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Thread: Sharing Panties

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    Sharing Panties

    I was on vacation with my family to my Aunt D and Uncle C's house. They lived with his sister and her daughter.
    I'll spare you the fine details of the bulk of the trip they are not that important. What is important is that the rest the family excluding
    myself and my Cousin A went out for the evening to some play, leaving her and I alone at the house for several hours Mid afternoon until quite
    late actually. We were within a month or two of the same age.

    The afternoon was spent playing video games in the family room and ordering a pizza for dinner. It was all pretty typical of the age, "dirty"
    topics came up and past as well as is typical. The adults had given us some cash to go down into town, to the place where the kids hung out. The
    usual sorta place Ice cream, Burgers, Video games, it was considered "safe". So the adults had no issue with us making our way there on our own as
    long as we were back before they were later that night. We had decided that we had enough hanging around the house and it was time to go into town.

    We headed up to the stairs to change.

    Due to space limits in the house Cousin A and Cousin J shared a bedroom. My Sister and I were in the same room in sleeping bags on the floor.
    This is when a very surprising, to me anyway, thing happened. We went into the room, I kneeled on the floor to find my clothes. Cousin A went over
    to her dresser. I stood up from getting my clothes to head into the bathroom to change. When I looked up in Cousin A's direction she had stripped
    off her clothes and was walking across the room in just her panties and bra. For the record they were matching bright yellow satin and lace, with
    hip hugger panties. I tried to look away quickly, but the truth was her underwear looked so sexy. i really was more drawn to the underwear than her
    in it. I'd been into looking at female underwear in print and raiding my mom's drawers to look at it, bu this was my first time seeing it on a person.
    I mumbled something about giving her some privacy. She responded, that nah didn't matter Cousin J saw her in her underwear all the time, hazards of
    having to share a room.

    I remember the rest of the conversation pretty well.

    "Well it is pretty underwear" I said "Guess I can say that since you don't mind me seeing it"

    "Yeah, I like it, I have four sets the same design different colors" Cousin A said

    "Cool my underwear is so boring, white cotton briefs. Girls underwear is so much more interesting and sure seems to like it feels better" I said

    "Yeah, I so much better than cotton stuff, my mom used to buy me." Cousin A walked over to her dresser opened a drawer and tossed an orange pair of
    panties at me. "Check those out"

    The panties had come up un-balled in the air so I caught them by the waist. This was really my first time even feeling panties. They felt so good!

    "That feels so nice!" I said

    "Yeah better on" Cousin A said with a smile. "go ahead, I know you want to, you look like you're about my size"

    "Ah, OK" I said through a giggle and smile 'I'll ah be right back" I said

    "oh come on" she said "I see J naked all the time, PLUS they are MY panties...you've seen me in my panties, I wanna see you"

    I honestly couldn't argue. I did turn my back on her first, but then off came my clothes and underwear, and on went her panties, which did end up
    fitting quite well, and OH did they feel so good! We continued to model for each other for a while.* It wasn't long before I realized how tuned on I was by this experience. I was showing and hard to hide dressed in tight panties.* I was wondering if A was turned on as well.* I took a chance and touched her on her bottom, caressing her bottom a little.* Her answer to this was to kiss me.* I had my answer.* It wasn't very long until neither of us was wearing any clothes anymore.* Shortly after that I was entering her.* I didn't last long I was losing my virginity with her.

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    interesting story... thanks for the Share...
    Just the Rantings of a Horny Old man hpy!

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    in my opion needs more detail there isnt musch to this story



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