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  1. The Grass (Breasts) is/are always Greener (Bigger)

    An [B][I]interesting[/I][/B], if old, article about varied perceptions and such...

    Kate Beckinsale, one of my and hubby's favorite actresses;
    "rues the lack of having a good bust line and admits that she's envious of women who are amply endowed, like Queen Latifah.
    The actress admits that she too would like to be "Someone ...
  2. Character creation for erotic fiction & other works...

    It's funny how it goes.
    You set out to create a one-shot character and discover that you've created one that's likely gonna come back again now and then.
    Case in point, the Cruel-Mouthed woman in Breeding Marlene.

    Right now, the brain is in 'idle' and I'm just picking up after it. But I started thinking last night about recurring and one-shot characters for my [I][FONT="Georgia"]Shrike [/FONT][/I]series while watching Gold Rush, Bering Sea Gold and Deadliest ...
  3. The Double-Edged Sword of....

    Having a head-cold.
    On one hand, you feel miserable, and that sensation when you move your head and it feels like your balance-centers are 'lagging'...that's just [B][I]weird[/I][/B].

    On the other hand, for some reason, sometimes it revves up my creativity.
    Downside is, it shreds my 'focus'...
    I'm playing around with a new and [I][B]completely experimental[/B][/I] piece dealing with incest and BDSM. totally Consensual, and the youngest character is [I][B]solidly ...
  4. The ranch


    Is started and running. :thumb:
    My brain seems to be in 'cool-down' mode, but once it comes back 'online', I'll be continuing both it and [I]Breeding Marlene[/I].
    [CENTER][URL=""][B] ...

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  5. Chapter 12 & New Story are....

    Coming along nicely.

    The start off for the new story gave me some problems, as my brain didn't want to go in the direction I, I let it lead and things worked out as a nice prologue, and kicks off the story nicely I think.
    I'm just doing the 'raw' stuff right now, getting it down, then comes editting, adding details and it'll be Saturday before anything about the new story gets published.

    I also need a title for the damned thing...