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    Kelly's Visit: PT2

    Kelly and I lay cuddled on my bed for a few minutes after our first go around. However the call of nature hit us both and we had to get up to take care of things. When I returned Kelly was standing over the bed arranging the pillows. She had put on a pair of silver satin string bikini panties and a matching satin crop top. The panties looks amazing stretched across her firm ass detailing the contours.

    “You brought wardrobe changes apparently?” I said as I came up behind her.

    “I brought my whole travel bag out here, so yeah lots of stuff” Kelly said

    I wrapped my arm around her from behind pressing that firm panty covered bottom against my semi-firm cock. I stiffened instantly at the touch. For a moment I nuzzled Kelly’s neck while humping her bottom.

    “Good, seems like your ready for more fun?” said Kelly as she turned in my arm so she faced me and kissed me hard on the mouth tongue tickling mine. I could taste the scotch she had been drinking earlier as she kissed me. She pushed me down on the bed and then positioned my legs and ass so they were on a stack of pillows hanging off the end of the bed. She then kneeled down and took me in her mouth and began to slowly work my cock in and out of her mouth. She was also caressing my balls and ass as she worked my cock in her mouth. It felt amazing and I was geet really hard and turned on, however it wasn’t an intense experience making me want to cum because she was working me slowly, just enough to stay hard. After a few more minutes of this she stopped for a moment. I heard her doing something then I felt pressure against my butthole.

    “Relax and just go with it” Kelly Started. “It’s gonna be weird at first, but trust me this has been amazing for everyone I’ve done it with, they beg for it afterwards”

    With that statement I felt her push into my butthole. Her fingers her lubed up, that must have been what I heard her doing, as the slipped in fairly easy and things suddenly felt quite wet down there. She pushed in deep it seemed as I could feel her palm and other fingers against my butt. I felt her move her fingers inside of me and my body respond with a twitch behind my balls. It felt amazing! Normally I’d have said my ass was a no go zone, however I wasn’t arguing with the results at the moment.

    “That’s two fingers, do you think you can take a third?” asked Kelly.

    “Yeah, yeah” I sort of gasped. I felt her pull her fingers back and then push in again this time the feeling tighter and fuller as the third finger entered. Kelly started gently and slowly working her fingers in and out and around pushing and tickling inside. Then I felt her mouth on my cock again slowly working up and down my stiff shaft. I laid back and enjoyed the ride, because it was amazing like nothing I’d felt before. I was taking long breaths in and out as this continued, long groans as she stroked inside me and sucked on me. After a long while I felt a throb deep inside me, and I came. It wasn’t hard and powerful like blowing my load at the end of a hard fucking. This was gentle, it came out of nowhere with no build up, it felt more like a long satisfying piss than cumming. When it ended I felt almost drunk and dizzy, I didn’t want to move.

    “Holy shit Kelly, that was amazing, I’ve never cum like that in my life” I said

    “Or so long, you’ve been cumming almost constantly for nearly forty-five minutes. I’ve never had a guy go that long or have that much cum” Said Kelly as she got up and walked toward the bathroom.

    “Well I understand why other guys have begged for it” I said “I’ve never felt so satisfied.”

    “Good!” said Kelly I could hear water running in the sink.

    “You swallowed all that cum?” I asked

    “Oh yeah, and it tasted great. I love a good cum shake. And it shouldn’t be wasted, either down a throat or in a pussy is where cum belongs” said Kelly with a giggle and a wicked smile as she walked back in the room. She came over to the bed which I’d pulled myself fully onto while she was in the bathroom and laid down on top of me. She then kissed my hard on the mouth. The taste of her as she kissed me was salty and sweet with a little bit of bitter tone mixed with the scotch from earlier. I realized that what I was tasting mixed with the scotch now was Kelly’s pussy juices and my own cum. In fact as we kissed that flavor became stronger. Kelly must have been holding a bit my my cum in her mouth and released it as we kissed. I had no choice now but to swallow it.

    We continued to make out for a long while. As we made out I stripped off her panties and top getting her naked again. We continued to kiss, touch, suck and lick each other as we waited for my hard on to return. I made moves to orally satisfy Kelly, but each time she pulled me with a gentle “later”. However she wasn’t opposed to me using my fingers on her clitorus and my mouth on her breasts. As we continued kissing I stroked her through several small orgasms and finally one larger one which ended with a deep loud groan.

    With Kelly and I both satisfied for the moment we stopped for a drink. We got out of bed, not bothering to dress and I poured her a fresh scotch and myself some brandy.

    “So have you ever tasted yourself before” Kelly asked

    “No, never, it was interesting” I said

    “Lucky for you, you taste good, some guys...um not so much”

    I just laughed.

    “So uh, stupid question?” I asked

    “Sure what”

    “Um..well I came inside you you are, uh protected”

    “Oh yeah, definitely, I’ve been on the pill for a while. Basically told mom she needed to help me make that happen. Told her I’d already gotten my brains fucked out a few times without protection, tempting fate, I didn’t like condoms and wouldn’t use them. So unless she wanted to be a thirty two year old grandmother, or buy stock in Plan B.”

    We kept talking for a while longer and as we talked Kelly started pinching her nipples and stroking her pussy. She was clearly enjoying putting on a show as she talked about the first and many times she’d had sex with the guys and girls back home. She asked about and we talked about my encounters as well. We were both good and turned on after a while of this talk, my erection was back with a raging fury as I watched Kelly play with herself. She finished herself off inserting a finger into her pussy tilting her head back and breathing a long gasp. She took a final drink draining the scotch glass. She then got up and walked to the chair where I had been sitting bent down and kissed head of my cock, swirling her tongue over it through parted lips. My cock twitched and she opened her mouth fully catching my latest load of cum.

    “You do taste really good especially with some scotch.”

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    Great keep them cumming

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    really good update Thanks for the share and Waiting to see what cums next...
    Just the Rantings of a Horny Old man hpy!

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    Definitely wanting MORE



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