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Thread: My First K9

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    My First K9

    My first time with a K9 wasn’t until I was 21. K9 sex was something I had watched during porn but never really thought of me actually engaging in.
    When I first met my husband he was out walking his dog, a mastiff, and my friend and I met his friend and him. We got along great and soon were friends and decided to start dating.
    A couple months down the road we found out that we worked well together in more ways than simply being friends or dating. He tended to be very aggressive and controlling in the bedroom and I loved to be his submissive as he used me to his desires.
    One particular thing that he loved to do was make me wear my very own dog collar around the house and refer to me as his little b#tch. I loved it and honestly more than once I looked forward to getting home and putting my collar on.
    We were married when I was only 21 but it was right for both of us. One night we went out to have a couple of drinks with some friends. I know my husband and he knows me and when we start drinking sex starts coming into both of our thoughts. I can tell when my husband is thinking about it because he’ll start rubbing my thigh. This night he was definitely feeling it and I was as well.
    I wasted no time as we walked in the door and headed to our bedroom. I took off my jeans and shirt leaving only my bra and thong on as I fastened the collar around my neck. I took a moment to look at myself in the mirror before heading into the bedroom.
    Once I exit the bedroom I see my husband on the bed fully dressed and his dog, Thomas, sitting next to the bed. I don’t think much about it as I begin walking to the bed smiling. My husband signals for me to stop and I do without a word being said.
    “Tonight Thomas will fuck you like the little bitch you are.”
    His words caught me off guard but from his tone and the look in his face I can tell he is serious in his instructions. Me being horny and a good little bitch to my husband I am not one to disobey even though several objections and thoughts begin running through my mind.
    “Take off your underwear and get on your hands and knees.”
    I reply with a smile as I undo my bra and slide my thong to the floor. I look over at Thomas who is still calmly sitting by the bed watching me. We had watched animal porn before but again it was something I never thought I’d be taking part in.
    As I get on my hands and knees I start swaying my hips and walking around the room like I do when my husband puts me on my leash. I see he is watching me and then he whistles and points his finger and Thomas comes over to me.
    Immediately Thomas starts smelling my bum and vagina and begins licking me. I feel awkward as a dog I had considered a pet is now smelling and licking me but his warm tongue feels great.
    “I would recommend making your way over to the bench at the end of the bed.”
    I start walking on my hands and knees over to the bench as Thomas sticks with me licking all the way. His tongue feels great as it explores my lower body. I get to the bench and bend over it. I start moving my ass back and forth in Thomas’s face.
    Then Thomas stops licking and I almost think he has left but soon the weight of his huge body pins me against the bench. His paws dig into my hips and I wince as his claws push into my skin and scratch me. I feel the motion of Thomas as he begins moving his hips and I start feeling warm fluid against my vagina and the back of my legs.
    I’m not sure what to do but then I feel Thomas finding his mark and at that point he really starts getting into it. I feel more of the fluid and then Thomas pushes into me. Now he going like crazy digging his paws into my hips and thrusting into me as fast as he can. Part of my mind objects to the taboo sex that is occurring but a larger part of me is enjoying being fucked like the little b#tch I am.
    For several minutes Thomas pushes me through one orgasm at the foot of our bed and close to another as he lets go and hops down. I am out of breath and my body is sore as I push up from the bench. Claw marks gently bleeding go from my sides down to my hips and Thomas’s semen drips from my vagina, ass, and legs.
    I look to see my husband walk over to me and push his cock into my face. Once again I am a good little b#tch so I obey and suck him till he cums over my face. He finishes and tells me I am good and to go get cleaned up.
    Once I am clean and we are downstairs talking he tells me that he bought Thomas years ago with the intention of having him screw women and he trained him in that manner. I learn that I am not Thomas’s first lay but that I will be his last and continuing partner. My husband also tells me that Thomas normally wears some socks on his paws to prevent the scratches I received but he wanted it to be memorable and thought some pain for my first time would be good.

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    Hot story, thank you!

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    Blog Entries
    Very Interesting ... Hot Little Story... Thanks For The Share
    Just the Rantings of a Horny Old man hpy!

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    Yes, socks is a must.

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    interesting story

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    very sexy hope to see more from you :D

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    Great story here ..........................4/11/17



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