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Thread: Wine and Roses

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    Wine and Roses

    This is a sequel to A date with Jessica Rabbit

    The last date I went on ended with me pregnant and a ring on my finger. That was eighteen years ago and a lot of things have changed since then. My husband left with the babysitter, and took the dog with them. I got a little revenge, and came out of the divorce with enough to buy a four bedroom house, and that hair salon I had my eyes on since it went out of business.

    It came as a surprise when a delivery girl stepped into the salon at 2:00 with half a dozen long stemmed roses. I’m a 38-year-old single, working, mother of three. I don’t have time for dating; or shaving my legs. I had no clue who they could be from.

    They smelled wonderful and I read the card with a smile.

    “You work too hard, go home and relax- let someone else do the work.”

    I chuckled, “Who has time to relax with three teenagers at home?”

    I had soccer practice, cheerleading, karate... Then I had to clean the house, do the laundry, make the beds, cook dinner… By the time I finished with everything I had to do, it would be time to start all over again. But the idea of a nap was tempting.

    “Jacey,” I turned to my lovely assistant, “I’m going home early, would you mind finishing the day without me?”

    “No problem, Rachel, It’s about time you took an afternoon off, just leave the key and I’ll lock up.”

    I dropped the key on the counter, grabbed my purse, and headed home.

    The smell of fresh cut grass greeted me. I jingled my keys in the door and noticed something in the mail box. It was another long stem rose. A giddy feeling came over me as I pulled it out and saw another little note attached.

    “Kick off your shoes, put your hair down, take off your clothes, and relax in the tub.”

    “Sounds like a good idea to me,” I said, and pushed open the door.

    The first thing I noticed, was the scent of lemons mixed with bleach. Second was that someone had cleaned my house. Not just picked up the dirty laundry and taken out the trash. The kitchen sparkled, the dishes were done and put away, even the refrigerator was clean and organized. The living room carpet wasn’t just vacuumed, but was still damp and just a little squishy too. The house was spotless for the first time since we moved into it. The leather sofa hadn’t gleamed like that since the day I bought it. Our 52-inch TV was fingerprint free, even the coffee table shined.

    I skipped down the hall to inspect the bedrooms.

    Ashley, my fourteen year old daughter, was going to love her room. Not only was it spotless, but had sexy pinks sheets on the twin size bed with a soft looking blanket folded over the top. It smelled like cotton candy with a row of moisturizing creams and makeup on a chest of drawers. A bottle of perfume rested beside her alarm clock with a pink rose laying on the pillow.

    Her twin brother's room looked miraculous. I’ve never seen that room so clean, and it smelled wonderful too. Instead of dirty socks and mold, I smelled expensive cologne with a hint of baby powder. I knew that wouldn’t last long. His bed was made too, with brand new Star Wars sheets, matching pillowcases, and a new comforter.

    One of the major complaints everyone had about the house was that none of the interior doors locked. Well, now three of them did. The first of which was the bathroom, with a key dangling off the knob. Second was the master bedroom and I couldn't find that key anywhere. The third was my eldest daughter's room. A new sign on the door said, “Property of Karen,” with a key hanging from a gold chain-link necklace. I couldn't resist taking a peek inside, and was completely blown away.

    Her bed had morphed from a cheap futon into a beautiful Queen-sized mattress, dressed in baby blue silk, and a box spring foundation resting on a metal frame. A sexy hand carved headboard stood in place with a big stuffed Snowman resting peacefully with his head on a mound of pillows. That cheap Wall-Mart-special chest of drawers was replaced with a full size dresser and vanity mirror that matched the headboard. Like in Ashley's room, a row of lotions, makeups, and perfumes lined the mirror. I smelled something familiar and followed the scent to a drawer in her night stand.

    The first thing I saw after opening the drawer was a full box of chocolate covered cherries. I shamefully took one and popped it into my mouth with a moan. Second thing I noticed was a roll of candy-flavored condoms, and third was a five-inch vibrator. She was turning eighteen soon and her birth control pills were sitting on top of her alarm clock, with a note reminding her to take one each morning. I smiled and checked her closet, with a good idea what I would find.

    All of her clothes were put away and, as I suspected, a beautiful baby blue prom dress hung in the closet with a note that read, "Save the date- I'll pick you up at 7:00."

    A grin stretched my lips as I locked the door, and hung the key where it was.

    The bathroom was just as spotless and smelled even better than the rest of the house. Everything a woman needed to make herself feel, look, and smell good, including a bottle of wine, was waiting on the counter with a fresh towel and a sexy red silk kimono hung on the door. I smiled and pulled a note from the counter.

    “Take a moment to wet your lips, do a bit of grooming, and read a book- no need to rush.”

    I smiled and looked to the bubble bath waiting and let down my long dark blonde hair. The last time I had a bubble bath, I was nine. I poured myself a glass of sweet red wine and slid in.

    The water was still warm, but not hot, and came all the way up to my neck. A crispy new paperback floated towards me, sealed in an airtight Ziploc bag. The last time I read a trashy novel, I was in high school. I shaved myself from top to bottom, washed my hair, and broke open that air tight seal, and finished off three glasses of wine.

    The novel had an “Alice in Wonderland” theme that was just a little close to home. I wish my sex life was as adventurous as Alice’s though. It didn’t take long before I was flipping pages with one hand. Before I knew it, I'd reached the end of the book, and found another note.

    “You’re almost ready for a nap- don’t forget the wine.”

    I chuckled, climbed out of the fast cooling water, and wrapped my hair in a pink fluffy turban. There was a card hidden in the robe pocket with a silver key attached.

    “I’ll wake you for dinner.”

    The key fit perfectly and I pushed my way into a bedroom I didn’t even recognize as my own. A dozen multicolored roses sat on a sparkling oak wood dresser. A DVD with a cover that made me blush was sitting on top of a player beside a new 32-inch flat screen. My closet was stocked with clothes that I barely recognized without the wrinkles, and a few new pieces had been added to it. My queen-size bed wore sexy, silky smooth red sheets with a warm black comforter on top. Beauty products were all nicely organized along the base of a new vanity mirror, and the room smelled so sexy that words cannot describe it. A breeze blew over me, drawing my attention the window where a new set of sheer curtains hung over an open window. A set of thick black curtains were drawn and tied at the sides.

    I found another message in the floor, it must have been blown off the dresser.

    “Go ahead, enjoy the movie, toys are in the nightstand- don’t worry, no one will know but us.”

    I laughed, pulled a blank disk from its case, and popped it into the player. I took a few minutes while the movie began and moisturized myself from cheeks to toe with my eyes glued to the television. It was an average looking older woman being seduced by a sexy young stud and his girlfriend. I laid ontop the bed with a five-inch banana-flavored vibrator, and another glass of wine.

    The movie certainly did its job. I was ready for that nap, after a relaxing orgasm, and didn’t open my eyes again until the alarm clock started singing to me. I found another note when I reached over to turn it off.

    “Dinner will arrive soon, no need to dress - just bring a robe.”

    Not five minutes later the doorbell rang. I blushed and tied the sash around my waist. My cheeks were still pink when I opened the front door and smiled at the delivery boy. I smelled Dum Dums and Gymsum, that’s kid talk for Chinese takeout.

    “How much do I owe you?” I asked, holding the delicious smelling paper sack to my nose.

    “Nothing,” he said, heading back to his car, “it’s paid for.”

    There was another note written on the bag.

    “Enjoy the evening with a nice meal on the sofa, a good movie, and another bottle of wine.”

    I laughed and pulled out a bottle of chilled wine that went perfectly with the food. A romance movie was waiting for me when I turned on the living room TV and laid on the sofa with my sweet and sour chicken, fried rice, and chow mien.

    The doorbell rang again at ten o'clock. I tied my robe again and rolled off the sofa. That second bottle of wine did a number on me and I was still feeling it. I made my way to the door, and pulled it open to find a package with a big red bow on top.

    I giggled and plucked it off the concrete. The door closed as I slipped off the bow. A note rested on top of crinkled tissue paper.

    “If you’re ready for company, lock the door and head to bed- leave the light on and the window open.”

    Under the tissue paper was a set of sheer black lace. At this point I didn’t care who was waiting out there in the dark. I headed to my bedroom, turning off lights as I went, and readied myself for bed.

    Something clinked when I sat down and I reached under the mattress to find two pairs of handcuffs. They each had one cuff attached to the headboard, close enough to put them on myself. One had a note, that I didn’t need to read but did anyway.

    “When you’re ready, put these on.”

    “Someone’s certainly feeling naughty tonight,” I giggled and readied myself.

    I laid in the bed dressed in sheer black silk with my arms held above me, my eyes blindfolded, and my legs spread open. The anticipation had me aching for release. The minutes ticked by like hours before I heard someone climb through the window. I realized this could be a complete stranger I’d never met before. It could be anyone, and I invited them to my bed without hesitation.

    A heavy breath blew across my bare stomach, followed by the touch of a man’s lips. They were soft, not rough and weather-worn. A hand touched me, gentle and firm. It wasn’t calloused or scratchy, but silky smooth, almost like a woman’s hand. It was larger than a woman’s had though, more like a young man's hand. That thought sent another tingle straight to my pussy. It had to be a teenager crawling into bed with me, and I had a good idea who it was.

    His lips traveled from my stomach to my mouth and I tasted delicious pepperoni and pizza sauce. The flavor was another clue to his identity, but it could still be anyone. I moaned into his mouth as our tongues twirled and danced together. His hands traveled up my body to cup my breasts through the thin silk. Another moan escaped as he kneaded and massaged the plump globes. My already aching nipples stiffened more at his touch.

    Those wonderful lips traveled down my neck and over my chest, pulling one silk covered nipple between his teeth and sucking. I whimpered.

    “I want to feel your mouth on my breasts.”

    A finger covered my lips. He lifted the bra gently with his teeth, only to lick his tongue over the plump nipple. A kiss planted on each breast before his tongue traveled down to my bare navel. I moaned again as his hands followed.

    He left a trail of kisses from my belly button all the way to my pussy. I whimpered and moaned. His hands slid down my stockings. My legs bent as he kissed down my right thigh and my knees went around his shoulders. They were the shoulders of a man who knew his way around a gym. Not bulky, but they felt strong just the same. His lips continued down the inside of my thigh, placing a kiss over my weeping pussy, then his mouth and hands traveled up the other thigh. Those wonderful lips folded over my silk clad pussy and I felt teeth as he maneuvered the zipper. The sound sent another tingle up my spine. Then I felt his hands over my pussy. His fingers teased the wrinkly lips, a fingertip lifted my hood, and one long lick made me tremble.

    “Please,” I begged.

    Another long lick.

    “Please,” I cried again.

    Another long, slow lick.

    “Please, eat my pussy,” I whimpered.

    His mouth sealed over my crotch, that naughty tongue slipping through my aching lips. My clit tingled with every flick of his tongue. My hips lifted off the bed and his hands held a cheek in each palm. He squeezed and kneaded my butt as I rubbed myself against his mouth. I could barely breath, let alone speak.

    He stopped and pulled away before I could cum. I groaned as I felt him moving away, my legs dropping to the bed.

    “Why did you…” His finger covered my lips again.

    That finger slid to my cheek and gently turned my head to the left. The sound of another zipper and I licked my lips. I felt the tip of a man’s dick and welcomed him into my mouth. My lips sealed and he slid in slowly. I felt his dick curve and thicken. He must have put five inches into my mouth before hitting the back of my throat. His fingers slipped into my hair and held me still as he fucked my mouth. I swirled my tongue around him, drawing a moan from his lips.

    Wanting to hear him again, I started humming a long lullaby. It worked. He started singing softly, almost a whisper. I couldn’t tell by his whispered breaths who he was though. Once he finished the song, he pulled away again.

    I bit back a groan and kept quiet. He rewarded me with a searing kiss as one hand traveled down my body to cup my sopping wet pussy. Two fingers entered me and I moaned into his mouth. I tried to hold still, but after a few pumps of his hand I was rocking into his palm.

    He broke the kiss and used his free hand to slip my bra off before sucking one 32C breast into his mouth. A fingertip grazed my right nipple and toyed with it as he sucked on the left. Those wicked fingers continued stroking my pussy; one long finger teasing my G spot.

    “More,” I cried, “give me more.”

    He pulled his fingers from my pussy and placed them over my lips. I sighed and sucked them into my mouth, tasting my own sweet and salty fluids. I heard the slide of silk, then felt the mushroomed tip of his dick rub over my clit. His fingers hooked in my jaw and held my mouth open. Wine poured over my tongue before he released his hold and kissed me again.

    He drank the wine from my mouth, lapping at it like a dog. I eventually had to swallow and that’s when I felt it. His lovely curved dick sliding into me, inch by slow inch. He lifted my legs over his hips and I locked them together, drawing him deeper until I felt six inches of deliciousness inside me.

    “You’re so wet and tight,” a whispered voice spoke, “I don’t know how long I’ll last.”

    I wished my hands weren’t cuffed. I would have put my finger over his lips.

    Instead, I cried out, “Please fuck me, I can't stand it anymore.”

    He grunted and started sliding into me with long, tortuously slow strokes, my hips rising and falling to greet him thrust for thrust as his dick stroked my G spot. If he wasn’t going to fuck me, then I’d fuck him. I gripped my hands around the wooden rails of the headboard, squeezed him with my pussy and held my legs locked around him. I quickened the pace and he followed, thoroughly fucking me now. My head tossed on the pillows and I wished that damn blindfold would slip. The pressure built and just kept building.

    He pulled my legs apart and held them over me as he went back to that gentle rhythm that had me begging. He seemed to go on forever and I trembled under him.

    Then it happened, I felt him shooting inside me like pouring gasoline on a fire; the orgasm ripped me apart with a scream. My entire body thrashed beneath him. He fell over me with kisses and ragged breaths as his hips jerked and twitched, his seed filling my womb.

    Sometime later, I woke with the handcuffs open.

    I took off the blindfold, but my mysterious visitor was gone. I found the key waiting within reach and another note left on the table beside me.

    “Thank you and sweet dreams, if you want to play again- just open the window and leave the light on."

    I got up and looked through the closed window to the house next door. Michael, my goofy, almost-seventeen-year-old nephew, had just given me the best night of my life.

    I fell to the silk sheets with a sigh, “If I’m going to hell, at least I’ll have fun along with the way.”
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    great hope there is more to cum



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