thought.

Moments later, she couldn’t stand it any longer and dropped to her knees on the small mat at the foot of the bed. He remained sitting on the bed and she found she wasn’t tall enough to reach the tip of his cock while on her knees. Seeing this, Artie stood up and she smiled up at him, her hand pumping him. She looked at the large purple head and licked her lips, then kissed it lovingly before stretching her mouth wide and pushing it past her lips to her tongue. It completely filled her small mouth and she could barely fit two inches in, but she tried her best to suck and use her tongue. Artie sighed in apparent contentment, even though Lin doubted she was able to really satisfy him fully. Still, she did her best and he seemed to enjoy it, whispering words of encouragement to her that only made her even more turned on.

“Mmm, yes…suck me,” he would say. “Do you like my cock in your mouth, baby? Does it taste good?” When she murmured an affirmative, he continued. “Good girl. Suck it really good and maybe I’ll fuck you. Would you like that?”

Lin was becoming more and more turned on. He may look like a bit of a geek, but he really knew how to work a girl! Did Michelle teach him this or was it Angie, she wondered? Either way, his dirty talk was such a turn on for her that she wanted him to just throw her to the bed and take her, right now.

She pulled his thick cock from her mouth and looked up at him with pleading eyes. “Yes, baby, I want you to fuck me with your big cock. Please?” He gave her a thoughtful look, like he was maybe considering it. “Please, I’ll do whatever you want,” she added, really getting into this role play.

“Anything I want, huh?” She nodded, stroking his cock. “Imagine the possibilities,” he said thoughtfully. He looked over at Michelle and Angie, who were still making out but were also watching the action taking place with Jake and Kristi and Artie and Lin. He smiled as an idea formed and he beckoned to Angie. “Come over here and help this slut,” he said. “She seems to be having trouble pleasing me.”

Angie and Michelle exchanged a grin, then Angie crawled over as Artie sat down and moved up next to Michelle. Angie and Lin both moved into position on either side of him, their heads at his groin.

“Ok, now you…” he was speaking to Angie, “…show this little slut how a proper whore sucks a man’s cock.”

Angie nodded, somehow keeping a straight face, and knelt over his massive cock. She’d been working on deep throating but wasn’t sure how far she could take Artie. She opened her mouth and slowly fed his cock in until it touched the back of her throat. She knew this was barely more than Lin had taken and she concentrated on relaxing her throat muscles. When she was ready, she pushed the tip into her throat, swallowing the thick head as best she could. He was so big it felt like her throat was being stretched and she had to pull off. She looked up at Artie, who was stroking Michelle’s hair as her head rested on his chest.

“You’ll have to do better than that,” he said, making little ‘tsk’ing sounds. Michelle winked at her, her face only inches away. She knew all too well how difficult it was to deep throat him but wasn’t about to volunteer. If Artie ‘ordered’ her to she would, of course, but for now she was content just to watch.

Lin watched all of this, amazed at how much it was turning her on. Angie never mentioned this kind of role play and she wondered if they did it a lot. She watched as Angie took him into her mouth again, sucking gently on him before attempting another deep throat. Artie looked over at Lin, then nudged Michelle.

“Don’t you just love those cute little tits?” he asked, motioning toward Lin.

“Yes, baby,” Michelle said, “They’re very sexy.”

He looked up at Lin. “And I bet you like Michelle’s big tits too, don’t you, slut?”

Lin met his eyes, then nodded. “Yes, I do. Very much.”

Artie reached down and began to fondle one of Michelle’s full tits. “Would you like to suck on them? I know Michelle loves it when a sexy girl sucks on her tits.” He gave her nipple a little pinch, causing her to gasp. “Don’t you, baby?”

“Yes, baby.”

“Yes…what?” he asked.

“I love it when a sexy girl sucks my tits,” she answered obediently.

He nodded, smiling at Lin. “Why don’t you do that, like a good little slut. And maybe I’ll let Michelle have a taste of that little pussy later.” He gave her a grin. “After I fuck you, that is.”

Michelle sat up and Lin crawled up to her. She leaned down and took one of her firm tits in her hand and brought her rosy lips to her hard brown nipple. Michelle murmured happily as she closed her mouth over it and began to suck on it. She brought her hand to her other nipple and began to pinch and tug on it.

Artie watched them, then looked down at Angie, who was still licking and sucking his cock, but had given up trying to deep throat him. She was also watching Lin and Michelle obeying Artie’s commands, just as she was doing. He smiled at the sexy blonde, who winked at him and took him back into her mouth.

“Very nice, girls,” he said, stroking Angie’s long hair. “But now I need to feel a nice, tight pussy.” She took the hint and pulled off, sitting back on her knees watching. He turned to Lin. “Are you ready to be fucked now, slut?”

Lin nodded, eyeing his fully hard prick a little warily. Michelle took her hand. “I’ll help you, honey. It’s not as bad as it looks and it’s incredible once you get used to the size.” She giggled. “And if you don’t believe me, ask Ang!”

Angie grinned widely and nodded her head. “Oh my god, babe, just wait until you feel him fill you! It’s so amazing!”

Artie again seemed a little embarrassed at the attention, but he was beginning to get used to it. He gestured to the bed. “I think doggy style might be the best way, don’t you think girls?”

Both Angie and Michelle nodded as they helped position Lin. “And this way we can help guide him in,” Michelle added.

Lin knelt on the bed, her head down and ass high. Angie lay down next to her head while Artie took up his position behind her, slipping his fingers between her thighs and into her hot, wet cunt. “Mmm…you little slut, you’re already wet and ready for me!” he said, winking at Michelle as she knelt beside him.

“Please be gentle,” Lin said, looking back over her shoulder. That was part of the role play, but she was serious as well.

Artie gave her a wink, then said, “I will. And don’t worry. You can do it.”

Angie leaned in and stroked her hair, pulling it from her face. “Just try to relax, Lin. You’re going to love this!”

Artie moved closer, the tip of his cock probing between her legs. Instinctively, she parted them and felt the soft tip of his big glans slide across her well lubricated lips. She moaned softly and dropped her head when he rubbed over her clit, then tensed when she felt him applying pressure. She felt him slip between her labia then start to work into her pussy. She moaned and tried to help, wriggling with him in an attempt to work it in. She could feel herself stretching more and more, as far as she’d ever been stretched, but still he wasn’t in. She began to feel some pain and started to pull away, but Artie’s hands on her hips prevented that. She looked back over her shoulder.

“Please, it’s too big! You’re hurting me!”

Artie eased up and Angie leaned in closer. “Shh…it’s ok, baby. It might hurt a little, but your body will adjust. We all went through the same thing. It’s like losing your virginity, the first time is the hardest.”

Lin looked into her beautiful blue eyes and saw only love and compassion. She knew her friend would never do anything to hurt her. She nodded. “Ok, but go slow, ok?” she said, half turning to Artie.

“Of course,” he said. “Just tell me if it hurts too much and I’ll stop, ok?”

She nodded and lowered her head, bracing herself to be stretched wide open. Artie again placed the tip of his cock against her opening, with some guidance from Michelle. Once again she felt the incredible feeling of being stretched wide but his time grit her teeth and gripped the bedding in her hands. Just when she thought she couldn’t take anymore, she felt him slip in and couldn’t stop a cry from escaping her lips.

Artie was working as gently as he could to get into Lin’s little pussy. Michelle, Angie, and Kristi had been tight, but Lin was smaller than any of them and even he was starting to have second thoughts. He could feel her tensing and knew she was in pain, but she didn’t tell him to stop, so he kept working. Then, she seemed to open just a little more and he felt the head slip into her tight vagina. She cried out and he stopped, not going any deeper until she gave the ok.

Angie kissed Lin’s cheek, tasting the salt from a tear. “Are you ok, baby?”

“He’s in,” Michelle told her.

Lin nodded, the stretching pain starting to ease as her body adjusted to Artie’s size. Angie and Michelle were right - this was beginning to feel incredible! She looked back at Artie and nodded. “Keep going…slowly,” she said in a low voice.

He smiled and applied more pressure. She dropped her head to the bed as she was once again stretched wider than she’d ever been before, feeling his thick cock pushing deeper inside her tiny body. There was still some pain, but it was actually turning her on and her tortured pussy was leaking plenty of lubrication for the task.

After he’d gone in several inches, and about as deep as anyone else had every been inside her, she gasped for him to stop, that it was all she could take. He paused, giving her a moment to adjust, as he’d learned was necessary. When she gave Angie a slight nod, she gestured for him to continue and he pulled slowly back, then pushed in again.

Lin grunted as his massive tool filled her again and again, beads of perspiration forming in the small of her back. As Artie began moving with a steady rhythm, her body rocked with him. She began to get used to his size and eventually even pushed back, driving him a little deeper. She could feel her body trembling as the familiar heat began to radiate outward from her pussy until it reached her toes and fingertips. She was lost in the sensation, barely conscious of anything but the way his cock was pumping in and out of her.

Angie studied Lin’s expression and body language until she was certain she was feeling only pleasure, then winked up at Michelle knowingly. Michelle grinned, watching Artie’s cock sliding in and out of the small girl’s stretched pussy. She knew exactly what she was experiencing and felt a little envious, but she’d already been fucked by him and knew that any more that day from Artie would result in several days of no sex because of how tender she’d be. Her hand dropped down and she began to massage her tender, but hard little clit.

Angie immediately noticed Michelle masturbating and grinned. No need for her to do it herself when she was right there and more than willing to help! And since her chances of have a cock between her legs were diminishing, she thought maybe Michelle might be up for something different.

She crawled over and slipped a hand between Michelle’s legs as she pulled her close and kissed her deeply. Michelle moaned softly at her touch and returned her tender kiss, her hands caressing Angie’s back. They continued to kiss for a few minutes, their pants mixing with Lin and Artie’s grunts and the other sex noises filling the small cabin.

Angie pulled her lips from Michelle’s and smiled. “There’s something I want to try with you…are you up for it?”

Michelle grinned and then winced slightly as Angie’s fingers probed deep inside her. “I’m a little tender, but I’ll give it a try. What is it?”

Angie kissed her and grinned. “Something I read about that two girls can do. Come on.” She crawled over to an open area on the bed and sat with her legs spread. “Sit here,” she said, indicating a spot directly in front of her, “…facing me.”

Michelle sat down in a similar pose and Angie maneuvered their legs and slid closer until their pussies were only a few inches apart. She bit her lip and grinned at Michelle. “We rub our pussies together. It’s supposed to feel really good!”

Michelle’s eyebrows went up, a grin spreading across her face. “Sounds good!” she replied and moved in until her lips touched against Angie’s. Both girls let out a short breath at the intimate contact, then began to move against one another. Angie felt Michelle’s warm pussy pressing against hers and reached out for her hand. Michelle grasped it and squeezed, leaning back and closing her eyes. “Oh fuck!” she gasped, “This feels soo good!”

“Holy fuck!” Angie gasped, amazed that she was becoming even wetter than before. “It’s almost like we’re fucking!” The feel of Michelle’s labia rubbing on hers, then over her clit, was one of the most erotic sensations she’s ever felt. She looked over at Michelle, her eyes closed and face a mask of concentration as they moved together. Her nipples were rock hard and she was tugging on one with her free hand. “Oh yeah, baby, cum for me!” she gasped, knowing that the moment she felt Michelle release she’d let go with her own orgasm.

Michelle’s tongue licked her lips and a low moan escaped them. “Angie…oh fuck…!” she moaned, rocking even faster. “I’m gonna cum…I’m gonna….uhnnnn…” Her voice trailed off and she threw her head back, pressing her cunt hard against Angie’s. A warm wetness spread over Angie’s pussy and she felt herself suddenly there, cumming with her, their bodies humping jerkily against one another as each of them experienced a wet, wonderful orgasm together.

After a long climax and several aftershocks, the two girls collapsed in one another’s arms, kissing and speaking in low murmurs as they watched Artie and Lin move toward their own mutual orgasms.

Artie pumped about six inches into Lin’s tight pussy, the effort causing sweat to run down his face and chest. He could see the sheen of perspiration on her delicate skin too and heard her grunts even over the moans of Angie and Michelle. Kristi and Jake were also now fucking wildly and he glanced over to see her hair swinging around her head as she rode him hard. Lin was very wet and despite her tightness, he was moving relatively easily inside her velvety cunt. Even though Michelle had gotten him off not long ago, he knew he wasn’t going to last much longer. He reached down and wrapped a hand around her long, dark, silky hair without even thinking about it, and gave it a pull. Angie and Michelle both loved it when he pulled their hair.

Lin cried out, lifting her head from the mattress as her hair was pulled. Artie must’ve realized she hadn’t been expecting it and let go, leaning in closer and pausing his forward thrusts. “Oh shit, sorry about that,” he panted.

Lin shook her head. “It’s ok, you just surprised me. Go head and pull it, just don’t stop fucking me!”

He resumed his thrusts, and grabbed her long hair, giving it a gentle tug. Lin moaned this time. “Oh fuck, yes! Don’t stop!” He began to move faster, feeling his own orgasm nearing. She kept talking, pausing only to breath.

“Fuck…me…yes…yes…so…close…mmm…god…fuck…fuck…fuckkk kk…!”

The last word was drawn out and turned into a low wail. Artie felt her pussy tighten and her body shudder as she came, jerking so hard that he was afraid she’d push herself all the way onto his cock and hurt herself. But all this movement was too much for him too and when Lin’s pussy finally let go of his cock, he pumped in and out a few times, then pulled out and grabbed her shoulder, flipping her over onto her back.

She lay there, her eyes still glazed, and watched as he pumped his thick, wet cock a few times before groaning and shooting a stream of white hot cum across her stomach, tits and face. She closed her eyes instinctively as the warm sticky goo landed on her face and body. Her tongue went out and licked a gob from her lips as he finished off by leaving another streak across her tits and a small puddle in and around her belly button.

Artie gasped and panted as his balls emptied and he looked down at Lin’s cum covered little body lying before him on the bed. She reached up and wiped some from her left eyelid, then looked up at him as she stuck her fingers in her mouth and sucked them clean. She gave him a little smile and he grinned back at her. “Are you ok?

She nodded, inhaling a deep breath as her fingers moved down to rub the sticky semen into her skin. “I won’t be walking right for a while, but yeah…I’m good.” She grinned. “Really good!” she added with a wink.

Artie chuckled and looked up at Angie and Michelle, who were watching them with bemused expressions. Angie reached out with a delicate toe and nudged Lin’s shoulder. “Told ya you’d love him!”

Lin looked up at her, cum running down one cheek, and giggled. Angie immediately moved down and kissed her, then began licking the cum from her skin. She was joined by Michelle and together the two friends cleaned up Lin as she moaned and sighed, loving the feel of their mouths on her skin. Artie watched them for a few minutes, then turned to watch Kristi and Jake.


Kristi was loving the feel of Jake’s hard cock in her mouth, but she needed to get fucked …badly. She kept stealing glimpses at the others and when she saw Michelle and Angie helping Lin accept Artie’s cock, she couldn’t take it any longer. Giving Jake one last deep suck, she looked up at him.

“I need you to fuck me baby. Right now.”

Jake looked down at the sexy naked girl kneeling at his feet. He’d certainly been enjoying her blow job and was trying to decide if he should fuck her or cum in her mouth, but one look into those wild eyes and her practically ordering him to fuck her made up his mind.
He looked over at Artie poised behind Lin and was about to suggest that position when Kristi suddenly stood up and pushed him back onto the bed and he pushed back until his feet were just hanging over the edge of the bed.

With a determined look in her eyes, she climbed onto him and crawled up until her pussy was positioned over his hard cock. Holding his eyes, she grasped him in one hand and guided him to her opening as she lowered herself down. Still keeping eye contact, she released his cock and after only a brief pause, pushed him all the way in without stopping. She felt him fill her instantly and gasped in pleasure as she settled down on him, her eyes closing as she did.

Jake watched her get into position, surprised and more than a little turned on by her aggressive posture. She was so wet his cock filled her tight cunt effortlessly and when she opened her eyes and looked back down at him, he could see the lust and desire in them. She began to rock against him, rubbing her clit against the base of his cock for a few minutes, then she placed her hands on the bed on either side of his head and began to fuck him, rolling her hips. Her long hair fell over her face and against his face and chest, tickling his skin. He could feel her hot breath, panting as she began to move faster. He leaned up and kissed her and she captured his mouth, kissing him hard and hungrily. Then she broke off the kiss and pushed herself up, leaning back and bracing one arm on his leg, the other on his chest. She rocked against him again, closing her eyes. Her movements became jerky, then he felt her pussy clenching his cock as a relatively small orgasm overtook her. She shook and trembled for a moment, then opened her eyes and smiled down at him.

“You didn’t cum. Good,” she said, her eyes dancing. Before he had a chance to respond, she began to move up and down again, their bodies slapping together.

She was like a woman possessed, her carnal desires taking over. Once again, he thought back to how timid and shy she’d been only a month earlier, and how he’d had to coerce her into sex. Now she was in full control, practically raping him in her lust. Not that he was complaining, mind you. All he had to do was lay there, occasionally assisting with an upward thrust. But she was definitely in control and it appeared she wasn’t going to stop until she wore him out!

Kristi could never remember feeling this horny in her life. What brought it on, she couldn’t say, but she wanted to fuck until she didn’t have any energy left to fuck anymore. So far, Jake was being accommodating but it he came before she was done…then what? She decided to worry about that when the time came as she felt a small, yet very pleasurable orgasm release. She soaked it in, letting the warmth spread throughout her body, then looked down at Jake. “You didn’t cum,” she’d said, “Good.” Then she resumed fucking him like it had never happened. She needed more…much more, and if he couldn’t satisfy her…

She looked over at Artie, who appeared to be struggling but was successfully fucking Angie’s little friend…what was her name? Fuck, her brain couldn’t come up with her name at the moment, but it didn’t matter. Maybe Artie could finish the job if Jake couldn’t. If not, there was always Angie and Michelle, but right now cock was what she craved.

She leaned over and began to roll her body, bringing her clit in contact with Jake’s cock in a way that sent shivers through her body. Oh yes, if she could just keep this feeling going, she’d be exploding all over his cock in no time. But would that finally satisfy her? Only one way to find out!

She locked her eyes on Jake’s and began to slam up and down, taking his whole length with each thrust. She grit her teeth and watched his face contorting. She knew that look - he was about to cum. The thought of his hot semen flooding her pussy edged her closer to her own climax, and this wasn’t going to be a small one like before. Her body felt like it was on fire and she moved faster still, pressing her tits against Jake’s chest, her ass pounding up and down as she fucked him harder.

“Oh…fuckkkk…! Jake moaned and a second later she felt his cock swell, then a warm wetness filled her. She didn’t stop and only a few strokes later she felt herself tensing, then releasing her own flood, her powerful vaginal muscles constricting over and over on Jake’s cock with each wave of pleasure. She lowered her face to his neck, her cries muffled but still loud in the small room. Over and over, wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure rolled through her until she collapsed against Jake, panting and gasping for breath.

Jake felt his balls contract and a second later he was pumping his load into Kristi’s hot pussy. She was still fucking him fast and hard and it seemed to prolong his orgasm. His body trembled and shivered every time her wet lips slid over his sensitive head until he felt her start to tense and with a low wail, she buried her head against his neck and came.


He could feel her squeezing him again and again and a warm wetness flooded his groin. While still relatively new to sex, the crash course he’d been on had quickly taught him that when a woman came and released cum, it was a very intense orgasm. He held her as her body shook and jerked with one after another, seeming to come almost on top of one another. Finally, she stopped and he felt her relax in his arms, with only the occasional twitch and squeeze of his slowly deflating cock.

When Kristi finally lifted her head and looked up, she saw all eyes on her. Angie grinned the widest. “Holy shit, Kristi. Are you all right?”

Kristi smiled at her and nodded. “Oh yeah!” she breathed.

Michelle giggled. “What about you, Jake? Are you still alive or did this horny bitch fuck you to death?”

Everyone laughed at that and even Kristi grinned. She looked down at Jake, who was trying to smile while catching his breath. She realized that her full weight was on his chest and rolled off of him, feeling a flood of their cum pouring from her tender pussy. She fell onto her back, staring up at the still uninsulated ceiling. She could see the knots in the boards that made up the roof, and the exposed rafters, then Jake was speaking.

“I’m alive,” he said, then added, “Barely!” She felt a hand touch her arm and turned to look over at him. “Are you sure you’re ok, Kris?” She nodded and gave him a weak smile. Then his expression turned inquisitive. “Wow, what got into you?”

She chuckled and shook her head. “I…I don’t know, but are you complaining?”

He laughed. “No way! You’ve just never been that…that…”

“Crazy horny before?” Angie finished for him. “Looks good on you, babe!” Everyone laughed at that and she looked over at Jake, then to Artie. “Do you realize that nobody fucked me today?” she asked, pushing out her bottom lip in a mock pout.

Michelle sat up, taking her hand. “Holy shit, you’re right!” She gave each of the boys a look. “Someone needs to step up to the plate and get this girl laid!”

Jake and Artie exchanged a look and Jake held up both hands, palms out. “Not me, at least not for a while. After what I’ve just been through, I need some recovery time!”

Angie, Michelle and Lin all giggled while Kristi elbowed him in the ribs. “Keep it up, mister, and that memory is all you’ll have for a while!”

Jake looked around to the others, who simply shook their heads. “Nope, if she says no nookie, that means from any of us,” Michelle said, winking at Kristi.

“Damn,” Jake replied. “That hardly seems fair!”

“Aw, poor baby!” Kristi said, patting his hand. “You’d have to go from too much pussy to none…imagine the horror!”

Everyone chuckled, but Angie was serious. She needed to get laid. Having her pussy eaten all afternoon was good, and she wasn’t complaining - well, not much - but it didn’t compare to having a hot, rock-hard cock inside her. And it appeared Jake was down for a while. She looked up at Artie and he sighed good naturedly, looking down at his limp but still imposing cock. He looked back up to her and shrugged. “I dunno. Maybe if I were…properly motivated,” he said with a little smirk.

Angie looked at the other girls. Kristi and Jake were teasing one another playfully, and not really paying attention to them, but Michelle was eyeing Artie’s cock with interest. “Kristi is probably worn out,” she said, “…and Lin, too, but I think you and I can get him back into shape, Ang. Don’t ‘cha think?”

Angie grinned and reached down to caress Artie’s cock, still wet and sticky from Lin’s pussy. She looked up and met his eyes. “You tasted really good when I licked your cum from Lin’s tits, you know.” Artie smiled at her and glanced over at Lin, who was watching them intently. Angie leaned in a breathed in his ear. “I would do almost anything you asked me to if you would just get hard and fuck me.”

Michelle came over and cupped his balls, dropping her head down to his still soft cock. She stuck out her tongue and licked along it, sucking on one of Angie’s fingers in the process. Artie looked down at her and she winked, then took almost his entire penis into her mouth, sucking noisily on the soft flesh.

Even though he was soft, the warm feeling of a hot mouth wrapped around his cock felt incredible and he smiled down at her, willing himself hard. He was young; he could do this. After all, he’d only cum twice, with a good rest in between. Even a nap!

Angie moved in closer, pressing her firm tits against him, then leaning in for a very hot, wet kiss. Her tongue danced with his, then she bit his lower lip and tugged on it. It was all very sexy and extremely erotic, but he still didn’t feel much change.

“Maybe it’s just too soon,” he suggested. “If we waited just a little longer…”

But Angie was having none of it. She needed him hard right fucking now. Watching everyone else getting fucked to powerful orgasms had her so horny she’d fuck any guy who happened along. Since that wasn’t likely, she was determined to have Artie’s massive cock.

She looked down at Lin, who was still watching them. Perhaps a little girl on girl while Michelle sucked him might help. She went over to Lin and they began to kiss. Angie placed her hand on her breast, then guided her mouth to one of her hard nipples. As Lin began to suck and nibble, Angie looked up at Artie and moaned, maybe a little more than necessary, but if that’s what it took…

She looked down at Michelle, who shrugged and brought up her hand, thumb and forefinger a little apart. So it was starting to work. She pulled Lin from her tit and lay back on the bed, rubbing her clit. “Come on Lin…lick my pussy, baby.”

Lin moved in and pushed her legs far apart, opening her flowering lips and spreading them with her fingers. She made sure Artie saw what she was doing, then leaned in and ran her tongue slowly along Angie’s pink flesh. Angie moaned loudly and twisted her body erotically, calling out Lin’s name.

“Oh fuck, Lin…yes! Make me all wet so I can take that big cock in my tight little cunt!”

She reached down and gripped Lin’s head, pushing her down harder. Artie watched all of this, then looked down at Michelle, who was hungrily devouring his cock. She pulled it from her mouth and grinned.

“Mmm…you like me sucking your cock, don’t you baby?” He wasn’t yet hard, but he was growing. She continued. “I bet you’d love to fuck my tight ass with your big cock, then shoot your cum all over my face, wouldn’t you babe?”

Artie nodded, amazed at the lengths they were going to to make him hard again. And it was working. “Keep talking dirty to me,” he said, running a hand through Michelle’s hair as she went back down on him.

“I want you to fuck me so hard,” Angie gasped, writhing as Lin did her best to coax another orgasm from her. “I want you to treat me like the slut I am and fuck me so hard.” Michelle felt him growing steadily harder and she could no longer fit him completely in her mouth. Angie kept talking. “Where do you want to fuck me, baby? You can fuck my pussy, or my ass, even my mouth. Shove that big, thick cock right down my throat and fuck my face until you cum and make me swallow every drop!”

Artie began to rock his hips. He was almost ready and Michelle wasn’t easing up on her blow job. Angie sat up, lifting Lin’s head from her pussy. She looked at Artie, her lips, nose and chin dripping with Angie’s juices. Angie leaned in and kissed her, then began to lick her own juices from Lin’s face.

That was all it took. He gently pushed Michelle from his cock and turned to Angie. “On your hands and knees, whore. You’re going to get what you deserve!”

Angie obeyed, immediately assuming the doggy position. Artie moved in behind her and pushed her legs apart, then set his recently renewed cock at her hole and pushed, not worrying too much about taking it easy on her.

Angie squealed and wriggled her hips until the head slipped in, then pushed back against him. He was stretching her wide but she was so wet she didn’t care. He pushed in until almost half of his cock was in her, then he began to fuck her, working slowly and going a little deeper each time. Angie moaned and whimpered, but it felt so fucking good to have a cock in her pussy, the slight bit of pain was well worth it.

“How do you like that, whore?” Artie said, pulling her hips as he thrust in a little more. Almost seven of his ten inches was now being fed into Angie’s welcoming pussy. “Want a little more?”

She grunted something unintelligible and he added another half inch. She cried out, but didn’t stop moving with him, even pushing back a little harder. “M…more!” she finally gasped.

Artie looked at Michelle, who shrugged. She’d taken all of him and was no worse for the wear, other than being a little more tender than normal. Artie gripped Angie’s hips and pushed in further, bringing forth another grunt that was something between pain and pleasure. She dropped her head for a long moment while he waited, then in a raspy voice said, “More.”

Again Michelle shrugged and Lin moved closer, her eyes glued to the amount of cock he had inside Angie. She hadn’t even been able to take more than six inches, yet Angie had all but two of his ten buried inside her, and she was still asking for more! Yes, her body wasn’t as small as hers, and she had more experience, but still…that had to hurt!

Angie pushed back against him the next time he thrust in and she felt a sharp twinge as he came up against her cervix. She gasped and paused, causing Artie to do the same. Gasping and panting, she looked back at him, her eyes wild.

“I…want…it all!” she grunted, her blue eyes locking on his. “Fuck me, godamit!” Artie gave her a look that asked if she was serious and she nodded vehemently. “Do it!” she gasped, then dropped her head to her folded arms.

Artie swallowed hard, then pushed gently forward. Angie whimpered and he stopped, but she said she wanted him all, and she meant it. She’d seen the intense orgasm Michelle’s had and she wanted to experience that too. She pushed back against him and felt another hit of pain, then her ass bumped against his pelvis. He was in! She did it! She turned around but was unable to see how it looked. But she could feel him. Oh yes, she could definitely feel him!

She looked up and met his eyes. “Now, fuck me!”

Artie pulled back and drove back in, and she cried out as he once again drove deep and hard. There was pain, a lot of pain, but it started to diminish after a few thrusts and was replaced by a deep warmth that radiated from the very depths of her soul. It felt like he was so far inside her that they were one and the same and she didn’t want the feeling to end.

He fucked her for what felt like hours, her orgasm building on itself until she couldn’t hold back and released with a loud cry, again and again with each wave that passed through her like ten thousand volts. She couldn’t stop cumming, again and again as he pumped into her and only when he tired and pulled out did she stop. Slowly, he withdrew from her wet pussy and she fell to the bed, completely worn out.

Artie hadn’t cum. Although it had felt like hours for Angie, it was in fact only a few minutes. Her overlapping orgasms had began not long after he’d pushed into her cervix and they all watched in amazement as she screamed and grunted, cumming over and over until he finally pulled out before she passed out from too much pleasure.

Lin went to Angie, while Michelle went over to Artie. “Ang? Are you ok?” she asked, stroking her hair and moving it from her face. Her face was flushed, her eyes closed, and there was a string of drool from the corner of her mouth to the bedding. Her head nodded almost imperceptively.

“Y…yeah,” she gasped, her body heaving as she caught her breath.

Michelle took Artie’s cock in her hand and began to suck on it like a crazy woman. After all he’d done to pleasure Angie, she was going to make sure he got off as well. She could taste Angie’s cum on him and it made her even more turned on. Artie was moaning and humping against her, his hand on her head. She could taste his precum now over Angie’s cum and it was getting stronger. She rolled her tongue around his head, sucking and working her lips over the sensitive tip.

Finally, she sensed a change in his breathing and she knew he was about to cum. She redoubled her efforts, anticipating the taste of his hot cum on her tongue and sliding down her throat. She murmured happily, hoping the vibrations would help.

They did, and within a few seconds she was rewarded as he shot a weak but satisfying load onto her tongue. She happily swallowed it all, and sucked up the rest of his shots until he was finished. She sat back and licked her lips, smiling up at him. He grinned back and took her in his arms, kissing her warmly.

Angie was totally worn out, but completely satisfied. After a few moments, she was able to roll over and Lin curled up with her. Everyone chatted quietly, Lin with Angie, Jake and Kristi, and Artie and Michelle. Finally Angie looked around and grinned, rubbing her tender pussy and wincing.

“Well, I guess I should be careful what I wish for, huh? Owww!”

Everyone laughed at that and relaxed on the bed, chatting and giggling. Lin looked over at Artie, who was leaning back with Michelle in his arms, and their eyes met. He gave her a wink and she smiled at him. This was one day she was never going to forget. Hell, the whole weekend was something she’d never forget! As she looked around at her new friends and lovers, she knew she was forever changed, and thought it was a good change. Yes, most definitely a good change!

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Cant wait for more.

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Chapter 114

Katie drove away after dropping Kristi off at home. She glanced in the rear view mirror at the bags in the back seat. It was fun going shopping with her little sister, but the whole time they were there all she could think about was meeting up with Steve and Carrie that night. She just had to convince Carrie to do the threesome! All these thoughts of sex were also making her very horny and she glanced down at the clock, wondering if Steve took a lunch break. Her hand slipped down between her legs as she made a right turn onto the street the hardware store was on. It couldn’t hurt to pay a visit, right?

She pulled into the parking lot and turned off the car, her eyes searching the lumber yard behind the chain link fence. She could see some men moving around back there, but so far she didn’t see Steve. Then she spotted movement on the back of the flatbed boom truck and her face lit up in a smile. Steve was up there, tightening down the straps on a load of lumber.

She got out and walked across the parking lot and through the fence to where the truck was parked. Her short skirt revealed her long, tanned legs and she was aware of several stares as she made her way over to him.

Steve secured the last strap and jumped down, checking the other straps to make sure everything was secure. It was almost an hour past lunch but the load was for a contractor who was one of their best customers and he needed it delivered that afternoon, so lunch had to wait. He dusted off his hands and was about to go in and get his lunch when he heard his name being called. He turned to see Katie walking over to him, looking oh-so-hot in a cute little skirt and low cut blouse. She was smiling and waving and he grinned, walking over to meet her.

“Hey there, sexy!” she said, planting a brief kiss on his lips.

He looked around and saw Jack and Bill watching with smirks on their faces and knew he’d be enduring more good natured ribbing after lunch. “Katie, hi! What are you doing here?”

She faked a pout. “Can’t I come down and see you at work?”

He chuckled at her attempt to look hurt. “Of course. Actually, I was just about to take my lunch break so you have great timing. Wanna join me?”

Her face lit up in a dazzling smile. “I’d love to!” She looked around. “Can we go somewhere private and talk?”

He thought he detected a little inflection on the word ‘talk’ but he just nodded. “Sure. Let me get my lunch. Be right back.”

He turned away and went inside, retrieved the cooler that contained his lunch, and came back out to where she was waiting patiently. His eyes took in her incredible body and pretty face, amazed that a girl like that would be interested in him. Besides his work buddies, he’d noticed pretty much every other guy nearby steal at least one subtle glance at her, and she was his for the taking! She smiled at him and hooked an arm in his, and he led her down through the stacks of lumber toward the back of the lot. They arrived at a low pile of boards and he motioned for her to sit down. She took a seat and he sat next to her.

“Are you as excited about tonight as I am?” she asked as she crossed her long legs and grinned widely.

He chuckled. “Hell, yeah. But is your friend really up for it?”

“You let me worry about talking her into it, lover. You just concentrate on performing!” she said with a wink.

He laughed nervously. “How do you know she’ll even like me? I mean, she’s in college, right?”

“I’m in college, and I like you. A lot!” He opened his mouth to reply as he unwrapped a sandwich, but she slipped a hand to his crotch, cutting off his words before he could speak. She looked around. “Maybe after you eat I can give you a little dessert,” she added with a wink. She took his free hand and set it on her thigh, then pushed it up under her skirt. He quickly realized she was naked under it and felt his cock swell.

“Shit, Katie, I dunno…” he said, craning his neck to see if anyone was close enough to see them. “If we got caught I could get in trouble.”

She grinned and began to unfasten his pants, leaning in closer. “We won’t get caught,” she breathed, her hand slipping into his pants. “I’m so horny, baby. I don’t think I can wait until tonight!” She took a quick look around, then pulled his cock out. “Just let me suck you…please?” Her hand was stroking him and his lunch was forgotten. He nodded dumbly, a slight grin on his lips as their eyes met.

Katie giggled and squatted down in front of him. He stood up and leaned against the wood pile and watched as she pulled his pants down a little more, then looked up at him and slowly worked her luscious lips over the head of his cock. Her other hand dropped between her legs and she took him in deep, turning her head and moaning softly.

Steve looked around nervously, praying that no customers or coworkers would come looking for him. Katie was really working him over, her mouth wet and hot. She took him in as far as she could until he heard her start to gag, then she began pumping him in and out faster and faster, her hand working his shaft and balls as she did.

After a few minutes, she pulled off and grinned up at him. “You taste good baby,” she said with a wink and a grin.

He grinned down at the sexy coed. “You feel so good, Katie!”

“Do you know what would feel even better?” she asked, her eyes dancing. He knew what she was going to say, but he waited for her to continue. “It would feel so good if you’d just bend me over this pile of boards and fuck the shit outta me!”

His face changed to a mock expression of shocked surprise. “You really want me to fuck you right now?!” He looked around. “Here?!”

She nodded, still stroking his cock as she looked up at him. She leaned in and gave the head another quick suck. “Mmhmm…right fucking now! Put this big, hard cock in my wet cunt and fuck me hard!”

Before he realized he was even moving, Steve had the horny girl leaning over the pile of lumber and her skirt pushed up around her waist. He was admiring the twin globes of her perfect ass as the shiny pink flesh of her pussy peeked out at him from between her thighs. He ran a finger over it, collecting some of her juices. She gasped when he did and looked back at him as he sucked his finger clean.

“You are a horny little slut, aren’t you?” he said as he pressed his cock against her opening.

She moaned and gripped the wood, nodding her head. “Oh fuck, yes! I’m such a horny slut!”

He pushed into her in one long thrust, slipping in easily. She groaned and began to push back immediately and within thirty seconds he was slamming into her hard and fast. She was moaning non-stop and calling out words of encouragement, telling him how much of a whore she was for showing up at his work with no panties, hoping he’d fuck her. Steve was becoming very turned on by all this, not to mention the added thrill of possibly being caught at work. He could feel his orgasm starting within a couple of minutes and started to slow down to keep it at bay, but she was having none of it.

“Don’t…stop!” she cried, pushing back against him.

“Katie, I…I need to or…I’ll cum… too soon!” he managed to say.

“I don’t care, baby…cum…cum in my pussy! I’ll cum with you!” she replied, rocking against him. “Just don’t stop! I’m so close!”

He couldn’t understand her wanting it to be over so fast, but her movements were soon going to make him explode even if he just stood there, so he began to pound her hard again. His hands grasped her hips and their bodies shook and slapped together. Katie began a low growl that seemed to increase in tone and pitch every time he buried his cock in her. He soon felt his balls contract and closed his eyes as his cum boiled and coursed through his shaft, flooding her pussy and sending waves of pleasure through his body. He was vaguely aware of Katie crying out something but what he was focused on was the way her strong vaginal muscles were contracting and milking the cum from his cock.

When his orgasm finally eased, he opened his eyes, wiping sweat from his brow. Katie had her head down on her crossed arms and he could see her body heaving as she, too, struggled to catch her breath.

They remained there for a few seconds just enjoying the afterglow when the sound of approaching voices reached Steve’s ears. He began to pull out and Katie looked up at him with a disappointed pout, then the expression on her face changed as she heard the voices too.

“Are they coming back here?” she asked as Steve pulled out and began to hurriedly fasten his pants.

“I don’t know, but you better stand up,” he told her, running a hand through his disheveled hair.

Katie stood up, giving her own hair a quick fix. She was sure it still had that ‘just fucked’ look, but with little time and no mirror, there wasn’t much she could do about it. She could feel a trickle of cum seeping from her pussy and running down her inner thigh as they resumed their places sitting on the lumber. She adjusted her skirt so it wouldn’t drip onto it, hoping she didn’t get a splinter sitting bare-assed on the rough lumber.

The voices were indeed getting closer and they’d no sooner sat down when two men walked around the corner. One was wearing a gray workshirt like Steve’s with the name ‘Bill’ on the left side and the store name on the other. The other one appeared to be a customer. They stopped when they saw them, surprised to find two people apparently having a picnic on the stack of boards.

“Hey, Bill,” Steve said, holding up his sandwich, “Just taking my lunch break.” He hoped their still flustered appearance wouldn’t be a dead give away as to what they’d been up to.

Bill eyed Katie for a second, then shook his head. “Sorry to disturb you. I’m looking for that stack of economy studs that we were going to put on sale. Seen it around anywhere?”

Steve pointed across to the other side of the yard. “Jack moved them over there this morning.”

“Thanks,” he said, and both men gave Katie another look. She smiled and waved without speaking and they turned and started over to where Steve had pointed.

When they were out of sight Katie looked at Steve and winked, a wide grin on her face. She parted her legs and hiked up her skirt, pointing to the puddle of semen still seeping from her pussy onto the boards. She giggled. “Good thing they didn’t need anything from this pile!”

Steve looked down at the puddle and laughed. She stood up and he retrieved a rag from his pocket and wiped it up. “Any more in there?” he asked with a wide grin, holding up the rag and reaching for her skirt.

She backed away, eyeing the dirty rag and laughing. “Don’t you dare!”

She sat back down and they chatted while he finished his lunch. She told him all about Carrie and everything that had taken place the night before. She described her to him, reassuring him that she was both beautiful and very sexy. He chuckled, shaking his head. “Katie, I’m not worried about that. If she turns you on, I know I’ll like her. I just hope she likes me.”

She leaned in and kissed him. “She will, don’t worry. And after how I bragged to her about how good you are at pleasing a woman, she’s practically going to attack you!”

He laughed. “So, no pressure.”

She giggled and shook her head. “Nope, no pressure.” She kissed his cheek. “You’ll be fine, baby. But I better let you get back to work.”

They stood up and he took her hand as they walked back up to the warehouse. He waved to her as she got into her car, then watched her drive away. He turned to go take his cooler back inside and punch back in when he saw Bill and Jack standing in the door, watching him with their arms folded and big shit-eating grins on their faces. He sighed. ‘Here we go,’ he thought to himself, then smiled. Hell, if they wanted to rib him for taking a piece of that sweet ass, let ‘em have their fun. They were just jealous.

Chapter 115

Angie lay back in the bath tub, letting the warm water sooth her tender pussy and relax her tired body. Lin had showered before her bath and she could hear the hair dryer from her bedroom across the hall and could picture Lin sitting naked at her makeup table blow drying her long dark hair. She smiled contentedly, but also a little sadly. Lin was going home tomorrow and it felt like they hadn’t spent nearly enough time together. She hadn’t realized just how much she’d missed her and, given the change in their relationship, parting was going to be even harder.

She closed her eyes and thought back over the wild weekend they’d just shared and smiled. Lin took to the swinging lifestyle like a fish to water and Angie couldn’t wait until she could visit again, although with school starting soon it was going to be difficult to arrange. Still, she was determined to get together with her latest lover as often as possible.

She stayed in there for about a half hour - not nearly long enough but she didn’t want to spend her last night with Lin soaking in the tub. She got out and toweled dry, then wrapped another one around her hair and went into the bedroom. Lin was naked on the bed, lying on her side and thumbing through a magazine, her freshly dried hair shining and falling to the covers.

She looked up as Angie came in. “Feeling better?” she asked, closing the magazine.

Angie nodded and rubbed the towel through her hair. “Yeah, much better. How are you doing?”

Lin slipped a hand between her legs, grimacing slightly. “Very sore,” she said, then her expression changed to a warm smile, “but I’m not complaining!” Both girls giggled and Lin added, “Wow, Artie is really something else! I can’t believe I was able to take him!” She gestured to Angie. “And you and Michelle took all of him! Good god, girl, are you sure you’re ok?”

Angie laughed and sat down next to her, her hand moving to stroke along the soft skin of her torso. “I’m fine, honey, but I think I’ll need a day or two to recover before I do any more fucking!”

“Yeah, me too,” Lin said, enjoying Angie’s tender caress.

“Any regrets?” Angie asked.

Lin shook her head, smiling. “No way! This was incredible! I so wish I lived here so we could do this all the time!”

Angie nodded in agreement. “Yeah, me too. But we can get together on weekends and holidays. And maybe next summer you could come for a longer stay, maybe a few weeks.”

“That would be awesome!” Lin replied, meeting her eyes. They held one another’s gaze for a few seconds, then Angie leaned down and kissed her soft lips lovingly. The kiss soon became hotter, hungrier and within a minute they were lying tangled on the bed, wrapped in each other’s arms and kissing passionately. After a few minutes of this, they lay back on the bed, their bodies still entangled. Angie looked over at her and let her fingers trail along her perky tits to her hard nipples. Lin gasped and thrust up her chest slightly.

“I really do love you, Lin,” Angie said softly.

Lin smiled and placed a hand on her cheek. “I love you too, Angie.”

Just then they heard Angie’s mother calling down that dinner would be ready soon so they got up and dressed. Angie eyed the phone as she pulled on her jeans. She should call Steve. While he’d given his ok to break in the cabin without him, she still felt bad that he hadn’t been there. And now she was too sore to even fuck him. Maybe he could come over and she and Lin could suck his dick all night, or he could fuck her in the ass. She grinned at the idea. That might be something Lin would want to try, too.

After dinner, she and Lin went down to the family room and Angie called Steve. They chatted for a few minutes then he asked how the afternoon went.

“It was awesome, babe. Lin fit right in. Hell, she even fucked Artie!” She gave Lin a wink and she blushed. Even after all the crazy sex, hearing Angie describe it to her boyfriend still made her feel embarrassed.

“Wow, good for her,” Steve replied. “I bet she’s pretty sore, huh?”

“Yeah. Actually, we both are. I’m afraid the puss is closed for a while, babe. Sorry. But if you like, I’m sure we can come up with some other ways to please you!” She gave Lin a wink and a grin and Lin licked her lips.

“Naw, that’s ok Ang…I had a really hard day at work today. Two big orders came in and we were all running our asses off to fill them. I’m beat.”

“Oh, ok.” The disappointment was evident in her voice.

“But I’m not working tomorrow. Maybe we could get together in the morning before Lin goes home?” he asked. Despite his date with Katie and her friend tonight, he really wanted to see Lin again before she left. He loved her small, well toned body and fondly remembered the way her tight, velvety pussy gripped his cock. He heard Angie and Lin talking in low tones for a few seconds, then she came back on the line.

“Ok, maybe that might be better. I’d like to spend some time alone with Lin on her last night anyway. We’ve been so busy servicing all you guys we’ve hardly had time just to talk and …stuff.”

Steve heard Lin’s girlish giggle in the background and chuckled. “Stuff, right. Ok, baby. Why don’t we meet at the school at say…ten?”

They agreed and after some prolonged good nights, Angie hung up the phone and turned to Lin, who was giving her a seductive grin while undoing the buttons of her blouse. “So, what kind of ‘stuff’ did you have in mind? Hmm?”

Chapter 116

Steve hung up the phone and checked his watch. Almost six-thirty. Katie had called earlier and told him she’d be by to pick him up at six-thirty. She explained that she’d spoken to Carrie on the phone that afternoon and after thinking about her proposal, she decided it was something she wanted to try.

He grabbed his jacket and yelled to his parents that he was going out before he ran outside and began walking along the street. He’d only passed a few houses when he saw her car turn the corner and pull up alongside him. The drivers window went down and she grinned out at him.

“Hey, there, looking for a good time, sailor?” she said with a sexy wink.

He laughed and looked past her to the empty passenger seat. Katie gave him a knowing smile. “Carrie had to work a little late. We’re going to meet her in about an hour.” She tilted her head toward the passenger seat. “Hop in, we’ll go grab a coffee or something while we wait.”

He jumped in and they sped off in the general direction of the mall to where a little coffee shop was situated at one end of the parking lot. He gestured to the drive-thru line. “Maybe we shouldn’t go in…just in case Angie or someone happens by.”

Katie grinned. “All right, we wouldn’t want you to get caught with ‘the other woman’ now, would we?”

Steve gave her a humorless smile, remembering his little white lie to Angie earlier. “It might be awkward.”

She steered the car to the drive thru and ordered them each a coffee, then they parked in a discreet area and sat sipping at the hot liquid. “I got us a room at the Madison,” Katie said, referring to one of the several chain hotels on the edge of town. “I figured we might as well have a nice room instead of fumbling around outside or in the car.”

“Ok, but let me pay for it,” he said.

Katie smiled and patted his hand. “Do you have a credit card?” He lowered his eyes and shook his head. “Well, we can’t register without one, so relax - it’s on me.” She leaned in and kissed him. “Don’t worry, lover, you’re going to earn your keep!” Her hand dropped into his lap and he felt his cock twitch and begin to grow as she slowly rubbed her hand over his jeans.

He chuckled nervously and nodded. “Uh, ok.” What the hell was wrong with him? He felt like a virgin about to be sacrificed to two raving nymphos! For fuck sake, he’d had two, even three girls at once before! This was nothing new!

Katie seemed to pick up on his nervousness. “What’s wrong? You seem uneasy. Don’t you want to do this?”

He looked up at her. “Hell, yes, I want to do this!” Her smile returned. “I don’t know…I guess it’s because you’re both college girls and have more experience.”

She laughed. “You’re too cute!” Then her voice took on a more serious tone. “Look, Steve, you have nothing to worry about. Now, I’m not saying I have a lot of experience, but I’ve been with a few guys. And trust me, none of them have been as good as you - college, or even older.”

He shot her a curious look, one eyebrow raised at her mention of older guys. “You’re just trying to make me feel better,” he finally said with a little smile.

She shook her head. “Uh-uh. I mean it. You are by far the best lover I’ve ever had.” Then she turned pensive, a finger going to her chin. “Although there was that English professor who had these handcuffs …and whips…” He was giving her a shocked look and she laughed. “Relax, I’m joking!” His expression relaxed and she added in a teasing voice, “He didn’t have any whips.”

Before Steve could reply, her cell phone chirped and she picked it up. “Hello? …Carrie, hi!” She gave Steve a wink and a smile. “Cool, so we’ll see you there in about fifteen? Awesome…yeah, he’s right here next to me…naw, relax, it’ll be fun…uh-huh…ok, see you soon.” She ended the call and looked over at Steve as she started the car. “She’s going to meet us at the hotel.” Steve nodded, looking straight ahead and taking another gulp of coffee as they pulled out onto the street and roared off.

Ten minutes later, they pulled into the parking lot of the hotel and Katie drove slowly past the parked cars, looking for the red Toyota Carrie said she’d be driving. Not seeing it, she backed into a spot and turned off the engine. “I guess she isn’t here yet. Keep an eye out for her and I’ll go check us in, ok?”

“Sure,” Steve replied, glancing nervously toward the entrance.

Katie could sense his trepidation. “Relax, Steve. She’s really nice. I won’t be long but if she arrives before I get back, just talk to her, ok?”

“Don’t worry, we’ll be fine,” he said, giving her what he hoped was a reassuring smile.

Katie laughed and shook her head. “Don’t scare her away or I’ll use you as my own personal sex slave all fucking night!” She cocked her head thoughtfully and said, almost to herself, “Come to think of it, I might just do that anyway!”

The door closed before he could respond and he chuckled as he watched her strut across the parking lot in the twilight, her tight jeans showing every curve of her sexy body. She turned and winked as she opened the door, then disappeared inside.

Steve settled back in his seat, watching past the hotel lobby to the parking lot entrance for the red Toyota. He played absently with the plastic lid of his empty coffee cup, silently hoping that Katie would be back before Carrie arrived. Meeting this girl without her presence would give the term ‘awkward first meeting’ a whole new meaning.

After what felt like at least ten minutes, he looked down at the clock on the dash and saw that only four minutes had actually passed. He looked up as a set of headlights played across his window and tensed, but it was a blue Ford, and he relaxed again. Then the hotel lobby door opened, but it was a man in a suit carrying a briefcase. What was taking her so long? The lobby door opened again and, mercifully, Katie stepped out. She flashed him a wide grin and held up a key card as she neared the car. He breathed a sigh of relief and watched as she came around and slid back into the drivers seat.

“She’s not here yet?” she asked, frowning.

“It’s only been about five minutes since you went in,” Steve replied, pointing to the clock, “And we were a few minutes early.”

She nodded, giving him a smile. “You’re right. I guess I’m a little scared she might change her mind.”

“Did she sound that way on the phone?”

Katie shook her head. “No, she seemed kind of excited.”

He took her hand. “Then relax, she’ll be along shortly.”

Katie squeezed his hand and laughed. “Look who’s being reassuring now!” They both laughed and turned at the same time when a car swung into the parking lot and moved slowly in their direction. Steve squinted against the headlights in the gathering dusk and he could just make out that it was a small red car.

“That must be her,” Katie said, turning the headlights on and off a couple of times. The car moved toward them with more purpose and pulled into a spot almost directly across from them. Through the rear window, Steve could see a woman’s silhouette as she leaned over for something in the passenger seat, and when her door opened he watched a tall, slender woman step out carrying a small overnight bag. She shouldered her bag and brushed her long bangs from her eyes, then after a moments hesitation, began walking over to where they sat.

Katie grabbed her own overnight bag from the back seat and opened her door. “Ok, let’s go,” she said, and got out. Steve watched her greet Carrie and they hugged briefly, then Katie turned to the car and waved for him to join them. He took a deep breath and got out, feeling their eyes on him as he closed the door and turned to walk over to where they stood.

The two girls were talking in low tones and when he approached, they stopped and looked at him. Katie took a step toward him and took his arm. “Carrie, this is Steve, my main squeeze.” He felt his face flush and she continued. “Steve, this is Carrie, an old friend from way back.”

“Hi Carrie,” he managed to say in a fairly calm manner, extending a hand, “Nice to finally meet you.”

She gave him a nervous smile and stepped closer, taking his hand in hers. Her skin was cool and her fingers long and slender. “Hi Steve. Katie’s told me a lot about you, too.” Her voice was light and he thought he could detect a slight waver in it. Clearly she was as nervous as he was.

As the light from a nearby streetlight fell across her face, he could see Katie wasn’t joking when she said she was pretty. This girl was smoking hot! He let his eyes move down over her slender body, clad in a dark, clinging skirt that fell a few inches above her knees and a white almost sheer blouse that he could just see the faint shadow of her bra through.

Katie watched them say hello, then said, “Well, ok…I have our room so why are we standing around in the parking lot?” Grasping Steve’s hand in hers, she took Carrie’s arm with the other and guided them toward the lobby doors, making small talk. Steve pulled the heavy glass door open and ushered both women in, then followed them across the carpeted lobby to the elevators.

As they stood waiting, he looked around. There were two attractive girls behind the desk wearing their corporate blue blouses with name tags pinned to them. One, a cute blonde, was serving a customer while the other was busying herself at a computer terminal. The blonde serving the customer looked like she was just out of high school and the other, a sexy redhead, was maybe in her late twenties. He decided that he’d be happy with either one, then chuckled to himself. Here he was, going up to a room with two gorgeous ladies and he was checking out two more on the way up!

His eyes moved around the lobby. A man sat in one of the overstuffed chairs reading a book and looking out through the windows every few seconds as if waiting for someone. A woman stood at one of the taxi courtesy phones and hung up as he was watching her. She caught his eye and looked quickly away, taking a seat with her back to him where she could also watch the arriving cars. Embarrassed at being caught staring, Steve glanced over at Katie and Carrie, who were chatting quietly, then he looked back over to the desk. The cute blonde was just finishing with the customer and she looked over in his direction, then to the girls, and back to him. Was that a little smile on her face, he wondered?

The ping of the elevator arriving brought his attention back to what he was doing and all three of them stepped in. Katie pressed the fourth floor button and as the doors closed, Steve looked back over at the blonde behind the desk, who smiled and gave him a quick wink just before the doors slid closed. Did she know?! Just what had Katie said when she checked in? He looked over at her, but she merely smiled and winked at him, shifting her bag on her shoulder.

A moment later the doors opened and they stepped out into a carpet covered hallway lined with identical doors on both sides. Katie led the way, followed closely by Carrie, while Steve brought up the rear. He’d offered to carry their bags while in the elevator (better to be chivalrous late than not at all) and he adjusted the straps on his shoulders, his eyes drifting down to her amazingly toned legs. He was imagining them wrapped around him when they stopped and Katie swiped her key card, then swung the door open.

“And here we are!” she exclaimed, stepping in and flicking on the light. Carrie and Steve followed her in and he pushed the door closed with his foot before dropping their bags to a low table next to the TV. Since he wasn’t planning on staying the night, he had no bag of his own.

“Nice room,” Katie was saying as she looked in the bathroom and then over to the one king sized bed that occupied most of the floor space. There was also a small table and two comfortable looking easy chairs. Your basic mid range hotel room. Katie flopped onto the bed and grabbed the remote control, aiming it at the large flat screen TV. “I hope they have porn!”

Steve felt an uncontrollable grin spread across his face and shook his head. Carrie just rolled her eyes. “Why doesn’t that surprise me?” she said with a grin, going over and taking a seat next to her on the bed. Steve wandered over to the window and looked out at the lights of the town, half listening to them discuss the pros and cons of buying one of the pay per view porn channels.

“What d’ya say, Steve?” Katie asked, “Should we watch some porn first?”

“First?” Carrie said, eyeing her suspiciously, “What do you mean, ‘first’? I haven’t agreed to anything except to hang out and talk.”

Katie grinned and reached out to tweak her nipple, which Steve noted were poking at the fabric of her flimsy top. “You brought an overnight bag, darling!”

Carrie laughed and pulled away from Katie’s hand. “I like to be prepared,” she stated in a matter-of-fact tone, “It doesn’t mean a thing!” She tried to keep a straight face, but Katie knew she wasn’t here just to talk. Deciding it was time to break the ice a little, she looked over at Steve.

“What do you think, Steve…is she fuckable, or what?”

Carrie’s jaw dropped open and she slapped Katie’s arm playfully. “Kate!”

Katie grinned up at her. “What? I happen to think you’re very fuckable and I was just asking Steve’s opinion.” Carrie just shook her head and crossed her legs while Katie looked up at Steve, winking. “So…is she?”

Steve hated being put on the spot, but he decided to play along. “Hell, yeah, she’s gorgeous!” he said, then added, “Of course, you’re smokin’ hot too!”

She laughed and rolled over, lying on her back and looking up at Carrie. “Hear that, Carrie? He thinks we’re both fuckable!”

Carrie sighed. “Will you be serious for a minute, Katie?” Katie sat up, sitting Indian style on the bed. Carrie looked up at Steve. “How old are you, Steve?” Katie started to say something, but Carrie held up a hand, silencing her. “Because I couldn’t… have sex with someone who’s under eighteen. Since I’m twenty, that would be illegal.” She saw Steve’s face fall and Katie opened her mouth to say something, but before she could, Carrie continued. “But I tend to take someone at their word, and you have an honest face.” She let her eyes take in his well toned body. “And you look like you’re at least eighteen. So, if you tell me you are, I’ll believe you.” She met his eyes and after a few seconds, she winked.

“Uh, I’m eighteen,” he said, catching on to her little game.

Katie grinned at Carrie’s trick and gave her shoulder a shove. “You bitch! You really had me going there!”

Carrie laughed and pushed her back until she toppled over onto her back. “That’ll teach you for taking it for granted that just because I come up to your hotel room with your boyfriend and an overnight bag that I’m going to sleep with you!” She grinned, then punctuated it with, “Slut!”

Katie laughed. “That’s me!” She tugged at Carrie’s blouse. “So, why don’t we get this evening started?” Her eyes took on that seductive smokiness that Steve knew well and he felt his cock grow a little harder inside his jeans. Carrie swallowed hard and looked up at Steve, before Katie pulled her attention back to her. “Just pretend he isn’t here for now. Concentrate on me,” she breathed, licking her lips.

Katie moved in and pressed her lips to Carrie’s. Carrie didn’t resist, but she didn’t react either. She just sat there stoically, like she didn’t know what to do. Katie pulled back, a puzzled look on her face. “What’s wrong?”

Carrie inhaled a long breath and shook her head, attempting a smile. “I guess I’m just nervous,” she said in a low voice, “…and this…” She gestured between her and Katie, “…is still very new to me.” Her eyes darted over to where Steve stood watching them. “And I’ve never done anything while someone was watching.”

Steve shuffled his feet, afraid that his presence may bring an end to their fun. Katie thought for a moment, then perked up. “Hey, how about if Steve and I make out and you can watch for a while. Would that be ok?”

Carrie gave her a questioning look. “And I wouldn’t have to do anything?”

Katie took her hand and brought it to her lips. “Not until you feel comfortable, honey. And I really hope you try. This isn’t an opportunity that comes around every day and I don’t want you to have regrets that you didn’t try it.” She smiled and gave her a quick kiss on the lips. “You just get comfortable while Steve and I heat things up a bit. We’ll have you so turned on you’ll be naked and on your back before you know it!”

She turned those smoldering eyes on Steve and slowly got up from the bed and took the three steps over to where he stood. Her eyes only left his long enough to look down to where his cock was creating a very prominent bulge in his jeans. She looked back up at him and licked her lips. “Is that for me?” she asked, her hand going out to fondle him.

He moaned softly a second before their lips met and he felt her warm body press against his. His arms went around her back as the kiss intensified and her hand remained trapped between them, massaging his cock to full hardness. He slid his hands down to her round ass and gave it a good squeeze with both hands, causing her to gasp. She took a half step back and began working at the button of his jeans, quickly freeing his straining cock from its tight confines. He moaned again, a little louder, when her warm hand slipped inside his boxers and she began to stroke him.

“Mmm…Katie…that feels good!” he breathed.

She grinned and pushed his jeans and boxers down over his hips, then stepped aside so Carrie could see what she was doing. Carrie’s eyes locked on the hard cock in her hand, watching in rapt fascination as Katie gave him a hand job right in front of her. She couldn’t take her eyes off his cock, surprising even herself by her growing arousal. Despite her trepidations, she had a feeling this was going to be very hot, and so far she wasn’t disappointed!

Katie grinned at her friend. “The perfect size!” she exclaimed, “and he knows how to use it, too!” Carrie felt her face flush, but Katie didn’t seem to notice. Instead she turned back to Steve and kissed him, then dropped to her knees in front of him, looking back at Carrie and winking, as if to say, ‘Watch this!’

Carrie did watch, feeling the warm moistness between her thighs become even wetter as Katie opened her mouth and very slowly pressed her lips to the tip of Steve’s cock, then pushed it into her mouth. She could hear her murmuring she began to bob her head back and forth, turning it slightly as she did. Steve kept his eyes on Katie for a few seconds, then looked up and met Carrie’s eyes. She wanted to look away but couldn’t. The look of pleasure on his face and in his eyes held her and she found herself wanting to be the one to be giving him those wonderful feelings.

Katie began to move faster and her wet slurping noises made them both look down to her. She was working her hand up and down his shaft as she pumped him in and out of her wet mouth. He closed his eyes and moaned softly, “Oh god, yes, Katie!”

Carrie couldn’t take her eyes off of the very hot oral sex taking place just a few feet away. She was becoming more and more turned on with each passing second and Steve’s quietly spoken words followed by Katie’s acknowledging grunts were starting to make her panties very wet.

After a few minutes, Katie pulled his cock from her lips, kissed the tip lovingly and looked up at Steve. “Was that ok, baby?” she asked, her hand moving along his saliva-slick shaft.

“Oh yeah…that was great!” He looked up at Carrie and Katie turned to her friend.

“Want a turn, Car?” she asked. Carrie looked over at her, then to her hand that was still stroking the rock hard cock. “If you like, I can do you while you suck Steve off,” she added, licking her lips and scanning Carrie’s legs and skirt, which had ridden up until it barely covered her panties. Her gaze kept moving up, pausing at her breasts, with her grotesquely hard nipples showing through the fabric of her bra and top, then up to her eyes. Carrie was about to laugh at the sheer gall of her question, but something in her eyes stopped her before she started. She looked again at Steve, who was also watching her and waiting for her reaction. Katie still had her hand on his cock, but she wasn’t pumping him any more. She was nodding before she even realized she was doing it.

Katie’s face broke out into a huge grin. “Awesome!” She got to her feet and went over to the bed, her hands tugging at the bottom of her t-shirt, pulling it off and tossing it aimlessly to the floor. She was braless, her tits firm and her nipples hard. Carrie stared at her, almost unable to breathe as she came closer and crawled across the bed toward her. Katie stopped and ran a hand along her smooth leg, up over her knee. “Such sexy legs,” she murmured and leaned down to kiss them.

Carrie was so intent on what Katie was doing that she didn’t notice Steve climb onto the bed and come up next to her on his knees. She turned suddenly and was met by the soft tip of his hard cock only a foot away. She swallowed hard, her attention shifting from Steve to Katie, and back again. Steve smiled at her and sat down, sensing immediately that she was being overwhelmed.

“Let’s watch Katie first,” he said softly, “Then we’ll go from there, ok?”

Carrie stared at him for a long moment until she felt Katie’s hands under her skirt and tugging on her panties. She grinned up from between her legs. “Mmm…already wet!” Carrie gasped as she felt Katie’s fingers slide along her swollen slit over her increasingly wet panties. “Lift up, sweetie, let’s get these wet things off before you catch cold!” She winked up at her and tugged harder on her panties. After a moment’s pause, Carrie lifted her ass from the bed and allowed her to quickly slip her panties down over her knees and ankles, and off. Even though her skirt still covered her pussy, she suddenly felt very exposed, but at the same time very excited. It surprised her to realize how much she was getting off on this!

Katie smiled up at her and licked her lips. “Ooo…you trim! Very sexy! Take a look, Steve!” Before Carrie could say anything, Katie had pushed her skirt up around her waist, revealing to Steve her neatly trimmed pussy. She shaved her labia clean, but left a small triangle of hair on her mons.

Steve took a good look, then grinned at her. “Mmm…very sexy indeed!”

She felt her face flush but her embarrassment at being exposed was short lived because Katie quickly lowered her head and began to kiss along her thighs, then licked the top of her slit just below her clit. She cried out and involuntarily thrust her hips upward a little, surprised by her almost immediate oral attention. Katie grinned up at Steve, winked, then went back to work.

Carrie felt her warm breath on her wet lips, then the hotness of her tongue rolling along the length of her slick pussy. She moaned softly and parted her legs. She absolutely loved both receiving and giving oral sex and right now it didn’t matter that it was a sexy woman doing it to her. She was going to relax and enjoy it for what it was. She reached down and hoisted her skirt up so Katie would have free access, her eyes closing and her tongue wetting her dry lips. She seemed to know exactly what to do and there was no awkward fumbling as often happened when a man went down on her.

She was aware of fingers undoing the buttons of her blouse but made no effort to stop them.
When the last one was undone, the same gentle hands urged her to a partial sitting position and she opened her eyes to see Steve smiling down at her. She noticed he’d removed his own shirt and wondered just how long she’d been lying there enjoying Katie’s wonderful mouth. She helped him remove her blouse and started to lie back down, but he placed a hand on her back, stopping her. “Just a sec,” he said, and she felt him working the clasp of her bra. A few seconds later, he had it undone and she allowed him to pull it free, releasing her tits. Despite the somewhat awkwardness of their situation, she found it incredibly liberating to be topless, and for all intents and purposes, bottomless as well. All she wore was her skirt, which was pushed up to her waist.

Hands moved over her bare breasts, squeezing gently and teasing her hard nipples. She moaned at the dual onslaught. Katie was touching on all the right places and with the added stimulation of Steve massaging and caressing her breasts, she knew it wouldn’t be long before she’d be cumming. Her moans became louder and she began to work her pussy against Katie’s mouth.

She felt Steve’s hands leave her breasts and turn her head. When she opened her eyes and saw his cock only inches from her lips, she needed no further encouragement and moved in until she could open her mouth and take him in. His glans was soft and warm, and slid effortlessly over her lips and between her teeth, gliding over her tongue to the back of her throat. She closed her lips around his hard shaft, forcing down her gag reflex as she’d learned to do. The feel of a cock in her mouth while her pussy was being eaten was enough to elevate her arousal and she felt the first stirrings of orgasm deep in her womb. She sucked lovingly on Steve’s cock for a few minutes, then pulled it from her mouth when she felt her orgasm nearing.

“Oh fuck, yes! Don’t stop!” she cried.

Katie was working her tongue over her clit, doing what she liked having done to her and hoping Carrie was the same way. She’d only been with one other girl and that had worked with her so she applied the same technique with her. She was pleased when she sensed Carrie’s pleasure increasing and when she said that, it made her own panties wet enough that she feared it would seep through the denim of her jeans too. But fuck it, she didn’t care. they had all night to dry because even though she knew Steve couldn’t stay the night, she fully intended to wake up naked in Carrie’s arms in the morning.

“Oh fuck…I’m cumming…I’m cumm…” Carrie suddenly cried out and Katie felt her body tense, then begin to shudder and shake as her orgasm released. She felt a flood of warm juices seep onto her tongue and lapped them up, getting a good mouthful of Carrie’s sweet cum. She moaned and writhed under her until she began gasping for air and Katie released her dripping pussy, recognizing that she’d taken all the stimulation she could handle for now. She sat up, watching Carrie’s bare breasts heaving as she panted for breath, Steve’s hard cock bobbing near her head. She looked up at him and winked, her hands moving to pinch her own nipples.

Steve watched Carrie getting off, still amazed at how erotic it was to watch a woman orgasm. While he loved the feel of her warm mouth on his cock, he wasn’t disappointed when she pulled off to cum. Fuck no, watching her cum was almost enough to set him off too!

Carrie was overwhelmed by the intensity of her orgasm. She was aware of the others in the room, but only vaguely, as if they were behind gauzy curtain that blocked all sound. She came again and again and was relieved when Katie’s mouth finally moved from her spasming pussy. Still, she continued to cum for a few seconds, shuddering with the warm electric sensations until she finally relaxed and sank panting to the bed.

When she finally opened her eyes, she looked up and saw Katie had removed the rest of her clothes. She was helping Steve finish taking off his jeans and when they were both naked, they both embraced and kissed, then turned to her.

“Welcome back!” Katie said with a grin. She and Steve came over and crawled onto the bed next to her. “Are you ok, hon?”

Carrie looked at her, then over to Steve, and then nodded. “Yeah…wow!”

Katie giggled and Steve grinned. “Well, baby,” she said with a wink, “the night is still young. We aren‘t done with you yet!”

Chapter 117

Angie giggled and watched Lin undo her top and shrug it off. She went over and checked the hall to make sure all was quiet, then closed the door and turned back to Lin, who was now tugging off her pants.

“You poor thing,” she said, slipping off her own top as she walked slowly back to her, “I bet that sweet little pussy is all sore from that big old cock!” Lin made a mock pout and nodded, her lower lip protruding sexily. “Want me to kiss it better?”

She immediately broke into a wide smile. “Yes, please!” As Angie tugged off her own pants, Lin added, “But I bet yours is pretty tender, too. Maybe I better kiss it better, too.”

Angie tossed her clothes into a pile next to the bed and giggled. “Are you suggesting a little sixty-nine, sweetie?”

Lin lay back on the bed and spread her legs. “No, I’m insisting on it! Now get that pussy over here, baby!”

They both broke out in a laughing fit, but Angie obediently straddled her face and pressed her still tender pussy to Lin’s mouth. Gently, Lin’s lips kissed it, then her soft tongue moved lightly over her red labia. Angie tensed at first, then relaxed and just sat there enjoying herself for several moments before she remembered she was supposed to be returning the favor and lowered her head between Lin’s thighs, holding her long hair back with one hand.

Lin gasped and cried out as Angie’s mouth closed over her tiny, sore little cunt. Her cries were muffled by her pussy and Angie kept licking and sucking, although she was trying to be gentle. But she loved the taste and feel of her friend’s tight little snatch and pushed her tongue deep inside, tasting her tender, sweet flesh.

Lin was still very tender, but for some reason the pleasure of Angie’s mouth overrode any pain and she began to moan, rocking her pelvis against her mouth. She tried to concentrate on Angie and hoped she was enjoying her cunnilingus as much as she was.

Angie was indeed enjoying it, and it wasn’t long before both girls were grunting and moaning in simultaneous orgasms. Angie came a lot and although she tried to catch it all, Lin missed some and it ran over her cheeks, neck and to the sheets. She loved the way she did that and the feel of her sweet juices felt as they ran over her skin. She’d also had an intense orgasm, but she wasn’t able to squirt like Angie had. She was simply too over sexed and exhausted. They curled up together without putting their pajamas back on and were quickly asleep in one another’s arms, content and happy.


Cathy awoke and glanced at the alarm clock. The glowing red numerals said it was two-thirty-three. She looked over at Mark’s sleeping face and smiled, remembering their passionate and satisfying love-making earlier. He was truly a wonderful lover and she would’ve been very content with just him if not for the close relationship that had developed between them and the O’Connells shortly after they were married. Now she couldn’t imagine life without their loving sexual relationship any more than she could imagine life without Mark.

Carefully, she got out of bed and went into their bathroom. When she came out, she started back to bed, then decided it might be a good idea to check on the girls and make sure they weren’t up talking all night.

She slipped her robe over her naked body and quietly slipped out into the hall, her bare feet making barely a sound on the thick carpet. She walked across the kitchen, trying not to step on any of the squeaky boards that she still hadn’t lived there long enough to know by instinct. She opened the basement door and paused, listening for any sounds of giggling or hushed talking. Hearing nothing, she started to close the door, then figured that she’d come this far, she might as well make sure they were tucked in.

She crept down the stairs and went over to Angie’s closed door. She never used to close her bedroom door at night back in Williamstown, but she supposed she was growing up and with a friend over, they’d want their privacy.

Carefully, she turned the doorknob and pushed the door open. Light from the stairway light leaked in and fell across Angie’s blond hair splayed across her pillow. She was asleep on her back, her breathing soft and even. She pushed the door open a little more and almost fell into the room. She brought a hand to her mouth, staring in shock at the two girls.

They were lying in bed, with Angie on her back and Lin’s head resting on her shoulder. Both were sound asleep, and naked from the waist up as far as she could tell. The covers were pushed down enough that she could see that much. But from the way they were cuddling together, it was an obvious conclusion that they had nothing on and were much more than just friends. She felt a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach. Not because she was ashamed that her daughter may be a lesbian, but for the hard life she’d have.

She pulled the door closed and went over to sit on the couch, the light from the stairwell leaving long shadows across the room. Angie was gay…ok, she could handle that. She’d just have to be more careful about allowing unsupervised sleepovers. But how could she do that without arousing suspicion that she knew?

Then she sat up straight, a sudden realization piercing her sleep fogged mind. Angie was seeing Steve, and they’d admitted they were having sex. So maybe she wasn’t gay, or was that was a cover story devised by her and Steve? Or maybe she was just experimenting. Everyone did that, right? She’d done it herself, although not until college.

But what if this wasn’t an experiment? What if Angie was bisexual? She was, so what was wrong with her daughter being bisexual as well? She tried to think if there’d ever been a time when Angie may have seen her and Karen in a compromising situation, but they were always so careful and she couldn’t think of any close calls. Then she tried to remember the times Angie had been with her friends and how they’d acted. Michelle, she was always with Michelle. There was another girl, too, but she couldn’t recall her name.

She looked up as if suddenly realizing where she was. She stood up and slowly made her way up the stairs, her mind still swirling with too many thoughts for that hour of the night. She went back to their room, slipped out of her robe, and got into bed next to Mark, who stirred and placed an arm around her just under her breasts.

“Everything ok?” he mumbled sleepily.

She rested her hand on his arm and snuggled in close to his naked body. “Everything’s fine,” she replied, but his light snores told her he was already back asleep, something she knew would be a long way off for her.

Chapter 118

Carrie was still tingling from her orgasm when Steve leaned in and kissed her, pushing his tongue into her mouth. She returned his kiss, then felt her head being turned the other way. Steve’s warm lips pulled away and were immediately replaced by even softer, feminine lips. Katie’s kiss was soft and tender and she found herself becoming lost in her. She placed a hand on the back of her head, holding her mouth to hers, kissing her back with animalistic passion.

Katie finally pulled away, smiling down at her as she lay on her back on the bed between them. “Wow, Carrie, that was awesome!” she exclaimed, then looked down at her rumpled skirt that encircled her waist. Her fingers pulled at it until they found the button and zipper, then undid it and urged her to lift her bum one more time. Carrie complied and returned to making out with Steve as Katie pulled it down over her long legs and tossed it in the general direction of the rest of their clothes.

All three were completely naked now and Carrie wondered what was next in the crazy sexual fantasy. She didn’t have to wait long to find out. Katie grinned at her and Steve, her fingers tugging at her own nipples. “So Carrie, want to try some pussy?”

Carrie felt her adrenalin go into overdrive. Could she go down on another girl? She’d kissed Katie - several times - and had enjoyed it when she’d gone down on her. But was she ready to be on the giving end?

She looked up at her friend, unsure of what to say, but Katie seemed to sense her unease. “It’s ok, hon. We can try that later.” She looked over at Steve. “But I would love to see you fuck that hot little pussy of hers!” She grinned at Carrie. “What d’ya say, babe? Wanna get fucked?”

Carrie looked over at Steve and met his warm eyes. She did want him, and she knew that he wanted her. She’d known that from the moment he’d come over to them in the parking lot. And maybe she’d wanted him then, too. But now there was no maybe. One thing she loved after having her pussy eaten was having it stuffed by a nice, hard cock. And the sooner, the better!

“Sure, I…I’d like that,” she answered timidly, looking away from Steve’s eyes.

Katie moved back and held out her hands toward Carrie, still grinning at Steve. “You heard the horny girl, lover - she wants to get fucked and you’re the only one here with right equipment!”

Steve chuckled nervously and gave Katie a look that asked ‘are you sure’? She smiled and nodded, parting her legs and holding her arms up to him. He maneuvered between her legs, kneeling with his hard cock pointing straight out. He was about to lower himself to her when Katie suddenly swooped in and took him into her mouth, sucking slowly. She released him with a popping sound and licked her lips. “All right, you may proceed,” she said as if she were giving driving instructions to a drivers ed student at a stop sign.

Steve chuckled at her antics, then lowered himself until his cock was pressed to her still wet pussy. Their eyes met and for the first time Carrie realized that the lights were still on. She’d never had sex with the lights on before. But then, this was a night of firsts so she didn’t comment. She felt him pressing against her labia, then he slipped between and to her opening. He seemed to know exactly where it was and needed no coaching or guidance. For someone his age, it appeared he’d had his fair share of sex.

She felt him push inside, his thickness stretching her in a way she loved and craved. She felt his hot skin against hers as he slid in deeper, filling her fully. She closed her eyes, licking her lips and moaning as he began a slow, rhythmic pumping, her pussy clenching tight around his hard cock. She was very wet and he moved easily in her dripping cunt, leaning over her and lowering his lips to her firm breasts.

At the touch of his mouth on her hard nipple, Carrie opened her eyes and looked down at his mop of sandy brown hair between her breasts. He was still fucking her, not missing a beat when he bent over to suck her tits. Her hand went to his tousled hair, holding him in place as he suckled at first her left breast, then her right. After lavishing a generous amount of attention on each one, he lifted his head and moved up to kiss her.

She responded by wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him with a passion she hadn’t realized she possessed until then. She pulled him close to her, relishing the feel of his warm skin on hers. Her legs went around his waist and she locked her ankles together, pulling him all the way into her hot, tight pussy.

Katie watched them go at it like this for several minutes, her fingers slipping in and out of her own cunt and rubbing her hard clit. This was incredibly erotic and she knew that when they came, she’d cum with them. She’d already experienced a small tremor but knew that their cries of pleasure would set her off as well.

Carrie was already beginning to moan louder and her eyes were closed as she held tight to Steve. Even with her legs holding him between her thighs, she allowed him enough movement to really start to hammer her harder. Whether he was hitting all the right spots or she was just amazingly turned on by the fact that she was fucking this virtual stranger in front of Katie, she could feel herself building up to one very powerful orgasm. It would build and build, then Steve would pause for half a beat and it would subside just a little, only to start up again when he resumed.

“Oh fuck…don’t stop!” she gasped, gripping him tighter.

Steve had been making those pauses to quell his own climax, wanting to make sure she came first. But at her panting words, he knew she was getting close too and he began to slam hard and fast into her, their pelvic bones meeting in a loud, wet smacking sound. Carrie let a small cry escape her lips, moving with him as her orgasm grew. Katie, seeing she was about to cum, reached over and caressed Steve’s ass.

“Give it to her, Steve…she’s about to explode!” she panted, leaning in next to his ear.

As if hearing Katie’s sexy words reminded him that there wasn’t just one, but two beautiful naked girls in bed with him, he felt his balls contract. A short few seconds later, he was deep inside her, emptying a huge load into her waiting pussy.

As if in reaction to the flood of fresh semen in her womb, Carrie screamed and came hard a half second later, their bodies convulsing together for a long moment before they collapsed together to the bed. As he felt their combined fluids seeping from her pussy, he heard Katie gasp and cry out as she masturbated herself to orgasm right next to them. He felt a shudder run through him as Carrie’s now sloppy pussy contracted on his cock with an aftershock, then all was still and quiet except for the sounds of their labored breathing.

Katie felt the rush of cum on her fingers as she came hard at almost the same time as Steve and Carrie. She was always able to get herself off fairly quickly, but watching them fuck increased her pleasure tenfold. When they fell in a crumpled heap together, she flopped down beside them, her fingers going to her lips and her other hand still caressing Steve’s ass.

It was several minutes before any of them moved. Carrie released her ankles and dropped her feet to the floor. Steve pushed himself off of her sweaty body and rolled off to one side, still enjoying the wonderfully contented feeling of their coupling. Katie lay on the other side of Carrie and lifted her head up to peer over at him.

“That was so fucking hot!” she exclaimed.

Steve had his forearm across his eyes to block out the light, but nodded in agreement. “You’re telling me!”

Katie giggled and brought a hand to Carrie’s stomach, causing her to twitch at her touch, then relax. “And I believe you enjoyed yourself, too, Carrie. Am I wrong?” She slid her hand up to capture one of her tits, fondling it tenderly.

Carrie gasped at her touch and nodded. “Oh hell, yeah!” she said, turning her head first to Katie, then to Steve. “Are you sure you’re only…um, eighteen?” she said with a sleepy grin.

They both laughed and Katie said, “I told you he was good!”

“Good!? Holy fuck! It’s never been like that before! Wow!” Carrie said, pushing herself to a half sitting position. She tentatively slid a hand between her legs, inhaling sharply as she touched the still sensitive flesh. She brought back a very wet finger and examined it closely, white cum oozing down to her knuckle. She realized both of them were watching her and, feeling a little wild, she popped it into her mouth and sucked their mixed fluids from it.

Katie winked at Steve and grinned. “I suspected she was a cum slut!”

Carrie swallowed and laughed. “Fuck off, you filthy whore…this was all your idea, remember?”

Katie reached down and took a sample from Carrie’s still seeping pussy, causing the other girl to gasp. She brought it immediately to her lips, sucking it clean with a murmur of appreciation. “Mmm…you guys taste good!”

Steve watched all this with a hint of amusement. He wondered what else they had in mind for him and how many times he’d be able to recover before he’d have to cry uncle and limp off home. He knew he’d be good for two more times for sure, maybe three. Any more than that would require additional recovery time that he simply didn’t have. He wasn’t sure he was going to make his one am curfew as it was.

As if reading his thoughts, Katie leaned over Carrie and took his limp, wet cock in her hand, then into her mouth. Steve sighed happily at the feel of her warm mouth on his still sensitive head and reached down to caress her hair as she bobbed up and down on him.

Carrie watched her friend work on him for a few minutes, then extricated herself from them, got up and padded to the bathroom. She cleaned herself up and splashed some water on her face, examining herself in the mirror. She definitely had that ‘just fucked’ look, with her hooded eyes and wild hair, but she didn’t care. This night was just getting started and she was now determined to make the most of it.

She went back out into the main room and saw that Steve was now sitting up and watching as Katie knelt on the bed, still hungrily sucking his cock. He looked over at Carrie and smiled. She came over and crawled across the bed, lying on her stomach on the other side of him with her head down by where Katie was still bobbing up and down. She could see she’d managed to revive him somewhat, but he still wasn’t fully hard.

Katie pulled off, her hand pumping his turgid shaft. Her lips glistened with her saliva and the remains of his and Carrie’s cum. She gave Carrie a toothy grin. “Want a turn?” Carrie gave Steve a look as if to ask permission, then grinned and accepted his now nearly fully hard cock from Katie. She moved closer and gave the tip a good lick, then took almost half of it into her mouth in one quick move. Steve let out a soft groan as she began to suck him slowly, her lips tightening around his shaft as her tongue rolled and caressed the head. All the while she did this she was able to maintain a constant sucking and the feeling was absolutely exquisite.

Katie watched her for a moment, then moved up and kissed Steve. He returned her kiss, his hand reaching out to knead her firm tits. She pulled away after a minute and looked down at Carrie, who was still contentedly sucking his cock. Then she looked back at him, her eyes smoldering. “I want you to fuck me until I scream,” she said in a voice that dripped sexuality. “I want to feel that big hard cock deep in my cunt, pounding me hard until I cum all over it.”

Carrie perked up at her words, finally pulling her mouth from Steve’s cock. “Just tell me when you’re ready, baby. I can finish this afterward.” She gave Steve a wink and slipped her lips over his swollen glans once again, lolling her tongue over the very tip as she sucked on it.

Katie smiled and placed her hand over his on her left tit, pressing it harder. “Oh fuck, I love having my tits played with,” she whispered.

Steve gave her tit a good squeeze. “Maybe Carrie can play with them while I fuck you,” he suggested.

Carrie looked up, nodding, Steve’s cock still in her mouth. Katie chewed on her lower lip thoughtfully. “I wanted you to do me doggy style,” she said, “but she could lay under me I suppose.” Her eyes sparkled. “And I could play with your hot little pussy at the same time!” she added with a wink.

Carrie released Steve’s cock and sat up, leaning in to kiss first Katie, then Steve. “That sounds like a plan!” she said, grinning.

Katie giggled and kissed Steve, then turned around and knelt on all fours in the center of the bed. She looked back over her shoulder at them and wiggled her cute little ass. “Come on…put that thing in me!”

Steve grinned and shrugged at Carrie, then crawled up behind her, his hands on her hips. His cock bobbed against her ass and she let out a soft moan as it slipped over her tiny anus, smearing it with Carrie’s saliva mixed with his own precum and bringing back fond memories of their previous outdoor fuck session. As he positioned his swollen head at her opening, Carrie lay down and slid under Katie so that her tits hung down to her face. Her knees were up and Katie pushed her legs apart, running her fingers over her swollen pussy.

Katie was about to slip two fingers into Carrie’s very wet and slippery cunt when she felt the head of Steve’s cock press against her own dripping hole and push in. She let out an involuntary moan as he slowly filled her, pushing back against him. At almost the same time, she felt Carrie’s mouth close around one of her nipples and suck hard. She loved the feel of having a cock in her needy pussy and with Carrie working on her sensitive nipples, she knew she was going to be cumming again very soon.

Steve buried his cock deep in her hot, wet snatch, the firm globes of her ass under his hands as they began to move together. He could see her tight little back door, still glistening from where he’d spread their juices over it and slammed even harder into her slippery cunt. Yes, he was going to fuck that ass again tonight.

Katie moaned softly and tossed her hair from her face. Steve reached out and grabbed her hair, tugging back until her head was straight up and her back arched. His other hand came down hard on her bare ass and she let out a small cry, but he knew she loved this and didn’t ease up. He slapped her again, giving her hair another sharp tug and she cried out even louder.

“Oh fuck, yes! Spank me, baby!”

He did. Again and again until her right cheek glowed red with the imprint of his hand. She moaned and writhed under him until he felt her tense up and her pussy clamped down on his cock. He paused in his spankings to let her fully enjoy her orgasm and when she let out a long gasp and her body relaxed, he began to move in and out again. She moaned quietly, shuddering in pleasure as he fucked her still tingling cunt.

“You’re such a slut,” he said, pulling her head up again by her hair.

“Yes,” she panted, “I’m a slut for you.”

She felt his hot breath in her ear as he leaned over her. “I know,” he said. Then he surprised her by pulling his cock from her pussy. She knew he hadn’t cum yet and was about to ask why he was stopping when she felt the soft skin of his glans press against her asshole. She bit her lip and opened her legs a little more.

“Oh god yes…fuck my ass! Please!”

Gripping her hips, Steve pushed harder, his cock well coated with her slippery juices. Her anus resisted at first, but then it spread open and he felt himself slip into her hot bowels. She groaned loudly and he paused, then pushed in again, until he was all the way in. He gave her a moment to get used to him, then began to pump in and out. She began a low moan, then it grew steadily louder as he began to move faster. Suddenly she shrieked and he stopped, thinking he’d hurt her, but she pushed back against him.

“Carrie…oh fuck! No…it’s ok Steve…don’t stop!” This all came out in a rush of breath and Steve noticed that Carrie had slid further under her. He could feel her hair touching his balls and every once in a while she’d lick them. He smiled to himself. So that’s what the shriek was about - while he was fucking her ass Carrie was eating her pussy. And from her reaction, she was about to cum again at any second!

Katie was lost in a sea of pleasurable sensations. She was nearing an orgasm just from Steve fucking her ass when Carrie’s mouth moved from her tits to her pussy. Pleasantly surprised, she couldn’t stop herself from screaming out and felt her orgasm suddenly very close.

“Oh my god…I’m gonna cum!” she cried, only a split second before another powerful orgasm coursed through her. She gripped the bedding, her body jerking and shuddering in the throes of her second climax in less than ten minutes. Thankfully, Carrie’s mouth was withdrawn from her pussy just as she was about to go into pleasure overload. Then Steve’s cock was pulled from her stretched ass, and she bemoaned its loss until he grabbed her hair again and pulled her up.

“Turn around so I can cum all over your faces!” he said in a commanding tone. Katie turned around, lying on Carrie and kissing her wet lips and Steve stood over them, stroking his hard cock. He knew it wasn’t likely either of them would suck him until he washed up, but he fully intended to plaster those pretty faces with gobs of hot cum. He pulled Katie’s head up from their kiss and aimed his cock down at them. Both girls looked up at him, purring sexy words of encouragement. When it was obvious he was about to shoot, they made sure their faces were close together. “Oh fuck…here it comes!” he cried, his face scrunching up into a grimace.

Katie looked up at him, her face plainly showing her anticipation. “Mmm…yeah, cum for us baby,“ she cooed, licking her lips. Carrie leaned her head back and closed her eyes, pulling her bangs back from her face.

Steve pumped furiously and it wasn’t long before he tensed up and shot one good stream followed by several shorter gobs all over both girls’ faces, although it appeared Carrie caught most of it, being on the bottom. He opened his eyes and looked down to see one long shot across Katie’s face, from forehead to chin. Another gob was starting to run down her right cheek. Carrie also had a long string starting in her hair, going across her face and he could even see a little on her chest. Along with that, her face was covered with the sticky white cream. Katie stuck out her tongue and licked the jism from her lips, then wiped it from her eyelid before opening her eyes and grinning up at him.

Carrie cleared her eyes first as they were both splattered with drops of his seed, then opened them and licked it from her fingers. Katie winked at Steve, then leaned down and kissed Carrie’s cummy lips before licking some of it from her cheek. She giggled, touching the semen in her hair.

“You’re a mess!” she said, stringing it down so Carrie could see.

Carrie giggled as Katie climbed off of her. “I think I need a shower,” she said.

Katie grinned. “I think we could all use one,” she said, eyeing Steve’s limp, soiled cock. “You need to clean up so we can get you back in shape again!”

Steve rolled his eyes. “Again?! Aren’t you two satisfied yet?” He tried to keep a straight face, but failed miserably, breaking into a wide grin as he surveyed the two naked and cum covered beauties. Hell, he could probably go twice more, if properly motivated. And these two horny and very willing ladies were certainly proper motivation! But Katie decided to tease him a little. She got up and reached out for Carrie’s hand, pulling her to her feet.

“Well, if you aren’t up for it, I’m sure me and Carrie can find something to do,” she said, and hand in hand, they started for the bathroom. Steve paused, scratching his head and when Carrie looked over her shoulder just before she went into the bathroom and gave him a wink, he realized they were teasing him and hurried to catch up.

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Chapter 119

Kristi pushed her bike into the bushes and quickly shed her clothes, stuffing them into her backpack. She was still a little tender from the afternoon orgy, but when Michelle called and asked if she wanted to meet her and Jake at the cabin after dinner, she jumped at the chance. They were supposed to meet here around seven, but she thought it might be nice to come out a little earlier and relax for a bit by herself. There were no other bikes there so she knew she’d be alone.

As she started along the trail to the cabin, she considered the irony that after rejecting any and all sexual advances from hormone-driven boys throughout her teens, since giving up her virginity she was horny almost all the time. She truly loved sex, both with boys and girls. So much so that she often masturbated even during her period, which could be messy but it also seemed to be when she was the horniest.

She moved down the now familiar trail, keeping her hands out to prevent the branches from scratching her bare skin. While the days were still warm, she could feel the first signs in the cooling evening air that summer was drawing to a close and she wondered how much longer they’d be able to walk in naked. She loved stripping down and being naked outdoors and had even gone so far as to look up a few nudist camps on the computer. While a couple nearby called themselves family friendly, she knew there was no way in hell she could ever convince her mother to try it. And she wouldn’t be able to go alone until she was eighteen. Besides, the ones she really found the most intriguing were the ones that promoted swinging, something her mother would definitely frown upon!

She emerged from the trees and went over to their neat little cabin, opened the door and tossed her backpack onto the bed. She spotted a couple of lawn chairs leaning against the wall and selected a lounger, then unfolded it and placed it on a relatively flat patch where the sun’s rays still found their way to the clearing. She stretched out on it, feeling the sun warming her naked skin and the soft breeze tickling her hard, sensitive nipples. She was already a little wet from just the thrill of being naked outdoors, and parted her legs to allow the air to blow directly on her pussy. She sighed contentedly and closed her eyes, loving the peace and serenity of her quiet seclusion.

Chapter 120

Ashley was walking out of the Seven-Eleven, sipping on a Diet Coke. She was wearing a pair of capri pants and a red and white striped t-shirt that was just tight enough to show the curve of her full breasts without appearing too slutty tight. She went over and sat down at the picnic table near the bike rack and sipped at her drink, watching the cars and people go by.

She thought ahead to cheerleading practice the next weekend, one week before school started, and wondered if Michelle was going to try out. She hoped so because ever since that night up in her brother’s old room she hadn’t been able to get the cute sophomore out of her mind. Things at home had been a little strained for a few days, but her mother gradually accepted the fact that her daughter may be gay, despite Ashley’s claims that she was merely experimenting. That much was true, of course, but she fully intended to continue the experiment! But things at home were starting to get back to normal, in a sense anyway.

A girl rode by on a ten speed bike and she recognized her as one of Michelle’s friends - Kristi. Her older brother had dated her sister when they were both in high school and as she watched her ride out of sight down the road that led to the creek, it occurred to her that maybe she was on her way to meet Michelle. Of course, she had no reason to believe Michelle was dating any other girls, and even less reason to believe Kristi was into girls either. Still, she couldn’t get the thought of the possibility of the two of them having sex at the creek out of her mind. She had to go see.

She dropped her empty bottle in a blue recycling bin and climbed onto her bike, then rode off toward the creek. Kristi was too far ahead to see and she began wonder if that was indeed where she was going when she spotted her a little ways ahead, riding along the shoulder of the road. Ashley slowed her pace to match hers, just keeping her in sight. When she came to the trail to the creek, she was surprised when Kristi kept on going, not even looking down it. Where was she going? Curious now, she backed off a little further. The road was relatively straight and this far out of town if Kristi looked back and saw her, she’d know she was being followed.

She let her ride out of sight over the crest of a low hill and as Ashley rolled over the top, she just caught the flash of chrome as Kristi disappeared into the bushes at the bottom of the hill. Was there another swimming hole in there? She couldn’t remember there being one, but her curiosity was piqued now. She slowed down and a few minutes later rolled up to where Kristi’d left the road, being as quiet as possible. She could see now that there were the remains of an old logging road here, ancient and much overgrown now, but it was definitely getting some recent use with plenty of bike tracks on it leading into the thick brush. She paused and listened, but heard no sounds. Looking up and down the road, she waited for a car to pass, pretending to tie her shoe. Once it was out of sight, she pushed her bike onto the path.

She quickly emerged into a small clearing and could now plainly see a trail going up over some rocks and disappearing over a hill. It certainly looked like wherever Kristi was going, she was on foot from here on. She peered into the bushes and eventually found her ten speed. Now even more curious than ever, she hid her bike in a different place and began to follow the path.

It was a little bushy, but not hard to follow. It appeared well-used, but not old like the trail to the creek. Her mind instantly went to carnal thoughts. Did they have a secret place in here where they all had lesbian sex where no one would find them? The thought excited her and she had to force herself to keep a slow pace so as not to overtake the cute brunette she was following.

After a few minutes, she could see a clearing through the bushes and slowed down, trying to make as little sound as possible. She stepped off the path and ducked under some thick fir branches, peering through an opening at a small cabin at the far edge of the clearing. Where had that come from? It had vinyl siding on it, curtains in the windows, and from the neat little pile of boards and other building materials next to it, looked like it had just been built.

Then movement caught her eye and her jaw dropped. There at the far side of the cabin lay Kristi, stretched out on a lawn chair - completely naked! Instinctively, Ashley pulled back a little but then realized Kristi wasn’t looking in her direction at all, but was lying back, her eyes closed against the evening sun. Feeling like a peeping Tom but unable to stop herself, she moved stealthily through the bushes, still keeping the path in sight in case she had to make a quick getaway, but wanting to get a better look at Kristi’s nude body.

She made her way a few yards closer and settled down behind some thick brush. Kristi was still in the same position and gave no indication she sensed her presence. Ashley’s eyes took in her slender, toned body, marveling at her lack of tan lines. Obviously, nude sunbathing was something the cute little sophomore did a lot of. Her legs were long and perfectly toned, her skin golden in the late afternoon sun. She couldn’t get a good look between her legs, but it appeared that she was clean shaven, something that made her already dewy pussy leak a little more into her panties. Her breasts were a little on the small side, but fit her small frame nicely and were firm, barely flattening at all as she lay on her back. She licked her lips, wondering if this sexy girl who liked to sunbathe naked was also into girls.

She was completely caught up in a fantasy involving the cute sunbather when a sound from somewhere behind her startled her back to reality. Someone was coming down the trail! She moved back, trying to get better concealed from that direction, but before she could, she spotted bare flesh through the trees and glimpsed long brown hair. She gasped as Michelle came into sight, completely naked and carrying a small backpack over one shoulder. Ashley was crouching behind a small fir tree and stumbled over a rock, falling to her ass on the forest floor.

She didn’t make a lot of noise, but it was enough. Michelle stopped and turned in her direction, a startled look of fear on her face that quickly changed to a curious smile when she saw who it was. Ashley sat there, stunned into silence and watched as Michelle made her way through the bushes to where she sat. She knelt down and smiled, then looked over toward where Kristi was lying, still oblivious to their presence. A knowing grin spread across her face when she realized what Ashley had been doing. She reached out a hand to help her up and leaned in to whisper in her ear.

“Well, hello, sexy,” she whispered, her breath hot in Ashley’s ear, “And what are you doing here lurking in the bushes and spying on my sexy friend?” Ashley felt her face heat and she looked down shamefully, but Michelle cupped her chin and raised her head. She was smiling at her and her eyes twinkled playfully. “It’s ok,” she added, giving her a light kiss on the lips. “but how did you find this place?”

Ashley swallowed a large lump and gestured toward Kristi. “I …I thought she might be going to the creek …so I …followed her.” She looked up, her eyes plaintive. “I didn’t mean to spy, but she …” Her gaze shifted back to where Kristi still lay on the lounger.

Michelle nodded understandingly. “I know,” she said in a soft voice. “But you can’t stay here in the bushes. Why don’t you come and let me introduce you to her? I’m sure she’d love to meet such a pretty girl.” Her eyes danced with excitement and Ashley realized then that Michelle and Kristi were more than friends. How could she have missed so much lesbian activity taking place right under her nose?

“Um …but, she’s …” she stammered, her eyes scanning along Michelle’s own naked body, her firm tits shaking seductively as she helped Ashley to her feet. “… and you… you’re … naked, too.” She gave her a curious look.

Michelle nodded. “Yeah, it’s kind of a rule we have here - no clothes past where we leave our bikes.” She looked at Ashley’s tight top and capri pants. “I’m afraid you’re a little over-dressed.” She grinned and took Ashley’s hand.

“Who’s there?” The voice was coming from the clearing, high and wavering. Kristi was up, moving toward the cabin door and trying to cover herself as best she could.

“It’s just me, Kristi,” Michelle called out. Kristi stopped and relaxed somewhat, her relief obvious. “And I brought a friend,” she added.

Kristi stiffened when she saw Michelle lead Ashley into the clearing. She recognized her as one of the girls on the cheerleading squad from school and wondered why Michelle would bring her here without discussing it with the others. And why was she still dressed? Michelle wasn’t, and at the very least Ashley should conform to their rules.

Deciding it wouldn’t be a good idea to tell Kristi how she’d come upon Ashley watching her from the trees, she said, “Ashley she saw me turn off the road. She caught up to me along the path and since I was naked, she had a few questions.” She paused, then added, “We sort of had a date a few nights ago.” She glanced at Ashley and saw a look of relief on her face. It was a lie, but only a small one, and it was for the best. “What was I supposed to do? I didn’t know you were here already - sorry about that.”

Kristi eyed the cheerleader suspiciously for a few moments, then she seemed to accept the story. She was a little surprised that Michelle was going out on a date outside the group, but it wasn’t like they’d agreed not to. Still, a pang of jealousy gnawed at her stomach and she tried not to let it show. “I guess there’s no harm done. But what about the others?”

Ashley exchanged a glance between them. “Others? There are more?” Of course, there had to be. These two couldn’t have built that cabin by themselves.

Michelle smiled and led her to the cabin. “Come on inside and we’ll explain everything.” She hoped the others wouldn’t be too pissed, but Ashley was a hot little number so she was relatively sure they’d welcome her into the group. Besides, she’d already seen too much.

Kristi followed them in and closed the door, watching them with closely. Michelle took a seat on the bed and motioned for Ashley to sit beside her. Ashley stared at the hug bed that filled most of the room with a shocked look. Now that wasn’t what she’d expected! Kristi climbed onto the bed and sat Indian style a few feet away, her hands in her lap and still watching them closely. “If she’s going to be here, she needs to follow the rules,” she said.

Michelle nodded and turned to Ashley. “She’s right, Ash. The rules are no clothes.” Ashley stared at her for a moment, then stole a glance at Kristi, who nodded firmly. Ashley swallowed hard, her fear rising at the thought of being so exposed. It kind of surprised her how comfortable they both seemed being naked, but supposed that was something you got used to.

As they waited, Michelle crawled over next to Kristi and the two kissed briefly, then held hands and looked back over to her. The sight of the two nude, sexy young girls kissing really got her juices flowing. Taking a deep breath, she reached down and hoisted her top over her head, dropping it to the bed. Her tits swelled against the cotton fabric of her sports bra, her nipples leaving prominent little bumps in it. She paused for a second, then unfastened the button of her pants and worked them down over the curve of her hips. Kristi and Michelle watched her in silence as she pulled off her pants and stood there in just her underwear. Feeling more than a little self-conscious, she gave Michelle a pleading look as if to ask, ‘is this enough?’ But Michelle shook her head, indicating silently for her to continue.

Taking a deep breath, she reached around to unfasten her bra, her excitement growing at the thought of what might happen once she was naked as well. She unfastened the clasp and looked up to see them kissing again, but this time Michelle had a hand on Kristi’s left tit and the kiss was more passionate. They broke off the kiss and turned their attention back to her, but Michelle’s fingers still teased Kristi’s nipple. She felt her own already stiff nipples tingle as the soft cotton of her bra slipped down to reveal her own bare breasts.

Michelle smiled and licked her lips. “Mmm… nice tits, Ash.” She felt her face flush and caught Kristi’s eye, but she simply stared at her, inhaling a soft breath as Michelle’s fingers pinched her nipple. They began to kiss again, and as Michelle’s hand slipped down between Kristi’s legs, Ashley heard a low moan and opened her legs a little more. Her own panties were becoming wetter at the sight of their making out and without hardly thinking about it, she hooked her thumbs in the waistband and slid them down her long, toned legs.

She bent over to pull them from her ankles and when she straightened up again, both girls were staring at her with undisguised lust. Michelle still had her hand on Kristi’s pussy, rubbing it gently, but her eyes met Ashley’s and she beckoned her over with her other hand.

“Come here, sweetie. Come join us.”

Kristi let out a soft gasp and pushed her hips upward a little. Ashley could now see that one of Michelle’s fingers was inserted into her bare little pussy, her labia glistening with her juices. Ashley’s hand went to her tit, rubbing the hard little nub as she knelt on the bed and moved over closer to them. She watched Kristi’s face as Michelle’s fingers pleasured her, amazed at how much it was turning her on to see her reaction.

Michelle reached out to her. “Come closer, Ash.” Ashley inched closer, her eyes going from Kristi’s to Michelle’s hand, then back to Michelle. The look of desire in her eyes was unmistakable and it send a sudden thrill of excitement through the cheerleader’s body at the knowledge that her secret desires were about to be fulfilled, and in a way she never would’ve expected!

She eventually made her way over next to Michelle and as she settled in, she reached up and pulled her in for a long, wet kiss that almost made her melt. Their tongues danced together and Ashley could feel the warmth of her bare skin pressing against hers. She felt the moist heat between her legs intensify, the throbbing of her heart becoming almost audible in her ears. She’d never been this turned on in her life and wouldn’t’ve been surprised if she came without any further contact.

But then Michelle’s lips were pulled from hers and before she could realize what was happening, they were replaced by different lips. Kristi’s lips. She could feel her hot breath as she moaned under Michelle’s fingering and when her tongue slipped into Ashley’s mouth, she accepted it and returned the kiss hungrily, pulling her closer as if they’d been lovers before this. All thoughts of how taboo this was were pushed aside and she found herself being caught up in the passion of the situation, only seeking to give and receive pleasure.

She was vaguely aware of Michelle moving from between them, then she was lying down on her back, still locked in a passionate kiss with Kristi. She could feel her breasts pressing against her own and the weight of her body. Then she felt soft, warm lips kissing along her stomach and moving lower. She moaned into Kristi’s mouth as the lips moved to her pubic mound and a wet tongue rolled across her clit. Instinctively, she opened her legs and wrapped her arms around Kristi, caressing up and down her back as they continued their kiss.

Michelle paused, grinning up at Kristi and Ashley. Kristi was lying across her upper torso, her heart-shaped ass only inches from where she lay between Ashley’s legs. She looked down at Ashley’s wet pussy, remembering the taste of her from their brief encounter in the room over her garage. She reached up and slipped a hand between Kristi’s thighs and she yielded, allowing her to rub her slick pussy. With two sweet pussies to tease, Michelle lowered her head and gave Ashley’s a long lick at the same time she plunged a finger back into Kristi’s wet folds. She was rewarded by soft moans from both girls and grinned to herself as she began to tease the cheerleader’s hard little clit.

In less than a minute, Ashley was squirming under her and she broke off making out with Kristi to cry out, “Oh fuck yes!” She jerked and squirmed, then came with a low groan, her body tensing as Michelle was rewarded with a flood of her warm, sweet juices. She licked and sucked until Ashley calmed down somewhat.

Kristi had rolled over to watch, now playing with her own pussy since Michelle had ceased fondling her to concentrate on eating Ashley. She watched her girlfriend lapping up Ashley’s sweet juices and decided she wanted to try some too. She moved down next to Michelle and lifted her face from Ashley’s dripping pussy, kissing her, then pulled back and glanced down at her wet slit. Michelle caught on grinned, then moved aside.

Kristi took up the position, her fingers spreading her lips wide to reveal the quivering pink flesh inside. Ashley was still coming down from her climax, her body shuddering with tiny aftershocks and Kristi knew she was still very sensitive. But she moved in anyway. If this cheerleader had designs to join their group and make love with her girlfriend, she was going to give her all she could handle - and maybe a little more. She lowered her mouth to the wet cunt before her and dove in hungrily, her tongue pushing deep inside.

Ashley let out a cry, her legs clamping down on Kristi’s head. Her hands reached down in an attempt to push her away from her hyper-sensitive pussy, but another orgasm overcame her and she was soon writhing and wailing incoherently. Kristi showed no mercy, attacking her sweet, spasming pussy with a fervor, her tongue swirling and her lips sucking on her clit until she felt other hands on her shoulders, gently urging her back.

“Easy, baby… I think she needs a break.”

Michelle’s voice somehow cut through the rush of blood in Ashley’s ears as she came again and again, unable to stop herself. She was nearly to the point of passing out when Kristi mercifully stopped licking her and she flopped back, her body twitching as she closed her eyes, her mind drifting on a soft cloud of euphoria. She could hear her own labored breathing as she lay there sprawled on the bed with her legs spread wide and Kristi still kneeling between them, now locked in a passionate kiss with Michelle. Then she sensed a face very close to hers.

“Ash? You ok?” A gentle hand pushed the hair from her face and loving fingers caressed her hot cheeks. She opened hooded eyes to see Michelle looking down at her. She managed a nod and Michelle’s face broke into a smile. “Good, we don’t want to wear you out too soon!”

Ashley managed a weak smile. “That was… wow! I thought I was never going to stop!” Her body still tingled and the twinge of small aftershocks caused her to twitch every few seconds until she finally felt herself coming back to some sense of normalcy after a few minutes.

Michelle and Kristi were talking in low tones and she hadn’t been paying attention to what they were saying at first, then she heard Kristi saying, “… when he gets here!” That got her immediate attention and she pushed herself to a sitting position.

“When who gets here?” she asked, a knot of dread rising in her stomach.

They both looked at her and finally Michelle gave her a warm smile. “We need to talk to you about something,” she said, eying Kristi warily. “You see, there are more people than just me and Kristi involved in this.”

Kristi was watching her as Michelle spoke, but said nothing. “I heard ‘he’. Are their guys too?”

The girls exchanged a look, then Michelle nodded, her hand caressing Ashley’s leg. “Yes, there are six of us in all. Me and Kristi, Kristi’s boyfriend, Jake, my boyfriend, Artie…”

“And Angie and Steve,” Kristi said. “Oh yeah, and Lin too, but she was just visiting.”

Ashley could only stare, her mind racing. Six?! There were six of them all having sex together?! She licked her dry lips and tried to find her voice. “You all …” She gestured at the bed, “… together?”

Michelle nodded. “Yeah, we do. That’s why we built this place. So we’d have somewhere to go when it gets colder.”

Kristi nodded, her eyes locked on Ashley’s. “And now you know about it.”

Ashley focused on her. She didn’t say it in a threatening manner, but she knew a warning when she heard one. It was evident that despite just having sex with her, Kristi didn’t trust her to keep their secret.

“I …I won’t tell anyone,” Ashley said, shaking her head.

Michelle opened her mouth to say something, but Kristi beat her to it. “Damn right you won’t, or we’ll tell everyone that you’re a fucking lesbo!”

“Kristi!” Michelle’s sharp tone was as shocking to Kristi as her words had been to Ashley and she backed down. “She’s a friend of mine! You don’t have to threaten her!”

“But, we said no more people!”

Michelle sighed, giving Ashley a friendly smile. “I know, but she found us and there’s nothing we can do about it.” Her soft hand moved lovingly along Ashley’s thigh. “Besides, I really like her. A lot.” She gave Ashley an even bigger smile and she felt her heart swell at her words.

Ashley looked over at Kristi. “I swear, Kristi, I won’t tell a soul. You have my word.”

Kristi still seemed a little hesitant, but nodded. “Ok, I believe you. I’m sorry if I seem cold, but if anyone ever found out what we’re doing …” She left the sentence unfinished, each of them understanding. After a moment, Kristi looked at her watch. “Damn, it’s almost seven. What do we tell Jake?”

Ashley felt her pulse quicken. “Jake?”

Michelle nodded. “Jake Martin - Kristi’s guy. He’s meeting us here tonight for a little fun.” She gave her a wink and a little smile. “You’re welcome to stay.” Kristi hesitated for a moment, then nodded in agreement.

It took Ashley a moment to realize what she was saying, her mind still groggy from the intense series of orgasms. Jake Martin? She knew the name and tried to picture him. Yes, he was Mike’s younger brother. A good looking guy, too. She looked up at them. “I… I don’t know. I mean, this was great, but a guy?”

“Don’t you like guys?” Kristi asked.

Ashley shrugged. “Sure, but I don’t even know him.”

Kristi gave a short laugh. “You didn’t know me either when you got here.”

Ashley thought about that. She was right. And she did want to be a part of this group, so if guys were a part of it too, she could live with that. She nodded and spoke in a low voice. “All right, I’ll stay.”

Michelle beamed and Kristi gave her a little smile, then turned to Michelle. “We need to talk to Steve, Angie and Artie about her as soon as possible.”

Michelle crawled up and lay next to Ashley, placing a leg and an arm across her. “I know. I’ll do it as soon as I get home, ok?” Kristi nodded, apparently satisfied. Michelle kissed Ashley’s breast. “Just wait until you see Artie!” she said, giggling.

Kristi cracked a wide smile and nodded. “Oh yeah, I can’t wait to see the look on your face when you see him for the first time!”

Ashley exchanged a curious look between them. Artie… wasn’t he that geeky little guy who hung out with Steve and Jake? What was so special about him? Actually, she found it a little hard to believe that a girl as beautiful as Michelle would be going out with him. “What do you mean?”

Kristi laughed and held her hands out about a foot apart. “He’s very well equipped!”

Michelle laughed and added, “And he knows how to use it, too!” Both girls began to laugh and Ashley could only stare. Did they mean his cock was as big as Kristi indicated? No, he might be bigger than average, but no one was that big except porn stars! They had to be exaggerating!

She was about to call their bluff when they heard a voice calling from outside. “Hello!”

Kristi jumped up. “There’s Jake!” she exclaimed, and went to the door, flinging it open with no regard to her nudity. “I better go tell him we have company,” she added, and went outside.

Ashley felt her stomach tighten and Michelle sat up, reaching out a hand to help her up. She could see the trepidation in her eyes and gave her a reassuring smile and a comforting hand on her shoulder. “He’s a great guy, Ash. They all are. Don’t worry, ok?”

Ashley nodded, but Michelle’s words were little comfort as she heard Jake and Kristi talking, their voices coming closer. She glanced at the window, hoping for a glimpse of him, but the curtains were closed. “Will he be…” She gestured at her and Michelle to indicate their state of undress.

Michelle nodded. “Yes, well, he’s supposed to be, but the guys are a little homophobic about walking in naked together so they usually wait until they get here. But Jake’s coming alone tonight so…” She shrugged. “Come on. Let’s go find out.” She stood up and took Ashley’s hand, then led her to the door.

Ashley kept her eyes downcast until they came around the door, then she slowly looked up and saw Kristi kissing a good looking guy with sandy blonde hair - and not a stitch of clothing on his lean body except for a pair of scuffed and worn sneakers. She stared at him, suddenly realizing that while she was exploring her lesbian tendencies, she’d put aside her desire for the male body. That all came rushing back as she took him in, her eyes lingering on the heavy semi-hard penis between his legs. She felt a warmth between her legs once again, growing even stronger when he looked up at her, his eyes scanning her nude body before meeting hers. She found she was unable to move or speak until Michelle tugged on her hand and she found herself stepping outside, stopping only a few feet from Jake and Kristi.

“Jake, this is my friend, Ashley. She’s going to be joining in our group.”

He nodded, still holding her eyes until she looked away. While not as terrified as she was, he did seem a bit self conscious about his own nudity in the presence of an older girl - one he’d had a crush on since junior high - and that gave her confidence a little boost. “Kristi was just telling me.” He smiled nervously. “Welcome, Ashley.”

She found herself returning his smile. “Th… thanks,” she murmured.

Michelle giggled and put an arm around her. “You’ll have to forgive Ashley,” she said, her eyes twinkling. “Your girlfriend and I just made her cum so many times she nearly fainted!”

Ashley felt her face heat and she wanted to just sink into the ground, but Jake merely chuckled. “Oh really?” He moved closer to Ashley and leaned in, whispering conspiratorially, “Want to get even?”

Kristi and Michelle began giggling and Ashley looked up at him. He gave her a wink and she suddenly felt more at ease. She nodded, smiling nervously. “Yes, I would,” she managed to say.

Jake looked over at Kristi, then to Michelle. Speaking to Ashley, but making sure the others could hear he said, “I’ll take the one with the big tits on the right, you get the other one. Bring her inside and we’ll teach them both a lesson!”

Michelle and Kristi looked at one another, grinning, then started to run away. Jake grabbed Michelle’s arm and pulled her back to him, her laughter mixed with shrieks. Kristi made an attempt to sidestep Ashley, but Jake’s warm welcoming personality had given her new confidence and she quickly had Kristi in an armlock, both of them giggling as she frog-marched her into the cabin. Jake followed with Michelle and together they pushed the two naked beauties onto the bed, watching as they scrambled back out of easy reach. Jake folded his arms over his well toned chest and stood next to Ashley, facing the two girls.

“Well, what are we going to do with them now?” he asked, glancing over at Ashley. She shrugged. “What did they do to you?” Despite her growing ease around him, she was still a little reluctant to tell him they took turns licking her pussy until she came so many times she couldn’t take any more. He grinned, studying the mischievous grins on their faces. “I could taste strange pussy on Kristi’s lips,” he said thoughtfully. “So I know she went down on you.” Kristi stuck out her tongue at him.

He looked over at Michelle, who sat with her arms folded in defiance, but a playful glitter lit up her eyes. “And knowing how much this one likes to eat pussy, I’ll bet she was down there too!” Ashley nodded absently, watching the two girls who’d just given her the most intense sexual experience of her young life. And it appeared things were just starting to heat up!

Jake leaned in closer, his shoulder now nudging hers and sending a thrill through her. “Would you like to return the torture? I’d be willing to help.”

She looked over at him, her eyes still downcast, and caught a look at his now fully erect penis sticking straight out and upward at a slight angle. She found herself unable to look away from it.

Michelle spoke up. “From the looks of it, I think she’d rather suck your dick than lick a pussy.” Ashley felt her face flush and quickly diverted her eyes.

Jake took a step toward the bed. “Or maybe that’s what you’d like to do,” he said to her, then to Ashley’s shocked surprise added, “Cocksucking whore.” She looked up and saw him standing at the edge of the bed, his hard cock in his hand. He was looking from Michelle to Kristi. “Or maybe you’d like to take turns.” He gestured to Michelle. “Come here, slut, and suck my cock.”

Ashley listened to him calling Michelle and Kristi names - bad, dirty names - but they didn’t seem to care. In fact, Michelle was doing what he told her to, crawling over to him. Her pink tongue licked at her full lips as she came nearer. When she was close enough, he reached out and grabbed her hair, pulling her head down to his groin. She opened her mouth and allowed him to push his cock into it, slurping noisily.

Kristi just watched, her attention shifting back and forth from Jake and Michelle to Ashley, as if judging her reaction to their game. Her fingers played with her own tits, squeezing them and pinching her hard brown nipples. Ashley caught her eye and she could see the playful twinkle in it, along with lustful desire. She really was getting off on this! And she had to admit, it was kinda hot.

Jake rocked his hips in time to Michelle’s movements, muttering words of encouragement - calling her a slut, a whore, a cocksucker. Michelle murmured around his thick cock as she sucked on it, apparently deriving great pleasure form his demeaning behavior. He looked over to Kristi, and motioned for her. “Come here, slut. Help this fucking whore suck me.” Kristi moved into position and Michelle pulled off to allow her to take a turn. She wiped some drool from her lips with the back of her hand and thrust her chin toward Ashley.
“What about the other slut?” she asked. “She deserves a turn too.”

Jake turned to look at her, his eyes quickly scanning her naked body then meeting hers. “Oh, does she? Hmm… maybe you’re right.” He pointed to a spot next to where Kristi was lying and almost gagging as she tried to force more of his cock into her mouth than she could easily take. “Come and sit, slut… and wait your turn.”

Ashley froze, still trying to grasp all this ordering them around and name calling. Michelle seemed to sense her confusion. “It’s just a game, Ash. And it’s very hot. Don’t worry - no one’s going to do anything you don’t want to do.”

Ashley looked up at Jake, who smiled and nodded, then to Kristi, who was so busy sucking she didn’t seem to hear or notice what they were doing. Tentatively, she went over and sat next to Kristi, watching as she happily sucked and licked his now very wet and hard shaft. Jake motioned to Michelle. “Why don’t you lie back and let the new slut taste that hot little pussy of yours?”

Michelle glanced up at him, then over to Ashley. She could see the fear in her eyes and was afraid she might bolt for the door. But she didn’t move, her eyes shifting from Michelle to Kristi, and back again. Michelle got to her knees and crawled over before her, reaching out to take her hand. Her warm smile lit up her pretty face and immediately eased Ashley’s fears somewhat. “C’mon, baby… I’d love to feel that hot tongue in my pussy!” She moved back, still holding Ashley’s hand and pulling her onto the bed.

Ashley heard what she said and allowed her to bring her onto the bed with her. It was almost like it was some kind of wild sex dream - it was too surreal not to be. But the feel of Michelle’s warm hand in hers was very real, as were the smells and sounds of the oral sex taking place right next to her. Not to mention the incredible series of orgasms she’d just experienced. Michelle sat down and spread her legs open, urging Ashley to crawl between them. She pulled her in closer and wrapped her arms around her neck, then moved in to kiss her. Ashley held her breath and allowed Michelle’s lips to press against hers.

The kiss was soft and tender, their lips moving sensually together. Ashley could taste the remains of her own pussy juices on them, a taste she’d sampled before while masturbating. She wondered if Michelle would taste the same. As their tongues entwined and the kiss heated up, she suddenly felt the urge to go down on her pretty friend grow stronger until she couldn’t wait any longer. She pulled away and looked into her eyes. No words were necessary; Michelle could see the lust in them and lay back, pushing her head to her breasts.
Ashley kissed them softly, kneading them in her gentle hands, then took a nipple into her mouth and sucked. Michelle moaned softly and held her head in place, her fingers pushing through her hair.

Ashley spent a few minutes on one tit, then shifted to the other and sucked contentedly until she felt Michelle applying gentle pressure downward. Taking a deep breath, she released the hard little nub and looked up, brushing her bangs from her face. Michelle met her gaze, her eyes ablaze with sexual fire. “Please, baby… I need you to lick me now!” she breathed, her hand caressing Ashley’s cheek. “I want to cum so bad!”

Swallowing a large lump, Ashley hesitated for a long second, then lowered her head down and kissed along Michelle’s stomach until she reached her pubic mound. The scent of her arousal was almost overpowering and she found it extremely arousing. She saw the dewy moisture clinging to her swollen labia, her clit just peeking out from under its protective cover. Her own pussy throbbed at the sight and knew that if she just so much as touched her tongue to the hard little sex organ, Michelle would gasp in pleasure. Tentatively, she placed her fingers on the wet lips and pressed one between them.

Michelle inhaled sharply and her back arched a little. “Oh, yes, Ash… more!” she panted. Eager to please, Ashley pushed in deeper and a soft moan escaped Michelle’s lips. Her arms reached out and pressed down on Ashley’s head. “Do it baby!”

Ashley’s mouth was mere inches from the slick lips of Michelle’s pussy. All she had to do was extend her tongue and taste her. She watched her finger disappear into her cunt, the warm wetness surrounding it and her soft vaginal walls contracting. Without even thinking, she stuck out her tongue and touched the tip to a spot just above where her finger was inserted - very near her clit. Michelle moaned again, rocking her pelvis against her tongue.

“Oh god, baby, yes!” she gasped, “Like that! Ohhh!”

Encouraged by her plaintive cries, Ashley delved deeper, pressing her tongue in as far as she could. She could taste the musky-sweet juices and feel her lips pressing against her slippery labia. Michelle’s cries grew louder and she pressed Ashley’s face harder into her groin. Her pussy was leaking more and more fluids into Ashley’s mouth and while she swallowed some, much of it dribbled down her slit and over her anus to the bed.

Feeling a little more confident now, she moved up and pulled back the hood over her clit and touched her tongue to the hard little pearl. Michelle grunted and held her head tighter. Ashley began to flick her tongue across it and closed her lips around it, sucking gently. Michelle began to roll her head from side to side, gasping and muttering incomprehensively. Ashley could sense she was nearing orgasm and continued her oral assault on her sensitive clit. Even though this was her first time going down on a girl, she was starting to really enjoy herself and knew this was just the first of many pussies she’d be licking. She still loved cock, but from now on girls were definitely going to be a part of her sex life!

As Michelle’s trembling body tensed and shook, Ashley didn’t ease up. Finally, she let out a long wail and came, her pussy ejaculating into Ashley’s mouth and down her chin. Surprised, Ashley tried to pull away, but Michelle held her tight for several long seconds before her climax ran its course and she released her.

Ashley, pulled back, wiping her chin and watching as Michelle thrashed on the bed, obviously still caught in the throes of a very intense and overpowering orgasm. As she watched her, she got a certain thrill and satisfaction from knowing she was responsible for giving her this wonderful pleasure. It was unlike sex with a guy in that they always seemed to cum with little or no effort on her part - often way too soon. But this - this was something she had to work at, as pleasurable as the work was, and it pleased her to know it was her doing.

Michelle’s moans eventually eased and she opened her eyes, looking up at the hot cheerleader. Her arms reached out and Ashley fell into them, lying on top of her and kissing her hungrily, their sweaty skin pressing together as they lay making out on the bed. Ashley couldn’t recall a more satisfying sexual encounter in her brief sex life, and hoped it was just the start of many with this wonderfully strange group of teens. She could definitely get used to this!

Jake couldn’t make up his mind which was hotter - Kristi sucking on his cock or the vision of Ashley eating Michelle to powerful climax. One thing he did know was that he needed to fuck someone - and right away! He looked down at Kristi, who pulled her mouth from his cock and grinned up at him as she stroked his wet cock. He glanced over at Ashley and Michelle making out and she turned to look too. She looked back to him with a cute smile. “Sounds like they had fun!”

Jake nodded absently, his eyes scanning Ashley’s ass, well toned from the cheerleading routines. She was lying on Michelle with her legs open and he could just catch a peek of her pink pussy. He licked his lips and wondered if he’d get the chance to fuck that today. Kristi followed his gaze once again and her grin spread wider. She took his cock back into her mouth long enough to get his attention, then nodded toward the other girls.

“I just bet you’re thinking that you’d love to fuck that hot little pussy, aren’t you?” she said, making sure it was loud enough for the others to hear.

Michelle and Ashley both turned their heads at the same time. “Could you be more specific, Kristi?” Michelle asked, giggling. “There are three hot little pussies here and I bet he’d fuck any one of us!” The others joined in her giggling while Jake merely grinned, his face turning red.

Kristi rolled over and faced them, her fingers diddling herself. “Very true, Michelle, but I think he want’s to try the new slut first.” She gave Ashley a sly wink. “If you want to fuck my guy, that is.” Ashley was about to agree wholeheartedly until Kristi added the ‘my guy’ comment. As horny as she was, that kind of set her back a bit, until Kristi laughed. “Relax, I wasn’t being bitchy. We all fuck one another in this group. It’s just that Jake and I are sort of… together is all. Totally open, though.” She looked up at him. “Right babe?”

He nodded, his eyes meeting Ashley’s. “Sure,” he said, “I mean, I’d love to… you know… if you want to, that is.”

Michelle snorted and laughed, sitting up as Ashley rolled off of her. “Just say it, Jake - you want to fuck her!” She nudged Ashley and leaned closer. “Don’t agree until he says that, honey!”

Kristi laughed and nodded. “Oh yeah, make him say it!”

Jake stared at the three naked girls on the bed and shook his head, then pointed to Ashley. “You - the new whore!” he said in a commanding tone, “Get on your hands and knees. I’m going to fuck you now!” He grabbed his cock and climbed onto the bed, crawling toward her on his knees. She just stared at him until he stopped at her feet. “I said on all fours, slut!” he ordered again.

Ashley stared at him for a moment, then slowly rolled around and got on her hands and knees, her tight ass pointing in his direction. Michelle lay beside her and gave her a little wink, as if to say ‘I told you it was hot!’ Ashley smiled and gasped as she felt Jake grab her hips. He pushed her feet apart and crawled up closer. She slapped her gently, not wanting to hurt or scare her. “The next time I tell you to move, move!” he said, winking at Michelle, who gave Ashley a grin.

“Yes, sir,” Ashley murmured, getting into the role play. She felt him press the tip of his cock to her still tender and sensitive slit and moaned as he slid it back and forth. She closed her eyes in anticipation of the wonderful stretching and filling she knew was coming. He seemed to take his time though, and just as she was about to turn and ask if he was going to put it in, she felt a pressure, then the wonderful warmth of having a hard cock push into her wet cunt. She growled something unintelligible and lowered her head to the covers as he slowly filled her. Her pussy gripped him tightly, contracting and releasing him over and over. He drove in deep until she felt his pelvis pressing against her ass, then began to move in and out. She moaned every time he thrust in, feeling her already over-stimulated pussy quivering with the stirrings of another powerful orgasm.

Jake smiled when he saw Ashley turn over and present her firm, cheerleader’s ass to him. Her body was perfect; well toned and slightly more mature than the others. He couldn’t put his finger on it, but there was something different about her. The fact was, Ashley, while only a year older, was closer to a woman and was fully developed with none of the lingering pubescent girlishness of the others. However, if anyone had asked him to explain the difference, he wouldn’t have been able to. All he knew was that Ashley was super hot and that she was conforming to his demands like the others did. Yes, she was going to be a nice addition to their little fuck group.

The tip of his cock slid between her thighs, running along the moist slit of her swollen pussy. He could feel the heat from her arousal on the sensitive knob and let a small sigh of satisfaction slip from his lips when he pushed it between her puffy lips and began to sink into her tight warmth. He felt her tense up for a moment, then begin to push back as he moved deeper into her. Soft moans and sighs escaped her lips and when he finally was fully inside her, she let out a quiet yelp.

As they began to fuck, her moans continued, fueling his own desires. Before long, he was slamming hard into her hot cunt, her body shaking and moving with each thrust. He leaned over her, resting his hands on the bed , his chest almost touching her sweat dampened back, and continued his assault on her clenching pussy. He heard her cry out and felt her pussy squeeze his cock, but still he kept on fucking. Finally, her strength weakened and she slid forward onto her stomach.

But he remained inside her, his pelvis grinding against the soft globes of her ass and her legs splayed wide. He could feel his climax approaching, the cum boiling in his balls, but the awkward position made it difficult to maintain a steady rhythm and as a result, he wasn’t able to cum as fast. Ashley was having none of those problems, however, and he felt her cum again as he rammed deep inside her.

Then there was a hand on his shoulder and he turned to see Kristi kneeling next to Ashley’s prone body. Michelle was moving into the same position on the other side. Kristi kissed his cheek and whispered, “Cum all over her ass, baby.”

Michelle crawled up and began to push on his ass, her fingers kneading as she did. “Yes, shoot it all over her, then we can clean you both up!”

Whatever was holding him back seemed to be suddenly removed and he felt the orgasm rising fast. Quickly, he pulled out and Ashley’s over-sexed body slumped to the mattress. He reached for his cock, but Kristi beat him to it and began to pump it. He closed his eyes, her hand quickly taking up the cause. While it didn’t feel as good as Ashley’s pussy, a warm mouth soon added to his pleasure as Michelle began to suck on the head as Kristi stroked him expertly.

“Oh fuck!” he gasped, “I’m gonna cum!”

Michelle sucked hard on the tip one last time, then began to fondle his heavy balls while Kristi relinquished control back to him for the final cum-shot. With a long groan, his muscles tensed and he felt the surge of hot semen through his shaft and shoot forcefully onto Ashley’s back, almost reaching her hair. He groaned loudly, pumping more onto her lower back and ass, until he finally felt the last drop seep from the tip. Both girls moved in, Michelle once again claiming his cock, while Kristi leaned over and began licking the hot cream from Ashley’s skin. Jake shuddered and moaned as Michelle’s mouth brought back another shiver of pleasure, leaking a few more drops onto her tongue. She gave him a few licks, then went down to help Kristi clean up Ashley.

Kristi took advantage of the situation and gave his slowly deflating cock a good suck as well, then resumed licking the thick semen from Ashley’s soft skin. When they had most of it cleaned up, they completed the job with some tissues and all four lay back, kissing and cuddling in the warmth of the sexual afterglow.

After a while, Kristi said, “What do you think Steve and Angie will say about this?”

Jake merely shrugged. “What can they say? It’s done. As far as I’m concerned, Ashley is in the group.”

Michelle met Ashley’s warm brown eyes, still hazy from the many orgasms she’d experienced. “Me too. Welcome, baby. I hope you enjoy this as much as we all do.” She leaned in and kissed the sexy cheerleader.

Ashley grinned sleepily and accepted Michelle’s tender kiss, then one from Kristi and finally Jake before speaking. “This was incredible, guys. I never thought I would ever be a part of something like this. Hell, I didn’t even know people did this!” She giggled and the others joined her. “But I promise to keep this secret and I hope we can keep this up for a long time.”

Everyone mumbled in agreement and they once again lapsed into a comfortable silence as the evening progressed into twilight. Eventually, they all got up and straightened up the bed, then made their way back out to their bikes, their naked skin seeming almost white in the gathering darkness.

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Chapter 121

Steve finished toweling off as he left the bathroom. The girls were still in the shower but promised they’d be done in a few minutes. Even though all three of them had incredible orgasms before the shower, there was still some play as they rinsed the remnants of their wild sex from their still tingling flesh. Just the sight of the two gorgeous girls naked and wet was enough to cause a stirring in his balls and when they began to kiss and caress under the streaming water he was soon well on the way to a full erection.

Noticing this, Katie nudged Carrie and pointed out the object of their desire and both girls immediately dropped down and washed him, then began to suck and fondle his cock and balls as the warm water cascaded over all of them. The feel of two hot and very willing mouths on his hard cock was almost more than he could stand. It seemed that instead of being at least partially sated by their earlier sex, the girls seemed even hornier now and attacked his cock hungrily, only pausing briefly to kiss as they switched. Before long, he felt the cum rising and pulled away. Both of them looked up at him with pouts and Katie tried to move in and capture his bobbing hardon but he put a hand out and stopped her.

“Girls, please,” he said with a grin, wiping the water from his eyes, “I can only cum so many times and I still have plans for you!”

Both of their pouts turned to grins. “Oh, all right,” Katie said, getting to her feet and reaching down to help Carrie up.

“And we’re going to hold you to it,” Carrie added, her eyes dancing with lust.

They each stepped up and gave him a very deep and hungry kiss, then concentrated on each other. Steve saw his chance to escape and stepped out, leaving them alone in the shower.

He went over and pulled the rumpled covers back so only the bottom sheet covered the large bed. They wouldn’t be needing them anytime soon and they’d only get in the way. He lay back and thought about what else they could do. Over the course of the brief affair, he and Katie had done almost everything he could imagine, and the public sex was something he and Angie hadn’t even done. He hadn’t realized how much of an incredible turn on that was, even though that first time had been a little disconcerting. The very thought that they might be seen actually made the sex even hotter and when they’d fucked on the woodpile at work that afternoon, his orgasm was nothing short of mind-numbing.

He heard the shower stop and giggling coming from behind the partially closed door. He glanced at the clock on the night table and was surprised to see it was almost ten-thirty. It felt like only an hour had passed since they’d started when it had actually been over two. “Time flies when you’re having…” he murmured, then stopped short as the bathroom door swung open and Carrie stepped into the room, her full breasts swaying as she finished toweling her hair and tossed the towel onto the floor.

Then Katie stepped out behind her and placed her hands on Carrie’s hips, moving up and kissing her neck. Carrie tilted her head to give her access, her hand going to Katie’s damp hair and her eyes closing as Katie’s soft lips kissed her freshly scrubbed skin. Steve’s still hard cock twitched at the sight of the two breathtakingly beautiful women making out and when Katie’s hands moved up to fondle Carrie’s breasts, he couldn’t stop himself from reaching down and stroking his cock.

Katie noticed him doing that and smiled seductively, then whispered something in Carrie’s ear. Carrie opened her eyes and looked over at Steve, nibbling on her lower lip and nodded. They separated and began to move toward him, their eyes never leaving him. He watched them approach and crawl onto the bed like two lionesses stalking their prey, one moving to either side of him. Neither spoke, their eyes alternating between his and his erect penis, standing straight up.

Katie moved up so that her face was only inches from his, her eyes glistening with sexual desire. She kissed him, then tugged on his lower lip with her teeth before releasing it and licking his upper lip. He parted his lips and their tongues met, touching and licking at one another teasingly. He felt a hand cup his balls and then move up to his shaft, but Katie’s erotic kisses prevented him from looking down. He gasped when soft lips slid over his glans and another tongue moved over it as his head was engulfed in Carrie’s hot, wet mouth.

Katie smiled and kissed him hungrily as Carrie began to suck and lick in earnest, her hand stroking him at the same time. Even though they’d had him on the brink of cumming in the shower, the break had allowed him the opportunity to calm down a bit and he was able to withstand the dual onslaught of Carrie’s blowjob and Katie’s hot kisses. At least, for now he could.

Katie released his mouth and turned to look down at Carrie, her damp hair tickling his chest. Her head still blocked most of his view, but he was able to see Carrie’s head twisting and bobbing. Katie turned back to him, her eyes glittering.

“I want you to eat my pussy while she sucks you off,” she purred. Before Steve could reply, she straddled his chest and presented her pussy to him. He could see she was fully aroused, the pink folds of her inner labia peeking out from between the puffy outer lips. Her entire pussy was glistening with her juices and the musky scent of her arousal filled his senses. He reached out and grabbed her ass, pulling her closer until his mouth pressed against her engorged labia. She braced her arms on the wall and moaned softly as he pushed his tongue deep into her hot pussy, tasting her sweetness and loving the way she reacted to his touch.

He was thankful for the distraction from Carrie’s hot blowjob, because he didn’t want this to end too soon. Carrie had acted demure, and she’d been a little apprehensive about the girl on girl stuff at first, but it was obvious she was well experienced as far as sex with guys went. She was incredible at giving head, taking him deep into her throat until she started to gag, but never pausing. To distract himself from Carrie’s hot mouth, he forced himself to concentrate on getting Katie off but her increasingly louder moans and her dirty talk was turning him on almost as much as the blowjob.

He felt Carrie’s mouth pull from his cock and a second later she straddled him and embraced Katie. Steve looked up and saw her hands cup Katie’s tits as she began to kiss her neck. At the same time, he felt her position her own wet pussy over his hard cock, slowly moving so that the tip slipped along her wet slit. He wanted desperately to push up and into her, but with both of them sitting on him he was effectively trapped and at their mercy. She continued to tease him for what felt like several long excruciating minutes as she kissed and caressed Katie, then mercifully, she pushed down, letting him slide deep into her hot, wet cunt in one long push.

The feeling of her overheated, tight pussy gripping him was exquisite and he began to lick and suck at Katie’s clit as Carrie began to move up and down on his cock. He wondered which of them would cum first, although he suspected Katie was the closest. Since he’d been concentrating on her clit, her body language indicated that she wasn’t far from exploding in his mouth. And he also knew that when she did, he wouldn’t be long filling Carrie’s tight twat with his own load. He didn’t yet know how far along Carrie was, not knowing her signs as well as Katie’s, but from her moans and the way she was fucking him, he figured she wasn’t too far off either.

Katie began to move her hips with more urgency, her body shaking. “Yes… yes… oh god, yes!” she cried. He could taste her juices now even stronger and her pussy began to spasm. “Oh fuck! Oh fuckkk… yesssss!!”

She suddenly pressed herself tight to his mouth and he felt a surge of her juices as she came hard, squirting a flood of her sweet cum into his waiting mouth. His fingers dug into the soft flesh of both ass cheeks as he hungrily swallowed her hot excretions, his tongue licking and swirling inside her hot vagina.

He was so caught up in making sure Katie was taken care of that he barely registered Carrie’s sudden increase in speed, her pussy moving rapidly up and down his slick shaft. Then he felt her drive all the way down and squeeze him tightly, her powerful vaginal muscles tightening around his shaft. Katie’s diminishing cries turned to soft moans and sighs but Carrie was just beginning. At first only a strangled gurgle as her cunt tightened on him, she soon began to cry out, rocking and moving back and forth on him as her orgasm developed and released. He felt a warm wetness around the base of his cock and seeping between his legs. Carrie came long and hard, her pussy contracting and releasing on his fully engulfed cock.

Katie, unable to withstand any more of his oral attentions, moved back slightly, leaving his face drenched with her cum. He looked up and saw Carrie’s hands gripping her tits firmly, her fingers pressing into the pliable flesh. Finally, her pussy eased up and she collapsed against Katie, both of them supporting each other after their intense orgasms.

For some reason, Steve had been able to hold out and was still very hard and very horny. He needed to cum but both girls were still trying to catch their breath. Katie turned to Carrie.

“I need to lay down babe,” she whispered, kissing her softly.

Carrie released her hold on her tits and lifted her pussy from Steve’s still hard cock. She climbed off and waited while Katie moved off and lay down next to Steve. Carrie moved over to the other side of him and lay on her stomach, her arms folded under her chin. He looked over at her pretty face, her still damp hair unkempt and falling over her eyes. Then he looked down at his very wet but still rock-hard cock. Her eyes followed his, then they locked on his again. Neither spoke, but somehow they communicated. Steve sat up and Carrie got her knees under her but kept her head down. Katie lay back and watched as he positioned himself behind her and without preamble pushed all the way into her still wet pussy with a grunt of satisfaction. Carrie closed her eyes and moaned as her sensitive pussy was once again stuffed with hard cock.

Steve grabbed her hips and began to move, fucking her with long deep strokes. The short pause had relieved the urgency of his orgasm, but it wouldn’t be long before the fire was rekindled. Carrie was tight, and very wet. He could hear the sucking, slurping sounds as he pumped in and out of her. Reaching down, he wrapped a hand around her hair and pulled gently.

“Oh yeah, baby… pull my hair,” she gasped. He pulled harder and her back arched. “Oh god yes! Fuck me!”

Katie watched them, a smile curling the corners of her mouth. It seemed Carrie might be into some pretty kinky stuff, even beyond having a threesome with her and a total stranger in a hotel room. Her hand moved to her tits and she began to tease and tug at her nipples as Steve began to fuck her friend faster and faster. Carrie’s cries grew louder, her words becoming unintelligible and the flush of arousal turning her face red. Despite having just came hard from Steve’s cunnilingus, Katie found herself rubbing her clit. It was so fucking hot watching her friend being fucked silly on the bed next to her she needed to cum again.

Steve felt the sweat beading on his forehead and face as he slammed again and again into Carrie’s pussy. He wondered if she might be up for anal sex, but at this point the was too far gone to do any more than fuck her cunt until he exploded. Maybe they could explore that later.

Carrie felt the orgasm building almost from the time Steve first entered her and after only a few minutes, it overcame her, engulfing her tired body with wave after wave of warm pleasure. Steve never let up and she couldn’t stop, losing track of how many times she came. It was almost like one long, unending orgasm and she was wondering how much she could take of it before it became too much. Never before had she experienced sex like this, and now that she had, she was determined to do it more often.

Katie watched as Steve’s hard fucking brought Carrie to orgasm again and again and the sight of her cumming was too much. Her fingers worked frantically around her tender clit and before long, she was cumming too, her hips rising from the bed as she did. When it passed, she looked over and realized Steve was still hammering Carrie and the distant look on her face told her she was still experienced orgasms. Steve still hadn’t cum!

She looked up at his face, flushed with exertion and the determined look she recognized as the one he often got when he was about to cum. Knowing Carrie was almost to the point of passing out from too much pleasure, Katie pushed herself up to her knees and looked up at Steve.

“I want you to cum in my mouth,” she said in her most seductive voice. “Let me suck you and taste Carrie before you shoot that delicious cum down my throat.”

Steve looked over at her and slowed his steady hammering. Carrie’s body slumped slightly and he seemed to realize that she’d had enough. He slowly with drew his cock and she dropped to the bed, her legs spread. Katie touched her shoulder. “Are you ok?”

Carrie gave her a quick nod and she turned her attention back to Steve. He was still on his knees, his hard cock slick with Carrie’s cum and pointing in her direction. He was stroking it slowly and she quickly moved closer, taking over for him before taking him into her mouth. She knew he liked to take his time with blowjobs and enjoy them, but her plan was to get him off as soon as possible.

She began to suck and bob her head back and forth, simulating the way he was fucking Carrie as best she could. One hand cupped his balls while the other stroked the part of his cock she wasn’t swallowing. She felt his breathing quicken and he began to rock his hips in time to her movements. His hand went to her head, then the other one, holding her in place as he mouth-fucked her. She was loving it. He knew how to do it so that it was sexy and dirty, but not uncomfortable for her. She briefly wondered how someone so young would know so much about sex. Surely her little sister hadn’t taught him this.

Her thoughts were interrupted when he began to tense up. She felt his cock swell in her mouth and pulled back so that just the tip remained inside, her hand pumping his shaft as she sucked. He groaned and she felt his hot semen fill her mouth, at first a large surge, then several smaller ones until he finally stopped. She held it in her mouth until he was done, then swallowed it all and sucked until she’d gotten it all, then teased the tip for a few seconds before pulling back. She looked up at him, wiping the corners of her mouth and smiling.

“Mmm… that was so hot! I love it when you cum in my mouth!”

He returned her smile then looked down at Carrie’s limp form. He reached out and touched her back, causing her to stir. “Carrie? Are you ok?”

Slowly, she rolled over onto her back, her chest and pussy still showing the flush of arousal. “Yeah,” she said in a breathy voice as her hand went down and dabbed at her pussy, causing her to release a hiss through her teeth. “Wow, you really worked me over! I don’t think I’ll be walking right for a week!” She managed a smile. “But oh so worth it! Wow!”

Katie laughed and lay down next to her, her arm going across her stomach. “I told you he was good, honey!” They exchanged a kiss and both looked up at Steve. “Come snuggle for a while,” Katie said, shifting so that he could lay between them. “And then I want to get fucked like that, if we can persuade you.” She gave him a wink.

He chuckled and lay down between them, placing an arm around each and pulling them close. “Hey, I’m more than willing,” he said, nodding down, “It’s little Steve that you need to persuade!”

They both giggled and Katie said, “I don’t think ‘Little Steve’ is appropriate, do you Carrie?”

Carrie shook her head, grinning. “Uh-uh, not after the way you turned me to jelly. I think ‘Big, Delicious, Rock-hard Steve’ is a much better name for him!”

They all laughed at that and lay in companionable silence for a bit. Steve wondered what they’d think of Artie if they thought he was big. He chuckled to himself and wondered what Katie would think if she only knew half of what her little sister did with all of them. Maybe someday she’d know, but for now it was best to keep that to himself.

They lay there together for a while, talking and giggling about how much they were all enjoying this and when they could do it again. Katie’s hand snaked down to Steve’s cock and she began to tease and stroke it until he began to show some signs of revival. With a grin, she moved down between his legs and bent over, taking him into her mouth.

Carrie simply remained lying next to him, content to sit this one out. Steve held her close, her soft breasts pressing against his chest as they both watched Katie suck him until he was fully hard again. She lifted her head and brushed her hair from her face, grinning up at them.

“Mmm… my turn now!” she said with a wink.

Steve jokingly sighed and turned to Carrie. “I’m beginning to feel like a sex toy!”

The girls laughed as Katie moved up and straddled him, leaning over them so her face was only inches from both of theirs. “You know you love it, stud!” she exclaimed, giving him a quick kiss, then Carrie.

Steve chuckled and nodded. “Fuck yeah, you know I’d never…” He was cut off as Katie pushed down, impaling herself on his hard cock. He gasped at the feel of her heated pussy and thrust his hips upward, grinding against her clit. Katie’s eyes closed for a moment and when she reopened them, she looked down at him with renewed vigor.

“I want you… to fuck me so hard… that I pass out,” she gasped through tightly clenched teeth as she moved up and slammed back down on him. “I want you to take me from behind… pull my hair… spank my ass… and make me cum so hard I see stars!” Each command was accompanied by a hard downward thrust, his cock slamming deep into her molten pussy. He looked up into her wild eyes and gave her a look that told her that was just what she was going to get!

Extricating his arm from around Carrie’s naked body, he pushed Katie off of him and got to his feet. Before she could say or do anything, he’d grabbed both legs and flipped her onto her stomach, then dragged her to the edge of the bed. He grasped her hips and pulled her up to a standing position in front of him, his cock pushing against the twin globes of her ass. One arm went around her chest while his other hand took a handful of her hair.

“So you want to get fucked hard, bitch?” he snarled in her ear. “Then bend over and take it!”

With that, he bent her forward over the bed, his hand still holding her hair. He tugged back on it so that her back arched and she was looking straight across to where Carrie sat watching, her own eyes alive with excitement at the rough play. Steve used his other hand to position his cock at her swollen pussy and tugged sharply on her hair, causing her to let out a little cry. At the same time, he plunged all the way into her cunt, slapping her ass as he bottomed out. He began to move, making long steady strokes at first to make sure she was ready for some hard fucking. She was very wet and before long, he was pounding her hard and fast, the bed shaking from the force of their thrusts and his hand gripping her hair like he was holding reins.

Carrie watched as Katie’s body shook and shuddered, her eyes closed and her jaw set as she was fucked so hard it had to be painful. Yet, she was moaning like she was enjoying it and after the pounding Steve had given her earlier, she had some idea of just how pleasurable this type of sex could be. She looked up at Steve and could the strained look on his face as he drove in again and again. She could see his face reddening and beads of perspiration running down his forehead. When Katie had first told her about Steve’s stamina and that he was up to satisfying both of them, she’d been skeptical. But now she knew; this kid knew how to fuck! She’d never had a more satisfying sexual experience in her life and he was still hammering away at Katie!

Katie’s moans turned to wails and Steve’s movements became less fluid. Suddenly, Katie let out a loud cry and her body went tense only a split second before Steve plunged deep inside her and groaned almost as loud. Their bodies shuddered and shook as they came together, each grunting and gasping for breath. Carrie watched with wide eyes, becoming aroused again even though it hurt just to touch her tender pussy. She contented herself with playing with her hard nipples until they finally finished and Steve released Katie’s hair. She fell forward onto the bed face first, her splayed legs still open and her feet planted on the floor. Steve withdrew his slick cock from her ravaged pussy and lay on his back next to her, his chest heaving as he fought for breath.

Katie looked up at Carrie, her eyes hooded and a satisfied smile on her face. “Holy fuck!” she managed to gasp, then crawled forward and collapsed again. Carrie stroked her hair, then caressed her back, causing her to jerk and shudder. Steve looked over at her.

“Are you ok?”

She nodded without lifting her head from the mattress. “Fuck yeah!” she mumbled, “That was awesome!”

After they’d both come back to reality, they all cuddled together for a bit, then Steve looked over at the clock. It was past midnight and his curfew was one am. “Shit, I gotta go,” he said, pushing himself up. Both girls pouted and tried to stop him from getting up, but he persisted. “As much as I’d love to stay, I can’t,” he said, turning to face them. They moved together and Katie’s hands went to Carrie’s tits, kneading them.

“Are you sure?” she asked, a wicked grin on her face.

Carrie giggled and brought her hand to her lips, kissing her fingers before replacing it on her tits. “Yeah, c’mon Steve. Who knows when we’ll get the chance to do this again?”

Steve looked down at the two naked girls and was very tempted, but staying out all night would get him in deep shit with his folks, not to mention having to explain to Angie why he was grounded.

“I wish I could, ladies, but I really need to go.”

They both gave one last ditch attempt, but he shook his head, picking up his discarded clothes. As he began to dress, Katie got up and padded to the bathroom. When she came out he was fully dressed and sitting on the bed with the still naked Carrie. Katie picked up her jeans.

“I’ll give you a drive home, babe,” she said, pulling them on without panties. She looked over at Carrie. “Don’t you go anywhere - I’m coming right back.”

Carrie grinned and flopped back onto the bed. “Don’t be all night. I’m getting horny again!”

Steve grinned and watched Katie pull on her blouse and button up most of the buttons. They both gave Carrie a kiss goodnight and Steve took down her phone number, promising her that he’d call her sometime. With a final wave to Carrie, they left the room and caught the elevator to the lobby.

As the doors opened, Katie and Steve were kissing, but they quickly pulled apart and Steve noted the same cute blonde was still working the desk. No one else was there and he felt his face flush as he felt her eyes on them. Katie wasn’t wearing a bra and with her almost sheer white blouse, one didn’t have to look too hard to make out the dark circles of her areolae through it.

“Hi!” Katie said cheerfully as they passed the desk, giving her a wide smile and a wave.

“Uh, have a nice night,” the girl called out. Steve simply lowered his head and mumbled something and felt an immediate sense of relief when they were finally out in the parking lot. Katie looked over at him.

“What’s wrong? You look all embarrassed about something?” Steve didn’t reply and she stole a glance back through the front windows of the lobby. “Oh, do you like her? She is cute!” She leaned in close and gave his ass a squeeze. “Maybe next time we’ll see if she can join us!”

He laughed nervously as they reached the car and got in. Katie looked over at him and grinned. “Are you worried what she might think about you going up with two sexy girls and leaving after a few hours?” She started the car.

“Well, it did cross my mind that she might figure out what we were doing,” he answered.

Katie laughed as they exited the parking lot. “She didn’t have to figure it out. I told her I was taking a hot young stud up to my room for a little fun!”

Steve’s jaw dropped as he looked over at her. “You… you told her?!”

Katie reached over and took his hands. “Relax, Steve. So what? It’s not like you’ll ever see her again!” She laughed. “Would it help if I told her you were able to satisfy both of us… several times?”

Steve couldn’t believe she was talking like this! Then it occurred to him that she was yanking his chain. “Aw, fuck… ok, you got me. You really had me going for a minute there.”

Katie made a turn and looked over at him, her face serious. “What? You think I’m kidding? She asked how many people would be using the room and I couldn’t lie… she’d have seen us all go up together.”

“You’re serious?!”

Katie nodded. “Hell yeah! What’s the big deal? I thought all you guys were proud of your conquests!” He looked over and saw a twinkle in her eye and wondered if this was his conquest, or hers. She pointed to a spot about a half block from his house. “This is your street. Want me to drop you off here?”

“Yeah, this is great.”

They pulled to the curb and she leaned over and kissed him. “Relax, Steve. So she knows. What’s the big deal?” Her hand took his and she pressed it to her breasts. “I had an amazing night, babe, and so did Carrie. I can’t wait until we can do it again.”

He nodded and smiled. She was right. So what if some girl he didn’t even know knew what they did. It’s not like he’d ever run into her again anyway. He kissed her and opened the door.

“Thanks for a great night Katie. Give me a call when you’re back in town.” She told him that was a sure thing and he closed the door. He watched her turn around in a driveway, then waved as she drove past him going back to the hotel. As he began the short walk home, he found himself thinking again about the events of the summer. Never in his wildest dreams would he ever have imagined it turning out like this!

Chapter 122

Angie awoke slowly, her mind registering the warm body next to her but not yet fully aware of who it was. Her first thought was Steve, but the skin was too soft. She opened her eyes and looked down at Lin’s dark hair splayed over her own naked breasts and smiled sleepily as the events of the night’s lovemaking came back to her. She brought a hand up and gently caressed her silky hair, eliciting a quiet murmur from her lover. She leaned down and kissed the top of her head.

“Good morning baby,” she whispered softly.

Lin’s head moved and she slowly turned to look up into Angie’s eyes, a sleepy smile on her lips.

“Hey,” she mumbled, giving Angie’s tit’s a quick kiss. “This is nice… waking up in your arms.”

Angie nodded and ran her hand along Lin’s lithe, naked torso. “Mmm, it is. I just wish you could stay longer.”

Lin almost purred under Angie’s touch, but then pushed herself to a sitting position. “I need to use the bathroom.” She leaned over and gave Angie a peck on the lips, then threw back the covers and got up. She opened the door and peeked out, then with a mischievous grin, went out completely naked. Angie laughed to herself and pushed herself to a sitting position, then sobered as the reality sunk in. Lin was leaving today, and the thought of not having her close by was not a pleasant one. Sure, there was still Steve and the others, and she loved them no less, but Lin was equally important.

She heard the toilet flush and a few seconds later the shower started. Her own bladder also needed relief so she got up and, following Lin’s example, strode naked to the bathroom. Lin was already in the shower and she quickly relieved herself, then pulled the curtain aside and stepped in with her. Lin was startled at first, then grinned, the water streaming from her wet hair down over her naked body.

“Mind if I join you, babe?” Angie said, reaching out to pull her close. They kissed for a moment, then Lin pulled away, a trace of fear in her eyes.

“What if your mom…?”

Angie shook her head and reached down to stroke her friend’s bare pussy. Lin gasped and closed her eyes. “She’ll hear the shower and know we’re up. She’ll give us our privacy.”

Lin felt a warmth spreading as Angie’s fingers probed at her sex. She never imagined sex with another girl could be so pleasurable and fulfilling. She still liked guys, but she was definitely going to be looking at girls in a different light from now on. Then she remembered something.

“We’re supposed to meet Steve this morning. Maybe we better not… do anything.”

Angie reluctantly nodded in agreement, remembering the time on the clock was almost nine when she’d awoken. They were supposed to meet Steve at ten.

“Yeah, you’re right. We better get a move on.”

They both quickly showered, sharing a few tender caresses and kisses, then toweled off and went back to Angie’s room to get dressed and put on a bit of makeup. Angie chose a short white tennis skirt and a matching tank top. Following her example, Lin produced a short denim skirt and a white blouse that she tied in a knot under her breasts. Neither wore anything under their clothing.

They went upstairs and found Cathy in the kitchen sipping on a cup of coffee. She was already dressed in a pair of jeans and a casual top reading the morning paper. She looked up as they came upstairs and Angie caught a strange look on her face as she quickly noted their short skirts.

“Morning Mom,” she said and Lin greeted her.

“Hi girls. Sleep ok?”

Angie opened the fridge and poured her and Lin each a glass of orange juice. “Yeah, great.”

Lin caught Cathy watching her out of the corner of her eye.

“I hope you weren’t up half the night talking,” Cathy added, turning back to her paper.

Angie passed a glass to Lin and sipped on hers, leaning against the counter. “No, not too late.”

“What time are your parents picking you up, Lin?”

Lin couldn’t read Cathy as well as Angie, but even she could see something was a little off. She wasn’t looking either in the eye and her comment about being up late made her wonder if maybe she’d heard them having sex.

“Around four,” she replied, shifting her gaze to Angie, who was also giving her mother a curious look.

“We’re going to the mall,” Angie said, setting her empty glass in the sink and reaching for Lin’s. “We’ll be back in plenty of time to meet them.”

Cathy glanced up. “All right. Have fun.”

They went out and began walking toward the school, neither saying anything until they were clear of the driveway. Lin looked over at her friend. “Did your Mom seem… I dunno, a little weirded out?”

Angie nodded, a frown creasing her lips. “Yeah, you noticed too, huh?”

Lin swallowed a lump. “Do you think she… heard us?”

Angie felt a twinge of panic. What if her mother had heard them? What would she do if she knew her daughter wasn’t just having sex with boys, but girls too? She reached down and gripped Lin’s hand, giving it a gentle squeeze.

“Don’t worry, honey. If she does, I’ll deal with it.”

Lin didn’t reply, but gave her hand a return squeeze before releasing it. As they approached the school, the saw Steve sitting on the bleachers. Angie looked at her watch. “Ten-fifteen - we’re a little late.” She grinned at Lin. “We’ll have to make it up to him!” Lin giggled and they quickened their pace.

Steve looked up at the sound of girlish laughter and saw them coming toward him. Even though his night with Katie and Carrie had left him fully sated, the sight of the curvaceous blonde and diminutive brunette in their short skirts caused a stirring in his groin. Angie waved and he stood up as they came over to him.

“Hey sexy!” Angie said, throwing her arms around his neck and planting a wet kiss on his lips. “Ready for some hot action?”

Steve grinned. “Hell, yeah!” He looked over at Lin, who was standing quietly as they embraced. “Hi Lin,” he said with a warm smile.

Angie, stepped aside and pushed her two lovers together. “Don’t be shy, babe… give him a kiss!”

Lin stumbled toward Steve and he caught the small girl in his arms. He looked down into her dark eyes, glittering with excitement, and leaned in to kiss her. As their lips met, he heard an almost orgasmic sigh coming from Angie. He held Lin close, enfolding her small body in his arms and remembering how tight she’d been. His cock twitched at the memory and suddenly he wanted to have her naked and spread for him.

They pulled apart and Angie leaned in to hug them both. “Fuck, it turns me on to watch you two together!” She took each of their hands. “Come on, let’s go somewhere and get naked!”

Steve and Lin exchanged a grin. “She has to be the horniest girl I’ve ever met,” Steve said as Angie began pulling them toward the woods. Lin laughed and they made their way across the ballfield to the trees and into the woods. Steve had a backpack slung over one shoulder with a couple of blankets in it and Angie started toward a place he knew there was a secluded clearing. An idea came to him and he stopped. The girls turned and looked back at him.

“What’s wrong?” Angie asked.

“I know a better place,” he said.

The girls exchanged a glance. “If you want to go to the creek or cabin we’ll have to go get our bikes,” Angie said, “That’ll take a while and I’m way too horny for that!” Lin nodded in agreement, her hand moving up to tease her nipples over her top.

“No, it’s just this way,” Steve replied, pointing back toward the edge of the trees. He decided he wanted to see if Angie and Lin would like semi-public sex as much as he did. Something told him they would.

Both girls shrugged and he led them along the edge of the trees until they came to a little clearing on a hill that overlooked the front of the schoolyard. There was barely any cover and cars passed by on the street only a few hundred feet away. He stopped and turned to face them, spreading his arms. “Well, what do you think?”

Angie and Lin looked around, then out to the street. A few more cars passed and there was a couple walking a small dog along the sidewalk. There were a few bushes for cover, enough to hide them fairly well, but they’d still be somewhat exposed.

“Here?” Angie looked at him, then to Lin, who had the same look of disbelief on her face.

Steve pulled off his backpack and began to undo the clasps. “Sure, why not? No one can really see us and it might be hot to do it where we can look out and see people.”

Angie thought about it and a smile slowly spread across her face. She looked over at Lin and could see she wasn’t quite as opposed to it as at first, but still looked hesitant. “Actually, yeah, that might be cool!”

“You guys are serious?” Lin asked as Steve pulled out a blanket and began looking for a soft spot on the grass. “You really want to do it here?” Until this weekend, she’d never even had sex outside and now they want to do it where someone could see?

Angie helped Steve spread out the blanket, then knelt on it. “Sure, look…” she pointed to the low bushes. “When I’m kneeling no one can see.” She patted the blanket next to her. “Come on babe. It’ll be so hot!”

Lin paused, her eyes searching first Angie’s, then Steve’s, then after a moment went over and knelt down beside her. Steve came over and started to get down too, but Angie put up a hand to stop him. “Uh-uh, perv… you’re gonna stand.” He gave her a curious look and she reached up to undo his jeans. “If you like being this exposed, I want you to be visible while we suck your cock.”

With that, she unzipped him and pulled out his semi-hard cock. Steve looked down at her as she took him fully into her mouth, her warm tongue moving along his quickly expanding flesh. He looked out over the bushes and watched the cars going by as he felt cool fingers playing with his balls. He looked down and saw Lin cupping him and massaging his balls as Angie continued to try to swallow his entire cock, which was by now nearing full strength. She turned her eyes upward and gave him a little wink, her sexy mouth forming an ‘O’ around his shaft. He grinned down at her and watched as Lin abandoned her caress so she could remove her top. Her firm little tits stood proudly on her chest, her brown nipples hard and ripe for sucking.

Angie saw this and pulled off, passing his cock to her. As Lin’s hot mouth engulfed him, Angie watched her and pulled her own top off, exposing her full tits. Then, to his surprise, she stood up and unfastened her skirt, letting it drop to the blanket and stepping out of it.

She stood in front of him, completely naked except for her tennis shoes, apparently not concerned that someone might look up and see her. She leaned in and kissed him, then began playing with her nipples, her eyes twinkling. A shout from far off grabbed his attention and he looked out to see a couple of people throwing a Frisbee on the front lawn of the school. All they had to do was look up and they’d see them!

Angie followed his gaze and when she saw the Frisbee players, she grinned and reached down between her legs, fingering her bare pussy. “What’s the matter, baby? Afraid they might see us?” She turned so she was facing the school. “I kinda like the idea of being watched.” She saw the surprised look in his eyes and grinned, glancing down at Lin, who was still sucking happily at his cock. She turned back to him and moved closer, bringing the fingers she’d been plying with herself with up to his nose. “Tell me babe… which do like better… blond…?” She ran her wet finger along his upper lip, then knelt down and reached under Lin’s skirt. He felt Lin gasp around his cock, but she never stopped. Angie stood up and rubbed another finger coated with Lin’s juices under his nostrils. “…Or would like to start out with some sexy brunette pussy?” As he watched, she slipped the finger into her mouth, closing her eyes and murmuring as she savored Lin’s pussy juices. “Mmm… I think I’d like to sample some of the brunette.”

Suddenly, the two people playing Frisbee didn’t matter. Nothing mattered except he needed to fuck one of them. Right now. And since Angie was already naked…

He grabbed her and pulled her to him, at the same time stepping back from Lin. He picked up the naked blond and as her legs wrapped around his waist, he moved his erect cock toward her heated sex. A hand gripped his shaft and guided him to her opening and they both let out a soft gasp as she sank onto him. She hugged him close, her face pressing into his shoulder and began to rock back and forth. She was hot and deliciously wet and he luxuriated in her steamy depths, moving slowly with her.

“Oh yes… fuck me!” she whispered, and he felt her cunt squeezing him. He was vaguely aware of Lin tugging his jeans and boxers down and taking his shoes off, then carefully pulling them off. How he managed to keep fucking Angie while she did this he couldn’t say, but she soon had him naked from the waist down. He saw her stand up and drop her skirt, fully exposing her sexy little body. Once again, he was taken in by her sexuality; how her small but perfectly proportioned body looked outside with the sunlight glancing off her tanned skin. And even though he was slowly fucking Angie, he needed Lin too.

A shout caught his attention and he saw two more people had joined in on the game of Frisbee. And these were girls. Angie moaned softly in his ear and her legs eased their grip. She leaned up and whispered in his ear, “God baby, this is so hot, but I really need to watch you fuck Lin.”

Steve eased her to the ground, his cock glistening as it slipped from her. She looked down at the four people playing Frisbee and grinned. “Mmm… the blond’s cute!”

He turned and saw the blond girl throw the Frisbee and something was familiar. They were too far for him to get a clear look but somehow…

Then it hit him. The girl from the hotel! Holy shit, she lived near here? He felt his face redden and Angie giggled, nudging Lin.

“After him bringing us here, I think he’s embarrassed to fuck in front of strangers!” Lin giggled and Steve turned his attention back to them. He didn’t bother to correct them on why he was blushing, for obvious reasons. The blond from the hotel would have to wait. He had two girls here who needed a good fucking!

“I’ll show you who’s embarrassed!” he exclaimed, grinning at Lin. He reached out and took her hand, then knelt down on the blanket, bringing her with him. He gestured for her to lay back and she did, opening her legs for him to expose the wet pink of her tiny shaved pussy. He looked down at the small, naked girl and how he’d been thinking of this moment even while fucking Katie and Carrie the night before.

He moved down, his wet cock moving along her thigh to the juncture of her legs. He felt the heat of her arousal on his head and pushed. She moaned softly under him and for a moment, nothing happened. Then he felt he stretch and slowly, his cock slipped into her tight sheath. She felt her tense and let out a little cry, but her legs went around him, pulling him in deeper. Her pussy was a tight as he’d remembered and he had to pause to keep from shooting off a load almost right away. They began to move together, slowly, and every time he pushed in she let out a little gasp, her face buried in the crook of his neck. From her reaction, he thought that maybe he was somehow hurting her but whenever he withdrew, she tightened her legs to force him right back in.

Lin grimaced as Steve entered her tender pussy. After yesterday’s orgy and Artie’s huge cock, she wasn’t sure she’d be able to fuck Steve today. It did hurt, but somehow through the pain there was pleasure. That kind of surprised her, but there was no denying it. She moaned and gasped with each thrust, needing nothing more than the feel of him deep inside at that moment.

Then Steve drove all the way in and pushed himself up. He grabbed her legs and lifted them up, holding them at a ninety degree angle to her body. He began to move a little faster, his cock moving steadily in and out, making her small body shake as he moved faster. Fingers moved to her tits, pinching and tugging on her nipples and a still more fingers began a light rub over her clit. She could vaguely hear the shouts of the Frisbee players as her body began to tremble with the first stirrings of a powerful orgasm. Suddenly she felt warm breath on her face and Angie’s whispered voice in her ear.

“You look so fucking hot getting fucked by my boyfriend. You’re such a fucking slut - fucking him right out here where anyone could see you; where I can see you!” She felt the pinching of her nipple grow more intense. “You little whore - fucking my boyfriend while I watch. You are a whore, aren’t you? Aren’t you?”

Lin was becoming even more turned on by this dirty talk. Through the haze of her impending orgasm, she heard herself saying, “Yes, I’m a slut!… I’m a whore… oh, god, just fuck meeee…” Her voice faded off as her orgasm overcame her and she twisted on the blanket as Steve continued to pound at her aching pussy, cumming hard and fast, her wails uncontrollable. She felt a hand clamp over her mouth but she couldn’t stop screaming until it passed and she was left gasping for breath, her entire body tingling.

Steve watched her writhing under him, her pussy clenching so hard he could hardly move. Suddenly, her muted gasps began to get louder , building higher and higher as her orgasm built to climax. Angie moved quickly, her hand going to Lin’s mouth to stifle her. Steve looked toward the school, but being down on his knees he wasn’t able to see over the bushes. Had the people down there heard Lin? The thought was both terrifying and exciting at the same time.

Angie looked up at him, her hand still clamped over Lin’s mouth. She had a slightly panicked look on her eyes, but he could read a hint of excitement in them too. She was getting off on this! The implications of that forced a grin, which Angie quickly returned, confirming his suspicions.

Lin slowly came back down, her body relaxing somewhat, at least enough that he could move and Angie cautiously pulled her hand away from her mouth. As he slowly extracted himself from her tight pussy, she groaned and finally flopped back, her legs spread wide and her pussy gaping. Angie moved in, kissing her and whispering softly, her hands caressing her cheek.

Steve got to his feet, peering over the bushes. He still had his shirt on, but his wet cock was fully hard and pointing directly at the school. He saw that the Frisbee game had ended and the four people were now sitting in the shade of the school steps, occasionally glancing up in their direction. He quickly ducked back out of sight and crawled over to Lin and Angie.

“Shit, I think they heard her!” he said in a hoarse whisper. “They’re sitting on the steps and looking up here!”

Angie crawled over and peeked over the top of the bushes, her bare ass showing the folds of her aroused pussy as she crawled. She quickly ducked back down and came back.

“They’re coming this way!” she said in an urgent whisper.

“Shit,” Steve said, reaching down to take Lin’s hand. He quickly pulled her to her feet as Angie gathered up their discarded clothing. Steve grabbed the blanket and his backpack, stuffing it in as they quickly moved into the cover of the woods. There was no time to dress and he was still barefoot, but Angie and Lin still had their tennis shoes on so they were able to move quicker. As a twig poked into the sole of his foot, he wished Angie had given him his shoes before she ran off. He could hear voices getting closer so he had no choice, because she also had his shorts and pants. Ignoring the rough ground, he followed their naked bodies through the trees until they reached some thicker brush and he caught up to them. Angie immediately noticed his bare feet and passed him his shoes.

“Oh my god, Steve, I’m so sorry!” she whispered.

“Don’t worry about it!” he replied, taking his jeans and boxers and hastily dressing while they slipped their skirts and tops back on. Once they were all fully dressed, they sat quietly, listening for any sounds of approaching people. But all was quiet except for the usual forest noises and they all breathed a collective sigh of relief.

“Holy shit!” Angie gasped, grinning at Lin. “You almost got us busted girl!”

Lin’s face turned a deep red. “I… I’m sorry, I…” she began, but Angie and Steve shook their heads.

“Naw, forget it,” Steve said, grinning.

“Yeah, it was so hot!” Angie added, giving her a kiss on the lips.

Lin’s lips slowly formed a hesitant smile. “Really?”

“Oh my god, yes!” Angie answered, maybe a little too loudly and she lowered her voice. “I love watching Steve fuck you so hard you lose control!”

Steve grinned. “You really came hard. Are you ok?” She was so small and he knew she was still tender from her full weekend of sex that he was afraid he may have inadvertently hurt her.

“Well, I am pretty sore,” she answered, keeping her voice low, “… but it was soo worth it!” Then her expression changed to one of concern. “But I didn’t feel you cum.”

He waved off her concern. “Don’t worry about me.” After the threesome the night before, he wasn’t in any great need to shoot off another load. But Angie would have none of it. She shushed them, listening intently for a moment, then indicated for Steve to stand up. He gave her a curious look, but she was adamant.

“They’re not coming, don’t worry. And there’s no way I’m leaving here without finishing my guy off!”

With a chuckle, he rose to his feet, peering around just to make sure no one was watching. Angie’s nimble fingers quickly had his zipper open and his still semi hard cock was soon in her capable hands, then in her hot, wet mouth. He moaned softly, loving the way she used her tongue to caress the sensitive tip, which was now even more sensitive from overuse. He closed his eyes, becoming lost in the warm sensations as Angie quickly had him back to full hardness.

He felt his pants being tugged down more and a pair of cool hands cupped his balls, massaging them. He looked down to see Lin kneeling next to Angie, looking up at him with a sexy smile on her face. She gave him a wink, then licked her lips and leaned in to lick the lower part of his shaft that Angie couldn’t fit in her mouth. Angie pulled off and the two girls kissed while Angie stroked his wet cock. Despite the high volume of sex he’d enjoyed in the past day and a half, the sight of two sexy girls making out while blowing him was making his cum start to boil.

They broke off the kiss and Angie graciously offered his cock to Lin, who happily wrapped her lips around the tip and sucked as much of him in as she could. The difference in their styles was apparent, with Angie clearly being the more experienced. But Lin made up for that with enthusiasm and it was obvious that she loved giving head as much as Angie did. She made small murmuring noises as her lips and tongue caressed his hard cock, her tongue moving around the tip sensually. She began to pump him with her small hand and Angie began fondling his balls, leaning in to suck and lick them. All this was too much and he felt the tingle of impending orgasm growing stronger until he knew he couldn’t stop it even if he wanted to.

“Oh, fuck, here it comes!” he groaned.

Lin pulled off and increased her pumping, moving her face in place to catch it. Angie moved up beside her, their cheeks touching as they looked up at him, their eyes pleading for his release. He felt his balls contract and moaned as the cum surged through his shaft and hit both girls directly across the face, leaving a thick streak across their noses and lips. They both had closed their eyes just in time as the second pump splattered higher, hitting Lin in the forehead and dripping down over her eyelids. Angie pulled him to her and caught the final weak shot in her open mouth, then took him between her lips, sucking on the sensitive flesh until she’d captured the remaining dribbles.

Lin was rubbing it into her skin, luxuriating in the warm, sticky sperm and trying to wipe it from her eyes. Angie leaned in and licked it from her forehead, then made sure it was safe for her to open her eyes. They smiled at the gooey mess on each other’s faces, then leaned in and kissed passionately, pausing every few seconds to lick a gob of semen from each other.

When they were cleaned up, Steve pulled up his pants and zipped up, then helped them to their feet before leaning in to give each a long, deep kiss. They gathered up their things and made their way back out toward the ballfield, carefully avoiding the front of the school in case the Frisbee players were still hanging around. They walked in companionable silence, Steve holding one of Angie’s hands while Lin held the other. When they reached the bleachers, they all sat down.

“What time are you leaving, Lin?” Steve asked.

“Around four,” she replied, a hint of sadness in her voice. “I wish I didn’t have to go. I really love all this. It’s so cool how you guys all hook up together.”

Angie hugged her. “We wish you could stay too, Lin.”

Steve nodded in agreement. “Yeah, I really like you and so do the rest. I hope you can come back often.”

Lin gave him a smile. “Thanks, Steve. That really means a lot to me. And I… well, I really like you too. All of you.”

They talked for a while, making plans for Lin’s subsequent visits and all the things they’d do together until Angie checked her watch.

“It’s almost one, baby. We better go and get you cleaned up. We can’t have you smelling like sex all the way back to Williamstown!”

All three laughed at that and when they parted, Steve and Lin shared a deep kiss. “See you soon, Lin,” he said as they separated. She smiled up at him, leaning up on her tip toes for one last peck.

“I can’t wait,” she replied, giving him a wink.

Angie gave him a kiss as well with a promise to call him later and he watched them walk hand in hand across the parking lot and around the corner of the school. He sighed and started toward home. He had some chores to do and wanted to get them done and have a rest in case Angie - or Michelle, or Kristi, or even Carrie - would be requiring his services again later. He wondered if he was going to last much longer at this rate. ‘But what a way to go!’ he thought with a grin.

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Chapter 123

Ashley turned off the shower and stepped out to dry off. She dabbed daintily at her tender pussy, wincing as the soft terrycloth made contact with the sensitive flesh. She still couldn’t believe what she’d done that afternoon - she had actually been part of an orgy! Wrapping the towel around her, she went across the hall to her room, the smells of a roast chicken dinner drifting down from the kitchen and filling her senses. She normally showered in the morning but the smell of sex was so strong on her that she was afraid her parents would smell it over dinner. Hopefully she wouldn’t limp and make them suspicious. She’d have to pay attention but had a cover story about twisting her ankle slightly prepared just in case.

However, her fears were unfounded and dinner went smoothly. She found she had a ravenous appetite and vowed to go for a walk after dinner to work it off. She helped with the dishes and was about to go for her walk when the phone rang.

“It’s for you, dear,” her mother said, passing it to her.

“Hey, Ash. It’s Michelle.”

She felt her heart skip at the sound of her new lover’s voice and fought to keep her expression passive under her mother’s watchful eyes. Ever since she and Michelle had been caught in the garage apartment, a call from a girl received the same parental scrutiny as those from boys.

“Hey, what’s up?” she replied, being careful not to use Michelle’s name.

“I was thinking about trying out for cheerleader. When did you say the tryouts were?”

“Tomorrow at one. We meet at the football field.”

“At one…” Michelle spoke slowly as if she were writing it down. “Awesome. I think Ang wants to tryout too so we’ll see you there.”

They chatted for a few minutes and when her mother heard her explaining about cheerleading she moved off, assuming it was just some girl who was trying out for the first time and not looking for a date.

“I bet you look sexy in your uniform,” Michelle said after Ashley had explained the procedures and went over a few basic routines with her. She felt her face flush and darted a glance to where her mother was wiping down the dining room table, but she wasn’t watching her anymore.

“I… uh, yeah, sure,” she managed to stammer.

“Can’t talk, huh?”

“No, no… not really,” Ashley replied, her eyes watching as her mother came over to the sink.

Michelle laughed. “Ok, baby… I won’t tease you any more. See you tomorrow.” She made a kissing sound, then said goodbye.

“Who was that, dear?” her mother asked.

“Huh? Oh, that was Angie. She just moved here and wants to try out for the squad.”

“Angie? What’s her last name?”

“Delany, I think… or something like that,” Ashley replied thoughtfully. “I saw her at the mall the other day and she mentioned she might be interested so I told her to give me a call if she had any questions.” She surprised even herself at how easy the lie came out, but if she’d told the truth… well, that could’ve been awkward, to say the least. This seemed to satisfy her mother’s curiosity and she quickly changed the subject. “I’m going to take a walk to work off dinner. I won’t be long.”

She left the house and wandered along the street, not really having a destination in mind. While she really did want to walk off the extra calories, she also needed to think about things. That afternoon had been exciting, and fun, and she certainly wanted to do it again. But what if people found out what was going on? Her reputation would be forever tarnished and she’d be labeled a dyke and a slut and be shunned for her senior year. It could even follow her to college, if any would even accept such a morally loose sexual deviant. But then again, things like this were more accepted in college, right? In any case, it was too late to undo it, not that she really wanted to. Everyone involved seemed very concerned about secrecy so hopefully it would never come out. And it certainly was something she’d enjoyed immensely.

She’d only gone about three blocks when the irritation between her legs became bad enough that she stopped to rest at a park bench. She’d never been this sore after sex before, but then again, she’d never had sex like that before either. Hell, she never imagined it could ever be like that! She sat there remembering how amazing it had felt to have Jake fucking her roughly. The feel of him slamming into her while Michelle spanked her. And the pussy - she could still remember the taste of Michelle’s pussy and she found that was enough to make her own aching pussy a little damp.

After a few minutes, she got up and began the walk back home, moving slowly and limping just a little. She hoped she’d be a little less sore tomorrow for tryouts, although she wouldn’t necessarily have to do anything strenuous. Since she’d been on the squad for both her junior and sophomore years she didn’t have to try out, but would basically be there to coach the newcomers and help make the selections. Just the thought of Michelle in a short skirt brought a smile to her face and she found she was really looking forward to seeing her again.

Chapter 124

The next day, Angie walked toward the school, her short pleated skirt showing off her long toned legs. She was wearing her cheerleading outfit from her school in Williamstown, although the top was a little tight. Her tits had really filled out since last year and she wasn’t going to be able to wear it any more if she didn’t want plenty of lusty stares. Not that she really minded, she thought with a grin, but it might raise a few eyebrows and she didn’t want to draw too much attention. No, once school started she’d have to keep up the appearance of being a good girl and faithful girlfriend - at least in public.

She heard a shout and turned to see Michelle running toward her, her own little skirt flapping up as she ran to reveal a pair of white panties under it. Angie waved and waited for her, enjoying the view of her in her sexy little pleated skirt.

“Hey babe… looking hot,” she said with a grin as Michelle came up to her. She laughed and took in Angie’s tight outfit.

“You’re looking pretty damn hot yourself!” she replied.

They started walking toward the school, giggling and laughing, pretending not to notice the looks from the several guys the passed on their way to football tryouts. The way they looked, they’d have to screw up pretty bad with the routines not to make the cut.

They arrived at the football field and saw a group of about twenty girls over by the bleachers. Out on the field, the football hopefuls were tossing around some balls and running plays while they waited for the coaches to start tryouts. They were watching the guys so intently that they didn’t see Ashley until they were almost to the group of girls all wearing similar short skirts, with a few in their official red and white Mason High cheerleader outfits. Angie recognized Jennifer, the girl she and Jake watched fucking her boyfriend at the creek a few weeks earlier. Ashley gave them both a smile and came over to greet them.

“Hey guys… glad you could make it!” she exclaimed in very upbeat and cheerful tone of voice. Her pretty face lit up in a wide smile, her eyes glittering.

“Hi Ash,” they both replied almost in unison.

“You both look great,” she said, her eyes scanning their outfits. “Hopefully you’ll soon be wearing one of these.” She indicated her own school uniform, then pointed to an older but still very attractive woman with dark shoulder length hair. “That’s Ms. Adams, the coach. Go see her and sign up, then we’ll get started.”

They went over and gave their names to the coach, who seemed friendly enough, but appeared to keep a professional disposition. When they finished and went back to Ashley, Angie commented on it.

“Yeah, she’ll warm up once you’re on the squad,” she replied. “She’s a good coach and easy to work with. You’ll have her for gym class too.” She leaned in closer and lowered her voice. “And the rumor is that she likes girls!”

Angie’s eyes lit up, casually looking back over to Ms. Adams. “Oh really?” The coach was maybe in her late twenties or early thirties and was very attractive, with dirty blonde hair that fell in a ponytail straight down her to the middle of her back. She wore white sweat pants with a red Mason High hoodie but she appeared to have a rockin’ body under it. No doubt she’d been a cheerleader herself back in high school.

Michelle nudged Angie playfully. “Ang, please… don’t get us in trouble by hitting on the coach!” Michelle and Ashley broke out giggling and Angie couldn’t help but join them.

“I dunno if I can help myself, girls… she’s pretty cute!”

They laughed at that, but Angie was only half joking. And besides the coach, there were several other girls there she wouldn’t have minded getting a little closer to. Not to mention some of the guys on the field. She was beginning to get a little horny being surrounded by all this hot pussy and sweaty guys and decided to then and there to try and get Michelle alone after tryouts. Maybe Ashley could come too and she’d have the opportunity to give her a special kind of tryout.

The coach blew a whistle and called all the girls together, then gave a short lecture about what would be expected of them should they be selected. It was the usual speech and Angie caught herself paying more attention to the other girls than what she was saying. When she finished, the cheerleaders demonstrated a few routines then each hopeful got up to do her own thing. Michelle did ok for not being a cheerleader before, and what she lacked in moves she more than made up for in enthusiasm and sex appeal. There was definite potential there so Angie was sure she’d make the cut. When it was her turn, she did a cheer she learned at her own school, the moves coming back easily and ending in a full split. She got up to a smattering of applause and moved over next to Michelle, who looked at her with raised eyebrows.

“I didn’t know you could do that!”

Angie laughed. “I’m a girl of many talents.”

“Oh, I know,” Michelle said, leaning in closer to whisper, “And I bet that one could come in handy in other activities!”

After all the hopefuls had each performed a short routine, the coach and the other cheerleaders huddled over next to the bleachers for a few minutes, talking quietly, then Ms. Adams addressed the others again.

“Ok, girls, thanks for coming out. I’ll make my selections and post the list on the bulletin board. If your name is there, come and see me for a schedule and uniform. For those of you who didn’t make the list, I hope you practice and try again next year. For those that do make it, I expect you to attend all practices and games, so don’t disappoint me.”

She picked up her clipboard and left, and Ashley spoke to Jennifer and the other cheerleaders for a few minutes, then came over to Michelle and Angie. “You guys did great,” she said, then turned to Angie. “That was an awesome finish, Angie! You’re really good! I think it’s a safe bet that your name will be on the list.” She smiled at Michelle. “You need to work on your moves a bit but I can help you with that. I’m pretty sure you’ll make it too. The coach liked your attitude.”

“I hope so,” Michelle replied. “That was kinda fun!”

They talked about cheerleading for a few minutes, but Angie was getting even more turned on. Just the atmosphere of being around all these sexy people was like an aphrodisiac to her and she wondered if Michelle was feeling the same way. She looked over at her as she chatted with Ashley and could almost feel the electricity between the two of them. Were they really that obviously lovers or was it just her inside knowledge that made it look that way?

“… over to my house later?” Angie, startled out of her reverie, realized Michelle was talking to her.

“Huh? Sorry, I was just…” She stopped herself before she said she was thinking about tearing her clothes off and taking her right then and there. “… I was just thinking about something. What’s up?”

Michelle grinned knowingly, as if reading her thoughts. “Ashley offered to help me with my routine now. Did you want to come along?” Angie knew her well enough to recognize the look in her eye. Cheerleading practice may be the excuse, but there wasn’t going to be much of it taking place. She looked over at Ashley, who was shifting nervously and waiting for her reply. That made her look even sexier.

“Sure, I’d love to. Just us?” She gestured to the three of them.

“Yeah, like I said, my folks are away for a few hours so we won’t be disturbed.”

“Cool, I’m in,” Angie said, smiling at Ashley and meeting her warm brown eyes and a thought occurred to her. “Hey, I have a better idea.” She paused, then said, “My parents are away on one of their ‘date nights’ at a hotel until tomorrow. Why don’t we go to my house instead and make it a sleepover?”

Michelle’s eyes widened and she nodded, grinning, but Ashley’s face fell. “I… don’t think my mom would let me,” she said wistfully, giving Michelle a furtive glance.

Michelle’s smile faded, but not completely. “Is she still hung up on that?”

Ashley chuckled humorlessly. “Yeah, but I’ll ask. If I leave your name out of it and throw in the cheerleading angle she may relent. I’ll say it’s a bunch of us meeting to discuss this year’s applicants and just maybe…”

“That would be awesome!” Michelle said, giving Ashley a warm smile. “I’d love to spend the whole night with you.”

“And I’d like to get to know you better too,” Angie said quietly, licking her lips as she surveyed Ashley’s lithe athletic body, her blue eyes twinkling . Her voice lowered even more. “Michelle tells me you’re an incredible fuck!” Ashley felt her face redden but Michelle and Angie just giggled, and soon she was laughing along with them.

They made plans to meet at Angie’s in an hour and Ashley promised to do her best about the sleepover. She said that her mom may want to meet Angie first, and Angie assured her that would be no problem, knowing she could play the innocent little cheerleader easily. Ashley said her goodbyes and went over to where the cheerleader’s duffel bags were and picked hers up, chatting briefly with Jennifer and another girl they didn’t know. She walked off, waving, her short skirt fluttering around her sexy thighs.

Michelle and Angie watched until she was out of sight and then began walking home. They had some preparations to attend to, and Michelle wanted to introduce Ashley to Artie, or rather, Artie’s monster cock. This was going to be a fun night!

Chapter 125

Kristi walked into Katie’s room where her sister was finishing packing up to go back to California. She looked up as Kristi came in. “Hey Squirt, what’s up?”

“You know, I really hate when you call me that,” Kristi said, frowning.

Katie laughed. “Yeah, I know. Sorry, I’ll try not to do it anymore.”

“Thanks. Are you all packed?”

Katie closed the suitcase and put it with two others on the floor. “Just finished,” she said, sitting on the edge of her bed. She patted a spot next to her. “Have a seat.”

Kristi went in and sat down beside her sister. “I’m gonna miss you, you know,” she said. “I know we didn’t always get along when you lived here but this was a nice visit.”

Katie took her hand and smiled. “Yeah, well, you’re my kid sister and I had to give you a hard time - that’s the rules,” she said with a wink. Kristi chuckled and Katie continued. “But you’re all grown up now. Hell, you even have a serious boyfriend. I guess we’re more like equals now, little sis.”

Kristi smiled. “Thanks, that means a lot to me.”

Katie got up and closed the door, then turned around, leaning against it. “So, I just gotta know. Was Steve your first? Or did Jake have that honor?”

Kristi felt her face flush. “Katie!”

“What? Can’t we talk like two women of the world? Hell, I’ll tell you who I gave my cherry to. It was Mark Watkins. We were fourteen and we did it in the woods behind the school.” She laughed. “God, it was awful! But we didn’t know any better. It hurt so bad I swore I’d never do it again and it was almost a year before I did. That was with Andrew Morrison and it was better, but I was seventeen before I actually had an orgasm from sex.” She chuckled. “Then I was hooked and couldn’t get enough!” She looked over at Kristi who was still sitting on the bed, twisting her hands nervously in her lap. “Ok, your turn, sis.”

Kristi looked up at her. “Wow, that’s really more than I needed to know about your sex life!”

Katie laughed. “We’re sisters, we should share things. Maybe you can learn from my experiences.” That was something she’d made up on the spot. The truth was is she was curious as hell to know if her little sister had also fucked the guy who’d rocked her world - on several occasions.

“Well…” Kristi began, looking around the room, “… my first time was with Jake - down at the creek.”

Katie grinned. “Was it as bad as my first time? Painful and over in a few seconds?”

Kristi gave nervous chuckle. “There was some pain, but it was actually pretty good. He, um… he…” She paused, as if searching for the right words. Katie waited patiently. Finally, she took a deep breath and said, “He… used his mouth… first.”

Katie grinned and went over to sit next to her. “Wow, really? Did you go down on him too?” Kristi stared at the floor and nodded. Katie hugged her. “Wow, you did so much better than I did. So, did he get you off?”

“Only when he licked me,” she said quietly, as if embarrassed. “All I remember about the actual sex is some pain and then it was over.”

Katie squeezed her hand. “Was it his first time too?” Kristi nodded. “Yeah, guys will cum pretty quick the first time their dick’s in a pussy.”

Kristi chuckled. “He got better though. A lot better. And I guess I did too. I usually get off now.”

“So are you still fucking him or do you have a new boyfriend?”

“Still with him,” she said, her eyes darting downward. As much as she wanted to trust her sister and tell her about her incredibly wild and wonderful sex life, there was more than her welfare at stake here.

“So he’s the only guy you’re been with? Damn, Squirt, you need to sample some variety!” She lowered her voice. “Out in California, people are so open about sex. Everyone’s experimenting… group stuff, other girls… lots of things.” She thought she caught something in Kristi’s eyes when she mentioned girls and group sex, but there was no way Kristi’d be into that!

“Have you ever… experimented?” Kristi asked, surprising Katie with her blunt question.

“Which one?” Katie asked, studying her face.

“Either,” Kristi replied, “… or both.”

Katie was intrigued. Was this just a response to her question or was Kristi trying to tell her something? “What about you, Squirt? Have you experimented?”

“I asked you first.”

Katie hesitated for a second, then shrugged. “What the hell… I trust you. And even if I didn’t, I don’t give a shit what anyone in this town thinks of me anymore. Sure, I’ve had sex with girls. And I’ve had sex with two people at once - a guy and a girl.” Just last night, actually, she thought to herself with a grin.

“Wow,” Kristi said, looking up at her. Maybe they weren’t so different after all.

“That’s all you have to say? Wow? Aren’t you upset that your big sister fucks girls?”

Kristi shrugged. “It’s no big deal. As long as you’re happy.”

Katie raised an eyebrow. This was not the response she’d been expecting. And that convinced her that her little sister was keeping a secret. She decided to try to shock her with a blunt question. “So, when was the first time you were with another girl? Before Jake or after?”

Kristi’s face registered shock, then fear. “I… I never said…”

“Come on, Kristi, give me a little credit. You’re my sister and I can tell when you’re holding out on me. It’s ok, I won’t tell anyone. I promise.”

Kristi took a deep breath, cursing to herself. She’d let the cat out the bag without even trying to and now all she wanted to do was get up and leave. She started to do just that, but Katie’s hand on her arm stopped her.

“Listen Squir… I mean, Kristi… I’m not going to judge you. Who am I to do that after what I just told you?” She felt her sister relax a bit and put an arm around her. “If you prefer girls, that’s cool. I’m just curious.”

Kristi took another deep breath and let it out slowly, gathering her thoughts. “I… I don’t know if I prefer girls exactly. I mean, I still like guys too. But… I dunno… am I some kind of freak?”

Katie laughed softly and hugged her. “If you are, then welcome to the circus, because I am too! And there are a whole lot more of us out there!” Kristi suppressed a guffaw. If she only knew just how many lived right here in their tidy little middle class neighborhood.

Just then, there was a light knock on the door and it opened a second later. It was their mother telling Katie it was time to leave for the airport. She saw them obviously in a personal conversation and softly closed the door after Katie promised to be right there. She turned to her little sister and handed her a piece of paper.

“Here’s my email and you have my number already. If you ever need someone to talk to about this… or anything else… don’t hesitate, ok?”

Kristi nodded and they stood up. She helped Katie get her things in the car, then they all went to the airport to see her off.

Chapter 126

Ashley backed out of her driveway and pulled away toward Angie’s street, her overnight bag on the passenger seat. Her mother had been surprisingly agreeable to the sleepover and didn’t even ask to meet Angie first. Whatever her rationale was, she wasn’t about to question it and was showered and gone within a half hour. She was trembling with anticipation at being with Michelle again, not to mention Angie. She was so beautiful and sexy and she couldn’t wait to be alone with them.

She rounded the corner onto Angie’s street and peered at the house numbers until she saw the right house and pulled into the driveway. She got out and could hear music playing inside, but otherwise there was no signs of anyone being home. She went up to the side door and knocked, but after a moment no one answered. She knocked again, this time a little louder and heard the music volume lower. She knocked one more time and the door opened a minute later. Angie was there, still wearing her cheerleading skirt and top and she smiled widely when she saw her carrying an overnight bag. She pushed open the screen door to let her in.

“Ashley! Come on in!” Ashley stepped inside and Angie gestured to the basement with her head. “We were just working on some moves. Come on down!”

She led the way downstairs and Ashley noticed that it looked like she didn’t have anything on under her skirt. She couldn’t help but wonder what kind of moves they were practicing.

Michelle was kneeling in front of the stereo rifling through Cds and looked up when they came into the room. She was also in a cheerleading type of outfit and leapt to her feet when she saw Ashley. From the generous amount of bare skin she caught a glimpse of under her skirt she judged this was a panty-free party.

“Ash! You made it!” Her eyes went to her bag. “And you’re staying?” Ashley grinned and nodded. “Yay!” She ran to her an threw her arms around her neck, then gave her a full on the mouth kiss. For a moment, she resisted, mostly out of instinct and the fact that there was another person in the room, but that feeling passed quickly and she hugged Michelle, returning her warm kiss. She felt a hand on her back and pulled her lips from Michelle’s to turn and look into Angie’s gorgeous blue eyes, her face framed by her freshly washed blonde hair.

“Don’t forget about me,” Angie said in a soft voice, a sexy smile on her luscious lips.

Michelle released Ashley and she turned her to face Angie. “Isn’t she beautiful,” Michelle breathed, “Give her a kiss, too baby.”

Angie moved in so that her lips were almost touching Ashley’s. She was a little shorter than the cheerleader and had to stretch up a bit to do it, but as their eyes met they both felt a wave of desire and their lips pressed together in a tender kiss. Ashley felt her tongue pushing into her mouth and she met it with hers, pulling her closer and wrapping her in her arms. They kissed softly, but with a passion she’d never experienced before. It was easy to see how Michelle could fall for the sexy blonde - if she did everything like she kissed, she was certain she’d soon be under her spell too!

They eventually pulled apart and Angie took Ashley’s bag into her bedroom. Michelle looked at her critically, examining the sweats she’d hastily put on after her shower. She shook her head, looking up to meet Ashley’s eyes.

“No, this is totally unacceptable.” She plucked at her loose sweater, which was kind of sexy as it fell off one shoulder, then down to the sweat pants. “If you don’t have anything sexy, you’re gonna have to go naked. Right Ang?”

Ashley turned to see Angie emerging from the bedroom. She laughed and nodded. “Yeah, she’s right Ash - not the hottest outfit.”

Ashley wasn’t concerned with being naked in front of them, but she felt the need to defend her fashion choice. “If I’d done that, Mom would’ve known something was up. This is what I’d wear to practice.”

Angie and Michelle exchanged a look and Michelle spoke up. “Well, I can’t deny the logic of it, but she’s right baby… those clothes have to go.”

Undaunted, Ashley calmly reached down and grasped her top, then pulled it over her head. She had on a white sports bra under it and her nipples were so hard they were leaving little bumps in the fabric. Michelle smiled appreciatively, but pointed to her sweat pants. “Keep going.”

Ashley began untying the string but said, “What about you two? Aren’t you getting undressed too?”

Angie came around and stood next to Michelle. “In time,” she said. “Michelle explained to me how you like to be dominated so for now you’re going to do what we say.”

Ashley froze, her fingers still holding the string that would release her pants. “I… what…?”

Angie stepped closer, a mischievous smile on her pretty face. “You’re going to be our slave for the night. You will do whatever we tell you to do, got it?”

Ashley’s face must’ve registered shock because Michelle stepped forward, a warm smile on her face. “You liked this at the cabin so I thought maybe you’d like to go a little further with it. If you’d rather not, just say the word.”

Ashley looked at her for a moment, then nodded. “No, no… it sounds like fun. You just… surprised me, is all. I’ll do it but can we stop if it gets uncomfortable?”

“Of course,” Angie said. “Telling us no is all part of the game so we’ll need a safe word - something that you normally wouldn’t say in this situation.” She thought for a moment. “How about… watermelon?” Michelle giggled at that but Ashley nodded, a grin coming to her lips. “All right then,” Angie continued, “So unless you say ‘watermelon’ we expect you to do as you’re told, got it?” Ashley nodded. “Good. Now, be a good little whore and take those clothes off.” Ashley hesitated for a second and Angie’s hand came down on her ass. “Now, slut!”

Ashley jumped, a small yelp coming from her, but she quickly assumed her role and had her sweat pants around her ankles, then off. She had on a pair of white cotton panties under them, the kind she’d normally wear under her cheerleading skirt. She reached up and yanked off her sports bra, her tits falling out and bouncing only slightly as they settled high on her chest. Angie reached up and cupped one, her finger teasing the hard nipple.

“Mmm… you’re right Michelle, she has nice tits!” Ashley had stopped undressing while Angie fondled her breast and Angie pointed to her panties. “Get them off, slut. I want to see that sweet little pussy I’ve heard so much about.”

She let go of Ashley’s tit and stepped back next to Michelle, her hand slipping up under her skirt. As Ashley slipped her panties down and off, she heard Michelle sigh and glanced up from her stooped position to see Angie’s fingers rubbing over her clit. She finished taking off her panties and stood up, tossing them onto the pile with her other clothes. She now stood naked before them, feeling their eyes examining every inch of her body.

Finally Angie looked at Michelle. “Fuck, she’s sexy!”

Michelle grinned and gave Ashley a subtle wink. “Told ya babe!”

Just then there was a knock at the door and with a scared look, Ashley instinctively moved to collect her clothes, but Michelle stopped her. Angie grinned and moved toward the stairs. “Hold on, I’ll see who it is.” She went quickly up the stairs, leaving the naked Ashley alone with Michelle. Something told her Angie knew exactly who it was.

“Michelle, what’s going on? I thought it was just going to be the three of us?” she whispered. Michelle smiled but said nothing as Angie came back down.

“It’s for you, slut. Go answer the door and let whoever it is in.”

Ashley felt her knees go weak. They wanted her to answer the door to a stranger without any clothes on?! She just stared at Angie, a look of disbelief on her face. “I… I… I can’t do that!” she exclaimed. “I’m naked!”

Angie rolled her eyes and sighed. “Are you refusing an order, slave? Because we have punishment for that - much worse than answering the door naked.”

Ashley closed her eyes, her mind racing. She loved being dominated and a part of her wanted to do this, but she was also terrified. Surprisingly, her terror was also a turn on and she felt the warmth between her legs intensify.

“Do it, slut,” Michelle said, “Or you will be sorry.”

Ashley lowered her head and nodded. “O… ok.”

She went over to the stairs and paused at the bottom, turning to look at them, but they simply stood there watching. She turned back around and started up the steps, her heart pounding so loudly she was sure they could all hear it. She slowly made her way up the steps and almost jumped out of her skin when another knock sounded.

“Hurry up, slut! The longer it takes you, the worse it will be!” Angie called.

She tried to quicken her pace but the nearer she came to the top, the slower it felt she was moving. She finally stepped onto the landing by the door, feeling more exposed and vulnerable than she’d ever felt in her life, but at the same time just as thrilled. She grasped the knob and turned it, then slowly pulled the door open a crack and peered out. A boy was standing there… Artie, that was his name, and he was looking at her impatiently.

“Well, are you going to let me in?” he asked in an irritated tone of voice.

Ashley swallowed hard. For now, the door still hid all but her face, but once she let him in, he was going to see all. It was obvious from his attitude that he’d been briefed on the situation and how to treat her, so he probably already knew she was naked. Besides, this wouldn’t be the first time she was naked in front of virtual strangers.

With an immense surge of willpower, she stepped back and pulled the door open, revealing herself to him. She opened the screen door and pushed it open as far as she could without stepping outside and he opened it the rest of the way and stepped closer. Obediently, she lowered her eyes and stepped back. “Please, come in. We’re all downstairs,” she said in a quavering voice.

“Thank you, slut,” Artie said, coming inside and closing the door. “Please take me to Michelle and Angie.”

Obediently, Ashley led the way down the stairs, feeling his eyes on her bare ass all the way down. When they reached the bottom, Angie pointed to a spot on the floor.

“Kneel there until we need you.” Ashley went over and knelt down, her hands folded in her lap.

Michelle went over and gave Artie a long, wet kiss. “Mmm… hey lover. How do like our slave?”

Artie gave Ashley a short look, then shrugged. “She looks ok, but does she give good head?”

Angie looked thoughtful. “Now that’s a good question.” She turned to Ashley. “Answer him, slut. Do you give good head?”

“I try to,” she replied in a quiet voice, her head still bowed.

“When you refer to me or Michelle, you will call us Mistress and Artie is Master, got it?”

“Y… yes, Mistress.” This was really starting to make her wet and she hoped it wasn’t going to end anytime soon.

“That’s better. Now, I think she should show us if she can suck a cock properly, don’t you Michelle?”

Michelle nodded. “Oh yes. And I know Artie loves a good blow job.” She took his hand and led him over so he was standing before Ashley. “Ok, whore… suck my boyfriend’s cock.”

Ashley mumbled, “Yes Mistress,” lifted her head and began to undo Artie’s pants. She could see the long, thick bulge running down his leg, but it didn’t register in her mind that that was his cock. It couldn’t be. They didn’t get that big. Did they?

She soon had her answer as she lowered his fly and reached in to pull it out. She had to pull his pants almost down to his knees to do it and when she grabbed it, her fingers barely touched. In a daze, she extracted the long thick tool and stared at it in disbelief. Michelle took this in her pussy?! The idea of being fucked with this huge cock made her cringe in fear and revel in excitement all at the same time.

“Well, are you going to suck it or just look at it?” She turned to see Angie and Michelle in a lover’s embrace, with Michelle’s hands under Angie’s skirt and feeling her ass. She felt an odd sensation of jealousy, but then Artie’s hand dropped to her head.

“Do it slut! Suck my cock!”

She guided the massive tip to her mouth and opened wide, pushing it in. It was so thick if completely filled her mouth and it was all she could do just to get the head in. She heard Artie moan and push in a little deeper, but she gagged and thankfully he pulled back. She began to work her tongue around it as best she could, the taste of his sex filling her senses. She didn’t mind giving head, and had even swallowed a few loads, but this was by far the biggest cock she’d ever seen and after only a few minutes her jaw began to ache.

Michelle was stealing occasional looks at Ashley going down on Artie between kisses with Angie and she recognized the signs that her jaw was beginning to tire, knowing the feeling all too well herself. She broke off the passionate kiss and gestured to Ashley.

“I think she’s getting tired,” she said.

Angie looked down and could see that Ashley was indeed easing up on her enthusiasm. “Maybe she’d like to have it inserted somewhere else, then.” She went over next to Artie and gave him a brief kiss as Ashley did her best to suck his thick cock, then looked down at her. “Have you ever been fucked by a cock that big before, slut?” Ashley raised her eyes up and shook her head, the tip of Artie’s cock firmly between her wet lips. “Well, in that case I think she should go first. Don’t you guys agree?”

As Artie and Michelle concurred, Ashley felt her stomach tighten. She didn’t see how this huge cock would ever fit inside her little pussy even if she wasn’t still sore from the previous nights fuck-fest. Yet, a part of her wanted it - wanted it badly - and she knew she’d have him between her legs before the night was over.

“Maybe we better make sure she’s nice and wet first,” Michelle said, coming over and kneeling down next to Ashley. She noted that she still had Artie’s cock in her mouth but was paying more attention to what they were saying than her blow job. Ashley’s eyes met hers and Michelle tried not to smile at the way her lips were stretched thin around the shaft.

Angie knelt down on the other side of the naked cheerleader. “Good idea, babe. I’ve been wanting a taste of senior cheerleader pussy since tryouts.” Her hand cupped Ashley’s breast, pinching and tugging on her erect nipple. “Ok, slut, you can stop sucking and go sit on the couch with your legs spread wide.” Ashley obediently, and gratefully, released her lip-lock on Artie’s cock and got to her feet. She turned toward the couch, but Angie stopped her. “Don’t you have something to say?” She gave Angie a quizzical look. “You need to thank your Master for allowing you the privilege of sucking his cock, you little slut.” She placed her hands on Ashley’s shoulders and turned her to face Artie.

“Th… thank you, Master,” Ashley murmured, bowing her head.

Angie gave her a nudge. “Tell him why you’re thankful, slut.”

For a moment, Ashley didn’t know what she meant, then it dawned on her. “Thank you for letting me suck your cock, Master.”

Angie grinned and winked at Artie, who seemed a little embarrassed by all this, but said nothing as Angie steered her toward the couch. She went over and sat on the edge of the couch and opened her legs to reveal the wet pink of her aroused cunt. Her labia were swollen and the tip of her aroused clit could just be seen poking out from under its hood. Angie gave Michelle a wink and crawled over between Ashley’s legs.

“Mmm… looks like she’s almost ready now!” She looked up at Ashley. “You little cock sucker - you loved having that cock in your mouth, didn’t you?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Ashley replied in a quiet voice.

“Yes, what?”

This time she knew exactly what Angie wanted her to say. “Yes Mistress, I loved having a cock in my mouth.”

Angie gave her a little smile and reached up to run one finger along her wet lips, bringing a small gasp of pleasure from Ashley. “I could tell you did. Now I’m going to lick that pussy. Would you like that?”

“Yes, Mistress, I would like that very much.”

Angie leaned in and gave her excited pussy a long, slow lick, causing Ashley to close her eyes and tremble at her sensual touch. But then she stopped and moved back. Ashley opened her eyes and met Angie’s gaze, her blue eyes twinkling. “No, not yet. I think I want you to eat me first.” She got to her feet and stepped closer, lifting her short skirt to reveal her bare twat. Her other hand went to Ashley’s head, pulling her forward. “Do it, you dyke whore. Eat my pussy until I cum all over you!”

Ashley stared at Angie’s bare twat, her lips glistening with her juices and as she stepped closer, she reached up and placed her hands on the twin globes of her firm ass, leaning in. The scent of the sexy blonde’s arousal was an instant aphrodisiac and her pink tongue snaked out to lick lightly at the swollen lips. Angie moaned softly and placed a hand on Ashley’s head, pushing her mouth hard against her pussy.

“Lick me good, slut. I want to feel that tongue deep inside my pussy.”

Ashley did her best to comply, pushing deep into the hot depths of Angie’s wet cunt, her tangy taste flooding her senses. Still new to eating pussy, she simply did what she liked, swirling her tongue around inside and up near her clit. Angie began to sigh and moan softly, rolling her hips to Ashley’s tonguing. “Mmm… yes, slut… just like that… don’t stop…”

Michelle and Artie were standing watching as Ashley began to lick at Angie’s pussy, becoming more turned on by the second. Artie leaned over and whispered, “Are you sure she’s ok with this?”

Michelle nodded and whispered back, “We gave her a safe word and said if it was too much to say ‘watermelon’ and we’d stop.”

Artie gave a shrug and turned his attention back to the two girls, licking his lips. Michelle looked down and let her eyes move over the length of his beautiful, hard cock, still exposed after Ashley’s blow job. She reached over and began to rub it, her hand looking small on the huge organ. She felt Artie inhale a breath and a moment later his hand closed over her tit, squeezing over her cheerleader top. He pinched at her hard nipple, pulling it outward and she gasped in pleasure. She suddenly felt the overwhelming need to be naked and on her knees before him as she’s watched Ashley do. She released his cock and unbuttoned her skirt, letting it drop to her feet, then turned to face her boyfriend and pulled off her top. She stood for a moment, letting him take in her fully exposed body, then began to slowly stroke his massive hardon.

“You know what I want to do?” she asked, a playful lilt to her voice. Artie was giving his sexy naked girlfriend his full attention now, the lesbian action taking place a few feet away momentarily forgotten. He shook his head, never taking his eyes from hers. She moved in closer and kissed him lightly on the lips. “I want…” A kiss on his chest, “… to finish…” Moving lower and slowly getting to her knees. Her hand still stroked his rock hard cock. “… what the whore started.” She brought the tip to her mouth and kissed it, looking up at him. “May I suck your cock until you cum… Master?” She said ‘Master’ with a sly wink and mischievous grin and Artie grinned, nodding.

“Please do…slut,” he replied.

She licked her lips, still holding his eyes. “Thank you, Master,” she whispered before taking the tip between her soft lips and into her mouth. Artie gasped as she paused, then took him all the way to the back of her throat. He was still only a third of the way in, but for a cock of his girth, that wasn’t something any girl could do. He let her set the pace, bobbing her head back and forth, her tongue caressing the sensitive underside.

“Mmm… Michelle,” he murmured, a smile on his face.

She rolled her eyes up, pleased by his reaction to her blow job, and began to move with more purpose, one hand pumping his cock and the other squeezing his heavy balls. Artie closed his eyes, enjoying himself immensely. He knew how much she loved giving head and that she meant it when she said she wanted to make him cum, and she meant in her mouth.

A soft cry caught both of their attention and they looked over to watch Angie stiffen, her hands holding Ashley’s face to her pussy firmly. Michelle still had Artie’s head in her mouth and she felt her own pussy flood as she watched Angie cum. She suddenly had a moment’s regret about telling Artie to cum in her mouth because she felt an immense need to have him stuff her dripping pussy. Still, she loved it when he came in her mouth…and she could get him hard again pretty fast. She was just getting back to her task when his hand cupped her chin and she looked up at him, her lips stretched thin over his thick member.

“I need to fuck you, baby… I’ll still cum in your mouth if you want me to.”

She released his cock and grinned up at him. “You read my mind!” Without hesitating, she spun around and dropped to all fours, her ass pointing up and back at him. Artie quickly shucked his jeans and dropped down behind her. As he pulled off his t-shirt, his long cock poked Michelle’s pussy and she gasped, pushing back against him. Her hand reached around and grasped the hard shaft, aiming it at her opening. By now, Artie had his shirt off and took over, applying pressure to her tight cunt.

“Ohhh fuckkkkk!” she moaned, pushing back and wriggling from side to side slightly. With a little effort he was able to slip between her lips and begin to spread her. She grunted and gasped, dropping her head down and biting her lip as he stretched her wide enough for the tip to enter. She released the breath she didn’t realize she’d been holding and moaned loudly. “Oh shit! That feels so good!”

Artie had paused to let her adjust, but she was still working her way further back so he grabbed her hips and pushed. She let out a low wail and slowly he fed his huge shaft into her, stretching her pussy lips thin as he did. He watched his cock slowly push into her, still amazed at the sight. It seemed incredible to him that she was able to take him without it being painful, especially from the way her snatch gripped his cock so tight.

They began a slow fuck, their bodies working together as the sounds of passionate sex filled the room. Artie looked down at her smooth, perfect ass; the gentle arch of her back as she moved with him, and once again thought back to the odd chain of events that brought them to this point. He’d always figured he’d be the last of his friends to get laid, even though he knew his cock was well above average size. He simply wasn’t the type to have enough confidence to even ask a pretty girl out. But this summer had changed all that. Michelle and Angie had accepted him and opened up a whole new world of sexual experimentation that went way beyond his wildest dreams. And now that Kristi and Ashley were part of it, he felt like no girl was out of reach, no matter how beautiful she was.

“Hey, I thought the whore was going to be the first to get fucked!”

He startled at Angie’s words and opened his eyes to see her standing beside him, with a wet faced Ashley kneeling obediently at her feet.

“Yeah… I know,” he panted, still pumping in and out of Michelle’s pussy. “But Michelle begged me for it.”

Angie’s eyebrows rose and she looked down at Michelle’s body being rocked by his thick cock. “Oh, she did?”

Michelle was on the verge of cumming when she heard Angie speaking and was unable to speak as her orgasm peaked and released. She let out a low wail and shook, her pussy tightening on Artie’s cock. Waves of pleasure pulsed through her for what felt like a long time until Artie managed to pull out and she collapsed to the floor, still feeling aftershocks. She was aware of a body kneeling beside her and Angie’s voice was right by her ear.

“Since you broke the rules, I think we’re going to have two slaves tonight, you whore.”

She opened her eyes and saw Angie’s face so close to hers she could feel her warm breath on her cheek. “Wh…what…?”

Angie shook her head. “You’ve been a very bad girl, Michelle. We agreed the new slut was going to get her cunt fucked first. Now, you’ve gone and screwed Artie and deprived her of her rightful fuck.”

Her mind whirled, still fuzzy from the intense orgasm, but she slowly understood what Angie was saying. She was also to be a slave to her and Artie as well, and the thought of it was very appealing.

“I… I…” she began, pushing herself to a sitting position as her mind cleared.

“Silence, bitch!” Angie snapped. Michelle closed her mouth. “Now, since you’ve greedily fucked Artie first, I think you should go over and eat the other whore’s cunt until she cums.” Michelle looked over at Ashley, who remained kneeling, head bowed. She was really getting into her role.

“Y… yes, Mistress,” Michelle said, bowing her head submissively. She began to crawl over to where Ashley knelt and Ashley moved to lay on her back, but Angie intervened.

“No, I want Michelle on her back. You sit on her face,” she said to Ashley. She turned back to Michelle. “Now I’m going to fuck the Master while you make her cum.” To Ashley; “Ride her face until you cum, understand?”

Ashley nodded as Michelle lay back on the floor. “Yes, Mistress.”

They watched as Ashley situated herself over Michelle and lowered her pussy to her waiting mouth. She gasped as Michelle’s tongue snaked into her pussy and began to move back and forth. Angie gave an approving nod and looked at Artie. “They will make good fuck toys, don’t you think?”

Still a little fazed by all this master/slave stuff, all Artie could do was nod. It seemed odd to him that someone could get off on being treated like this but when Angie met him at the door and explained it to him, he’d agreed to go along with it. And, as odd as it was, there was no doubt it was having a positive effect on all of them.

“Now,” Angie said after watching the two girls for a moment, “now, I want to feel that monster inside my pussy!” She reached down and stroked his long cock, still fully aroused after fucking Michelle so thoroughly. He hadn’t yet cum, but he knew if they’d had just a few more minutes, he would’ve been shooting a huge load all over Michelle’s pretty face. He smiled at Angie, imagining thick gobs of white cum rolling over her porcelain skin. If she wanted him to fuck her, he wasn’t going to say no!

Ashley rocked back and forth on Michelle’s face, her tender pussy quivering and throbbing as she expertly licked her. So her and Michelle were both slaves… that might be interesting. Because even though she liked what they were doing here - sucking Artie and going down on Angie, and whatever else happened - she still felt a special relationship with the dark-haired beauty licking her dripping pussy. Maybe it was because she was the one who seduced her and turned her onto lesbian sex, or maybe it went deeper, but for whatever reason, she was happy she and Michelle were in this together.

She watched Artie and Angie kiss, their hands roaming over one another’s naked flesh. Then Angie walked over to where they were lying and knelt down on all fours between Michelle’s legs, looking into Ashley’s eyes. She waggled her ass and looked back at Artie invitingly and he quickly moved into position behind her. Angie turned back to Ashley and leaned up to kiss her, then began to suck on her tits as Artie shifted to enter her. She bit her nipple as he began to push into Angie and she let out a startled yelp.

Angie pulled her mouth away and moaned loudly, her jaw tensing as Artie plowed his thick cock into her. Ashley watched them intently, and the look on Angie’s face as they began to fuck combined with Michelle’s tongue on her pussy was quickly bringing her close to cumming again. She began to gasp and moan, muttering for Michelle to please not stop and noticed Angie was staring at her intently as her body rocked back and forth from Artie’s fucking.

“He’s going to fuck you next, bitch,” Angie panted. “That tight little pussy will be so stretched and filled with cock you’re going to never be happy with a little one again!”

Ashley heard her and even her derogatory words seemed to fuel the fire in her abdomen. She began to rock faster, moving so that Michelle’s tongue teased her clit. She was close - very close.

Angie noted her situation and turned to Artie. “Fuck the slut now - she’s ready for you!”

Before Ashley realized what was happening, Artie had pulled out of Angie and she was rolling her off of Michelle onto her back on the floor. Angie and Michelle each grabbed an ankle and hoisted her long, slender legs up and apart, leaving her pussy spread open for Artie. He moved into position and she felt the tip of his cock moving over her wet labia, sending a series of small orgasms through her. Then there was an immense pressure and she thought she screamed, but couldn’t be certain. Her vagina gave way and stretched wide and Artie’s cock slid in. She gasped, her eyes wide and fingers gripping the carpet. He was in her! That big cock was in her cunt!

“Just relax, babe… it’ll be fine,” she heard Michelle say softly into one ear. That was the only thing she could hear amid the roaring in her ears as her body reacted to the big cock fucking her. She felt it push in deeper, spreading her wide and the feeling was amazing! There was no real pain, and that surprised her. Perhaps her level of arousal superseded pain, or maybe she was simply prepared to have him in her. For whatever the reason, she knew one thing - she was going to cum. She was going to cum hard. And soon.

“Ohhh….ohhh, fffuckkk,” she mumbled as her climax built and built. She felt her knees being pressed to her chest and someone was sucking on her tits. Suddenly she couldn’t hold out any longer and came, her howls filling the room. She had her eyes closed and rolled her head from side to side, cumming over and over until they all melded into one long, powerful orgasm. She gave in to the sensations and let them wash through her, the feel of the thick hard cock pumping in and out of her distended pussy.

Suddenly, it wasn’t there anymore, but she continued to cum. Then her head was jerked up and she opened her eyes to see Artie standing over her face, pumping his massive cock and aiming it at her.

“Close your eyes!” she heard someone say. She did and a few seconds later felt warm, sticky cum splattering her face, running down her cheeks and dripping from her nose. He came on her face! No one had ever done that before! “Keep your eyes closed for a sec…” she heard Michelle say and someone wiped the area around her eyes with a soft cloth.

Then Angie’s voice, somewhat harsher, “Ok, that’s got it. You can open them now, you fucking cum slut!”

Ashley slowly opened her eyes and saw Artie’s still hard cock right in her face, a white droplet of semen seeping from the hole in the tip. She felt the gobs of cum running down her cheeks and reached a hand up to wipe them, but Angie stopped her.

“Not yet. I want you to see what you look like, slut.” She produced a small mirror and held it up so Ashley could see her face. She gasped in shock. Her face wasn’t just hit by a few drops, it was almost completely covered with a sheen of glistening white cum, slowly oozing downward and starting to hang in long drips from her chin. “This proves that you are a true slut,” Angie said with a grin, then nodded to Artie’s cock. “You may clean up after you’ve cleaned up your Master. Suck him clean, whore!”

Ashley looked again at the large cock, now only slightly less hard and knew she had to do it. She’d agreed to this humiliation and after what she’d been through, swallowing a few more drops of cum was nothing. She reached out and took the softening cock in her hand and brought it to her sperm-coated lips, then licked the drops from the hole with the tip of her tongue before taking it into her mouth and laving it clean. She spent a few minutes on it and finally Angie allowed her to pull off.

“Go get cleaned up, slut, while we decide what to do with you next,” Angie said, pointing to the bathroom.

She stood up. “Yes, Mistress.” Michelle smiled at her when Angie wasn’t looking and Ashley returned the smile, letting her know she was ok. She stumbled into the bathroom and closed the door.

Michelle waited until they heard the shower start and looked at Artie and Angie. “Do you think we were too rough on her?”

“I was wondering that too,” Artie said, taking a seat on the couch. “I mean, she’s still new to all this.”

Angie shook her head. “She’s fine. She could’ve used her safe word but she didn’t. I think she liked it.”

Michelle nodded. “Yeah, I think she did too, but let’s give her a bit of a break when she comes back out. After her first time with Artie she’s going to be a little tender, to say the least.”

Angie nodded, then grinned. “She sure looked like she loved getting fucked by that monster, though!” She crawled over and gave Artie’s nearly limp cock a little rub. “I know I sure do!” Artie blushed and Michelle giggled, raising her hand.

“Me too!”

They all laughed and Artie looked at his watch. “Damn, I got to go soon. I have some work to do early tomorrow for my grandmother.”

Angie looked disappointed but nodded in understanding. Michelle got up and sat down next to him, resting her head on his shoulder. “We should all get together at the cabin soon. We’ve never all been there at once yet.”

The others agreed and they were making plans for that when the shower stopped and a very bedraggled Ashley hobbled out, her wet hair clinging to her shoulders. Michelle and Angie went over and helped her to the couch, then sat down on either side, caressing her hair and skin.

“Are you ok, honey?” Michelle asked.

Ashley managed a weak smile and nodded. “Yeah… just… wow! That was amazing but it took a lot out of me!”

Michelle smiled and kissed her freshly scrubbed cheek. “I know, but did you have fun?”

She nodded again, her eyes lighting up. “Oh yes! I can’t wait to do that again!”

Everyone laughed and Angie said, “See? I told you she was ok!”

She gave her a puzzled look and Michelle explained that they were concerned that they’d pushed it too far, but she merely smiled and squeezed her hand. “It was a little scary at first, but at the end there I was having orgasm after orgasm and it all felt good!” She touched her tortured pussy and hissed. “But I’m going to have to tell Mom I twisted my ankle to explain the pronounced limp I’ll have in the morning!”

Everyone laughed again and Artie announced that he had to go so he dressed and they all hugged and kissed him, then escorted him up to the door. As he was walking away, he heard his name being called softly and turned to see Michelle standing naked in the driveway by the side door. She grinned and dipped a finger between her legs and brought it to her lips, sucking it clean. “See you soon!” she giggled and ran back inside. He chuckled and turned toward home once again. Did it get any better than this?

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All superlatives one could think from here to eternity are unable to describe such a outstanding Masterwork
I would just say We have been provided with a MILESTONE

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