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  1. Would anyone like to read....

    A story that's forming in my head right now about a specialized 'Ranch' where women are sent, and even apply voluntarily, to be properly 'horse-trained' and domesticated/tamed/behaviourally-corrected.
    It would involve Pony Girls, of course, but not exclusively.
    Themes would include voluntary and involuntary submission, subjugation and Training with everything that goes along with such.
    Not sure how long it would be--I'm aiming for a 'novella' length, rather than a major work. ...

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  2. Journal April 25 2012

    Husband and I have been talking about it pretty steadily as I have remaining pnderings about 'what might have been' with my father and he had a relationship with his mother.
    I only met her once, but she was a very nice person.

    Because of our age difference, there are many times, in a small 'ish' way, that it seems as if Husband is like a father or such to me. It's one of the things I like very much about our relationship. I've never called him 'Daddy' xcept ...
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  3. Incestuous Inspirations...

    I could have had an encounter with Incest, and my Dad back when I was 16 and 17...but, I hesitated and lost the chance to find out for certain forever with my parents death.
    But, the thoughts are still there, rattling around in the attic of my brain.
    I guess I'd have to say the 'trigger' was one day when i walked in on my Father coming out of the shower, and his cock was half-erect.
    I couldn't stop staring, even though I recall my brain trying to throw me into 'reverse'... ...

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  4. Chapter Eleven is in-progress

    Right now I'm just trying to pick the best of all the possible directions I can take things as the story is at a branching point and I want to make good use of it.
    As for the inclusion of notable names and familiar faces in the story, I'm going to keep it under a close eye...some is good, and too much would poison the storyline I feel.
    So, I've got to make the next selections count...and will ...
  5. Lazy Sexy Saturday...

    The weather outside is just PERfect for staying cozy inside. Husband fired up the fireplace, and as we're dog-sitting Hector again, he and Georgina are snuggled up enjoying it and as sound asleep as a couple of furry rocks.
    The weather is rain-snow mix, windy-gusty and like a said--a good 'stay-in' day...with hot chocolate laced with butter.

    I'm still reeling happily from last night, and working on building up Chapter Ten.
    ...and to 'help' me stay focussed, hubby's locked ...