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  1. Humans make plans...Universe Has Right of Refusal-with-Laughter.

    Without preamble, because I'm tired, have sinus meds shutting my brain down, nd am desperate for sleep this house really lives up to it's name now.
    One dog, shortly after we adopted Eydi, a 135 Lb Timbersheepherd-Husky cross who acts like a self-appointed nanny-minder with kittens. :angel: His name is Achilles, name inspired as out neighbour's dog is named Hector, and they're best-buddies.
    The Lynx babycat we wanted...
    We got TWO baby Lynx, not one.
    Skadi was the ...
  2. Casa de Chaos, islam, Paganism, Burn-Out & 'Rebooting' myself...

    As some of you know, I run 2 blogs dedicated to anti-islamification and militant islam.

    It's...draining, dealing with being plugged-into the world overview and all the ugliness, insanity and inHumanity associated with the issue of islam.

    It's started to haunt my dreams now, and that is a most UN-welcome intrusion.

    I feel like my soul, my spirit is eroding, like steel continually being washed by the ocean's surf. I will not delve into details here, ...
  3. UFO sighting, but why do I feel...'Unamazed'???

    Last night, just about an hour before full-dark, I heard Georgina meowing...kind of unusual as normally 'chirps', and meowing is rare and serious.
    So, I go out to the kitchen thinking the bats that have been entertaining her for tha past few nights are back...nope, not bats.

    Black Triangle UFO, a good ways up and about the size of my hand, relative perspective.

    So, I grab hubby and the girls and we all go outside and notice all our neighbours coming out to have ...