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  1. OMG Stuff Falling From The Sky!! LOL

    MK, the kitten, has never seen rain, snow, etc. before.
    So, the hailstorms yesterday and today held his total fascination.
    He had his first bath yesterday, and considers bthtime to be Playtime.

    Today, is just a casual-day. There's nothing to do, so we're all just lazing around like a stereotypical Harem--albeit with a swarm of Kittiehz who demand attention. It's pretty Rare such days come along, so we're going to get all we can out of it, and watch ...
  2. Morning, post-stampede...

    10 women, 8 cats, 1 kitten, and 1 Dinocanine
    well, short one as I'm here in the livingroom.
    It's a REALLY good thing that this house was built back in the Old days, when they were built for large families and to Last--because the bunch of them coming down the stairs in the morning for breakfast is just Siesmic.

    Well, MK still gets carried due to his size, but the rest...LOL, it's an avalanche of feet.
    I'll catch-up later, I had to stay up due to international ...
  3. Humans make plans...Universe Has Right of Refusal-with-Laughter.

    Without preamble, because I'm tired, have sinus meds shutting my brain down, nd am desperate for sleep this house really lives up to it's name now.
    One dog, shortly after we adopted Eydi, a 135 Lb Timbersheepherd-Husky cross who acts like a self-appointed nanny-minder with kittens. His name is Achilles, name inspired as out neighbour's dog is named Hector, and they're best-buddies.
    The Lynx babycat we wanted...
    We got TWO baby Lynx, not one.
    Skadi was the ...
  4. Updates

    So as I've mentioned before I'm going to start using blogs to update everyone to my progress on stories, even though I rarely write them anymore. I just put up part two of Katelyn's Lessons which can be found here so please go and check that out. Also if you have questions or comments or suggestions or want to see me write something go ahead and leave a comment about that as well. This is how a plan on updating people and ...
  5. Life, Business...and stuff.

    First, a Happy Easter and Shabbat Shalom to all!!
    Nope, not Jewish, but our household has some Jewish friends.

    Given things here, Eydis (babycat born Dec 25th) will have to fill-in for an Easter Bunny. I suspect she couldn't care less, so long as it means Loves & Nomz.

    Things are good here, albeit by outside standards it's insane. That said, we're actively pursuing Financing for the LONG awaited powerplant, now that obama and his idiot-brigade have effed ...
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