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    Big Bang Theory Bernadette's experimentation.

    This is a work of fiction. I an in no way connected with the show's cast or producers, and am not receiving any payment from them. This is merely an idea I developed from the show and Muhabba's stories, I hope you enjoy.

    Part 01

    Bernadette was facing a week alone, Howard was attending an engineering symposium in Chicago, and she was horny as all hell. Damn, her sex fever was at an all time high, and he was a couple of thousand miles away, and it was only the first day. When Penny and Amy had suggested they do a pub night, she had eagerly agreed. Leonard was attending a 5 day conference in Seattle, and Sheldon was in his element at a week long conference of theoretical physicists in San Francisco, no doubt pointing out to all the other physicists that they were wrong, and he was right. It was time for the ladies to let their hair down.

    As usual, it didn't take long for Penny to get loose and let her hair down, and she regaled Amy and Bernadette with the wonders of her newest sex toy, the "Satisfyer 2", and how great it felt when she also employed her 8 inch dildo. The way she talked, it sounded like Penny had tried several types before this one.

    Swaying in her seat, a tipsy Penny purred, "You'll just love it. Amy, you know how difficult it is for Sheldon. Remember how he took care of you when you were sick? The thrill you got when he applied Vapo-Rub to your chest? And how you faked being sick for a longer time, and actually had him help you into a hot bath? And he found out, and gave you a spanking as punishment, damn, girl, you haven't even got to second base yet, and yet he's seen you naked, and spanked you, so kinky! Remember how you told us about your cure for the frustrated lady? An electric toothbrush, and you even call yours Gerard! I'll bet Gerard got one hell of a workout after that! How long will you need Gerard to stand in for Sheldon?"

    Amy was agreeing in her mind. Her childhood and teens had been such a lonely time, everyone calling her nerd girl, taunting her with cruel comments, making her the butt of jokes, just because she was so much smarter than they were. She had responded by becoming a female version of Sheldon, robotic, with high, impenetrable walls, shutting out the outside world. In her mind, it existed only to make her a clown, the butt of every joke. She felt a small measure of satisfaction when she had soared past all the ones who had taunted her, and advanced to university at 15, having blown by all the future bottle washers and button sorters. University was a much better place, she could apply her brain power to the challenging field of neuro-biololgy, although she was no longer seen as a nerd, or a joke, she avoided friendships, lest the taunting and the cruel remarks start up again. It had been almost a matter of course before she had her PhD, and was Doctor Amy Farrah Fowler. She had taken a big chance when she saw Sheldon's online profile on the dating site. True, Raj and Howard had set him up, but it was the first time in her life she had ever met someone with the intention of possibly starting a longer term relationship.

    Her life now, being around Penny and Bernadette, she felt for the first time the warmth of true friendship, offered as a genuine article. She could feel the inner Amy, the one who now had friends, wanting to bust out, explore and enjoy, eager to emerge. With her affections trained on Sheldon, she wanted real, physical contact, Sheldon's attention to her during her sickness had just intensified the need. Like a teaser, it left her wanting it all. Sheldon may call it coitus, but I call it fucking. Thinking of that word both shocked and thrilled her. She really needed to get Sheldon into bed, and remove both their virginities.

    Penny continued, "Bernadette, we know you love Howard, but you see all the symposiums he's invited to. And he's such a mama's boy, god, that Jewish mother of his, he's tied to her with something a lot stronger than apron strings. So between his symposiums, and his mother, those aren't going to just stop even though you two will be getting married. I'm sure you're just as busy taking matters into your own hands, when Howard's cock isn't there to give you what you need."

    Bernadette was both shocked, and thrilled, Penny was really getting wound up. The good little girl part of Bernadette wanted to tell her to stop talking, but the dirty little girl wanted to hear it, hear it all. Bernadette saw a look of interest on Amy's face. Since Amy was not used to the social mores, still learning, she looked like she was eager to hear more, and Penny didn't disappoint.

    Penny pressed on, "Bernadette, when Howard's not available, Amy, while you're waiting for Sheldon to get in the game, the Satisfyer and dildo will get the job done. Ummm, once you start, and your pussy gets all wet and juicy, the dildo will give you such a smooth fucking, when your clit has risen up, all hard and pink and begging for stimulation, the Satisfyer's soft tip will gently hug your clit, it uses waves of air pressure to tease your clit with a "huff and puff." With the tip snugged around your clit, you'll get the maximum impact, the first time I tried it, I almost got rocked out of bed! With 11 power levels, you can get as mild or wild as you want, and it's waterproof. Imagine getting off during your morning shower, or taking a long hot bath, with that little number between your thighs, working over your eager clit. I use it during every shower, it's heaven, and makes me feel so clean!"

    Penny giggled, swaying drunkenly on the bar stool.

    "I'm so wet and horny, I wanna go home, and use my toys right now!"

    With her friends supporting her, Penny was helped into the back seat of a cab they piled in with her, holding her up in the back seat as she smiled, and babbled on.

    When they got into Penny's apartment, Penny had sobered up just a bit, and she was horny as all hell. They helped her into the bedroom.

    Penny stripped, and said, "I want you to watch me use my toys. Leonard loves to watch me as foreplay. I get off on watching him watching me, and you'll get a first hand demonstration of how good this is. Please stay."

    Amy and Bernadette looked at each other, and gave Penny a good looking over. The sight of their blonde friend, all that golden brown tanned flesh, really got them warming up. From the toned, muscular legs, over the bare, smooth pussy, with just a small trimmed landing strip, and her set of breasts, perky and topped with stiff, eager nipples, Penny was obviously in the mood. Penny smiled, and she reached into her night stand, and brought out her goodies. First the 8 inch dildo, shaped just like a real cock.

    Penny purred, "Almost as big as Leonard! And don't sit so far away, I won't bite, I promise! Get closer!"

    They moved up, until they were sitting right at the side of the bed.

    Penny purred, "That's better. And now, the Satisfyer 2!"

    As Penny revealed it, Bernadette thought it looked very much like a large tobacco pipe, with a bow like projection, and the handle rising up at almost and away at a 90 degree angle. She laid it next to her on the bed, and took her dildo. They watched, open mouthed, as Penny slid the dildo down and ran the head along her lips, rimming them with the dildo tip.

    "One of you, get over here and stroke my nipples while I fuck myself!" Penny grunted.

    Bernadette, fueled by the alcohol, got up and went over, knelt on the bed, and stared at Penny's bright cherry red nipples. She reached down, it felt like her fingers tingled as her hands met the warm, pliant flesh, and she did to Penny what she did to her own nipples during her masturbation sessions. Caressing the golden skin, fingers tugging and tweaking gently, Penny's nipples rose up, eager for more.

    Penny grunted, and putting the dildo to her labial lips, thrust hard, she let out a loud squeal of pleasure as she impaled her creamy wet pussy, and buried it to the base.

    "Oh yes, feels so good, keep playing with my tits Bernie!"

    Overcome with the need, Amy's skirt was on the floor, along with her pantyhose, and she was stroking at the outline of her vulva, masturbation had been her only sexual release, and she needed that release, now.

    Unable to say no, Bernadette felt her panties getting wet, as her juices started to flow. She looked over, saw Amy, her skirt and pantyhose were on the floor, and she was pressing her hand against the front of her panties. Bernadette saw that Amy was wearing her Victoria's Secret leopard print panties. Amy had been more than frank about what she liked, right down to her favorite set of undies, and assumptions she had made, not having developed the normal mental barriers between what she did, and vocalizing it.

    Bernadette saw Amy getting into it, her eyes locked on the scene, and Bernadette really felt the need. She pulled one of her hands back, managed to undo her skirt, and buried her hand between her purple Calvin Klein thong, her pussy was crying out for relief, and she purred with pleasure, as her fingers found her hot, wet heat. Penny's face was a study in bliss, as she worked over herself. Bernadette wanted to kiss her nipple, and she lowered her mouth, and took Penny's left nipple between her lips, letting her tongue lave hotly and wetly over the stiff nipple.

    Penny felt a rush of lust as Bernadette's mouth latched eagerly at her nipple, licking and sucking, holy fuck, that felt so hot, as Bernadette switched to her other nipple, eager to nurse both of them.

    Penny growled, "Oh fuck, so good suck my tits, I love it!"

    Bernadette eagerly complied, sucking Penny's tits was making her body throb. Penny felt the building of her orgasm. She reached for her Satisfyer, and snugged it into place. She switched it on and let out a loud moan of pleasure.

    "Oh my god, it feels so fucking good, you have to get your own Satisfyer, oh god, gonna cum so fucking HAAARRRDDD!"

    Penny's voice rose up to a shriek, her body started to buck, and she exploded in a rush of wet, sizzling pleasure, her body shaking, letting out loud sounds of pleasure as she rode that wave. She shivered with pleasure as the last little spasm shook her.

    ''There you go, get one for yourselves, you'll love it," Penny purred.

    She had barely switched off her toy before she tumbled into sleep, out like a light.

    Bernadette was in a quandary. Her pussy was begging for relief, she had been playing with herself openly in front of Amy, of all people, and she hadn't yet cum. She needed to cum, or go crazy, she was so close. Looking at Amy, she saw that she had snugged her hand inside her panties, and now that Penny was no longer providing the lust driven fuel, had virtually frozen in place. Bernadette thought that Amy had a sexiness that she kept hidden under her very conservative clothing style. She'd never done anything with another woman, not even kissing, but with her and Amy both perched on the high ledge of sexual heat, she wondered. Remembering a remark Amy had made, about her assumption that an all girl sleepover had lesbian exploration, and had tried to get something going with Penny. Having sucked and licked Penny's nipples, she decided to see if Amy was up for some lesbian fun.

    Bernadette decided that she'd have to take the lead, just like she had to do with Howard. She slid off the bed, unbuttoned her blouse and slid it off her shoulders. Standing directly in front of Amy, clad in nothing but her purple Calvin Klein thong, and the matching purple scoop bra, enjoying her friend's wide eyed stare. Bernadette reached behind herself, and her bra quickly tumbled away. Getting bolder, and feeling the rush of sexual lust, she slipped her fingers through the waistband of her panties, and wiggling her hips, they slid down. Now she was totally nude and hotter than hell. She slipped her hand through her neatly trimmed blonde bush, locking eyes with Amy as she did so.

    Bernadette purred throatily, "Remember what you said Amy, about how you believed an all girl's sleepover had lesbian exploration. How you tried it on Penny, she was not up for it. I'm up for it, and you look like you are too, let's apply that sleepover belief rule to each other."

    Amy offered no resistance as Bernadette pulled her to her feet, Bernadette discovered that Amy was wearing a matching Victoria's Secret leopard print bra as she stripped her naked. Bernadette took in the sight of her friend, oh wow, under those conservative clothes, she was a package. She was 5' 4", 7 inches taller than Bernadette's 4' 9", looked to be about 135 pounds, and with what looked like a nice set of 36's, and a curvy body shape of about 38-30-39, Amy was really sexy looking. Sheldon, you really need to get over your fear of fucking, ran through Bernadette's mind.

    Bernadette took Amy's hand and led her into the living room, once on the thick carpet, she turned to Amy and used her tone that she commanded Howard with, "Amy, lay down, on your back."

    With that in command tone, and the lust starting to swirl, Amy obeyed, and she stared up as Bernadette stood over her.

    Bernadette commanded her, ''Now Amy, I am going to lower my pussy onto your face, and you are going to lick my tight little pussy, until I cum! Eat me right, and I'll do the same to you!"

    Amy stared up as Bernadette took to her knees, and her vulva was directly above her face, inches away. She saw the neatly trimmed blonde bush, the scent was intoxicating, it made Amy feel lighthteaded.

    Bernadette had enjoyed the look crossing Amy's face, shock, then wonderment as Bernadette presented her pussy, she could see Amy sniffing at her scent, a look of hungry need on her face.

    "Amy, take me at your own speed, kiss my pussy, then lick at my tight little pussy lips."

    Amy realized that she was actually going to do this, she was going to jump into the lesbian pool, and as Bernadette lowered herself, Amy started to plant soft, delicate kisses all along Bernadette's swollen labia, the juices coated her lips, her tongue came out, licking, tasting the essence, feeling a surge of pleasure. The inner Amy was breaking through, eager to explore.

    Bernadette felt the soft, gentle kisses at her swollen labia, mmmm, oh yes, that felt so good, she let out a loud moan of pleasure, she cradled Amy's head in her hands, and felt a hot, wet tongue licking at her pussy lips. Oh god that felt so good, she could feel her juices lining her lips, and she knew that Amy was now tasting her pussy juices.

    Bernadette whispered, "Now, slip your tongue between my lips, and drive your tongue up inside of me Amy."

    Amy did so, and oh yes, Bernadette purred with pleasure as she felt her friend's tongue sliding up her creamy tunnel, she felt it wriggling around, touching her inner walls all over. Oh yes, such an agile tongue, Amy seemed to have a knack for pussy licking, she wondered if she'd ever done this before, god, her tongue was amazing.

    "Oh yes Amy, your tongue feels like magic, ummmm, so good."

    The compliments spurred Amy onwards, she discovered that licking a hot, eager pussy was a real taste treat. Unlike Sheldon, who would have been washing his mouth out with bleach, Amy had very little reservations, as she sampled the copious flow of juices from Bernadette's pink heat. The taste was unlike anything she'd ever enjoyed, and the old ideas, the stifling box she'd been cooped up in, flew away. She was eager to please Bernadette.

    Bernadette was feeling the rise, Amy was a natural born pussy licker, ummm, she really licked her expertly. She knew she was close, very close, and she lifted up slightly, and moved to position her clit, deep pink, stiff and hard, right against Amy's lips.

    "Now, lick my little clit, make me cum Amy!"

    Eager to please, Amy surrounded the hard, pink button, letting her tongue lash at it, listening to Bernadette's cries and grunts made her own pussy tremble with need, she felt her friend's body virtually vibrating, her hands held Amy's head tight against her pussy.

    Bernadette felt the rush, and she squealed out, "Oh my god, such licking, so good, so damn good, yes, oh yes, lick MEEEE!"

    Her voice rose to a shriek, and she felt her pussy clench hard, squeezing, as she tumbled into orgasm, and she knew that a rush of juices was being plastered all over Amy's face.

    Amy felt the first gush, she was getting Bernadette's girl cum all over her face, it shocked but also thrilled her beyond measure, and she eagerly kept licking, enjoying the feel of Bernadette's warm juices painting her face. It felt so sexy, and she licked avidly, right through the last spasm as Bernadette pulled up slightly, looking down at Amy's face. Amy felt a stab of self doubt, had she done it right?

    Bernadette cooed, "Ummm, Amy, that was the best pussy licking I've ever had. I wish Howie could do that as well as you can." Her voice got huskier, she purred, "Now, it's your turn Amy!"

    Amy watched, almost unable to believe, as she watched Bernadette's petite body sliding downwards, until she was positioned right at her pussy.

    Bernadette felt the surge of excitement, Amy's mound was trimmed down to a very sparse, tidy patch, and she gently spread Amy's legs, saw the glistening pink trail. The scent was amazing, Bernadette's mind was spinning, going to do it, going to lick the very first hot, wet pussy in my life. She decided the best course of action was to do exactly what she had instructed Amy to do to her.

    Amy felt the soft gentle kisses planting all up and down her labial lips, oh god, that was amazing, her moan of pleasure urged Bernadette on, and she felt her friend's tongue slide up and down her slick lips, it felt amazing, and Any let out a long purr of pleasure, masturbation couldn't even come close to what she was being treated to now.

    Amy cooed, "Oh yes Bernadette, feels so good, so good."

    Bernadette enjoyed the fact that she was making Amy feel as good as Amy had made her feel, she slipped her tongue between the part, and let her tongue wriggle its way up Amy's churning heat.

    Amy was stunned, the feelings shooting through her were like nothing she'd ever felt before. She pulled Bernadette's head tight against her, eager to maximize the contact, ohhh god, Bernadette's tongue was doing thrilling licks up inside her, and the last chain holding back her inner Amy shattered.

    Amy growled, "Oh yes, lick my tight little cunt, make me cum all over your face you sweet little cunt licker!", thrilling to the sound of such graphic words pouring out of her own mouth.

    Hearing Amy in the grip of red hot lust spurred Bernadette on, she copied the patterns that Amy had done to her, pinning her to the rug by her probing tongue. She could feel Amy's body tensed up, ready to explode. Amy's clit stood up, hard and bulging, and she slid her tongue out, and replaced it with two fingers, very gently finger banging Amy as she zeroed in on her clit, lapping and sucking, eager to take Amy over.

    Amy could feel it like a rising wellspring, she was going to explode, and she cried out, "Oh yes baby, lick me, lick me, yes, yes, GAWWWWW!"

    Amy's voice rose up to a howl, Bernadette could feel the tremors of orgasm clutch at her fingers, and a rush of hot juices poured out, Amy's body writhed beneath her tongue, Bernadette was getting a juicy facial wash as Amy's cries of orgasmic completion filled the room.

    When Bernadette rose up to face her, they were both feeling little tingles of disquiet. Both realized they had really let themselves go, and blaming the alcohol would not be an excuse.

    Bernadette said softly, "Did you like that Amy?" At her nod, she went on, "So did I, you made me cum so good. If you are feeling funny about what just happened, no need to. We are still friends, we always will be friends. I don't feel like sharing a sexual experience with you had damaged our friendship. if the guys are not here to get things done, we need to take care of ourselves."

    Amy understood, she understood so well that they quickly crossed over to Sheldon and Leonard's apartment, getting a kick as they scurried the short distance totally naked. In Leonard's bedroom, they were quickly melding their warm, naked flesh, belly to belly, breasts pressed tightly together, mouths clinging hungrily together. They lavished an extended session of foreplay, where both of them pleasured each other until they were trembling, writhing lust driven. They swung into a hot 69, Bernadette thrilled to apply her mouth once again to Amy's pink, wet, sexy opening, and licking at her, tasting her juices, while feeling the rush as Amy, eager to please, was licking lovingly at her dripping pussy.

    Bernadette wished that Howard could lick her this good, as Amy really brought her pussy to a quivering, ready to explode state. The room was filled with their mingled groans and cries of pleasure, until Amy shrieked out, and Bernadette's face was covered with a rush of orgasmic juices, and that brought Bernadette over, Amy's licking wringing out the lust filled orgasm from her trembling body.

    Laying back, their nude bodies were sprawled, breathless, holding each other close, tingling with contentment after making that sweet, hot love. Sated for the moment, they slipped under the covers, and fell asleep, naked in each others arms.

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    Great Start On a Hot story... thanks for the share "Groom"... Just waiting to see who Cums Next...
    Just the Rantings of a Horny Old man hpy!

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    This was such a hot start to the story, especially since we're so familiar with how these girls look. Maybe, if there's a part 2, Penny can wake up, notice the girls are gone, and go looking for them...



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