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  1. Updates

    So as I've mentioned before I'm going to start using blogs to update everyone to my progress on stories, even though I rarely write them anymore. I just put up part two of Katelyn's Lessons which can be found here so please go and check that out. Also if you have questions or comments or suggestions or want to see me write something go ahead and leave a comment about that as well. This is how a plan on updating people and ...
  2. Life, Business...and stuff.

    First, a Happy Easter and Shabbat Shalom to all!!
    Nope, not Jewish, but our household has some Jewish friends.

    Given things here, Eydis (babycat born Dec 25th) will have to fill-in for an Easter Bunny. I suspect she couldn't care less, so long as it means Loves & Nomz.

    Things are good here, albeit by outside standards it's insane. That said, we're actively pursuing Financing for the LONG awaited powerplant, now that obama and his idiot-brigade have effed themselves ...
  3. Catching up and what's changed...

    Casa de Chaos really deserves it's name now... :D

    It's also the LAST place on earth anyone with a dram of sense or self-preservation instinct wants to try breaking into.
    Seriously, it's safer to attack a military base. There's Husband, myself, and now Wanda--and Wanda is NOT dispositioned to giving an assailant even a faint wisp of a chance.

    To short-form things, with explanation following...

    Kittiehz arranged by Seniority: Georgina, Vesta, ...
    General Marlenity
  4. Broken

    Earlier today, I took a few spare minutes to read back through my past Blog entries while I was trying to arrange my thoughts to once again share a little of myself with you all again.

    It has been a good few years, a few too many years since I have added anything here and I think it may be time to reacquaint myself with you all again.

    Why? Because I am not the same person I was 4 years ago when I decided to confess my sins, I am not the same person who was hurt by
  5. So where have I been?

    As some of you know, I've been part of a household getting back to normal now that Husband's done with his limb-lengthening.
    Wht many of you don't know is that a friend of ours (and elderly man we love very much) is contending with some serious cardiovascular issues and devoting time to keeping his spirits up Comes First.
    He has a pacemaker/defibrillator and is currently dealing with a series of major artery clearings, and it's not easy even for someone much younger, let alone a man ...