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    Auntie Elsie shows me the way

    Part 01

    "Auntie Elsie is going to come and watch you while we are in New York. You will be a good boy for her? You won't give her any trouble, will you Mark?"

    I happily agreed, I really like my Auntie, she was sweet, kind, and unlike my parents, I could tell she was a lot more relaxed, and carefree. I knew from other weekends when she watched over me, she would not drag me out to church on Sunday. I was scared of going to Hell, but when Auntie Elsie was there, she really soothed out that idea.

    My mother had really planted that poisonous seed deep, so deep that I felt like the most frustrated 15 year old boy in the country. I had been so indoctrinated that I had not even masturbated. The horrors of self-abuse, and certain damnation had been hammered into my regularly, and I handled my prick as gingerly as if I was trying to defuse a bomb. With my hormones gearing up, boners were rising up like tectonic plates colliding.

    This had not gone unnoticed by my Aunt, the first night she was over, she was determined to remedy my condition. I was laying in bed, suffering through another raging hard-on, when she suddenly marched in, unannounced, wearing a white terry cloth robe that was belted around her waist.

    "Your parents are poisoning you Jeff. Indoctrinating you as a robotic drone, kowtowing to some false sky god, should be labeled as child abuse. It's time to throw off the shackles."

    Aunt Elsie slipped open the knotted belt, her robe gapped open, and with a shrug of her shoulders, it fell away from her body. HOLY CRIPES, my Auntie was stark naked, just a few feet away! She stood tall and straight, letting my eyes drink their fill, god, her boobs were so perfect, big, full and round with cherry colored nipples, my eyes wandered downward, over her tummy, and my eyes locked onto the mysterious region that I'd only dreamed about. My eyes just about bugged out, her pussy lips were waxed smooth and bare, while just above her opening was a tuft of pubic hair as red as the hair on her head. At 45, she had one hell of a hot body.

    "Now, take a good look at the flip side."

    My Aunt Elsie turned, and presented her naked backside for my gaze. Oh man, those tight, sexy cheeks were now bare for my eyes, her hips had a sexy curve, sleek, full legs, and her rump had a graceful curve, the moons perky and smooth. My cock was throbbing painfully, roaring with need.

    When she turned back to me, she purred, "Now, let your Auntie take care of you. You probably have never masturbated, have you? Parents warning you that you'll go to hell if you so much as touch it, right?"

    At my wide eyed nod, she growled, "Stupid, stupid people. Listen to me Mark. This is NO heaven, and there is NO hell. Twenty years ago, the Anglican religion officially threw out the idea of heaven and hell as some kind of destination. I know lots of other religions are eager to cling to that shit, to keep the sheeple in line. And a god that demands worship? I will NEVER kowtow to some fake god in the sky. EVER. Life can be as good as we ourselves can make it. So let me show you how good I can make it for you, I promise you that you will not go to hell, it doesn't even exist."

    Her incredibly hot body, the soothing tone, and the sure knowledge that she knew what she was talking about, and the full bore surge of hormones, started to crowd out all the pious churchgoing shit. My cock was painfully hard, she folded the sheet back, and saw my pajamas, tented way up. I watched, almost frozen as she stripped off my pajamas, her eyes fixed on my steel hard prick.

    "Now, let's get rid of all the juicy cum that you've had pent up. Stand up Mark."

    I stood, my cock jutting out towards her. She smiled, then lay down, stretching out.

    "Now, come and squat over me Mark, just over my hips."

    I did so, I watched, barely breathing as I felt Aunt Elsie's warm hand curl around my cock, and start to slide up and down my prick, giving me my first ever stroke job. The imagined terrors of hell quickly faded when I felt her hand around my cock, stroking me. I felt her other hand cup my balls, and give me gentle squeezes.

    "Cum all over me, sweetheart, paint my body with your hot cum!"

    My cock was already at the boiling point, after 4 expert strokes, I grunted, growled, and my cock exploded, my first load squirting wildly. I saw my Auntie's arm covered with a blast of hot spunk. My cock really unloaded, four shots arced up and splattered on those awesome tits, two more over her stomach, and the last two poured out, covering her just about her fluff of red pubic hair.

    Aunt Elsie said softly, "Oh yes, so backed up."

    My ears were ringing, damn, that was like nothing I'd ever felt before. I watched, wide eyes, as my Auntie scooped up my cum, and licked her fingers clean.

    "Ummm, such tasty cum. Now, I want it right from the source. Stand up Mark."

    My cock was still half hard, she quickly took to her knees.

    Her eyes flashed with green fire as she growled, "This is my favorite way to give a blowjob, the classic subservient cocksucker position."

    As the word cocksucker sank in, Holy Shit was she going to, and she did as she went down on me, making me gasp as I felt a hot, wet mouth surround me, than slide down, until I was balls deep. She pulled back up, her lips around my shaft with a tight grip, then slid down again, working into the hot, wet rhythm. God, I thought her hand-job was fantastic, this was fantastic plus. Her hot, wet mouth was riding my pole with a tight, sucking grip that made my cock throb. Her tongue was swirling around my shaft as she went up and down, sucking and slurping all over the length. I started to thrust into the hot, wet vortex around my cock.

    "Oh yes, so good, feels so good, suck it Auntie, god that feels fantastic!"

    She released me for just a second, and purred, "Let it go sweetheart, I want every drop, let me suck you dry, whitewash my tonsils!"

    She swallowed me again, and she was sucking wildly on me, fuck, what a feeling, I could feel my next orgasm building force. She was making little sounds of passion around my cock, and her hand gently grabbed my balls, giving me gentle squeezes, urging me to explode. I felt the rush of my next load streaking up my shaft.

    "Gonna cum, oh yeah, gonna cum Auntie, oh FUCK!"

    I felt my cock explode, Auntie Elsie moaned around my cock as I erupted, pouring my cum out, her tongue swiping at my head, sucking hungrily, god that felt so fucking good, as I shot several streams of cum into the hot, wet grip, not stopping until she had drained my cock of every drop. She pulled back, and I saw her look up at me, smile, then she swallowed the load.

    "Oh yeah, I love the feel of your tasty cum drenching my throat, then painting my tonsils as your steamy load of hot, white cream slides down my throat. Let's lie down for a liitle bit my dear nephew, relax with me."

    Oh man, Auntie and nephew fucking, damn, I'd committed incest! Oh that was no doubt one hell of a big sin. I was too focused on getting my cock off at the time. But her words came back to me, and I felt the horror of this supposed sin quickly tamp down. My body against Auntie Elsie, her luscious boobs pressed against me, and the wonderful sensation of my balls emptied of cum, I drifted off.

    I awoke with a bit of a start, looking at my bedside clock, I saw it was midnight. My bed was empty, I wondered if it was all a crazy dream, then I heard the soft padding of feet coming down the hallway. The door opened, and my Auntie Elsie entered, hot damn she was wearing sexy as all hell lingerie. She saw my eyes bugged out, she smiled at my reaction and posed for me.

    "Do you like what you see, my sweet nephew?"

    What an entrance she made. She was wearing a see thru, pink, baby doll nightie, her hot body, covered with that thin diaphanous gauze of nightgown, brought my cock back to life. Her big luscious boobs were clearly delineated beneath the pink filmy nightie, her bare, smooth and wildly sexy pubic area, doing a peek-a-boo with the hem of her nightie. Giving me a big smile, she then did a slow turn, letting me see her sexy backside, covered with that thin diaphanous gauze of nightgown, the cheeks of her ass displayed like that made topped my cock off. The only other things she wore, was a gold ankle bracelet, and a bright, passion filled smile.

    "Umm, oh yeah, I will take care of my sweet nephew the best way I can. Get ready sweetheart, Auntie is going to take your cherry. I am going to mount up, and ride you like a cowgirl, my tight pussy will give your cock the best milking, and I want you to explode deep inside me, and fill my tight pussy with a rush of hot spunk!"

    My cock was eager and throbbing as Auntie Elsie squatted over me, her hips rolled back a little and the tip of my cock pushed against her pussy. With a low moan, she eagerly drove herself down my shaft, grunting with the penetration as she impaled her hot core. I growled from the feel of her fiery heat surrounding me, she was really hot all right. I groaned with pleasure as she took me as far up her as I could go, taking me in right to the balls. She let out a loud gasp of pleasure, mixing with my grunt as my cock was now wrapped up in the tight, wet, clutching heat.

    Auntie Elsie paused, and purred, "No more virgin frustration for you my sweet nephew, I'm gonna ride you, and let my tight pussy milk every drop out of you."

    I kept my eyes open, enjoying the sight of Auntie Elsie's flushed, smiling face as she started to rock herself back and forth, then lifting up, and sliding her fiery tightness up and down on me. her pussy was gushing juices, I could hear the wet squelch of her fiery heat as she started to move faster, pounding up and down on my cock. She started to cup and squeeze her boobs, tweaking at her nipples as she tossed her head back, her movements picking up speed.

    She purred, "Playing with your hard cock, sucking you, making you cum, so hot!"

    Her eager pumping up and down, I could feel myself reaching the brink, Auntie Elsie cried out, "Oh fuck, yes, gonna cum, cum with me sweetheart, cum deep inside me, yes, yes, YESSSSSSS!"

    Her voice rose up to a loud hiss of pleasure, the spasming of her pussy in the midst of orgasm took me roaring over, and I arced up to meet her thrusts, both of us letting our loud cries of pleasure as I was de-virginized all the way. Fuck, so fucking hot, the feel of her tight slick walls milking me, brought out another rush of cum, great gouts being poured into her, as if the frustration of the teen years were being torn out of me in huge globs of pent up spunk.

    It seemed to be endless, until my cock had given up the last spasm to my Auntie's eager heat, and she smiled down at me, with a look of post coital bliss.

    "Ummm, that was so good, thank you for making me cum so good my sweet nephew. The weekend has just begun, and I have so much more to teach you."
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    Thats a Great Start ... Once again You are Spot on "Groom"... Thanks for the Posting... I'm looking forward to the Next session...
    Just the Rantings of a Horny Old man hpy!

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    great start hope there is lots more too cumm



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