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    The UnHoly A New Start

    When Hope moved make to her home town it had changed so much, it had grown Hope had moved into the old Carter house just out side tof town.
    Hope had home schooled Shaun for as long as she could , he grew very fast, he was also very smart she also seen some of the powers he had .

    She tried to tell him not to seem so smart, and not to be a bully Shaun would do his best to please her , Hope laid in her naked , she love sucking his long cock
    he would fuck her throat, she would use her throat muscle to milk his cock.

    He would cum all over face and breast, she would rub it in soon she felt younger, even looked a few years younger too.
    Hope ran into Jenny Blake, one of her old friends , they had lunch, Hope told her what happen to Tom.Eric they went shopping, jenny knew something was different about her friend , put just couldn`t put her finger on it they was in Jorge" a clothing store.
    They was trying on different things, Hope came out in a dark blue bra, panties Jenny thought for a lady of her age she looks great, Hopes breast no longer sagged , her hips were trimmed, she smiled turning around hows my ass look she asked .

    Jenny shook her like she was in a trance
    watching her move it as she looked at it through the mirrors, Jenny licked her lips
    she was feeling very warm, Hope could sense Jenny she just smiled. she went put on a one piece swim suit.
    It almost put Jenny over the edge, Hope could smell Jenny`s pussy she bought the clothes, on they way home Hope seen pond off the road , she drove to it, looked around no could see them ,Hope striped ran jumped into the water. Jenny followed after some tauts by Hope . the two women swam, Jenny could swear she felt something go pass he leg, Hope was close to herJenny gasped when she felt something poked her pussy.

    Maybe a fish wants a taste she laughed
    as it rubbed against Jenny`s pusssy
    she was so horny Hope opened up her pussy her tail wiggled inside it went deep into her pussy, Jenny could feel the ribbed skin as it moved back n forth
    Hope kissed her deeply to muffle her lud screams , of pleasure, she told Jenny to turn around open her ass hole, Jenny laid onthe grassy bank holding her ass cheecks apart. Jenny felt what ever it was enter her ass hole filling it, Hope began to play with her clit Jenny was about to pass out Jenny came once again Hope kissed her neck They laid on the bank drying off Hoe took out a small jar rubed some of the lotion on her breastJenny could feel the skin tighted around them put more on her face. they dressed.

    Shaun was in his History class, he tried to keep low profile , but Mary Comms his teacher knew something was different about Shaun, she kept him after class Shaun sat there, listening her go on how bright he was , with in a few minutes Shaun had made a young girl appear, dressed in school girl uniform.

    He told Mary go pull her panties down
    Mary walked over to her knelt pulled the white panties down, he told her spread her ass cheecks and to lick her ass hole .
    Mary did as she was told, her tongue snaking around the hole , she put her tongue in Shaun raised Mary`s dress removed her panties as his tongue went into her wet pussy the girl pushed her ass against Mary`s face drivng her tongue deeper.

    Shaun was soon fucking her, she felt his cock then something else was going into her ass . Mary moaned as she came again and again.

    Days went by, Mary had changed, she no longer question Shaun work , she would want him to stay after class,Shaun could smell how hot she would become, Shaun would ke play with her pussy till she came. he was playing with her mind, having her have sex with what she thought was real people.
    He had her believeing she was being fucked by two large black men , one in her ass the other in her pussy while she would suck his cock .
    But would wipe her mind after each time,
    Hope wa s comming home from the market when a large man came up behind her held a knife to he throat took her into a dark alley he ripped her clothes off.
    Told her to suck his cock , Hope did as she was told taking the large cock she made her muscles tight, Hope pushed the man to the ground she put her pussy into his face, while she worked on his cock .

    The man didn`t notice the tail that was around his neck till it was too late, it began to cut off all blood, Hope continued sucking his cock she felt him jerk as he came, his neck was broke.

    Hope looked at him she made a sign he brust into flames, nothing was said of the missing man , Shaun had him a girl friend
    to Hopes surpise a black girl and a preachers daughter, Hope knew it was dangerous, but Shaun had ways of getting what he wanted even from her .

    Hope had formed a ladies club, older women
    she would give them little jars of Shauns cum to make the self younger, Till they would beg for more, then Hope had them for her own enjoyment.

    Hope came home one day heard Shaun in his room , she looked in he had Mary Comms naked licking his girlfriends ass while a smaller demon was fucking her Hope just watched her wn pussy getting wet she stripped went in, had Shaun lick her pussy
    as her tail went into his girlfriends pussy.

    Soon the ground opened and Grazt`zt appeared
    his girl friend screamed, she was struck with fear so was Mary, they laid dead the demon took them into the opening.
    he told Shaun it was time for him to join him in hell.

    Hope watched she soon fainted, when she awoke she was in her car, she felt a small bump on her head, she shook it off. when home to her husband Tom.

    She wonder if it was all a dream or real , low laughter was heard from Shaun

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    Thank you for the story
    Note to self-Don't forget to stop and pick up battery's.

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    Thank you for the story

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    keep going

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    Delicious trilogy I loved it.
    Who wants to give this cowgirl the ride of her life?:bullwhip:



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