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    Cool Avatar: The Last Airbender (anime)

    Well, this is my first time posting a story on here...and actually, what i'm about to post came from a fanfiction that i started to write, but decided to cancel. So, i thought i share it with you guys and get some feedback. It is split in 2 parts.

    Kyoshi Island: The home of Sokka and Suki (part 1)

    The night stars were so illuminating. Aang let out a lone sigh. “Another long journey to see a friend of mine.” The view of Kyoshi Island came into view. The light from the stars illustrated the true beauty of the island. Appa landed near the beach and Aang jumped off. “Ok Appa, just wait here. I’m gonna go see if I could find Sokka and Suki’s house.” Appa growled again and stretched his legs and lay down in the sand. Appa then started to roll around as Aang began to walk up to the village.

    “Stop right there!” Aang froze. He heard the voice before but didn’t know where it was coming from. He looked up and saw three Kyoshi warriors starring down at him. They all suddenly jumped down from the tree branches and stood in front of Aang. He slowly stepped backwards.

    “Hello Aang” one of the girls said cheerfully. Aang looked over to the girl that was in the middle. He recognized her voice. “Ty Lee, is that you?” The girl nodded and stood on her heels with her arms behind her back and swaying back and forth cheerfully. She leaned in and kissed Aang o the lips. Aang stumbled backwards and looked a little surprised. “What was that for Ty Lee?”

    Ty Lee smiled. “Well, it’s not like everyday we get to see a hero come here. Also, your friend Katara set me free from Azula’s control. But I never got to really thank her.

    Aang was still in a stage of shock. “Don’t get nervous Aang, I’m sure you really enjoyed my kiss.” Aang nodded his and started to imagine Ty Lee without the Kyoshi warrior uniform. He remembered that she looked sexy in her acrobatic fire nation clothing and the long brunette hair that was currently tied back. “Man,” Aang thought to himself, “maybe I should fuck Ty Lee later on. She is not all that bad.” He drooling thinking of his fantasy.

    “Um Aang” Ty Lee said snapping her fingers in front of his face. Aang blink, “sorry about that.” Ty Lee started to laugh as well as the other two warriors. “Anyways Aang, what brings you to Kyoshi Island?”

    Aang looked at her in her eyes. “I came to see Sokka and Suki.” Ty Lee had a disappointed face. “Oh” she said quietly. “If you wish to find them, just continue to walk through the center of the village, up to the big hill and you will find their house.” Aang bowed down and walked between the Kyoshi warriors. Aang turned around and shot a smile to Ty Lee before they jumped backed into the trees. “Now I need to come back to see Ty Lee later” he sighed and walked up the hill.

    In the distance, Aang could see Sokka and Suki’s house. Aang tilted his head. “I wonder why they would want it away from the village. He continued to walk up and stopped at the front door. He was about to knock when he notice a strong smell of candles coming from a room. He decided to walk around the house and peeked through the window. His mouth dropped. He was peeking into what appeared to be a bedroom. As he scanned the room, he notices several candles burning and his eyes finally stopped. Aang blinked several time and saw Sokka lying in the bed with a rose in his mouth.

    Sokka took the rose out of his mouth. “Oh Suki, are you ready for the most magical time of your life?” In the distance Aang saw Suki coming out of a bathroom wearing her warrior grab. “Oh yes I’m ready my love.” Suki ran over and jumped onto the bed. Sokka roughly grabbed Suki and started to kiss her passionately. “I love this sexy outfit” Sokka said rubbing the soft material. It outlined Suki’s physical futures well. “I love you Suki” Sokka said moving his hands down to her sexy ass.

    Aang couldn’t stopped watching and decided to form a rock chair so he could watch. The earth shook violently as he performed the action. “Sokka, did you feel that” Suki said as he stopped kissing for a little. Sokka shook his head and returned to kissing Suki. Aang sighed knowing that he was almost exposed.

    Suki pushed Sokka gently against the bed and sat on top of him with her legs on the sides. She carefully grinded her vagina against Sokka’s now hardening cock. “Suki, let me see your beautiful boobs.” Suki nodded and slowly removed the warrior robe exposing her c boobs to Sokka. Sokka leaned over and unclasped her bra that kept her boobs from popping out. “Oh, Suki…you have the most beautiful boobs that I have ever seen” Sokka said seductively as he wrapped his around her back and brought her down so that he could taste them. He sucked on her nipples and even pinched to get her aroused.

    “Oh Sokka” moaned Suki as Sokka sucked her erotic nipples. Suki moved her hand between her body and grabbed Sokka’s cock and began to rub it up and down fiercely. “Oh Suki” moaned Sokka. “Let me returned the favor to you Sokka.” Suki scooted back and took the hems of Sokka’s pants and started to pull them off. “Well, well, well. We have a very naughty boy. Didn’t want to wear underwear? Just what I like.” Suki took Sokka’s cock in her hands and started to jerk him off. “Oh yes Suki. Faster.” Suki went faster. She acted like a pro from all her training with the Kyoshi warriors. Unknown to Sokka, Suki actually had practiced for this.

    “Faster” Sokka moaned. “Hold on Sokka” Suki said. “I have another treat for you.” She lowered her face to his cock and began to lick it like a lollipop. “Oh GOD…Yes Suki…Faster” Sokka yelled grabbing onto the sheets. Suki bobbed her head up and down his penis. “Suki, I’m…Gonna….Cummm!!” Sokka was exhausted after squirting his juices on her tits. Sokka slowly rose up and started to lick up his cum off her boobs. “Oh, this tastes so good.” Suki moaned feeling the hot sticky liquid being licked off by Sokka. She grabbed his head so she could get the whole experience. Sokka wiped his mouth. “I guess its time to return the favor” Sokka said as he pushed Suki down on the bed and started to kiss her passionately again.

    Outside of the house, Aang was slowly rubbing his own cock due to all the excitement that was going on. “I wished I was Sokka right now.”

    Sokka kissed down her neck and finally down her stomach getting close to her warrior’s skirt. Sokka took his hand and stuck into the bottom of her skirt and began to rub her cotton thong along her pussy. “Oh Sokka.” He could feel the panty getting really wet with her pussy juices. “Sokka, remove my warrior’s skirt right now. I want you inside of me right now.” Sokka nodded and took the hems of skirt and pulled them down. Suki was wearing a jade thong that clearly outlined her pussy. He slowly pushed her thong to the side and stuck a finger up her pussy. “Oh Sokka…put more in.” Sokka took out his finger and shoved his own hand into her pussy. “SOKKA!!” He could feel Suki was probably gonna be in pain. “Oh my god. This feels so good.” Sokka took out his hand and lean close to her pussy. “Mhm,” Sokka said “this looks really tasty.” Sokka stuck his tongue into her pussy and began to eat it really fast. “Oh yes Sokka” Suki yelled as one of her hands pinched her nipple and the other hand was pushing Sokka’s head to her pussy. Suki started to shake and released a small orgasm. Sokka looked up licking her pussy juices. “Oh Sokka” Suki said as she leaned up and kissed him trying to get a taste of her pussy juices.

    Suki moved her hands down to her pussy and decided to rip off her thong. “Sokka, I want you inside of me now!” Sokka nodded and slowly rubbed his cock so it would harden again. Sokka positioned it outside of her pussy as he placed her hands on her pussy to try and spread it out for it. “Are you ready Suki?” Suki nodded and at this moment Sokka rammed his penis into her pussy. “Oh my god!!” Suki shouted at the top of her lungs. “Sorry Suki” Sokka said allowing her pussy to get used to his cock. Suki was crying a little bit. “It’s not your fault Sokka, it’s just that I never had an experience like this before. I’m ready now.”

    Sokka started to slowly hump Suki. “Oh yes” Sokka started to pick up the pace. His cock was pounding her cherry and his balls were pounding her sweet pussy. Suki wrapped her arms around Sokka, digging her nails into his back. “Oh yes Sokka. I think I’m gonna cum.” Suki released a large moan releasing her cum onto Sokka’s cock. Sokka continued to increase his pace. “Suki, I think I’m gonna cum now.” He let out a loud moan just like Suki and squirted his juices into her pussy. They both were sweating hard. Sokka laid on top of Suki with his hard cock emerged in her pussy. Sokka started to kiss Suki on the lips once again as their orgasm subsided. “That was very magical Sokka.” Sokka smiled. “Hold on Suki. There is just one more area I want to do.”

    Sokka turned Suki over onto her stomach. “Stick your ass into air.” Suki nodded and obeyed Sokka by lifting her ass into the air. She grabbed the sheets with her hands and could feel a cold liquid rubbing up against her asshole. She looked back and saw Sokka stroking his cock yet again. “Are you ready for this?” Sokka said. Suki nodded. Sokka placed his left hand and placed it onto Suki’s ass check and grabbed his cock with his right hand. He positioned his cock right at her hole and thrust it into her ass. Suki moaned and bit her bottom lip as she felt her ass being ripped open. Sokka then grabbed her ass with both hands and started to trust against her. His balls were whacking against her ass. “Oh Sokka.” Suki tightened her grip on the bed sheet and could feel the pain within her. “Suki, I’m about to cum again” Sokka yelled. Suki showed a little innocent look at him and nodded. Sokka thrust one last time and let out a large moan. He left his cock into her ass for a while. pop went Sokka’s cock as he pulled his cock out of Suki’s ass. “Sokka, that was AMAZING!!” She started to kiss him deeply once again.

    Aang let out a loan groan releasing his own juices after just seeing the action between Suki and Sokka. He lowered the rock chair and decided to walk to the front door. He sighed and knocked on the door. Sokka and Suki opened the door and stood in some bath robes. “Um, hey Sokka and Suki” Aang said hesitantly.

    Here's part 2:

    Suki and Sokka stood still at the door. In a distance a small hoot cam from a flying owl. Suki threw a side look at Aang. “Um what brings you here..” Suki spoke before being interrupted by Sokka shouting “Aang!” Sokka ran up to him and hugged him as if he was a long lost brother. “Its good to see you Sokka” sputtered Aang under his breath as he was being twirled by Sokka. Sokka placed him back on his feet and Aang felt a little bit dizzy. “Anyway” Suki charmed in, “what brings you here at this time Aang?” Aang dragged his feet. “Actually Suki, I left sometime mid day and recently just got here. I would have sent a message, but I couldn’t.”

    Sokka stood firm again, “why didn’t you send Momo then?” Aang gave a dirty look at Sokka. “Maybe because you have Momo” Aang answered sarcastically. Sokka nodded, “oh right. Momo, Aang is here.” A small squeak came out the flying-lemur landed on Aang’s head. “Hey Momo. It’s great to see you.” Suki yawned in the background.

    Sokka looked over at her and kissed her on the cheek. “Well Aang, I would love to talk to you more, but Suki and I were about to head to bed. If you want we have a spare room that you can sleep in.”

    “That would be great Sokka.” Aang said smiling and patted Momo on the head. As Suki and Sokka turned to lead Aang inside to the spare room, Aang focused his eyes on Suki’s ass. She was kind of walking funny as if it was in pain, but for some reason Aang couldn’t keep his eyes off of it has it swayed in robe that Suki was wearing. Aang licked his lips and thought to himself, “boy how I would love to fuck that ass just like Sokka did.” Suki looked backed and notice that Aang’s eyes were following the sway of her ass. “Mhm” Suki thought, “maybe its time I teach Aang about a life lesson that he needs to learn about.

    “Well Aang, here is your room for tonight” Sokka said. Sokka hugged Aang one last time and started to head to his room. “Goodnight Aang” Suki said and hugged him. As she hugged him, she could feel Aang’s crotch poking her pelvis. “He is horny” Suki thought to herself. She turned to follow Sokka and closed the door. Aang lay down on the bed and began to rub his crotch through his pants. “Oh Suki, I know we will probably have a magical time” Aang muttered to himself as he drifted off to sleep.

    “Mmm” groaned Aang as he rolled around the bed. The morning sun was beating down on him through the window. He carefully rubbed his eyes and sat on the edge of the bed rubbing his face. Aang got up and open his door. It was pure silence within the house. There was no sarcastic jokes coming from Sokka or no warrior grunts coming from Suki. Aang looked into Sokka’s and Suki’s bedroom and found no sign of them in there. Aang decided to look around the room for the fun of it and was quite astound on what he found. Lying in plain sight was a pair of Suki’s thong. Aang picked it up and realized that it was the same thong that Suki wore when he was peeking in on their sex. He held it up to his nose. A strong aroma of pussy juice began to fill his nose and looked outside the room to make sure that Sokka, Suki, or Momo were not in sight. But unknowing to him, Suki was outside of the window and watching the whole thing. “Well, well, well. I do have a naughty horny boy in the house.” Suki made her way back to the house. Aang keep sniffing the thong and finally decided to keep it. He shoved it into his pants and wrapped it around his cock. “Oh Suki, your pussy juices indeed feels great on my cock.” Aang stepped out of the room and walked down the hall. He looked around and notice that Suki was sitting on an emerald couch drinking a cup of hot tea. “Morning Suki” Aang said coming around to the front of the couch to face Suki. His mouth dropped instantly as he starred at Suki. She was wearing a fire nation out fit that showed off her breasts perfectly and showed access to her smooth stomach. Unknown to Aang, Suki wasn’t wearing any underwear at all. Her pussy was fully exposed but wasn’t truly visible.

    “Is something wrong Aang?” Suki questioned. Aang shook his head and try to focus on something else.

    “So, where did Sokka and Momo go?” Aang said sitting down on the couch.

    Suki sipped her tea. “Sokka decided to go see Master Piando. Ever since he lost his Space Sword while taking out the Fire ship fleet, he’s been a little lonely without his weapon. So he decided to take Momo and go make a new sword.” Aang looked at her and replied “Oh, I wanted to talk to him.” Suki lowered her cup of tea and placed it onto the table. “Aang, I think I know why you are here.” Aang looked away for a second.

    “It’s ok Aang. I think it is time for you to learn about the most important lesson of life: sex.” Aang’s mouth dropped suddenly.

    “I didn’t come here… to learn….about…sex” he said muttering underneath his breath.

    “Aang for the last time, it’s ok. Biologically you would be 113 and you would already know about it. But you were sealed in a block of ice. Also, I notice some of the signals. I know for a fact that you saw Sokka and me having sex last night. It was just weird that you happened to show up five minutes after we finished. You were also starring at my ass last night as I was swaying it. While I was outside this morning, I notice that there was a strange disturbance of a formation of rock meaning that it was messed with by earth bending. And, you were in our room this morning and you took one of my favorite pair of thong that I love to wear for Sokka. You’re hiding it in your pants and it’s probably wrapped around your shaft, and I saw you sniffing it.” Suki took another sip of her tea. Aang was too stunned to speak. Suki placed her tea cup back down onto the table and decided to bring her legs up onto the couch spreading them open a little bit. “So Aang, how do you feel when you kiss other girls?”

    Aang gulped. He was still a little bit stunned about what Suki just said. He felt like a convicted sex predator that was about to be sent off to the Boiling Rock. He gulped again. “Well, when I kissed Katara, Toph, and Ty Lee, a strange sen…”

    “Hold it Aang. You kissed Katara, Toph and even Ty Lee. You are truly a stud. I’m assuming that you probably felt horny while you were kissing them. I bet you felt your pelvis or cock to be more precise, rubbing up against their legs and pelvis” Suki said running her finger along the rim of her tea cup. Aang looked down in disappointment, but slowly raised his head back up trying to get a sneak peek under Suki’s dress.”

    “Being naughty again. I know what you were doing Aang. You were trying to see between my legs. Weren’t you?” Aang shook his head in an agreement. “I guess I should start teaching you right now before Sokka returns. We’ll start off slow. What do you know about masturbation?”

    Aang starred at her. “I know nothing about masturbation at all” he said calmly.

    “Tsk, tsk, tsk. It’s a very easy thing to do. Let me ask you this. Were you pleasuring yourself while watching us yesterday? By this I mean stroking your penis.” Suki said moving her hand in between her own legs and slowly began to rub her pussy.

    Aang watched what Suki was doing. He remembered that he was stroking his penis and that a cream of liquid shot out. Suki continued to rub her pussy trying to get Aang aroused. “I guess I have rubbed my penis” he said movie his hand into his pants and grabbing the thong that was wrapped around his cock, and started to move it up and down along his penis. Suki smiled knowing that Aang was falling into her little trick of learning the life lesson. “Good Aang” Suki said stroking her pussy a little bit faster. She could feel that her pussy was very wet. She want to squirt her juices but she wanted Aang to get a true taste for them. Aang continued to stroke his penis a little bit faster. The moisture from the thong was really rubbing onto his cock.

    “Now Aang, did you keep stroking until some white liquid shot out” moaned Suki as she slowly reduce her pace. Aang nodded. “Excellent that white liquid is called cum. It contains your sperm that can get a female pregnant. Now, I want you to pull down your pants for me and stroke your cock for me.” Aang obeyed and pulled down his pants. Suki’s mouth dropped. “Holy fuck Aang! For a young kid, you have a very big penis. Now continue stroking until you can feel your orgasm.” Aang nodded and started to stroke his penis a little bit faster. Suki stopped rubbing her pussy completely. She knew that he was about to explode. She grabbed her tea cup and took one last sip of what she had left and looked at Aang. He was starting to grunt and then finally his body shook.

    “Suki…I…THINK…I’M…GONNA….CUM!” Aang shouted as went a little faster. Suki leaned over and held the tea cup upside down above his cock. She quickly moved his hand and continued to stroke it her self. “I’M CUMMING” Aang shouted at the top of his lungs and the hot cum landed into the tea cup. Shot after shot kept shooting out of his penis. Aang lay motionless on the couch for a while trying to regain his strength.

    “Just relax Aang” Suki said holding the tea cup underneath her nose. “Hmm, your cum looks delicious Aang.” She took her finger and took a little bit out of the cup and began to taste it. She let out a soft moan. “Aang your cum tastes fantastic.” She took another finger scooped and brought it over Aang’s face and slowly stuck her finger into his mouth. He started to suck fast on it. He moaned lightly. Suki put the tea cup back on the table and stood up.

    “That was lesson number one of the most important life lesson. Pleasuring yourself can relieve you of that horny side that you have. The only downside, the whole point why you have a penis is to pleasure the women so that you can start your own family.” Suki leaned over Aang again and began to kiss him deeply on the mouth. Her hands began to explore his body and finally moved down to his penis. She began to slowly stroke his cock lightly so he could get hard again and get ready for the real lesson.

    “Oh Suki” moaned Aang through the kisses. “Shhh, Aang. Just learn from me for right now.” He would have never thought that Suki was a take charge type of girl. But then again, she was the formal leader of the Kyoshi warriors. “Aang, sit up on the couch please.” He slowly obeyed her and sat up on the couch. Suki began to kiss his checks and slowly kissed down to the neck until she got to his shirt. “This will not do.” Suki lifted up his shirt and stared at his little muscular chest. “Just how I like it. You have a chest just like Sokka’s.” She began to slowly kiss his stomach. She looked up into his eyes and began to lick his chest and finally decided to continue all the way down. She stopped just above his pelvis. Suki dropped down to her knees and looked Aang up and down. He was totally nude while she was still dressed. “Aang, I’m about to show you how a girl can pleasure you. But before I do, I need you to remove my top for me” she said with a smile. Aang nodded and moved a little bit close grabbing the bottom of the top and slowly pulled it up. Her bobs instantly popped out. She wasn’t even wearing a bra and Aang could tell that her nipples were probably rocked solid. They looked so erotic. “Go ahead Aang, feel them before I teach you my trick.” He was a bit nervous but he reached with his hands and started to pinch her left nipple with his right hand while the other was gently rubbing the other boob. “Good Aang. You will eventually taste these. But I’m gonna get my treat first. She licked her lips and took Aang’s hard cock into her hands. She lowered her head and started to suck his cock like a lollipop. Aang let out a loud moan. Suki was bobbing her head up and down his shaft and was swirling her tongue around the head of his cock. Aang took his hands and placed them on the top of her head and pushed it into his pelvis so that she would go faster and harder. She stopped for a moment.

    “Why are you stopping Suki?” Aang said disappoint. “You’ll see.” Suki took her breasts and started to lick her own breast to get them a little bit soaked. She then grabbed his cock and placed it between her boobs. Aang couldn’t believe it. Her sweet boobs were wrapped around her cock just like her mouth was afew moments ago. She started to titty fuck Aang. She knew he was getting close to explode again. “That’s right stay with me” she said moving her tits up and down his cock. “Um, Suki….I’M GONNA CUM!” he shouted releasing another fast spurts of hot cum over her tits. “Oh Aang, you are truly a naughty boy as she grabbed one of her tits and started to lick it clean.

    Aang lean back on the couch exhausted. “Hold on, you are not done. You still need to learn to pleasure a woman." Aang let out a lone sigh. “I don’t think I can handle anymore Suki.” Suki shook her head. She got back up onto the couch. “This time it’s your turn to pleasure me. Right now, get on the fuckin floor and listen to what to do. I know you want to fuck Katara and Toph. You can’t deny that.” Aang nodded his head. “These lessons will help you later on.” Aang sighed and kneeled down on the floor. “Now Aang, I want you to pull of my skirt. I think its time to see what the ladies have to offer.” Aang obeyed and grabbed the soft material of the fire nation skirt and yanked it off. Suki’s trimmed pussy was now exposed to Aang. He could sense that it was very wet. “Now, I want you to eat out my pussy you little pervert.” Aang nodded and lower his head into her pelvis and could smell the same aroma that was on her jade thong. He started to lick up and down her clit as if he was a baby puppy. “Oh yes!” moaned Suki feeling the tension within her pussy. “Go faster. Make me cum like a mad woman.” Aang increase his pace and could feel his head being pushed into her pussy. Suki’s body was starting to shake, “here it come. I’m GONNA CUM” she shouted. Aang licked the cum with his lips and kissed Suki so she can get a taste of herself again. “Mhm” moaned Suki moving a finger into her pussy and started to finger fuck herself for a while.

    “How was that Suki?” Aang said as he stayed on the ground.

    Suki stood up. She smiled and then picked up Aang and laid him back down on the couch. She started to stroke his soft cock and it instantly became hard again. “Now Aang, its time for the last part of the lesson. Fucking a pussy.” She got back on top of the couch and placed her legs on both sides of Aang’s body. Her sweet pussy was hovering over his rock hard cock. She placed the shaft in between the pussy lips and started to slowly grinned her pelvis along his. Aang groaned a little because he couldn’t wait to get inside of her. She went faster and faster and slowly slowed down. “Aang, I’m now gonna ride your cock.” She took it with her hands and positioned just beneath her pussy. “You ready Aang?” He nodded his head. Suki lowered herself onto Aang’s cock and could feel him buckled underneath her. “Just enjoy this. I’m gonna ride you.”

    She started to bounce up and down his cock. “Oh Suki” Aang shouted as he could feel her hands grabbing onto his chest and his eyes watched her boobs bounce up and down. He really didn’t know what to do until Suki spoke, “support me with your hands. Wrapped them along my ass so I don’t lose my balance.” Aang wrapped his hands around her tight ass and she began to bounce back up and down faster.

    “Oh Aang” Suki moaned as she felt his pelvis crashing into hers. She wanted to build up the tension and didn’t want to cum yet. But she knew that she was gonna cum again and slowly came to a halt.

    “Aang, I need you on top of me right now.” Suki stayed on the couch and was on her back. Aang parted her legs so he could have full access to her pussy. He stroke his cock to make sure it was still hard and held it at the entrance of her pussy. “I need it now!” Aang then rammed his cock into her pussy and Suki let out a loud moan.

    “That’s it Aang. Now fuck me as hard as you can.” Suki then wrapped her legs around him and leaned up.

    Aang started to thrust in and out of her pussy. Suki bit her lower lip enjoying a spectacular moment. “Harder! Faster!” Aang began to go hard and fast like never before. “I can’t take this anymore Suki” as pounded into her pussy again. Aang groaned and realized that he was about to cum. “Suki, I’m gonna cum” he shouted and squirted in Suki’s hot pussy. Suki couldn’t control it either and she cummed as well. And they both collapsed on top of each other. Aang’s cock was still submerged in Suki’s pussy. Aang leaned up and kissed Suki on the lips. “Thank you for the lessons Suki.” Suki smiled and laid her head on Aang’s chest.

    “I love you Suki” Aang suddenly blurted out. Suki blinked. “Aang, I love you to. But don’t forget that my heart belongs to Sokka.” Aang nodded in agreement and cuddled with suki for a while feeling the warmth of her skin.

    “Um Aang, can I ask you a favor?” Aang nodded. “Can you water bend your cum out of me so that I don’t get pregnant from you and have a hard time explaining it to Sokka.” Aang nodded his head and began to twist his hands. A flow of cum came out of Suki’s pussy and he placed it into the tea cup. “Thanks’ Aang. By the way, you can keep my jade thong as a souvenir.” She smiled weekly. Aang smiled back and they both fell asleep.

    A few hours have passed and Aang slowly woke up. He was fully clothed and the couch was returned to its normal looks just how it look before Suki and him messed it up.

    “Hello sunshine” Suki say walking over to Aang holding a hot bowl of soup. “Here, eat this. It will help you restore your energy.” Aang nodded and started to eat the soup and saw that Suki was wearing her warrior grab robes. As he continued to eat the soup, the front door suddenly burst home.

    “I’m home” Sokka shouted and looked over at Aang. Suki came into the room and hugged Sokka tight and kissed him on the cheek. “How was your time with Master Piando?” Suki asked. Sokka had a small smile on his face and then pulled out a brand new sword. “I made this today. I am so proud of myself” Sokka said as he started to move about the house swinging his sword. Sokka looked over at Aang.

    “So, did you have a great time spending time with Suki today” Sokka said as he sat down on the couch.

    “I actually did. She decided to share some of the Kyoshi warrior’s movements to me.” Aang said trying not to look at Sokka in the eyes.

    “That’s so cool Aang. Maybe we should use their techniques and fight each other.” Sokka said. Suki rolled her eyes. Aang lowered his voice. “Yeah, maybe later though Sokka. I’m a little bit tired right now. I need to get some sleep for tomorrow.” Sokka shook his head and asked “what for? Why don’t you stay for a while?” Suki punched him on the shoulders.

    “Sokka,” Suki started to say in a little girl voice, “I think he wants to do something besides just hanging around with us.” She winked at Aang as Sokka rubbed his shoulder. “Goodnight Aang” Suki said and blew him a kiss and sent another wink. Sokka sighed and bid Aang a goodnight as well.

    Aang laid down on the bed starring outside the window. He pulled out Suki’s thong one last time and started to sniff them and turned back to the window. He notice the north star shinning in the distance and he began to wonder. “I wonder how Katara’s pussy would taste like” Aang said shoving the thong back down his pants. “Only time can tell” he muttered quietly and slowly closed his eyes. His room door squeaked a little bit and Suki tiptoed in. She looked at her sexy little boy toy and kissed him upon the cheek. He groaned a little. Suki spoke softly, “good luck with your journey Aang and I hope you enjoy your new life lessons. Go get them tiger.” She walked out of the room and shut the door. Aang let out a loud snore.

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    just want to add some pic's to your story, i know they are not related to the story

    i rly did like this story,

    good luck with your next one
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    nice pic's of avatar sex

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    good story and pics

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    Love te pics, especially the one with Katara sucking Aang while Sokka fucks him in the ass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wobmon View Post
    if only it happened in the show lol
    lol if only^ , not bad pics though

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    Thanks for the thanks everyone. I do have some more, that is part of the collection, but they may need to be re-written to be more sexier maybe. Maybe i'll just throw something up and you can comment on it

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    ok, here is a portion about Suki and Ty-Lee. I was thinking of putting up the one with Sokka/Katara since their are some images for the vision, but I need to fix it up. So, I hope you guys enjoy this part...


    Kyoshi Island: Curing of the Broken Heart

    The sun was shinning brightly over Kyoshi Island. On the beach head, Ty Lee was sleeping on a blanket. Her face was wet after all her crying over Aang the previous night. As the sun rays reflected off the water, she could feel the heat on her face and she slowly opened her eyes. She sat up and began to rub them looking out at the ocean. She let out a deep sigh.

    “Why Aang, why did you have to leave me just like that?” she muttered to herself as she took her finger ad began to draw Aang’s face in the sand. She tries to make it smile, but the sadness in her heart could only have her draw Aang with a sadden look just like the one she was experiencing.

    “Ty Lee! Is that you?” shouted a female voice.

    Ty Lee looked around and couldn’t see anyone on the beach. She looked over her shoulder and saw a female standing on the top of a cliff. She focused her eye on the person and realized who it was. “Suki!” Suki started to use her kyoshi warrior movements and jumped down from the cliff.

    “Hey Ty Lee” Suki said as she sat down next to Ty Lee. Ty Lee looked away for a few.

    “Is their something wrong? The Kyoshi Warriors were telling me that you decided to go on a date last night, but when they came for their lessons, they were surprised that you weren’t there. So, they came and asked me to find you.” Suki said starring at Ty Lee. She notices that she wasn’t wearing her warrior garb but a white bikini and matching skirt bottom. Suki bit her lower lip trying to resist looking at her.

    Ty Lee let a small tear dribble down her face. “Aang left me last night right before we were going to make love to each other. I just wanted him so bad after you told me about him.”

    “Oh Ty Lee.” Suki leaned in and hugged her friend. “What exactly happen? Tell me the details.”

    Ty Lee sighed. “Well, Aang and I were in a passionate kiss. I was getting horneir every second that our lips were together. Then I finally told him that I needed him and I started to lower my green robe revealing my sexy beach outfit. But right has was about to explore me, a messenger hawk came swooping down and dropped a message. The next moment, he was standing up and apologizing to me and then took off. I have a feeling that he didn’t really want to be with me.” Ty Lee started to ball out. Tears ran down her eye as she sniffled and tried to wipe them away. Suki could tell from the looks of her eyes that Ty Lee was in fact horny. Even Suki was getting horny just seeing her in her bathing suit and probably assume that Aang had the same feeling just like what she was experiencing right now.

    “Oh Ty Lee. I have a feeling that Aang wanted you. I’m sure he’ll be back for you. Just don’t cry” Suki said wiping the tears from her eyes. Suki embraced her in a hug again and kissed her on the lips. “Why don’t you come over to my house?” Suki said smiling.

    Ty Lee looked up and nodded. She could feel a burning sensation in her pussy and started to get the feeling that her horny side for Aang wants to be full filled by Suki. Suki offered her hand to Ty Lee to help her up and she took it gracefully. She wiped the sand off of petite ass and began to hold hands with Suki.

    “Let me cure your problem” Suki said with a smile. They then began to make their way up to Suki’s house.

    Kyoshi Island: Fulfilling the Desire

    Suki and Ty Lee were making up their way to Suki’s house. Ty lee was wearing her green robe that concealed her white bathing suit because she didn’t really want any of the other guys to see her and then swarm her. The only guy that she really wanted was Aang. In the distance, she saw a green house sitting the top of the hill. She looked over to Suki.

    “Well, here we are” Suki said fumbling for the key from her pocket and unlocked the door. They both enter the house and Ty lee began to look around. The house was totally quiet.

    “Um Suki, where is Sokka” she said blinking her gray eyes.

    Suki turned to face her. “Sokka decided to take a journey to the North Pole to see his sister. He told me that they have never been separated for so long, so he just wanted to go see her and his new grandfather.”

    “Oh” Ty Lee calmly replied.

    “Why don’t you take a seat here on the couch and I’ll go fetch you a hot cup of tea” Suki said as she headed out into the kitchen. “Thanks” Ty Lee said sitting down on the couch. As she looked around, she started to feel another burning sensation between her legs and she slowly moved her hand another underneath the skirt and began to rub the white bikini thong against her pussy. She started to get into the moment and rubbed it a little bit faster. As she let out a loan moan and stopped abruptly as she heard footsteps coming towards her.

    “Here you go Ty Lee” Suki said handing her the tea. She then sat down by Ty Lee. Ty Lee took a sip of the hot tea. As she was sipping, she had her eyes closed enjoying the nice hot liquid that was going down her throat. Unknown to her, Suki was starring at Ty Lee’s breast and bit down on her bottom lip. Ty Lee set the tea cup onto the table.

    “Thanks, I needed that” Ty Lee said licking her lips to get the remaining liquid. “So…” Ty Lee began to say until she was pulled by Suki and felt a deep passionate kiss on her lips. Suki let her go. “Suki, that was amazing. Cure my desire for me please.”

    “Sure thing Ty Lee. Let’s go to my bedroom.” Suki grabbed Ty Lee’s hand and lead her to her bedroom. Ty Lee jumped onto the bed. “Ty Lee, why don’t you wait here while I go change?” Ty Lee nodded and she lay on the bed on her stomach with her hands on her chin and her legs crossed behind her. Suki disappeared into the bedroom. Ty lee once again felt the burning desire between her legs. She wanted to touch it again, but she wanted to wait for Suki. She starred at the bathroom door waiting for the moment when Suki would come out of there.

    Soon, there was a click from the bathroom door and it slowly opened. Suki emerged out of the bathroom where the same fire nation outfit that she wore for Aang. She leaned up against the door throwing a sexy smile to Ty Lee.

    “Do you like it Ty Lee? This is the same outfit I wore for Aang and enjoyed every moment of it.” Suki began to approach the bed.

    “Wow, Suki. You look very beautiful in that outfit” Ty Lee said as she slowly scooted back on the bed allowing room for Suki to get on the bed with her. They starred at each other and finally Suki made the first move and started to kiss Ty Lee on her mouth.

    ”Oh Suki!” Ty Lee said moaning. She wrapped her arms around Suki and started to rub against the soft material of her clothing. They kept on kissing, feeling each other. Suki place her hand between their bodies and began to move her hand into Ty Lee’s skirt and started to rub the cotton thong. “Oh shit Suki” moaned Ty Lee and she started to feel her pussy getting wet.

    Suki pushed Ty lee back onto the bed and slowly climbed on top of her. She started to kiss Ty Lee’s neck and moved down to her breasts. She started to kiss the top of cleavages. “Ty Lee, do you mind if I take off your top?”

    Ty Lee shook her head. “Give me all you got Suki.” Suki started to lift her top exposing her 34C breasts. “Wow Ty Lee, you have some nice breasts.” Suki started to lick her boobs. “OH SUKI!!” moaned Ty Lee as she licked her nipples. Suki grabbed her beasts and started to rub them together. Suki slowed down. “Why don’t we finish getting undressed” she said winking. They both sat up and Suki began to remove her top exposing her breasts and started to remove her skirt. As Ty Lee peered over at Suki, she notices that she wasn’t even wearing any panties and saw her neatly trimmed pussy. Ty Lee pulled down her skirt and exposed her cotton white thong. “Hold on Ty Lee. Don’t remove that yet.”

    Suki pushed Ty Lee backed down onto the bed. “Ty Lee, spread your legs for me.” As she did, Suki sat down on Ty Lee’s pussy and started too grinned on it while pinching her own tits. “Oh Suki, make my pussy wet” Ty lee moaned as she began to pinch her own nipples to harden them. Suki keep grinding against her pussy and reached to pinch Ty Lee’s boobs. “Hold on Ty Lee, I might have something to use to give you more pleasure.” Suki leaned over the edge of her bed and opened a drawl at a side table. She went through it and pulled out a purple dildo. “Maybe this can help relieve your horny side TY Lee. You just pretend that this is Aang’s cock.”

    Ty Lee looked at it. “It’s so big. Is it close to Aang’s actual cock?” Suki smiled and nodded her head.
    Suki took her dildo and started to suck on it trying to get it let. Ty Lee’s mouth began to water. Suki looked at her. “You want to suck on it?” Ty Lee nodded. Suki handed her the dildo and began to watch Ty Lee suck on it. Suki was starting to get wet just watching her sock on it and began to rub her own pussy. Ty Lee sucked really hard on it and finally stopped leaving her saliva on it. Suki took the dildo and began to run it up and down her clit feeling Ty Lee’s saliva soaking her pussy. “Um Suki, are you ever going to remove my thong?” Suki nodded and turned on the dildo.

    As it began to vibrate, Suki place the tip of it onto Ty Lee’s cotton white thong and began to move it up and down her pussy. “Oh god Suki. This feels so great” she moaned as she felt the vibration. She started to shake as the vibration speed increased. “OH FUCK SUKI! I THINK I’M GONNA CUM!” Ty Lee shouted as her body shook with her orgasm and the hot liquid soak her thong. Suki turned off the dildo for a few.

    “Wow Ty Lee, I see you were indeed holding it in” Suki said smiling and began to pull of Ty Lee’s thong. She held it in her and hand and began to sniff it. “Wow, your pussy juices smell so good.” She said as began to lick the thong.
    “Suki, instead of eating and licking my thong, how about you eat my sweet pussy” Ty Lee said spreading her pussy lips.
    Suki needed no invitation and began to move her head towards her pussy.

    Suki began to lick her pussy. Running her tongue up and down her pussy. “Oh Suki” moaned Ty Lee as she wrapped her hands around Suki’s head and began to push her head closer to her pussy. “Eat me out! Make me cum again.” Suki nodded and licked faster and harder. Suki moaned as she ate more of Ty Lee’s juices. “Suki, I have an idea. How about you place your pussy over my head and have your head over my pussy and we can both eat each other out at the same time.”

    “That’s a good idea Ty Lee.” Suki stopped and began to place her legs right by Ty lee’s head and placed her pussy over her face. Ty Lee grabbed Suki’s ass and leaned her head up and began to eat Suki’s pussy while Suki returned to eating her pussy.

    Ty Lee started to get another idea as she continued to lick Suki’s sweet pussy. “Oh yes Ty lee, licked harder” Suki moaned. Ty Lee moved her hands around the bed and found the dildo. She then turned it on and licked it to get it moisten. Suki turned her head and looked at Ty Lee, “What are you going….”

    Suki screamed in pain. She could feel the vibrations running through her pussy. “OH MY GOD!! THIS IS FUCKIN GOOD” Suki moaned. She continued to lick Ty Lee’s pussy. “Oh god, I’m gonna cum Ty Lee” Suki moaned. “I’m gonna cum as well” Ty Lee moaned.

    Both of their bodies started to shake and they both cummed at the same time.

    “Wow Suki. That was amazing” Ty Lee said licking up Suki’s cum.

    “Yeah it was amazing” Suki moaned as she licked up Ty Lee’s cum in return.

    Suki lay by Ty Lee and kissed her on the lips. “That was truly amazing Suki. I hope when Aang and I do it, that it will truly be magical.”

    “It will Ty Lee. Trust me” Suki said smiling and rest her head on Ty Lee’s body.
    Ty Lee started to stroke Suki’s hair. Finally, they both feel asleep as night fell.


    Next portion that i will post will be sokka/katar once i make it more interesting

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    Loved the stories and the pics. Can't wait to read the rest. I keep wondering if I should feel a little guilty or creeped out about how much this stuff turns me on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barek View Post
    Loved the stories and the pics. Can't wait to read the rest. I keep wondering if I should feel a little guilty or creeped out about how much this stuff turns me on.
    Dude i know what ya mean

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    Quote Originally Posted by evilroomba View Post
    awesome pics, gotta love toph, me thinks you should incorporate her in your stories too :)
    Well, I do have a part of the story that involves her. Its not very sexual because it was one of my earlier works, but maybe you can just appreciate it I guess. I haven't decided if I want to rewrite the stories and make them more sexual or not. Opinions greatly needed please.

    The Journey to Gaoling

    “Mhm” groan Appa as he soared through the night sky. Appa let out another groan as he tail propelled him through the air faster. Appa was feeling a bit tired. Just a few hours ago, Aang and Toph left together from the Jasmine Dragon and have spent countless hours flying through the night sky heading towards Gaoling. “I know your tired Appa, but I want to return Toph to her home safely” Aang said tiredly slowly stroking the head of Appa while holding onto the rein. Aang let out a lone yawn and started to hear a funny noise coming from behind him. Aang slowly looked back at the basket and saw that Toph was fast asleep. The wind was blowing as her hair rubbed up against her face. She was in a relax position with her arms behind her head and her legs crossed over one another. Aang smiled at her beauty knowing that her eye lids were hiding her beautiful pale green eyes. “Wow” Aang thought to himself, “for a blind girl, I mean woman, she does look very sexy.” At that moment Toph let out a large snore as a small bubble popped from her mouth. “On second thought, that doesn’t look very sexy” Aang thought again refocusing his attention toward the night sky.

    A few hours have passed and Aang was starting to fall asleep at the reins of Appa. “Mhmmm” Appa growled loudly trying to wake up Aang. Aang slowly woke up and looked down at Appa. Appa let out another loan growl toward. “Alright, I get it Appa” Aang said placing the reins along Appa’s ears. “You want me to go to sleep, don’t you?”

    “Mhmmmm” growled Appa. “Alright” Aang said carefully getting up from his sitting position and crawling over to the basket. Aang sat quietly up again and looked closely at Toph. A thought began to run through his mind.

    “Oh, Toph. You look so beautiful. I just want to kiss you hard right now just like I did when I was saying my final goodbye to Katatra.” Aang leaned down and kissed Toph on the lips lightly, trying not to awaken her. His hands began to move up and down Toph’s stomach slowly rubbing the softy material of her eathbender’s clothing. “Mhm” Toph muttered and shifted to his movement. Aang stopped knowing that Toph would probably wake up and knock him out of the saddle. Aang laid down within the saddle and began to close his eyes falling into a deep sleep.

    Thud! Appa landed loudly on the ground within the city walls of Gaoling. The sun was shinning brightly over the city. Within the saddle, Aang was sleeping like a baby, cuddling closely to Toph. It seemed that during the night, Aang decided to get a little close to his friend. The sun began to beat down on them and Toph slowly opened her eyes and could feel Aang’s arms wrapped around her and his body pressed against her petite boobs.
    “Ahhhhhh!” Toph screamed at the top of her lungs scooting back from Aang as he flew out of the saddle from her loud scream. “Twinkle-Toes; what were doing” she said leaning over the side of the basket.

    Aang slowly rubbed his eyes slowly. “I don’t know what you mean Toph.”

    Toph jumped down from the basket. “Lies” Toph yelled. “You were cuddling up to me and I don’t like to be like that when I’m just waking up. I love to be awaken from not being touched” Toph was saying. But Aang wasn’t listening as he was madly starring at her pale green eyes and black hair that was dangling in front of her face. All Aang could focus on was the kiss that he has stored upon her lips and the soft clothing that she was wearing. “Um, Aang, are you listening to me” Toph said knowing that of course that Aang wasn’t even listening to her. “Yeah” Aang lied smoothly. Toph shook her head. “Come on twinkle-toes, take me home. It’s been a long time since I felt the presence of being in my parents’ home.” Aang nodded his head and took Toph’s hand. He thought to himself “wow, Toph has some nice hands” as his fingers were inter twined with hers.

    Appa let out one last growl as he watch Toph and Aang walk away and slowly closed his own eyes to get some rest after the long trip.

    Toph’s Family Reunion

    “You do remember where I live, right Twinkle-toes” Toph spoke underneath her breath. She brushed her hair out of her face sensing the ground underneath her feet. Aang replied slowly, “yeah I remember where you live Toph.” Toph smiled and blushed a little bit, feeling the warmth coming from Aang’s hand. “Just a little warning Twinkle-Toes, my family may not to be thrilled to see you. I have a feeling that my father may take his anger out on you” Toph spoke slowly. Aang stopped walking for a second. “For what” Aang said with a gulp. Sensing the vibrations of the ground, Toph turned around to face Aang. “I wasn’t being fully truthful when I first joined your team. When I told you that my parents allowed me to come and join you, which was a lie. I actually ran away from them. But my parents believed that you kidnapped me and decided to hire Master Yu and Xin Fu to find me and bring back home. But I sort of locked them in a metal coffin when I first mastered metal bending.” Toph looked down because of her disappointment of telling this to Aang late and a tear rolled down her eye. “I did all this so I could teach you how to earthbend and even help you defeat the Fire Lord and the ruthless fire benders. I also wanted to show my parents that I can protect and defend my self” she said sobbing.

    Aang shook his head in disappointment. “There, there Toph” he said embracing her in a hug. “It’s ok” he said lifting her head up with his finger starring in her pale green eyes. “I understand fully” as he leaned in to kiss her on the mouth. Stunned again, Toph stepped back and had slightly blushed. “Um, maybe we should continue to my house now Aang.” This was the first time that she didn’t call him ‘twinkle-toes’ and felt a little awestruck but knew that she wanted more. She started to get a little bit horny.

    They began to walk again not talking to each other. A few miles have passed and Aang found himself in front of the Bei Fong residence. He starred at the emerald doors and gulped a little bit. “Well Toph, we’re here” Aang said. Toph stood there for a moment and nodded her. Aang took the metal ring in his fist and began to bang it against the door. He waited for a few moments and the doors opened a little. Aang was looking at an old man in a black tunic, a symbol of being a butler. The old man looked at Aang and spooked slowly, “can I help you?” He had a small smirk on his face thinking that Aang was going to pull a trick. Aang stood there silently for a moment; then he gathered his thoughts and spurted out “I have brought a special guest that had wished to come for a visit.” The old man starred at Aang. Toph slowly stepped out from behind Aang and said a quick “Surprise!” The old man ran up to Toph and hugged her. “Master Toph, you’ve returned. I thought you were kidnapped. Was it this young gentleman that took you from us? I’m just so glad to see you again; your parents were eagerly waiting for your return. Please follow me inside.” Toph sighed and they began to follow the old man into the house.
    “Master Lao. Mistress Poppy. I have a surprise for you” the old man shouted. Then two figures appeared on the top of the stairs. One was a male wearing a cultural elite robe while the female was wearing a white blouse. Lao had a stern look on his face and starred at the young boy that he knew was responsible for the kidnapped of Toph. Poppy slowly pushed her husband aside and ran downstairs, embracing Toph tightly in her are. “Oh Toph, it’s so good to see you. I will never let you out of my sights again” Poppy said with a smile and started to kiss her daughter madly.

    “YOU!” Lao shouted while pointing at Aang. “You were the one that kidnapped my daughter” Lao said getting closer. “Wait, you don’t understand” Aang said protesting as Lao got closer to him. Lao pulled out a sword that was hanging above the fireplace and proceeded towards Aang. As he got closer, he brought the sword high above his shoulder and started to swing it at Aang. Aang reacted quickly and used his air bending to pushed Lao against the steps, Lao lost his gripping on the sword and it fell to the ground. Aang looked at the sword and released a burst of flame, melting the sword. “Now, can we just talk instead of fighting” Aang said extending his hand to Lao. Lao smirked a little bit and took Aang’s hand and stood firmly.
    “Thank you!” Aang reluctantly said. “I know you are over protective of Toph due to the fact that she is blind, but she can actually defend herself. The time she was with us, she taught me earth bending as if she was a true master Earth bender. Also along the journey, Toph mastered metal bending and told me that she locked Yu and Xin Fu in a metal coffin,” this interested Lao as he stood their quietly and looked over at his daughter who was now standing with Poppy listening to Aang, “she has also been and flexible member of our team. When we were in the desert, she used her earth bending to hold up a sinking library while my friends and I was trap running from an angry spirit. She also helped me train by doing a demo of being a ‘pretend’ melon lord to help me prepare for the battle against Fire Lord Ozai.” Toph let out a small laugh while hearing the melon lord part. Lao sat down on the steps placing his hands on legs. Aang continued again, “She was amazing Lao. She helped a friend of mind take out a fleet of fire bender warships that were going to burn the Earth Kingdom to ashes. You don’t give her enough credit, Lao. You need to stop being over protective and let her out of the house.” Toph clapped to the last statement and walked over to where Aang was standing. “Thank you Aang” she said with a smile. Lao stood up and began to pace up and down. He stopped and looked at his daughter and let out a lone sigh.

    “I guess you are right, Avatar Aang” he said reluctantly. He walked closer to his wife. “You see, we just didn’t want to lose her since she is blind. We just were protecting her from the dangers of the world.” He looked over at Toph again and back at Aang. “Well, I guess since she is back home safely, I have nothing but this to say.” He touched Toph lightly on her shoulders and looked into her green eyes. “I guess I haven’t given you much credit Toph. Now that you have proven yourself to be able to protect yourself, I grant you permission to be able to see the outside world.” Toph started to cry and hugged her father closely. “Thank you Aang” Toph said. Aang stood there and decided to hug Toph one last time.
    "Wait, Aang, before you leave...can you...um..come up to my room for a while" Toph said after finishing hugging him and blushed a little bit. Aang looked a little stun. "Toph, I really should be heading back right now" Aang said scratching his head. Toph put on the sappy puppy dog face. "Please Aang" she said tugging on his outfit, "just for one final moment together." Lao and Poppy threw a weird look at their daughter, even though they knew that she couldn't see it. They decided to get up and get some warm cup of tea.

    Aang sighed. "Sure Toph, i'll come up to your room. Just for a little bi..." as he tried to finish he notice that Toph wasn't in front of him and knew that she raced off to her room. Aang blinked a few times. "Wow, Toph must be really horny. I have a feeling she wants me so badly." He let out another lone sigh and began to climb the stairs in the attempts to catch up to Toph.

    "Toph! Toph!" Aang yelled out.

    "Hold on Aang" Toph shouted from her private bathroom from within her room. Aang sat down on her bed. It was nice and soft and he had a sense that this would be a perfect place to do Toph. As Aang paid no attention to the bathroom door it slowly opened and Toph slowly walked out, feeling for Aang's vibrations on the ground. Aang turned his head and his mouth dropped. Toph was wearing a white gown that she had obtained in Ba Sing Se by visiting one of the spas. "Wow, Toph...you look sexy." Even though Toph couldn't see his reaction, she knew that he was probably staring at her petite boobs and curves. Toph moved her hands creating a stone lock on her door. "Aang, can you help me to the bed?" she said with a seductive smile. Aang slowly got up and embraced Toph and brought her back to the edge of the bed.

    "Aang, i want you to kiss me like you did this morning and last night." Aang mouth's dropped. "Wait, you knew i kissed you last night Toph." Toph nodded head. "Of course. When I kissed you this morning i knew I experienced the same kiss before. Also, i had the weirdest dream that someone was rubbing my stomach while i was being kissed." Aang gulped. "I'm sorry for that Toph, its just that you looked so beautiful while you were asleep and i wanted to feel you." Aang said blushing. Toph probably figured that he was blushing.
    "Well, Twinkle-toes. Here's your free chance" Toph smiled seductively.

    Aang couldn't resist any longer. He could feel his dick being aroused due to her sexy outfit. He scooted closer to Toph and began to kiss her. Toph returned the kiss and wrapped her hands around Aang moving them up and down his clothing trying to get a feel for him. Aang was in the same moment. Toph let go of Aang and decided to lay back on her bed opening up her legs. "Aang, I need you to pleassure me right now." Aang smiled and started to crawl up to Toph. He began to move his hands up Toph's thigh heading up to her vagina but slowly stopped. "I'm sorry Toph, but i can't do this right now." Aang slowly got up from the bed. "I have to go now Toph. I will visit you again later, i really should be returning to the Souther Air Temple." Aang looked at Toph for the moment and said a quick goodbye. Using his own earth bending, he unlocked her bedroom door and started to walk downstairs. Toph blink and looked down and then back up blowing her hair out of her face. "Typical situation. Just like with Sokka and Zuko. This was the worst idea i had."
    Aang left the Bei Fong residence and took one last look at Toph's house. He knew that he would see her again. He had left her aroused and knew that she wanted more, but as for Aang himself, he was not ready. The sun was setting behind Gaoling and Aang just reached Appa before night time.

    “Hey Appa, it’s time go buddy” Aang shouted as he jumped onto Appa’s head. Appa growled and slammed his tail against the ground taking off. It was time to return to there own home; the Southern Air Temple. Aang looked back at the city of Gaoling and could see the sun slowly sinking behind the city. The thought of Toph ran through his head as well as the image of Katara. Two girls that he was starting to feel strange about.

    Return to Gaoling

    The sun was bright as it slowly reflected off the ocean nearly blinding Appa as he flew over the calm sea. As Appa flew, the sun helped cast a shadow off Appa flying over the sea, scaring the fish away underneath of Appa. Aang slowly let out a loan sigh. Usually, Aang would normally be sitting on Appa’s head controlling the reigns, but today Aang felt a little sad and couldn’t be at the head so he decided to sit in the saddle to reflect what had happen that morning. In the morning, Aang was caught in bed with Mai by her very own best friend Ty Lee. Ever since bumping in Ty Lee on Kyoshi Island, it seemed that they were destined to be together. But it seems that every time Aang wants to fulfill this destiny, it seems to take him on a whole new direction signaling that he is not meant to be with Ty Lee.

    “Mhm” growled Appa as he flapped his tail and pushed off the air with his feet.
    “I know Appa. I understand that you are very tired, but we need to get Toph and return to the Fire Nation. Just be glad that you aren’t carrying Katara, Sokka, Toph and me right now wearing the war armor.” Aang let out a small laugh.
    “Mhm mmm” growled Appa in a bit of agreement.

    “Oh Appa” Aang said as he leaned over the basket and began to pet Appa. Appa continued its long journey letting out several growls and groans. “There it is Appa. There’s Gaoling.”

    The island came into a close view. It wasn’t very big, but big enough to have there own town. Appa began to slowly descend onto the island and landed with a soft thud. He let out a loan growl again.

    “Alright Appa. I get it. Go to sleep you big baby. It may take me a while to try and convince Toph to return with us.” Aang sigh and grabbed his brown pouch that was given to him by Sokka. He looked up the path and began to make his way up the hill heading to the Bei Fong residence.
    The sun was starting to set as Aang finally reached the top of the hill. He stood at the emerald door and let out a low sigh. He knew that he had made it to Toph’s house, but something felt very different about the landscape. It felt like they added a room on the ground floor. But this wasn’t Aang’s main concern. He grabbed the small metal ring on the door and began to slam it against the door. He slowly let go of the wind and waited for a moment. The door began to open and an old man was standing there holding the door open. His white hair grew a little bit longer since the last time Aang was here and his eyes became a darken green. The old man was wearing the same black robes that he was wearing the last time.
    “Can I help you?” the old man spoke starring at Aang.

    “Yes. I’m here to see Toph. It’s very urgent that I see her immediately” Aang said with a smile and studying the old man’s face. The old man slightly grinned.
    “I’m sorry, but the Bei Fong’s have told me that they do not wish to see the Avatar anymore. Even Mistress Toph has told me that she does not wish to see you anymore nor listen to your requests.”
    “But…it’s….very” Aang began to say as his arrows started to glow slightly.
    “I’M VERY SORRY SIR! BUT I MUST ASK YOU TO LEAVE IMMEDATELY BEFORE I CALL THE GUARDS!” the old man shouted and slammed the door on Aang’s face. He turned around and began to make his way back towards the house until the emerald doors came crashing down behind him causing him to fall to the ground. He slowly looked back and saw that Aang looked very angry. Unknown to Aang and the old man, Toph was listening, feeling the vibrations of the earth as she took a bite of her salad. She muttered to herself, “Aang is here and he is not very happy” in her mind. Aang began to come close to the old man as he was trying to get up. Aang stomped his foot and a sphere of rock pop up going threw the old man’s robes and lifting him high into the air.

    A new voice began to emerge from Aang, his avatar voice. “Now, you will take me to Toph or I will crumble this rock tower and make you fall to your death.” The old man was struggling and tears began to fill his eyes.
    “Alright. I will take you to Mistress Toph, just please put me down gently.” Aang stepped on the ground and the rock tower came lowering to the ground and finally sinking. The old man got back up again and wiped off the dirt from his robes. “Follow me please.” The old man began to lead Aang into the house, to the dinning room.

    The inside of the house was very quiet. Along the path of the hallways were tons of pictures of the Bei Fong family and saw other images of the earth kings and images of various lands. Aang slowly followed behind the butler not looking into his face nor talking to him. The old man slowly pulled open the door to the dinning room. As the door open, the Bei Fong family was sitting down at the table eating a family dinner together.
    Lao was about to take a bite of his noodles until he saw the old man standing at the door. “Lu Yen, what brings you here?”
    “Sorry for the intrusion on the family dinner, but I have a visitor for Mistress…”
    “Aang! What the hell are you doing here?” Toph yelled as interrupting her butler. Toph looked somewhat mad. Although her eyes couldn’t tell how angry she felt, but her voice certainly did. Aang slowly looked at her and notice that she was wearing her traditional earth clothing. She was standing up facing her butler and Aang.
    Aang slowly gulped because he knew how powerful Toph can be when she is very angry. “I came to deliver a message for you from Fire Lord Zuko. It’s really important that we can talk in private.”

    Toph slowly walked around and felt the vibrations of the ground feeling Aang’s anxiety. “Ok Twinkle-toes, I will give you the chance to talk to me in private. Please follow me to my room.”
    Toph began to make her way from the dinning room through a new hallway that Aang did not realize. “Um, Toph, I thought your room was upstairs” Aang said looking around. Toph slightly smirk.
    “I actually had my room moved downstairs. It’s a special room just for me. Because in this room, it’s more personal.”
    “Um, ok…” Aang slowly said.

    “Here we are Twinkle-toes” Toph said leading Aang into a small looking room. Aang began to look around and notice something weird about the room. It wasn’t a normal wooden or stone wall make. It felt like more of earth. It finally struck him. Toph’s new room was made entirely of earth dirt. This will especially allow her to see well in her room. There wasn’t much anyways. There was a small bed, a small dresser and by the dresser was a small golden cauldron, a spit pot most likely. Aang turned his head and Toph was wearing a new set of clothing. She was wearing her fire nation dress that she stole when she was in the fire nation with the gang. “Uh, this is much more relief” she said throwing her green earth robes onto the ground. She simply moved her feet along the floor and suddenly a two rock chairs and a rock table took form. She sat down on one of the rocks. “Aang, please take a seat and tell me this message from Zuko.” Aang gulped a little bit and sat down across from Toph.
    “So Twinkle-toes, what brings you here?” Toph said fixing her dress.

    Aang gulped and looked at her, starring at her petite boobs that were poking out through her dress. He wanted her so much, but didn’t know what to say. “I’m waiting Twinkle-toes.” Toph felt the vibration of the earth and she slightly smiled. She knew that Aang wanted her. She knew that Aang would return so she had always worn her fire nation dress underneath her earth robes.

    “Toph, I need you to come back to the Fire Nation with me. The country is in a state of rebellion and Fire Lord Zuko has requested that Team Avatar reunites and help him with the rebellion. Since you are a part of the team, he has requested that I come and get you personally” Aang said as he continued to stare at Toph. His hand began to slide to his crotch as he slowly rubbed it.

    “Interesting” Toph began to say. “So, you want me to help to fight. You didn’t come here for anything else” she said with a sly smile.
    Aang gulped and began to rub his crotch a little bit harder. “Actually Toph, I came here because I wanted to make love to you today. I have been dreaming for this moment for quite a long time.” Aang got off the rock chair and walked over to Toph. He gently picked her up and kissed her on the cheeks. Toph let out a low moan and slightly blushed a little bit. Aang took her over to her bed and drop her onto the soft material of the blankets and began to climb up onto the bed with her. Aang began to stare into Toph’s pale blue eyes. He leaned in and began to kiss her deeply on the mouth.
    “Oh Aang, take me all the way. Teach me the idea of the birds and the bee’s” Toph said with a lone moan. During their travels, Katara and even Sokka told the story of the birds and the bees. Now, it was time for Toph to experience it. As Aang continued to kiss Toph, he began to move his hand down the material of her dress and to the opening of skirt. Toph began to felt a burning sensation running through her. Aang finally reached her panties and began to slowly rub it against her wet pussy trying to get it wet.

    “Oh Aang” Toph moaned again wrapping her arms around his body. Aang continued to rub faster knowing that Toph would most likely enjoy this. “Aang, I think I’m gonna cum” and her body began to shake as he felt her panties getting really wet and hot. Toph let out a loud moan. They stopped kissing for a moment and Aang pushed Toph back onto the bed. He took the hem of his shirt and took it off really fast and then pulled down his pants revealing his cock.
    “Toph, I know you are blind, but I wanted to let you know that I have a 12 inch cock. Also, I’m gonna help you enjoy this pleasure. He gently placed his legs around Toph’s body and gently lifted her head up moving his cock right between her mouth. “Top, my cock is right by your mouth. I want you to take it and suck on it.”

    Toph nodded and began to feel around for his cock. She finally grabbed it and brought up to her mouth and slowly began to suck on it.
    “Yes Toph…that’s it” Aang said moaning as he moved his behind his back grabbing onto Toph’s little tits. He started to squeeze and pinch her nipples through the material as he began to moan. “TOPH, I’M CUMMING” Aang shouted as his body shook and all his hot juices landed into Toph’s mouth. He slowly began to back off from her face allowing her to lick up his juices. “Wow Aang, your juices are really good. Aang, I need your shaft in my pussy right now. I want you to be the first one to fuck me.” Although Toph couldn’t see Aang nodding his head, he slowly lifts up the red skirt and finally revealed her panties. It was a green g-string with the Earth Kingdom symbol on it. His mouth falls open.
    “Holy fuck Toph. For a young woman, you sure have a nice g-string.” He slowly pulled it down and saw the hair on her pussy. He threw the g-string onto the floor and slowly leaned his head into her pussy and began to lick.

    “Oh yes Aang. Make my hair tremble” Toph moaned rubbing her boobs through the material. Aang licked a little bit faster and harder. Her juices began to slowly wetting her pussy and he began to really enjoy her juices.

    “Enough with the kiddy play Aang. Shove your fucking cock into my pussy and take my woman hood.
    Aang nodded and grabbed his cock. He began to rub it up and down her pussy lips. He positioned it at the opening and slowly began to push the head of his cock in and stopping. “Ok Toph. Are you ready for some pain and pleasure?” Toph nodded her head. Aang gently pushed on Toph’s legs a little bit more and then licked his lips. Toph bit down on her bottom lip. “Ok Toph, on the count of three, I’ll thrust in.”

    “OH MY FUCKING GOD” Toph yelled in pain. Blood began to drip out of her pussy as she could feel her pussy muscles trying to clamp onto Aang’s cock. Aang stayed still for a moment allowing her pussy to adjust for a moment. “Are you ready Toph?”
    Toph had some tears coming down her eyes. “Yeah I’m ready” she slowly replied biting down on her lips.
    Aang began to thrust in and out of her really fast. He continued his pace not slowing down. Toph couldn’t keep up with his pace and was gasping for a lot of air but also moaning at the same time.

    “Oh AANG!! I’m gonna cum!” Toph could feel her pussy muscles clamping hard against Aang’s cock as he also began to feel the pressure. Toph’s body began to shake and she released her hot liquid. At this same moment, Aang released his liquid as well and they both collapsed on the bed.
    “Oh my god Aang, that was fucking amazing” Toph said gasping for air.

    “Yeah that was. Toph, do you want me to bend my cum out of you so you don’t get pregnant?” Toph shook head no. “I want to get pregnant and I want it to be from you. I have always had my eyes on you since we first meet. Please don’t take away this moment from me.” Aang sighed and replied “Ok Toph but can I ask you something?” Toph nodded her head. “Can I have your green g-string?” Toph let out a low laugh and replied “Sure Twinkle-toes. You can keep my g-string.” She panted a little. “I love you Aang” she said kissing him on the lips. “I love you to Toph” and they both drifted back to sleep.
    Team Avatar Reunites

    A few hours passed and Aang and Toph were slowly getting up after their fun time. Toph was the first one to climb out of her bed and walked over to her dresser and grabbed a new thong. Surprisingly, it was a red thong that matched her dress really well as she slowly slides it on. Aang got dress and tucked away Toph’s g-string into the pouch.

    “Well Toph…you ready to go” Aang said throwing his pouch over his shoulder.
    “Yep, I’m ready to kick some ass.” She grabbed her traditional earth kingdom robes so that her parents wouldn’t see her in an fire nation outfit.
    “Alright lets go.” They walked out to the front door and stood still in front of the emerald doors. Toph slowly looked at Aang with a twinkle in her eye. Aang pulled out a whistle and blew on it and slowly put it away. They stood very still for a moment.

    In the distance, their was a growl and Appa was fast approaching Aang and Toph. They looked at each other and looked back over at Appa as he came landing on the ground with a loud thud. They both climbed into the basket and Appa bang his tail against the ground. “To the Fire Nation buddy.” Appa growled and began to pick up the speed. In the basket, Aang and Toph was cuddling together keeping each other warm as the prepare to see their friends.

    As the night stars emerged, Aang looked over at Toph. She was in a state of deep sleep. She had ditched her green earth robes when they were five miles away and now she was wearing the same red dress that she was wearing for Aang. He continued to stare at Toph. He knew that this could probably be the last moment to be with her. He moved down toward her legs and slowly pushed the skirt up revealing her red thong. He didn’t really want to get to frisky with her since just a few hours ago they already made love. He slowly pushed her thong to the side and started to lick her pussy.
    “Oh Aang. Please just eat me.” She said in her sleep. Aang obeyed and just licked her little pussy. He finally stopped as he began to taste her juices and she slowly woke up.

    “Thanks Aang” she said with a smile.

    “No problem Toph.” They looked out into the distance and saw the fire nation palace coming into view. In the distance, an explosion occurred and their were some yelling going on. It was getting a lot closer to the capitol since the last time Aang saw an explosion. Appa finally landed and they jumped out. At the top of the stairs; Zuko, Katara, and Sokka were waiting.
    “AANG!” Katara shouted and she began to run down the stairs and embraced Aang in a hug.
    “TOPH!” Sokka shouted and ran down giving Toph a hug.
    Sokka, Toph, Katara, and Aang all gave each other a hug. Aang leaned in and kissed Katara as well. “It’s been a while hasn’t it Katara”
    “Sure has Aang” as she held his head with her hand and kissed him on the lips. Sokka and Toph just starred and spat out with disgust.
    “HEY! If you guys are ready to begin for the briefing, I would really appreciate it” Zuko said shouting. “Oh be quiet Zuko” Katara yelled back and began to form a group circle with Aang, Toph, and Sokka. They all hugged each other.
    “LOOKS LIKE TEAM AVATAR IS BACK TOGETHER AGAIN!” Sokka shouted as Momo landed on his head and Appa growling with happiness.
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    Ok, since i haven't included any new one since the Toph scene just a few minutes ago, I've decided to through up a special one. I may re-write the series later...suggestions?



    In the distance: “Ok class. That is enough for today. We will continue to train tomorrow. Be ready as for we will learn how to move the water around our bodies and then use it as a whip that can help us defeat our attackers” Katara said. The class picked up there stuff and began to disperse. Sokka, Pakku, and Arnook started to walk towards Katara.

    “That was a great lesson” Pakku spoke as he clapped his hands. “You are indeed a better teacher then me” he said smiling. Katara blushed and hugged her grandpa. As she held her grandpa, her eyes opened up and saw Sokka behind them. She released her grandpa and shouted “SOKKA!” She ran over to Sokka and gave him a big hug and a small kiss on the cheek.

    “Hey Katara. It’s so good to see you again” as Sokka embraced Katara in his arms. A tear came down her eye and she released him. “So, how is Suki doing?” Katara said smiling. “Suki is doing quite well.”

    “We’ll let you two get reacquainted. I’m sure you guys probably have a lot to talk about” Pakku said turning. Arnook also turned with Pakku and they both disappeared walking down the steps.

    “Sokka, let’s go into my house and talk for a while. I can get you some hot tea as you probably cold since its been a while since you been anywhere cold.” Sokka nodded his head and Katara took his and began to lead him to her house that wasn’t far from where she was teaching her students.
    “Welcome to my house” she said showing off a small little cozy house. “Let’s go inside now Sokka.” The took him inside and Sokka’s mouth sort of dropped. It was a small house. Their wasn’t much room at all. All it contained was a small little kitchen and a bedroom with a bed and a small table. She also had a small little bathroom as well. “Eh, for a teacher, your house isn’t that big.” Katara nodded and headed into the kitchen to make a cup of hot tea.

    Katara’s House: A Dirty Sin

    Sokka sat down on the sofa and waited patiently. He looked back over to the bedroom and saw the bed with the corner of his eyes. He began to lick lips hoping to put his plan into motion. Katara came out of the kitchen and handed him a cup. “Here you go Sokka. It’s ginseng. I got the recipe from Iroh before I left the Jasmine Dragon to go our own separate ways.” Katara sat down at the couch and starred at her brother while he started to sip his tea. He lowered his cup and looked backed at Katara. He smiled at her. She was wearing her blue robe and the tightest brown pants. Underneath, he figured that she was going commando or was wearing a hot thong. He sipped his drink and held it in his hand.

    “Katara, can I get some more tea. That was actually pretty good” Sokka said handing her the cup. Katara sighed and got up to head back over to the kitchen. Sokka looked over his shoulder and saw her ass swaying back and forth as she disappeared into the kitchen. Sokka took this moment to slightly rub his groin through his pants after imaging to see his sister’s naked ass. “Oh, Katara, your ass is so sweet” he moaned in his mind and wasn’t paying attention when Katara returned.
    “Here you go…” Katara started to say as she dropped the tea cup on the ground. It smashed into a million pieces and snapped Sokka back to reality.
    “Aw, you dropped my cup” Sokka said blinking.

    Katara looked at him. “Sokka, were you just rubbing your groin in front of me?” Knowing that he was caught he nodded. “So, this is why you came to visit me?”
    Sokka stumbled and replied, “No, I came to see you. It’s been a while since we last chat. Katara sat on the couch and looked at him.
    “Sokka!” she said. “You came here because you wanted to have sex with me. Didn’t you?”
    Sokka didn’t know how to reply. He looked deeply into her eyes and simply nodded. “Yes Katara. I came to have sex with you. It’s been a whole year since our last encounter of having sex together. That was truly magical and I wish to live that moment again.”
    “But you’re with Suki now. Get the action with her now. I’m not doing it again.”

    Sokka looked at her. “Please Katara, I know you want it. I know you have been probably craving it and I can satisfy you right now.”
    “Sorry Sokka. But I have a few reasons why I don’t want to do it with you” Katara said looking away from Sokka.
    “Why not?” he said as he began to rub her pants around her thighs.

    “Sokka!” I said “No. Here are my reasons. First, you are my brother and I think it was wrong. Two, I am a teacher here and if they find out that I condone these actions with my brother, I will no longer be able to continue my teachings here. Three, Grandpa will most likely kill you if he discovers you having sex with me. He already doesn’t like you. Finally, I’m kind of saving myself for someone that I really care about.”

    Sokka shook his head. “Ok Katara, here is my rebuttals. Who cares if I am your brother? I know that you are a great water bender teacher, but eventually you will have to retire. As for Pakku, I don’t really give a damn about him. And lastly, you like Aang don’t you? You want to be with Aang ever since that kiss at the Jasmine Dragon.” Katara looked down and a started to come down her eye.

    “I’m sorry Katara. I just would really love to be with one last time before anything happens.”

    Katara looked into his eyes and let out a deep sigh. “Ok. But we cannot let this get out.” Sokka nodded and leaned in to kiss Katara on her lips. “Let’s go into the bedroom” Katara said grabbing Sokka’s hand and leading him over to the bed. They both jumped onto the bed and Sokka began to embrace Katara and began to passionately kiss her and then nibbled on her ear. Katara let out a small moan.

    While Sokka kissed Katara, she began to move her hand between their bodies and slid it into Sokka’s pants grabbing onto his hardening cock. She started to slowly rub it up and down. “Oh Katara, don’t stop. Go faster.” Sokka started to grunt as Katara went a little bit faster. Sokka finally stopped kissing his her sister and began to move his hand into her pants and started to rub her thong against her pussy. “Oh Sokka….go faster for me as well.” Thy both picked up the pace and soon their bodies started to shake as they both yelled “I’m cumming.” They both panted and removed their hands from each other. Katara’s hand was covered with Sokka’s cum. She slowly brought it to her mouth and began to suck on it getting a taste of her brother. Sokka began to bring his hand to his face and could smell the moisture from Katara’s panties. “Oh god Sokka, that felt a little bit good. Indeed it has been a while since I last felt this” Katara said panting.
    Sokka looked at her. “Then why don’t we get this moving along” as he slowly pushed Katara down onto her bed. He climbed on top of her and began to lick her neck. “Oh yes” Katara moaned feeling her brother’s wet tongue. He continues making his way down her neck until he came to her shirt. He looked at her and she gave him a slight nod. He ripped her shirt with all his might revealing an aqua bra that was hiding her breasts. “Wow Katara, your breasts have grown a lot since the last time I saw or touched them.” He began to move his hands onto her breast and began to rub them together. Katara bit her bottom lip. Sokka began to lick the soft material of her bra and continued licking her stomach until he got to the hems of her pants. He slowly began to pull down her pants and suddenly his eyes popped right out as his mouth instantly dropped. To his surprise, Katara was wearing a light aqua thong that came close to matching her bra.
    “What?” Katara asked. “Nothing sister. You just look to young to be wearing these sexy clothes” he said while he touched her wet panties. Katara let out a small moan and then a cough.

    “Sokka, how about you remove your clothes now since I’m almost naked” she said winking. Sokka furiously ripped off his clothes showing off his smooth well rounded abs and his now hardening cock. Sokka smiled and pulled Katara up and started to kiss her. “Sokka, it’s my turn to take over for a few.”
    She pushed Sokka onto the bed and sat on his hardening cock. She began to slowly grinded against his cock and began to pick up his pace. “Oh yes Katara. Dance on my cock. Make me cum” he said shouting as his cock got harder every minute. As she continued to dance on his cock, she unclasped her bra and let it fall on Sokka revealing her sexy breasts to Sokka.

    “Wow” he said in amazement and moved his hands up and slowly began to pinch her nipple. Katara bit her lower lip feeling the intensifying moment and grinded a little faster against his cock. Her soft, but wet thong was working wonders as Sokka looked up and yelled, “I’m gonna cum in a few seconds.” His body began to shake and Katara stopped and backed off a little bit lower her head onto his cock and began to jack it off. He released a loud moan and his cum came shooting up into Katara’s mouth and she continued to lick it.

    “Mhm, tasty” she said licking her lips. “Sokka, I need you inside of me now.” Sokka nodded and gently leaned Katara back down on the bed. He pushed her thong aside and started to lick her pussy. “Oh Sokka. Don’t eat me out right now. I want you inside of me NOW!” Sokka stopped licking and pulled down her thong. He sniffed it and started to lick it. Katara played with her nipples while waiting for Sokka. He continues to sniff and lick her thong getting the taste of her juices.
    “SOKKA! I NEED YOU INSIDE ME RIGHT NOW!” as she started to bend the moisture out of her thong so that Sokka would pay more attention to her.
    “Sorry Katara. It’s just that I love your sweet juices.”

    “Well, now isn’t the time. Now put your fucking cock in me and give me the time of my fuckin life” she said as a little bit of desire started to burn in her eyes.

    “OK!” He grabbed his dick and began to stroke it a little to get it hard again. He positioned it just right by her and thrusted it into her. “SOKKA!!” He started to thrust in and out of her. He could hear his balls slam against her pussy. Katara grabbed her bed sheets and held on to them as tight as she could. “FASTER! HARDER! MAKE ME CUM!” he shouted. Sokka obeyed and went faster. Soon, he could feel her muscles clasping to his cock. He knew that she was close to cumming and he was also close to cumming.

    “SOKKA…I’M GOING TO CUM!” she shouted. He could feel her pussy juices on his cock. At this moment, he couldn’t take any more of this.

    “I’m cumming as well” Sokka yelled and shot his cum in her pussy. They both panted tired. Sokka pulled out of her and there cum started to leak out. Tiredly, Katara moved her hands and started to bend there cum out of her pussy and placed it into a cup.

    “Aw, your no fun” Sokka said tiredly as he slowly backed up.

    “Sorry Sokka, I just don’t want to get pregnant from you” she gasping for some breath. They both looked into each other eyes and kissed for the last time. Katara started to fall to sleep. Sokka decided to take this moment and flipped her onto her stomach revealing her petite ass to him. He began to sniff it and licked it. He looked at Katara and notice that she has fallen asleep. “Wow, I guess she really needed me.” He began to rub his cock against her asshole and began to position it towards her hole. Last time, Katara and Sokka had ass fucked before going on the journey with Aang. He slowly pushed his cock in and started to hump her slowly and easily making sure she wouldn’t wake up. Usually when she wakes up, she is grumpy. He continued for a few while rubbing her and finally came to a slow pace.

    He leaned on her with his cock in her ass and kissed her on the cheek and drifted off to sleep as well.



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