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    Ouija Board, Satan fucks girl, Then new demon girl fucks girl friend

    Some colledge girls were sitting bored in their room.

    Hey Kathy, One of them said: Let's play with the Ouija board.

    Sandra turned off the lights, lit some candles, drew an upside down pentagram on the floor and put the Ouija board on the table.

    Kathy asks a question is anyone here?

    The pointer goes to yes.

    They laugh and said who are you?

    The pointer points to S-A-T-A-N

    Sandra screams, Oh shit it's Satan!

    Kathy says what do you want?

    He says tell me to appear and i'll tell you

    Kathy says appear before us!

    Sandra yells are you fucking nuts!!!!!

    Kathy said It's just a game chill out!

    Sandra screams and runs into the other room yelling I'm watching tv fuck this shit.

    Suddenly, from the points a hand pulls Kathy backwards.

    Kathy screams but Sandra don't hear her she turned on the tv.

    Vines come from the points tieing her hands strait out and legs strait out.

    Kathy yells Sandra help me!!!!!!!!

    Smoke rises from the middle of the pentagram.

    Satan is huge he has big red bulging arms and legs, a goat like face with huge horns and claws on his hands and feet.

    He looks down at her she has golden blond hair, blue eyes, dd breasts.

    She screams go away Satan!!!!!!!

    He growls I want to fuck you first!

    He swipes his hand and the claws rip off her shirt then swipes off her bra.

    Then he swipes off her pants and shoes.

    Kathy screams Sandra!!!!!!!!!

    Satan laughs and says it's not her turn yet!

    He grabs her legs and sticks out his forked tounge it's so long it licks her breasts first. Licking slowly around her nipples.

    She jerks upward moaning softly

    He then licks the outside of her pussy

    She moans and jerks her body up

    He sticks his tounge in her pussy slowly going in and out

    She squirms and moans mmmmm I want it.....

    He gets on his knees puts his head between her legs.

    His claws gently scratch her ass as her licks faster up and down her pussy

    She squirms and yells give it too me!!!!!!

    He grabs her, the vines extend till she's on her knees

    He puts his dick in her mouth and says suck it!!!

    She slowly bobs her head back and forth

    He yells faster!

    She goes faster and faster

    He then lays her back down.

    His wings spread and he lays on top of her

    He puts her legs around his waist

    He rubs her back and ass gently with his claws

    She jerks up and says uuuuh

    He then thrusts his dick in side her

    He pounds the inside of it fast

    She moans and feels the heat rising inside her

    She screams ahhhhhh

    He goes faster and licks her breasts while he's pumping his dick inside her

    He then pulls it out shooting cum onto her body

    He sticks out his toung and licks her neck then one breast, then the other and down her stomach.

    Kathy screams her body is changing claws sprout from her fingers and toes, her skin turns red, her eyes turn red, fangs come from her mouth, wings come from her back,

    Satan said I decided to make you a demon

    Kathy said I can't leave without Sandra I love her.

    Satan says with a laugh, I think you know what you must do then.

    Kathy turns to her used to be human form

    She goes in Sandra's room and says hey girl.

    Sandra said what all happened?

    Kathy smiled and said I could just tell you but that'd be boring...let me show you!

    Suddenly vines sprounted from the bed posts tieing Sandra down.

    Sandra tried to kick loose and yelled Nooooo!!!!!!! Kathy what's going on!!!!!!!

    Kathy laughed and said chill it's just a game haha! It's called rape and make a demon haha! it'll be fun

    Sandra squirned and yelled go away! your crazy!!!!!

    Kathy turned to her demon self and flew over Sandra

    Sandra screamed and cried ahhhhhh!!!!

    Kathy landed on Sandra clawing off her shirt and pants

    Kathy licked Sandra's boobs with her forked tounge and fingered her pussy

    Sandra squirmed but it felt so good she couldn't resist she leaned up and started licking Kathy's boobs and fingering her pussy.

    Kathy moved down licking deep into Sandra's pussy

    Sandra moans and jerks her body up

    Satan appears in front of them.

    Sandra yells ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! kicking and trying to break free

    Kathy lays beside Sandra licking her tears on her face and rubbing her breasts.
    Kathy says you cry in fear but you love this I can tell

    Satan lays on top of Sandra puts her legs around his.

    He thrusts his dick into her pussy fast

    Sandra jerks up and screams

    He licks her left breast with his long forked tounge while he's doing this and Sandra licks the other.

    Sandra's hands sprout claws she screams as she sees her hands and feet growing claws.

    Satans fucking her harder and licking her breasts distracting her while her skin turns red and wings sprout from her body.

    Satan untied Sandra and said you are a demon now!

    Sandra's evil nature took over she didn't care and she grabbed Satan around the waist sucking his dick. He moaned cumming in her mouth.

    The floor burst open with a portal of flames.

    They all flew down into hell living happily fucking after the end.

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    Very cool story, always liked demons, devils movies.
    See what you get when playing with something you know nothing about .

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    wow I love this piece, would love a squeal

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    Thankyou, I will make more stories I like demon stories too.

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    true man

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    Very sexy story. Thanks.

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    good story, very original.

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    cool tale, thanks

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    very hot mmm

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    not bad at all!

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    I love demon stories.

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    Pretty good and different

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    Blog Entries
    Very good story! scy-fy seems so hard for me to write myself. But great job with your story and thankx so much for posting, and please keep on writing!

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    very hot thanks



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