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  1. A Harem By Any Other Name....

    This is why I was machine-gunning hubby with questions about Harems in the Lifestyle...

    Brianna is the younger sister of a friend of mine, and a real sweetie.
    So, this 20-year-old 'bouncy-kitten' wants to learn about and become a Slave.
    Corinne had a convo with Brianna's sister, and Brianna was in on it...

    O, Hai! I can B summissive? To put it in LoLCat.

    Brianna. 5'6 (eyeball estimate) big green eyes, hair that's really dark honey-blond ...
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  2. Adult Nursing & Cancer...

    Tonight's been busy--as some of you know we have John staying with us, and his health is failing badly.
    Tonight was a horror story for the poor man, coughing up blood and pieces of lung tissue--not good, and no way to stop it, so we had to just ride it out.
    The coughing fits finally subsided, it's occured before so I know how it all 'works', and John's finally managed to get to sleep...after being awake for three days straight from pain, discomfort, etc..
    John lives on Ensure ...
  3. Shrike; Who Are These Guys??? SHRIKE; The Ship.

    Shrike is about 6 people, a ship, and these folks have nowhere else to go and no one else to turn to but each other.
    While it was heavily inspired by Firefly and Serenity, as well as some aspects of Star Wars, it departs from it's Prime Inspirations in many ways.
    First and foremost; Shrike itself, the ship, wasn't bought, stolen, or won in a game/bet. It was built, from 2nd hand and ...

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  4. The CHL in Casa de Chaos...

    This is gonna be a micro-journal of Saturday May 26...
    Georgina's finished her 'walnut-hockey slapshot' practice for the day (I hope), and managed to get me in the side of the head, twice.
    Little monster. :-) LoL
    I got curious so I dug out the tape measure and worked out the distance from nut bowl on the diningroom table to the livingroom wall she uses as a backstop...
    The tape measure went 'slinky' so I was left with a semi-accurate guesstimate of about 30 Feet.
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  5. Twitter & Saturday...

    Twitter, the Crack-cocaine of social-media...addictive, so I'm taking a day to focus on SSP, being a new Moderator, learning how that works and chilling the hell out.
    Twitter will strip your mental gears if you let it...
    I love it, and will go back on it tomorrow to keep waving the ;come-back' flag for SSP members who need to know SSP is back--today's mine and focussed on just being happy SSP is back!!
    ...and catching up on some emails.
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