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    Niece takes control.

    Part 1

    I opened my eyes, seeing that Lara was already up and out of bed. I sighed, another night of no sex. How long had it been, 3 weeks, maybe 4, and still nothing. And even when she let me in, it had to be lights out, totally dark before she'd even agree. Once the lights were out, she'd slide into bed, pulling her long flannel nightgown up just high enough to expose her pussy. I wasn't even able to enjoy the sight of her stripping naked, or watch her naked body in the heat of passion as I fucked her. Nothing but missionary position, no kissing, no passion, she was just a living masturbation sleeve to shove my cock into. I always had to lube up, she insisted that I was too big for her, 7 inches is too big? Once I'd blown my load into her stiff, resisting body, she'd dash to the bathroom, and douche out everything I'd pumped into her. When she came back to bed, the long nightgown covering everything up, she'd slide into bed next to me, but not so our bodies were in any contact. We had a king size bed, so there was always enough space between us so that our bodies would not touch during the night.

    I had been lucky enough to see her naked just once, on our wedding night. She had gone into the bathroom to prepare herself for my rock hard cock. In this day and age, she had made me wait, she thought her saintly virginity was some kind of precious gift, that she wanted to present to me on our wedding night. I heard the shower come on, and I crept over, and eased open the bathroom door. I could see her nudity, holy fuck, she looked like something out of Playboy magazine's Hottest of the Hot. Her tits were big and round, nipples perfectly centered, oh yeah, I could play with those hefty milk jugs all day, and not get tired of it. Her body curved downward, waist nipped in, her stomach was lean, making her jugs look even larger. The hips had once hell of a curve, and thanks to the clear glass of the shower door, I could see a neatly trimmed nest of pubic hair, as blonde as the hair on her head. I watched, drinking my fill as she turned this way and that, oh fuck, her ass was perfect, the graceful curves of her moons, perky and smooth. I wanted to lick her tight ass hole, finger her and perhaps she'd be adventurous enough to let me take her back door. I imagined her sky blue eyes getting stormy with lust, the bliss playing across her face, her cries and moans of orgasmic delight as I exploded inside her. Oh man, my cock was aching, and I settled myself into bed, my cock making a noticeable tent pitch.

    When she came out of the bathroom, I looked, and did a double take. She was wearing a floor length nightgown, some totally non-sexual, flannel thing that covered her from neck to ankle. My fantasy that she would prance out of the bathroom, wearing some sheer, white teddy, or a see thru baby doll, or a lace garter belt and stockings, vanished. The look on her face made it clear that she was not as ready for it as I was. She went over to the light switch, and the room became dark, so dark I couldn't see shit. l heard a rustle as she took off the nightgown, and she slipped into bed with me. Even on our wedding night, I was not allowed to see her naked, it was damn lucky that I had spyed on her in the shower. I pulled her into my arms, feeling the stiffness of her body. I tried to kiss her, tried to give her foreplay, to get her warmed up, but she was having none of it.

    She pressed a tube in my hand, and said, "Lube your thing up, then shove it in me, and fuck me until you get it off."

    I almost said no fucking way, but using the sight of her nudity that I had been able to see, and my horny mind, gave me a hard-on that demanded release. I quickly lubed up, and almost had to pry her legs apart. My fingers found her opening, she was dry, and I tried to get her stirred up using my fingers, but she pushed them away.

    "Just shove it in, and fuck away that hard on."

    That made me angry, the idea that I was just supposed to use her like some living masturbation aid, and I notched against her, grabbing her legs. I hoisted them over my shoulders, and I pushed, hard. Her shriek filled the room as I powered into her saintly cunt, impaling her, ripping through and totally shredding her hymen. The feel of her tight virginity around my cock, and the slight loosening up as I blasted apart her cherry fired me up. With my lust roaring and demanding, I kept her legs over my shoulders, grabbed her hips, and held her pelvis up to mine as I drove in deep to complete her deflowering. Lara let out another shriek as my cock surged in, right to the balls, penetrating her completely. I pulled back and rammed in again, bottoming out, accompanied by another shriek, the anger whipping my lust along.

    I filled my mind with the images of her body, what I'd like to do, so that both of us would enjoy it. I felt no response, she just let me ram her, letting out pained cries, grunts and moans of displeasure, and I filled my mind with the idea of her presenting her body to me, her imagined voice a sexy purr, changing over to cries of orgasmic joy as her pussy tightened around my cock. The cries and sounds of displeasure were easy enough to imagine they were her sounds of pleasure, and I felt my cock jerk, swelling up with the urgency of my cum at the boiling point, stretching her open a bit more. My cock was steel hard, at full extension, rubbing against her cervix, and I felt the cum streaking up my shaft, and with growls and cries of orgasmic pleasure, I erupted. I could feel the hot rush of my cum spraying deep, hosing down the tight clench of her cunt, as I deposited the pent up load that my cock had been aching to unload. I slowly, deeply pumped my cock into her until I was finished, letting the tight, unexcited grip of her pussy take every drop.

    I had barely pulled out and let her up before she dashed off to the bathroom, grabbing up her nightgown, so she could douche out all the hot cum I had sprayed into her.

    That was the only time that she had let me touch her during our two week honeymoon, and the only time she had been totally naked during sex, even the romance of Paris couldn't warm her up.

    Now, 4 months later, she was still ice cold. The mercy fucks made me angry, and I would fuck her with no preamble, no gentleness, just my lust raging, power fucking her tight, dry cunt, trying to get some response, until I dumped my load into her, and she'd dash off to the bathroom, to douche away the traces of my cum. This had been a big mistake, I'd better find myself a good divorce attorney, and cut the cord fast, I was only 22, why stay trapped in a marriage like this? Such a shrort time, I could probably make a good settlement, something I could live with, and find a woman who wanted sex, wanted it hot, and exciting, and as mutually satisfying as good sex is meant to be.

    I got up, got dressed and headed down stairs. Another rule, no bed clothes anywhere but the bedroom. I entered the kitchen, and she was at the stove, cooking up bacon and eggs. My stomach gave a growl, she may not feed my sexual hunger, but she at least fed my regular hunger. When she turned back to me, she was smiling, happy. Yeah happy that you didn't have to put out for me last night, ran through my mind.

    "Good morning, just in time for breakfast" Lara said.

    She set down our plates, scrambled eggs, hash browns, fresh toast, and she put the butter dish on the table, along with fresh coffee, and sat down across from me. I had the feeling that this was all a "quid pro quo" and it soon became clear what she was angling for.

    "John, remember my niece, Stephanie? She's really having a hard time at home, her Dad is a useless drunk, and her Mom is a raging bitch. She wants to study hard, and get the hell out of there, but at 16, she's too young to get away from them without their permission. I told them that she could stay with us, and we would take care of her, see that she finishes school, and can get away from them for good, when she's 18. Thay all agreed, so John, could we help her out, please?"

    I vaguely remembered her from a few years ago when she was 13, thin and angular, flat chested, big glasses, and a mop of frizzy red hair. I hated the idea of her being dumped on by 2 shit parents, even though I barely knew her, it seemed like a good idea to get her out of a shit situation like that, why the hell not?

    "Sure, that sounds good, tell her it's fine with me."

    She came over around the table, and gave me a very quick peck on the lips. Not a passion kiss, a thank you kiss, and a brief one at that.

    Two days later, just after dinner, there was a knock on the door, I went over and opened it, and stared.

    Three years had done wonders, there she stood, holy fuck, she looked like a teenager's most fevered wet dream. Jade green eyes, no glasses, she must have gone to contacts. The frizzy red mop was gone, replaced with a flowing red mane, eyebrows the same shade. Oh fuck, she was natural redhead. A full, lush lipped mouth that made my imagination think about those lips around my cock. Looking down, the angular, flat chested body had really turned into the body of a teen temptress, full, grapefruit sized jugs, the angles had been replaced by sleek, sexy curves, she was wearing a wrap around shirt, and the sleek, long legs made me think about them wrapped around my waist. I didn't realize how much I was gaping at her, I finally forced my eyes back to her face, and I saw a mischievous grin.

    She cooed, "See something that you like?"

    Before I could think up something witty to say, Lara was just coming up behind me. I went out on the porch and picked up the two suitcases she had with her. I followed them upstairs, ummm, Stephanie's ass swayed gracefully beneath her skirt, as Lara led us to the guest bedroom. I placed them by the foot of the bed, while Lara went to get her a set of towels and fresh sheets for the guest bed.

    While Stephanie and I were alone, she sidled up to me, and I felt her hand gently touch my crotch. My cock responded accordingly. and I saw the big smile on her face as she felt my reaction.

    She cooed, "I meant what I said, if you see something you like, I'd be happy to let you get a closer look. Ummm, the idea of fooling around with my Auntie's husband turns me on. Judging by your hard, big bulge, I'd guess that it turns you on too."

    I dropped my hands down, cupped her ass cheeks and pulled her tightly against me, grinding my cock between her thighs, enjoying the wide eyed reaction, then the soft ahhhhhh of pleasure she let out.

    "Ohhh, yes, that feels so good. I want to do this soon, without our clothes in the way, when Auntie isn't around. Would you like that Uncle J?"

    Unable to lie, I growled, "Yes, I would like that very much."

    "Ummm, I can't wait, I want a little taste to tide me over", she cooed.

    I watched in wide eyed wonder as she took to her knees, unzipping me, and my trousers hit the floor. She fished my cock out of my boxers, and smiled as she saw me rock hard for her.

    "Oh yes, so eager" she purred, then she started to lick at my cock head, ohh fuck, that felt so fucking awesome. I felt her hand wrap around my cock, and she started to stroke me, giving me a handjob like no other. God, she knew just how to handle my surging cock.

    "Oh yeah baby, keep stroking me, make me cum!"

    "Yes, yes Uncle J, here's where I want your load."

    I saw her tongue come out, just touching the underside of my cock head, letting me see the hot, wet pink surface, her mouth wide open, eager for my load. I felt the rise, god, I was so hard it hurt, then my cock jerked, I felt the rush of cum, and I grunted with pleasure as my first spurt shot out, rocketing deep into her mouth. She kept stroking me, a long stream shot out, then another, making a white trail of cum on her pink tongue, she was smiling as I coated her tongue with 8 streams of cum, then she pulled back slightly, and her tongue pulled back. She gave a shudder of pleasure as I saw her throat muscles working, swallowing my load. She quickly wrapped her mouth arounf my cock head, nursing at me, eager to suck out every drop, before she stood up, smiling happily.

    We heard Lara coming back up the stairs, I quickly pulled my pants back up, and tried my best to look like nothing had happened.

    Stephanie gave me a grin, as she cooed, "Tonight, I'm going to stroke my horny little pussy, while I think about how you just filled my mouth, and how much more we can do, and make myself cum like crazy!"

    Later that night, just before bed, I re-ran it in my mind. Fishing in the relative's pool, risky, but no way could I say no to that 16 year old teen temptress.

    Surprisingly enough, Lara asked me if I needed to fuck her. It gave me a great deal of pleasure, seeing the look on her face when I turned her down flat. I rolled over onto my side, my cock was now reserved for Stephanie's charms and assets, and Lara's mercy fucks were not welcome.
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    First class, can't wait for part 2.

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    mmm, excited to see where this one goes. Thank you!

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    Yo "Groom" you have Done it again... great Little story...
    I'm looking forward to see where it's going from here... and Who Gets To Cum Next...
    Keep 'em Cuming
    Just the Rantings of a Horny Old man hpy!

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    Part 2

    I woke up, and Lara was just getting out of bed. I watched as she took her clothes, and went into the bathroom to change, lest I see her naked in even the short time between getting out of that damn nightgown, and into her day clothes. She breezed out into the hallway, closing the door. I heard her stop by Stephanie's room, exchanging a few words with her niece. Lara then went downstairs, and out the front door. Hearing the bedroom door open, I looked up, and Stephanie peered in with a smile.

    "Like some company Uncle J? Auntie L is going grocery shopping, how would you like a good morning blowjob?"

    At my eager nod, Stephanie stepped into the room. My cock started to surge up, she was wearing just a thin, see thru half T Shirt, leaving her body bare from just below her breasts, down to the tiny black bikini panties that hugged her hips tightly.

    "Ever since I stroked you off a couple of days ago, my pussy has just been aching, I have to stroke her 4 times a day just to get her to calm down with a nice, shuddering cum! Now, I want to suck that nice hard bulge I see tenting up the sheets!"

    My 7 inches was rock hard and ready, she pulled back the sheet, her eyes full of lust.

    "Stand up Uncle J, I want to be in the classic subservient cock sucker position, with your hard, arrogant cock demanding satisfaction!"

    I stood up, and ordered her, "On your knees, and suck my cock, now!"

    I saw the shine of hot lust in Stephanie's eyes, as she was on her knees in a flash. I felt her hand wrap around me, squeezing, as slid her hand up and down my shaft.

    "Um so nice", she murmured, "so very nice".

    Stephanie pulled down on the foreskin, the head popping out. She started to lick at my cock-head like a lollipop, drawing a moan of pleasure from me. She slid her lips around my cock, and took me in until just my cock head was in her mouth, letting her saliva coat the head, and swirling her tongue all over it. I growled with pleasure, holy fuck that felt so good. After a minute of so, she slid her mouth down, down, swallowing me slowly. She took me in halfway, pulled back and bobbed her head back down, again with the tight, wet slide, taking in just a bit more on each bob. With a gasp of pleasure from me, and a moan of pleasure from her, she slid her hot mouth down over my cock, the tight, wet grip as she had my cock buried right to the balls. I felt my balls smack against her chin, she tightened her full lips down on me as she drew back, and she went to work on me. Stephanie was an expert at cocksucking, tight, true cocksucker lips, the hot swirling tongue action, looks like more than a few young studs had been able to enjoy her oral talents. She ran her mouth up and down, deep throating me, bathing my shaft in a tight, wet heaven of sucking. My balls were boiling, and she grabbed them, and started to tug on my gently.

    "Oh fuck yeah, fuck, YEEAHHHH!"

    My cock erupted, I felt like a geyser going off, my cock pumping rapidly. Stephanie's mouth filled, then she had to pull back, my cock wasn't done yet, and I saw the super hot view of my cock gushing, hosing her face down with thick, hot ropes of cum. She was smiling as she kept her face in the spray, getting a very juicy facial.

    Stephanie licked at my cock head, to get every drop, then used her fingers to scoop up the trails of cum on her face, and lick her fingers clean.

    "Ummm, Uncle J, I've never had such a mouth filling rush! You were so pent up, what's going on, is my Auntie not doing her wifely duty?" she giggled.

    I could see she was kidding, but I couldn't hold back. I lay down and she cuddled against me, and I told her all about Lara, her hangups about sex, the mercy fucks, and how sexually frustrated I was. I could see a mixture of anger and sorrow on her face.

    "What the hell is wrong with her, doesn't she have any idea about what she's missing out on?"

    I replied, "Apparently not, and she doesn't even want to try. I'd love to go down on her, but that is not even possible. Just dry fucks, missionary, no kissing, and once I've cum, she rushes to the bathroom, to douche out everything I pumped into her."

    Stephanie growled, "Silly bitch! Doesn't she know that walking around afterwards, feeling the trickle of hot cum deep inside her pussy after sex would feel so good? We've gotta fix that, would you like to go down on me Uncle J? I love to be eaten, get my little pussy naked, come taste my pussy."

    She lay back, the thin mesh of her panties was pressed tight against her crotch. I hooked my fingers into the waistband, and Stephanie wiggled her hips as I slid them down off her ankles, she lifted her legs up and apart, and oh what a sight. A soft, well trimmed tuft of red pubic hair, surrounding the hot, slick lips of her pussy, she parted them with her fingers, and showed me the glistening interior.

    "Right there Uncle J, get your face down there, and go crazy on my cunt!"

    I could see the hot crimson flesh parted for me as I lowered my face, until her beautiful red topped sex was only inches from my mouth. It was wildly erotic seeing her sexy fuck-hole that close. I could feel the heat from between her legs and smell the scent of Stephanie's arousal, hot and musky, her neatly trimmed muff was dewy wet with her arousal. I ran my finger along Stephanie's pink trail, hearing her soft moan as my finger slid just inside her hot tunnel.

    "Oh yeah, now lick me, lick me, taste my juices, I'm all hot and juicy just for you Uncle J," Stephanie growled huskily.

    I quickly slid my tongue along Stephanie's luscious pink inner lips. The soft cries of pleasure Stephanie let out pushed me on, and she let out a squeal of pleasure as I pushed my tongue in, stuffing her tight pussy, pressing my mouth tightly against her heated center. The taste of her tight teen pussy was exquisite, and I ate her ravenously, my tongue dipping deep into Stephanie's fiery center, licking her as her sweet juice flowed out, flooding my mouth. I started flicking my tongue against Stephanie's straining clit, intent on licking her to a wild orgasm.

    "Yes, oh fuck yes, eat me, eat my horny box, make me cum!"

    I slid my fingers around in the juices running down and with a finger now nicely lubed up, I slid my finger down and rubbed right around Stephanie's tight little asshole. She started to buck her hips up to me, her body was virtually vibrating, and as I probed that tightness, gently stuffing my finger up the tight clamp of her ass, she screeched and came immediately, spraying her juices at my face with a force, sobbing and crying out in pleasure, her body shuddering all over as she rode her climax.

    I pulled back, and let her orgasm spend its force inside her. Her eyes were closed, and when they opened, I could see the post orgasm shine.

    "Uncle J, I've never had a pussy licking like that. You made me cum so good, I almost felt like my head was going to blow off!"

    She smiled, then her face turned stormy, and she growled, "A man who can lick a pussy like you can, and my Auntie won't even try it? She's crazy."

    I said, "If Lara wasn't just grocery shopping, I'd want to spend the day in bed with you, would you like it? We'd fuck as often as you wanted sweetheart."

    Stephanie cooed, "Ummm, oh yeah, I'd like that very much Uncle J. How about another hot, wet blowjob to tide you over, so pent up, your cock so hard again, I want to help get out the loads that my silly Auntie had been denying you. Next time, I want you to plunge deep inside my hungry, wet pussy and fire your pent up load deep inside me."

    More than ready for that, I watched as Stephanie was once again was on her knees, and she growled, "This time, grab my head, and fuck my mouth like you want to fuck my tight little pussy!"

    I gripped her head between my hands, holding her steady, she smiled as she saw my cock, hard and eager for her, opening wide and clamping her mouth around me as I slid in, the hot, wet sensation making me grunt with pleasure. Once my balls touched her chin, I pulled back and started to fuck her mouth, building up a rhythm just like I was fucking her tight little pussy. Ummmm, Stephanie's mouth was a wet, clinging vortex of hungry need, my cock slipping and sliding in and out, enjoying the sucking and slurping noises, while she swirled her tongue around my shaft as I fucked her hot lips. She started to make little noises of passion around my cock, I saw her slip her hand down, and she started to masturbate, pumping two fingers into her dripping pussy, while her other hand started polishing at her straining clit. Watching her going at it while she was sucking me started the cum churning in my balls, and I felt the climb towards orgasm. I wanted to feel her mouth tighten down on me when I came.

    "Oh yeah baby, gonna make me cum, keep sucking me baby!"

    I felt the purr of response, making her mouth vibrate around my cock, and her fingers were really working her pussy over, she was really fucking herself furiously. I felt constant purrs and coos around my cock as she rode closer to her own release. Just as my cock jerked up, Stephanie let out a loud, muffled moan, making her throat vibrate, as her fingers took her over, her body stiffened up, quivering in the throes of orgasm. Her mouth tightened down on my cock, and that took me over, my cock erupted, splattering the roof of her mouth, then more thick streams poured out, coating her tongue, her mouth sucking hungrily, eager for all the hot sperm to fill her mouth. She swallowed me down to the balls one last time, then with her lips clamped tightly around my shaft, drew back slowly with an exquisite milking pull, draining every last drop from me.

    When she released me, she smiled up at me, opened her mouth to show me the fresh load that had just creamed her mouth, then closed her lips, and swallowed, a look of bliss on her face.

    We heard Lara's car turn into the driveway, and Stephanie hopped up. She picked uo her panties, and she went to the door. Just before she stepped out, she cooed, "Next time, I want your cock creaming my tight little pussy!"

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    Can't wait for more.

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    Part 3

    At the breakfast table, Lara said, "I got a call from Parkwood Middle school, one of their teachers is going on maternity leave, and they want me to take over as a longer term substitute, and my first day is tomorrow."

    Stephanie and I looked over at each other, I could see the simmer of desire. It had been a few days since Stephanie had sucked me off, and with her going to school, and Lara at home all day, we had not had the opportunity to go further. Lara was a teacher, but the local schools had started the year with no long term vacancies. She'd been able to pick up a day here, a day there as a substitute, but being called and filling in for a maternity leave, was going to leave the coast clear.

    The next day, after Lara was on her way to Parkwood, the bedroom door opened a bit, and Stephanie peered in.

    "Is Auntie L gone to school?" At my nod, she said, "Good, I don't have any classes today, and I want to collect on that promise you made, of spending the day in bed with me! Now that Auntie L is out of the way, we won't get caught with your hand in the cookie jar, or should I say, your cock in my nookie jar!" Stephanie giggled, then her voice dropped down to a husky purr, "Now, I can give you something that you didn't have the pleasure of on your wedding night, I'll be back in a few minutes Uncle J!"

    Five minutes later, she pranced in, and my cock surged up. She was dressed in ivory white undies, lacy snow white demi bra, pushing her breasts up, putting her stiff, perky nipples on display. My eyes went lower, lacy snow white G string panties, matching snow white garter belt and white stockings. She came up to the foot of the bed, and turned to let me see her naked cheeks, the thin strip of her panties snugged up between the cheeks of her ass, then turned back to me, her eyes gleaming.

    Her voice was husky with desire, as she said, "Since Auntie L was too much of a frigid snow princess to give you a proper wedding night, I'm going to do it. I bought this with you in mind, after you made it clear that you wanted it all. I'm all in virginal white, just like she should have been, this is the way she should have given herself to you, use my body Uncle, give me what Auntie L would have gotten, if she was not an ice cube."

    Her eyes gleamed as she slipped out of her G string, the sight of her neatly kept redheaded muff made my cock surge, and her hands slipped around my cock, feeling the hard, throbbing eagerness, and she lay back, pulled me on top of her, spread her legs as she did so, and I plunged in balls deep, she let out a shriek as I bottomed out, but she urged me on, "Oh yes, stuff my tight little cunt, fuck me with all the passion built up, that my auntie is too stupid to accept!"

    I was happy to do so, pulling back and surging forward again, listening to her squeals of pleasure as my balls smacked against her ass. Her gasps and cries urged me on, and I pulled back and rammed forward again, getting into a rhythm, fucking her hard.

    "Deep and hard, put my legs over your shoulders!"

    I brought her legs up, draping them over my shoulders, and plunged in, I felt my cock head nudge tightly against Stephanie's cervix, as she moaned "Oh yes, so deep, so hard, just the way I love it, stretch out my tight little pussy, keep going deep Uncle J, make me cum!"

    Incest, I'm fucking my niece, ran through my mind. I looked down on her, dressed in virginal white, giving her body to me freely, with joy and pleasure, the knowledge that I was drilling Stephanie's tight little fuck-hole was heady stuff indeed. The tight grip of her around my cock was supreme, as I reveled in sinking in to the balls on every thrust, testing the hot, liquid depths of her tight teen fuck-hole. She was mewling, purring with passion as I took my pleasure.

    "Yes, oh yes Uncle J, I want this, every day, I'm ready, oh yeah, I'm getting the best fuck of my life!"

    The feel of her long sleek legs sliding down from my shoulders, wrapping around my waist spurred me on, Stephanie's face was alive with bliss, her cries of pleasure increased as I started to fuck her faster, my cock starting to sizzle. The hot squelch of her pussy being pounded by my cock joined with our grunts and cries of pleasure.

    "Yes, oh fuck, yes, pour your cum into me, cum all over my tight cunt, flood my cervix, fill up my womb!"

    My cock was racing towards orgasm, I was on the verge. I tried to make it last, but when 'I'm going to pump my sperm into my niece's womb' crossed my mind, that was it. That thought made my balls lurch.

    "Now, oh fuck, cream my cunt, make me cum too!"

    My cock was at full extension, wedging her open so deep, she growled as she felt the stretch. I thrust forward one last time, and I felt the cum streaking up my shaft. With a roar, I erupted, just as the first blast splattered her cervix, Stephanie came with me, letting out a loud shriek, followed by squeals of pleasure as I kept pumping, letting the tight milking pull of her pussy suck on me. Each thrust wedged her open, I was painting her womb, and that kept me going, I sprayed 10 hot streams of cum right into her fertile teen womb, getting out my pent up load.

    We collapsed on the bed, her body still holding on tight, my cock still buried deep inside her. We were gasping, getting our breath back, and her face was full of post coital contentment.

    "Oh my god, that was...it was....I'm speechless, umm, you really flooded my tight little pussy!" Stephanie giggled.

    "Damn, I wish I had been able to last longer" I murmured.

    Stephanie cooed, "Oh Uncle J, how long have you been denied the pleasure of a true, lusty love life? You needed to get out that built up load, it will make it so much more enjoyable for the next round!"

    She cuddled against me, and we drifted in the afterglow. I thought about her sexy young body, the way her teenage tightness had stroked my cock, making my spunk sizzle, the soft feel of her skin, hearing the liquid sounds from her cunt as I drove in and out of her, over and over, how it felt to fuck the steamy depths of her teen tightness. I could feel my cock reviving, the a soft warm had reaching for me, warm fingers curling around my cock, Stephanie's mmmmm as she felt my cock surging in her hands, eager and ready again.

    "Oh yeah, so hard, so ready for another round, now, let's do it doggy style."

    So saying, she took to her hands and knees, oh yeah, the sight of her still clad in her racy undies, ass cocked up, brought me quickly into position. She reached back, spreading her pussy lips open for me, I could see the thick white glut of my first orgasm overflow, starting to drip down her thighs.

    "Now, I need another load, to fill up what's leaving my tight little pussy!", Stephanie giggled. "Oh yes, ride me, fuck me a long time, sink into the feeling of giving me a long, hard ride, let me have it Uncle J."

    Nudging against her, I gripped her hips and in one thrust, drove in, our cries of pleasure joining as I impaled her, my balls smacking against her pussy as I went in to the hilt. Her pussy was slick and hot, my earlier load acting like a lube, her tight walls clutching at my cock. Keeping her hips in my hands, I started to pump her, enjoying her squeals and cries of joy as I really laid the wood to her, enjoying the feeling of every inch being thrust into her, again and again, making it last.

    "Mmmm, oh god, so good, feels so fucking good, oh jeez, this feels so good! I want to feel your cock throbbing as it explodes inside of me again, as you flood my cunt with another huge load of spunk! I know your balls have another big load, being denied for so long, and I want every drop! Let me have it, ram me like your own personal live fuck doll, I love it!"

    I was happy to comply, gripping her hips tightly and pulling her back towards me as I drove forward, power fucking the creamy, red hot fuck-hole gripping my cock. The squelching sound of her overflowing cunt, being reamed hard, filled the room, Stephanie moaned, deep in her throat, as the depth let my cock again nudge tight against her cervix, savoring every plunge into the heated vortex.

    "Oh... fuck me... fuck me hard and deep...!" Stephanie cried out. "You know how to fuck so hot...stretch out my tight little cunt, oh yes, do it hard...harder...yes, yes, oh yes, fuck, I fucking love it, gonna cum, fuck MEEEEE!"

    Stephanie shrieked, I could feel the start of her first orgasm, contractions up and down my cock shaft, as her rhythmically spasming pussy clutched even tighter, more squeals of pleasure sounding as she rode the crest. My cock was still building up, fuck it felt so good to not be on a hair trigger, and I continued to drive into her, savoring the tight, clutching grip of Stephanie's teen fuck-hole, eager to give my teen temptress niece a long, hard ride.

    "Oh yes Uncle J, keep fucking me hard, make me cum again!"

    She was pumping her hips back at me, loving the deep penetration as I kept her hips in a tight grip, ramming forward, and I felt her working her tight little cunt muscles, massaging my prick to give me the hottest, most enjoyable ride I'd ever had. I felt the quivering as another round of spasms filled her fuck-hole, her squeals of joy announcing a second orgasm. My cock was starting to take serious notice, and I could feel the buildup.

    Stephanie shrieked out, "Oh fuck, fuck, gonna cum again, cum with me Uncle J, fill my tight little cunt with more hot sperm! Oh yes, gonna cum, gonna cum so hard, ffffffuuuuuucccccckkkkk....fill my womb, do it, flood MEEEEEE!"

    With my cock scrubbing at the slick inner walls of her convulsing pussy, I swelled up, piercing her cervix, Stephanie grunted as I was now poised to again flood her baby chamber. Feeling her pussy rippling up and down my shaft, milking my prick, demanding my load, my cock erupted. I grunted and growled, mixing with Stephanie's cries and squeals of orgasm, as my throbbing cock pulsed over and over, stream after stream, spraying my niece down with rushes of hot sperm as I poured another load deep into her welcoming womb.

    We flopped down in a tangle of arms and legs, god, it had been the hottest, most enjoyable fucks I had ever savored.

    Stephanie said softly, "Uncle J could you get me a towel, please?"

    I quickly did her bidding, she pushed the sheet back, mopping up the cum dripping down her thighs, then tucking the towel between her legs.

    "Ahh there it goes, just in time!" she giggled. "Wouldn't do to have a huge wet spot on the bed!"

    I lay back down, and she cuddled against me, letting out soft sighs and coos of satisfaction. I drifted off, enjoying the fact that we could stay in bed for most of the day.

    My eyes opened, I looked at the clock, and it was already 1 PM. Stephanie was still cuddled against me, my mind drifted back, thinking about the incredibly hot sex we had made. I saw her eyes flutter open as I moved, then those green eyes were gazing into mine.

    Stephanie smiled and said, "Hello Uncle J, I hope you are feeling as satisfied as I am!"

    I smiled back, and I wondered about whether I should ask her if she was on birth control. Before I could answer, she commented, "Ummm, my tight little womb was so flooded with cum, glad I'm on the pill, or I could be knocked up right now!"

    With that off my mind, I said, "Oh yes sweetheart, sinking into your welcoming pussy was what I had been so eager for."

    "And since Auntie L is an ice queen, I'm so happy she left you alone for me to satisfy! Uncle J, I'd like to do something that I always thought sounded so sexy, could we take a shower together?"

    Smiling, I pulled her up, and we quickly headed into the bathroom. Under the lights, I filled my eyes with the sight of her sexy body, and what a sight. Those long legs, the well trimmed red muff just above her tight pussy lips, full, red lips that were a cocksucking dream, the jade green eyes, that lush mass of silky red hair, full, grapefruit sized jugs. She grinned at me, then turned her back to me, cocked her ass, and that sexy rump, naked and in full view, the sight of those gorgeous globes, made my mind whirl.

    I reached into the cubicle, started the shower going, and then we stepped into the shower together. I pressed gently against her back, she felt my cock start growing against her ass cheeks, and pressed back against me, as I reached around, cupping her breasts, pulling and gently tweaking her stiff, erect nipples. She gave a growl of desire, and we were soon laughing and soaping each other up under the warm spray of water. Stephanie's hands felt my growing hardness, surging in her hands, and she gave me a lust filled smile of desire.

    "Oh yes, still need more relief, that's my department!"

    Stephanie giggled, and took to her knees in the shower. She leaned over, and her tongue licked at my cock head. She parted her lips, and drew me in, my cock being engulfed in a moist, tight world of sucking. I growled with pleasure, as she paused, then thrust her mouth forward, taking me in right to the balls. She drew back slowly, then tightly molding her pouty lips around my cock, she thrust her head forward slowly. The sensation of her deep throating me, and the view of her lips milking my shaft was exquisite, and I was back at a full, rock hardness. Jeez, I was really pent up, and having Stephanie tap that pent up sexual energy was driving me forward. I could see her reach down, and she started to play with her pussy. Her hot mouth rode up and down my shaft, as she continued to fuck my cock with her hot mouth.

    Stephanie pulled free, jumped up and cooed, "Oh yes, so ready again, fuck me Uncle J, right here in the shower!"

    Under the spray of the shower head, I pulled Stephanie's sexy body to mine, and I plunged my mouth down onto hers, savoring the feel of her pouty rosebud lips pressed tightly against mine. Our tongues raced out, to wrestle against each other. The feel of her hot panting breath, and our tongues gently exploring each others mouth, my cock was steel hard, throbbing with need. I reached down, and cupped her ass cheeks tightly, lifting her up. She brought her legs up around my waist, ready for me to open her up. I lined her pussy up with my cock head, and nudged it gently against her entrance.

    Stephanie cooed, "Oh yes, take me again Uncle J, my horny little box needs a refill. You know how I like it, I love being your own personal live fuck doll! Now, fuck me, ram me, and stretch out my tight little pussy again!"

    I was happy to comply, notching my cock head against her steamy entrance, I brought her down. Stephanie squealed with pleasure as I penetrated her, and I slammed in to the hilt, forcefully spreading open the walls of her tight teen cunt, the tightness was so fucking good, as I felt her eager pussy stretched wide around my hard cock, the tight hug of her around my shaft was something else. Her howl of pleasure echoed as I impaled her completely on my steel hard seven inches. The steamy furnace of Stephanie's fiery hot fuck hole wrapped totally around my aching prick, drawing a loud grunt of pleasure from me as my cock was enveloped. She grabbed my head, pulling my lips against hers, and we were sharing tongue filled swirls of passion, she was moaning into my mouth as we kissed so passionately. I pinned her against the shower wall, clutching her ass cheeks tightly, and I started to ram my steely shaft into her, my cock withdrawing almost all the way, and then I'd power thrust it back into her, my excitement spurring me on, power fucking her tight cleft. Stephanie gasped and made wordless sounds of passion as I fucked her wildly. Every plunge into the exquisite tightness of her burning fuck-hole made me grunt with pleasure, her tightness was out of this world. She got another long, hard ride, I savored every thrust as my balls were aching, working up another load to spew into her burning core. I was consumed by the way her teenage tightness stroked my cock, making my spunk sizzle, the soft feel of her skin, hearing the liquid sounds from her cunt as I drove in and out of her, over and over, how it felt to fuck the steamy depths of her teen tightness, the passion she fired in my loins. I could feel my cock jerk, swelling tight with a massive urgency to steely hardness, I was at the boiling point, ready to explode.

    Pulling her mouth free of mine, Stephanie squealed, "Oh my God, I'm cumming, Yes, oh fuck I'm cumming, fuck me, fuck me, shoot it, squirt it, so deep, deep, yes, yes, yes!, YES!!"

    As her voice rose to a shriek, her cunt clamped down tightly around my cock, virtually sucking at my shaft, urging me to explode my burning load. The wild spasming of her pussy, milking at my aching cock greedily, became too much, and it took me over the edge. My balls let go, and I could feel the hot spunk sizzling up my shaft. My wild groan of pure pleasure joined her cries of orgasmic delight as my cock erupted, pulsing and squirting wildly, and I slammed as deep as possible inside her, exploding and squirting wildly, my spurting cock jerking and throbbing and pumping a flood, gushing thick ropes of cum deep into Stephanie's delightful tightness. I grunted and groaned, splattering my load against her cervix, emptying my cock deep into her womb. She squirmed around wildly on my prick, her body shuddering in orgasm, her pussy quivering and spasming wildly, sucking and milking greedily at my throbbing cock, draining my balls into her eager, hungry tightness.

    I held her tightly as our orgasms were spent, we were both gasping like race horses. Her eyes gazed into mine with a very satisfied expression, as I let her down until her feet touched the shower floor. We finished up, rinsing each other off, I was enjoying running my hands all over her, watching the hot sight of the water sheeting off her body.

    We went out to our local diner for lunch, and while we were there, I got a call from Lara, she told us that classes were over for the day, and that she would see us at home.

    When I told that to Stephanie, she cooed, "I was hoping that she would not be home so soon, I wanted to go back to your bed, and sixty nine with you. Now with Lara having a regular teaching gig, and with you working from home, I am going to be wanting you every day. Tomorrow I have classes, ummm, a good morning fuck before I go to school, lunch time with a hot sixty nine, then back home after school, and another hot fuck. Would you like to see me riding you like a cowgirl, watching my boobs bouncing around while I fuck myself like crazy?"

    At my smiling nod, Stephanie grinned and continued, "And on the days when I have no classes, I want to have it just like today, a day in bed with you. You will never be sexually frustrated again Uncle J, so long as I am here to milk your wonderful cock!"

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    mmmm, Great addition! Loved it. I could imagine myself being Stephanie.. certainly put some images in my head! Can't wait for the next one!

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    Wow... That was a great continuation... this is one hot little story... i am looking forward to it's progression and who gets to cum next and how you are going to work the wife back in and teach the teacher a lesson...
    thanks for the updates... and keep 'em cuming...Thanks again "Groom"
    Just the Rantings of a Horny Old man hpy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by breastgirl34c View Post
    mmmm, Great addition! Loved it. I could imagine myself being Stephanie.. certainly put some images in my head! Can't wait for the next one!
    Thank you for your compliment breastgirl. I love it when my stories can take you away like that. Next part is almost ready.

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    Part 4

    I slept like a log that night after Stephanie and I enjoyed our day long sex fest, so much so that I didn't wake up when Lara left for school. I got a much better wake up.

    I started rising up from sleep when I felt my cock being pushed into a warm, wet hole, and a purr of pleasure as my cock was swallowed up to the balls.

    I opened my eyes, and what a sight. Stephanie had pulled back the bed covers, she was nude, squatting over me with my morning hard wood buried deep inside her. She smiled as she saw horny wakefulness chase away sleep.

    "Good morning Uncle J, when I saw how stiff and hard your morning hard-on was, I thought this would be the best way to wake you!"

    The sight of my niece, totally naked, and very horny, perched on me with my cock buried to the balls, really brought me up to full, horny need.

    I growled back, "Oh yes baby, never had such a wonderful sight greet me in the morning!"

    Stephanie cooed, "You don't know how exciting it is, to think of myself as your own personal living fuck doll. So close, my warm, willing cunt just aching for your cock to make me feel all better. All your thick, juicy loads of cum, all for me, now just stay comfortable Uncle J, lay back, and watch your horny little fuck doll ride your stiff cock, let me do all the work!"

    I groaned with pleasure from the snug feel of her hot, moist sheath as she lifted up, then drove her hips down, engulfing my shaft, wrapped around my cock like a tight velvet lined glove. Stephanie started to rock herself on my cock, with an excruciating slowness. Soon, her desire fired her up, and she couldn't keep the slow motion going.

    "Fuck, fuck, feels so good, oh yes!"

    Stephanie started to ride me harder and faster, her hot velvet depths sliding up and down on my steely shaft, hips pumping up and down. She was wrapped tightly around me, her cunt stroking me again and again in that pleasure grip, seeing her gorgeous breasts bouncing up and down in time with her thrusting motions, and watching the joy and delight play across her face as she rode me, and I could feel my balls starting to tighten up, getting set to gush more spunk. Stephanie was gasping, her orgasm was starting to race at her.

    She raised herself up, froze for a second as she cried out raggedly, "Oh fuck, feels so good, cream my tight little pussy Uncle J, cum with me, cum deep inside me, I'm cumming, cream MEEEEE!" then thrust herself down, her body starting the telltale shuddering of climax.

    The view of her body in the midst of orgasm had me steel hard. Her grapefruit sized boobs were shaking, the joy and delight of our coupling playing across her face, giving voice to her cries of orgasmic delight. My cock was scrubbing at her pink pocket as I felt her pussy muscles clamp around me, hungrily massaging and milking my cock, taking me over.

    "Fuck, Fuck, FUCK!" I shouted, her loud squeals of joy blending in as I arched up into her, my cock erupting, spraying a geyser of hot cum up into her, painting her tightly gripping walls. Another bolt of cum jetted out, and another, I was not done cumming until 8 gouts of spunk had been deposited, her hungry pink fuck-hole sucking it all up, deep into her womb.

    Our orgasmic rush started to ebb, she smiled down at me, and lay forward upon me, letting my cock stay buried deep inside her. A few minutes later, she sighed and said "As much as I hate to break this up, I have to get ready for class."

    I said, "Ok baby, would you like me to make you a hot breakfast?"

    "All this hot sex, and he makes breakfast too!" Stephanie giggled. "I'd love a hot breakfast!"

    Stephanie went to her room to get dressed, and I put on my robe, to head downstairs. The coffee maker was set to automatic, so it was already perking away. I was at the range top, flipping the pancakes, when Stephanie entered. I turned to look, filling my eyes with the sight of her body dressed for school. She smiled, and she parted her skirt, showing me the black lacy crotch-less panties she was wearing, and the black garter belt holding up her black stockings.

    Her voice husky, she cooed, "When I come home at lunch time, my tight pussy will be dripping. You are going to feast on the wettest, juiciest pussy ever set before you Uncle J!"

    I set a plate of five piping hot pancakes im front of her, brought over the coffee pot and filled our cups before bringing my plate full of pancakes over. Stephanie eagerly dug into the butter, then poured a generous helping a maple syrup over her pancakes.

    "Nothing like hot morning sex, with a hot lover, to work up an appetite!" she purred.

    Before she left for school, she pulled me against her, our mouths clung together with tongue filled swirls of passion. When we finally broke, her face was flushed, she reached down and under her ministrations, my cock rose up to a hard, horny bulge. She gave me a grin of lust.

    Stephanie cooed, "When I come home, I am going to suck you lover, suck you so good! I want a juicy load to fill my mouth, and rush down my throat!"

    I whispered back to her, "And I'm going to give your tight juicy pussy the best lick job I can, I want your girl cum all over my face!"

    Alone in the house, I went and signed on the computer, telecommuting for work was relaxing, and as it turned on, would now be a wonderful way for Stephanie and I to keep our relationship going.

    At 11:45, when the door opened and Stephanie rushed to me, eyes bright, we didn't waste time, up stairs in the bedroom, she stripped down, her all black undies displayed for my eyes.

    "Now that the virgin white you deserved is taken, now it time for all black, naughty niece fuck doll time! Do you want me to leave my undies on for you lover?"

    "Oh yes baby, going to be so sexy licking your tight little pussy through the open crotch!"

    I lay back, and Stephanie eagerly squatted over my face. The lacy black trim around the open crotch framed her pink lips, and the neatly trimmed red muff topping.

    "There you go, eat my horny pussy, lick me lover, while I suck your hard, sexy cock!"

    I pulled her hips down, and started to lick at the exquisite taste of her juices, Stephanie purred, she bent towards my cock, I felt her hand grasp my shaft, pulling down on the foreskin. My cock head popped up, and she was licking at it like an ice cream cone. I grunted, and pulling her lips apart, I slid my tongue inside, tasting the juices starting to flow. Stephanie's coo of pleasure reached my ears, as she surrounded the head of my prick with her warm wet mouth, swirling her tongue over it, making my prick sizzle with the sensation. I felt her mouth surround me, my throbbing cock encased in a hot, wet heaven of sucking and tongue lashing, as she swallowed me down. My cock was encased in a hot, tight, wet heaven of sucking. I felt her lips clamp around my cock, becoming a tight sliding ring of pleasure. Stephanie slid her hot mouth up and down my hard shaft, her skill at fellatio making my cock sizzle. I ran my tongue through the wet juices, and her clit was bulging, as if demanding attention. I took two fingers and stuffed them up her pussy, finger fucking her as I drew her clit into my mouth, letting my tongue make lazy circles all over her twitching orgasm button.

    We were both making muffled noises of passion as we licked and sucked each other towards a sexual frenzy. I crooked my fingers around, and started to stroke at her G spot.

    Stephanie pulled her mouth off my cock, and cried out, "Holy fuck, I feel like I'm gonna explode, oh my fucking god, gonna cum, so hard, so hard, fuck, fuck, GAWWWWWWWWW!"

    She let out a full throated scream, and my face was inundated as her girl cum squirted out in a strong spray, followed by three more jets of cum. My niece was howling with pleasure, her body wracked by her G spot orgasm, and she dropped her mouth back on my cock, the tightening up of her mouth in her orgasmic grip made me explode immediately, I could feel thick rushes of cum pouring out, filling her eager mouth, as she quickly swallowed to make way for more.

    When we flopped down, Stephanie put her hand over her pussy, and cooed, "Oh god, my tight little pussy is still pulsing, it's like I'm still cumming, having mini convulsions tremoring through my pussy."

    She lay back, cradling her sex to try and get the sensations to calm down. After several minutes she turned her head to me with a smile.

    "Jeez, that was like a total body orgasm, it felt like every cell in my body was cumming! I didn't think such an all encompassing orgasm was possible. Trust my lover, my Uncle J, to know how to make me cum so good!"

    We got up, I wanted to have lunch for her before she went back to classes. I set a chicken salad sandwich and a bowl of tomato bisque soup in front of her, then got my soup and sandwich to sit and eat lunch with her.

    "Such an awesome lover, and he feeds me afterwards! Uncle J, you are amazing!"

    Just after lunch, Lara called me, and told me that she would be home later than yesterday. When I relayed that news to Stephanie, she grinned.

    "Perfect, I'll be home two and a half hours before Lara, I want you to carry me off to bed, and fuck me, ram me until I cum like your fuck doll in full heat!"

    At the door, we shared more hot, lingering tongue filled swirls, she reached down, rubbing gently at my crotch.

    "See you soon, lover."

    Two hours later, she was standing before the bed, stripping down to her undies, she slid into bed, urging me on.

    Stephanie gasped, "Oh my god, I am so hot, your fuck doll niece needs her Uncle lover's big cock, take me, just fuck me like a wanton slut, and make me cum all over your big, beautiful cock!"

    She stretched out in full heat, her face flushed as I took position between her thighs. Positioning my cock at the entrance to her pussy, I gave one big thrust, and sank in the full length. Stephanie gave a loud gasp as she felt my cock stretch open the tight walls of her cunt. I growled from the pleasure, her pussy muscles gripping at me as I split open my niece's tight teen heat. I slammed it home, feeling my balls smacking against her ass as I bottomed out.

    Stephanie cooed, "Tell me, tell me lover, tell me who we are, and what we are doing!"

    I growled back, "I'm your Uncle J, with a hard and horny cock, you are my niece, a teen temptress, my own personal fuck doll, eager for my cock, and my cock is buried deep in your steamy fuck-hole, stretching you out, we are going to fuck wildly, so I can flood your womb with another rush of hot cum!"

    Wrapping her legs around my waist, and her arms around my neck, she grunted, "Oh yes lover, that's exactly what I am, you know how I like it, deep and hard, I want your hot cum splattering my womb!"

    God she felt so fucking good. My cock was engulfed in a tight hugging sheath of hot juices. Reaching down and cupping her ass in my hands, I withdrew almost completely, then plunged forward again. I couldn't resist reaching between her cheeks, and stroking lightly at the tight pucker of Stephanie's ass.

    Stephanie squealed with pleasure, and gasped, "Ohhh, so naughty, so nasty, but feels so good, playing with my tight little ass hole!"

    Feeling the grip of her legs around my waist, knowing how she wanted me to take her, I entered into a fast rhythm of pulling out till my cock-head had almost slipped out and driving back in hard until my balls smacked against her ass cheeks. Stephanie's pussy seemed impossibly hot and tight. Every plunge into her, the tightness surrounding my cock made her feel like she was still a virgin, and I was claiming her cherry. I could feel my cock throbbing, I was fast reaching the verge.

    Stephanie, pinned to the mattress, was moaning heavily, and her breathing was labored. I could feel her nipples, stiff hard cogs digging into my chest. Her body began to spasm, her legs tightened, driving me into her wildly twitching cunt, clamped tightly around my shaft.

    Raggedly she cried out, "I'm cumming, oh god, fill me lover, flood my womb, so GOOOOOOOOD!"

    Stephanie's spasming pussy drove me over the edge. My cock jerked and swelled tight, piercing her deep. Plunging in one last thrust, my back arched, I could feel my throbbing cock explode. Even after being drained twice today, it felt like I was pouring a fountain of cum into her steaming cunt.

    "Yes, oh yes, so hot, filling my womb, gonna cum again, fill MEEEEEE!"

    Stephanie's shriek of pleasure as she came again drove me onwards, the rippling spasms milked me hungrily, sucking every drop out.

    As we started to slowly slide down from our orgasmic plane, she gazed upwards into my eyes, and purred, "Ummm, Uncle J, you've spoiled me for any other lover! Hold me tight, and roll us over."

    Seeing Stephanie perched above me, her succulent breasts drew my mouth, and I lifted up, bringing my mouth to her nipples, and started to lick and suck at those beauties, laving, nibbling gently, enjoying the way they stiffened up in my mouth while Stephanie's coos of pleasure surrounded me as she held me against her tits.

    When I lay back, Stephanie purred, "You've made me insatiable, lover, and I think we can bring you back for one more go!"

    My eyes widened as I felt her pussy contract, as she began a rhythmic squeezing action in her pussy. She grinned at my expression of surprise, and sure enough, my cock took notice. I felt my drained and softening cock reverse course, surging back up.

    Stephanie purred, "Ummm, oh yes, you are such a lover, such stamina, ahhhhh."

    She began to slowly undulate and squirm on my prick, all the while maintaining the squeezing of my cock by those talented pussy muscles. I slid a pillow under my head, and watched her body, the sight helping out as I reached full erection again. Watching my niece fuck me was a massive turn on. Her cunt was still squeezing and releasing so rhythmically. Her pelvis began moving, first forwards and backwards, then side to side, and finally in a circular fashion. She mixed the movements, and alternated them, all the while slowly raising up on her knees and slowly sinking back down.

    I looked down at where our crotches were merged, Stephanie was still tight, hot and juicy. I could feel the last load of cum pouring out of her, streaming down and coating my balls. I looked up, and saw her body gleaming, between the sex and the heat of the day, both our bodies were covered with a sheen of sweat. The perspiration ran down Stephanie's body and started to drip from her perky, rigid nipples onto my stomach. She began running her fingers through the hair on my chest, down to my belly, ending up by running the length of my cock as it entered and exited her cunt.

    I reached up one hand, rubbing and lightly tweaking Stephanie's large and stiff nipples, they protruded at least an inch from her bouncing breasts. With the other hand I reached down and began stroking her clit. Stephanie gave a small shudder and seemed to become distracted. She began to lose interest in the complicated motions she had been performing, and began concentrating on a rapid in-and-out.

    Stephanie was alive with sexual tension, orgasms started to sweep over her, wave after wave, the rippling spasms milked hungrily, I was loving every second of it, as my cock worked on recharging. With my need to build up, she was able to ride me to orgasm after orgasm

    I was amazed when I felt my fourth orgasm of the day orgasm building after 10 or 15 minutes of increasing speed, Stephanie urging me on.

    "Oh yeah lover, keep fucking me, feel my tight little pussy, I need another load, and I know your cock is building up one more volley, keep fucking me Uncle J, and let my tight pussy have another creamy load."

    I felt the rise, and I grunted, "Oh yeah sweetheart, gonna cum, gonna fill you again baby!"

    I felt her hand reach down, cupping my throbbing balls in her hand, she began to massage my cum-coated nut sac. That took me over immediately, and I exploded, squirting a fresh load of thick, hot cream upwards into her cunt. Stepanie's shriek of pleasure, and the rippling spasms of her final orgasm joined in, and once more my cock felt the exquisite pull of my spunk being milked out by my niece's eager teen pussy.

    Exhausted for the moment, she collapsed her body on top of mine. My cum began draining from her still pulsing pussy and onto my balls, oh yeah, I'd definitely have to change the sheets. I stared to chuckle, and when I told Stephanie what I was thinking, her giggles joined in with my laughter.

    "Uncle J, I have tomorrow off from school. How about if we go out, and take a hike through the woods? You can fuck me outside, and not have to wash anymore sheets! I'll come in, we can have a good morning 69, then we head for the woods. Sound good lover?"

    "Oh yeah baby, sounds great!"

    We stripped the bed, and I quickly loaded them into the washer, while Stephanie made the bed with fresh sheets. I retuned as she tucked the last bit into place, and smiled.

    "There, all nice and fresh, with no trace of our hot fucking and sucking! Umm, my pussy is purring like a real contented kitty, with all the cream you pumped into her!" We heard Lara's car turn into the driveway, she giggled and added, "And not a moment too soon!"

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    Part 5

    The next morning, I woke up just before Lara. I lay awake, and just before Lara woke up, I had an idea. When I heard her stirring, I feigned the deep, even cadence of sleep breathing. I could feel Lara looking over my face, searching to see if I was really asleep. When I felt her presence pull back, I cracked my eyes open just a bit, and oh fuck yes, Lara pulled her flannel nightgown over her head, and I saw the hot, shapely sexy body of my wife. Seeing her nude for only the second time since our marriage, my cock grew fast.

    I opened my eyes a bit wider, as she paraded around the bedroom. I worked on keeping that sleep breathing sound, and she never even looked back at me. Perfect, I feasted my eyes on the big, round tits, her nipples were stiff, I ached to play with her sexy milk jugs. I watched, drinking my fill as she turned this way and that, grabbing all the hot views I could get. Her body curved downward, waist nipped in, her stomach was lean, making her jugs look even larger. The hips had once hell of a curve, that neatly trimmed nest of pubic hair, as blonde as the hair on her head. Still that perfect ass, god, I wanted to jump her and fuck every hole she had. Unlike our wedding night, I knew that Stephanie would be coming to me right after Lara left, and she would take care of my morning wood.

    She was facing the mirror, I saw her hand slip down, and stroke softly at her pussy. Her head lolled back, she let out a few soft moans, then she yanked her hand away, like she'd gotten burned by a hot stove. She shook her head, quickly got dressed, and hurried out of the bedroom.

    Sure enough, a few minutes after Lara left, the door opened and Stephanie came in. Ummm, she was wearing a pink see through nightgown that floated around her body like a cloud, and I could see a see thru thong underneath, with a big bow on each side. Her eyes were glowing, and she crawled onto the bed.

    "Untie my thong, Uncle J, then I want to suck your cock, while you lick my tight little pussy, let's make each other cum like crazy!"

    Whe she pulled back the covers, she cooed, "Ohhh, so hard, so big, you are certainly ready for it!" She squatted over my face in the classic 69 position, and cooed, "Eat me lover, god I love to be eaten, lick me Uncle J, make me cum."

    I grasped her hips, pulling her tight against me, I let my tongue swab at her pussy lips, before slipping between the seam, my tongue meeting the hot, wet rush of juices, as I stuffed my tongue as far up as I could go.

    I heard a long drawn out ahhhh of pleasure from Stephanie, as she bent forward, and her mouth surrounding my cock head, her hot, wet tongue sliding around and around it, then taking me in. I let out a matching growl of pleasure as she slid her mouth down, surrounding my cock in a wet rush of saliva, until I was balls deep. She tightened her lips down, drew back with that eager, hungry grip, then plunged down again. She got into the rhythm, her mouth a tight, sliding ring of pleasure, milking eagerly at my cock. Oh yeah, she really knew how to suck cock, and I worked over her clit, which was throbbing eagerly, I knew I wasn't going to last long.

    I felt the jerk, my cock swelled up urgently, and Stephanie felt the readiness. She pulled back, and swallowed me down one last time, my cock slid into the top of her throat, and I felt the rush.

    With my face buried between the lips of her pussy, I let out muffled growls of pleasure as I felt the first blast, I was deep enough that I must have jetted that straight down her throat. Stephanie pulled back halfway, with that tight, eager pulling, and another blast exploded, splattering against the roof of her mouth, I felt three more streams pouring out to cover her tongue, her mouth was taking every drop, swallowing my morning load. I felt her pussy started to twitch wildly, as she pulled her head off my cock, crying out, "Yes, oh yes lover, so good, yes, YEEEEESSSSSS!"

    With a shriek of pleasure Stephanie climaxed, pouring out a rush of juices all over my face, her pussy squirming around on my mouth, squealing and moaning. She bent forward again and swallowed me back down, I felt her tongue licking all over my cock, eager to clean my prick of every drop.

    As our orgasms ebbed, she pulled away, and face to face, she flopped down against me.

    Sighing contentedly, she cooed, "Ummm, my Uncle J, my lover, you make me feel so alive, so wonderful, you are a wonderful man, and an even more wonderful lover."

    Over a breakfast of pancakes and bacon, we checked out the weather, it was predicted to stay sunny and warm, a perfect day for our hike. I suggested the 8 mile loop that's known as The Overland, and Stephanie was all ready for that. We got ourselves into shorts and T shirts, she was treat for my eyes, wearing tight, clingy Daisy Dukes, and a tight T shirt. The tightness advertised the fact that she was totally commando, no panties and no bra. Her luscious milk jugs were proudly pushing out the front of her T Shirt. Her shorts were wrapped around her buttocks, outlining every smooth, soft curve, the crack of her gorgeous ass clearly defined by the tight hug of the fabric. I would certainly build up a head of steam, I could already feel the excitement starting to build. I put together a backpack with a first aid kit, lots of water, high energy protein bars, and we were ready.

    At the trail-head, we set out, Stephanie is an accomplished hiker, and had no problem keeping up with me. Being a weekday, we had the trail pretty well to ourselves, the smell of pine and the shade provided by the towering tress was most welcome. We started to get sweaty, and it wasn't just the warmth of the day that had me, and probably Stephanie, break out in perspiration.

    We reached the 4 mile mark, and swung around to the trail as it led back towards the trail head. About a mile into the return trip found the large pond that marked our position, we were 3 miles away from the trailhead. The pond was fed by a waterfall that fell from the cliffs. We ducked into the trees surrounding the pond, the waterfall was throwing up a fine spray, offering even more relief.

    "Wish we'd thought to bring our swimming gear, that water looks really refreshing," I mused.

    Stephanie grinned at me as she stood up. She pulled her T shirt over her head, enjoying the way my eyes locked on her sexy milk jugs, now standing out proud and unencumbered, her nipples stiff and perky. She slid her fingers in between her hips and her shorts, and with a few very sexy wiggles of her hips, they slid down to the ground. She stepped out of the leg holes and stretched, letting me feast my eyes. Seeing her sexy body fully naked, out here in the open, covered with the sweat of our hike, making her body glisten, got my cock rising quickly.

    "Swimsuits, who needs swimsuits? Not us!" she giggled.

    She strode down to the edge of the pond and stuck her foot in, and pulled it back.

    "Ooh, it's brisk, but what the heck! This will cool us down for sure!"

    Stephanie took a deep breath, and started wading into the water. She let out a squeal as her heated skin met the coolness of the water. My eyes just drank in the vision of her sexy naked back, tapering down to that wonderful rump, watching Stephanie's sexy nude body stride into the water was like watching an image that a master painter like Rubens or Van Gogh would have loved to capture on canvas. The water was just up to her hips as she ducked under the waterfall, and she let out another squeal as her whole body was now covered with the cooling water. The water splashed over her, running down her body, making my cock stiffen up.

    "Come on out and join me Uncle J, the water's so refreshing!"

    I shed my clothes, my cock throbbed up to full erection in the sunlight, and I could see Stephanie's eyes locked on my erection, as I waded out to the waterfall. The water did have a cooling edge to it, and I felt a bit of a shock as it first splashed down on me. Stephanie smiled as I stepped up to her.

    "Don't you just love that nice cooling nip, it feels so good to lose that heat!" Stephanie enthused.

    She gazed at my cock, the water had done nothing to shrink it, and her lusty smiled covered her face, as she gazed up at me.

    "So much for cold showers taking away your desire!" Stephanie giggled, "Ummm, the only way to take away that desire is to quench it. Come to me Uncle J, my lover, quench your desire, and my desire, too, give your eager niece your wet spray," she cooed.

    I pulled Stephanie to me, and our lips mashed together, tongues quickly meeting, swirls of passion making my cock hotter and harder. I stepped in between her legs, and ran my fingers over the folds of her pussy, listening to her moans of pleasure. I felt her hand wrap around my stiff cock, starting to slowly stroke me, feeling the throb of my cock in her fingers. I grasped her ass cheeks in my hand, lifting her slightly, I felt her legs circle my waist as I lined my cock-head up against her warm entrance.

    "Oh, yeah, that'll be just right", Stephanie cooed. "There's lots of heat in there, I need my Uncle J, my lover to cool off his niece's inner heat for me. Take me Uncle J, I'm so horny, I can't even see straight!"

    I felt my cock nudge against her opening, then she wiggled her body, and slid down me. I gasped at the warmth of her tight hugging sheath as it enveloped me, sliding slowly down my length, right to the balls as she took me in. We stayed still for a few moments, enjoying the sensation of being joined.

    Stephanie cooed, "Ummm, oh yes, more hot, incestuous sex with my fabulous Uncle lover. Makes me so hot just to say that, fuck me, fuck your niece's hot, needy cunt, and pour your incestuous sperm deep inside my hungry womb!"

    I lifted her body up, and then slowly let her wiggle down the length of my cock again. I wanted to take it slow, draw it out, she squealed with pleasure as I slowly filled her up again. With her tight against me, right to the balls, I started to pull back and pump my hips forward, settling into a slow, steady rhythm, she gasped and grunted with pleasure as my steely hard fuck pole slid into her, slowly, again and again. The repeated penetration of my niece was so tight and buzzing, every thrust felt like an urgent request for me to gush my load. I fucked her tight, fiery cleft deep, feeling my nut sac cinch up tight, my balls moving into firing position, ready to gush my hot load into her burning cunt. With my hands gripping her cheeks, I moved a hand in closer, closer, and started to rub at her tight little ass hole.

    "Oh fuck, YES, I love having my asshole played with!" Stephanie gasped, "Give it to me Uncle J, shove that finger right up there, it feels so fucking good! Flood me, gush your load, I want my Uncle lover's spunk deep inside me, let me have it! Yes, yes, yes, fuck me, fuck, fuck, fuck MEEEEE!"

    As her voice rose to a shriek, I buried my finger into the tight grip of her asshole. I could feel her body wrap tightly around me, her asshole tightened down on my probing finger in time with pussy clamping tightly around my cock, the rippling spasms milking eagerly at my cock. Gripping her ass cheeks tightly, I let out a roar of pleasure as I slammed it home. Her second shriek of pleasure made my cock explode, and as her pussy wrenched hard, clamped tightly around my cock and spasming wildly, the hot, tight hug sucking at me, and I squirted wildly inside her hot welcoming depths, my seed spurting hotly, splattering her cervix. I could feel her body shuddering as she rode her orgasm, and the pulsing, orgasmic grip of her tight inner folds, milking my throbbing cock, sucking the last drops from me, draining my balls. I held her close to me as she drifted down, her head on my shoulder, giving off little coos of wordless pleasure.

    "Oh yes, that was just what I needed to get a complete cool down, my Uncle lover can always give me what I need", Stephanie whispered in my ear.

    We stayed under the waterfall for another 15 minutes, enjoying the feel of the cool water showering down on us. We made our way to the shore, and lay down in a patch of sunlight, letting the water dry up from our bodies. We drifted, my mind went back to the hot fuck, and just as my cock started to revive, I felt Stephanie's hand gently grasp my cock, and slowly stoking me back up to a hard and ready state.

    Stephanie rolled over to her hands and knees, her fabulous rump inches from my face.

    "Now, take me doggy style, I love it!"

    I quickly complied, as I took position, I could feel her hand grip my shaft, pulling me towards her. I felt the warmth against my cock head, and as I thrust forward, Stephanie's cried out in sheer pleasure as I once again impaled her.

    "Yes, oh fuck it feels so good, my Uncle lover, fuck me again, I want another load of hot cream!"

    I could already feel the hot juices, as my eager, rock hard cock started to plunge wetly up between her open thighs. Stephanie was grunting and moaning, already ramped up with sexual heat. She began to move wantonly backward to meet the driving in-strokes. Oh god, the deep penetration was superb, as Stephanie kept driving her hips backward to meet the hot rushes of my plunging cock. She was moaning and crying out with pleasure as she rotated her buttocks around and around my pumping cock in sexual need, grinding her greedily clinging cunt back over my dick plundering her inner depths.

    Stephanie shrieked, and I could feel the tight grip of her spasming walls, milking at me. I was building up a load, and Stephanie purred, "Oh yes, still so hard, let's change position, I want to ride you! Ummm, I love it, my Uncle, my lover gets to watch my naked body as I ride his cock, it makes me so horny! Using my Uncle's hard stiff cock for my own incestuous pleasure, Uncle and niece locked in hot forbidden incestuous fucking, out here in the open, makes me crazy! I'll bet your balls are working up another thick juicy load, to splatter my womb with, let's not keep your hot, incestuous load waiting!"

    On my back, I watched as Stephanie positioned herself. I felt her fingers grip me, positioning my cock and running the head along her opening, her lips, syrupy and slick with her juices, rubbing over the length of my shaft. Her hips rolled back a little and the tip of my cock pushed against her pussy. With a low moan, Stephanie thrust her hips downward, in one drive, she had me buried in the hot, wet steaminess of her juicy fuck-hole. Her gasp of pleasure mixed with my grunt as I felt myself wrapped in the tight, wet, clutching heat of her tight teen pussy. We started to move together, she was humping her hips down as I arched up to her, she moaned, deep in her throat, as I felt my cock once again nudging hard against her cervix. Her warm, wet muscles were milking my cock eagerly as she rode my cock, over and over.

    "Tell me Uncle lover, tell me how good it feels!"

    I growled, "Oh yeah baby, fuck, your hot cunt is so wet and so tight, you're gonna suck every drop out of my hard prick!"

    "Fuck me Uncle lover, keep stuffing my tight little cunt, fuck me until you squirt your hot load up me, splatter my cervix and fill up my womb with all the cum you can pump into me!"

    We started to move faster, each downward thrust of her hips had my cock head nudging hard against her cervix, her gasps and cries of pleasure filling the air, the muscles of her pussy gripping my shaft as my cock plunged wetly between her tight lips. Watching her riding me, her body dappled with sunlight and shade, seeing her gorgeous breasts bouncing up and down in time to her hard thrusts down on my stiff cock, was one hell of a visual turn-on. Oh yeah, the cum was starting to churn, she smiled as she took my hands, lifting them up to her breasts. I cupped the delicious fullness, tugging and tweaking her nipples, enjoying Stephanie's moans of pleasure. She ran a hand down, swirling it over her belly in a loving caress. Going down further, I felt her hand down there, her thumb and forefinger circled my cock, squeezing gently as she rode up and down. Her hand moved back a little, and I heard moans and cries of pleasure as she ran her finger in circles around her bulging, coral pink clit. Her breathing became choppy, and I could feel her pussy start to ripple.

    "Oh yeah, so hard, give my tight little pussy your cream while I cum all over your cock! Uncle and niece, incestuous fucking, it's so, so, so.... oh fuck, fuck, cream MEEEEEEEEE!"

    I felt the rippling spasms grip me tight, and I felt the rush as my cock swelled, piercing her cervix, and with a wild groan of pleasure, I arched up into her, our howls of mixed pleasure joining as her pussy milked and sucked hungrily, drawing another load of hot spunk into her womb, not relaxing until every drop was pulled out of me.

    Stephanie flopped down on top of me, gasping, as our orgasms started to ebb. We stayed joined until my cock lost its erection, and pulled out, she moved to lay side to side, her eyes filled with a post coital glow.

    The sun was starting to move towards late afternoon, and we dressed and continued down the trail. Back at the car, we drove home, and arrived ahead of Lara, I started to make dinner, while Stephanie stayed in the kitchen with me.

    Her voice husky, she purred, "Ummm, Uncle lover, that was a glorious afternoon. Thank you for such a wonderful hike. I hope we can do that again real soon. I'm going to go and buy some sexy lingerie, so you can have a visual treat when I come to your bed."

    The front door opened, and Stephanie quickly switched gears, talking about something she learned in class, as Lara breezed in, smiling.

    At dinner, Lara said, "Oh, by the way, I have to drive over to my sister's place this weekend. I thought I would leave tomorrow afternoon, since it's three hours away, I'll pack tomorrow morning, and then be on my way."

    Stephanie and I exchanged glances, I could see the excitement in her eyes, as she said, "Ok Auntie L, I'll make sure to take care of everything around here."

    She gave me a mischievous look, and I knew how well I would be taken care of.
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    Thanks, for the additional chapters. Can't wait to see what she does to spice things up!

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    Really well written story Groom. Looking forward to seeing what happens next. Maybe Stephanie showing Lara just what she is missing out on?

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    Part 6

    I woke up, just before Lara. This was a morning that Stephanie and I would not be able to have a hot morning fuck, since Lara was going away for the weekend, and had taken this Friday off. The idea of creeping over to Stephanie's room and waking her up for a quickie crossed my mind, I knew that she'd be more than eager to milk out my morning load. Before I could put that idea in motion, I felt Lara stirring. I again feigned sleep, as I had done the other day, hoping I could see her nude again. She did not disappoint, after looking closely at my face, I sensed her drawing back, and watched as she stripped naked, my cock responding accordingly. She headed into the bathroom, and I could hear the shower start up. I waited until I heard the shower stall door open and close, then I scurried over, eased open the door, then slipped inside. There was enough room for me to observe, without being directly in her sight.

    Through the shower door glass, I watched as Lara soaped her body, turning this way and that, then her hands stopped washing. I heard a distinct moan. I watched, open-mouthed, as she stroked the stiffening nubs of her nipples. I could see from the way they plumped up how responsive they were. She squeezed her nipples gently, letting out another soft moan of pleasure. With a sigh of pleasure, she released her tits, sliding her hands down. She stroked the soft skin of her flat tummy and the well-proportioned fullness of her hips.

    I watched as her hands reached down, stroking just above the top of her pubic hair. She reached over for something, and when she brought her hand back, I could see her hairbrush. The handle had a slight curve to it, and ridges for the hand to get a good grip, and looked to be 6, 7 inches long. I watched, open mouthed, as she took hold of the brush behind the bristles, and nudged the handle against herself. Her demeanor changed, no more soft caresses, no gently pumping it in. She thrust hard, burying the handle in one hard, violent shove, ramming it as deep as she could.

    "Take it bitch, ummm, oh yeah, nice tight pussy baby, oh yeah, feels like a virgin cunt, gonna loosen you up slut!"

    I was dumbfounded, she had just said that, what the hell?? She fucked herself savagely, letting out yells and howls, and vocalizing things like "Oh yeah, this bitch is getting what she deserves....take it you little whore....motherfucker.....cum dump bitch."

    Her howls seemed to be changing over to pleasure, and she vocalized, "Oh yeah, we fucked her good guys, look at the bitch, so horny, yeah, cum you little bitch, cum all over our cocks!"

    She finally let out a shriek of pure pleasure, and slumped back against the shower wall.

    My cock was ready to explode, I knew Stephanie was going to school today, and I crept out of the bathroom, and hurried down the hall. Stephanie was still in bed, masturbating, and she was just on the verge as I came in with a full head of steam. She saw the raging lust on my face, and purred, "Umm, oh god you look like you're ready to explode, I'm just on the verge too, bury your cock and we can both cum the best way!"

    I had my eyes locked on her perfect pussy, a plump swelling with a well trimmed furry patch of red. The lips were parted, fat and swollen with sexual desire, and I quickly covered her body, I felt her hand grab me, and lead me in. With one hard shove, I was buried to the balls, Stephanie growled as I nudged hard against her cervix.

    "Yes, fuck, oh fuck, just fuck me hard, then dump your load, I'm ready to explode!"

    Oh fuck, so good, her cunt was furnace hot, soaked with her juices, and I held out as long as possible, fortunately, Stephanie had been as close to orgasm as she had said she was.

    Stephanie cried out, "Oh fuck, fuck, gonna cum, cum with me Uncle J, fill my tight little cunt with hot sperm! Oh yes, gonna cum, gonna cum so hard, fill my womb with your hot, incestuous sperm, do it, flood MEEEEEE!"

    I felt the quivering of her pussy gripping tightly at me as she went over, and I let out a roar as my prick went off, it felt like a hose turned on as I squirted crazily, over and over, it felt like my cock was gushing out every drop of moisture I had in my body as I flooded her, our bodies shaking in shared orgasmic pleasure.

    We didn't have time for anything else, as I heard the shower turn off.

    "Better get back to bed, I just heard the shower turn off."

    "Ok Uncle J, thank you for making my first cum of the day so delicious. This is going to be such an enjoyable weekend. Just you, me, and all the hot fucking and sucking we want. Umm, I'm gonna do my best to drain that hot sexy cock as much as possible!"

    I hopped out of bed, took a long look at Stephanie's body, sprawled out, thighs spread, as she reached down, scooped up a large creampie, and licked it off her fingers. Her eyes flashed fire at me as she licked her digits clean, then reached down for more hot cum.

    "Yum, such a delicious hot creampie."

    I tore my eyes away, and hurried back to bed. The door to the bathroom was still shut, and I hurried over, hopped into bed, and did my best to slow down my rapid breathing. The door opened, she peeked out, and assuming I was still fast asleep, strolled out naked. I watched though slitted eyes as she slipped on panties and bra, long white skirt and blue blouse, and left the bedroom. I heard Stephanie and Lara talking out in the hallway, as they met and went downstairs.

    I waited until I heard Stephanie leave for school before I got up. I got dressed and went downstairs. There Lara was, looking just as cold and unfuckable as ever. There was something weird about this whole damn thing, and I was interested to find out what the hell was going on. I put that on my mental "to-do" list, and looked forward to a weekend long sex fest, Stephanie and were going to suck and fuck the weekend away. I grinned, maybe we'd christen every room by fucking and sucking our way through the house. Lara had been as unwilling to fuck in any room, except the bedroom, and at only once a month, the bedroom had barely had time to start warming up.

    I got up, got dressed, mumbled a fast good morning as I went into the kitchen, getting myself a cup of coffee and a Danish. I retreated into the den, so I could go online to work. There was enough to do that the morning went by quickly, and I looked up, and was pleased to see that it was Noon, and I could knock off for lunch.

    Lara was just putting her suitcase by the door, and she said goodbye and left, quickly, with all the warmth of a day in January. Twenty minutes later, my phone rang, and it was Stephanie.

    "Is Auntie L gone?"

    I said, "Oh yeah baby, she's gone, and we now have the house to ourselves."

    She purred, "Ummm, sounds so good, I'll be done classes in an hour, and when I get home, I want your cock, ready for me!"

    When Stephanie arrived, we didn't waste time, we were upstairs, and naked in less that 2 minutes.

    Stephanie purred, "Ummmm, all through classes, all I could think of was your hard, eager cock, and our weekend. For now, I have something special for you."

    On her hands and knees, she reached back, pulled her ass cheeks apart, and showed me the tight, pink pucker of her back door.

    She cooed, "I'm still a virgin back there, and I want my loving Uncle to take me there, would you like to deflower my tight ass hole, Uncle?"

    My cock rose quickly, oh fuck, I'd had a former girlfriend who loved getting her ass reamed, couldn't get enough of it, and the idea of maybe introducing Lara to anal sex, after we were married, had quickly being extinguished. Now, with Stephanie offering her ass to me, I was more than happy to agree.

    "On your hands and knees baby, I need to lick and finger your ass hole a long time, before we try anything bigger than my finger."

    Stephanie cooed huskily, "Lick me, lick my asshole Uncle J, get my tight hole all ready for its virgin busting ride."

    I eagerly dove in, enjoying her squeals of pleasure as she felt my tongue make contact. My face was nuzzling between the moons of her spread open ass cheeks. My tongue swept over the tight pucker, licking at that twitching, inviting opening, then my tongue pressed against her, tightly. The tip of my tongue pushed inside, probing, pressing slightly into the twitching pucker, making my niece's body shiver with pleasure.

    "Oh my god, the pleasure..it's beautiful...I love it...feels so good. Keep licking me, and finger it, get my ass ready for fucking, I feel like my head's gonna fly off!"

    Sticking a finger in my mouth, I slobbered over it, then applied it, and pushed, slowly, slowly. She let out a grunt, of pleasure I hoped, and my finger glided slowly in to the first knuckle.

    I could hear her muttering softly, "Yeah, yeah, oh yeah."

    I pushed on, until my finger was in to the second knuckle. I started to rotate my finger, pushing out just slightly, Stephanie's asshole was clenching at my finger, and I was doing my best to loosen it up, even just a tiny bit. After a few minutes, she felt she was ready.

    "Uncle J, let's do it, I think I can handle it now, take my list bit of virginity."

    On her hands and knees, laying her head down on a pillow, cupping her cheeks, she spread them apart as far as she could, eager to get her ass fucked. I applied a generous coating of KY to my cock, and spread a large dollop around her tight rim, sliding my finger back inside to spread around the tight clutch of her virgin walls.

    "Oh yeah, that feels nice. Now, my Uncle lover, take my last bit of virginity," she cooed.

    I nudged my cockhead against the rose shaped pucker, and pushed, slowly, slowly, suddenly the head popped in. Stephanie let out a sharp gasp.

    "Unnh, unhh, unhh" she moaned, "Hold up just a minute Uncle J, I'm going to need time to adjust" she whispered.

    "Take all the time you need baby, it's not a race, your pleasure is what's important. I'll only go on at your request."

    I could see the side of her face, she smiled as my words assured her that she would not be forced. I brought my hands up, and ran them up and down her back, stroking her awesome 16 year old body, eager to help her relax in every way. After a few minutes, she urged me on.

    "Ok Uncle J, a bit more, slowly please."

    I pushed, slowly, slowly, I was now halfway in, Stephanie was making grunts, as I reached 5, then 6 inches.

    "Another stop, please."

    I froze, waiting for her ass to adjust, fuck, the sensation of her tight virgin ass around my cock was something else. Never had I been in such a tight hole.

    Stephanie took less time, and she took a deep breath, and told me what to do.

    "Now, bury it, let me have the rest," she gasped, her hands gripping the sheets tightly.

    I grasped her hips, and with a push forward, I was in, right to the balls, Stephanie let out a small yelp, and I again stopped.

    "Oh my god, my ass is so full. It's kinda painful, but I want to stick with it. And Uncle J, you're such a sweet man, any boyfriend that I gave my ass to would probably end up raping my ass. Now, just a little bit more time" she cooed.

    After a minute, Stephanie whispered huskily, "Umm, um, oh yeah, it's starting to feel good, give me a slow, loving ride Uncle J, now that my ass virginity is gone, take it some more."

    I pulled back an inch, and pressed forward slowly, getting a slow, gentle rhythm going. Stephanie's sounds were changing over to little gasps and what sounded like cries of passion.

    "Umm, yes, oh yes, now that I'm loosened up, it feels better," she cooed, "keep going Uncle J, it's starting to feel real good!"

    Encouraged, I started to pull out a bit further, 2 inches then 3, burying it deep, speeding up just a little bit. Stephanie was starting to make moans and louder cries of passion, as she urged me on to fuck her ass. I was happy to do so, the tight vice grip of her ass was clutching at my cock, working me up to another load. Her hand was cupped against her pussy, masturbating furiously, I reached around, and gently removed her hand.

    "Let me do that for you sweetheart," I whispered.

    I cupped my hand around her mound, her pink, hard clit straining for my fingers, her juices coated my fingers, and I grasped her hand clit, and stroked it up and down, her grunts and cries of pleasure increased, and I could feel a massive load gather. I could feel her clit twitching wildly between my fingers, as Stephanie hit her peak.

    "Fuck, fuck, fuck, cumming, oh my god cumming, fill my ass Uncle J, fill me, fuck, fuck cum in MEEEEEE!"

    She let out a scream, her ass clamped even tighter around my cock, her orgasm making her asshole clench and unclench, and that took me over. I grabbed her hips, drove in to the balls, and my cock erupted. Flooding Stephanie's last virginity with hot, incestuous sperm made me go off like a cannon. My growls of orgasm joined her sounds, as my cock jerked over and over, throbbing wildly and pumping a flood of cum, painting her bowels white with my load, both of us shuddering through body wracking orgasms. When I had unloaded the last gush, I pulled out and flopped down, Stephanie joined me and her eyes were close to mine, her smile told me all I needed to know.

    "Perfect, so perfect", she whispered, "just as loving and caring as my Uncle J has been every time we make love. Speaking of which, my pussy is eager for another hot filling, let's take a shower Uncle J, then my pussy can get what she needs!"

    She led the way, and I eagerly followed her sexy shape. Under the hot spray, we passed the soap back and forth, I enjoyed listening to her soft growl of pleasure as my soapy fingers slid along the tight rim of her newly deflowered asshole. Stephanie grinned, and with the feel of her hands full of rich lather soaping down my cock, the remembrance of plunging deep inside that tight clutch made my cock start to stir.

    "My tight little pussy needs another load of hot cum, Uncle J, and my hot mouth is going to make sure you are hard and ready, then you can plunge into my hot, wet pussy!"

    Stephanie took to her knees in the shower. She leaned over, and her tongue licked at my cock head. She parted her lips, and drew me in, my cock being engulfed in a moist, tight world of sucking. I growled with pleasure, as she paused, then thrust her mouth forward, taking me in right to the balls. She drew back slowly, then tightly molding her pouty lips around my cock, she thrust her head forward slowly. The sensation of her deep throating me, and the view of her lips milking my shaft was exquisite, and I was back at a full, rock hardness.

    Stephanie grinned, and cooed, "Ohhh yes, so nice, so very hard and nice. Right here, right in the shower, fuck me here my Uncle lover."

    I pulled her sexy body to mine, and I plunged my mouth down onto her, savoring the feel of her pouty rosebud lips pressed tightly against mine. Our tongues raced out, to wrestle against each other. The feel of her hot panting breath, and our tongues gently exploring each others mouth, made my cock steel hard, throbbing with need. I had her pressed against the shower stall wall, I reached down, and cupped her ass cheeks tightly, lifting her up. Stephanie brought her legs up around my waist, ready for me to open her up. I lined her pussy up with my cock head, and nudged it gently against her entrance.

    "Oh yes, yes, ummm, I love it with my Uncle lover stuffs my pussy, give me that stiff cock!" Stephanie growled huskily.

    I was happy to comply, I brought her down. Stephanie let out a drawn out wall of pleasure as I slid in, penetrating that tight heat. I growled with pleasure as my cock impaled her, spreading open the walls of her tight teen cunt, as I felt her eager pussy stretched wide around my hard cock, the tight hug of her around my shaft was something else, she was still delightfully tight. The steamy furnace of her fiery hot fuck hole wrapped tightly around my prick, drawing a loud grunt of pleasure from me as my cock was enveloped, and it drove me wild with desire. With her inner warmth molded so tightly around me, it made me remember the first time I drove my cock into her steamy cunt. That fired me up even more, I pinned her against the shower wall, clutching her ass cheeks tightly, and I started to ram my steely shaft into her, my cock withdrawing almost all the way, and then I'd power thrust it back into her, my excitement spurring me on, power fucking her tight cleft. Stephanie gasped and made wordless sounds of passion as I fucked her wildly. Every plunge into the exquisite tightness of her burning fuck-hole made me grunt with pleasure, her tightness was out of this world. My balls were aching, working up a massive load to spew into her burning core. I could hear the squelchy sound of her juicy cunt being pounded towards orgasm, her cries and moans of desire, and I could feel the rush, my cock jerked, swelling tight with a massive urgency to steely hardness, I was at the boiling point, ready to explode.

    "Oh my God, I'm cumming!", Stephanie squealed, "Yes, oh fuck I'm cumming, fuck me, fuck me, shoot it, squirt it, yes, yes, yes, YES!!"

    As her voice rose to a shriek, her cunt clamped down tightly around my cock, virtually sucking at my shaft, urging me to explode my burning load. Seeing Stephanie's beautiful face in the throes of orgasmic ecstasy, the tight hug of her around my throbbing shaft, and the wild spasming of her pussy, milking at my aching cock greedily, became too much, and it took me over the edge. My balls let go, and I could feel the hot spunk sizzling up my shaft. My wild groan of pure pleasure joined her cries of orgasmic delight as my cock erupted, pulsing and squirting wildly, and I slammed as deep as possible inside her, my spurting cock jerking and throbbing and pumping a flood, gushing thick ropes of cum deep into her delightful tightness. I grunted and groaned, squirting a thick volley of spunk deep into her tight gripping receptacle, splattering my load against her cervix, emptying my cock deep into her womb. She squirmed around wildly on my prick, her body shuddering in orgasm, her pussy quivering and spasming wildly, sucking and milking greedily at my throbbing cock, draining my balls into her eager, hungry tightness.

    After we toweled off, I watched as she walked slowly, her hips rolling in a delightful cadence, making her backside shimmy, towards the bed.

    "Let's lay down for a while Uncle lover, I want to drift on the afterglow. Ummm, my tight little asshole and my pussy feel so well fucked, I love it!"

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    Test post

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    Very hot story! Don't know how you are gunna put Lara's cheating stuff in to make sense but super excited to find out!

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    Hope there is more too cumm

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    Waiting More Hot Chapter..



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