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  1. Character creation for erotic fiction & other works...

    It's funny how it goes.
    You set out to create a one-shot character and discover that you've created one that's likely gonna come back again now and then.
    Case in point, the Cruel-Mouthed woman in Breeding Marlene.

    Right now, the brain is in 'idle' and I'm just picking up after it. But I started thinking last night about recurring and one-shot characters for my Shrike series while watching Gold Rush, Bering Sea Gold and Deadliest Catch. I love those shows because that's ...
  2. The Double-Edged Sword of....

    Having a head-cold.
    On one hand, you feel miserable, and that sensation when you move your head and it feels like your balance-centers are 'lagging'...that's just weird.

    On the other hand, for some reason, sometimes it revves up my creativity.
    Downside is, it shreds my 'focus'...
    I'm playing around with a new and completely experimental piece dealing with incest and BDSM. totally Consensual, and the youngest character is solidly 19 years old.
    I dunno ...
  3. The ranch

    Is started and running. :thumb:
    My brain seems to be in 'cool-down' mode, but once it comes back 'online', I'll be continuing both it and Breeding Marlene.

    Updated 05-09-2012 at 01:57 AM by Marlene38EE

  4. Chapter 12 & New Story are....

    Coming along nicely.

    The start off for the new story gave me some problems, as my brain didn't want to go in the direction I, I let it lead and things worked out as a nice prologue, and kicks off the story nicely I think.
    I'm just doing the 'raw' stuff right now, getting it down, then comes editting, adding details and it'll be Saturday before anything about the new story gets published.

    I also need a title for the damned thing...
  5. Chapter 12 of 'Breeding Marlene' has started...

    It's off to a good start, too.

    I really owe my hubby a major debt of gratitude for helping me with all the technical details, and assisting me in avoiding 'bad' technology and implausibilities.
    Also, seeing the various devices, even just sketched-out roughly are a real help in describing them literarily.
    He and John have really done a lot of development work on the facility, how it works, how it remains unseen by the surface world and how it's protected.
    Again, ...