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    THE FARM; Introduction

    OOC/AUTHORS NOTE; Hello! This is my first story on here, so please comment if you like it- I'm the type who won't waste time writing something if nobody is liking or reading it, so if you see something you like and want more of don't be afraid to ask. Im not a professional and you might spot a few mistakes, but I'm not really looking for critiques or criticism at this point as I'm just doing this for fun- so if you'd like to read please be my guest, and if it's not your cup of tea or my writing style isn't up to your standards feel free to ignore it and move on to something else. Warnings for abduction, rape, bestiality, drugs unrealism, forced orgasms, suffocation, and death.Summary; The premise of 'The Farm' is that it's a secret facility where all sorts of deviant sexual acts take place. For the most part The Farm provides resale items in the seedy underworld through black markets (illegal fetish porn, sex slaves, body fluid collections, etc) but for a lucky few they get access to the entire facility, getting an up close look of what freaky stuff the world is into and indulging in their own sick pleasures. The Farm will follow a series of couples and individuals as they recount their times and sexual adventures at the facility. Each story will contain something a little different, and some will continue while others are stand alones, so if you don't find something your into in one you might find it in another.


    Everybody has their fetishes, their dirty secrets. They come in all shapes and sizes, some relatively harmless, others... not so much. Regardless of your poison though, there's usually a way to get your fix. For some it's as easy as clicking a link on the Internet, but for others something more is needed. For some, they need something more personal, something that's not easy to get by normal means. The seedy underbelly of the world is filled with this type of 'merchandise'; sex slaves, snuff videos, child prostitutes, etc. In this particular underground there is indeed a supply and demand being met, and for many these needs are met by a place known only as 'The Farm'.

    Very few actually know the location of this establishment, and only those capable of paying top dollar are able to request content and sales from them, let alone get anywhere near the place. Chances are if your fetish contains sex of any kind though, they can satisfy your needs, from the simplest to the grittiest.

    Imagine if you will, in an undisclosed location, far far from the eyes of every day humanity, a massive clearing deep in the mountains. In setting and scenery yes, it does appear very farm-like. As the pines and maples give way to sprawling grasslands a number of paddocks come into view, some empty and some full, the species available to spot to many to count. And, looming above it all, is a massive establishment, a number of buildings that indeed seem farm-like. A number of large buildings that appear to be stables and barns are neatly lined at the far end of the paddocks, and off tot he side of those is another building, one much more traditionally resembling a house.

    From a distance it looks like a peaceful place, and it would be unfair to say there weren't a number of residents completely at ease with their existence there. The Farm though, was never meant to be a sanctuary, and what happens within it's walls and on it's properties is hardly for the faint of heart.

    We take you now into one of the many barns, for a glimpse of what lays within.


    He couldn't move. Couldn't think. Even though his brown eyes were open something was terribly wrong with him. Everything was blurry and out of focus, and he couldn't recall and actual memory that would properly tie him to the place. What he did know was that a large part of the reason he couldn't focus on anything mentally was because he was too busy focusing on things physically. He was on his hands and kneels, kneeling over a padded bar that pressed coldly against his stomach, keeping him from laying down. What felt like metal restraints were keeping him there in that position, around his wrists and ankles, but more vividly- more urgent in it's need to be acknowledged, was the soft pinching of his nipples and long, gentle strokes of his rock-hard dick.

    "How old is this one?" came a voice very near to him, very likely belonging to the person administering the touches. It was rough and low, husky with a building desire.

    "Eighteen. Anal virginity in tact. This will be his first time.We;ve already administered the drugs."

    This voice was unmistakably female, and something about the polite formality of the way she spoke reminded the boy very much of a secretary or sales person, as if whatever was happening here was as simple as showing off a used car.It pissed him off, and yet every ounce of anger and defiance was challenged every time the mans fingers tugged or twisted the sensitive bumps on his chest. The drugs. That must be the cause of all his sensitivity. There was no way he'd be in such a state otherwise, almost panting over the gentle probes and touches of a stranger.

    A soft moan would escape his lips when rough fingertips brushed against the head of his penis, smearing the precum there.

    "He'll do. Start him on something manageable." the man would say after a moment of silence, finally drawing his hands away. And yet, as he did the brown haired boy found his body betraying him, and he had to bite his lips to fight the whimper of longing that escaped him as he tried to jerk his hips back into the hand that had been touching it.

    "Of course, Sir. What do you recommend?" asked the girl, and the unmistakable clicking of high heels against the marble floor could be heard.

    "Shepherd." he would reply.

    "Of course." she would say.

    Doors would open as she left, and silence would fill the room.

    Groggily the boy would lift his head, trying to figure out just where he was or what was going on. The boy himself was a lean and lanky thing, not scrawny by any standards, but a wiry sort of muscular that gave him a slighter frame. In comparison to the man in the room with him- whose shoulders were broad and arms muscled from years of physical labor, he looked almost slight, deceivingly fragile. His brown hair was cropped short and, in it's current state, stuck up in spiky tufts caused by sweat and who knew what else. His skin was somewhat tan, not from ethnicity and not the deep bronze that came from working in the fields all day, but a subtle coloring that faded to a creamy in the areas that were covered most often. And the beauty mark next to his left eye, it gave accent to a gaze that, while smoldering with lust in that moment, was plain in comparison to some, a simple dark brown that almost matched the darkness of his pupils.

    His attempt to clear his mind and focus his vision was partially rewarded, fueled by a burning rage that he was in such an indignant position. Perhaps he couldn't remember anything about himself in that moment, but he knew on a primal level that this was wrong. People weren't meant to be tied and displayed so shamefully like this, weren't supposed to be fondled and groped at by strangers. And yet, he had no voice to protest these things. It was like being on the verge of passing out from exhaustion- your eyes were heavy and wanted to close, you were sluggish, your body was immensely relaxed- only that familiar embrace of sleep wasn't there to fall into. There was no edging unconsciousness to welcome him.

    All that was there, was the intense pleasure.

    Pleasure that made him want to scream in rage for even existing, and yet instead he found himself biting back moans and whimpers. All his brain wanted to do was focus on how his nipples were practically throbbing, how every time the head of his cock brushed his stomach a dribble of precum was left smeared in it's place. It was so easy to get distracted by like trying to fight off sleep when all you really wanted was to stop what you were doing and go to bed.

    It took a few moments, but eventually he was able to get an idea of his surroundings.

    The room was painfully white, and he was reminded of the sterile white halls of a hospital. He knew this was no such place though- what kind of hospital would do this to a patient? Somewhere to his left was the door the woman had exited through, and directly in front of him was a large mirror where he could vaguely make out the blurry image of his own reflection staring back at him. In all the room couldn't have been much larger then an interrogation room, and as he thought of this he wondered hazily if the mirror was two-way, perhaps hiding more spectators behind it.

    So, this was a show then? What kind of sick pervert wanted to see this kind of thing?

    The sound of movement to his right snapped him out of his thoughts- as much as was possible given the drugs. That's right, the man that had spoken was still there. He could hear the rustling of fabric as they shifted their weight almost directly beside him, and if he turned his head he could make out expensive brown shoes and clean grey pants. A suit? What kind of place was he in that someone so well dressed would be involved in something like this? He couldn't see anything else. The man was standing too close for him to crane his head back the rest of the way. It, like his hands and feet, were restrained.

    The sound of the door opening once more drew his attention, and he noted that along with the familiar clicking of high heels was another rapid clicking. It was something he could almost place, but the soft breeze caused by the door sent chills down his spine, and he quickly forgot whatever he'd been thinking of.

    "Will this one do?" the woman asked from somewhere behind him.

    "Yeah." the gruff reply would come from the man as he stepped behind the boy to join her, apparently taking whatever she'd brought him.

    "Very well, Mr. Black. I'll give you some privacy. Call whenever your done with him." she would reply in that same polite tone, making her way back over to the door and seemingly leaving just the two of them.

    By now the boy had his thoughts of what was about to happen, and to say mixed feelings were going on within was putting it very mildly. His brain and his body were on a warpath with one another, and he didn't know how he was going to get out of this.


    Mr Black wasn't his real name, but then again none of the clients that came to The Farm ever used their true name. Like everyone else he came with cash -great deals of it- and had slowly had to gain the trust of the facility through years of small purchases putting him in their favor. Not everyone was able to reach the status he had here. Some people went their whole lives dutifully buying products from The Farm via black markets and private deals without ever receiving an invitation to visit the place. Black had been there a number of times, his invitation having come almost a year ago. The place was huge, housing all manor of things and people. He had kept his presence contained to B-Ward (Bestiality-Ward), where he'd indulged himself from behind the two-way glass, watching as young boys were raped by animals.

    This would be his first time on the other side of the glass, inside the room.

    It was a different feeling being the one in control of things. His heart was already pounding a steady beat in his chest, and there was a pressure in his groin that had never longed for release like this. He'd put it off purposefully all this time, stepping into the room like this. It was one thing to order videos or to see it on the other side of a barrier, but to be the one actually causing it... It was a very different feeling indeed. They'd gotten the boy right though, almost sickeningly so. Every bit of him was exactly was he'd asked for, and no maybe his taste wasn't extravagant or exotic, but he was immensely satisfied by the lean, dark haired boy kneeling before him.

    He was his opposite, physically, in almost every way. Though Black wasn't much older then 35 he had a distinct graying to his hair and facial hair that gave him a grizzles look. Icy blue eyes stood in striking contrast to his tanned skin, which -unlike the boys- was darkened and scarred in many places for years of hard physical work. His own life was not one of simplicity or total legality, but he was successful now and all the hard work had put him in a positioned to get what he wanted later in life. He was broad shouldered and tall, his shoulder length hair tied back out of his face, and while he was dressed in an expensive grey suit that looked as if it belonged to a man who'd only ever known riches and success, there was a cold indifference in the mans gaze that suggested he'd seen far more then any rich boy born into the lifestyle.

    As the door closed behind the woman a chime went off, one that signaled the door was now locked. Nobody could get in or out until he pushed the Call button signaling he was finished. That was how things worked. This boy, by all meanings of the word, now belonged to him.

    His grip could tighten on the leather leash he'd been handed, and he'd finally tear his gaze around from the boys rear end, which was looking extremely enticing as it sat propped up over the bar. They had shaved him as he'd asked, and the view he had of the boys tight ball sac and winking asshole was almost too much.

    The dog they had brought him was an all black shepherd, average size, but older and more experienced. He seemed eager, as if he knew what was coming, but lacked the raw excitement and vigor of the younger dogs. That was okay though. Like himself, this dog was experienced and disciplined. He knew what was coming and because of that would be more likely to take his time and be thorough rather then excitedly rushing through it.He would save the hard, fast fucks for when his toy could handle it. For now a steady and thorough job would do the trick.

    Beside him, against the wall, was a table and chair that were cemented to the ground. On it were a number of items, and Black would quickly tie the dog off to the chair before he reached for one of them; a tube of lube. He would definitely be needing this.

    Stepping back to the boy, he didn't waste any time. He could feel his hardened length pressing firmly against his pants, and every goosbump along the smaller figures frame made him want to run his hands of him. So he did. He could feel the other visible shiver as he trailed his fingers down the others back, exploring their shoulders and tracing the dip in his spine. The hitched breathing of his victim made his pulse race, and finally he let his hand wander down to cup a firm ass cheek. Abandoning the lub on the floor by his feet, Black would kneel behind the boy, gripping his buttocks and spreading to give him an easy view.

    "Jesus.." he'd whisper, half in complete awe and excitement, and partly because he couldn't believe he was actually here doing this. It seemed impossible, and yet lips were hovering inches above the boys rear end, hot breath falling on him and causing him to squirm and wriggle in his grip.

    Finally he could hold himself back now more.Soft nips and kisses along the boys ass were enough to illicit a pleasing response, one of confliction overpowered by lust. His small body tried to jerk forward away from the gentle assault, but his back arched to present himself better, body betraying itself. Black would take advantage of this, and would press forward until the boy could inch away now farther. He would drop lower,letting his tongue run over the boys asshole experimentally. The drugs they'd given him worked well. A panicked whimper echoed through the room, something that likely would have been a protest if the other could speak, but instead it acted opposite, prompting Black to swirl and probe at the tight entrance.

    Slowly he would press into him, the pointed tip of his tongue carefully spreading open his squirming captives hole. As he massaged inward he could hear the soft, occasional whimpers begin to linger, and slowly he began to form a rhythm. In and out he'd test and press the tight, sweet entrance, slipping past his defenses to feel the squeeze on his tongue before he withdrew. Slowly he would slip more of the long, fat muscle in, its wetness leaving a trail of slickness that made every push inward all the more easy.

    This went on for many minutes, until his tongue was sore from the strain and the boy was a panting, squirming mess.

    Short of air himself, Black would finally withdraw, settling back on his knees.

    The boy was hot and bothered. definitely ready at this point for whatever Black was about to do to him. The drugs did that, though. He wasn't sure exactly what they were or where they came from, but he knew they had the same affect on all of them- immense sensitivity of the areas that induced pleasure on the body.Right now this kid was drugged off his ass, probably feeling better then Black could ever hope to himself.

    Finally he would reach for the lube. A generous amount would quickly be applied to his index and middle finger, as well as a small glob directly to the boys winking hole.

    The boy would jerk forward, away from his touch just as he had the first time, but Black would follow after him the inch he was capable of moving,one hand spreading a cheek to give him better access while he took the lubed index of his other hand and began to trace teasing circles on the boys anus. Every now and then he'd let his swirling patterns falter, and the pad of his finger would press inward, parting the tight flesh of the boys asshole.

    "Yeah, you like that." he'd murmur as the boy finally began to betray himself and arch into him whenever his finger would push into him, and slowly he'd leave the teasing and press into him. As his thick finger slid in, inch by inch, the boys back would arch a little more and push back into him, even though a growling whine hung on his lips. When he was finally knuckle deep he would began to to draw himself out, curling his finger as he did so to gently bump the boys prostate.

    The effect was immediate. A cry of lustful surprise would escape him and his hips would jerk forward, precum dribbling out. The boys balls were unnaturally, almost painfully large, but that was the effect of a different drug, one that was meant to quickly increase sperm production. He would repeat this motion a number of times, each pass over the prostate adding a little more pressure, which in turn caused the boys response to intensify bit by bit. Finally he was working that second finger in, stretching the boy open and sliding and probing firmly at the sweet spot with each pass over. The boy, by this point, was in a fit. Every time Black pressed against that swollen, sensitive bump he would violently jerk forward with a thrust muffled by his restraints, a moaning yelp echoing through the room as he bucked into it. He was panting as hard as the dog behind him would be in a few minutes.

    More impressively, however, was the amount of liquid being released during this. Every violent jerk forward that came with the prostate being touched resulted in a gush of thick precum and a twitching of the boys tightened balls, and out fo fear of wasting anything Black would regretfully draw his fingers out of the boy, who seemed in a mixed state. He continued to moan and whimper and thrust his rock-hard penis, but he was slumped over in a manner of defeat and frustration, desperately trying to catch his breath.

    He didn't get much time for reprieve though.

    On the wall above the tabl was a metal box panel next to several others along that wall. It resembled breaker box for electricity on the outside, but it was marked 'milker' and when opened revealed a long glass cylinder attached to a tube that could be pulled out to reach wherever he wanted it to. This device was quickly strapped tot he boys throbbing, dribbling member, a task made minorly difficult when the other was thrusting desperately at the thing sucking on his penis. He groaned as it was finally attached, a large glob of liquid dribbling from him and into the glass.

    "Let's see what you've got." The man would say as he stepped back around to the boys rear. Gently he would cup the others balls, ilicting a pained moan almost at once. And reasonably so, too. they were huge and rock hard, live oversized baseballs hanging from him. Just touching them caused the boy to tremble violently and launch into a wave of violent spurts that were sucked up by the machine.

    Drawing away from his balls and back up to his asshole he would spit on his fingers and sink them into the boy with no play, causing him to arch and yelp and grind back into them, sinking them in up to the knuckle. Despite grinding back willingly against Black, the boy would let out a soft sob, one that quickly turned into a full out cry and Black arched his fingers and began to massage his sweet spot again, this time far more diligently then the subtle brushes. The boy would jerk forward to try and escape, but Black wanted to hear him [i]scream/[b] and continued the assault.

    He got the desired result. A massive blast of cum would shoot from the boy with force that was as painful as it was pleasurable, and the scream that tore from his lips was as much a moan as it was a sob. The device on his penis would suck it up, the suction milking every drop from his bulging vein just as Black dug in again and caused another screaming sob to escape him as an orgasm so intense took him that it looked as if he were peeing rather than cumming. Wave after wave of thick, ropey semen came pulsing from him, each surge of hot liquid causing him to slip farther into the insanity. It hurt so good.

    Finally Black would with draw, leaving the boy with tears of pained pleasure streaming down his face as he thrust into the air, the machine latched to his cock drinking down every drop his balls had to offer.

    Finally he let the dog loose, leading it behind the boy. It was already panting and eager from the smell of sex, and with a few pumps of his sheath he was humping at the air and grasping for the boys hips.

    For a moment clarity seemed to settle over the boy, and he tried to struggle away, a useless attempt. Black would give the dog a few more encouraging pumps before leading it to the boys hungry hole, and from there the dog knew what to do. The first few thrusts were fast and shallow, the pink tip piercing the the boys defiance and confirming that it was the right spot. And then he was in, pumping a fast and steady rhythm.

    At first there wasn't a ton of reaction. the boy tensed and whimpered as it probed around in him, but his ass had just welcomed to thick fingers and was accustomed to the size. But then, like every canine, it's penis began to grow. Black could hear it happening as the boys whimpers became longer and stretched out until they were quickly little gasping yelps.

    The boy was full out presenting with his legs spread and back arched, but then it happened.The shepherd pace reached a climax, and suddenly he was digging in hard, driving home a thick knot that had begun to form. It slipped in, stretching him wide and quickly growing.

    "Nngghh!! Ahh!"

    Choking, moaning sobs erupted from the boy, and he was almost screaming in a pained and pleasured euphoria as that huge knot pressed into a sat grinding against his prostate, a small fist that every shudder and clench sunk into that most tender spot. Wave after wave of orgasm hit, and it was more pleasure than he'd ever felt. But the cum couldn't get out fast enough. It came shooting out in thick, steaming globs with such force that against the glass device holding his dick, filling it up like and eager mouth that drank it down.

    "OH GOD! FUCK!"

    They were the first words Black had heard from the boy, and they were slurred as if he'd been heavily drinking, drowned out between the moaning groans that accompanied every spurt of cum. Tears rolled down his cheeks and yet he still clenched and wiggled his ass against the dog, prompting that swollen muscle to continue it's assault on him.

    Black, by now, was hardly able to hold back. He'd dropped his pants and was now stroking his own hard, throbbing cock. Stepping over tot he table he'd quickly grab a small device before heading back over to the boy, this time stepping around to his front. Grabbing for his cheeks he tried to steady the boys face, but he was crying and moaning, and shuddering and screaming so it was hard. Finally he managed to get a hold of him and forced the device into his mouth, secure it quickly. With this in place it would basically hold the boys mouth open in an O shape so he could face fuck him, which was exactly what he intended to do.

    He was already in the verge of cumming, so it wasn't much of a surprise to him when the heat of the boys mouth caused him to groan and twitch. The boy tried to struggle but between being tied (in more ways then one), in an orgasmic stupor, and pinned beneath a large dog, he soon himself with a hot, salty dick probing at the back of his mouth and dragging along his tongue.

    "Ohh." he would groan, sliding in to the base with a rough jerk. Almost immediately he felt the boys throat close as he gagged, the motioned of trying to be forced out enough to illicit another lusty moan and thrust. He could feel the boy tense and struggle, unable to breath, but he lingered a moment longer before withdrawing to the tip. The boy barely had enough time to sputter and cough before Black was ramming it to the back again, hands fisted in the boys hair.

    "Ah yeah. Fucking suck it." he would groan, repeating the motion of forcing the boys face against his stomach while he gagged violently on his dick before pulling out to let him choke. And the moans and cries that sent his cock vibrating every time the dogs knot throbbed in the right spot was almost enough to make him cum on it's own.

    In the end he managed to last a little while longer then he expected. With his breathing coming in rough pants he'd force the boys face into his groin one last time, holding him there roughly and the head of his cock tickled his tonsils. He could feel the other struggle to breath as their throat closed around him, but this time he didn't let up.

    "Fuck, boy. Drink it. Fucking drink it all."

    His body would go rigid as his orgasm hit and his balls empties themselves into the boys mouth.He felt the boy falter, then sputter, cum shooting out his now as he choked on the massive load, but it felt so good. his grip would tighten, and he'd give a little buck as another thick rope of cum shot into the boys mouth.

    He knew he was suffocating, could feel him writhing and shaking in the bonds as his face turned blue and his throat contracted around Blacks throbbing member, but that was okay. In that moment, it was all okay.

    When he finally pulled himself from the boys mouth his dick had gone partially soft. A slew of fluid came pouring out as soon as the organ was removed, but the boy didn't move. Eyes wide and rolled into his skull, limp in his bonds, Black watched as a mixture of his seed and the boys vomit.drool dribbled from his gaping mouth to the floor. He was still shooting wave after wave of sperm into the glass vial sucking on his dick, but that was to be expected with ow full his balls were. The dog was still tied to him, dutifully mounted as he filled his bitches ass with more cum then Black could ever hope to produce himself. Not naturally at least.

    It only took a few minuted for him to get his clothing on. The button on the wall was pushed, and with a 'buzz' the lock would disarm, allowing him to leave. As he stepped out into the hall he was greeted by the girl, who stood there smiling, a towel and fresh change of clothes in hand. "Was he to your liking, Sir?" she asked, offering them to him.

    "Yes, thanks. I'll take another for next month. Same requirements as this one." he'd say, accepting them. He'd definitely be using the showers before heading back home.

    "Not a problem. We'll call you once it's arranged. You'll receive a discount for the semen he produced, as well" she would say, giving a little bow of goodbye as the man turned to leave.

    "Thank you for choosing The Farm, where anything is possible."

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    Well Written... Interesting... Not My Cup of tea... Thanks for Posting... I think...
    Just the Rantings of a Horny Old man hpy!

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    A bit late in the piece, but just wanted to comment - seems like a great series concept, well written prose that built up well. Quite enjoyed it until the last few para's with the snuff action that as comsmith22 noted - not quite my cup of tea. But for a few changed words, could have been a lovely ongoing series about the lad's experiences...



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