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    Mating with a Man and His Dog

    Mating with a man and His Dog
    By: Myra Simmons

    This is a true story based on e-mails received (and used with permission) about a woman's first experience with a dog. After I described my own experiences to her she found herself quite excited by the concept and wanting to try it. When she had the chance, well, read on!

    The events are based on actual events but the names have all been changed to protect those involved. The locations involved have also been left out for privacy reasons.


    Sue got home from work on Friday afternoon. No sooner had she walked into the flat she shared with her female lover, Caroline then Caroline told Sue that she'd been invited to her parents house for the weekend. Sue was surprised but not upset, since she had some plans for sexual conquests over the weekend.

    Finally alone, Sue stripped and stepped into the shower, luxuriating in the feel of the warm water on her firm, middle-age flesh. Still tight and firm, she was proud of her body and knew that men were always looking at her, devouring her with their eyes. If only they knew how ready she was to display what was hidden under her clothing and let them have their way with her. She lost herself in her sensual mood and thoughts and brought herself to a satisfying orgasm as the water coursed over her body.

    Finished, she turned off the water, grabbed a towel and began to dry her sultry body. She slipped on a dressing gown and sat fixing her hair as she thought about what to do over the weekend. She stood up, not realizing her gown was open and displaying her naked body. Unconcerned and unaware, she walked over towards the bay window to get a drink. Looking out the window, she noticed her neighbor, Frank, walking his dog.

    He was just going into his garden when he turned around looking straight at Sue and just stood there staring at her. She waved to him, not realizing that he was ogling her exposed tits and pussy. Frank winked at Sue who found herself responding sexually, her nipples starting to tingle. She looked down and suddenly realized she was totally naked standing there in front of him!

    Frank put his hand to his mouth, pantomiming asking Sue if she fancied a drink. Sue flashed a thumbs up sign to him and indicated about 10 minutes. Frank signed "OK" and went inside his apartment.

    Sue went to her bedroom to see what she could wear. A wicked thought crossed her mind, since Frank had already seen her body in all its glory. Smiling sensually to herself, Sue picked out a short black pleated skirt with a white thin silky top showing a bit of cleavage. She decided to forego bra and panties but did slip on a pair of 4-inch sandals. Completing her ensemble, Sue brushed her hair, leaving it long and put on a bit of makeup, including touching up her pink lipstick.

    She left her flat and headed over to Franks place. As she was crossing the street, a gust of wind lifted the front of her skirt, showing her pussy to anyone who was looking. Sue was hoping Frank was one of those enjoying another view of her feminine treasures.

    Sue knocked on Frank's door. He opened it and stared at Sue for a couple of seconds, admiring what she was wearing or, more precisely, what she wasn't wearing. He led her into his flat, to the lounge, asking Sue if she wanted something to drink; tea, coffee or something stronger. Sue smiled gently as she thought.

    "Its Friday night. Lets let our hair down and go for something stronger."

    Frank went to the kitchen to make them something. Sue meanwhile, spent time pampering Frank's dog. Looking at the television, she noticed it was on pause.

    When Frank came back, Sue looked towards him.

    "I hope I didn't interrupt anything."

    Looking at the television, Frank said "no" and smiled in embarrassment, lowering his head.

    "Whats wrong?" Sue asked, concern in her voice.

    "Its a bit embarrassing, actually. I was watching a porno when you knocked."

    "Come on Frank, we're both adults here. Let it play!"

    Sue picked up the remote and pressed the play button. There were two guys and one girl who was getting spit roasted. Sue looked at frank noticing a bulge in the front of his shorts. When he sat down, Sue saw that it made his cock look even bigger, pushing harder against his tight shorts.

    Frank asked Sue to sit down. She did so, sitting opposite him. As she did so, her skirt rode up her legs, revealing quite a bit of thigh. Sue didn't bother adjusting her skirt. Frank's eyes were fixed on Sue's body, stripping her clothes off her as she crossed her legs very slowly. Sue made sure he could see her naked, shaven pussy.

    The two started a bit of small talk. When the conversation turned to partners, Sue asked Frank why he hadn't had a partner since his wife left him 3 years earlier for a younger man.

    "God'" Sue thought, "what a waste, especially with the size of his cock."

    She couldn't help but notice it was still hard.

    "What about you," he asked.

    "I get my share, Frank. I can't go to long without having a hard cock inside me."

    Frank started blushing, his face turning a bright red. Sue felt sorry for him. She uncrossed her legs, sat forward and looked deeply into his eyes.

    "Well I sat here with a short skirt on and you must be very frustrated."

    "I am," Frank replied, staring hungrily between Sue's legs.

    Just then, Frank's dog came over and started sniffing around her legs, getting very close to her pussy. Frank called the dog in an attempt to get him away from Sue's exposed pussy.

    "No, its fine, Frank, let him go."

    Frank sat back, shocked and aroused. The dog moved back to Sue's legs and carried on, sniffing and exploring. Sue spread her legs further, resting back in the chair letting the dog move up to her wet pussy.

    "He's got a very long tongue," Frank noted, continuing to stare hungrily at the scene unfolding before him.

    "The longer the better," Sue responded, her head lolling on the back of the char. "I like the feel of his cold nose touching me and his tongue lapping at my pussy. It is really turning me on! Frank, come sit next to me, please!"

    Frank came over as he sat down beside Sue. She started rubbing his cock, continuing as he leaned into her and started kissing her nipples through her top. Excitedly, Sue pulled up her top, showing Frank her tits. Frank responded by sucking her nipple into his mouth and sucking on her excitedly.

    Sue started to undo Frank's shorts. He got up and pulled his shorts completely off. Sue stared in wonder at what was revealed. His cock was about 8 inches long, very thick and circumcised. She couldn't contain herself and leaned forward as the dog continued licking her pussy, pulling Frank's cock to her mouth.

    She sucked Frank's cock right down her throat, knowing it wouldn't be long before shed have his cum filling her mouth. Sucking expertly on him for about five minutes, she heard Frank groan and suddenly felt him shoot his cum down her throat. Sue didn't waste a drop, gulping it all down. As the last of Frank's cum slid into her stomach, Sue's body responded to the actions of the dog, an orgasm hitting her hard as a result of his tongue. As she shook and quivered, she splayed her legs open wide, letting the dog taste her cum as it ran down her legs.

    Sue sat there, letting the orgasm pulse through her body, her chest heaving with her panting breath. She stayed there as her body started to calm down and return to normal. Having finally come back to Earth, Sue stood up.

    Looking at Frank, she sighed, "Its getting late, Frank. Will it be ok if I come over in a couple of days? I promise I will fuck both of you."

    "Both? You don't mean," Frank said as he pointed to his dog

    "Yes," I said, "why not? If his tongue is that long how big is his cock?"

    Sue put her hand around Frank's limp cock, getting a bit of cum from it, sliding her other hand between her legs and starting to finger her pussy. She pushed her fingers into her wet hole as she kissed Frank on the lips.

    "I'll see you soon," she whispered to him. Before she left, she gave Frank her number, telling him to call her anytime.

    ************************************************** ******************

    The following Monday, Sue called her boss, telling him that she'd decided to take the whole week off instead of just three days as she'd originally planned. That settled, she went over to Frank's for lunch. She was wearing a pair of very short tight gold shorts with a boob tube and over the knee black boots and a long mackintosh which she tied around her waist. Happy with the results, she went on her way.

    Sue knocked on Frank's door and heard the dog barking. Frank opened the door, a big smile covering his face at seeing her standing there.

    "Come on in, gorgeous," he said to her, standing back to allow her entry.

    Sue walked in and the dog jumped up on her in greeting. She patted him and went through to the lounge. Frank turned to her and said that he had to go out for some quick errands. Sue was ok with that, since it gave her some time with his dog, Rex. Frank put on his coat and told her it might be as long as a couple of hours. Sue assured him it was ok and that she would keep Rex company until he returned. With that, Frank left, having a slight inkling of just how Sue was going to spend her time.

    Sue walked into the kitchen to get a drink, Rex following her closely, tail wagging. She got a drink and sat down on a chair, opening my legs really wide to let Rex in between them. He moved in quickly and started sniffing Sue's pussy, his nose touching her hot, swelling lips through her shorts. She pushed her hand inside her shorts and panties and began fingering her already wet pussy. She noticed there was a wet patch starting to appear between her legs.

    Sue stood up and walked to the lounge, sitting on the sofa. She opened her legs again, getting Rex to start licking her. She looked at the clock and saw she still had plenty of time. Eagerly, she undid her shorts and slid them and her panties down, leaving them on the floor. Rex started licking them, his excitement obvious.

    Sue called him to herself tapping her pussy. Rex sniffed her and his long tongue came into view and started lapping at her dripping pussy. She put her hands under her boob tube and began squeezing her hard nipples. Getting completely carried away, she leaned forward and started rubbing Rex's furry cock. She could feel it getting hard so she got down on her knees and pushed her ass into Rex's face.

    Rex eagerly started licking her juicy pussy and ass. Suddenly, Sue sensed him changing his position, feeling his weight on her back as he mounted her. She squealed in delight as his cock slid straight into her cunt. She started pushing back at Rex and he started fucking her steadily.

    "Wow," she thought, "he's big!"

    The two were fucking steadily for about five minutes when he started to tense up and shot his cum inside Sue's pussy. Totally aroused by the feel of his hot jism bulging her groin, she then felt Rex's knot starting to swell. Soon, she excitedly realized that they were stuck together. The sensations shooting through her captured, dog penetrated body caused her to lose all sense of time and her surroundings.

    Sue never heard the door open and close when Frank returned. She wasn't aware of him until he walked in and caught her on her knees, Rex on her back, his cock obviously knotted inside her pussy. He came around in front of Sue, dropped to his knees, pulled out his cock and pushed it into her mouth. At first shocked at being caught, Sue became totally aroused as Frank's cock slid between her lips and deeply into her throat. She loved it, being spit roasted by Frank and his dog!

    Sue continued rocking between the two cocks lodged inside her body until Rex went soft and his cock slipped out of her pussy.

    "Now its my turn, you dirty little dog fucker," Frank declared.

    He stood up, went round behind Sue and slipped his cock into her sopping wet, dog cum filled cunt and started pounding her hard, slapping her ass. With every thrust, he continued calling her a dirty whore which got Sue even hotter!

    Sue started pushing back on Frank, shouting. "Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck my dirty cunt and shoot your jism into me!"

    Frank was totally aroused and soon shot his cum into Sue's already spunk soaked cunt.

    "God that felt so good," Sue thought as she sank to the floor, well and truly fucked.

    Frank lay on top of her, kissing her neck and shoulders. He asked Sue if she had anywhere to go. Sue told him no and asked him why. Frank asked her to stay the night.

    "I'll make us some supper and we can have some fun," he suggested.

    "Okay with me," Sue responded

    Frank lifted Sue up and kissed her.

    "Frank, I need to freshen up."

    "If you want to take a shower, Sue, help yourself."

    Sue walked into the bathroom, turned on the shower, stripped off her clothing and and got under the shower. She washed her spunk filled cunt and became aroused once again. Giving in to her lust, she started fingering her clit. She was rubbing herself really hard until she came, moaning to herself.

    "God I'm still so horny," Sue thought as she got out of the shower and started drying herself.

    Suddenly, Frank walked in and looked her up and down.

    "You are really gorgeous, Sue! You have a body to die for! Do you wear stockings?"

    "Yes, most of the time. I wear them to work. If not stockings then holdups."

    Staring at her, Frank admitted he was a stocking man and was really turned by them.

    "In that case," Sue declared, "when I get dressed I'll go home and return with a surprise just for you."

    Quickly dressing, Sue smiled at Frank and then kissed him deeply. On her way to the door, she reached down and stroked Rex before she headed out the door. Excitedly, she dashed to her own flat, already planning on what to put on to arouse and seduce her new lover. Her heart was filled with joy and lust at the thoughts of what the week was going to bring!

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    sweet jesus myra ..wow ! thank you for sharing !

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    You are quite welcome, Susie! Interested in finding a dog of your own to be with? :-)

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    very interesting as shultz would say

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    Very nice Myra.Thank you

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    Very well...

    written! It has me excited! ;)

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    I got another e-mail from her, telling me about he remainder of the day. Here it is.

    Mating with a man and His Dog - Conclusion
    By: Myra Simmons

    “I am popping over home for a while,” Sue said to Frank. “I’ll be back over in a couple of hours.”
    Before she left, Sue picked up her shorts, panties and boob tube.

    “Can I leave these here,” she asked Frank, “so that when I’m over here another time and need some fresh panties they will be here?”

    Frank said he would wash them for her but, as she gave them to him, he put her panties to his nose and sniffed them, telling Sue he would take his time washing them. Sue called him a kinky bugger and squeezed his stiffening cock. Putting her coat on over her naked body, Sue slipped on her boots and left.

    She got to her flat, took off her coat and filled the tub for a long, soapy bath to get ready for her next sex session with Frank and Rex. Sue’s thoughts were focused more on having additional sex with Rex. The thoughts of being with the dog again had her so aroused that, as she was in the bath washing her body, she was continuously fingering herself. Deciding her pussy needed to be shaved, she got her waterproof shaver and started on her pussy. Sue pushed her left middle finger inside herself while shaving.

    “God, what a turn on,” she thought.

    Sue shaved her legs, preparing them for her shear black stockings. She got out of the bath and dried herself. Going to her bedroom, she slipped on her black lacy Basque with matching panties and then her stockings. Brushing her hair, she left it long and then put on a bit of makeup. Looking at herself in the long mirror, she couldn’t help but think about Frank and how he’d react when she took her coat off in front of him. Remembering that Frank liked the 50s and 60s, Sue put on a flared skirt with four layers of net underskirts in black and red. Finally, she put on a pair of 4-inch black high heels.

    Happy with her appearance, Sue called Frank and said told him she was her on her way over. When she arrived back at Frank’s, she walked past him to the lounge, turned around and untied her coat, slowly sliding it off her shoulders. When frank saw what Sue had on, his eyes nearly popped out of his head!

    “You mentioned you liked the 50’s and 60’s so I thought I would treat you,” Sue cooed to Frank in a sensual voice.

    “You look fucking gorgeous and good enough to eat!” Frank declared to her.

    “Well, that’s what I’m here for,” Sue replied as she sat down showing him her stocking tops.

    Frank came over knelt on the sofa and started kissing her, rubbing Sue’s tits through her Basque. She opened her legs and started fingering her pussy through her panties, getting really excited. Frank’s hand came down to hers and he began to finger her as well. Sue pulled her panties open from the waste band, giving Frank better access. He pushed one and then two fingers into Sue, rubbing her clit with his thumb.

    Sue was soaked in no time. Sue pulled away from Frank.

    “Call Rex over, Frank, I want him to lick my pussy.”

    Frank pulled Sue’s panties off completely and called Rex over, tapping Sue’s pussy with his fingers. Rex came right over and soon had his tongue lapping at her sopping slit. Sue pulled Frank’s zipper down, got his big cock out and sucked him into her mouth.

    “It must look really exotic to anyone who could see us,” Sue thought.

    Sue told Frank to lie down on the floor. He stripped completely, laid down on the carpet and Sue got between his legs and started sucking him off. She raised her ass in the air, pulled her skirt up over her ass and let Rex carry on licking her pussy. Sue opened her legs as far as she could for Rex. He got the message and mounted Sue for the second time, his lovely long cock shooting into her so quickly she thought he was going to cum right away.

    Rex started to ride Sue enthusiastically, pumping her cunt for all he was worth. She pushed back on him repeatedly.

    “Are you enjoying yourself, Sue?” Frank asked.

    Sue just closed her eyes and nodded at him, slight moans escaping her parted lips.

    “When Rex has finished fucking you, I’m going to fuck you as well, Frank declared, excitement and desire obvious in his voice.

    Sue let Frank’s cock slip out from between her lips. She looked up at him, staring into his passion filled eyes as Rex continued to slam his dog cock in and out of her pussy.

    “I guess I’d better stop sucking you, then before you cum in my mouth.”

    As she finished speaking, she slammed her ass back as Rex slammed forward, burying his cock deeply inside her cum craving pussy. Sue’s heart filled with pleasure as she felt Rex shooting his cum into her. As his cock started to swell inside her, all she could think was, “Wow,” because he felt so massive inside her. Suddenly, Rex dropped off her back and turned around, his bum touching hers. They stayed like that for a few minutes until the dog cock slid out of Sue’s pussy. He then sat down and started licking his cock clean.

    Sue marveled at the sight of his bell end and how big and very long his cock appeared. She was amazed to realize it had to be eight inches long. Sue knew she would be getting more of that dog cock soon.

    While Sue was staring at Rex, Frank got down behind her and pushed his cock into her spunk filled cunt and started fucking her. She could feel how excited he was so she squeezed his cock with her pussy, making him feel tighter inside her. In a short time, Frank announced that he was about to cum. Barely finished speaking, he flooded her pussy with his beautiful spunk. The two lovers collapsed on top of each other, lying there totally spent.

    When they finally got to their feet, Frank asked Sue if she would like to stay with him for the night. Sue looked at Frank, a thoughtful look on her face. Finally, a mischievous smile crossed her face as a devilish glint filled her eyes.

    “On one condition,” Sue announced, “as long as you fuck me until we can’t fuck anymore.”

    “It’s a deal!” Frank responded heartily

    The two went to bed and Frank, a man of fifty-six, surprised Sue as he kept his end of the bargain, fucking Sue until she had to say enough. Raw and sore, she fell asleep in Frank’s embrace, marveling to herself at what a stud Frank was and how much she was looking forward to fucking both him and Rex again!

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    hot very hot thanks for the great story

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    Myra a realy good account of a woman and a dog enjoying sex with no guilt the story has a real sense of truth about it love it love your posts keep on writing

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    Hot Story!!! What a lucky man Frank was.....got to girl & she liked dogs too!!!

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    Most enjoyable... … Great little story... Wish there was More to it, Ide love to see where it goes... Thanks for the share...
    Just the Rantings of a Horny Old man hpy!



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