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  1. Dom's Night (Part One)


    The following contains Adult Situations of an Alternate Lifestyle/Sexuality nature.

    I am pulling no punches here, this is Life in the raw.

    I do make an effort at keeping things tasteful though.

    If you continue to read on, now you know what to expect.

    Thank-You for reading!!
    Exhausting but SOOOO worth it!!

    Parts of this might be a little out of order time-wise...well, no one's perfect, ...
  2. Picking Up writing again...

    I never really stop, it's just weird how my brian works--it'll go off like a nitromethane funnycar for a whole bunch of stuff, then it needs time to cool off and such.
    In any event, I've come through this brain-numbing poplar fluff/pollen crap. Poor Hector, even he was droop-tailed because of it.
    That bad.
    Hector's a dog, for those of you just tuning in. He's a very damn big dog, and one of my best friends.

    So, it's a perfect day for writing, and the brain's ...
  3. Poplar 'fluff', Pollen and Hormones

    Are making it so bloody hard to think I'm doing a new story as a kind of 'pacemaker' to keep my brain ticking-over.
    I'm just 'messing around' basically, trying to keep the 'connection' to the writing-part of my brain active.
    How futzed am I?
    I nearly put sugar and boiling water into the tea box, rather than my mug.
    Twice, so far.
    Caught myself both times, but I'm seriously messed-up twixt the ears right now. Husband and Brianna are feeling the effects of ...
  4. Life, Time, & Relativity Einstein Never Considered

    I'm the world's least organized person. Now that things are 'quiet' around here after the showdown...I can write about the day.

    Those of you who know me fairly well, know that I need a 37 Hr day like in MiB.
    I've been ghosting around SSP, learning what being a Mod is, learning the tools and such, getting it all figured out--now I know how I 'fit' into it.
    I'm on here a LOT, so I'm gonna be keeping an eye out for spammers and handling the Greeting of new members as ...
  5. Religion, my views & thoughts...

    First, I will always hold to the perspective of a person's freedom to worship or not as they choose.

    That said, I personally have NO use for religion--any of them.
    They all claim the same line; 'They're of peace'. History shows a far different picture, including the modern era where we have Islamics hungering for our destruction and jerking-off to the idea of Islamifying the western world.

    They're just as bad as the rest, no different aside from the name they ...