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    Auntie Elsie shows me the way

    Part 01

    "Auntie Elsie is going to come and watch you while we are in New York. You will be a good boy for her? You won't give her any trouble, will you Mark?"

    I happily agreed, I really like my Auntie, she was sweet, kind, and unlike my parents, I could tell she was a lot more relaxed, and carefree. I knew from other weekends when she watched over me, she would not drag me out to church on Sunday. I was scared of going to Hell, but when Auntie Elsie was there, she really soothed out that idea.

    My mother had really planted that poisonous seed deep, so deep that I felt like the most frustrated 15 year old boy in the country. I had been so indoctrinated that I had not even masturbated. The horrors of self-abuse, and certain damnation had been hammered into my regularly, and I handled my prick as gingerly as if I was trying to defuse a bomb. With my hormones gearing up, boners were rising up like tectonic plates colliding.

    This had not gone unnoticed by my Aunt, the first night she was over, she was determined to remedy my condition. I was laying in bed, suffering through another raging hard-on, when she suddenly marched in, unannounced, wearing a white terry cloth robe that was belted around her waist.

    "Your parents are poisoning you Jeff. Indoctrinating you as a robotic drone, kowtowing to some false sky god, should be labeled as child abuse. It's time to throw off the shackles."

    Aunt Elsie slipped open the knotted belt, her robe gapped open, and with a shrug of her shoulders, it fell away from her body. HOLY CRIPES, my Auntie was stark naked, just a few feet away! She stood tall and straight, letting my eyes drink their fill, god, her boobs were so perfect, big, full and round with cherry colored nipples, my eyes wandered downward, over her tummy, and my eyes locked onto the mysterious region that I'd only dreamed about. My eyes just about bugged out, her pussy lips were waxed smooth and bare, while just above her opening was a tuft of pubic hair as red as the hair on her head. At 45, she had one hell of a hot body.

    "Now, take a good look at the flip side."

    My Aunt Elsie turned, and presented her naked backside for my gaze. Oh man, those tight, sexy cheeks were now bare for my eyes, her hips had a sexy curve, sleek, full legs, and her rump had a graceful curve, the moons perky and smooth. My cock was throbbing painfully, roaring with need.

    When she turned back to me, she purred, "Now, let your Auntie take care of you. You probably have never masturbated, have you? Parents warning you that you'll go to hell if you so much as touch it, right?"

    At my wide eyed nod, she growled, "Stupid, stupid people. Listen to me Mark. This is NO heaven, and there is NO hell. Twenty years ago, the Anglican religion officially threw out the idea of heaven and hell as some kind of destination. I know lots of other religions are eager to cling to that shit, to keep the sheeple in line. And a god that demands worship? I will NEVER kowtow to some fake god in the sky. EVER. Life can be as good as we ourselves can make it. So let me show you how good I can make it for you, I promise you that you will not go to hell, it doesn't even exist."

    Her incredibly hot body, the soothing tone, and the sure knowledge that she knew what she was talking about, and the full bore surge of hormones, started to crowd out all the pious churchgoing shit. My cock was painfully hard, she folded the sheet back, and saw my pajamas, tented way up. I watched, almost frozen as she stripped off my pajamas, her eyes fixed on my steel hard prick.

    "Now, let's get rid of all the juicy cum that you've had pent up. Stand up Mark."

    I stood, my cock jutting out towards her. She smiled, then lay down, stretching out.

    "Now, come and squat over me Mark, just over my hips."

    I did so, I watched, barely breathing as I felt Aunt Elsie's warm hand curl around my cock, and start to slide up and down my prick, giving me my first ever stroke job. The imagined terrors of hell quickly faded when I felt her hand around my cock, stroking me. I felt her other hand cup my balls, and give me gentle squeezes.

    "Cum all over me, sweetheart, paint my body with your hot cum!"

    My cock was already at the boiling point, after 4 expert strokes, I grunted, growled, and my cock exploded, my first load squirting wildly. I saw my Auntie's arm covered with a blast of hot spunk. My cock really unloaded, four shots arced up and splattered on those awesome tits, two more over her stomach, and the last two poured out, covering her just about her fluff of red pubic hair.

    Aunt Elsie said softly, "Oh yes, so backed up."

    My ears were ringing, damn, that was like nothing I'd ever felt before. I watched, wide eyes, as my Auntie scooped up my cum, and licked her fingers clean.

    "Ummm, such tasty cum. Now, I want it right from the source. Stand up Mark."

    My cock was still half hard, she quickly took to her knees.

    Her eyes flashed with green fire as she growled, "This is my favorite way to give a blowjob, the classic subservient cocksucker position."

    As the word cocksucker sank in, Holy Shit was she going to, and she did as she went down on me, making me gasp as I felt a hot, wet mouth surround me, than slide down, until I was balls deep. She pulled back up, her lips around my shaft with a tight grip, then slid down again, working into the hot, wet rhythm. God, I thought her hand-job was fantastic, this was fantastic plus. Her hot, wet mouth was riding my pole with a tight, sucking grip that made my cock throb. Her tongue was swirling around my shaft as she went up and down, sucking and slurping all over the length. I started to thrust into the hot, wet vortex around my cock.

    "Oh yes, so good, feels so good, suck it Auntie, god that feels fantastic!"

    She released me for just a second, and purred, "Let it go sweetheart, I want every drop, let me suck you dry, whitewash my tonsils!"

    She swallowed me again, and she was sucking wildly on me, fuck, what a feeling, I could feel my next orgasm building force. She was making little sounds of passion around my cock, and her hand gently grabbed my balls, giving me gentle squeezes, urging me to explode. I felt the rush of my next load streaking up my shaft.

    "Gonna cum, oh yeah, gonna cum Auntie, oh FUCK!"

    I felt my cock explode, Auntie Elsie moaned around my cock as I erupted, pouring my cum out, her tongue swiping at my head, sucking hungrily, god that felt so fucking good, as I shot several streams of cum into the hot, wet grip, not stopping until she had drained my cock of every drop. She pulled back, and I saw her look up at me, smile, then she swallowed the load.

    "Oh yeah, I love the feel of your tasty cum drenching my throat, then painting my tonsils as your steamy load of hot, white cream slides down my throat. Let's lie down for a liitle bit my dear nephew, relax with me."

    Oh man, Auntie and nephew fucking, damn, I'd committed incest! Oh that was no doubt one hell of a big sin. I was too focused on getting my cock off at the time. But her words came back to me, and I felt the horror of this supposed sin quickly tamp down. My body against Auntie Elsie, her luscious boobs pressed against me, and the wonderful sensation of my balls emptied of cum, I drifted off.

    I awoke with a bit of a start, looking at my bedside clock, I saw it was midnight. My bed was empty, I wondered if it was all a crazy dream, then I heard the soft padding of feet coming down the hallway. The door opened, and my Auntie Elsie entered, hot damn she was wearing sexy as all hell lingerie. She saw my eyes bugged out, she smiled at my reaction and posed for me.

    "Do you like what you see, my sweet nephew?"

    What an entrance she made. She was wearing a see thru, pink, baby doll nightie, her hot body, covered with that thin diaphanous gauze of nightgown, brought my cock back to life. Her big luscious boobs were clearly delineated beneath the pink filmy nightie, her bare, smooth and wildly sexy pubic area, doing a peek-a-boo with the hem of her nightie. Giving me a big smile, she then did a slow turn, letting me see her sexy backside, covered with that thin diaphanous gauze of nightgown, the cheeks of her ass displayed like that made topped my cock off. The only other things she wore, was a gold ankle bracelet, and a bright, passion filled smile.

    "Umm, oh yeah, I will take care of my sweet nephew the best way I can. Get ready sweetheart, Auntie is going to take your cherry. I am going to mount up, and ride you like a cowgirl, my tight pussy will give your cock the best milking, and I want you to explode deep inside me, and fill my tight pussy with a rush of hot spunk!"

    My cock was eager and throbbing as Auntie Elsie squatted over me, her hips rolled back a little and the tip of my cock pushed against her pussy. With a low moan, she eagerly drove herself down my shaft, grunting with the penetration as she impaled her hot core. I growled from the feel of her fiery heat surrounding me, she was really hot all right. I groaned with pleasure as she took me as far up her as I could go, taking me in right to the balls. She let out a loud gasp of pleasure, mixing with my grunt as my cock was now wrapped up in the tight, wet, clutching heat.

    Auntie Elsie paused, and purred, "No more virgin frustration for you my sweet nephew, I'm gonna ride you, and let my tight pussy milk every drop out of you."

    I kept my eyes open, enjoying the sight of Auntie Elsie's flushed, smiling face as she started to rock herself back and forth, then lifting up, and sliding her fiery tightness up and down on me. her pussy was gushing juices, I could hear the wet squelch of her fiery heat as she started to move faster, pounding up and down on my cock. She started to cup and squeeze her boobs, tweaking at her nipples as she tossed her head back, her movements picking up speed.

    She purred, "Playing with your hard cock, sucking you, making you cum, so hot!"

    Her eager pumping up and down, I could feel myself reaching the brink, Auntie Elsie cried out, "Oh fuck, yes, gonna cum, cum with me sweetheart, cum deep inside me, yes, yes, YESSSSSSS!"

    Her voice rose up to a loud hiss of pleasure, the spasming of her pussy in the midst of orgasm took me roaring over, and I arced up to meet her thrusts, both of us letting our loud cries of pleasure as I was de-virginized all the way. Fuck, so fucking hot, the feel of her tight slick walls milking me, brought out another rush of cum, great gouts being poured into her, as if the frustration of the teen years were being torn out of me in huge globs of pent up spunk.

    It seemed to be endless, until my cock had given up the last spasm to my Auntie's eager heat, and she smiled down at me, with a look of post coital bliss.

    "Ummm, that was so good, thank you for making me cum so good my sweet nephew. The weekend has just begun, and I have so much more to teach you."
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    Thats a Great Start ... Once again You are Spot on "Groom"... Thanks for the Posting... I'm looking forward to the Next session...
    Just the Rantings of a Horny Old man hpy!

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    great start hope there is lots more too cumm

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    Part 2

    I felt a wet sensation that brought me out of sleep, and I opened my eyes to see Auntie Elsie's mouth swallowing my prick, oh damn that felt amazing. I stroked at her head, and saw her eyes look upward to my face. She went at my prick with renewed vigor, her mouth a hot wet vortex wildly sucking at my cock. When I felt her mouth leave my cock and start sucking on my balls, I just about went through the roof. The wild twitching of my cock let her know I was ready to blow, just as she swallowed me back down, I came quickly in a hot rush of spunk, feeling the pull of her mouth as she swallowed every drop.

    "Good morning sweetheart, I thought it would be nice to bring you off, the first fast one, so we can make you last longer, you'll love it. Come with me my sweet nephew, let's take a shower."

    Soaping up her sexy curves, while she did the same to my body was easy to keep my excitement, and as we toweled each other off, she pulled me to her, and her mouth sought out mine. We locked lips, she opened her mouth, her tongue came out to play, and we were French kissing wildly, her hand gently squeezing my rapidly inflating prick.

    "Now baby, take me to bed, and give me another ride."

    I happily followed her sexy body, keeping my eyes locked on her incredible ass. She took to the bed, and I felt my heart start to race as she took to her hands and knees, she lowered her head down, looked back at me and cooed, "Doggy style baby, mount me and drive your prick in!"

    Damn, I'd wanted to try this position, ever since I'd spied on my parents a few weeks ago. They must have thought I was asleep, it was early in the morning, I had heard muffled grunts and cries of pleasure from the master bedroom, unable to stop myself, I'd crept down the hallway, their door was slightly ajar. I poked my head in, and felt my cock roar to life. Just 10 feet away, my Mom was on her knees, getting fucked hard by Dad's surging cock, she was sobbing and crying our how good it felt, and to fuck her harder. My Dad complied, and the spectacle of my parents fucking wildly, in front of my eyes, was too much. I could feel a spreading warmth in my balls, and as my Mom let out squeals of pleasure, my Dad joining in with satisfied grunts as they reached sexual completion, without so much as a touch, my cock erupted, gushing a thick juicy load as I filled my eyes with the sight.

    Back in the here and now, I quickly took position, and I felt Auntie Elsie's hand around my cock, guiding me on a true, pussy splitting path, nudging me against her heat, and she purred, "There you are my sweet nephew, now, give it to me!"

    I quickly took the invitation, and I drove forward, enjoying her loud squeal of pleasure as I buried it in one thrust, my balls smacking against her pussy as I bottomed out.

    "Oh yeah, just like that, let me have it! Ram my cunt, feel the tight grip as you stuff my cunt, I want you to cream all over my womb!"

    Holy fuck, hearing my Auntie use the word cunt, referring to her pussy was one of the nastiest, and hottest things I'd ever heard, gripping her hips tight, I started to power fuck the hot, wet tunnel, eager to build up another load for her.

    "Oh yeah, my sweet nephew, you fuck my cunt so well. I love getting my tight cunt stretched out, my nephew has such a cunt pleasing cock. Keep fucking me baby, go deep, my cunt feels so good!"

    I was pretty sure my Auntie knew very well what saying the word cunt would do to a 15 year old repressed nephew, and I grunted and groaned as I rode her incredible body, Auntie Elsie's squeals, cries and groans of pleasure filled the bedroom, mixed with the wet juicy squelch as I tested the hot liquid depths. Having gotten off the morning load, I had staying power, it felt incredible to feel the tight muscles massaging my cock, without losing it so fast.

    "Yes baby, yes, yes, make me cum!"

    I went into overdrive, fucking my Auntie with everything I had, I could feel my cock surging, ready to explode.

    "Yes, oh yes, so good, gonna cum all over your cock, cum my sweet nephew, cum with me, cum deep in my cunt, cream my fuck-hole, oh FUCK, YESSSS!"

    Auntie Elsie's voice rose up to a shriek of pleasure, and I felt the grip get even tighter, I could feel her hand reach back and stoke my balls. Cunt, I'm going to explode inside my Auntie's cunt, and that thought brought on orgasm, I grunted and growled, burying my prick and letting out a loud yell as my cock erupted, jerking and throbbing, pumping another rush of hot cum into the tight spasming heat, Auntie's cries of pleasure blending with mine as we rode out our orgasms.

    My Auntie flopped down, rolling over, her face sweaty and contented, she grinned and cooed, "So my sweet nephew, still worried about going to hell?"

    I grinned back, and said, "No, I think I like your attitude, Auntie Elsie. Considering how sinful my mother thinks sex is, I'm amazed at how many times I've heard her cumming, she fucks Dad just about every night!"

    Auntie Else said, "Typical, do as I say, not as I do. It's time to take a stand, the next time your Mom tries to drag you off to church, just say no. Be forceful, don't let her guilt trip you into her superstitions."

    We got up, and Auntie Elsie made us breakfast, my appetite was sharpened up. Must be the hot sex, I thought, with a smile.

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    Oh ... Wow great Add... Hot little chapter… Looking forward to what and where They Cum Next... Keep up the Hot work... Thanks fir the Share...
    Just the Rantings of a Horny Old man hpy!

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    WOW! Can't wait for more.

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    Part 3

    We went out, and lounged around the pool for a while, since the pool had a high privacy fence, Auntie Elsie and I went outside naked, and I trailed in her wake, my cock bobbing along. I had the pleasure of slathering sunscreen all over Auntie Elsie's body, and when she did the same to me, she giggled as she felt my cock, rock hard again.

    "Umm, such a horny boy, all ready again. I'm going to make you wait a while this time my dear nephew, let the anticipation build up, make you cum like a fountain."

    With my cock sticking up, I had to lay on my back, and I could see Auntie Elsie's sunglasses looking directly at my groin. She gave a grin, she was enjoying dragging it out, seeing me with a raging hard-on.

    When she finally rose up, she cooed, "Come inside sweetheart, time for another lesson."

    She led me into the shower, and she took the soap, and handed it to me.

    "Wash me all over baby."

    I took great pleasure in spreading the soapsuds all over, she reached back, spread her cheeks, and said, "Wash my tight little asshole."

    Seeing the tight rose shaped pucker was amazing, and I eagerly soaped up my hands, and ran my fingers all over that amazing tight hole, enjoying my Auntie's coos and moans of pleasure.

    "Oh I love it...playing with my asshole...feels so good."

    She pulled away, spread her cheeks to the rush of shower water, then turned back to me, spreading her cheeks and purring, "Now, my sweet nephew. Kiss my ass cheeks, then lick my tight little asshole.''

    My cock was so hard it was painful, as I brought my mouth in close, kissing her beautiful heart shaped ass, then I let my tongue slide out, and ran right over the tight rim.

    Auntie Elsie drew in a shuddering breath, and moaned, "Oh yes, so good. I love it, tease my hot, tight hole, lick and kiss it, finger it.....so good."

    Encouraged, I ran my tongue up and down, and the sight of her saliva covered asshole drew my finger. I started to rub my finger up and down, Auntie Elsie's moans and cries of passion sounded, I nudged against it, and pushed, Auntie Elsie made a squeal of joy as I penetrated.

    "God... oh God! Oh God!! Ohhh, shove your fingers up my ass, and finger fuck my pussy, both together, make me cum!"

    I eagerly complied as I placed two fingers of my other hand at the hot, wet heat, sliding them in, and I started to pump at her asshole, while a rush of juices covered my two fingers stuffed up her pussy as I started to pump them in and out.

    "Ahhh, God yes, that's it... fuck me... fuck me with your fingers...I love it!"

    I was loving it too, pumping the tight grip of her sexy holes was beyond wildly exciting, fuck, what a feeling.

    Auntie Elsie growled, "Oh yes, oh fuck, gonna cum, gonna cum so hard, fuck me fuck MEEEEE!!"

    I felt both her holes clamp down on my fingers, quivering wildly, as Auntie Elsie screamed, and I felt a rush of hot juices gushing all over my hand, her body shaking convulsively in the grip of orgasm, my cock felt like steel.

    "My sweet nephew must be ready to explode, my ass, fuck my ass sweetheart, ram me from behind!"

    Seeing that tight pucker, eagerly awaiting my cock, HOT DAMN, I spit into my hand, rubbed it over my cock head, and nudged against her. When I pushed, I could feel my cock prying open the tight hole, fired up, I drove in, hard.

    She howled and shrieked, "DON'T STOP, ALL THE WAY, GO DEEP!!"

    I grabbed her hips as I drove it in, I grabbed her hips and I started to drive my throbbing cock in and out, the tightness was incredible, I knew I was going to cum real fast, I fucked her asshole as hard as I could, really reaming out her tight back door.

    I could hear the wet squelches as Auntie Elsie was masturbating furiously, she yelled "FUCK, OH FUCK, DO IT, FUCK MY ASS, FUCK IT, FUCK MY TIGHT ASS, OH FUCK YES!"

    Auntie Elsie was like a burning slut in heat, shrieking and howling as I power fucked her ass, It drove me over the top and as she howled out in orgasm as I blew a load of scalding jism right between the extra tight grip of her ass cheeks.

    We rinsed off, then she purred, "Ummm, the day is off to such a good start, let's go out to the lake, let your sexy cock recharge, then I can teach you more."

    When my Auntie was ready, I drank my fill. Those perfect boobs, so big full and succulent were encased in a tight white tube top, her cherry nipples pressed tightly against the front. Her midriff was bare, and she had on a tight clingy pair of Daisy Duke shorts, the way they clung to her pussy region, over the sexy curve of her hips and wrapped around the moons of her ass, it was obvious she had no underwear on. She saw me staring, and smiled.

    "I dress the way I feel, and I feel hot, sexy and I know I look good. I will never dress down for anyone. I can see that you appreciate that, my sweet nephew."

    "Oh I do, I certainly do."

    She said, "Such a good man, and you will be well rewarded, my sweet nephew."

    We drove out to Sutton Lake State park. We drove deep into the park until my Aunt saw a parking lot where there we no other vehicles.

    "Good, looks like we will have this section to ourselves."

    I felt the stir, I could well imagine what we could soon be doing.

    In the trunk, Auntie Elsie had a large blanket, and she picked it up, with a smile, she motioned me to follow. We went down to the lakeside, the way the lake curved around, we were completely hidden from the more public beach area.

    Auntie murmured, "Perfect" and she pulled off her tube top, my eyes locked on the sight as her big milk jugs virtually sprang free, then her Daisy Dukes hit the ground and she stepped out of them.

    She stretched ummm, what a sight, then she turned to me.

    "I love being naked outdoors. It feels so natural, having my nude body exposed to the sun and the breezes. Where I live, I don't get much opportunity to be naked outside."

    She lloked at me, gave me a grin and said, "Are you going to get naked, or let me be nude all by myself?"

    That broke the spell, and I quickly doffed my clothes. She smiled as she saw my cock had soared up.

    "Let's just lay down on the blanket, and enjoy the sun. We'll take care of that sexy cock in a little while. Remember my dear nephew, a hard-on does not need immediate attention. Sometimes, the anticipation is just as enjoyable as to when we get right down to it."

    Laying next to my Auntie, both of us totally naked, kept my cock stiff, and I soon felt her hand on my prick.

    "We've waited long enough. My dear nephew, next lesson, I want you to eat my pussy, taste my juices, I'm all hot and juicy, just for you."

    She stood up, I was watching her hovering over me, looking right up into the spread V of her thighs. She positioned herself over me, splaying her legs apart, I filled my eyes with the sight of her tight pussy lips, waxed so smooth and bare, the tuft of red public just above her opening, hot damn what a sight.

    "Now, kiss my pussy lips."

    I eagerly did so, enjoying Auntie Elsie's soft purrs of pleasure as I ranged all over that smooth, hairless expanse, wanting to get my lips on every inch.

    "Ummm, wonderful start. Now, let your tongue take a ride, slide it up and down my pink trail."

    Eager to learn, I did exactly as asked, my Auntie was letting of soft moans of pleasure as i let my tongue tickled at her labial lips. Her juices started to flow, and I caught the first taste of her juices, they tasted sweet and tart, like a ripe pear. Wanting more, I parted her lips gently and drove my tongue in, enjoying the squeal of pleasure.

    "Oh yes, no need to even tell you, eat me sweetheart, I love getting my tight little cunt licked, eat me alive!"

    A rush of juices poured forth, the taste of her was amazing, after that first full on taste I couldn't get enough. I licked her furiously, hoping that my enthusiasm would make up for my lack of experience. Aunt Elsie's constant moans of pleasure told me I was doing it right.

    She purred, "Now, for the most important part of the lesson."

    She moved to position her clit, it was bright red, hard and stiff, and she cooed, "Now, lick my clit, suck it, and make me cum sweetheart."

    I fastened my lips around it, and went at it.

    "Oh my god, such licking, so good, so damn good, finger fuck my pussy too, yes, oh yes, keep going!"

    I eagerly lashed and sucked at her clit, and drove two fingers deep up her creamy heat, pumping in and out, my hand was soaked in the first few pumps, Auntie Elsie was moaning and grunting, and I could fell her walls start to quiver, tightening up on my plunging fingers.

    "Fuck, oh fuck, yes, yes, cumming, FUCK, FUCK!!"

    Auntie Elsie shouted out, and went tumbling into orgasm, her juices were flooding out, and I stayed with her as best I could, eager to make her orgasm go on as long as possible. I licked at her until the last spasm had shaken her body.

    Auntie Elsie looked down, her eyes were dreamy as she purred, "Ummm, that felt so good. Your first time, and you have such a talent for pussy licking. I will be happy to have you lick my tight little pussy as often as you like, keep that sharp, you will make future girlfriends very happy and satisfied!"

    When I stood up, she saw my erection, god it felt so hard it was almost painful, and she cooed, "Now, fuck me face to face, it's so intense to see the joy on your lover's face."

    She lay back on the blanket, and urged me on. I quickly took position between the spread of her thighs, and I felt her guiding me up, nudging against her opening.

    "Let me have it lover, give it all to me!"

    I pushed, feeling the warmth of her pussy swallowing my prick, with a growl of eagerness, I pushed hard, enjoying the squeal of pleasure from Auntie Elsie as she filled. I felt her wrap her legs around my waist, taking me in as deep as possible.

    "Ummm, oh yes, I love being stuffed with a hard, eager cock. Now kiss me sweetheart, I love being French kissed when I'm being fucked!"

    Our mouths came together, her tongue raced out, coaxing my mouth open, tongue filled swirls of passion made my cock even harder. We were both moaning into each others mouths, I could feel orgasm coming up fast.

    My Auntie Elsie broke the kiss, and watching the emotions play across her face as her orgasm closed in on her were something to behold. Her mouth was open in ecsatcy, head thrown back, then she was panting, grimacing, I felt her arms around me pulling me as tight against her as possible, her body was shaking.

    "God, oh god, I want it now, explode your strong, young balls, flood me sweetheart, cumming, cumming all over your cock, cream MEEEE!"

    Her face was alive with bliss, and her voice rose up to a shriek, I felt the clamp of her pussy tighten up, her quivering walls demanding every drop. With a loud growl of pleasure I want off, pouring thick ribbons of spunk deep inside my Auntie Elsie's eagerly accepting heat, our bodies shaking and shuddering in shared climax.

    She looked up at me, and cooed, "Ummm, that felt so wonderful. And, the weekend isn't over yet, there will be more for us to do. I want to break you out of the religious prison permanently."

    My cock was still buried in her, and with a grin, she purred, "So, how does it feel with your cock still stuffed up my cunt, knowing you have committed hot, multiple acts of full on incestuous fucking with your Auntie?"

    I grinned back, and said, "I feel great!"

    Auntie Elsie cooed, "Oh yes, you do feel great."

    I felt her muscles start stroking at me, and my erection which had started to wane, started building back.

    She grinned and cooed, "My Kegel muscles are great for keeping my pussy tight and healthy. Also for stroking cocks back up, just like your sweet cock is building back up my dear nephew."

    When she had me back up, we rolled over, and my Auntie Elsie took full advantage, riding me like a lust driven cowgirl. Watching her body in the sunshine, hips pumping up and down, her big breasts boucing with every thrust, the joy and delight of hot incestuous fucking playing across her face, kept me rock hard. I could feel my first load being forced out by the force of our fucking, draining out of her pussy and was covering my balls.

    Aunt Elsie moved above me with expert strokes, eager to give us maximum pleasure. She orgasmed quickly, crying out in pleasure, then another one, and one after the other, she was in a multi-orgasmic spiral.

    "Oh yeah, I love cumming all over your cock, keep fucking me sweetheart, make yourself cum!"

    The nonstop spasming of her pussy finally brought me up. I cried out, "Oh fuck, I'm gonna blow!"

    I felt Auntie's Elsie's hands reach down, cupping my throbbing balls, she began to massage my cum coated nuts. That took me roaring over, I let out a loud growl of pleasure as my balls exploded, squirting a fresh load of hot spunk upwards into my Auntie Elsie's cunt.

    As our fucking movements wound down Auntie Elsie smiled at me and lowered herself down on me, her luscious tits pressing against my chest. I could feel the fresh load of cum start pouring out of her still pulsing pussy and onto my balls.

    After a few minutes, my cock waned enough that it came out, and another rush of cum plastered my covered my groin. Jeez, I had really unloaded in her.

    She lifted herself up, saw the thick gush of cum, and cooed, "Ummm, you had such a big load of cum stored up in your strong, young balls. Let's take a dip in the lake."

    As we swam back and forth, enjoying the warmth of the day, I was already looking forward to the next thing my sexy Auntie had to teach me.



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