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    With Spouses away, Cousins Played.

    The idea for this story just popped into my head one day. I sat down and wrote it. I hope you enjoy! Leave comments!

    With Spouses away, Cousin's Played

    I had been attracted to my older cousin for many years. He was the same age as my older sister and he had a brother my age, but I had been attracted to him since I was a teenager. I think he felt the same way about me as I always felt this awkward tension when I was around him and based on the way he looked at me I felt that maybe there was a chance he wanted me too.

    When we were teenagers and in college I thought the chances were maybe a little bit higher, but as we both got older and got married I figured the chances of anything happening between us were all but gone, even though that fantasy of "What if" still existed within me.

    I lived in the same area as my sister and our grandparents and other family member (his family had relocated and lived in a different state). He came out to visit our grandparents and was staying at my sister's and her husband's condo as he usually did when he came into town. His wife didn't come with this time, something about working, so it was just him.
    My sister and her husband took him out one night to a bar/restaurant and I joined them, excited to see him again.
    "Where is your husband?" He asked when I walked in.

    "Oh, he's out of town for work", I replied, but maybe not entirely sad that he wasn't here.

    As the night went on we joked, laughed, talked and generally caught up. I felt the spark of attraction still when I looked at him. I studied him all night, trying to see if any of it was returned, but only got some eyes from him a few times.
    As the night got later, my sister and her husband were getting tired and were making motions as to going home. He looked at me, probably to see if I was ready to call it a night but thinking quick I jumped on the opportunity, "You can crash at my place tonight if you want to stay out longer, I'll take you back to them in the morning."

    Everyone looked at him and he looked at me, "Okay", he said looking at my sister, "would that be okay with you?"
    "Sure!" She said, "Not a problem, you two catch up!".

    We all said our goodbyes and they left, leaving me and him sitting at the table.

    "You want another round?" He asked.

    I looked down at my drink, I needed a refill. I looked back up at him and smiled and nodded.

    He left and returned with a couple drinks. We continued chatting and making small talk, catching up and just generally having a great time. My attraction to him wasn't going away at all.

    After another round it was getting late and I was borderline tipsy. One more and I wouldn't be driving us home. We decided to call it a night and headed back to my place. Walking in the door, I showed him where the spare room was, and the bathroom. We said our goodnights, hugged and headed to our rooms.

    I stripped down to my panties, then put on a long t-shirt that I liked to sleep in and climbed into bed. I tried to drift off into sleep but all my mind could think about was my older cousin in the room down the hall and us being alone in the house. It might have been the alcohol that started it, but I started to get turned on. Had my husband been home, I probably would have started something, but I was alone and there wasn't much that could be done.

    The lust wasn’t going away. If anything it was building. I clearly wasn't going to be able to fall asleep like this, so I gave into the urge and decided that maybe I could give myself some relief for tonight. I wasn't alone though so I couldn't go too crazy like I did when he traveled sometimes.

    I slipped a hand down into my panties. Not to my surprise, I was wet, very wet actually. I slid my finger through my pussy a few times, coating it with the juices. I heard a soft moan escape my lips and I did my best to keep quiet. I felt my pussy twitching, wanting more. I paused and slipped my panties off and threw them to the floor. Laying back down in bed I pulled the shirt up so my crotch was exposed, opened my legs and started playing with myself again.

    Normally I'm fantasizing about my husband, but tonight he wasn't where my mind drifted. I closed my eyes and saw my cousin there in bed with me. I pretended my hands were his as I lightly teased myself and played with my wet pussy.
    I had been able to resist the urge to go inside, but feeling my pussy convulse more and more it was no longer an urge I could hold back. With my legs spread wide I slipped two fingers inside, feeling no resistance at all. I'm sure if I hadn't bit my bottom lip I would have screamed out, but all I could do was a muffled moan. I slid my fingers in as deep as I could and held them there, exhaling at the satisfaction as I felt myself filled.

    I pulled my fingers out slowly, damn I was wet, then pushed them back in. I started finger fucking myself, the wet sloppy sounds of my juicy pussy filling the room. Wanting more, my free hand instinctively slid under my shirt and started playing with my breasts. My D-Cups were sensitive, I loved having them played with, kissed, sucked and loved the feeling of a hard dick sliding between them.

    I had started fucking myself slowly, but the tempo increased as my desire and satisfaction did. I pretended it was my cousins dick inside me, his hand playing with my breasts and tweaking my nipples. It wasn’t long before I felt my orgasm start to build and then overcome me.

    "Wow, that was fast", I thought to myself as I laid there in my bed my fingers still in my pussy as I laid there panting, catching my breath. I could feel the wet spot on the bed beneath me from my juices. I slipped my fingers out, sticky with my cum and laid there for a few moments.

    When I felt I had recovered, I climbed out of bed and proceeded to the bathroom to wash my hands. I didn't even think about putting my panties back on. The T-shirt came down just low enough to hide them, had I had them on, plus it was dark and late so the thought never crossed my mind.

    I quietly opened my bedroom door and looked into the dark hall. There was some light coming from beneath the restroom door. I froze for a moment, he must be in there. Then I heard some water running and a second later the door opened.
    He didn't see me at first but I must have caught him by surprise when he did as he kinda jumped. I stood there, almost frozen in my bedroom doorway. He was going to have to pass me to get back to his room. I felt my eyes wonder and give him a slow up-down. He was in his t-shirt and boxers. I could just make out a bulge in his boxers and felt something stir when I did. I looked back up at him, trying not to relay the lust that I had just been feeling as I fantasized about him.
    "Sorry, you caught me by surprise", he said, finally breaking the silence. "All yours", he continued smiling.

    He started walking towards me, leaving the light in the bathroom on. My eyes were glued to him, I couldn't take them off him as he got closer to me and I felt my heart rate increase and my breathing quicken.

    I was still standing in my doorway, almost as if I was frozen in place. I was well out of the way but as he passed me he brushed against my arm. The jolt of electricity it sent through my body made my knees weaken and I think I let out a little bit of a moan.

    I froze wondering if he had heard. He must have as he froze too, just half a step past me. I didn't have the courage to look at him right away. It felt like an eternity, but finally I turned my head and looked at him. He looked up at me too. I tried to get the look of lust out of my eyes but wasn't sure if I did or not.

    The look in his eyes was one I had not seen before. Something was different about it this time. He turned towards me so he was facing me and I saw his eyes look down at the shirt I was wearing. Seeing him look at me like this made my pussy start to flow again. I felt my juices running down my leg. Lust overtook me and in one quick motion I flung my arms around his neck and jumped up onto him, wraping my legs around his waist.

    His hands caught me, grabbing my bare ass and holding onto me firmly. Our lips met and with no further hesitation we started making out. We were making out hard, like long lost lovers. Our tongues swirling in each other's mouth's. My hips were instinctively grinding on him, desperately trying to feel the bulge growing in his boxers. His hands had a firm grasp on my bare ass and were not letting go.

    He took a step back, holding me now against the wall, our lips never missing a beat. My pussy had found what it wanted, a long hard member constrained inside his boxers and was desperately grinding on it. I was sure his boxers must have been coated with my juices.

    Our lips broke for a second. "Take me" I whispered, just loud enough to hear. I wasn't sure where that came from, it just came out, but the excitement of saying it sent another shot of electricity surging through my body in anticipation of what was coming. I felt my nipples stiffen as they rubbed themselves on him through our shirts.

    He paused for a second and pulled back long enough to look at me, probably to confirm what was said. My pussy never missed a beat, it just kept grinding on him, which was probably the confirmation he needed.

    He carried me into my bedroom and sat me down onto the bed. As his hands released my ass they grabbed my shirt and pulled it up and over my head. I was now sitting there on my bed, naked, looking up at him as he took in my naked body. My legs were slightly spread and I watched the pleasurable reaction sweep across his face. It made me smile.

    I pushed him back a few steps then got down on my knees in front of him. I reached out and felt his hard dick through his boxers. I looked up at him as he looked down at me. Not breaking his gaze I reached for his waistband and pulled his boxers down, letting his hard dick spring free. I just stared at it for a second, excited to be seeing it.

    He reached down and grabbed his shirt and pulled it up over his head and tossing it aside. I took his dick in my hands and stroked it a few times. Wanting to see his reaction as I tasted it, I looked up at him as I stuck out my tongue and licked along the whole underside of his hard shaft. I saw his eyes flutter and close and smiled to myself.

    I took his whole dick into my mouth at this point. I grabbed his ass cheeks and held them firm as I bobbed on him. I loved the feeling of his hard shaft sliding in and out of my mouth. He tasted wonderful and oh so hard!

    I loved sucking dick and I loved giving my man pleasure. The fact this was my older cousin made this even better. I had lusted after him for so many years and now this was finally happening. I slid a hand down my stomach and felt, not to my surprise, my pussy was dripping wet. As good as his dick tasted and felt in my mouth, it was time to feel him truly inside me.

    I let him pop out of my mouth and as he looked down at me, I raised myself back up. He was taller than me so I had to strain my neck but we met again in a hard kiss. I took a step backwards and laid down on the bed. I watched him the whole time as my naked body was displayed to him in full for the first time. I loved how his eyes slowly worked their way down at my body. Stopping at my breasts and watching as I teased him by squeezing them as he watched, then moving down to my pussy. I spread my legs for his enjoyment and ran a finger through my pussy. I spread my lips open and looked at him.

    His gaze made its way back to my eyes. I just looked at him in lust, my eyes giving him the permission he was looking for, then looked down at his hard dick in case he wasn't getting the invitation. I was right at the edge of the bed. Once he figured out what was next, I saw him smile and take a step forward. He opened my legs even more and when his dick got within range, I grabbed it and led it to my waiting pussy.

    Our eyes locked as we felt him spread my outer lips. He didn't pause, just kept pushing as he slid all the way into me. "Oh god yes! FUCK ME!" I screamed out as he filled me. All the passion of the evening escaping my lips in just 5 words.
    He smiled at me, his dick all the way inside me. He moved my legs so they laid up flat against his chest, then he started sliding out and pumping into me. He must have been pulling out so just his head remained inside me before he thrust back in, but it felt like for each thrust I was getting his full length.

    There was no easing into it, the smacking of our skin as he bottomed out inside me was almost immediate as were my moans. My tits started bouncing wildly on my chest. My hands both came up and grabbed them and held them in my hands as my cousin pounded me. I squeezed them and tweaked my nipples, adding to my pleasure.

    Neither of us could control the lust anymore, we were both moaning out as he took me right there on my bed. His dick felt amazing as it filled me up. I was so wet there was no resistance and I swear I could feel each and every contour and vein on his dick.

    I let him pound me for a while, enjoying all of it and not wanting it to end. I felt his stamina start to wean a little and looked up at him.

    "Okay, my turn to fuck you. I want you on your back on the bed."

    He gave me a couple more deep thrusts, which made me yelp in pleasure then he pulled out. The feeling of sudden emptiness made my pussy crave more.

    He climbed up onto the bed and laid with his head on the pillow. I flipped over then slowly crawled up the length of his body, letting my hanging breasts trace all the way up his legs. When I got to his hard wet cock, I pressed them together and grabbed it between him and started to tit fuck him. He was well lubricated with my juices so it made it easy. I watched his dick appear and disappear between my large mounds then looked up at him and saw him staring at the same thing. I smiled at him and looked down again. Next time it popped out I took him into my mouth sucked. I heard him moan out as I did this and smiled to myself as I did it several more times.

    My pussy still ached for him so as fun as this was, it was time for more. I released his dick from my grasp and continued tracing my hard nipples up his body. When my face was even with his, we started kissing again. My pussy was in line with his dick again and I started grinding myself onto him, coating his dick once again in my juices.

    I leaned up and lifted myself up slightly. I reached a hand around behind me and grabbed his dick and positioned it at the entrance to my pussy. He held still as I lowered myself onto him, filling up my pussy with his wonderful dick once again. I sat up straight and raised my arms above my head, holding my hair up. I closed my eyes as I felt him straight up and deep inside me. I lowered myself all the way down on him and just held it there, savoring the feeling.

    I felt his hands come up and grab my breasts, holding them tight in his firm and strong hands and kneading them slowly. This made it feel even better and I felt my juices really start flowing out of my pussy and down his balls. I bit my lip and moaned out a little. I opened my eyes and looked at him. I saw him looking up at me smiling. I smiled back at him and releasing my hair, leaned back down and we shared an intense and passionate kiss, his hands still firmly grabbing my breasts.

    I leaned back up once I was ready and put my hands on his chest, this caused him to let go of mine. Staring into his eyes I lifted myself up, then slowly lowered myself back down on him. I paused, savoring him deep in me again, then I repeated the motion.

    Our eyes were locked on each other the whole time. My arms still on his chest pushed my breasts together, giving him quite the sight to look at, or so that's what my husband told me when we were in this same position. I could see his internal struggle as he tried not to look.

    I smiled at him. "It's okay, you can look if you want to." I whispered to him. He looked a little bashful being called out, but his eyes trailed down to my breasts pressed together between my arms. I started riding him again, starting off slow, but slowly picking up the pace. I could feel my tits starting to bounce around on my chest and I smiled knowing he was getting a good show.

    His gaze went between my breasts and my eyes as I slowly made love to him on my bed. This passion and desire had been a decade in the making and I was going to get all I could out of it, and give all I could to him. Right now, this was passion and desire that brought us together on a whim, there was no telling if this was a one-time event, or if this would happen again. In case of the latter, I was going to leave a very happy woman.

    My pussy glided over his dick. My juices coated him and I was so wet that he slid in and out very easy. I loved when sex was this easy. There was no resistance, my pussy wrapped around his hard shaft like a glove and as I rode the full length of his shaft and buried him as deep as he would go each time I descended.

    Feeling it was time for a change up in positions and like it was time for him to take me the way I hoped he wanted, I pulled myself all the way up off him and let his wet dick fall back down onto his belly. He looked up at me as if awaiting instructions on what to do next. I leaned down and kissed him again before climbing up off him and rolling over so I was on all fours next to him. I turned my head around and looked at him.

    "Fuck me, Take me, Make me yours." I said.

    He didn't need to be told twice and quickly got onto his knees behind me. I looked forward again and grabbed the bed sheets with my hands, waiting for him to enter me. I didn't have to wait long until I felt his dick between my ass cheeks. It slid towards my pussy, found it's mark, then I felt him push.

    "Oh god" I moaned out as he slid into me. I had been so careful at the beginning to stay quiet, but the longer this went on, the louder I was becoming. He kept sliding into me. From this position it felt completely different and I wondered when he would get all the way in. Finally I felt his balls rest against my ass and I let out the breath I had been holding.
    He pulled himself all the way out, then I felt him slide back in, balls deep. He pulled out again, but kept his head inside me as he pushed back in.

    I looked over my shoulder "Enough Mr. Nice Guy", I said looking at him straight in the eyes, "Fuck me like I know you want to!"

    He paused for a moment as if thinking, then I felt his hands grab my hips and he shoved himself hard and fast back into me. I moaned out taken by surprise but also happy I was getting what I wanted. He took my moan as encouragement and still holding onto my hips started thrusting into me, picking up the pace until he was pounding me hard and good.
    I felt my body shaking and my breasts bouncing around hard and fast underneath me as he rammed me from behind. My hands grabbed tightly at the sheets, holding on tight for my ride. Trying not to moan was useless so I didn't hold anything back and let my desires and passion be known to anyone who happened to be listening. He was fucking me exactly as I wanted him to, or exactly how he wanted, didn't matter to me. I was his.

    I felt him lean over and those large muscular hands grabbed at my breasts again and held them tight as they tried to bounce around on my chest from his pounding. I moaned out more from this extra stimulation.

    I felt him pulling on me, lifting me up, so finally I gave in and let him pull me up so I was kneeling, but sitting upright as he held me tight against him. He still thrust into me, both his hands grabbing at and kneeing my breasts. He was taking me, making me his, in his own way and I was loving it.

    He held both my breasts in his hands, cupping them like he was my bra, then I felt him concentrate his efforts back onto his manhood as he pulled himself almost all the way out and then pushed himself back in. He was doing this at a quick pace and the pleasure it was sending through my body was intense. I felt another orgasm start to build in me. As it built so did my moaning. I didn't tell him when I came all over him, but he must have felt it as he let out a few louder grunts as he continued fucking me through my orgasm.

    He started panting hard and moaning. I took this from experience that he was nearing his orgasm. I turned around and managed to get some words out between my moans of pleasure "I want you to come on my tits, spray your cum on my big tits".

    Not too long later he pulled out, my body suddenly feeling empty. I felt his hands on my shoulders, directing me to spin around. I spun around until I faced him and took my own breasts into my hands and held them and played with them for him as he watched. His own hand went to his dick and started stroking it, giving himself the last little bit of pleasure until he could cum himself.

    It didn't take long before he grunted out and his first shot of cum hit me square between my tits. I felt it start to slowly trickle down between them before his second shot, just as powerful and big hit me in almost the same place. The next few were not quite as powerful, but I held my breasts there and watched him cover me with his cum. It was very sexy feeling his cum covering my chest. When he seemed to be finished I looked up at him and smiled, then leaned forward and took his dick into my open mouth. He moaned out, obviously not expecting it as I put the suction on and sucked out whatever remaining cum was in his deflating shaft.

    I let his dick fall out of my mouth then looked up at him and smiled, showing him my tongue and that I had swallowed it all. We both paused for a minute almost unsure as what to do next. He leaned back and laid back down on the bed his eyes watching me.

    I thought it would be fun to tease him a little so I stayed kneeing, displaying my body to him and ran my hands through his cum on my chest. I looked at him as I rubbed it around and rubbed it into my breasts, making them glisten. Once that was done I licked off my fingers. He was just lying there looking quite intent.

    I laid down next to him on the bed, my head on his shoulder, my breasts pressed against his side and threw a leg over him. He put his arm around me and pulled me close. I looked up at him and we shared another passionate kiss, this one slower.

    I woke up first the next morning, still cuddled up next to him, both of us still naked. His dried cum on my chest still made it look shiny. I woke up, wondering if the previous night had been a dream, but lifting up the covers I saw we were both completely naked and I put them back down, realizing that it wasn't.

    I laid there, snuggled up close to him until he woke up. He seemed a little startled at first that I was laying there, but quickly remembered the previous night and looked at me and smiled. He leaned down and we kissed again.
    I would have taken him in me again right there, but my pussy was a little sore and I had such good memories of the night before, that I was happy leaving it like that.

    "I suppose I should take you back to my sisters." I said, looking up at him.

    I saw his eyes dart down to my breasts as he attempted to think of an answer. I leaned up a little, giving him a better look. He looked at them, almost as if he knew saying yes would take them away. I let him get a nice long look before laying down.

    "Okay, well, go get dressed. I'm going to take a quick shower and meet you downstairs." I hopped out of bed and felt his eyes following me. I went to my closet and grabbed my robe. Turning around and giving him one last full frontal view, I took longer than necessary to cover myself up. Once I had on my robe I left the room and went to the bathroom and took my shower. The events of the previous night gave me plenty of nice things to think about in there.

    When I finished and went back to my room he was no longer in the bed. I looked at it for a second and saw the mess we had made of it, making a mental note to change the sheets when I got back.

    When I got myself dressed and headed downstairs, he was sitting in the living room just as I had instructed, wearing last night's clothes. I smiled a little to myself at the apparent irony of the walk of shame in this situation. I grabbed my keys and purse and we headed towards the door and he followed. Just as I was about to open it, I paused and felt him pause and stand behind me. I turned around quick and putting my free arm around the back of his head I gave him a wet, long and passionate kiss on the lips.

    "Last night was amazing", I whispered to him, "I will always think fondly of it". I saw him relax when he heard my words. He must have been questioning it slightly this morning. I gave him a quick peck on the lips then opened the door and we headed out to my car.

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    Bravo! Loved the story and was just what i needed. Thanks for sharing!

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    As usual, another HOT story

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    Again another hot and intense story ... Thanks for the share "BG" ... Keep 'em Cuming
    Just the Rantings of a Horny Old man hpy!



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