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Thread: Giselle's date

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    Giselle's date

    Giselle was getting dressed up for her date. She wore a lacy red corset, matching red lacy tanga style panties, and matching red stockings. Her pubic region had been waxed bare and smooth, she wanted her date to be fully lust driven. She checked the time, it was almost ready. She knew what awaited her in the bedroom, and she shivered with the idea of imagined pleasures.

    It was her 18th birthday, and her cousins Linda, Alma and Julia had planned a very special 18th. She was still a virgin, but her cousins had told her that after tonight, she would no longer have that condition. When she expressed her worries about becoming pregnant, they grinned and said that would not be a problem, either.

    Just a couple of hours ago, they had the lucky one who would break open Giselle's virginity. Their 17 year old cousin Laurie Jo Fetter had been selected. Her cousins had not told Laurie Jo about what was going to happen. They smiled as they invited her in, and with a stiff drink, laced with a valium and a sexual enhancer, they had her in a compliant mood.They had helped her upstairs, saying that she could rest up in bed, Laurie Jo was happy to go along, the world was pretty spinny.

    They had undressed her and put her in bed, then they had cuffed her wrists together, the chain had been threaded through the slates of the headboard, and her arms were secured above her head.

    Laurie Jo mumbled, "What's going on?"

    Her cousin Linda said, "Well, it's Giselle's 18th birthday, and you are her 18th birthday present. We're getting you ready."

    They parted her thighs, and applied some lube, then showed her the 18 inch double headed dildo. Laurie Jo was awed, it was so big, so thick. It made her 7 inch vibrator look like a cocktail wiener. Linda grinned, and presenting the head to Laurie Jo's pussy, Laurie Jo felt her pussy stretching open as she was penetrated. Laurie Jo gasped as she was impaled, her pussy getting a stretching like she'd never felt. She took in 9 inches, and she felt the hard, stiff intrusion change over as her stimulant started to kick in. It was no longer a hard foreign object, it was a tool of pleasure. Ummm, she began to like it.

    Laurie Jo jumped a bit as she felt hands cupping her ass cheeks, and a lubed up finger pressing against the tight pucker of her ass hole. She opened her mouth to voice a coherent objection, and a pink ball gag was placed between her lips, silencing any objection.

    "It's Giselle's birthday, we won't hear of any objection."

    Laurie Jo felt an object being pushed against the tight pucker of her asshole, and she let out a shaky gasp as a vibrating egg slipped in. It was turned on, and the weird sensation of her lower holes being filled at the same time started her lust perking. Umm, the vibrations felt so naughty and decadent, and so enjoyable.

    Her 3 other cousins saw her lust rising, and they grinned at each other. Giselle and Laurie Jo were gonna get the ride of their lives tonight. Linda, Alma and Julia stripped naked, eager to watch the fun. The 3 cousins enjoyed the wide eyed look on Laurie Jo's face, as she looked at her naked cousins. Linda slipped out of the room, padded softly over to Giselle's door.

    There was a soft tap at Giselle's door, and Linda said, "She's all set, hot and ready for you.''

    Giselle stepped out of the room, she saw Linda's nudity, ummm, her cousins were well built and sexy, she followed Linda, enjoying the sight of her sexy ass cheeks moving in such a hot, harmonious rhythm, her body feeling the sparks of excitement. She stepped into the doorway and paused, seeing Alma and Julia also naked.

    "We want to watch you lose your cherry baby, is that okay with you?" Linda cooed.

    Giselle nodded eagerly, ummm, the idea of being watched made her body tremble with excitement. She strode in, and did some poses, eager to display her body for pleasure.

    Alma purred, "Oooh yeah, so sexy."

    Linda cooed, "Damn hot, great body cuz!"

    Julia added, "Oh yeah, gonna love watching you ride baby."

    Laurie Jo saw her, and her breathing started to pick up. Her cousin was hot, a 34C chest, her tits were perky, the corset nipped her waist in, and she could see the panel of her panties tight against her pussy.

    Giselle saw the curving up of the other 9 inches of double dildo awaiting her, seeming to almost beckon to her. Her eyes were locked on to the instrument of her deflowering, her pussy started to seethe, her juices bubbling up. She glided over to the bedside, a hungry gleam in her eyes.

    "Umm, so big and hard, I'm losing my cherry tonight, let's get the nice big cock deep inside me, where it belongs!"

    Laurie Jo let out a muffled growl of lust, she was going to deflower her cousin, fuck that was hot.

    Giselle slipped off her panties, displaying her naked, well waxed opening as she climbed up onto the bed and took position, her pussy twitching with excitement. She locked eyes with Laurie Jo, seeing the naked lust, as her fingers slipped down, gently stroking the folds of her labia. She felt the lust as her pussy start to slick up with a rush of her juices. She slipped her fingers down, gently stroking at the folds of her labia.

    "Oh yeah, I'm so wet, so hot, gonna feel so good."

    Giselle squatted over the cock head. She rubbed it back and forth, feeling her juices lube it up. She felt the need as she positioned herself, and pushed down. She felt her cherry try to resist. She gathered up her courage, and nudging against it, she pushed down hard. With a low moan, she felt herself being parted, her cherry burst, a stinging pain, then the stunning hugeness, she let out a cry of pain as she was deflowered, her pussy throbbing as she was stretched open wider and deeper than her fingers had ever gone. The throbs of pain drove her on, and with her hips pumping down hard, she let out a loud cry of mixed pain and pleasure as she buried it, her pussy supremely stuffed. Oh fuck, it kinda hurt, but that felt so good.

    Laurie Jo enjoyed it just as much, the way her pussy had been stretched open as Giselle pushed down hard, mixing with the pleasant tingles of her egg vibrator, was beyond measure.

    Giselle lay forward, her face inches from Laurie Jo.

    Giselle cooed, "You just took my virginity sweetie, do you like that?"

    Laurie Jo nodded eagerly, and Giselle popped the ball gag out of her mouth. Laurie Jo's voice was thick with lust, she gasped, "Umm, so hot, I love it."

    Giselle lowered her face down, and their lips met, tongues coming out to play, sharing tongue filled swirls of passion, both of them feeling the lust jumping up to blazing. After several minutes, Giselle brought her body up, she was ready for a ride.

    Giselle purred, "Fuck me baby, fuck my no longer virgin pussy!"

    Her hips began to churn as Giselle started the fucking rhythm, and Laurie Jo started to pump her hips upwards to meet her cousin's downward thrusts, the massive cock pleasuring both of them. Giselle's initial pain of her burst cherry had faded away, and only the mind filling pleasure was left as Giselle and Laurie Jo were moaning with desire as the dildo slid in and out with their hips pumping, gushing juices, lubing that pleasure shaft perfectly. They had a hot fucking rhythm going, smacking their cunts together, moaning and grunting with pleasure.

    "Yeah, oh yeah, take that big cock baby! Ride it!" Linda growled.

    "Such a hot fuck, love watching," Alma cooed.

    "Oh yeah, fuck each other, hard!" Julia panted.

    Giselle purred, "Oh yeah baby, fuck me, fuck me hard, make me cum!"

    Giselle was on fire, seeing the burning lust in Laurie Jo's eyes, she saw that her cousin was enjoying it as much as she was. They really went at it, Giselle and Laurie Jo ramming their sopping pussies the whole length of that massive pleasure stick, taking it hard from every angle. Joined cunt to cunt, humping in a lust driven frenzy, their clits stood up, rock hard, erect, throbbing and twitching with desire, brushing heatedly against the plunging dildo. They fucked each other furiously, slamming their burning cunts down the thick dildo again and again, moaning and gasping as the dildo fucked them closer and closer to orgasm.

    Giselle could feel that dizzying rush of blood, her clit twitching like a live wire, she felt her climax rushing at her, and she gasped out, "I'm cumming, oh my God, fuck fuck FUCK!!"

    Giselle went over, howling with pleasure, her cunt throbbing madly as it tightened down on the dildo. She could feel her fiery well squirting again and again, she kept on riding, wanting Laurie Jo to join her. She felt another orgasm forming, and she urged Laurie Jo on.

    "Oh fuck, gonna cum again, cum baby, cum with me!"

    Laurie Jo was feeling a massive rush, having her pussy reamed out while her ass was being vibrated was so fucking good, she was humping up as hard as possible, eager to give Giselle a ride she would always remember.

    Giselle felt another orgasm grab her, she tumbled again, her pussy quivering and spasming wildly, and her wordless shriek of pleasure took Laurie Jo over.

    Laurie Jo felt like a bomb had gone off deep inside, her pussy was convulsing and spasming hard, it grabbed the plunging dildo in the tightest grip she'd ever felt. She felt her ass tighten up, clutching at the vibrating egg, and she received a massive shove, tumbling wildly, she heard a loud scream, realized it was her as she plunged into a violent climax, her pussy was squirting juices like a fountain, soaking the bed with the combined rush of their juices, two writhing bodies riding that wave.

    As their climaxes started to ebb, Giselle saw her three cousins, Linda, Alma and Julia, eyes wide, all three with expressions of hungry lust.

    "Ummm, that was so enjoyable. I love sharing my presents, would you like to share my present?" Giselle cooed. "How about it Laurie Jo, would you like to give Linda, Alma and Julia a ride too?"

    Laurie Jo was all for it, and each cousin took a ride, the room was filled with cries and grunts of pleasure, the wet squelch of overheated teen pussies, and shrieks and howls of orgasmic pleasure. Giselle was relaxing at bedside, watching the action as her cousins rode that double dildo, driving each other to body shaking orgasms.

    As the last of her cousins dismounted, Julia cooed, "The birthday girl should get another ride."

    Giselle's pussy had become a simmering heat, watching her cousins in hot fucking action, and she eagerly took position. The dildo was lubed up very well with the juices of her cousins as she nudged against it, then she powered her hips down. Oh fuck, so good, now that she was freshly de-virginzed, the stretching out around that big shaft felt better than ever. She lowered her body down so she could kiss Laurie Jo, and their lips were locked together in tongue filled swirls of passion.

    Giselle and Laurie Jo were quickly in a fucking rhythm as they started to smack their pussies together, bonded in a hot collusion of lust by the big dildo. She looked over at her cousins, Alma was on her knees, licking at Linda and then Julia, grunts of pleasure were sounding as Alma gave hot lick jobs to her other two cousins. Giselle felt her lust revving like a 17 year old guy with a roaring case of blue balls, and she let out a loud shriek as she crested very quickly, her eyes locked on the display of lesbian loving her cousins were showing, powering her to 3 more orgasms before Laurie Jo's shrieks of climax joined hers. Loud growls and cries of pleasure filled the bedroom as the cousins were in a swirl of orgasmic joy.
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    nice little story

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    Another good story, Groom! Keep them coming. It sounds like a great, and loving, way to lose your virginity. For me, it was the handle of my hairbrush. My first penetration was my pet dog and then my older brother. It was a while after that I had my first double header with another girl but I found it quite enjoyable and memorable. I've done it a lot since, with various partners but the best, and most frequent, is with my long-time friend, Nancy. I think it might be time to invite her to my home, along with her lover, Brian, and her treasured double headed dong.

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    "GL"... Great Little story... Thanks for the Share … Is there More to Cum In this series… Will Look Closely for them...
    Just the Rantings of a Horny Old man hpy!

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