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    Randy was small in stature, but was broad at the shoulders. Stocky, far from fat though. His cock on the other hand was long and thick. The last time he measured his cock, it was 7 and a half inches long and nearly 7 inches in circumference. He had been in the habit of jerking off anywhere from 3 to 6 times a day, but with his Aunt Suzy being there all day long, he was afraid of getting caught. So he was down to just rubbing one out at night to sleep. He knew he had a larger than average cock, but, it did not prevent him from not being shy around girls. There were a few girls that he liked at school but they were into the athletic types. He was more of a nerd. He played a lot of computer games and was extremely smart. Schoolwork was easy for him, especially math. He was rather good looking and wore his hair shoulder length. His best friend Sergio was a lot like him, though he kept his wavy hair short. Sergio’s real dad was Portuguese. His mom met him in Portugal when she was in the Navy. She was stationed at Lajes Field. Sergio’s dad had been an officer in the Portuguese Air Force. The two hit it off and Sergio was born soon after. With his mom being an enlisted American woman and his dad an officer in another country’s Air Force, a scandal would have surely ensued. They chose to keep it under wraps, but his dad always made sure Sergio was well taken care of. When He was two his mom married a man who, for all intensive purposes was his dad.

    Saturday morning, Sergio was knocking on the door around ten. Good morning Mrs. Barker! Is Randy up? He knew he was. He had been texting him since 8. You sure look beautiful today. He was quite the charmer. He was always flirting with the girls at school. Shy, he was not. Well, thank you Sergio, always nice to hear. You do realize, my hair is a mess and I am wearing an old wore out shirt and sweat pants, right? She laughed and waved him towards Randy’s room, as she walked away. Sergio had a schoolboy crush on her. He fantasized often about fucking her. He visualized “motor boating” her tits, fucking her, and emptying his hot sperm all over her magnificent tits. Of course, it wouldn’t end there. That would just be the beginning...

    Suzy, pushed the “girls” up, rearranging them in her bra. Even though, he was but a mere man-child, his words reassured her that she still had it “going on”. She lay on the couch, her thoughts soon began wandering. The image of Randy rubbing his huge cock kept returning. It had been weeks since she had a throbbing cock inside her. To say she was horny, would be the understatement of the decade. She slumbered off to her room to solve her little dilemma. After her first orgasm, rather than put the fire out between her legs, it only intensified. Two orgasms later, no change. The only thing she had accomplished, was a need for a shower and her fingers were sore. The boys were playing an online video game and munching on Totino’s Frozen Pizza Rolls. So, Suzy decided to shower and get herself presentable. After a long hot shower and another orgasm with the handheld shower massage, she put on a pair of white capris, lace turquoise bralette, matching panties and a tie dyed v-neck blouse. The capris fit snug and held her nice ass in place. The soft flesh of her cleavage was partially exposed.

    The orgasm from her shower session only added to her frustration. Randy’s cock kept returning to the forefront of her thoughts. She was getting extremely aroused. She began wondering how it would feel having his long cock thrusting in and out of her pussy? What his cum would taste like? Thoughts of his hot sperm coating her cervix, excited her. Most of all, would his pulsating cock buried deep inside her, stop the constant aching in her loins? She knew it was wrong, but by whose standards? She thought. She would be doing him a service. Much like the women of Mangaia that take boys just entering puberty aside, and teach them about sex and how to pleasure their partner. Again, her conscience intervened asking herself, you’re not really considering fucking your nephew, are you? ARE YOU? Of course she was. Why else would she be dressed in tight pants and a revealing top? She definitely wanted him to be thinking about her, just like she couldn’t stop thinking about him. Little did she know he had taken those pictures last night, and wanked to them twice already. Her sister wasn’t going to be back until late Sunday night. Tonight would have to be the night.

    Suzy holed up in her room, finishing the Steven King novel. She really didn’t like the ending, but from a moral aspect, it was really the only ending that made sense. Still dressed in her capris she made her way down the hall to the bathroom to pee. Upon her return, she stopped by Randy’s room. Tapping on the door and asking permission to enter, she wanted him to see her sexy body. Albeit, wrapped in clothing. None the less, the look was nothing less than sexy. So kiddo, what you like to do for dinner? Do you want to go somewhere for dinner or just order pizza and hang out with your aunt. I finished my book and I am kind of bored. Sergio’s response was Ooh la la, Ms. B, You be looking all hot and shit. Who you be all dressed up for. Randy pushed him, and playfully said don’t be dissing on my aunt like that. What bra? She be hot and tasty, and you know it be truth. Sergio quickly responded. True that! She ain’t one of those little sluts at school though, this is my aunt. Show some respect. Randy’s tone changed to a more authoritative command. Again, he pushed Sergio. Not in violent way, but in a friendly way. Thank you, Randy. I am glad being a gentleman is still in vogue. I don’t think Sergio meant anything about. Sergio was just being Sergio... I clean up pretty good though, huh? Suzy rhetorically asked, as she pirouetted and slightly bowed. She made sure Randy got a good glimpse of her cleavage. Well kiddo, which is it? Go out or hang out? Suzy asked. Randy momentarily gawked before stammering, take out and hang out, Chinese maybe? He quipped. Maybe play some rummy? Unless you’re too cool to play rummy. She teased. Actually, Suzy was thinking poker. Strip poker that is.

    Sergio left around 5:30. His parents were taking him to dinner and to see the latest Men in Black movie. Kind of a reward for getting good grades. The reward Suzy had in mind for Randy was much different. Seducing Randy should be easy, but she wanted him to believe it was not in any way planned on her part. In fact, it would be best if he thought he seduced her. The boy lacked confidence. God had given him a magnificent tool. He just needed the confidence to use it properly. She was sure he would be a Casanova with the proper tutelage. The shear length of his cock would tickle parts of a pussy most will never touch. While size will never trump technique, size coupled together with technique, now that would have the girls writhing as he fucked them. Not only girls, but hopefully an Aunt. She so needed her pussy filled with a real cock. Hard hot flesh, filling her cunt, moving in and out her, fucking her with long deep thrusts, bringing her to a complete full body orgasm. That’s what she needed and she had made up her mind by God, that’s what would happen.

    Suzy came out of her room wearing a grey pair of yoga pants and a black cut out tank top. She was wearing a black lace bra that was visible. To avoid a panty line, she was going commando. Printed on her tank in pink letters, “GYPSY STATE OF MIND”. She had her down. It lay across her shoulder perfectly. She had spent quite sometime working on her “look”, including curling her hair. To top it all off, she sported a pair of black rimmed reading glasses. The lenses were just glass, no magnification. She wore them when role playing with her husband Mike, as the “school librarian”. She loved playing the seductress. Mike loved role playing where their was an discrepancy. Either older man and teen girl or her favorite younger boy and older woman.

    If it was shock she wanted, she got it ten fold. Randy’s mouth opened, but no words came out. Finally, his brain reset and he muttered wow! Still not being able to think clearly, he said it again, wow! What? She innocently asked. Aren’t I allowed to look nice? Just cause I am old doesn’t mean I am dead. She added as she sat on the couch about two feet from him. My oh my look at you. Randy was wearing a wife beater shirt with PANTERA written on it, and a pair of Wrangler jeans. She squeezed his biceps on left arm. Look at those “guns”. He literally jumped when she touched him. Suzy could tell he was nervous. Suzy was nervous too. In a different way though.

    She said, hey your mom is gone until tomorrow night. I am gonna have a Scotch. Would you like one? Acting nonchalant, Randy said sure, that would be great. Just don’t tell mom. Oh don’t worry, this will be our little secret. Thinking to herself, drinking Scotch won’t be the only secret to keep. When she returned from her bedroom she had an unopened bottle of Macallen single malt and two snifters. She opened the bottle and poured about an ounce and a half in each glass. Let me teach you a little bit about the secrets of Scotch she said. First you swirl it just a little, then you put nose to the glass and lightly inhale. Next, you take just a little in your mouth, a sip, if you may. Don’t swallow right away. Count to ten. This allows the smoothness of the Scotch to release. Otherwise it will burn. Even an expensive smooth single malt will burn. Ready? Randy nodded. Ok! Swirl, sniff, sip, count to ten... swallow. How was it? Did it burn? Randy responded, no that tastes good. He was going to do it again. Suzy grabbed his wrist gently. Not yet she interrupted. We’re not finished. She stood up, come with me. She led the way into the kitchen. Purposely swaying her hips as she walked. Randy could not help but remember her laying on her back naked on her bed last night.

    The thought of playing with her pussy crept into his mind. Even though he had never eaten pussy before, how he would like to swirl, sniff taste and swallow the juices from her trimmed cunt. When they arrived in the kitchen, she reached for his glass. She added water from the Brita filter. Now this is not to weaken the whiskey. This is to release the flavors. About the same time Randy noticed his hardening cock, so did Suzy. The “Atomic Turtle was poking his head out. Randy’s eyes became glued to her breasts. Suzy interrupted his gawking by making a toast. To a wonderful evening with my handsome nephew she spoke as she ran her left hand through his hair. Their glasses clanked and they drank. He sat his empty glass on the counter, as did Suzy. She looked into his eyes. He peered back. Thoughts of just how sexy she was would not leave his mind.

    Just as she was about reach out and bring him closer, he pushed her curls back away from her face, then put his hand on the back of her neck. Gently he pulled her face close to his. Still looking into her eyes her mouth opened slightly. Slowly he opened his mouth. As their lips met, she moved her body closely into his. Pressing her ample breasts against his stunningly firm upper body. She was literally melting in his arms. His left hand went to her hip. Feeling him take her into his arms, made her hips sway. Slowly, she was grinding against him. Their tongues met and playfully swirled around each other. She could feel his erection growing as her loins pressed against hers. Her pussy was moistening as her anticipation continued to build. Her arms were around his waist and her hands on his lower back, pulling him closer. His tongue was dancing inside her wanton mouth, teasing her tongue. She was beginning to wonder if he was even a virgin. A bit awkward but, he was an excellent kisser.

    Their kiss lasted about 45 seconds. She pulled away just far enough to bring the hand holding her neck, down to her ample breasts. Squeeze them sweetie. Her nipples were erect from the passionate kiss and yearned for attention. She fought back the urge to grab his stiffie. She wanted their first time to last an eternity. She loved foreplay. They had all night. Suzy was impressed at just how strong her baby nephew was. This man boy was rocking her world. Randy’s hand clutched her tit, like a man obsessed. They were large and he immediately sought out her nipple. He began kneading her bosom, lightly pinching, the rolling the nipple between his forefinger and thumb. Suzy moaned as he toyed with her aroused nipple. In no time at all, the second hand grasped her other boob. Teasing the nipples through the cotton and black laced bra, his throbbing cock was fully erect and demanded attention. Suzy could stand no more. She lifted her shirt over her head and removed her bra. Suzy began rubbing his cock through his blue jeans. His knob had pushed up through the waist band of his boxer briefs and started to peek out his jeans against his belly. Pre-cum oozed out of his throbbing hard-on in a free stream of sticky Cowper’s fluid. The outline of his manhood was prominent. She could see “One Eye” peering at her. Pre-cum from Randy’s dick, glistened in the light.

    Randy again, played with her tits. Squeezing them firmly. She dropped to her knees, her mouth replaced her hand, as she rubbed his entire length through jeans. Slowly she went up and down his shaft. Randy moaned, his hand on her head as he guided her. Suzy could stand no more. She had to have his lovin’ stick in her mouth. She knew he would explode hard and soon. She also knew, once he came, he would be able to fuck her longer. She tugged at his zipper and slowly freed his mammoth obelisk. His cock was taut and solid as a rock. Seminal fluid continued dribbling out of his beautiful helmet. His ‘baby maker’ sprung free and in one fluid motion Suzy’s wanton mouth was devouring him. First, sucking on the mushroom tip, then slowly taking him into her mouth and throat. His pants dropped awkwardly around his ankles.

    Randy moaned as he stepped out of his jeans. Her warm mouth felt so much better than his hand. He resisted grabbing head and thrusting. Letting her take complete control. He watched as she bobbed her head and sucked hard on his cock. He could see her cheeks sucking inward. Soon, she stroked his cock, with one hand, while cupping his balls in the other. Her strokes were in unison with her head bobbing. He could feel his cum building up, much like when he would jerk off. He resisted cumming, for he did not want blow his load too soon. He wanted to pull away to avoid firing his wad. Suzy on the other hand, wanted his load. She truly loved sucking cock. That fact was evident to Randy as he continued watching her go down on him. It felt so good, like nothing else he had ever felt. He brushed her away from her face. He could now see her tits slapping each other as she began sucking and stroking his manhood at a torrid pace. She could feel his urethra expand. He watched as she took his entire length in. Her nose buried in his pubic hair. This deep mouth fucking continued until she felt his knee buckle slightly. Randy moaned gently, as she sucked hard on his cockhead while quickly she stroke his cum into her mouth. I AM GONNA CUMMMMMMM, AUNT SUZY! FUUCCKKK AAUUUGGGGGHHHHHH! I’M CUMMMMMMMINNGGGGG! Cum shot out of his fuck pistol in streams, filling her mouth. Not for a even a half second, did Suzy stop sucking and stroking. She wanted it all. Again he cursed, FUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKK! After about the seventh or eighth pulse, his orgasm waned. OOOHHHHH! He muttered. That was fucking awesome! Not Suzy though. She began bobbing her head again. His entire load was still in her mouth. As she began mouth fucking him again, cum dribbled out the corners of her mouth. Randy was still stiff as a nail. After only a couple of minutes, he could feel the sensation to blow again. Suzy pulled away and swallowed what was left in her mouth. The rest had dribbled all over her tits.

    She grabbed his long hard cock and guided him to the couch. Auntie needs your cock. Please fuck me! I need your cock and I need it now. Letting his cock go she plopped on the sofa. Her yoga pants were snug against her soaking wet cunt. There was definite camel toe action happening. A large wet spot was visible as she lay there a moment, before lifting her ass and pulling them down and then kicking them free. She lay back with her ass resting on the cushions edge. Suzy spread her legs, inviting him to plow her ginger bushwith his still, raging hard on. Come here! She commanded. FUCK ME! FUCK MY WET PUSSY! I need it baby. I need you inside me. It’s all I have thought about today.

    He stood between her spread legs. With a little hoarseness in his voice and a diffident tone, he said, Aunt Suzy, I have never done this before. He had watched porn before, but watching and doing are two different birds. She kindly responded. I know honey. Don’t worry, I will show you. She grabbed his meat in her hand and stroked it. It’s a little like stroking off except, instead your hand it will be my pussy. Now kneel down baby. He got on his knees. She took his shaft and guided the tip to her wet opening. She parted her lips with the underside of his cock, sliding his cock head up to her clit. Randy, she said, you have part the lips before you start, otherwise you can pinch the lips. That’s not very comfortable to your lover. Feel how wet I am? Yes. He responded. That’s because I am ready. If your lover isn’t wet, she isn’t ready. She pushed his enormous tip back to her anticipating pussy. You have an enormous cock. It’s important that the pussy is wet or you could hurt a girl. Still holding him back. I want you to slide inside slowly, maybe only halfway, then pull back almost all the way out, then back in. I will let you know how far. Are you ready to fuck your horny aunt? Do you want my pussy? Just hearing her own words added to her excitement. Then say it! Tell me that you wanna fuck me. She held him back, waiting... Randy said it, in a low voice, I wanna fuck you. Really? Make me believe it she laughed. Talk to me dirty. She added. Tell me how bad you wanna fuck me. She was holding his cock with one hand and pushing against his chest with the other. She could feel his cock getting even harder in her hand. Still she resisted.

    Randy responded. Fuck! Aunt Suzy my fucking balls are gonna burst! I can’t tell you how bad I wanna fuck you. It’s all I can think about ever since last night, when I sucked the crotch of your panties. Suzy took her hand away from his chest. Randy couldn’t believe admitted that. Fuck! She is gonna think I am a perv, a deviate, worse yet, a loser. Instead, Suzy was turned on. FUCK ME! She commanded. He pushed in just like his horny aunt told him too. There was no resistance. He slid all the way inside. Her eyes rolled back as she moaned. Her pussy felt so warm and wet. He pulled back and entered her again. Her tits jiggled as their pubic hair met. She whispered. Did you like the taste of my pussy juice when you sucked on my panties? He nodded. His tempo increased a little. He was being a little more forceful with each stroke. Soon, she was meeting him with thrusts of her own. Her tits were freely flopping as they fucked. At times almost slapping her in the face. FUCK ME BABY! FUCK ME HARD! She begged. That’s it baby. Fuck my pussy. Damn! I love your cock! Feel so god damn good baby. Fuck me good. You like my pussy huh? He nodded and responded with a HELL YEAH! There juices mingled and his long thick cock was getting quite lathered. Baby, when you come, don’t stop fucking me. Just keep pounding my cunt! Keep fucking me. Your dick feels so good inside me. You’re fucking me so good. He was moving faster and faster. She grabbed his his hands and placed them on hips. Instinctively, he began pulling her into him as he thrusted. Aaaauuugghhh! She moaned fuck my deprive pussy. Don’t fucking stop. That’s it baby! FUCCCKKK MEEE! She leaned forward and took a nipple between her lips. As she swirled tongue around the nipple, Randy moaned. His tempo was torrid. Auntie Suzy, your pussy feels so good. I am so close to cumming. DAMN! It feels sooooo goooood. He informed her. That’s it baby fill my pussy with your hot seed. I wanna feel you explode in me. Fill my my pussy with cum. She returned to her nipple play. This time she sucked his nipple inside her mouth and flicked it with her tongue.

    Randy could hold back no more. He began shooting. It felt like streams of cum burning through cock. Aaauuuggghhh! He tried to keep fucking, but he couldn’t. As each pulse raced through his hard cock he thrust deep and hold it there. Suzy began holding him inside her. Then, he would pull back and thrust again. Suzy began moaning as each cumshot was hitting her cervix. YESSSSSS! That’s it! Fill my pussy baby! Fill me up. He must have shot 6 or 7 times, hitting her cervix. Each time he pulled back cum would flow out of her pussy, soaking the couch. After the last load left his loins, he began fucking her again. His thrusts were slow penetrating lunges. Again, burying his gut wrenching boner deep in the recesses of her soaking wet box. Their mingling juices coated his love muscle. His cock head was rubbing against her cervix. Combining the grinding pressure of Randy’s pelvis against her clitoris, the thickness of his shaft filling her pussy, and his magic mushroom stimulating the deepest portions of her love canal, had Suzy writhing in anticipation. Yeeessss! That’s it baby! Nice and slow! Suzy encouraged. She could feel his shaft sliding against the walls of her desperate cunt. FUCK MY PUSSY! FUCK ME! OH BABY! FUCK ME DEEP! I want it all. Gimme every inch. She instructed. She grabbed his ass and pulled him into her, holding him against her clit, then letting him slowly pull out. Again she would pull him slowly into her waiting fuck hole. She met his thrust and gently ground against him. The last inch or so he would thrust hard. He could feel her cervix with each thrust. Her huge tits would jiggle and bounce. The sight was quite erotic to him. Her nipples were hard with excitement. She could see his fascination with her milky white globes. Removing her right hand from his boyish butt, she squeezed her areola and lightly pinched her excited nipple. Suck it. She suggested. He took her entire areola and nipple into his mouth. He awkwardly sucked on it. Oohhh! Yeesss! She whimpered. Suck on it. Now swirl your tongue around the nipple. Tease it baby. His right hand was stripping at her left titty. Before she could tell him, his mouth moved to the other, now jealous, breast. Still keeping the same tempo, he fucked her pussy. Her juices were building deep inside her loins. Her pussy walls were instinctively tightening against his massive rod, further adding to her lust. Rhythmically, they fucked. Randy was in love his aunts body. From her perfectly shaped tits to her horny pussy. Suzy loved this boys man sized cock. Her imminent orgasm was building. Her thrusts up ward became more passionate. Randy could feel a sense of urgency in her movements. The nipple inside his mouth became hard. FUCK ME ME BABY! YEEEAAAHHHHH! OOOOHHHHHH YEEAAAHHH! That’s it baby. That’s it. She begged, catching her breath between words. FUUUUCCCCKKKKKK! I AM GONNA CUM, I AM GONNA CUM, BABY. FUCK ME, YEAH FUCK ME DON’T STOP! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH I’M CUUMMMMMING I’M CUUMMMMMMING. Her pussy was quivering inside. No longer squeezing his cock, it was now uncontrollably spasming. Her hips were bucking frantically as she was grinding against him. Watching and feeling her flailing under him had him on the edge of his own nirvana. He began fucking her with a vengeance. He needed to explode. His balls were drawn tight against his cock. The sight of his slutty aunts tits freely flopping from his powerful fucking, was too much to bear. He grabbed her tits and kneaded them hard. He her nipples firmly, not caring if it hurt her or not. They felt supple in his hands. Suzy was nearly spent. She was out of breath and all she could utter was moans of satisfaction. He continued to squeeze her tits and pound her pussy. Without a word he pulled out. Almost immediately the first wad skimmed through ginger bush before hitting her tit. Then another shot landed on her neck. He continued cumming. Shot after shot landed on her belly and tits. He jerked his cock all over her torso and chest. His cock was finally softening as Suzy took it in her mouth and sucked out the last drop.

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