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  1. Twitter & Saturday...

    Twitter, the Crack-cocaine of social-media...addictive, so I'm taking a day to focus on SSP, being a new Moderator, learning how that works and chilling the hell out.
    Twitter will strip your mental gears if you let it...
    I love it, and will go back on it tomorrow to keep waving the ;come-back' flag for SSP members who need to know SSP is back--today's mine and focussed on just being happy SSP is back!!
    ...and catching up on some emails.
    Tags: saturday, twitter
  2. Not pissed with hubby, BUT....

    The Contractor better not be stupid enough to call here tomorrow.

    We're in the middle of dinner, things are heating up, clumsy double-entendres and generally just being 'Us'...
    ...his cell goes off. He clicks 'ignore'.
    Goes off again. Clicks 'ignore'.
    Third time, and for a second I think he's gonna drop the poor Motorazr he's had since 2007 into his beer.
    Shows mercy to messenger, and answers it rather than drowning it.
    Late meeting; Behind ...
    Tags: eff-up, friday
  3. Twittering away as best-possible...

    I'm a Moderator now, so I'm doggedly staying on Twitter waving the flag so members will hopefully see my posts and realize that SSP is back from the black.
    Got posts on my Adults Only blogs offsite from here with links leading here, and I hope it's all working. :-)
    Tags: recovery, ssp
  4. Tight enough, Honey??

    Kegel exercises.
    [I][B]Everyone [/B][/I]knows about them, but not too many women do anything with them until it's a necessity.
    I've been doing them for years, because I heard about them around when I was 18, and decided to give it a try and see what benefits I noticed. Sheer curiosity.
    I'm still doing them, and won't ever stop because the benefits are [B][I]pretty good[/I][/B], both now and later on in life, especially when I finally get pregnant.
    Right now, I can trap and ...
    Tags: kegel
  5. What I'm up to...



    I'm working on sci-fi things right now, and will come back around to erotic works brain works like a distributor in a car's engine-igntion system, and I'm kinda just along for the ride.
    On the positive side, I've got a good headway towards finishing ...